Smallville Exclusive: [Spoiler] Unmasked!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the biggest piece of Smallville news since Michael Rosenbaum’s confirmed resurrection as Lex Luthor!

Warning: The following story and accompanying photo are tres spoilery. Proceed at your own risk!

As foreshadowed in the final seconds of Friday’s episode (as well as a certain AA Asterisk Quiz), Luthor clone Alexander (played by Lucas Gabreel) is actually… Conner frakkin’ Kent!

Although I can’t say when exactly his secret identity will be revealed — cough “Scion” cough — I can confirm (via the exclusive photo above) that an upcoming episode contains a not-too-subtle nod to the character’s super-powered lineage. (Turns out Conner is something of a Blur fanboy.)

“Conner’s journey is manipulated by a master,” showrunners Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders reveal exclusively to TVLine. “Luckily, someone knows more about Conner’s life than he does. But he should be wary of strangers bearing gifts.”

Thoughts? Are you surprised? Or did you see this twist coming faster than a speeding bullet?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Grenadier says:

    Not really a shock after the end of Friday’s episode. He’s a clone (check) with Luthor DNA (check), and with Kryptonian invulnerability indicating he’s also got Clark’s DNA (check). Only difference between this and the comic version is that he looks more like Lex than Clark.

    • cynthia cinay says:

      that is so kl can’t wait 2 see it

      • BP says:

        You mean to tell me now they even have Superboy on the show, its the last season, and we can’t get a Justice League, Young Justince, or Teen Titan’s spinoff!!! COME ON CW!!! Your missing the boat here!!!!

        • Antnony says:

          I agree totally.. where’s the spin off???

          • Betty Luurs says:

            Yes I agree too. Why cut the show as this being the last season when you introduce much ammo for great awesome storylines in the future? I bet there are a lot of people who want to see what happens with the Young Justice League and like one person said a Teen Titan spinoff and not to mention bringing in a new character in the last season? Only to shut it down? I like Smallville and watch it every week!!!!

          • Steve says:

            I hate to tell you this as i too tune in to watch smallville every week since 2001 and have never missed an episode of the series, but unfortunately, smallville isn’t doing to well in the overall standings for shows that are in that time slot. Im sorry to say that not enough people are tuning in unfortunately. While in the first season close to 10mill viewers were watching that figure is down too 2mill. Where as other shows in the time slot are reaching anywhere between 4-8mill viewers. They had to let it go. Better this than it get axed. Only reason it hasn’t gotten axed is because the CW is 50% owned by Warner Bros’ who are very loyal to the Superman franchise :D

        • Brian says:

          I totally agree too. I can’t believe that CW is resisting producing any of the potential spinoffs they’ve got here, given how well SV has done and is doing. I mean, Justice League, Bart Allen/Flash, Green Arrow and Black Canary (take Speedy along too), Aquaman and Mera (yeah they tried it before, but why not do it as a real spinoff), probably Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, Zatanna, and the list of potentials goes on and on.

          Or how about WB stops favoring the film division (since TV is a MUCH better medium to tell superhero stories, as they can actually explore all the characters) and sets a Batman show in the Smallville universe, with Bruce already in the suit from the start?

          • David Wilkinson says:

            I too would love that but let’s be honest and realistic. TV is about profit and producing a weekly show like that would be very cost prohibitive.

          • Brian says:

            If they an pull off Superman weekly with good-looking effects (which SV has), then they can do these others, especially Batman, Flash, or Green Arrow.

          • THE RAM says:

            u know its true about smallville not having as many viewers as the beggining but they r not counting all the people from around the world that r watching it online too,i always put the tv on the channel to help with the ratings but i watch it online because u can chat and comment with ppl at the same time and there are thousands of viewers,they should try and profit from that too,like what the other network was doing at the beggining of heroes…but oh well i guees we r just upset that the show its going to end.
            Smallville fan forever

    • Ice says:

      Yeah, some fans were still saying, “He’s not Conner. We don’t know that yet.” I said who else could it be?! He’s Conner! There’s no ifs or buts about it. I just hope the storyline ends well.

    • Ion says:

      GREEEEAAATT! another kent that cant fly…….when will this idiocracy end……>?

