Blind Item Revealed: Glee Will Tackle [Spoiler]!

The secret is out: Glee warbler Blaine is the “popular gay character” at the center of my bi-curious blind item last week!

But those with a passing proficiency in mathematics no doubt read exec producer Ryan Murphy’s quotes in the current issue of Out — featuring coverboy Darren Criss — and put two-and-two together. “Blaine will openly question whether bisexuality is real,” Murphy revealed. “I think that some people will love that discussion and some will not love it.”

The issue of Blaine’s sexuality will be raised in next week’s episode, and in an exclusive interview with TVLine, Murphy cautioned fans to “watch the entire episode” before jumping to any conclusions.

Murphy also hinted that the plot’s message is more about common sense than sexual orientation. All but confirming that Blaine’s bi-curiosity is sparked by an encounter with a member of the opposite sex, Murphy teases, “I guess the moral of the story is don’t play spin the bottle while drunk on wine coolers.”

Thoughts? Are you keeping an open mind about this story? And which female character do you think Blaine messes around with? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AlistairCrane says:

    If Blaine has sex with a girl, that’s it—I’m done with Glee.

    • Maro says:

      Seriously???? That’s rather closed minded of you.

      • AlistairCrane says:

        No it’s not. As a gay man, if I dated a bi guy and he left me for a girl, I’d be WAY more devastated than if he left me for a man. This whole plot line is sickening.

        • sarah says:

          but realistic. happened to my parents.

          • AlistairCrane says:

            That’s disgusting. Your parents should be ashamed.

          • Michelle-ohwow says:

            People’s opinions about bisexuality astound me.

          • AlistairCrane says:

            Hey Michelle, are you a gay man? No? Then STFU.

          • MRinLA says:

            “Hey Michelle, are you a gay man? No? Then STFU.”
            – AlistairCrane

            Yeah Michelle! Don’t you know only gay men can form opinions about others’ sexualities?

            Informal Poll:
            Are AlistairCrane’s ridiculous comments due to:
            A) his membership in the Tea Party
            B) his young age of 15
            C) both of the above
            D) his employment at TVline fostering lively debate through ludicrous comments

          • Angela says:


            Really…get a life. It’s a TV show. If you hate it, leave it. And uh…what’s all this crap about hating bi men? and all women are bi? Can we vote this closed-minded nonsense off the island? or to quote Ryan Seacrest, Sorry, you’re going home.

        • AJ says:

          Why Alistair Crane – you are ridiculous! As a gay man, you should be open minded. Someone’s parents should be ashamed. Michaelle-ohwow can’t be bi? Women can be bi. Gay men questioning if they’re gay? Yep, happens. Gay men sleeping with women? Yep, happens. Grow up. If you don’t want to watch Glee, don’t. But your close mindedness is something the gay community doens’t want nor need.

          • Really?? says:

            AlistairCrane – I am assuming this has happened to you since you are so angry and confrontational about this whole issue…and I’m sorry if you were dumped..but seriously…Chill this is a TV SHOW not your life, Blain is not dating you…so if he chooses to experiment…it’s not like he’s doing it TOO YOU…oh btw…he’s straight in real life…how dare he play a gay character (sarcasm there)

          • AlistairCrane says:

            AJ, your argument falls apart because bis aren’t gay.

          • Drew says:

            AlastairCrane- Also keep in mind that they’re in high school. There are some people that come out in high school, they fit enough stereotypes that the subject has been brought to their attention before, they’ve been thinking about it from a young age, they’re very comfortable with it. There are some people, like myself, who fall in the middle. I am gay, but I don’t have a lot of stereotypical gay qualities, so I didn’t think about it for a while. A lot of being in high school, of the coming out process, of being human, is learning yourself. If Blaine takes this opportunity to learn about himself, especially when he said last week that he’s never really been a boyfriend and hasn’t explored that side of himself. No, bi people are not gay, per se. But separating them into clear-cut categories like that hurts more than it helps.

