NCIS Exclusive First Look: Trouble for 'Tiva'?

Fans of CBS’ NCIS (Tuesdays at 8/7c) and its perennially teased Tony/Ziva coupling may want to look away, because TVLine has an exclusive first look at the latest wrench in the works. And this wrench happens to blonde and beautiful.

Exclusive: NCIS Readies Tony-centric Origin Episode

As we previously reported, Brothers & Sisters alum Sarah Jane Morris is joining TV’s most watched scripted program in the recurring role of E.J. Barrett, a Special Agent who, interestingly, took a job that years ago was offered to Tony by Director Jenny Shepard (R.I.P.), to head up an NCIS team in Europe.

CBS Renews NCIS for Ninth Season as Mark Harmon Inks New Deal

Shortly after Special Agent Barrett makes her debut in the March 1 episode — titled “One Last Score” and directed by none other than Michael Weatherly — ripples will be felt throughout Gibbs’ NCIS team. What’s more, we’re told that (sit down now, Tiva fans…) sparks will definitely fly between her and Tony.

Are you looking forward to this new arrival and seeing how she will rock Tony’s world? Do you think Special Agent Barrett’s presence will prompt DiNozzo to reflect on his past, perhaps teeing up the “origin episode” TVLine told you about back in January?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. tejas says:

    While I don’t want to see any romance on the show, I can only hope it means TPTB have finally figured out that trying to force Tony and Ziva together is a really bad idea.

    I do wish they wouldn’t keep trying to shove Tony into the “must have a love interest” box. The character’s much too interesting to be confined to such an insipid story line.

    • Kay says:

      Get rid of the Tony character. He’s a buffoon & degrades his own partners. No way in hell would he ever be working for NCIS.

        • francisca says:

          if both of you had started to watch NCIS since season 1 you wouldn’t be saying that.

          • Erin says:

            @Francisca, you totally have a point there. Tony used to be most popular in the fandom but since it doubled in viewership with all these newbies jumping on the bandwagon, his popularity took a dive as the last 2 seasons for the most part he’s been played as the idiot for comic relief. My friend pointed out that if she came in late she’d be inclined not to favor him and I feel the same. It’s a shame how they’ve used him and I’m really hoping this story arc leads somewhere as in touching on Tony awesome skills. Since they’re bringing up Rota I’m rather hopeful.

          • Mikos says:

            Love Dinozzo, and even though they do give him dumb stuff some times most of the time he’s perfectly in character. Wish they would bring back him doing sketches at crime scenes :-)

            But it’s sooooo tiresome when people start talking about how he’s a buffoon or too mean to his partners. Yeah they can take it and give back just as good. Lawdy lawdy, Tony said something that wasn’t respectful or boring, lawdy lawd!

          • heather says:

            been watching since the beginning. never missed an episode. never could stand tony. he’s a little boy in a man’s world, and immaturity and buffoonery is NOT attractive.

          • Danielle says:

            Though they need to bring back more useless trivia for Tony. Anytime I see Airwolf running on a local tv station, I think of Tony.

          • upset fan says:

            Your right he has grown sooooo much! I already HATE this new girl and idea of him sleeping w/ her or ziva and this other new guys. i do however hope that when tony meets zivas guy he is jelous and realizes he is in-love with her. (while on ship he had zivas sexy pic’s up on the wall when could have chose any girl in world) NOW COME ON PEOPLE.. this new girl will come in act as though she knows everything i know how it works. i hope ziva puts her in line REAL QUIK! and there is no way he He*U(Ull they better even think she can wooop on ZIVA. I really hate this change. Why ruin a great thing. I have a million ideas for the cast they already have. Dont fix things that are not broke. They may lose a lot of die hard viewers.

        • Sarah says:

          I totally disagree about getting rid of Tony. Anyone who saw him in the beginning would totally disagree like me. His character has changed and along with forced Tiva. I miss the serious and competent Tony. But there have been a couple of good Tony episodes and hopefully his character will continue to improve

          • Claire says:

            People have been saying get rid of Tony since season one and TPTB have been smart enough to keep him. And I’m glad because he’s awesome. As for the Tiva scoop, thanks so much. I think another chick making them jealous has been done before as well as another guy. They need to take it up a notch with them. None of us Tiva fans are getting any younger. Make their relationship spark again. One of the best couples on T.V. and they’re just spinning their wheels right now and going over the same territory which is boring. Come on, guys. I know you can do it. :)

            Also, thanks for the cool kick a** Ziva you’ve given us so far this season. It’s totally rocked.

          • luz says:

            estoy de acuerdo contigo el personaje de toni ha evolucionado y madurado,y es una excelente serie cada personaje le da vida a la misma y son imprescindibles todos hasta Palmer

      • tejas says:

        Tony’s the most complex and interesting character on the show. Anyone who may have come to the show in the past couple of seasons may not have recognized that since they’ve been writing him very poorly for most of that run. They need to bring back the “work smarter, not harder” Tony from the first couple of seasons.

      • Mcat says:

        Neither would Abby, or Gibbs, or any of them really, except maybe McGee. So yeah, let’s get rid of all the characters because they wouldn’t fit in with the real NCIS! *rolls eyes*

      • lovetorun says:

        bull. there is so much more to tony than that. i agree with tejas and i didnt even start watching regularly until like season 4.

      • jas says:

        r u insane?! he is the best character on the show! if u loose one character u loose the show.. and im sick of having love interests its an old storyline.. i dont mind if tiva doesnt happen for a while just bring back the tension they had like in season 3!!!

      • Anita says:

        Yea!! I was afraid I was the only one who found the Weatherly character an insult to our intelligence. I am so annoyed by Tony I have considered a boycott of show in my house.I will definitely no longer show if he and Ziva get together in a romantic interlude. I had hioped he would be removed from show this season.

      • suzanne says:

        I agree totally. He should also be charged with sexual harassment by his team partners. Many of his comments and behavior are so inappropriate.

    • luzmarin says:

      puede haber un tiva sin que afecte la serie el amor tiene condiciones y me parece que toni y ziva las han atravesado asi que no seria un fiasco….un tiva,ademas ziva ha hecho madurar a toni o no?

  2. CloisTiva says:

    No! I want Tiva so many years of waiting *pist*

    • Cheery says:

      Honestly, NCIS has missed the boat with TIVA. If was going to happen it should have been 2 seasons ago, so it’s probably good that they move on.

      As for the show itself, it’s become so monotonous and casts such a wide net I barely recognize the NCIS I fell in love with.

    • Anna says:

      There wasn’t much Tiva Tension this season, Ziva is always around with McGee instead of Tony and this is crap :D
      I want Tiva so badly, but when they are sparks betwenn Tony and EJ is os too late. It was always like ohhh Ziva has someone new, ohhh Tony has someone new and now they are starting again? I want them together, but I think now it is too late.They should kill of Dinozzo, which would solve the problem!

