Exclusive: Meet the Newest Office Staffer

The Office 2.0 is beginning to take shape.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that model-turned-actress Cody Horn (Rescue Me) has been tapped to fill one of the three new roles being added to the NBC comedy in the post-Steve Carell era.

Not much is known about Horn’s character, except that she’ll be a pleasant and smart addition to Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch. She’ll also be involved in a hot-and-heavy romance with a longtime staffer — that is if this next quote from executive producer and costar Paul Lieberstein (Toby) is to be believed.

“We’re very excited to have found Cody,” Lieberstein tells TVLine. “We’ve been searching for a love interest for Creed for a long time. So just sit back and get ready to be disgusted.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Horn was involved in a noxious TV romance. On Rescue Me, Horn played Sean’s seemingly perfect girlfriend who just so happened to suffer from post-coital flatulence. (Horn’s other noteworthy credit was a supporting role in the Rob Reiner-directed teen romance Flipped.)

Horn’s Office gig will start off as recurring but I’m told there’s serious series regular potential.

The other two Office roles being cast include Stanley’s other daughter and a new male addition to the accounting department.

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  1. scott brecht says:

    well, at least she is hot. let’s see if she can be funny

    • dex says:

      Let me just say this no one can replace Steve Carell. When he’s gone the office will not be good anymore sorry. Steve Carell was the only reason why the office was good.

      • Bart says:

        I think the episodes have been improving since the New Year. Micheal doesn’t seem as retarded in his quests for self fulfillment and love with Holly. The romances,and they way the rest of the workers treat the romances,are all very funny and unique

        To be honest there isn’t any other t.v. show on right now that I would rather watch. So I’m definitely on board for the changes that will be made

        • Jinksy says:

          I completely disagree. Yes Steve Carell had a huge part in making The Office as big of a success as it is, but the writing for this show is phenomenal! Without the writers that it has The Office would be a memory now. Yes the show will be different without Steve, but they do have very smart writers. It’s still going to be a great show without Steve.

      • dc says:

        Not true. Yes Steve is amazing, but the supporting cast is also incredibly entertaining; not to mention the fact that it has already been for-shadowed that Steve’s replacement is going to be Ricky Gervais who is not only one of the greatest comedians of all time, he is the creator of The Office. It’s going to be great!

  2. Sarah says:

    Isn’t there already an actress that plays Stanley’s daughter from a few seasons ago? Is she not available to reprise her role?

  3. Liz says:

    The cast is big enough already. Why would they need four accountants!? I don’t like the sound of this news at all.

    • Doug says:

      The economy is improving and they have money in the budget to hire another accountant? Let’s see what they do with the new cast instead of just rush to judgment right now. Besides, I just saw a rerun of a first season episode where they showed a bunch of people in the background who mysteriously disappeared without explanation after season 1. DM has had other people work there before, so why not bring in some new people? Besides, how many offices do you know who keep pretty much the same staff over a 6 year period?

      • Justin says:

        Well said. I believe this can all end up working out. All the writers (the majority of the smaller roles) are pretty much in tact if not all of them; I’m good with whatever changes they decide to make. I don’t think there has been an added character I didn’t like or end up liking.

      • CAROL says:


    • Ken says:

      It sounds like the “staff” will be shrinking to make room for any new additions. Meredith, Kevin, and/or Andy could possible be characters leaving, just my opinion, no facts or story behind it.

    • Oz says:

      They might need another accountant because one of the current accountants might become the new boss! I actually don’t see any of the current accountants being good for the job but it’s a thought.

    • marson says:

      yeah, me to. Those three accountants are irreplaceable.

  4. Dan says:

    Hasn’t Olivia Munn on Perfect Couples shown us that “hot” doesn’t always funny?

  5. Snsetblaze says:

    I have seen every episode of Rescue me and yet I cannot remember her at all.

    • XGatorHead 8904 says:

      I’ve never seen any episodes of Rescue Me, but imdb.com doesn’t list that show as one of her credits.

    • Ian says:

      At first I thought she looked like the girl that played Leary’s younger daughter, but that’s not her. No Rescue Me credit on imdb, either.

    • Oz says:

      She is going to be in the new season of Rescue Me which stars June 29th. She is a fairly new actress.

      • XGatorHead 8904 says:

        Oh, okay. The story made it sound like she’s already been on Rescue Me since it said she “played” (past tense) Sean’s girlfriend.

  6. Jon says:

    It’s great that Creed will be getting more of a storyline.

  7. Jenny says:

    OMG, A Creed romance! Please let that be true! Just the thought of it has me rolling! lol

  8. elliott says:

    must be nice to have an important daddy!

  9. Brad says:

    I also have seen every episode of Rescue Me and have no recollection of her, or the storyline mentioned in the article. Can anyone clear this up?

  10. Steve says:

    This is just what The Office needs – MORE people, especially models! Models, as we all know, always bring the funny.

  11. TheBRADLeyB says:

    Again I as well do not recall her nor the character…

    And Stanley’s Daughter is going to be on the show?… I don’t know if I like that, can I be on the show as Micheal’s Step Dad’s Other Son He had with Micheal’s mom or something?

    Additionally yeah why do they need an Another Accountant?

    I do recall in one Episode (maybe even one of the first episodes in Season 1, it was a Halloween Episode I believe) that Micheal tells Accounting to find enough money in the budget for basically the amount to keep him from firing someone and Angela says, ‘Well there is one department that has 3 people doing the work of 2’ and was referring to accounting.