        • Hilary says:

          “Hey Michelle, are you a gay man? No? Then STFU”

          All of a sudden you have to be a gay man to have an opinion? I’m a bisexual woman, and I think you’re being closed minded.

          • AlistairCrane says:

            All women are bi. But men? Not so much. So don’t try to relate your female experience to MEN because it is VERY different.

          • B says:

            AllstairCrane… That’s BULL.. All women are NOT bi.. I’m an out and proud lesbian woman. Never been with a man, never had the urge to be with a man. My wife, on the other hand, has 3 children and was separated when we met… Sexuality is fluid. I don’t even WATCH Glee, but I do know real life. This stuff happens all the time, and you MUST be some 16 year old drama queen to throw such a hissy fit.

          • b says:

            All women are bi.

            Well, thank you at least for making it very clear that nobody should take a word you say seriously. This will save us all a lot of trouble.

          • uncirish says:

            “All women are bi”

            Really??? Wow Alistair! Thank you for enlightening me on what my sexuality is! Now I can live a fulfilling life because you, guru of all sexuality, have told me I am bi! *runs off to have sex with a woman*

          • AlistairCrane says:

            I’ve taken gender, sex, and sexuality courses. I know what I am talking about.

          • dana says:

            *Bi folks aren’t gay? nope we’re QUEER,just like our gay, lesbian, trans, genderqueer brothers & sisters in what my bisexual male good friend calls “the Gay BLT sandwich”
            *All women are bi?????? really, come on! …you been watching too much “girls gone wild”
            *Men not so much????? really? I’d love to ask a few of my bi male friends to log on & express themselves here. They are DEF bi!
            *Michelle STFU? PUHLEEZE , were you born in a barn? I doubt you have permission to speak for ALL gay men when telling her that. Most of my gay guy friends would disagree with you or even if they didn’t they would want to be represented with more tact, taste & class.
            *I dread to think what you think of transmen & transwomen.
            *I am a proud bi woman. have been all my life. Biphobia is alive & well, Separatism is still an issue. We should be tearing down labels & building diverse queer community. There’s already enough haters outside the queer world

        • Brent says:

          As a gay man, I think that AlistairCrane’s comments are extremely closed minded, especially since we are talking about characters that are still developing their identities both sexual and non. Why is it so terrible for a young man to discover that he likes both after he’s assumed that he’s gay? Is it OK for a straight young man to discover that he enjoys both genders or even the same gender exclusively? If so, why the double standard? Isn’t adolescence about finding out who you are? Why is it so terrible to be dumped for a woman over being dumped for another man? The betrayal shouldn’t be about if the other person is male or female it should be about the fact that your love was taken and then thrown away. Do you have something against women that to be betrayed by someone you love for a woman would make you react worse? I don’t get it. I’m a gay man and have been left for a woman after a 4 year relationship. Yes it hurt. I’ve also been dumped for another man, and that actually hurt worse. At least with the bi guy I could justify that I just didn’t have everything he needed. With the gay man there was no logic to it in mind.

          • Katie says:

            I really really adore this post. I’m bi, and appreciate your open-mindedness about this subject. :)

          • Tess says:

            Thank you for this comment. I was starting to be very concerned by the direction comments were going here. While my protective big sister claws have come out for poor Kurt, I actually think it’s GREAT that the show is doing this. This is a 16 year-old boy! Of COURSE he’s questioning his sexuality even if he’s pretty sure he’s gay. We were all completely freakin’ confused about our sexuality at that age. I also don’t understand the double-standard… it’s ok for someone straight-identified to be curious about “the other side” but not the other way around? Look, having someone leave you for another is brutal PERIOD. Doesn’t matter the gender… matters that the person you love is leaving you for someone else.

            I continue to be impressed with Glee‘s willingness to really dive into this stuff.

        • Trhpeanut says:

          As a gay woman, yes, i would be more upset if i dated a Bi girl, and she left me for a guy. It’s happened to me. It sucked for a while, but you get over it.
          But, These kinds of things happen in real life, that’s why glee is touching on the subject.
          Instead of getting upset for michelle not being a gay man, you Should just watch the Episode, and stop getting SO upset over all of this.