      • I don’t need to see this e.j starret character anymore–don’t screw up a great thing andI have been with you guys since the beginning and tolerated Tony on again off again–love Ziva Abby and mcgee.LOVE Gibbs.e.j.has a attitude personality problem–don’t need that.I hope Leon does take the big job and leaves. We sure loved Jenny but realized she had to go,short red hair or not. Please don’t screw it up!

  3. Megan says:

    oh yay. another love interest… woohoo. *sigh*

    • spikenalabama says:

      “*sigh*” is right. I am so tired of tv shows feeling the need to make couples out of its leads. I DO NOT want Tony and Ziva to get together on NCIS and I don’t want Booth & Bones or Castle & Beckett to be forced into coupledom either. Why can’t these partnerships be enough without forcing the romance? Ugh……frustrating.

      • Mikos says:

        Fwiw, I agree with you on Castle and NCIS, though I think the Tiva stuff is fun but let’s get real here – it’s VERY little of anything.

        The subtle flirting/teasing well, that kind of thing is going to happen. It would be unrealistic for it not to happen. But really, it’s not like they’ve ever done ANYTHING overt to suggest they are interested in a relationship.

        On Castle their crime solving was their sex so I never saw the need for it to become anything more.

        Bones however I feel like the show was always a little about the two leads growing closer through their partnership.

      • cb says:

        Disagree on all 3 shows. BB were always going to happen I’ve been waiting for it to happen for 5 seasons. Castle from day 1 you could see it was going to happen. Neither feel forced and tiva doesn’t or didn’t either.

        I don’t think tony has changed much from the first seasons… I’ve always seen him as the comedian but that’s what keeps the show entertaining. He’s a great character

  4. Pamela says:

    I love Ziva. She has been a great addition to the show especially for Tony. I love their chemistry. The writers have a chance to take a Tony/Ziva story arc where they didn’t take the Gibbs/Jenny one and it appears they are not. I’m tired of waiting around for it. Love the characters, but I’m tired of the boring procedural shows with no romance and adventure. It’s gets old after a while. Tony & Ziva belong together.

    • Tony + Gibbs says:

      You mean we might be subjected to more disturbingly creepy Paris flashbacks? *shudder*

    • Barbra says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. NCIS is different from those procedural shows because you legitimately LOVE the team… and you know a lot more about them. Seeing them lose Kate, seeing Tony struggle with the Jeanne relationship, seeing how desperate the team was to save Ziva… that’s what we love, right? I love the stories, but I think the key to the ratings is the fact that we’ve fallen in love with these people. And let’s be honest… they’re all getting older and could use a little love in their lives. I happen to feel a lot of chemistry between Ziva and Tony. I think it will be interesting to watch two people who put career first (and always will) navigate into relaizing their feelings. Just my opinion. Goes for Castle, too.

  5. Happy Go Lucky says:

    More pointless shipper baiting, that’s something that never gets tiring. Say wasn’t the character played by Annie Wersching a few months ago also touted as a potential love interest for Tony?

  6. Vader says:

    I’m tired of all the Tiva crap and wish they would just do away with it. Tony and Ziva are not a good match and I really don’t see why anyone thinks they are. Some shows have leads that should be together (Chuck, Castle, Bones) but NCIS is NOT one of them.

  7. Joan says:

    Please don’t make me gag. I wonder if TPTB realize that many of the fans who have been waiting for 6 years to see Tony & Ziva become a couple are getting tired of waiting. No other actress is going to have the chemistry with Michael/Tony that Cote/Ziva has. Were sick of the 1 step forward 2 steps back.

    Tony & Ziva belong together.

    • Ali says:

      I think your post just made me gag. The characters haven’t had chemistry for a long, long time. How anyone thinks after S6 that those characters belong together I do not understand. The sooner Princess Smirk-a-lot rides off into the sunset with Ray or just plain old buggers off the better for all.

      • igottomany says:

        Wow I people must have some really weak stomaches if fiction makes them “gag”

      • song4ten says:

        Ditto. I’ve never liked Ziva’s character and never understood why people wanted Tony and Ziva together. Tony has more chemistry with a brick wall than he does with Ziva. Enough already.

        • Kay says:

          Really? I think Tony is the weakest character on NCIS. He’s a fool, sexually harasses everyone, degrades his own partners, and is NOT a good agent at all. The actor isn’t helping him either with those stupid ad-libs. He should not be working at NCIS, let alone any other agency until he grows up. The character is so annoying.

          • monte says:

            Kay, I think it’s time to put the knife down and walk away from the SHOW… GET IT this is a SHOW, if you don’t like it change the channel. We won’t miss you

          • Emma says:

            Monte, if he doesn’t like Tony, I can’t blame him. He was okay, but now, the show is all about him whining all the time. He is actually the weakest character on the show. Though the Tiva certainly didn’t help the character.

          • Mikos says:

            Tiva is a freaking mirage people. Mysterious smiles about the Paris trip do not a ship make.

            Also, whoever said Tony sexually harasses his coworkers is just trolling. He makes jokes about movies, he doesn’t tell Ziva and McGee to give him back rubs.

    • jules says:

      @Joan…As many TIVA fans as there may be, there are also probably at least that many that don’t want them together. TPTB continue to play both sides, teasing TIVA fans with some a little flirting and jealousy, with no actual plans to get them together. Which they will most likely do until the end. I personally could go either way on this…I used to want them together. But now I think the writers missed the boat. It would feel forced now.

    • Tony + Gibbs says:

      Pauley Perrette, Sasha Alexander, Jessica Steen, Lauren Holly…only to name a few.

      • Mcat says:

        Oh my gads, Michael Weatherly and Jessica Steen had SUCH amazing chemistry. Their scenes together were always so much fun.

      • Tabby says:

        Oh yes, a Tony/Abby hookup would be epic. It would be so out of left field, the writers could play with the long history of the two that hasn’t really been explored and the “ewww, ick – people shouldn’t have sex on tv” crowd could explode.

        Letter writing campaign!

    • V says:

      Funny that…I originally didn’t like the way Ziva and Tony interacted, because they had NONE of the chemistry he has with pretty much anyone else in the cast. But especially Kate (Sasha Alexander) or Paula Cassidy (Jessica Steen). Seriously, even with all the “Tiva” stuff they’ve thrown in, it’s just not the same. Ziva has better chemistry with McGee than with Tony.

    • spikenalabama says:

      What chemistry? They have no chemistry!! NO TIVA!

