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Question: I need Huddy news, please! [House producer/director] Greg Yaitanes issued an ominous Tweet that would seem to suggest the end is near. —Elizabeth
You thought that was ominous? Check out what EP Katie Jacobs recently told me about the couple’s future: “Maybe Huddy isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I think the exploration of the relationship is interesting. I don’t think the fans are expecting it to go on forever, are they?” She asks a good question: Are you expecting House and Cuddy to go the distance? And if not, how long do you give them? Hit the comments with your predictions!

Question: Could you tell me if we’ll meet Angela and Hodgins’ baby before the season finale of Bones? —Amanda
EP Stephen Nathan sidestepped that question and offered up this cryptic tease instead: “There’s going to be a bump in the road with the pregnancy,” he told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich. “They’re going to be dealing with some events they didn’t see coming.”

Question: Wasn’t Emily Deschanel supposed to direct an episode of Bones this season? Is that still happening? —Jill
It’s been postponed for scheduling reasons, but Nathan still hopes to make it happen. “It’s a difficult situation now because we’re also [shooting] the spinoff [on location] in Florida,” he elaborates. “We have a crew shooting there, we’re shooting two episodes at once, and Emily and David [Boreanaz] both work so hard, such long hours…. It’s difficult, but we’re doing everything we can to work it out.”

Question: Please, please, please, can I get some scoop on Supernatural? —Lupita
This fan-made video will take on all new meaning later this season:

Question: Any Greek scoop? Dale
Ausiello: The identity of Villain X (a.k.a. the person messing with KT all semester) will be revealed in the March 7 series finale. “We’ll find out what they’re up to,” reveals series creator Sean Smith, “and it’ll threaten the very heart of the series.”

Question: My birthday is this week and I was wondering if I could get some scoop on The Vampire Diaries? —Dianna Amy S
Save this date: Thursday, April 21. That’s when Joseph Morgan debuts as Klaus!

Mini Ask Ausiello Blind Item: Someone’s getting married on 90210 this spring!

Question: Any scoop on Modern Family? — Chris
Yep, and it’s a shocker: The show is more than likely recasting a Family member! “Next year, I think Lily will start to talk,” reveals executive producer Steve Levitan, “[so] whether our present ‘Lilies’ age into the role or we end up needing to find new little ones [is a question that will soon need answering]. It is coming to be time.” Though aging the character will allow her to get involved in more “mature” (relatively speaking, anyway) stories, the boss promises that they’ll still be Family-oriented. “We have people in all stages of parenthood,” he notes, “so we can pop in little stories coming from people’s lives — things like ‘Lily bites’ through getting Lily into a private school. All those things are real, coming from our lives, and there will be more of that.”

Question: I want to place an order for Sewing Machines. I will like to know the prices you carry as well as the type of payment you accept. Waiting on your response. Thank you and have a nice day. — Bruce.
Ah, Bruce. You poor thing. You are taking the end of Friday Night Lights even harder than I am, aren’t you? Don’t worry. Some nice men in white coats will be by soon to take you to… um, the Sewing Machines Store. Yes, that’s right. The Sewing Machines Store.

Question: Any good news you can share about Community‘s Annie and Jeff? —Megan
Um, aside from them sharing a couch in a hospital waiting room, there aren’t any Annie-Jeff developments in Thursday’s episode. Jeff does have a memorable encounter with Pierce, however. Oh, and there’s a Firefly reference! For those keeping track at home, that brings to 134 the number of times Joss Whedon’s classic has received a shout-out on a scripted series this season.

Question: I know he’s technically dead, but any chance Davis Bloome will return to Smallville before the final episode? —Aly
There was talk of bringing back Doomsday’s alter ego, according to portrayer Sam Witwer. “At one point, they were thinking maybe [Davis] could come back and do something, but I don’t think they cracked how,” he reveals. “The way that they left it, it would take a bit of work to get him back into the fold. So no, I don’t think we’re going to see Davis Bloome again.” Although he hasn’t kept up with Smallville since he left, Witwer plans to catch the May 13 series finale. “I’ll tune in to see him put on the cape,” he says, “if ever he chooses to do so.”