        • strawbs says:

          “No it’s not. As a gay man, if I dated a bi guy and he left me for a girl, I’d be WAY more devastated than if he left me for a man. This whole plot line is sickening.” by Alistair

          for me it would be the other way round: if my guy would leave me for another guy i’d be: okay, i have to get over it .. but that’s not impossible .. he gives him something which i won’t be able to give!.. but if he leaves me for another woman i’d be: what does she have? ..

          can’t wait to watch the show ;)

          • Julianna says:

            I agree… If my boyfriend left me for a man it would hurt, yes, but it would be faster to get over, because as a woman I wouldn’t be able to provide him with what he truly wanted, what satisfied him sexually and emotionally.
            If he left me for a girl, it undoubtedly would lead to me questioning what she has that I don’t. It’d be way more devastating to my self-esteem.
            I think the girl Blaine makes out with is Rachel! Or Santana or Brittany LOL

        • Delirious says:

          Everytime someone calls someone else a “troll” on the internet, DomoKun eats a kitten.

          And right now, he’s seriously considering having a big one for dinner.

        • Jonathan Rybka-Wachhaus says:

          Alistar~ I am a gay man. AND I am married to a bi-sexual man. I would much rather have my husband leave me for a woman then a man. But of course, that is not going to happen. WHY? Becuase most of the normal gay people in this world don’t flip flop around like fish on a boat.
          First of all, this is high school. I dated both boys and girls in High School as I questioned who i was an an individual. I came to the realization that i was in fact gay.
          My husband has been in long term relationships with both men and women. We have had long talks about this and he tells me he does not choose who he loves. He fell in love with and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. That does not suddenly make him gay and not bi. He will always be Bi and I am okay with that.
          Open your mind a little and maybe you will realize you don’t know everything.

      • Michael says:

        I don’t know if I’d call it closed-minded. I don’t think that it’s out-of-the-question that a gay teen would experiment with the opposite sex but it is a bit disconcerting when homosexuality is so often presented as “flexible” and heterosexuality is not. I know a good many heterosexual men who participated in some form of homosex in their teens, who were will to experiment but ultimately didn’t like it. You don’t see that on TV.
        Blaine was presented as a very confident, proud gay man so I don’t see why they have to go where they are going. It would have been just as easy and perhaps more interesting to have one of the straight guys explore and react to a same-sex encounter and decide afterwards that it wasn’t something they wanted to do again.

        In the end, it all depends upon how they handle it.

        • AlistairCrane says:

          Men’s sexuality isn’t fluid the way women’s sexuality is. I wish they wouldn’t try to portray men as “bi”.

          • fmhvfv says:

            Yo Doctor Iknowbetter maybe YOUR sexuality isn’t fluid. I know many bi men and I’m bi myself so please refrain from making broad generalizations about other people, as I’m sure you hate it when people make assumptions about you. Please to grow up kthxbye.

          • Jessica B. says:

            I don’t know how you can possibly say something like that! yes, men and women are different, but, gender aside, we are all different, just because you are so 100% in a box that doesn’t mean we all have to be, man or woman. i’m 22 now, i came out when i was 17, and for me it was pretty easy, i had a lot of support from my friends and family, and for a long time i tought i was gay and i was very much okay with that, later i had to deal with the fact that i was atracted to guys, wich it wasn’t easy for me, the whole bi thing didn’t feel right, especially because of people like you, who think they can dictate how other people live their own lives. just because you’re not bi that doesn’t mean other guys can’t be. i have guy friends who are, and they do just fine.

          • Deej says:

            Sigh, another case of the still rampant Bi phobia. If anything the marginalizing of bi-sexuality is worse from the gay community than it ever is from the straights.

            I know at least three bi-sexual men so you are plainly, 100% wrong. Also wrong is not ALL women’s sexuality is fluid. I know quite a few strictly straight women.