    • Heather says:

      Amen! The great thing about NCIS is that unlike Bones and Castle, if two of the main characters get together the show can still continue. Look at the success of CSI with Sarah and Grissom. They got together and the show continued to solve crimes and maintain fans. The chemistry is not the only thing that NCIS has going for it. However, TIVA fans WILL get sick of watching them have other hookups. The non-TIVA fans would be thrilled for their relationship to be solidified so it is no longer a focus and then the team could go back to focusing on the investigative work. It seems to me that getting them together would solve a lot of problems.
      Just My opinion

  8. timelord24 says:

    NCIS has been hinting at a possible tony+ziva romance but nothing even remotely has crytallised in that direction. so i think its a good move to introduce a possible love interest for tony. he hasn’t had a steady GF since scottie thompson.

  9. Jo says:

    Looking forward to seeingthe sparks – and it’ll be nice for Tony to have a possible love interest since Ziva has her mysterious boyfriend.
    Just need McGee to get a girlfriend who’s not a)Abby, b)a secret baddie and c)dead by the end of the episode and I’ll be happy. Well, if TPTB stop having random women throw themselves at Gibbs every so often.. Not that I blame them but… :)

  10. Christy says:

    I am so over the Ziva/Tony issue … I want to see more of the Abby and McGhee story lines and maybe get back together again. I love the show.

  11. Brenda says:

    Tony & Zivas chemistry are the reason I was drawn into NCIS. Without Tony & Ziva I have no reason to continue watching. Please don’t drive me away with another Jeanne type story arc.

    • Tony + Gibbs says:

      You’re right, you wouldn’t/shouldn’t continue watching then, if you don’t see the potential beyond a “ship”. This is a drama, not As the Bullpen Turns.

  12. MCO says:

    I really don’t care about Tiva. I mean, they are together, I am happy. They aren’t, I am happy too.
    However, I can’t stand the “another significant other” plots. Let them be detective characters with, perhaps, a personnal life that we saw for 4 secs. and 1 line / episode, and that’s it!
    NCIS isn’t Bones nor Castle.

  13. Michelle says:

    Yeah, because it went SO well the last time Tony had a love interest. *cough*Jeanne*cough*

    • jules says:

      I actually didn’t mind the Jeanne relationship. It gave us an opportunity to see a side of Tony that we didn’t normally see. A little more depth to the character than the typically frat-boy mentality he usually has. I think they’ve written him horribly since then.

    • Mcat says:

      I loved Tony with Jeanne. I think I’m in the minority though, so you’re right ;)

      You can’t deny that it brought out a really interesting, mature side of Tony though.

  14. Phil says:

    Bored now. Was once a Tiva fan, but Shane Brennan pretty much ruined that along with the characters themselves. Tony is a joke these days, and Ziva is a pale shadow of herself. Hell, the chemistry between them that drew me in during season 3 has withered and vanished (along with positive character developments.) I’m tired as hell of the stupid jealousy plot – seriously, is that the only plot they have for the ships on this show? – and even more tired of the ridiculous “Oh nos! Danger ahead for these two!” that the clowns in charge think will draw people in. Its becoming more and more clear that by trying to pander to both sides of the equation (the antis and the pro-Tivas), they’ve made both sides angry.

    Stick a fork in them. For that matter, stick a fork in the show. The higher the ratings have gone, the worse it has become.

    • Kiki says:

      I’ll second this:

      “Tony is a joke these days, and Ziva is a pale shadow of herself. Hell, the chemistry between them that drew me in during season 3 has withered and vanished (along with positive character developments.) I’m tired as hell of the stupid jealousy plot – seriously, is that the only plot they have for the ships on this show? – and even more tired of the ridiculous “Oh nos! Danger ahead for these two!” that the clowns in charge think will draw people in. Its becoming more and more clear that by trying to pander to both sides of the equation (the antis and the pro-Tivas), they’ve made both sides angry.”

    • Nerwen Aldarion says:

      Sadly this is all true.

      I’m a Tiva fan and have been since season 3 but I don’t watch the show only for the ship but for the entire team…but the show has been B-O-R-I-N-G this year!!!

      What happened to Gibbs being mysterious? What happened to the head slaps? What happened to McGee as the plucky comic relief? What happened to Tony being heart, big brother, practical jokester and loveable rogue? What happened to the sexy Ziva that was a mystery that was so much fun to figure out? What happened to the cases that kept me guessing till the end?

      What happened to my favorite show?

      Now I can figure out the case from the promo, Gibbs does nothing but stand there, Tony does nothing but be annoying, Ziva does nothing but talk about her faceless boyfriend (If you have to give Ziva a love interest, here’s a clue LET US SEE THEM!!!!!) McGee isn’t the funny nerd anymore and we barely see Abby anyways.

      What happened to NCIS???????

  15. H. says:

    I don’t know. I’m very on/off about Ziva/Tony… I get why people want them to be together, I mean, after 7 episodes of her being there they had them pretending to be Husband and wife… but they’re like best friends like Kate/Tony were, but they don’t have the brother/sister thing like Kate/Tony, idk… it’s one of those relationships were I can be happy with or happy without.

  16. GS says:

    Could we *please* finally get over the whole faux Tiva nonsense? What I fail to understand is how a new recurring character who may or may not cause flying sparks is considered to be a “threat” to a pairing that does not even exist. Am I the only one who remembers that Ziva has an actual *canon* boyfriend?! So how exactly would Tony even glancing at another woman suddenly be considered a threat? A threat to what exactly? I know that Ziva tends to have her double standards, but I swear, if she is going to throw a jealous hissy fit over Tony taking an interest in another woman WHILE SHE IS IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP, I will scream. My mind is boggling.

    NCIS is about solving crimes. It’s about the humor and the team. If I want to see “oh noes, will they, won’t they?” drama, I watch anything from Desperate Housewives to 90210. I sincerely hope that TPTB remember Gibbs’ Golden Rule 12. Even if they (or Ziva) don’t, Tony sure as heck will. Never date a coworker. Fans can turn to fanfiction if they want to see their favorite pairing together. In the show? Just…no.

    I’ve enjoyed season 8 so far for the most part. If we’re back to beating the dead Tiva horse without rhyme or reason, I won’t be happy. A lot of the fans actually prefer to not see any of this fake jealous stuff. Let’s keep it that way. People who claim that they only watch because of the “chemistry” between Tony and Ziva don’t get what the show is even remotely about. (Besides, they should’ve stopped watching a long time ago, considering the fact that both Tony and Ziva have canonically been in relationships with other people…and Ziva currently is. Let her be happy with her Ray.)

    What I honestly fail to understand is that TPTB keep trying to rekindle something that is not there. I thought they had learned their lesson after the fiasco of the season 6 finale and the resulting fan wars. Do we seriously want to go back to that? :(

    • Phil says:

      Actually, Ziva’s gone on record numerous times stating that this Ray guy is just a friend, not a romantic partner, so your point is kind of flawed. Yeah, Tony clearly thinks she’s sleeping with the guy, but there’s no actual canon evidence that that is the case, so using that as a basis for accusing her of being hypocritical doesn’t work.