    Def More Creed is a Good Thing.

  12. nigerfan says:

    I think they should bring back Michael’s nephew

  13. THIS GUY says:

    Guess who isn’t watching next season!!! The show is gonna suck without Michael

  14. Tim says:

    I’ve been watching tons of tv series on Netflix. Guess how many seasons long term popular shows go after losing their main character. One.

    I hope she doesn’t splurge on business cards…

  15. Pete says:

    I think he was joking about the Creed romance lol

  16. OddGirlie says:

    Hard to discern whether Paul L’s being serious or just goofing with interviewers, but the prospect of having even just a minor romantic side plot based around Creed makes me smile inside and out.

    By the by, what’s with all the hate? I’ll miss the frakk out of Steve Carell, but I couldn’t bear to say goodbye to ALL of my Dunder Mifflin “family.” I have too, too much love for Angela and Kevin and Dwight and Pam and Andy…

  17. bill says:

    Please just end the show. It is already in decline. I am afraid that after Carell leaves the show it will just not be good anymore.

    • Bert Saraco says:

      You are SO right! The show jumped the shark quite a while ago. The first 3 seasons were some of the best TV I’ve ever seen. Season four had some good moments. The writing has since become infantile and uninspired. I still watch in hopes of seeing a glimmer of the greatness of what once was…. but I’m always disappointed.

      • Zeldar says:

        It seems like in every long time show I’ve ever seen, the characters always have to evolve into something else and often times into positions that are too “responsible”. Then the show starts losing its appeal. I still liked the office past season 3 but it’s definitely not the same. Pam just doesn’t work right in sales and it’s too odd to see Dwight as the cynical angry person. Even Jim as the irresponsible guy talking to the secretary Pam just isn’t the same as a manager and leader. It does not make sense.

  18. Handsome Smitty says:

    I say give the original office people more storylines,such as Phyllis I like it that they look like regular people in the REAL office world. Don’t fall into the same trap of desperately pulling in new people to revamp the show, it only shows up as desperate and won’t make it!!! Please, this is my favorite show. Hate to lose it!!!

  19. Lindsay says:

    The show is still great! But I am afraid of what will happen post Steve! As much as I love him I am kind of mad at him for breaking up the gang, and very probably ruining the show :(

  20. office fan says:

    Ugh Creed’s love interest? “Get ready to be disgusted?” No thanks – I’d rather stop watching. Steve Carrell’s leaving is bad enough – and this season already stinks. Not wasting my time. Stick a fork in it already – it’s done. Spin off a show with Jim and Pam and their newborn – now that I would watch…

  21. Bree says:

    I just hope Michael & Holly, Gabe & Erin have a double wedding and ride off into the sunset together. The Gabe & Erin characters are TOTALLY ruining the show with their stupidity! Was not sad to hear that Mindy Kaling’s contract is also up. Wait, can they have a triple wedding and maybe rent an SUV to ride off into the sunset together?

  22. Ben J. says:

    You know who should get a love interest? Toby! He’s just such a sweet guy. He deserve it. I mean not Creed. LOL.

    • LJR says:

      Creed would be a hoot in a romantic entanglement, but maybe have like.. Cyndi Lauper or some other egdy, 80-era type..
      Toby is sweet.. but lovelorn is his ‘thing’.. He’ll always have a thing for Pam, I think.

  23. Joe says:

    Ok, let me just say this. If Creed falls for her, holy crap. That would be some of the funniest scenes, and I can NOT wait for it, lol!

  24. LJR says:

    I guess I’m hopelessly out of the loop… who is replacing the Michael character?

  25. brady says:

    i just want more Jim and Pam

  26. Tasha says:

    LOVE HER. So excited to hear this!

    she’s also in an upcoming movie called The Occupant that I’m SO excited for:


    Girlfriend is making it and I’m so, incredibly happy for her :D

  27. Donna says:

    I also heard that Will Farrell will be making some appearances on the show. That should be funny!

  28. Emis says:

    Will Farrell is the other new character. Doesn’t matter… The Office will suck and die once Steve Carell leaves. They should just hang it up.

  29. caleb says:

    I am SOOOOO hoping they say goodbye to Kelly. I know she won’t be leaving but she is easily the most replaceable character on the show. I know she writes stuff for the show and maybe she should JUST do that. I hope they place her in another office. She was in the minority training program. Its time to put that to use Kelly. GOODBYE.

  30. caleb says:

    And Enough Hating. Just let this play out. I couldn’t bear to be without the office each week. Even if it was different, it would be better TV than most of what is on right now. NBC is doing it big with the thursday night lineup and Steve Carrell is just thinking about his career. Im not mad at him. Just don’t cast another “Michael” Let the show be differently funny somehow. Maybe a shy manager that needs help running the office and enlists the help of someone in the office. It cant take a serious tone obviously but a first year manager who the office employees just walk all over would work for me.

  31. neal says:

    I would love to see Kyle Bornheimer as the replacement for Steve. He played Sam on Worst Week. He did have a scene on the Office, he filmed the Dundler Mifflin commercial. Still would love to see him on the office.

  32. TIM says:


  33. Rich says:

    It’d be awesome if they could somehow replace Steve Carrell with R. Lee Ermy

  34. Zack says:

    I think they’re trying to trick us with that little cameo by Ricky Gervais. Don’t forget about Todd Packer…