  2. John says:

    In the comic, Connor was actually a clone of Superman. Will be intersting to see how they handle this.

    • QNetter says:

      John: actually, he eventually found out that he was a genetically-engineered clone of BOTH Superman and Luthor.

      • laura says:

        not all smallville fans read the comics, so im glad someone is filling in the gaps. i was all like, connor who?

        • Handsome Smitty says:

          Ditto. Like WTF is Conner Kent. Never heard of him. And if he’s more a clone of Luthor than Clark, he cant beWTF Conner Kent. Sounds like a new concept based on another one.

          The whole idea seems ludicrous to have Luthor as Supe’s physical equal. It’s a concept the show’s writers have sillily(?) applied to Lana, Lois, Chloe, Lex, Lionel, and Pa Kent. While I love the show, watched diligently e last eight of it’s ten years, this idea is as worn out as meteor-freak-of-the-week. An old guy, I have been more thrilled than disappointed by the tropes the writers have taken with the Superman myth. Please don’t weaken that brilliance at the finale.

        • Silver Gee says:

          I don’t read the comics either,but i somehow know some know all of these charactor and the things going on in the show. All that aside I like this “Smallville” version of everything, it seems more realistic,and humanly. that why I think the show was lasted so long.

        • THE RAM says:

          yeah mi too

    • Emjeed says:

      it was retconned by Geoff Johns a few years back so now in the comics he is a hybrid clone of Superman and Lex Luthor… even in the Outsiders story line he shaved his head and went rogue accepting his Luthor lineage and becoming a villian for a while.. i guess smallville just flipped it with him accepting to be a Luthor first and then becoming a Kent later

      • rfelmaxlady2 says:

        Actually, Emjeed, Conner accepted no such lineage. Lex implanted a a mental trigger in Conner when he was still growing in Cadmus that allowed him to control his “son” for a time. Conner eventually broke free from Lex’s control in time to help save his friends from Luthor and Brainiac.

    • michael says:

      In the comics Conner is a Clark/Lex HYBRID CLONE

    • Matt says:

      In the comics, created by Cadmus, he was also a clone of Lex Luthor’s, but that was kept secret til much later on. They seem to be doing a reverse of that for this plot point, turning him from Lex to Superboy. Now my personal pleasure is he remains his own character as Conner Kent and have the REAL Lex return for the finale as a totally seperate character as the “puppeteer” the producers seem to claim is pulling his strings, which would set cadence for Darkseid to prey upon and have Clark finally nut up, shut up, and put on the suit and kick ass.

  3. Tanner says:

    He’s not just a clone of Superman, he is a clone with Lex Luthor and Superman DNA.

    • emmalemmala says:

      well why isnt he affected by kryponite?

      • Bryan says:

        well maybe Lex’s DNA is in control for that while but it seems Clark’s Kryptonian DNA is stronger which is why Alexander(aka Conner) is starting to forget things and getting super powers, if i were to bet i think he’s going to recieve some of clark’s memories.

      • BW says:

        Well he may not have been affected by kryptonite because he is a clone, or the human DNA was more dominate at the time and the more he loses his memories of Lex’s the more kryptonian DNA and abilities will kick in.

  4. Bianca Christine says:

    Wonder if this would be a “spin off” for a new show …

    • Bianca May says:

      @Bianca Christine: Good thinking! That’d be cool. (And nice name btw :)

    • Christina says:

      That would be great. I really like the kid. Hadn’t thought of that. However, I didn’t dare to think about the end of Smallville much yet.

      • Matt says:

        Well, DC is going full on with Wonder Woman, but if people at the cons and all that urge it, they might make a show for Conner, with all the characters (like Bart finally becoming Barry Allen and by proxy the Flash)mature into their iconic characters, and tell Conner’s story, with Clark and other characters from Smallville making guest appearences with a whole new cast, or have Clark shift into the mentor role, with a reduced appearence schedule because he’s off being Superman and as such has his own gig, but paves the way for the sidekicks (Kid Flash (probably Wally West), the Dick Grayson Robin (who unlike Batman CAN be used for TV, and can serve as the Green Arrow kind of character for the show), Wonder Girl, etc.) appear on the show.
        Conner’s story is very diverse and different from Clark’s, so it won’t feel like we’ve seen it before with the last 10 seasons of Smallville and it will be it’s own thing. I would probably expect Superboy’s TV show to last 5 seasons, with a little over 100 episodes, which I think would dovetail beautifully and be the perfect companion to Smallville fans. Yay? or nay?

