The Good Wife: What Surprised You Most?

Warning: The following contains major spoilers from this Tuesday’s episode of CBS’ The Good Wife. If you have not yet watched, check back once you have.

So, there you have it. In a Good Wife episode ostensibly about some Social Network-like movie, what we ultimately were left with were two interesting Relationship Status developments.

“I hate missed connections,” Alicia (finally, finally) told Will, egged on by her brother — as well as her own realization that she is in love with her boss — to seek out the truth about the “gobbled” second voice message. “What did you say?”

Will was thus confronted with a scenario he likely never anticipated. After all, he was left to conclude that Alicia blew off his passionate Season 1-ending plea to be together. As such, he thought for a moment before answering-slash-lying, “I said I think you made the right decision, [to be] with Peter.”

“OK…. Good,” Alicia responded, visibly deflated by his non-declaration.

Question: Why do you think Will passed on this plum opportunity — presented on a silver platter and wearing a pretty but “not-too-slutty” outfit — to reassert his feelings? (P.S. I told ya he’d have an unexpected comeback!)

Also in this episode, Kalinda’s relationship status was revealed to be quite Complicated, as Blake revealed to (warned?) his peer that he had contacted her husband. Alas, we were only made privy to a millisecond’s worth of Kalinda’s reaction to that bared truth. And frankly, coming on the heels of her delicious dinner/bit of footsie with FBI agent Lana… followed by the initial thrusts of her “expose everything” encounter with Blake… a viewer should be forgiven for being left as breathless as Mr. Calamar.

Bonus! Here’s a deleted scene from this week’s episode, involving Peter, Glenn Childs, Wendy Scott-Carr and Eli Gold:

What was your favorite part of this week’s very good Good Wife?

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  1. Tommy says:

    I have to say I love Breaking Bad and Mad Men and all those other critically acclaimed shows; but The Good Wife delivers!

    This week I was holding my breathe for the last 30 minutes. I had to step outside to get some air when it ended!

    I am completely torn on how I want this to play out. On one hand I want Will and Alicia together but I am in love with Elizabeth Reaser.

    Kalinda once again stole the show. I was flipping out with her “interaction” with Blake.

    My favorite part… surprise appearance by Rita Wilson. Please tell me she will return, because that woman makes everything better.

    Can’t wait for America Ferrera next week!

    • Pamala Phillips says:

      Per the usual, promos were misleading. The only thing that SHOCKED me was that Will actually lied to Alicia! Since the start of this awesome series, I felt Alicia and Will were true soul-mates, and quickly became deeply invested at this most unique drama. I can count my “appointment shows” on one hand, so I’m very selective. Alicia can still very much be “THE GOOD WIFE”, if she divorces Peter and marries Will; in fact, I would call that being a real Good Wife. Oh, I’ll continue to watch because I love the writers, entire cast, but always be sad that Alicia and Will never ‘hooked-up’:(

    • CC says:

      Loved the hot, breath-removing, steamy scene between Kalinda and Blake.What a riveting scene. Also love the line Kalinda gave the FBI agent when the agent stated that she had to answer her phone–“You have to take your foot with you.” The Good Wife is a great show. I, too, love Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Rubicon.

  2. Kathryn says:

    There were too many amazing parts of this episode, but if I HAD to choose I would say Kalinda and Blake’s strip search/sexual tensiony/baseball bat attack scene was the gift that kept on giving!

  3. Mursal says:

    OMG…I loved everything about tonight’s episode. Kalinda turned up the sexy tonight and I had predicted, since Blake revealed her real name, that she was married in her previous life and that it was probably against her will.

    I can understand why Will didn’t tell the truth about the 2nd voicemail, but I really want to see more sexual tension between the two of them. She didn’t put on that dress for no reason, Will. But I’m glad that this love triangle got a kick in the ass tonight…maybe we’ll see more character development and back story. I really want to know what happened between them in law school :)

  4. Jeanne says:

    Was this the blind item about a character being secretly married then?
    Sorry I’m ignorant–I don’t actually watch this show… Have heard it’s amazing though!

  5. xav says:

    I loved everything about it. My one quibble is that while I thought both actors brought the sexual tension in the Kalinda/Blake strip scene, I was not a fan. Kalinda seemed a little too into it, which creeps me out, considering the vast amounts of creepery Blake has been showing, what with viciously assaulting someone and framing her, as well as out-and-out stalking her. I would have preferred a less aggressive track and more of a rivalry so I could have enjoyed the sexiness.

    I’m not surprised by the husband claim since “mysterious past” always translates to past love life.