          • whatevs says:

            Excuse me, based on your other posts, I’m thinking you don’t have a vagina. Last I checked, you had to be a woman to know what women are like. So, to quote you so eloquently, STFU.

          • hru says:

            This is just not true. period

          • jmac says:

            You know, Alistair, when I was young, like you, I used to say I knew about something because I’d “taken a class on it”. Now that I’m older, I’ve learned that teachers aren’t gods and therefore they are often wrong. I also learned that, in order to learn, you need to be willing to view ALL ideas and thoughts and not just stick to one. Er, that is, unless you want to be uneducated. After all, life experience is the best educator. By the way, I have two degrees and worked as as professional for many years,so please, don’t try to use your “I studied it” excuses on me. Been there, done that, and am still embarrassed that I was ever that immature.

          • dana says:

            “Men’s sexuality isn’t fluid the way women’s sexuality is. ” ? I wish my beloved bi patrner, passed a year ago from cancer, could read this! He would have had some scathingly witty comment. I had a loving long term relationship with a lesbian who was aware I identified as bi for many years. We broke up for reasons completely unrelated to sexuality…you know “couple stuff” communication, growing into different kinds of people etc. I met & fell in love with my bi guy while we were both happily single seeing same sex dates. We were both surprised!…and very happy together. He had a lifetime of primarily male lovers before. He had always proudly identified as bi till his last queer breath,

          • Michael Mammano says:

            I’m trying to think of a way you could come off as more ignorant and immature, and seriously, man… I got nothin’.

            If your sexuality is rigid and immutable, that’s your deal. Nothing wrong with that. It’s who you are. Insisting that your rules apply to everyone else is frankly absurd.

            And I don’t care how educated you are or what courses you took. No one can tell anyone else who they are or what they feel. I took a lot of courses in college, a varied array of topics. I took a course on modern Japanese literature. That doesn’t make my views on life in modern Tokyo irrefutable.

          • Intrigued says:

            My current boyfriend is a bi male, as is my best friend of 13 years, I can assure you that he at least is not straight or gay.
            I am a bi female, as much as I wish all woman were bi, I can assure you that this is not the case. The first person I fell for, much to my dismay, was a straight female.
            I saw your mention of studies, surely then you’ve seen how complicated the human mind is and how little we really know for sure about it right now. Sexuality is something that is still being studied, and with people like you and I around, I doubt they will ever really put the topic to rest.

            One last thought, you can say for sure what you are, but why do you think you can tell us what we are? Does that not remind you of the church? They are doing much the same, telling our community what they should think of themselfs, all gay, bi and lesbians are simply confused, or at worst, devil possessed.
            Point; you are only in your own mind, you can only say what you think and feel with any certainty, you can not tell me or him what we think and feel.

    • HerEmeraldEyes says:


      And additionally, I hope its not Rachel.

      Seriously, she and Kurt are just starting to get along, and I like that!

    • Really?? says:

      Murphy cautioned fans to “watch the entire episode” before jumping to any conclusions….read much?

    • Isabella says:

      AlistairCrane, you are just as bad as the straight people who hate gays, I hope you know that.

      • AlistairCrane says:

        Not really. There is a BIG difference. And unless you’re a gay man, you won’t understand it.

        • Trhpeanut says:

          Uh. No.
          Straight people/bi people/gay people can all experience the same relationship BS.

        • fmhvfv says:

          No, there isn’t. You’re as close minded as it gets. Your ego trip is sad.

        • ASwan says:

          So, why don’t you enlighten us with YOUR explanation of the big difference. There has been a few gay men that have stated that your opinion is in error. It seems ironic that you demand acknowledgement that there’s no difference between gay and straight, and yet you wont afford that to those who essentially have “the best of both worlds”… pretty ignorant, imho…

        • Who cares says:

          We should start keeping a tally to count how many times this Alistair guy claims that being bi and gay are different. I’m up to 5 so far.