  5. Andrew says:

    I knew it the minute that needle bent. Clone who is a least part Lex and bending needle = Superboy… I think if anything I am just surprised they would bring him in this late in the game… it does provide an interesting new mystery though… where DOES Lex come from in the finale if not from a clone… to me its an easy answer because I never believed robo-Lex was really supposed to be him…

    • Brian says:

      Darkseid pulled the real Lex out of that “purgatory” Clark was in during the first episode of the season. That’s where he comes from.

    • Tucker says:

      Well, it’s possible Robo-Lex was the real Lex, but that what was blown up in the truck was a clone decoy. It would kind of make sense that Lex has been in hiding the last few years as he’s healed. This was the reason for all of the Lex clones to begin with, to scourge for “parts” to help heal the original.

      • Jordan says:

        That’s not very original, dude. That’s from the original Superman Series.

      • Eddie says:

        I don’t know if anyone remembers the episode where Zatanna was going around granting wishes. When she asked clark for his wish, he didn’t say it out loud but he still had it granted. Later in the episode, she corners Ollie and asks him what he would have wished for and they show a flashback of Lex being blown up. He never answers and they never revisit the topic. I believe the best way to bring Lex back is to have Ollie’s wish be that he never killed Lex, and Lex is just hiding out, waiting for his time to return.

  6. Jones19 says:

    Way cool!

  7. Andrea says:

    I called this after your blind item a few weeks ago.

  8. mtds says:

    well i can tell if aus want tell it is in a eps callied scion wicth will air on march 4 and this has got to be the stuiped’s ideal just to stall clark from the suit brain and kelly don’t have a brain i want to here about a dang wedding not superboy.

  9. Stephanie says:

    I just want to look up Superboy on wiki to refresh my memory and haha, comparing that comic pic to this photo is hilarious- this boy needs to buff up some. Haha
    But seriously great twist!

    • Tucker says:

      I actually prefer the “kid” look of Grabeel. It’s never made much sense that Conner looks like an adult in the comics.

  10. ggny says:

    Yup could see this coming from a mile away last episode…Nice little twist

  11. Kathryn says:

    I am tres happy with this twist. It was called a while ago that Conner Kent would be coming but I think they have dealt with it brilliantly. Love the actor and think its a great way to bring what is an important facet of the Lex and Clark relationship in before his return. I can just imagine Lex saying something like: “I see he takes after your side”. :P Honestly stoked – can’t wait to see it in the episode.

  12. darklady65 says:

    oh yeah baby way to awesome news!! =) and not surprised in the list i love how smallville has hand led this =) this whole season has been getting better and better as we get closer to the end =) to those not enjoying well to bad -_- … smallville rocks!! =)

    • d-mack says:

      oh,really why not bring up this idea in the first place i like it but the only thing is the show is almost over.they should`of brought the super boy idea in a earlier time.they can make a spinoff with young justice that’s better since super boy is now the show

      • d-mack says:

        btw,what’s up not bringing batman/bruce wayne on the show he is part of the justice league that just make’s stupid.Don’t get me wrong i like smallville.I can’t help notice that some of the storyline don’t make sence,the brainic looking human w.t.f and the league from the future okay.And zod i don’t get it they put him on the show but they kill him off to quick.Don’t get me started on the doomsday what the hell was that.All they do is hype up the show but in the end nothing but a huge let down.

        • Thanks guys. I love spoilers cause it makes me want to see it even more. I’m waiting on the batman/bruce wayne storyline. In the animated series Lois had dated Bruce. Wow, that girl really loves Super heroes. Anyway, I want a Teen Titan cameo too. I hope they keep Cloe. After all, look how Harley Quinn came to be Joker’s girl. She came about because of the animated series.

          Anyway, my kids are interested in the comic book lore thanks to my stories about my love for comic books, and shows like Smallville.