      And that’s coming from someone who is pretty much disgusted with the whole Tiva thing, so take that as you will.

      I blame the sheer lack of creativity of the showrunners. The higher the ratings have become, the less intelligent or frankly comprehensible NCIS has become.

      • jules says:

        Agree with your last paragraph. I feel like they’re destroying characters. Ziva has becoming nothing more than a vehicle to make Tony jealous. Tony has been written like a buffoon and McGee’s ego has gotten so huge I fear his head might explode. The only 2 people I still like on this show are Gibbs and Abby.

    • Kiki says:

      “Am I the only one who remembers that Ziva has an actual *canon* boyfriend?!”

      People won’t even take that seriously anymore.

  17. Foedhrass says:

    I seriously hope it won’t be the only purpose of this character to endanger “Tiva” cause I couldn’t care less. (I really restart to miss Kate now, her relationship with Tony didn’t seem so forced like this Tiva-“they like each other but to not p*** off the fans we don’t dare to bring them together nor to separate them entirely”-crap.)

    I really really hope there’s more to this role than that! I’m convinced that a new face could breath new life into this gridlocked, increasingly boring situation. They don’t need to remove one of the old team members but adding a new one could make thy team dynamics interesting again.

  18. Mel says:

    After last week’s episode, it’s obvious that Tony is afraid of dying alone, and wants more. I don’t know how any fan of the character would want him to “just” be a good investigator, and be deprived of any personal happiness. Let the guy find love. Personally, I don’t think EJ will be the one to give him happiness, but if he needs to explore that, okay with me. I think there is only one person for Tony, personally, and eventually he’ll realize that. And this being NCIS, it *is* possible to play out a relationship in the background, without it becoming a soap opera, or taking over the show. I mean, if you watch the show, you know it is *not* going to suddenly go that route.

    • Tony+Gibbs says:

      Yes there is. He and Gibbs definitely should be a couple :)

      • Phil says:

        Riiiight. Of course the fact that neither character is gay throws a wrinkle in your ship.

        • tejas says:

          Both could easily be bi. *No* romance on the show is best, but at least if they *must*, they could at least do something more interesting than trying to force Tony/Ziva down our throats.

          • Svenja says:

            Both could be bi?

            What kinda show are you watching.
            McGee is the only male character on the show that would have the potential to be bi (I would kinda like it, if McGee was bi :))
            But Tony and Gibbs?
            Those two are as hetero as someone possibly could be.
            This would be more than out of character…
            and kinda feel like incest.
            They have a father and son relationship.

            I kinda miss that father-son chemistry. They should do an Gibbs/Tony episode…but without making the most hetero guys on earth gay …

      • tejas says:

        Gotta say, if TPTB feel like they simply *must* do romance on the show, putting Tony and Gibbs together would not only capitalize on the best chemistry on the show, but it would certainly have more dramatic potential than shoving Ziva at Tony some more.

      • Znachki says:

        Fan fic is your friend!

      • Ninamags says:

        I totally agree with your comment, Tony+Gibbs.

        I have ALWAYS seen special chemistry between Gibbs and DiNozzo.

        Neither one has ever been able to sustain a long term relationship, at least not while the show has been on.

        Come on, Gibbs has been married how many times?

      • Tabby says:

        I did love (in a non slash way) that scene at the end of the first Robert Wagner episode where Tony + Gibbs have a steak and a beer together at Gibbs’ place.

  19. Victoria says:

    Well, this is like the worst nightmare ever! I loooooove Tiva, and I always did.. And I always Will ! I could kill everyone right now.. I don’t want this Erica Jane Barrett to ruin everyting between Tiva! I know, maybee they’ll never happen.. But just the thoughts about them being together makes me happy.. I really think it’s a bad Idea to make a big deal out of Erica and Tony.. Cause I don’t like that.. Tony and Ziva are meant to be together! And all you guys who doesn’t like Tiva, can’t see love! They’re sooo in love with each other! And I’m sure Ziva will be some kind of jealous, that’s all right.. It’s just show that she’s in love with Tony!
    I hope for Tiva someday will be together as a couple! But again, NCIS is a show about solving cases, and not about the realationsship between the characters.. ;)
    – Tiva forever!<3
    Btw. I can't wait for this episode to air ! xD

  20. mary says:

    Never in a million year would Ziva be with tony; he killed her boyfriend.

    She can understand it, ans probably kind of forgive him but being a couple with him!

    No way in hell.

  21. Svenja says:

    I think this appearance is a good thing for Tiva.
    Ziva is sitting at her desk thinking that Tony will always be jealous of her…. I think Ziva likes the attention Tony is paying to her.
    And she needs a situation that will wake her up.
    Actually Ziva is a jealous person, but she didn’t have a reason to show it during the past 2-3 seasons.

    The Ray-thing and Tony’s new new interest could be some sort of catalyst.
    It feels that way because we never had both of them jealous at the same time.

  22. Dan says:

    Hey you over intelligent TIVA fans JEALOUSY means fear of losing what you have and Tony and Ziva do NOT have a relationship at all – not even a true friendship as they themselves have admitted. Envy is the emotion you are looking for it means having what someone else has. And looking as what a cluster F Ziva has made of her personal life and how she has treated those she works with (BTW the fact that some fans think that someone who pulled a gun and physically attacked their partners show they are make for each other is just SICK). I can see why Ziva would be envious if Tony found someone to care about and treats him well.

    Doesn’t really matter anyway as most comments show most fans don’t care, or are just tired of this crap. Ratings prove this as the TIVA spoiled episodes are always have lower ratings than those that dont. Look at the last episodes….2 episodes that had recored setting viewers and the 3 was one of the highest for the season and there was not one TIVA spoiler or hint in any preview. The one that lost the most viewers as it developed – the TIVA /Ziva storyline. Yep everyone LOVES TIVA – NOT.

    • Svenja says:

      Well the ratings were this high because AI has moved to wednesday/thursday and there were Glee reruns…

      And no it’s not envy… it’s jealousy.
      That is obvious.

      Ziva has an insight on Tony… she knows what bothers him.
      She understands him. And he isn’t envious too…. remember the “what would you say “(if you meet Ray)- scene where he says “be careful, handle with care, contents priceless”.
      An envious person would give that answer.

      But I think you’re right…
      6 years are defninitely too long for teasing..

      • Tony + Gibbs says:

        Wait…what? Ziva understands Tony? Why, then, did she want him to be the class clown. Gibbs said in Flesh and Blood that Tony only wears the *mask* of a clown. Can Ziva really not see deeper than the mask? If so, she knows nothing about him.

        • Svenja says:

          Ziva CAN see deeper.
          Remember Season 4?
          The “that’s because you’re a good person”-scene?
          She told him that he was hiding behind all his jokes.