Question: With the news that Lex and Kara will be returning to Smallville, what are the odds that Terrence Stamp will appear as Jor-El? —Nathan
Vegas oddsmakers put his chances of him returning in the flesh at 90-1. But here’s where things get interesting: The odds of him coming back in a strictly voiceover capacity are 2-1.

Question: How about a scoop on Harry’s Law? Any good Brittany Snow-centric storylines coming up? —Bill
I’m hearing something about an unexpected romance blossoming between her character Jenna and [spoiler alert].

Question: Chuck fanatic here. Got any more details about Robin Givens’ new boss lady character? —Patti
NCS agent Jane Bentley “is there to offer Casey an opportunity to set up a new team, a new operation,” explains Givens, who debuts on the NBC comedy next week. “It’s an offer that’s somewhat enticing and would shake things up… He wants to keep her at arm’s length, but she’s coming to him at a time when it’s hard for him to just dismiss what she has to offer.”

Question: Any scoop on The Chicago Code? —Linda
Only that Delroy Lindo’s Alderman Gibbons is fast becoming our No. 1 really-love to really-hate TV character. In next Monday’s episode alone, he not once but twice oh-so-shrewdly gets the upper hand on someone who backs him into a corner. Elsewhere in the episode, Jarek’s new “reputation” as Covill’s pet literally puts his life in danger, while his partner Evers gets an offer to be paired with a less, um, “volatile” cop.

Question: Damages Season 4 — what do you know? —Luciana
I know a considerable amount of time will have lapsed when the show returns in July because producers are casting Patty’s now-3-year-old granddaughter Catherine. (That’s the kid her son Michael had with Guiding Light‘s Wendy Moniz, who’s also returning for several episodes.)

Question: Do you have any scoop about How I Met Your Mother‘s Zoey and Ted? —Amandine
Ted’s in for a major reality check when Zoey’s dark side — i.e. her annoying hippie/nonconformist side — rears its ugly head again later this season. In other news, a major character will quit his/her job!

Question: I’m not sure if Ask Ausiello is the right forum to ask this in, but when can expect Ed to land on DVD? —Amanda
Your initial hunch was correct. Wrong forum.

Question: OK, I’ll bite: Which female character does Blaine mess around with on Glee? —Lynne
Fox’s promo department already spoiled it — he macks on Rachel! It all goes down at what Mercedes refers to as, “The Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza!”

Question: Any good news on Tina and Artie’s relationship (or lack thereof) on Glee? — Emily
I’ll do you one better: I’ll give you bad news on Tina’s relationship with Mike Chang! When TVLine’s Megan Masters grilled Harry Shum Jr. about the future of Tike/Mina, he replied ominously, “Sometimes when it goes so good, it can go so bad — and I will leave it at that.”

Question: I’ll take something — anything — on Desperate Housewives, please. —Costas
Andrew’s about to find out the hard way that alcoholism is genetic, prompting Bree to drag his ass with her to AA (that’s Alcoholics Anonymous, not Ask Ausiello). In other news, negotiations between ABC and Desperate divas Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria continue.

Question: Do you know if Gossip Girl is planning to introduce a new love interest for Eric? —Rob
Nah. After that whole Damien debacle, Eric’s wisely stepping away from the dating scene for a bit. “He’s going to work out who he is [as an individual],” says his portrayer, Connor Paolo. “His history with relationships hasn’t been positive. It’s not really in his genes to have healthy relationships, and I think he knows that. He doesn’t want to repeat the habits of his mother, father and sister.” Speaking of Daddy van der Woodsen, Billy Baldwin returns in the Feb. 28 episode and “creates an interesting dichotomy for Eric,” says Paolo, “because of his extreme loyalty to Rufus over his own father.”

Question: NCIS: LA? — Chris
Deeks fans are not going to want to miss next week’s. Trust me. (Psssst… He gets shot!)

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Andy Swift, Andy Patrick and Michael Maloney)

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  1. Shaula says:

    Ausiello… The Supernatural video doesn’t play…

  2. FuriousK says:

    I don’t think it’s a big secret that it’s going to be Marshall who quits his job on HIMYM…

    • Stephanie says:

      My first instinct was it’d be Barney because that’d be the biggest shocker for the show. With him having eyes for the new friend of Robin’s his character might be doing a 180. But the smart bet is Marshall for sure.