        • Matt says:

          Bruce never appeared on the show because of legal issues. Unlike most DC Characters, Batman is privately owned PURELY by the Kane estate, and as such is treated differently, don’t know how but I digress. Also, Nolan owns the rights to Batman in media until he completes the contract for the triogy. However they did bring lesser Batman characters (Zatanna is closer to Batman than Superman, Arrow and Canary are also closer to Batman, and they reference him ALL THE TIME, in fact even MENTION him in the episode Fortune, where Chloe says she met a billionare with a lot of high tech toys.)
          And if you look, DOOMSDAY ISN’T DEAD! He’s buried underneath the Earth (as he was when you first meet him in the comics), and after years of struggling breaks free (which still sets up the Death of Superman), AND Zod will reappear in Season 10, so don’t get your knickers in a knot there, boy. And for budget purposes, they make the characters appear human and because they would appear really silly to people who don’t read comic books (Brainiac) So there’s no letdown so far (Unless you’re a big Flash mark and are mad they have yet to turn him INTO the Flash, but they can’t because of once again, legal issues, mostly to do with the name, which is stupid, because they can still start calling him “Barry” Allen, and have the suit, just don’t call him The Flash, or at least aloud cause most people would figure out who it is.) Chill out, man.

  13. Mike says:

    Conner is a really great character but … COME ON … Robbie Amell totally looks like Conner Kent. WHY they didn’t try to get him? He’s a great actor and yeah …

    • BW says:

      Robbie’s skin is a little too dark to be a clone of Clark’s. On second thought if they were to use him they could say that his skin changed because of the cloning process or some kind of weird science fiction stuff.

  14. AlisaLea says:

    If he’s Conner Kent, why was he not vunerable to Kryptonite.

  15. Byron says:

    I’ve been speculating since the 5th episode that Alexander was going to turn into Conner. So in a sense the theory was always in my mind but I was still suprised when Tess stabbed the needle into him and it bent.

  16. mtds says:

    I can see it now clark will stand conner out in the cornfeild so he can learn how to use his heat vision because he was in the barn lost it when he was looking at a hot girl and clark will tell him to think about what his first thought was and while clark go’s of to give him some space conner will say the words lois you better watch out clark conner is going to steal your woman.

  17. D says:

    I knew when “Alex” started acting emo, said it jokingly cuz I didn’t think they would be this stupid to go this route. Basically, SV has turned in nothing but comic pandering. Conner for the Young Justice cartoon and a bunch of lame DC characters thrown into it, creating a chaotic storyline that in no way focuses on superman, or Clark as an individual hero. Chloe seems more like superman at this point.

  18. Hyperkid says:

    Surprised? That depends…does lifting my dislocated jaw off the floor count as surprised?

  19. uh says:

    uh just kill this show already.

  20. Jason says:

    AWESOME NEWS!!! Can’t wait to see what Clark and Lois do with Conner haha.

  21. moviefan says:

    Well I had the feeling like others when your blank thing was mentioned a few weeks back. It totally works with how clones been going. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out now.

  22. Michelle says:

    So this means when Lex returns, he will be the REAL Lex. Not a clone, because Connor was the last one! Which means Ollie’s not a murderer! I KNEW it.

    • D says:

      He still killed a clone lol that just doesn’t get erased.

      • superfan23 says:

        Dude killin a clone is not killin unless it has a soul which it doesn’t. But none the less Oliver does become some kind of weird bounty hunter of some sorts, cause in the comics Superman questions Green Arrows morals and the side he is on.

    • Brian says:

      Lex may be returning from that void he was in with Clark at the start of the season. And even if Lex comes back or the Lex in the truck was a clone, it doesn’t change what Oliver did. Ollie’s still a murderer, and I for one like that bit of characterization.

      • superfan23 says:

        it doesnt really matter cause takin out evil says somethin bout what side your on, but takin evil out with another form of evil for which he did doesnt really counteract what he says is the right way to go.

    • BW says:

      Well someone could have made a clone without Lex’s knowing it so Alexander wouldn’t know about it. Or he wasn’t being truthful.