          • AlistairCrane says:

            As a gay man, I can attest to the fact that I have absolutely nothing in common with bi men, just as I have nothing in common with lesbians! Bis and lesbians are each in their own separate category, thank you very much.

        • jan says:

          to AlistarrCrane- I’ll be the first to admit I do not understand homosexuaity. My son is gay and we have worked this out pivately and I don’t require your input on that subject thank you.
          What I do take exception to is your repeated coment that all women are bi. I can only state as you did yourself- since you are obviously not a strait woman (as I am) you won’t/can’t understand it!

          • Julianna says:

            Second that! If we all can’t understand life as a gay man, you as a gay man can’t understand life for us straight women. No matter how many sexuality and other courses you take.

        • Narrowmindedmuch? says:

          Seriously AlistairCrane, I’ve been reading down all of these posts and (though I’m answering you myself, I know) I can’t understand why everyone is taking you so seriously; you really are apparently a complete ass, or just not very bright. I mean I’m a gay man, and I’m ashamed to read what you’ve been writing. What do you mean you can’t understand unless you’re a gay man? So from what you’ve written, a gay man is the only one who can understand women in general (who apparently are all bi), bi-men, gay men… basically you know best about everyone, and everyone can be generalized by sexuality, regardless of experience and so forth?!? Come on, I really hope that you’re just kidding and that the joke has gotten way out of hand, or I’m sorry, but you’re just sad and pathetic, and al of these comments are just being wasted on you in any case.
          Of course not all women are bi (yeah, that’s right, I’m gay, but I’m not bold enough to make such stupid comments) and no, there is no BIG difference between what you’re saying and others are commenting back… Anyways, I think I’ll leave it at that cause you’re just not worth it…

        • Lex says:

          So you’re the only gay man in the world, and all gay men are like you? Get a f–king life.

    • Kris says:

      Wow you’re so close minded that you cant even fathom a teen boy questioning his sexuality? You should be proud.

    • Deb says:

      What is all the fuss about? This show SUCKS!!!

    • Sarah Machado says:

      Me, too.
      I want Kurt back in glee so he gets to sing. I hate Darren singing all the songs.
      Now, instead of focusing in the main cast, RM is more interested in bring star guests and useless plot. I want more of Rachel – she was chasing her career so hard, and now she is some stupid girl chasing Finn. Also, RM didnt explore the plot of Rachel being sister with Puck and Quin’s baby.
      It looks like glee is into bringing celebrities instead of really working the plot like a whole, not just disconected episodes.

  2. John says:


  3. Eric says:

    Hey get to make out with Lea Michele……..damn Criss you made it man, too sweet.

  4. Dominique says:

    I really don’t expect much of this. There’s one thing Ryan Murphy is known for, and that’s a major lack of developing when it comes to characters and coupls.

    One episode they hate each other, next episode, they’re together and you don’t have a clue as to why, when or how this happened.

  5. Marcus says:

    So in other words, this will be predictable, pointless, and a waste of a plotline?

  6. Spencer says:

    It’s gotta be Rachel he kisses during spin the bottle. There was a spoiler a while back about her playing spin the bottle and kissing someone. Well, here it is…

  7. Mercedes says:

    I’m more than okay if Blaine explores his bisexuality so long as he figures out in the end that the relationship he should be exploring right now is his one with Kurt. Male or female, Kurt is just an important presence in Blaine’s life as Blaine is in Kurt’s, and any chance that we get to see what goes on in Blaine’s head ultimately has to be to Kurt’s advantage.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • Lynn says:

      I agree with you as well. We all know that Kurt will be at the same party when this “kiss” happens. I guess we will get to see Chris Colfer get an Oscar the next time for his acting skills. Hopefully or wishing that all of these issues are in Blaine’s head and not where Kurt can hear him. Lea Michele posted that she had just filmed a very funny scene but could not tell us about it. I am sure it will be Rachel. I hope the next major issue between Kurt and Blaine in their relationship is where Blaine gets to feel the rejection and not Kurt. This would make Blaine humble. In SLS we all got to see how much more mature Kurt really is than Blaine. I am sure many a teenager would not have handled those issues as well as Kurt did.