    • Scott says:

      Marshall quitting his job was confirmed in yesterday’s official CBS press release for episode 20, “Support”:

      Marshall quits GNB to work unpaid for the NRDC. Barney is not happy about this, though maybe not for the right reasons. His relationship with Lily is also negatively affected.

      All’s not well with Ted and Zoey either, and Ted starts to wonder whether it’s still worth it to put up with all the bickering.

  3. Lauren says:

    Deeks is shot? Is he going to die? If only. The character is annoying.

    And Damien needs to stay in Gossip Girl. Aside from Dan/Blair (swooon) everyone else is boring.

  4. Alex says:

    The couple getting on a popular CW drama this spring is very obviously Lois and Clark and Smallville!

  5. Rachel says:

    For people who can’t view the video, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7x3xJzzfDQ

  6. Remy says:

    Ok, this Villain X on “Greek” thing makes no sense to me…since when did that show have villains, let alone one being introduced in the series finale!?

    • Jacqi says:

      Thats my question. The only I can really think of is the person that blew KT’s party on the season premiere. The heart of the show… does that mean casey and cappie? :(

      • Stephanie says:

        I was under the impression that was Dale…but it was never officially revealed. I’ve literally never heard of any “Villian X” so I don’t get this scoop one bit.

        • joecup says:

          I don’t get it either, i’ve watched every episode and don’t recall ever hearing about villain X

        • JB says:

          OK, the person that asked this question is named Dale? Come on! It seemed pretty obvious that it is Dale and that’s why Trip took such a liking to him. I do think Rusty will flip when he finds out. The more surprising person would be Calvin because of his relationship to Rusty and Heath (I love airhead Heath).

    • Gwen says:

      I’ve been googling it to see if I was going crazy and just didn’t remember but the only thing I could find was Frannie. I have no idea what the scoop means.

    • Allison says:

      i was thinking the same thing. i totally dont get it.

    • Addicted2greek says:

      Remy, he is referring to the person who is out to get KT – first they told on them about the secret rush week party, then about the KTs philanthropy being a lie, and as you Might have seen in the promo for next Monday – this person will also tell about Joshua Wopper – so the KTs need to boost their GPAs ASAP!! So in the series finale we find out who this person is..they clearly wanna destroy KT.

    • lindsey says:

      I thought it was kinda a given that it was Dale all this time. When he rushed Omega Chi I thought it was assumed that he got a bid because he told (whatshisname the redhead jerk) that he was the one who outed Calvin and Rusty’s plan for friendship between KT and Omega Chi. Then there was the thing with him trying steal the goat… he’s doing all this stuff to make sure he stays in the greek system so he can be popular like Rusty is.
      I dont get what “the heart of the show means,” but Dale being the villian would screw up a whole lot of friendships and probably put KT and Omega Chi at each others throats again.

      • Nicole says:

        Yeah, this doesn’t make a lot of sense the way he framed the “spoiler” – I think anyone watching Greek knows that Dale is behind these things even though it hasn’t been explicitly spelled out. It wouldn’t really be a reveal to viewers – just to the characters. And really, would any of them be all that surprised? I could see Cappie and Rusty being really hurt, but I don’t think anyone else would care very much.

  7. melissa says:

    yes i do expect Huddy to go the distance their interaction is hilarious and dysfunctional and that`s what keeps it fun. Besides it took them 7 years to get together and their just going to end it? are you kidding me?

    TPTB do me a favor and keep them together as long as you make their relationship interesting! Your fans deserve that!

    • ginger says:

      I totally agree with Melissa. Having them go the distance would be the more interesting option. Breaking them up is the cliche.

      • @ [H]ouse TPTB says:

        You guys have to see how awesome they are. They’re funny and cool and dysfunctional and hot and angsty. Why would you throw away such gold? Don’t do it, guys. It’s the only good ship on TV that’s not riddled with a billion cliches. And it has two very well-developed characters and is well-written and realistic. That’s so rare on TV.