  23. mtds says:

    what if at the end of season 7 when clark and lex faced off that was a clone and not the real lex because lets face it lex is to smart to go up there when he don’t know what he is walking into so he sent a clone to do it and the real lex was watching from the back ground lex is not stuiped.

  24. AlistairCrane says:

    I never saw this coming, but I love the development. Why? Because it means Rosenbaum will be back as the REAL Lex and not the rapidly-aging clone! I was worried that he’d only be back as the clone.

  25. Vanessa says:


    After Fridays episode I had a feeling Alexander was really Conner. So excited for this!

  26. Bart says:

    In the comic, Conner always had both Lex’s and Clark’s/Superman’s DNA although he looked more like Clark. It’s why Lex considered Conner his “son.”

    Given the slash-fiction that have depicted Lex and Clark in a gay relationship, Conner’s appearance is pretty funny. ;-)

  27. Oz says:

    That is so awesome!

  28. mark says:

    Here is what Conner Kent wiki says.

    Originally a metahuman clone of human origin genetically engineered to look like Superman with simulated powers, he was retconned in Teen Titans (vol. 3) #1 (September 2003) as a Kryptonian/human hybrid of Superman and his arch nemesis Lex Luthor.

  29. this sucks says:

    who needs superman when we got superboy and supergirl i hope brain and kelly don’t gets jobs after smallvill is over.

  30. Clint Barton Jr. says:

    Wow, Superboy showing up long before Clark is actually Superman? Yes! Smallville craps all over continuity yet again! Awesome! End this nightmare will you?

    • this sucks says:

      I would like to have heard about a clark and lois wedding then this crap. makes you wonder if there will be one cause lets face it the luthors mean more then lois to clark hell just have lex and clark get hitched and ride of into the sun set with there sun superboy.

    • DaRioDeal says:

      I have to agree here why introduce a character like Superboy if Superman is still just “the Blur”! Makes no damn sense at all. Might as well bring in Krypto to show Superman how to be the man of steele! There is so much eye candy they are adding to the show you could kill a diabetic …sorry for the buzz kill but come on!

  31. William says:

    Interesting news. Thanks for sharing. Until this article, I figured the Lex boy clone would morph into the Rosenbaum Luthor since he is aging quickly. Not too familiar with the Conner Kent since I don’t read the comics. Sorry.

    Could be a spinoff, that or a Green Arrow spin-off. Rosenbaum in that purgatory is a good idea which made more sense than the Lex in that machine a couple years back. The who got fried in the truck by Arrow then?

    I am excited by Rosenbaum coming back as not only is he the BEST Lex, (sorry Gene and Kevin) but Michael is one of my favorite actors out there. A little underappreciated I feel. He was Emmy worthy as Lex. Seriously.

    Him rejoining the Smallville finale is much like when John Simm came back to play “The Master” on Doctor Who (David Tennant’s final shows as the Doctor). Speaking of which, I still think a Smallville and Doctor Who crossover was conceivable. They are alot alike if you write it down.

    Great article.

  32. Scott says:

    Crazy train. Superboy (Conner Kent) has been one of my favorite DC characters since his original appearance during the Reign of Supermen arc in 1993. This seemed to come a little out of left field, but it’s awesome nonetheless.

    • last-son-of-krypton says:

      conner kent was the clone that escaped from cadmus research after doomsday killed superman right? he was one of the 4 supermen( steel, cyborg, the eradicator, and superboy)

  33. I think that the reason Alexander wasn’t affected by the Kryptonite is because he’s half human, so he didn’t acquire that weakness. He’s like an invulnerable Superboy I think.

  34. this sucks says:

    you said this is the biggest news since mr coming how wrong you are a clark and lois wedding is bigger news to me then superboy or mr coming to town why don’t you get off your luthors crap and give us clois news i been waiting for.the luthor stuff is getting old.

    • Krystal says:

      I agree! to clois is better news and your right about luthor stuff is getting old. Clark has been waiting for years to find the one he love’s from the very begining. I hope they end it right clois getting married he did ask her and she said yes so why don’t they keep it that way.

  35. Jenny says:

    Holy cow! I’m soo confused now! Although, it does explain the needle. Now, I just want to know how they are bringing Lex back! OMG! My mind has just been blown!!!!

