Exclusive: Jamie Bamber Reunites with Battlestar Boss Ron Moore for NBC's Precinct

Frak, yeah! Apollo Jamie Bamber has been coaxed back across the pond by his former Battlestar Galactica boss.

The aesthetically blessed Brit — who returned to his native London after BSG ended to headline Law & Order: UK — has landed a lead role in Ron Moore’s NBC pilot 17th Precinct.

The project, an ensemble cop drama with a sci-fi spin, is set in a fictional town where magic and supernatural elements rule over science.

Bamber will play Caolan, an extremely focused crime scene detective. He joins the recently cast Stockard Channing.


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  1. Steven says:

    I didn’t realize L&O:UK ended. He is very cute, I was planning on watching anyway, this is just a plus.

    • Jersey Jeff says:

      Yes he is very cute, I can’t wait!

    • Esaul says:

      L&O: UK hasn’t ended.

    • Patrick says:

      L&O:UK did not end; Jamie’s character was killed off in an episode called “Deal” when he was shot by accomplices of a just-convicted drug dealer in a drive-by, as Matt (his character) pulled away the real target, a young drug courier, when Matt saw the gun come out of the SUV window.

      Jamie has been replaced by Paul Nicholls playing a character called Sam Casey, in episodes now airing in the UK but yet to air (as of November) in North America.

  2. Sue says:

    Sounds like an interesting show. Jamie Bamber is in it? I’ll be watching. Frak, yeah!

  3. Muffy says:

    Could we have more actual-Supernatural news please?

  4. athena606 says:

    anything that involves Bamber on my screen sounds amazing to me!!

  5. Kevin says:

    How does the affect his role on L&O:UK then?

  6. Pamela says:


  7. michelle says:

    What does that mean for “Law & Order: UK”?

  8. Kathryn says:

    SQUEEEEEE!! I followed him to Law and Order UK and loved him and the show, now you’re telling me he’s going to be with Ron Moore again!!!! This coupled with the fact that The Good Wife is BRAND NEW makes this an amazing Tuesday

  9. hannah says:

    Frak yeah! I’m there!

  10. Meghan says:

    Is it just me or does this show kinda sound like Haven on SyFy? Very similar premise at the first glance…hmmmm.

  11. Tre says:

    That’s great news… but what about L&O UK? That’s a good show… better than L&OLA

  12. Mark says:

    Sadly, I’m thinking it’ll go down in 5 if it even gets picked up.

  13. I’m just hoping that they make liberal use of towels and make the guy go shirtless all the time…i need some good eye candy on TV

  14. Stefanie says:

    Um…thoughts…well…YAY!!!!!! Is that a thought?

  15. Paula says:

    What does this mean for Law & Order: UK?!? I LOVE IT and I hope they keep filming it!!

  16. Megan says:

    Oh frak yes! I am all over this. Now, perhaps RDM would like to cast Katee as Jamie’s snarky, yet beautiful partner. I foresee a little Mulder/Scully 2.0 action going on.

  17. Jesse says:


  18. Michelle says:

    Someone please get Katee Sackoff cast in this!


  19. Mykey716 says:

    Like so many others here, glad to hear, BUT….what does this mean for L&O:UK? Are they gonna kill him off? Is that show still in production/on the air?
    Can’t go around dropping tidbits like this one, without the full story, dude!!

    • Angel says:

      Law and Order is still in production, however Matt Devlin (Jamie Bamber’s character) Has been written out. Apparently Bamber asked to be released from his contract early.

  20. Jon says:

    I hope he gets to keep his British accent. The U.S. is a multicultural country and you hear many different accents throughout the day, if you live in any larger town, let alone a city. I hate it when producers try to homogenize all accents to television English. Let Bamber keep his accent, we’ll adapt if its hard to understand at first.

  21. Matt says:

    LAO:UK wouldn’t end because ITV (UK broadcaster) have NBC style UK ratings (aka nearly every drama bombs) and to be honest Bamber isn’t the main actor, he’s just one of them.

  22. John Berggren says:

    They had me at Stockard Channing – but Jamie Bamber? More towel scenes please.

  23. Jenny says:

    Sounds like a really fun show with a great cast. I’m excited!

  24. Megan says:


  25. Kiki says:

    Frak, yeah! So good to hear this :)

  26. xav says:

    A sci-fi/fantasy show on NBC? Whatever, it’ll be cancelled in only a few eps.