  8. yjk_de says:

    I think it’s Santana Lopez!!Yep

  9. Stacy says:

    Obviously its Rachel. Because she was the original person with the rumor attached to spin the bottle. It stated she get in trouble playing spin the bottle and kiss someone other than finn.

  10. yjk_de says:

    I think it’s Santana!!Yep!

  11. RKGleek says:

    Hmmm Rachel is possible, her heart is lonley but having 2 gay dads I think she’ll stay away plus Kurt is one of her buddies now. Mercedes has been down that road already. I hope she’s too smart to do it again. Tina… Unlikely. I wouldn’t mind Brittany. I love her and Artie but I miss her being slutty. I think Blaine would be too scared of Puck to kiss Lauren. Quinn I don’t think so, she’s got too much going on already. Santana would be great I can just hear her talking about how her hot kisses can turn gay men straight.

    • Allison says:

      I’m sort of not surprised about this one. Last week’s episode was the first time we actually got a little insight about Blaine’s character outside of the Warblers and his friendship/flirtation with Kurt. This ought to be interesting :)

    • nan says:

      Rachel is desperate, it’s understandable.

    • Denise says:

      Santana would be interesting. I totally caught the look on her face when Blaine sang to her @ Breadsticks when the Warblers performed on last week’s episode.

  12. AlistairCrane says:

    It’s also horrible that Blaine will be kissing/having sex/having oral sex with a girl before Kurt. COME. ON!!! First they turn Sam straight and now this? Kurt and his fans can’t catch a break!

    • Thank You says:

      um Sam wasn’t gay :/

      • Marcus says:

        The original intent was for Sam to be Kurt’s love interest. They changed their minds when they saw how much chemistry Chord and Diana supposedly had.

        • AlistairCrane says:

          Thank you. ;-)
          Still, Kurt was robbed of his cute, twinky blonde love interest. Now we get curly-haired Blaine and he might be BI!?!?! Again I say POOR KURT!!!

          • Sarah says:

            To be fair, it doesn’t say he will be “bi”. It says he will be contemplating the very notion of bisexuality, which makes perfect sense to me given his age. Some people just know whether they’re straight or gay at an early age and that’s fantastic; others need some time to figure out what they want when they hit those tricky teenage years and the raging hormones. And we’ve been promised resolution by the end of the episode, which I’m hoping means that Blaine will realize the amazingness of Kurt (because I ship them SO hard) and become reaffirmed in his sexuality. It really depends on how Ryan Murphy plays it, and he’s a tricky bastard, so I understand the concern.

          • Caine says:

            Wow, you’re obviously not having any luck in the romance department. Geez, lay off. Would you rather Kurt get a love interest who can’t emote and for them to have an obviously fake and forced relationship? And what is wrong with being bisexual? Bi people have had very successful relationships gay people; I can attest to THAT, unlike your pathetic claims saying “As a gay man, I can attest to the fact that I have absolutely nothing in common with bi men, just as I have nothing in common with lesbians! Bis and lesbians are each in their own separate category, thank you very much.”

            So, you’re not a human, you don’t have a penis, you can’t love. Wow, no wonder you haven’t had a successful relationship yet.

            And way to categorize people; I thought that was racists’ jobs. Whatever happened to simply loving someone? When you really love someone, no other person can compare, no matter their gender.

        • Bete says:

          I don’t think so. The original intent was that Kurt would have a boyfriend on the football team, they never said anything about Sam specifically, some fans on the internet assumed it was Sam. For all we know, maybe the character was Karofsky.

        • Michael Mammano says:

          Supposedly is right. I don’t see it. Never did.

          Glee’s major problem this season is that there are too many characters. Just too many. And frankly a bunch of them aren’t all that interesting.