        • Freya says:

          Totally agree that Huddy is the only “good ship on TV that is not riddled with a billion cliches”. To break them up would be the cliche..please TPTB think outside the box on this one and go the distance with this couple. I personally am enjoying the journey House is taking in his relationship with Cuddy, it’s putting him into a whole world that we haven’t seen him deal with before it’s also changing how he deals with and responds to Wilson and that is actually providing interest too. As I said, I hope they go the distance with this couple and I challenge the writers and producers to show to us the greatness they can achieve and make this an interesting and non cliched journey :)

          • Hallie says:

            ‘It’s the only good ship on TV that’s not riddled with a billion cliches.'<—–

            'I hope they go the distance with this couple and I challenge the writers and producers to show to us the greatness they can achieve and make this an interesting and non cliched journey.'<—-What they said.

            I hate character shipping in general but because they are so different and real and dark and funny *that* is why I like them. Besides, why do they have to be like all the other couples on this show that get together just to split a bit later. Don't make them
            a token couple to explore and then drop. Continue to be creative and cool and different from what you guys have already done a zillion times over with other couples on the show. Buck the odds and expectations. Make them stay together. You guys are good enough to do it. It's just a matter of whether or not you're up for the challenge.

    • andree says:

      Greg Yaitaines and Katie Jacobs are being insultingly coy and misleading to its worldwide audience if they intend to break up the freshest part of the show: Huddy. I for one will stop watching House if Huddy falls apart because of boardroom boredom. The writers are up to the challenge. Pulling apart a worthwhile couple simply for ratings will backfire. If this happens, I hope Lisa Edelstein gets her own show instead of renewing her contract with Fox. I know I’ll follow her to whatever channel she moves to.

      • Melanie says:

        totally agree! I do expect there to be bumps in the road, and perhaps even a rash decision break up by one of them under pressure, but I do expect them to go the distance. So far the writing has been brilliant for the couple, which shows that IT CAN BE DONE without jumping the shark. So as long as the writers continue down that road, and don’t take the soapy, easy way out by just breaking them up for extra drama, Huddy can go the distance.

    • ausanny says:

      I also agree with what Melissa said.
      We deserve at least that they’ll stay together to the next season if they don’t want to see them until the end of the show.
      They good for each other, they completed each other. It took them more than 20 years even though everybody end even them knew they have deep feelings for one another. House suffered because of the Luddy, he came actually to like Rach’ even love her & Cuddy wasn’t really happy with Lucas, she was just content, and all because she didn’t want gambling on House. But she did and they are happy. So for my part, I really expect them to last ‘forever’ at least until the end of the show.

    • valerie says:

      I agree! They would be making a big mistake if they ended Huddy this soon. It is incongruent with the story line thus far. Cuddy knows House well, with all of his shortcomings, and she accepts him anyway. That’s what makes their relationship so special. To now have Cuddy ending it because he is “selfish” would be a weak spot in the story writing. Please keep them together… you’re doing great with Huddy so far!

  8. Rachel says:

    Also, dude, WTH Supernatural, if this video means what I think it means, this is going to break me. . .

  9. Stephanie says:

    Does anyone know what that Greek scoop means? I’ve been watching the show since day one and I don’t understand it one bit…Villian X?

  10. Zach says:

    So… Ed isn’t coming out on DVD then? Need my fix of my old friends from Stuckeyville!

  11. Gleek says:

    I bet this whole Blaine-Rachel thing is just a lame excuse for Glee to do Another Katy Perry song… -__-‘ “I kissed a girl and I liked it…” PUH-LEASE!

    • Drew says:

      I’ve heard nothing about this, but would hate it. This will not stand. Obviously, given the fact that I still care after this past assault via the Biebz, I can’t say they’d lose a viewer to this one, but it’s still mega lame if that song gets paired with this…

    • RP says:

      Haha you’re right, that would fit perfectly. Even though I feel bad for Kurt, I kinda like the idea of Blaine and Rachel too! They’re both “star” types, but Blaine’s a lot more mellow about it, maybe he’ll chill her out a little. More Darren Criss is never a bad thing.

      • Gleek says:

        UH… WTF?! Sorry… nah uh! NO FREAKIN’ WAY! Blaine-Rachel is a HORRIBLE idea! If they turn Blaine bi, then I’ll officially quit this crapfest.