  27. Jena says:

    Since this show is on NBC, I see it bombing. Just being realistic. On a cable station, it could be a hit because the requirements for success are lower.
    And, honestly I only watch NBC for the Dateline mysteries on Friday nights.Nothing else on there is worth watching and no new show is going to bring me back there to watching more than once a week.

  28. Jonny NYC says:

    This sounds a bit like Torchwood, doesn’t it?

  29. Terese says:

    But, what about Outcasts?
    I’ve only startet watching the first ep, but does that mean tha A) They kill off his character early or B) They’ve killed off the whole show already?

    • Hillary says:

      That’s what I was wondering. I’ve only seen a tiny preview of Outcasts, but it looks like it’ll be awesome. Hopefully he can do both; UK shows tend to do very short seasons, so if the filming schedule doesn’t overlap it might work.

    • white rabbit says:

      A) … seems he was in Outcasts for just one ep. … or he’s kind of cylon and gonna resurrect LOL

    • Joe Jackson says:

      If you have seen the 1st episode you should know what happens to him

  30. Snsetblaze says:

    Him plus Stockard Channing …. can’t wait!

  31. Drew H says:

    This could be a show about clipping toenails and as long as JB is in it I will watch with unabashed glee.

    • Sam says:

      ^^I second that. Doesn’t matter what’s going on, even if it sucks, I’m still going to watch it if it has Jamie Bamber in it. Unabashed fan(girling) here, too.

  32. Briana says:

    Frak yes! I have been in need of him since BSG ended.

  33. silf says:

    Sounds kind of like Haven to me. Meh.

  34. Dear Michael,

    If you’re interested in interviewing one fan about her opinion, I’m available and won’t even charge you. You’ll have fun and you won’t regret it. Fairly articulate answers guaranteed. I’ll provide my own transportation. Limo not necessary…just saying.

  35. Margaret says:

    Delighted but wondering too about ‘L&O: UK’ – first Ben Daniels and now Jamie.

  36. lesliemd says:

    I love Jamie Bamber”s accent, too, but his father is American and he spent a lot of time in the US with family. He comes by an American accent authentically. And he speaks French & Italian – love this guy!

  37. Lorie says:

    HOT DAMN!!! I never watched BSG, but I fell in love with Jamie in L&O:UK. I’ll watch him in anything, anywhere, anytime. WOO!!!

  38. Liz says:

    Love Jamie Bamber, the show sounds interesting. I’m not sure about Stockard Channing though. If she’s like a General Beckman on Chuck that would be fine I guess. Can’t wait to see it!

  39. Anne134 says:

    Stockard Channing? I love her but I wonder if Ron D Moore had the chance to hire Mary McDonnell … it would have been a mega-BSG-Reunion. :P

  40. Marc says:

    First Ben Daniels and Bill Paterson, with the former quitting and the latter being promoted up to Director of Public Prosecutions. They both left L&O:UK in the 26th episode, which has already aired on Citytv in Canada as the second season finale in December while ITV has yet to air it. Citytv apparently wanted 13 episode sets, so they produce them that way and ITV splits each set into separate “series” of seven and six episodes. BBC America have been running the episodes straight through; they are up to 18. Dominic Rowan and Peter Davison replaced Daniels and Paterson in the set of 13 new episodes that began filming a couple of months ago according to some late November/early December news articles. Bamber was still part of the cast, so he is probably in for at least the first seven and perhaps all 13. Perhaps they will have him punch out a London Assembly member before he goes.

  41. Joe Jackson says:

    Jamie Bamber has not been written off L&O, he is under contract for 3 series. UK splits each series into 2 parts in the rest of the world it is showed in 13 EP blocks. This pilot has a 30% chance of getting picked up, just like any other pilot. Bamber will not ask out of a contract (or not renew his contract) until he knows the pilot is getting a pick up. With successfully /sarcasm runs like Legend of the seeker, No Ordinary Family, Heroes, The Dresden Files, etc I would think this pilot would be a real hard sell

  42. Paulysj says:

    Hell yes! BAMBER>>>BAMBER>>>BAMBER!

  43. amy says:

    This show is either going to be AWESOME or SUCK. There’s going to be no in-between.

  44. Kelly says:

    Love Jamie, can’t wait to see this

  45. Chelle says:

    I think it sucks. LOL. I love L&O UK and and not a fan of the remake of BSG…