          But Ziva knows that Tony enjoys being the class clown of team.
          Tony is a good agent, who likes to lighten the mood.
          Some jokes aren’t a bad thing.
          That is an important part of this being.
          Interesting that even Michael Weatherly state this concerning the “false witness”-scene: “Weatherly says. “I didn’t feel I had any control over that part of my life. I think that the same thing does happen for Tony. … He does feel Ziva really understands him on this fundamental level that even he doesn’t quite understand.” (Quote TV Guide)

          Ziva is like Tony’s therapist.
          She constantly understands what is going on in his head…

          • Tony + Gibbs says:

            Ziva is more like Tony’s abuser/worst nightmare from where I sit. She admitted she nearly *killed* him. And that is the basis for true love?

      • Sammy says:

        Not they are right it is envy look in a dictionary. Where does it show they have any really realationship to lose. That comment shows that Tony cares about his coworkers. But then she cares about ALL is team members. If you want to see more fine but there is no CANON to prove your point.

      • Dan says:

        Confused what does not going against AI have to do with having the highest ratings ever for the show. What about earlier in the year when they were not going against AI and NEVER did? The ratings were higher because fans like TEAM episodes not TIVA drama sorry if they did then the great big Ziva/TIVA daddy issue episode would have had much more viewers and not lost them. What more evidence last year the Thanksgiving episode which aired at the same time have 2.5 million more viewers than this years did and it was a team episode.

        • Svenja says:

          Well the daddy-issue-Ziva episode didn’t have anything to do with Tiva.
          But you do not understand those episodes if you aren’t a frequent NCIS-viewer..
          Those , who are just occasional viewers probably didn’t understand what was going on, so they decided to watch something else.. that easy huh?

          And by the way, we didn’t have any Tiva-drama for almost 2 years….

          I do enjoy team-episodes , but I also enjoy personal stuff.

          And those high ratings were caused by the new focus of the show.
          More personal stuff apparently attracted the viewership.
          You need to balance it correctly.
          Most episodes are easy to understand even if you do not watch or know every season you do not understand episodes like “enemies domestic”.
          That’s just a fact, but they still do longer arcs for the fans because that’s the beauty of the show.
          It’s a procedual with some complex arcs…

  23. XK says:

    I’m fine with it. But then, I’m not a ‘shipper’ so it doesn’t matter to me who dates who, as long as the stories are good, and the characters change and grow from the experience.

  24. Tweeter says:

    If there was ever a chance at “Tiva” it was in Season 3. After the events at the end of Season 6 and the lack of respect Ziva seems to show Tony, I honestly cannot see a romantic relationship between the two; not if Tony has any self-respect. I’ve enjoyed this season this far; there have been few “Tiva” moments. Those that were there seemed forced and out of place. There’s fun “bickering” and then there’s showing complete disrespect, and I’m afraid that with the attitude Ziva has shown, the relationship is more of the latter.

  25. Emma says:

    Bored to death… Another “Big scoop” about jealousy, and relationships… Fascinating… Tony and Ziva have become pathetic. And the medias who feed us with those scoops… Just as bad. Almost wishing one of them will be killed so we can get back to the NCIS I love and back to the team. Tiva is now dead since 2 seasons.

  26. jules says:

    This show was much better with Bellisario at the helm.

  27. Sammy says:

    This is such the wrong way to spoil this storyline if you want to attract vieweres. As the comments show fans really don’t care about TIVA; However if you made it about what would happen to Tony and his life and job I bet fans would be interested. Clearly they are setting Tony up for something and that I care about. How it effects or involves Ziva or TIVA – barf.

  28. Kiki says:

    TPTB needs to stop screwing with Tiva! It’s come to a point where it’s either make ir or break it, because it’s getting super irritating even for the fans who WANTS them together. And I’m one of them. But, if we’re supposed to endure more of this nonsense, then I’ll be the first to say, please, put a stone on it and let’s move on. I just imagine what it must feel like for the non-shipper fans. It’s really a turn off for the whole show. I agree entirely with someone who said that they missed the boat. Right on the stop. And the boat was Paris.

  29. lr says:

    It’s good that Tony will have a love interest. It’s about time. As long as his love interest is not with Ziva, I’m a happy camper.

  30. Svenja says:

    Somehow I am getting the feeling that some desperate Tibbs-fans are using this topic to show the world how much they dislike Tiva.

    I am not saying everyone, who is against Tiva is doing so…
    Everybody has a right to express their opinion…
    But it’s a thing I noticed reading all these comments.

    Never mind… I believe in the writers and I do not believe in an on-screen Tiva-hook up..
    Although I would love it ;)

    • Tony + Gibbs says:

      Funny, all the Tibbs fans I know have repeated again and again that they do not want any on-screen pairings, most especially Tibbs. Subtext for all is the mantra of most of the shippers and slashers.

      • Svenja says:

        Most tibbs-fans do not want any on-screen pairing because they know that their pairing is never gonna happen.
        But they do not want to see Tony or Gibbs with another person..
        Face it…that’s the way it is..

        And by the way, I do not want Ziva and Tony to become some cheesy couple… I just think that there IS a lot of attraction, a connection and some unrevealed feelings…
        I think it would be interesting if those two shared a kiss and just after that remain silent about that…
        That would shake up their relationship and make them redefine what they are.
        And Gibbs dealing with rule number 12 would be interesting to.
        Since the show is having at least 2 seasons left (Harmon signed a 2-year contract…if the others will stay, it will be 2 seasons), they could go for something like that next season…
        The show has a solid viewership and that’s not gonna change because of three or four Tiva-episodes… the team is STILL the centre of the show, which is good.
        Hell this isn’t Grey’s Anatomy… it won’t get soapy…

    • luz marin says:

      tienes razon esperemos a ver que pasa lo que si es seguro no hay barra tibbs, eso si seria distorcionante porque estos dos toni y gibbs son un ejemplo fidenigno de ser estables sexualmente(hombres) OK

  31. Michelle says:

    I am a big Ziva fan… and like to see Tony and ziva together, but I hate this constant teasing… They really need to stop it or let it happen.. However I dont understand all the Ziva haters.. CdP is a good actress… Its the writers to blame for degrading the storylines and charachters.. I hope Ziva gets back to being Ziva form Season 3 and 4

    • Svenja says:

      yeah I would totally sign that comment :)

    • Tony + Gibbs says:

      Who *Cares* if CdP is a good actress or not. That is immaterial. Fans who don’t like Ziva don’t like her for *her* actions. Betraying the team, nearly killing Tony, suggesting that he murdered her boyfriend because of jealousy (narcissism much!).