        • Leah says:

          I believe I’ve read several times that Ryan Murphy has already clarified that Blaine will only be questioning the validity of bisexuality. In the end, he will still be gay.

  12. badprobiemcgee says:

    No no no no no! Marty Deeks cannot be shot on NCIS:LA next week. Here’s hoping that he comes out okay. *fingers crossed* I’ve come to like his character as time goes on.

    • chattypatra says:

      Agreed. He is handsome, but dorky with that California surfer boy look, which is perfect for this show. I love him. If they kill his character, I’ll start watching on Hulu the next day instead of live.

  13. Jacqi says:

    Quinn and Clay on One Tree Hill could be the couple marrying. (I hope, I hope, I hope!!!!)

  14. Ashton says:

    Of course Im expecting Huddy to be together forever, we’ve waited this long for this to finally happen. I doubt the show will be on for that many more season anyways, why not keep them together. I love it and I don’t understand why writers think that by keeping the lead characters apart it will make for bad TV. The best TV comes from giving the audience what they want. Remember Doug Ross and Carol Hathaway? I know Huddy doesnt hold a candle to them but good came from finally hooking those two up.

    Keep them together!!! Even House deserves happiness.

    • Lauren says:

      I agree Ashton! I love them two together and I love how the characters have changed but not really changed at the same time. We see a new side of House but he still acts like the House we have seen from season one. I will be unbelievably disappointed if they split

    • shelby says:

      Sorry Honey…the dye has been cast….the House TPTB
      are frantically trying to cover their asses over what
      a disaster season 7 has turned into. There’s no escaping
      the cold hard facts that they are bleeding viewers
      week after week…To add to the nightmare it’s a
      well known fact that RSL is leaving for pretty much
      the rest of this season….they were probably ordered
      by FOX & NBC to stop the hemeorging…and the only
      way to stop it is to end the House/Cuddy thing.

      • F. says:

        Um, RSL isn’t going anywhere.

        • WTH says:

          I agree with ashton we huddy fans have been waiting forever for this to finally happen and we are not going to let some butt hurt fan get all pissed off that THIS WHAT WE WANT and RSL ISNT GOING ANYWHERE and guess what i heard that HL already signed up for season 8 so U KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS (and i can only guess the reasons for signing up so soon)

      • Blah says:

        Um RSL has stated more times than one that his schedule for whatever he’s shooting will NOT interfere with House. They’ve said that he wont miss any episodes….just saying. and this season is not bleeding viewers. it’s been steady. while i admidt that this season is different, its not bad, at all. it’s not like every second of every episode is all huddy, the interesting cases are still the stars

      • Liz says:

        I agree, it’s tome to end the Huddy disaster. Zero chemistry, and I can’t believe there are people out there who actually think this is a good relationship. OMG!

        • karen says:

          Why dont you take your little hateful self off and watch another show if you hate House this much.All you do is hate on every single Huddy/House article.

          • Carly says:

            Already watching another show, like all the fans that miss good plotlines and medical stuff.
            And that’s not hating at all. I don’t really like medical soap operas, but if you do, congrats.
            Huddy it’s just the last card in their hand, and the audience measurement doesn’t lie. Lowest audience since 2nd season sounds familiar to you?

      • Helga says:

        lol, ” the dye has been cast?” Well, what color was it?

        It is becoming increasing clear that the writers have built the House/Cuddy relationship to last. They are strong, flexible, quirky, and committed to each other. Cuddy is House’s end game and he knows it.

        So, yes, they will go the distance.

        • Jen says:

          Ppl need to check their facts. House keeps winning the night & more important the coveted 18-49 demo. I think the last dip in the ratings they took was when Wilson was the focus of an ep this season w/his cat. Don’t get me wrong I really like Wilson but like or not (for the haters on here) Huddy and the show itself is doing very well. I myself love the direction of the show and the fact that House is trying to be happy. It is a breath of fresh air from the emo, pill popping House that was getting a bit cliche for my taste.

  15. Ben Phelps says:

    Who/what is Villain X on “Greek”? Is that a veiled reference to something, or did I miss a plot line somewhere?