  36. BigCed says:

    I LOVED the ending. I didn’t realize that it was Conner Kent (haven’t read the recent Superman comics). I was still confused until I read this article and the comments that were posted (thanks). I do know how the will bring Lex back however. A couple years back Zantana gave Oliver a wish of sorts because he regretted killing Lex. I know it sounds kind of hokey, but trust me it’s the reason why Lex is still alive.

    As popular as Smallville is, i am not sure why some type of spin off isn’t happening. Maybe they will pull a 7th Heaven and extend it another year or 2. It’s still one of CW’s highest rated programs.

  37. Raymond says:

    He’s doing a better job than clark at this rate they have his costume down to a T,to my knowing that’s the first time smallville haven’t screwed with the design.

  38. Joe says:

    Could he be Mon-El a character not yet touched on from the original S-Man Comics.When Superman was still just young Clark Kent, a rocket containing a boy with powers much like his own crash landed in Smallville. The boy awoke with no memories of who he was, but he spoke Kryptonian. Believing the boy to be a survivor of Krypton like himself, Clark gave him the name Mon-El. For almost a week, Superboy felt like he had met a long lost brother, but when Mon-El was exposed to lead he collapsed in pain and his memories returned. Mon-El explained to Clark that he was from the planet Daxam. Clark found out that unlike Kryptonite poisoning, lead poisoning could not be reversed. To save his friend’s life, Clark placed Mon-El in the Phantom Zone until a cure for him could be found. Clark never found a cure and Mon-EL remained in the Phantom Zone, that was until the 31st Century when he is released and Brainiac 5 develops and administers the cure…

  39. Ernie says:

    Ok I knew something was up with the bent needle but why no kryptonite alergy? That is kind of dumb.

  40. Lance says:

    If the Lex Luther clone is really Superboy, then I wonder why he wasn’t effected in the last episode when he pulled out his gun with Kryptonite attached on the side. If he’s got Clark’s Kryptonian DNA, then he would have weakened himself too, right? Just a thought.

  41. Jean says:

    If its going to be superboy, its kinda to early for that. was the lab young alexander came from Cadmus? Clark Kent already act like superboy, he still cant fly and not wearing the superman suit. Its making things complicated lol

  42. Adam George says:

    LOL .. the only thing i have to say it … HE BETTER NOT FLY BEFORE CLARK , he was just introduced , Clark should at least be the one to teach him to fly

  43. Timbowski says:

    What if his rapid aging doesn’t stop? That may be what will kill him off like the kid in the one earlier season. Unless he goes to the Phantom Zone for whatever reason, maybe Lex convincing him to join Darkseid.
    Of course Lex will be manipulating him from behind the scenes, but Lex probably survived the collapse of the fortress because of Clark. Or Lex was resurrected by Darkseid. If he brings out peoples darkness, Lex is the darkness to Supermans light, what better way to bring him back. Lex has made deals with Darkseid in the comics(Doomsday being on Apokalypse). Why wouldn’t Lex make a deal with him in the show to vow to defeat Superman?

  44. richard foster says:

    didnt see that coming at all i just thought she had used a cheap needle supplier
    am gonna be so sad when smallville ends its always the decent shows whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  45. dark fader says:

    all i want to know, as this is the last series,is clark finally gunna fly and wear the famous suit with cloak ??????

  46. Tony says:

    Is it possible that we could see him back in the CW’s new show based on Raven?

  47. Hayley Miller says:

    I knew it I knew it from the sytart that it was Conner kent just because of the wayhe acted Conner lashed out at clark for the first few weeks of creation in the comics so yeah

  48. Betty says:

    I’d like to see Clark as Superman before introducing another Superboy to the scene. And what about Lois and Clarks wedding? Is it ever gonna happen?

  49. DA0001 says:

    i think that the build up to superman is over, they could continue the show as a dirct continuation under a different name ie metropolis life and times of superman. justice league, metropolis, maybe they cod segway into a movie or have clark meet batman. that would be a twist and an awesome way to continue

  50. Benveazy7 says:

    Wat the hell? 1) bringing in superboy this late in the series is mean and nonsensical. 2) where the hell is Darkseid? He was supposed to be the main villain in the final season.