  32. James says:

    This looks good and the start of the build up to the big Tiva moment this season SB said was going to happen.The fact is Tiva is a part of the show and TPTB will play this story out as long as it works and there is no sign of it not working .A double dose of trouble Ray and EJ could lead to a bigger story for Tiva and a great premier next season .The chemistry is loved by many and talked about often by TPTB and actors .The time will come when Tiva becomes canon and this is one more step to it .

    • Svenja says:

      THAT’S TRUE..
      Finally someone, who looks at it the way I do.
      I am so glad…

    • Emma says:

      Actually no, the actors almost NEVER talk about that. They are just asked and asked and asked about that by medias who want to make us talk about it (succesfully it seems).
      Clearly writers have only 3 options:
      – kill Tony
      – kill Ziva
      – continue the stupid teasing until the end.
      For me? I hope one of the first 2 options. But I won’t let my hopes get too high.

    • Tony + Gibbs says:

      The chemistry is also hated by many and not wanted by many, including Michael Weatherly from many of the interviews he’s given about the subject (Tv Guide, he’d rather Gibbs be bicurious). etc.

  33. whtline says:

    Hey this a scripted TV show not real people. Get a grip. Fans are a scarey bunch.
    PS I do like the show. It’s my favorite show

  34. Suncatcher says:

    It usually comes down to the writing. The past 2 years, the writers have been unable to decide whether Michael Weatherly will be a buffoon or a serious NCIS agent. His character cannot be a complete air head – or he would never work for Gibbs. Mixed signals being sent to the viewers by the writers!

    The writers were on the right track when Dinozzo saved Ziva in the Middle East and also when he saved Gibbs and his daughter’s former best friend when their car took a dive. Then they reverted and Tony once again becomes Ronald McDonald’s hopeless twin.

    Why did they give him Jeanne – the first serious affair he has had – only to take her away? Why are they doing it again with the newest addition? They definitely missed the boat for any Tiva time which should have happened just about the time Jeanne appeared on the scene. I have a headache.

  35. whtline says:

    Bottom line NCIS kills in the ratings year after year always gaining in the ratings. Hanging in a 20 million to 22 million range of people watching. NCIS is doing something very right. It doesn’t need any fixing by adding or removing cast members. JUST THINK ABOUT THIS. 20 SOME ODD MILLION PEOPLE STOP WHAT THEIR DOING AT 8 PM EVERY TUES NIGHT…SIT DOWN TO WATCH THIS SHOW. THAT IS MIND BLOWING

  36. Jenna says:

    Personally I feel that Tony & Ziva do belong together. They have been through alot, ups & downs, smiles & frowns, fighting & happiness but they’ve always had each others back. There are so many reasons they belong together besides couldn’t live without, handle with care – contents priceless, for you, etc etc etc. The chemistry they have is undeniable and I know not everyone is a Tiva fan… many are sick of waiting, but as a faithful fan of the show since the JAG episodes to introduce NCIS I know these characters and I know the show. There is a reason this show is the #1 drama on tv. I mean an average of 20 million viewers per episode, with a high of 22.85 million viewers is mindblowing… especially since it’s in it’s 8th season. NCIS is doing everything right to keep the true loyal & dedicated fans attention. I don’t think this love interest will do anything but push Tiva closer together in the long run.

    <3 A proud NCIS & Tiva Addict

    • Paul says:

      Too bad those high rated 22 plus viewers were for episodes that did not involve TIVA those are the 19 or 20 million viewers and most of those have bad reviews. As for ALWAYS have each others backs to you remember Ziva saying she could not trust Tony and could not work with him or when she said she thought he killed her boyfriend out of personnel motives? Yep they always had each others back unless they are sticking a knife in it.

      • Alyssa says:

        If that happened to you, you’d react the same way. And guess what? They now successfully work together and have eachotehr’s backs once again. And reviews are opinions, so you must be reading ones from non Tiva-shippers.

        • tejas says:

          And it makes no sense whatsoever that ANYONE would have wanted Ziva back on the team. Shoot, it makes no sense that the State Department would have allowed her back in the country given her involvement in the death of the ICE agent. Let’s not forget that she was on Gibbs’ team as a sleeper, and may still be. She would have NEVER been allowed to become a citizen, much less in only a year? Come on. Kill her off and let’s move on.

          • Emily says:

            Did you forget that this is not real?!?! You are picking on Ziva and calling ehr out, well call out everyone cause they all did things that if happened in real life, they would be fired. Like Gibbs and him shooting Hernandez, there was no case, nothing!! In real life there would have been a case and he would have been fired. In real life Tony would be able to treat people like how he does McGee and he wouldn’t be able to act like a buffoon. In real life, even if Ziva didn’t lie cause she was forbidden to tell the truth, she would not have been able to work with NCIS as a liaison in the first place cause of who she was and her whole background. Dude! this is a show, it’s fiction, it’s made up, the writers can do hat they want! They already do what they want and the show gets really high and good ratings. Ziva is the best character, you wouldn’t like it if someone killed of you your favorite character, so F you!! :p Ziva also adds plenty to the show, she gave the show plenty story lines!! In the end this is all fiction and made up.

          • TonyFanFirst says:

            she came into the country illegally after Somalia. Deport her traitorous @ss

    • TonyFanFirst says:

      Had each others back? You mean when Ziva jammed a loaded gun into an injured man’s chest when she knocked said injured man down. And oh yes, stated later she nearly killed him. Oh, and let’s not forget her forcing Gibbs to chose between herself and Tony. Yep…she had his back, as long as you ignore the knife she’d plunged into it!

  37. Paul says:

    Or the other option is that the average fan did not care about the Ziva arc not that they did not get it. I know A LOT of fans who normally watch NCIS but did not watch then because they are tired of the Ziva drama and her personal issue not because they did not understand what is happening. That is one arc they could care less about. The other one that most fans dont care about based on these posts and ones I have seen elsewhere is TIVA. I agree with those that say TIVA does not improve the ratings I know I have never see a high rated TIVA episode.

  38. jason says:

    I love that everyone thinks Tony is an idiot, etc.

    When Ziva basically lied for years, broke the law and gets away with murder.

    Without Tony, NCIS would just be any other cop show. It would suck without him.

  39. jason says:

    And Tony and Ziva are a amazing match. Look at season 3 and 4. They’re relationship was awesome. It was flirty, sexy and fun.

    But they ruined Ziva’s character in season 6 and made Tony mindf*cked every since.

  40. Petra says:

    Tiva has amazing chemistry. I’m positive that they’ll get together at one point. I don’t care who they’re with in the meantime as long as it will be Tiva in the end. Tony is my favorite character and NCIS certainly wouldn’t be as much fun to watch for me if he left. So anyone who says NCIS should get rid of Tony should shut their piehole :)

  41. maggie says:

    I am a TIVA shipper at heart and of course it bothers me that they are throwing in twists and turns into the plot and I also know that there’ll possibly never be a real relationship between those two, but you can’t stop hopIng. I have this theory that says that after 6 seasons of will they will they not, they will. Sometimes it applies and sometimes not, what can I say.