  16. EveDallas says:

    OH NO! Not Deeks! My family loves him. Also I love Kurt and Blaine together. They are so cute, this is probably going to go very bad. Thanks For the Scoop.

  17. AmandaGuimma says:

    Huddy Forever!!

  18. Kristen says:

    Just as a fyi… the actor who plays Mike Chang is Harry SHUM Jr., not Harry Shun. Just a small note. :)

  19. slashfan Y says:

    Thanks to House producers, no one is expecting Huddy to go on forever, because they reminded us they are doomed before the relationship even began. What a waste of a season.

  20. Sun says:

    I absolutely do think Huddy will go the distance in some form or another! DS has spent too long and worked too hard to lay the groundwork for this relationship for this to be a mere “exploration”. I think it’s been proven that they “need” to be a part of each others lives in some way. Married with kids? No way! Sailing off happily into the sunset? Not a chance! In some way,they will be together in this twisted but very satisfying relationship always.

    • tahina says:

      House and Cuddy are not going to split up, on the contrary, their relationship is getting stronger..I will not be surprised if the Blind Item Ausiello referred to about wedding bells at the end of the season is Huddy. RSL is not going anywhere, how many times have they made it clear even his manager said it last week.

      • Olivia says:

        These blogs have dangled Huddy amongst couples possibly getting married this entire season. It’s never them. People aren’t even batting an eyelash anymore at that old gimmick. But even if they did marry I don’t think Huddies really need that. We just want them to stay together. Marriage seems very far-fetched for these two. Not as far-fetched as them actually making a lasting relationship, apparently. Honestly, it always was a long shot. I let myself hope for a little while, but they’ve managed to make me come to my senses again.

  21. Elle says:

    Does that SPN video mean Sam is going to die? Again?

  22. Trish says:

    I have news for KJ. Yes, I can see Hoyse and Cuddy going the distance. Are they now getting cold feet? Count me as one that has enjoyed the exploration of this relationship.

  23. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the scoop. Disappointed no new scoops on Fringe or Grey’s Anatomy’s Lexie. I’m so into both right now.

  24. Elle says:

    In case the video is still not working for some.
    *My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion* – “Dean Has Flashbacks As He Remembers Sams Death…..”

  25. I says:

    Let it be Chuck and Blair for the blind item!

  26. Shaula says:

    After watching the video… Please, let it be that weird Episode Title of the episode 6.18… Please. I don’t want any of them dying again… :(

  27. Alex says:

    Who cares what House producers have to say anymore? They lie and jerk us around all the time. House and Cuddy arent breaking up next week, or the week after, or the week after. We know they are together until at least episode 16 (thanks to FOX, no less). The fact that they have all been saying and implying H/C will break up and RSL will leave the show makes me believe neither will happen.

    • J says:

      I agree. IMO they just keep saying these things to gauge the response. See how people react at the prospect of them staying together. I’ve learned that whatever TPTB at House say, the opposite will happen. So, if they say House and Cuddy are breaking up, that pretty much guarentees that they will stay together through at least the end of the season.

      • Ashton hs says:

        House and Cuddy better stay together. We have waited 7 years for this. I definitely think that there should be another episode like the season premier that is pretty much only huddy.

        Also, I think it would be an epic storyline if Dean has to kill Sam. In the earlier seasons when their dad was still around he mentioned something to Dean about ”if the time comes he shouldn’t hesitate to kill Sam” Those were not his exact words but that was pretty much the point.

        • JR says:

          Another only huddy episode???? That was the worst episode ever!!! oh wait, the worst after the one dedicated to cuddy on season 6… I hope they end that stupid relationship, House must be alone…

    • Speak4Urself says:

      I care what the HOUSE producers have to say. Yes, they do toy with us, but they don’t lie to us. We all know RSL isn’t leaving because that was confirmed last week. There have been no such assurances about Huddy. The only reason we know they are together up to episode fifteen or sixteen is because they’ve talked about it in interviews and it was in the press releases.

      • Sue says:

        They don’t lie to us?

        Greg Yaitanes told us that the pretty popular beach scene did never happen or rather was never shot and he told us that they published a decoy script for 7×01.