    I’m also not surprised that Will lied to Alicia. He knows her, he loves her and he knows that it would just hurt her if he told the truth because of all the complexities in her life at the moment. If the show decides they do want to go there, I really hope they don’t draw it out over six or seven or more years because this push-pull could become stale.

  6. Adrienne says:

    I was actually surprised by Will’s answer. I felt like we didn’t really see enough of a reaction from him to know what the motivation was behind his response. I’d like to think that it was because of those feelings, but I also think the shock of her question after so long combined with his unresolved hurt/anger must have something to do with it.

    I love the show, but at this point the show’s title seems somewhat out of place. It’s not really about her being the good wife (for me, the less of her and Peter the better) but more about her, the law and the relationships with the other characters. I love Diane and Will’s interactions, and the interactions between Kalinda and Cary. I just hope that, like xav said, it doesn’t take years before Will and Alicia get together – years of her character becoming more and more entrenched in a marriage with the wrong man.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I was very uncomfortable with the Kalinda/Blake scene. I know he’s an ass, but she stooped to his level and I was hoping she would take the high road. Otherwise, great ep. Good to see Jill Flint and Rita (Tom hanks wife). Honestly, the less we see Peter and his camPaign, the better the episode.

  8. Michelle says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Highlights: 1.Alicia standing on the car roof (gorgeous scenery) talking on the phone to Will. 2. The Kalinda-Blake thing. Wow.

  9. DB says:

    i’m still surprised the show skewed so old in the demo because it’s such a smart and sexy show. week after week, it delivers the good, and never miss a beat. i thought we knew Kalinda is secretly married, or maybe i’ve been suspecting. Will and Alicia’s scene was agonizing to watch…i was sooo ready for him to tell her the truth, but his respond was actually more realistic, especially for the show’s foreseeable future. the deleted scene was a load of fun, i really enjoy Peter’s side of the story as much as Alicia’s, hopefully they incorporate that round table scene somehow in future episode.

  10. Melanie says:

    Kalinda’s storyline is the best — she’s so tied in knots keeping a big secret that looks like it might be getting ready to come out. And her scene with the Fed and then just down the hall in the same hotel with Blake — well done. But I have to say that I hated what Will did. While it could perhaps be justified for the character, it really just seemed like the show wanted to drag it out and did tease this whole thing in the coming attractions as though the truth would come out at least in this episode. So it didn’t seem like good drama to me, it seemed like we were being tricked and toyed with and I didn’t appreciate it. Even if they acknowledged they love each other, the way forward would be anything but smooth so it’s not like there would be no drama left in the show. Disappointed, very, that the writers copped out on Will and Alicia.

  11. Cheery says:

    I looooved the Kalinda/Blake scene and I can’t even stand that guy.
    But damn, was it sexy.

    “Are you armed?” Cue the feeling up/pat down.

    “Are you wearing a wire?” Cut to half-nakedness…

    So. Hot.

  12. Sarah says:

    I LOVE TGW but why do they always talk about “phoning” people? Who says that? Maybe I’m just out of that loop…?

  13. Franko Phile says:

    Liked the episode…always do. Still, Will’s response was a cop out, a kind of phony development that all shows use when they want to string out a plot point forever.

  14. Redhead says:

    I was screaming at the tv… “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!”

    However I love how delicious this whole thing is, with Alicia knowing what Will said (for once, thank you for wire taps!) and knowing that he was lying last night. She knows that he’s got feelings…and he has no idea that she knows. That’s what makes this whole thing absolutely amazing and chock full of frustration!

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!

    • Cheery says:

      Wait, but does Alicia REALLY know what he said? In the wire taps he was talking about said voicemail with another person, but he didn’t specifically repeat what he had said, and most of that convo was redacted anyway, so how could Alicia have any clear idea of what the message contained? I think she was just disappointed that Will didn’t admit to any feelings right then and there.

  15. Chad says:

    Didn’t a past episode mention Kalinda had a past in Toronto? Maybe she’s actually Canadian and her husband married her so she could get her green card. I’m betting her marriage is a sham to fool the authorities and keep her in the country.

  16. Bella says:

    I was curious to see which way Will would go with that answer. The only reason he closed the door was to give himself time to think. In the phone call, he had basically poured his heart out to Alicia and believed by her non-response that she wasn’t interested. So he eventually moved on. To a Tammy who is almost as annoying and unlikeable as the Tammy that’s on Southland at the same time on another channel. Anyway, I digress. Will is aware that the same issues that confronted them before are still there – Alicia is married to a high-profile man and has two kids. They work together at the same firm. Since that time, things have gotten even more complicated with the current turmoil at the firm. It goges back to Alicia’s conversation with him in the first phone call – they need to have a plan. They can’t just jump in on the deep end and hope that all the complications magically work themselves out. I think Will acted like a grown-up here. And Kalinda is fearless! I just love her.