    I didn’t really start watching right from the beginning, but I have seen almost every episode and must say: this season kinda really SUCKS!! Not with only TIVA but with everything else, too.

    Sure, all those background episodes are great, even if not all have aired yet, but the show is lacking essence and the characters are ghosts of themselves. I mean Ziva was really kick a** and now she’s so … emotional, that’s great and all but not herself. And Tony, he was really cool at first, funny and even a good agent, still is but in a different way and he is too serious sometimes. I really miss the headslaps, it was such a good running gag, now I can’t even remember when I have seen the last one. o.O
    Gibbs, Abby, Ducky, Palmer and Vance have very little changed. I kinda miss McGee’s innocence, sure he needs to grow up but yeah, his geekyness is gone.

    And the cases sometimes seem kinda lame, too. I crave some real juicy stuff. ^^

    NCIS is really one of my favorite, if not even my most favorite, shows but I’m sometimes really asking myself if I even should watch the newest ep.^^

    Sorry, I like to ramble (:

  42. Alyssa says:

    If you haven’t seen all the episodes of this entire show, you really should not comment on how the characters “have no chemistry” or are a complete waste. You have to go through what they did to understand how these characters came to be, and you also have to GET it. Tony’s character hides his problems with his jokes, and with more problems comes more of a fool. Tony and Ziva had chemistry when she first came, and they still do; it’s just different. She fell in love with a dying man. He dated someone undercover and broke her/his heart. He killed her boyfriend. They’ve been through a lot and are both too worried about releasing thier emotions and getting hurt. Or they’re just too scared of Gibbs.

    I don’t know, but I just thought it’d be good to point out that things get worse before they get better. And if NCIS is the #1 scripted television show at is so-called “worst” by fans who have lost hope, I can only imagine how many more fans will be gained when it gets even better.

    • tejas says:

      Been there, seen them and no, there is zero chemistry between Tony and Ziva. Their scenes together drag like molasses in January and are more boring than watching paint dry. People fast forward through them half the time because they never add anything to the story. Ziva adds nothing to the show and needs to go.

      • Ruthie says:

        @ Tejas, you are completely wrong, Ziva adds plenty to the show. If it wasn’t for Ziva there wouldn’t have plenty plenty story-lines. Also, if Ziva was such a boring, terrible character then the show wouldn’t have such excellent ratings. Ziva is a unique character, she presented the show with many story-lines, and story-lines that people liked even though they say they don’t like it or don’t like Ziva, jeezz what a bunch of hypocrites!!

        For the people who say that there is no more chemistry between Tony and Ziva, you are absolutely wrong!! There may not be anymore sexual chemistry between the two of them, but there is still chemistry between Tony and Ziva. In seasons three, four and five; there was sexual chemistry between them and they had a crush on each other. But they have changed and grown and been in other relationships, and grown out of the “sexual” chemistry, but Tony and Ziva still loves each other as friends!! And some of you LOVED Truth or Consequences, if it wasn’t for Ziva, that episode might not have existed.

        I totally like Ziva, she is an awesome character and she still adds plenty to the show. For all those like Tejas, who hate Ziva and want her to leave – SCREW YOU ALL!! You all know nothign about pain and going through hell, that’s why you don’t like Ziva. I am sure you would hate it if someone said they wanted your favorite character to leave. All those who want Ziva to leave are nothing about a bunch of mean and cold hearted people :p :p

        • Jenn says:

          Why do Ziva fans take character analysis so personally? I understand when people want Tony to leave – he’s been horribly written the past few seasons and only saved at all by the awesomeness that is MW. Ziva is a dominatrix fantasy – some male’s idea of a hardcore chick – who cannot possibly exist in the real world because she’d be in prison. She fails the Mary Sue test and anyone who thinks she is a well-written female character needs to take a class in Womens Studies. Her storylines require horrible justifications and suspensions of disbelief beyond the norm, to the point where I just roll my eyes now every time she speaks, and it’s too bad, because I like Cote de Pablo. Also, Ziva clearly knows nothing of pain, because everything she’s “suffered” has in no way affected her like it would any real person, because they wrote themselves into a hole and didn’t know what to do with it. Anyone who’s taken psychology past Psych 101 will tell you they haven’t really given her behaviors and issues that follow all her “trauma”, and they haven’t done it because it’s inconvenient. They have taken a wonderful actress and given her storylines from a 12-year-old’s Mary Sue fanfiction. Nothing so bad as George Lucas dialogue, mind you, but still awful.

          • TonyFanFirst says:

            Ziva fans do. You get attacked if you don’t think Ziva is as spechul a snowflake as they do. Great post, Jenn!

        • TonyFanFirst says:

          Ruthie, get a grip, please.

  43. Juliet says:

    Tony is a nice character, but he is really mean. Everyone say that he is just joking around, but if it was doen to them, they would think he’s mean. And sometimes Tony acts like a fool, and he has made mistakes too, not only Ziva. What about when he put on a grucho mask to talk to the girls – that was pathetic and low and stupid!! And Tony has been a clown since season 1/2, he didn’t recently become a clown. Yes she lied to the team, but she could tell NCIS and Gibbs that she was ordered to kill Ari, remember Malachi said she was forbidden by Israeli and Mossad law to talk about any operations, missions and stuff?

    The way I see it – all the characters have their own flaws and NONE OF THEM ARE PERFECT, NOT EVEN GIBBS OR TONY!! All the characters add to the show, and without any of them, NCIS would be missing something huge. Without any of them, the show would be just some normal cop drama and procedural!! All the characters all play a vital role in making this show the top rated show ever!! If one leaves, the ratings will go down. So for the people who wants a character to leave, did you ever stop to think that the ratings will drop?!? huh?!

    • maggie says:

      I like the way you are thinking!! (Y) :D

    • Jenn says:

      Tony’s mean? He’s not the one who made a dead mother Bambi joke at someone whose mother is dead (hint: that was Ziva, in the so-called Tiva episode Jetlag). I’ve never seen him cross the line into horrible like McGee, Kate, and Ziva have. Flaws are important, but writing that has a team member who pointed a loaded weapon at another team member’s chest (when he was down and injured), and allows that team member to continue partnering with the guy she threatened is just awful. Maybe I expect too much from my procedural crime shows, but that level of trust violation is too much. I would never trust her to watch my back in the field, much less my friends. Not to mention she didn’t receive any sanction for it.

      • TonyFanFirst says:

        My confidence in Gibbs was shaken when he let her back on the team. She should never be sent out in the field with Tony.