        They don’t lie to us?

  28. I says:

    Now the not-so-blind item says 90210 is the show? lol

  29. Linda says:


    • Kate says:

      Agreed! Plus the babies they are currently using can talk! Granted they need a lot of coaching at this point to do it, but unless they suddenly want Lily spouting paragraphs of dialogue it should be fine when they start shooting next season in like 6 months.

      • Alicia says:

        This spoiler upset me! Don’t recast Lily – they didn’t recast the Olsen twins on Full House and I think it worked out okay. I believe the girls who play Lily are 2 or 3 and will age into the role perfectly.

    • Bob says:

      I’ll tell you one thing. If they pull the same type of thing they did with Aiden; Jim and Mel’s baby on Ghost Whisperer I’m done watching. That was just ridiculous

    • Leyton says:

      I think they need to recast Lily. That child never, ever smiles. It seems kind of sad to me. Please get another child, someone with a little personality.

      • Katr says:

        The girls actually do have lots of personality. There are various videos of them online playing with the cast behind the scenes including one of them wishing Eric Stonestreet happy birthday. I’m not sure if the writers just haven’t used them for anything but being still on purpose, but I think there is plenty of time to work with them if they are looking for more out of them. I just think it would be silly to suddenly age lily because while she doesn’t do much yet she has certainly had an impact in that role.

    • Carrie says:

      Yes, please don’t recast Lily! She is absolutely adorable. “Modern Family” is not a soap opera, so why age her unnecessarily?

  30. Rachel says:

    I’d love to see Huddy go the distance. I think they’ve proven this season how good they are for each other and still have their banter and insane amounts of chemistry they’ve had all along even now that they are a *real* couple. They are imperfect perfection together and even people as damaged and screwed up as them deserve happiness!

  31. Ben says:

    I hope they will pull the plug on Huddy as a couple as soon as possible. I miss the interplay and innuendo when they were apart, as well as the dark snarky drug addicted doc. This was part of why the show was so great. House and the show are now just like any other medical show. The writing sucks,and there is far too much focus on elaborate sets and personal stuff. All they do now is cater to the Huddies at the expense of the show.

    • FFN says:

      I agree with this 100% I miss when House was on vicodin, i wish he’d relapse

      • Barbara Murray says:

        I agree with FFN. House not popping his Vicodin is just not House. And, if they had to send him to rehab and HAD to make it stick, could they at least show how much frakkin pain he must be in ALL the time? (And, of course, in real life I would never wish for anyone to be a drug addict. We are just talking about a tv show here). These days, I only watch House for Hugh and his amazing accent.

        • Ben says:

          It is ridiculous that he never shows physical pain now. Chronic pain sufferers do not suddenly manage on ibuprophen nor does love make you forget you have pain. He has a serious and permanent injury. As you say, in real life we want what makes people happy or what is best for them. On TV we want to be entertained, and this show is not cutting it any more. It used to be a serious drama, now we have musical episodes and comedy, and film flashbacks. There are other shows for that. House has become a flat character and no fault to Hugh Laurie who cannot act out what he isn’t given. They got rid of the good writers and directors and let their heads get swelled. I was never against Huddy as such, but it has been done so badly taking everything good about the relationship and leaving only the bad. No offence to Lisa Edelstien but she is not in the same class of acting as Hugh Laurie. When she was in a minor role I didn’t notice it as much, but now it is glaring. It is turning into the Cuddy show and I find the character very weak. I liked the banter but liked the show focused on the dark abrasive House character. Over and over again Cuddy has shown that she cares about herself much more than about her child and certainly more than she does House. It is only because he thinks so little of himself that she gets away with what she does. I am just sad to see how a really great show can be ruined. I cannot see any way to pull it out of the toilet now, and sadly it will be remembered for what it became, not what it was. Go back and watch season 1 or 2 and then try to put that with this current show. It is impossible. There is no continuity and it is like a pinball machine with things bouncing from one thing to another.

  32. kristine says:

    is Supernatural going to kill Sam again? how many times do we have to kill Sam? dislike.

  33. Jason says:

    Don’t recast the Lilies! They’re one of the best things about the show. Some of their reaction shots are priceless/adorable!!