    • cobby says:

      Oh Bella, I too can’t stand that other Tammy on Southland….plus her infant husband annoys me too….but I think he’s on his way to grownup.

  17. Ashton says:

    I understand why Will answered the way he did, I mean they’ve created such a complicated relationship. If she stays with Peter and gives up Will, then the show is boring, but if she goes with Will and gives up Peter, the show isn’t called the Good Wife. Anyways, I’m glad they aren’t closing the door on Will, however I would very much like to see another makeout session between those two before the season is up.

  18. Ingmar says:

    I just loved this episode. It keeps getting better and better. So sad the ratings dont show it. Kalinda deserves an emmy for this episode just like last year.

  19. Samantha says:

    Does anyone have a link to the deleted scene clip that can be viewed outside the US? I live in Canada and it won’t let me see it… :(

  20. Brownie says:

    Alicia and Will kissed? When? I missed it! Does anyone know the episode?

  21. Deanhllywd says:

    The entire relationship between Blake and Kalinda is getting psychotic! I miss the days when Kalinda helped win cases for the firm with her amazing investigation skills. This story line is getting ridiculous and distracts from the intelligence of the show in my opinion.

    • Shell says:

      I get what you’re saying. They need to wrap up the Blake/Kalinda storyline soon. And why would a woman as careful and as secretive as Kalinda have used her “real” name When she first encountered Blake?

  22. daveedt says:

    i think the producers/writers are waiting for one helluva SEASON FINALE.
    *You have the election (peter winning),
    *Will and Alicia (finally together, as peter wins election,in an upset?),
    *Kalinda’s ex hubby showing up, messing things up for her?
    *The firm finally getting closure. Who is going where, and with whom?
    just my opinion…


  23. eviltwit says:

    I think, I need Kalinda to get back to being Kalinda, and not afraid Kalinda. It’s getting old. They do need to wrap that up soon. Also, I can’t stand Will’s girlfriend, but they have to draw that whole thing out somehow, I guess. Although, I really can’t handle Alicia being in the same bed as the slimeball anymore (even if they’re not doing anything). Awesome episode, though.

  24. cobby says:

    I always said I would never get hooked on a Soap show but this one has me hooked. I’m never bored, love all the curves, love all the characters although I get confused or can’t recall what happed weeks prior, but I always catch up. At times I feel there are too many stories going on. I especially can’t stand the girlfriend of Alicia’s son. She’s way too mature and rotten to be interested in him since he’s so naive and wholesome. It’s surprising his father hasn’t rubbed off on him!!

    I too have trouble understanding words even though my hearing is good.

    I’d rather Alicia not get involved with Will until she reconciles her relationship with Peter…either leave him or stay. Remember her brother said she wasn’t the “cheating” kind.

    I love the Kalinda and Blake story, however I read on this site that Blake isn’t long for the series?? Not dead gone but his character will be done?? Am looking forward to Cary returning to Lockhart and the “takeover” story to be concluded either way.

    And the foot play with the FBI chick was so hot and then the camelian (sp) Kalinda turns around and has the best sexy, steamy foreplay ever done on TV with hunky, chunky Blake. OMG and I was alone!!! boo-hoo

    • teamwill says:

      yes but, technically speaking she has cheated – kissing Will in heart!! Oh and… oh boy how I wish she’d cheat a little more ;) Peter, that dirty SOB deserves it…i hope she leaves him and now they’re sleeping in the same bed…makes me a little sick actually eeewww….

  25. nikki says:

    loved the episode. Very happy that Alicia’s brother is now in Chicago and we will see more of him. He likes to stir the proverbial pot with her and Peter, and I also just like his character as written. I thought the Rita Wilson part was silly, either due to writing or other reasons. Glad we are seeing more of Diane and Will getting along.
    Must say, I also really like the fact that the writers have written Alicia as actually good at her job, and not just a “must-hire”. Also that she refers to that (the job) as a reason not to date Will. It’s always “I like my job” instead of “I should stick with my husband”. I think it’s good that the writers gave that some weight.

  26. peternalicia says:

    Favorite bit – when Will lied! Have always maintained that Alicia should be with Peter. Its baffling me that so many people see a chemistry between Will and Alicia. They are tempted by the forbidden and some misplaced college romance that never was. Thats it!. TV needs to give marriages a chance and though Peter screwed up (no pun intended) hes repenting which is a whole of a lot more powerful than someone whos doesnt know what that involves. It take courage and guts which Alicia needs to acknowledge.