    • Bobbie says:

      I totally agree with you! Did anyone else see the little tidbit about a possible spin off? Palmer is supposedly for sure going 23 episode. Maybe Michael Weatherly is going to take whats left of EJ team and possibly EJ and head up his own team elsewhere. We know Mark Harmon can handle his show.I have noticed Michael Weatherly has mentioned that he has had a say in some casting EJ Barrett and one of the other guys both from Dark Angel- Michael Weatherly old show. I guess he won’t be asking Jessica Alba to join him.I don’t think his new wife would like that much.In an interview he said his wife hated his character then I noticed he really worked to change it.We’ll see!

  44. Jenn says:

    So tired of the “love interest” angle. Why does a procedural crime show even have a romance endgame? It’s stupid. Get rid of the soap and get back to some actually decent writing (hint: no more idiot!Tony). Plus, I’ll be shocked if there’s any chemistry. I never see it when the show runner and Tiva fans claim it’s there.

  45. whtline says:

    NCIS doesn’t need any fixing by adding or removing cast members. JUST THINK ABOUT THIS. 20 SOME ODD MILLION PEOPLE STOP WHAT THEIR DOING AT 8 PM EVERY TUES NIGHT…SIT DOWN TO WATCH THIS SHOW. Season 8 & it’s still gaining viewers. This show doesn’t need any arm chair writers or arm chair directing. Just be a fan that has no impact on the suits at NCIS. Enjoy the show. It’s not real so it don’t matter who would have what job in the real NCIS.

  46. Cheyenne says:

    Every single one of the team members have changed over the past seasons. It would be dumb of the writers to keep them exactly the same. In real life we change all the time… With the Tiva thing: I used to not care either way, but the past two seasons have seemed kind of forced with them. I would rather a new character didn’t come on the show… but that’s just because I usually don’t like the females they bring on as recurring. Tiva shouldn’t happen, but I don’t know if I’ll like this new girl either…

  47. Sasha says:

    I just went back and watched some episodes from season 3 and 4, and “Tiva” were so much better then. I don’t even want them to be together anymore, it’s just unrealistic at this point. Everyone loves their moments, but when they start giving them love interest and making the other person jalous, THAT HAS GOTTEN OLD! Roy and Cassidy were okay, Jeanne and Rivkin got us interesting storylines, but it’s getting too random with all those love intersts, STOP IT!

    I’ll look at this EJ chick with an open mind, just hope she won’t annoy me as much as Jeanne did.

  48. PAK says:

    Tony and Ziva will not be romantically paired just yet if you watched NCIS’s Mother Show JAG. Harm and Mac didn’t get together until very Late in the Series.

  49. redreh says:

    I don’t understand (and apparently never will) how so many people can come on here to b!tch about something so small in such a great show. Seriously, if Tiva bothers you so much, stop watching.
    At the very least, find a forum for your opinions and stop cramming spaces like this with your absurdity.
    Face it: Tiva is PART OF THE SHOW. It just is. That’s it. Nothings going to change that because nothings going to change the chemistry between Michael and Cote. But EVEN as that is the case–it is so very miniscule in the overall concept of the show that you all just sound like whiney little babies who had their bottle taken away. Get over it, for crying out loud. Clearly the show, despite your tragic heart-break at it’s apparent “sucky-ness”, is doing VERY, VERY WELL. WITH Tiva.
    So bugger off. And bother someone else’s show.

    • TonyFanFirst says:

      I must have missed the disclaimer from Michael and Matt that said this was only a pro-Tiva website. So very sorry ;)

      • redreh says:

        I never said this was a Tiva only site. All I said was that it’s ridiculous how much hate people have for something that is so small, and really doesn’t matter.

        However, since you bring it up: This enitre post is for fans of Tiva. In fact, the title of this article is, Trouble for Tiva–aka, fans of Tiva, will this new love interest bother you. SO: fans of Tiva should answer that question.
        This is NOT an article asking: Hey, do you like Tiva? What do you think about Tiva?
        Anti-Tiva, Anti-Tony, and Anti-Ziva doesn’t belong tagged onto this article. Which means most of you Anti-Tiva fans must be trolling around sites like this just WAITING for your chance to pounce and complain. It’s sad, actually.

    • Svenja says:


      Finally someone, who is right.
      The show is doing very well with Tiva and some polls have pointed out that there are more pro-tiva-fans than anti-tiva fans…

      Being PRO-tiva doesn’t necessarily mean that every pro wants them to get married and have babies etc… certainly I am not the one hoping this would happen because it doesn’t suit this show, but I want them to play with their chemistry and tension… it’s quite enjoyable and belongs to the show…
      The show has changed over the years, which is good…
      Because without the change the series would have ended after Season 4 (which was the worst one because the cases were annoying and gross, Jeanne wasn’t a bad idea, but throughout the season she turned into an annoying girl and the team was drifting apart..)

    • Paul says:

      Redeh please point out to me where the TIVA episodes do better in ratings than the team episodes because as I can see they DONT the team episodes to better giving proof that not everyone love TIVA and that it does not help the show at all. This is not a TIVA site and ANYONE CAN VOICE their opinion if it bother you so much why dont you go find a nice TIVA site and photo shop pics of Tony and Ziva in a wedding album and let the rest of us enjoy the show.

      Too bad for you that the anti TIVA fans let their voices known so that TPTB know is is not as loved as you would like. Sorry to rain on your parade – wait I am not. It actually makes me happy that our opinion bug you so much. Again you cant handle them find some place else to hang out.

      • redreh says:

        Wow. Lovely.
        I never said this was a Tiva only site. I also never said this was an anti-ANTI-Tiva site. I do not CARE what your opinion is, but it is completely ridiculous to hear people bashing characters, plot-lines, and writing over and over again for a show they CLAIM TO LOVE. I’m not saying you have to LIKE Tiva. You just handle your hate so inelegantly and immaturely.

        Which brings me AGAIN to what was and is the MAIN point here. If you really love NCIS, stop talking about how much it sucks.

        And for the love of all holy things in this world, I reiterate: Tiva is 1% of the show. IT IS SO SMALL. Why do you let it ruin the show for you? I don’t get it. I don’t get how you people can be so filled with hate and anger. Don’t you get how much energy that takes? And clearly, you don’t “enjoy the show” as you claim to if you spend all your time crapping about Tiva. Good Lord.

        Also, those numbers you’re asking for? It’s like comparing an orange to a peeled orange. It’s still an orange. Millions of viewers is STILL millions of viewers. Give or take a few people, the show is still INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL. So if you Tiva-hateing wrecks decide to officially quit watching the show you hate? Won’t make a bit of difference.
        So good riddance.

      • Bobbie says:

        That would be UNCOVER!

  50. whtline says:

    The show is about the crime “NCIS” & I hope they stick to the crime.I really don’t want to watch a soap opera. Maybe people will be happy if they do a spin-off NCIC TIVA. Then I could have 1 hour of crime & the other people can have a hour of TiVa