    • Leyton says:

      They have no reaction shots. They are completely deadpan, no smile, no nothing. They need to recast.

      • Ann says:

        They are the straight man to the two dads. That’s the whole point. Most of the time the reaction shots of her just sitting there are what make it so funny.

  34. itsmaeby says:

    I actually like Huddy together… It’s nice to see House smile instead of snarl!

  35. Amanda says:

    I would like to see House & Cuddy go the distance! After all this buildup for however many seasons, it would be seriously disappointing to have it end this quickly. Also, I think the relationship has changed them both already so I don’t just see them breaking up over nothing.

  36. jade says:

    ugh, wth is KJ talking about?!@! House has had enough misery, let him be happy with Cuddy!!! I don’t mind if they break up but i wan them together in the end.. They are a perfect fit!

  37. Kelly says:

    House and Cuddy need to go the distance. I do not want to return to emo House….gawd that was getting boring and redundant. Finally we see some growth in both of these characters as well as reason upon reason on why they are perfect for each other. To tptb….don’t screw this up. I’m fine w/a breakup at some point as long as they get back together.

  38. Annie says:

    Huddy? Yeah go the distance but not in a conventional way. Shore can figure out how to do that.

  39. Michelle says:

    For the love of God, Sam dying AGAIN?!

  40. FFN says:

    Huddy needs to split asap

  41. Lore says:

    Could be that Hudgins and Angela are having Twins!

  42. dee123 says:

    No idea who’s getting hitched on 90210? maybe the adults & then they leave?

    • JD says:

      has to be either annie and dixon’s father (who already is living with his new girlfriend), or jen. maybe Ivy’s mom? none of the kids are getting married, that would be ridiculous. they’re 17 and all talking about college next year. the “just out of high school and getting married” thing would work on Gossip Girl, where the characters are portrayed as being a lot more mature (having real jobs, owning large companies, etc), but not 90210.

  43. Alice W says:

    I think Mike Chang character is played by Harry Shum, Jr., not Shun.

  44. Alice W says:

    Duh, I meant to say, “I think the…” I hate bad grammar.

  45. Fiona says:

    I like House and Cuddy together. They give and bend, here and there, when it really counts. They have each others’ backs and you can tell there’s a lot of respect between them; yet, with all of that, they still challenge each other. They’ve retained their innate characters, but you can see how they’re both growing together. I like that there’s a certain kind of peace about them both at their cores, particularly House, especially after all he’s been through, and I think it’s nice to see. I like that they are who they are in their work day, but they have a nice respite at home. I like how it’s going. It’s nice to see House’s world grow and expand, having a family in Cuddy and her daughter. It’s very touching. Character progression. I think the writers are doing a good job nudging this new, but yet somewhat familiar and easy, element along. I’m really enjoying this season. I hope they don’t split them up; that would be disappointing. The pair of ’em deserve this happiness, together.

    I rarely post online, don’t consider myself an ‘online fan’; I just watch each week, but I read this, and felt I’d like to weigh in.


  46. Carol says:

    Certainly House/Cuddy can go the distance. They are simultaneously contentious and comfortable, smart, sexy, intriguing, and passionate. I fully expect that the “House” show runners are pulling our legs and that they will come up with some weird and unconventional way for House and Cuddy to continue as a couple. I have faith.

  47. geraldine says:

    Oh please a Huddy break up!!

  48. Gene says:

    Actually Julian Sands played Jor-El when we actually got to see him in person in Season 9, not Terrance Stamp, although it has been great having the original General Zod as the voice of Jor-El throughout the run of Smallville.

  49. Cass says:

    1. Poor Angela and Hodgins. :(
    2. Casey belongs on a team with Sarah, Chuck and Morgan. I don’t mind him being tempted, or taking it and then changing his mind, so long as he doesn’t leave!
    3.Oh no! Deeks!

  50. Kristen says:

    Ok..here’s my thoughts on Huddy. At first I was expecting them to be so much drama that I would wish for the days of UST. But the show has played them so perfectly that I don’t want to let them go. I don’t understand the innate need to have constant relationship drama. Isn’t patient drama enough?