          Why is Jessalyn Gilsig still in the main cast, or in the show at all for that matter, other than the fact that Ryan Murphy really loves Jessalyn Gilsig? Terri’s arc is over. And it ended well. Let the bitch rest in peace.

    • Isabella says:

      Oral sex? WTF?

      • AlistairCrane says:

        Ausiello says Blaine will “mess around” with a girl. That’s slang for oral sex.

        • Shut Up Alistair says:

          How the hell did you come to this conclusion? You seriously need to stop responding to everyone’s comments because you sound like a complete tool. Everything you say is either offensive or inaccurate so do everyone a favor and give it up.

          • AlistairCrane says:

            Um, right before Ausiello says “Hit the comments!”, it says “And which female character do you think Blaine messes around with?”. Again, “mess around with” means to have oral sex. A girl is going to go down on Blaine. YUCK!

        • Alyssa says:

          “Mess around” is an intentionally ambiguous idiom, where you got that it absolutely means oral sex is beyond comprehension.

          • amy says:

            This guy is either an extraordinarily committed and effective troll or so enormously ignorant about anybody’s sexuality/sexual activities besides his own that you have to wonder.

          • Julianna says:

            ‘Mess around’ can also mean he’ll hook up with, no?

        • Tess says:

          Um, wherever you’re from, “Mess Around” has a very specific definiton.

          As far as I understand it, it’s a kiss playing spin the bottle in front of everyone at the party. That’s it.

  13. Quinn says:

    This has great potential, storyline-wise, but I do wish they’d represent bisexuality in a more serious light. So far, it seems like Glee doesn’t acknowledge bisexuality as real–just gay or straight kids messing around.

    • Marcus says:

      Glee doesn’t have the writing finesse to represent serious issues seriously most of the time.

    • AlistairCrane says:

      Instead of doing it with a popular GAY character, they should either have someone else turn out to be bi or bring on a new bi character. THIS development is just offensive, dumb, and threatening.

      • dishgirl says:

        While I would prefer that Blaine focuses on Kurt, I would note that bisexuals ARE gay, and there are a lot of us out there. Being bisexual doesn’t mean that Blaine won’t still be attracted to men – in fact, that’s pretty much the definition of it.

        So remove your shipper-colored glasses for a moment and hope (against hope) that we get a good depiction of actual bisexuality on tv.

        Of course, I doubt we will, and instead we’ll get someone else who “experiments” with it.

        I’m almost 50, I’ve been bisexual my whole life. Being involved with a man doesn’t make me straight, and being involved with a woman doesn’t mean I’m lesbian.

    • Katie says:

      I agree that there is some real potential here. Maybe it will turn out that Blaine is legitamentally bisexual. I’m disappointed a little, because I was really hoping that Rachel and Kurt could finally be friends, but I’m not totally against her dating (and I mean dating, – not lamely hooking up with)a bi-Blaine. He might be good for her.

      Though if she actually DOES fall for Blaine, it would be the second guy that Rachel and Kurt have both liked. Apparently they have similar tastes.

    • trhpeanut says:

      They will, as far as we know.
      In episode 15, Santana will come out as a Bisexual girl.

      • Bete says:

        If this is true, I really hope that Blaine is bi, because I hate this notion that it is ok for a woman to be bisexual but it is outrageous for a guy to be bi.

        • Caine says:

          I agree with this 100%. Also, can someone get Alistair to shut up? I came on here to discuss the episode and Glee; instead, I get this @sshole saying things like, “Again, “mess around with” means to have oral sex. A girl is going to go down on Blaine. YUCK!”

          Am I the only one who thinks he’s a 14 year old boy, struggling with his own sexuality?

    • Darla says:

      Not necessarily, Blaine goes to an all boys school he may have thought he was gay because he spends the majority of time surrounded by guys. Maybe through Kurt and becoming closer with members of New Directions he is encountering new feelings he has never experienced before.

      • Tess says:

        He transferred to that school after being bullied. We don’t know anything else about his previous school. It could very well have been co-ed.

        I just think he’s an open-minded teenage boy, which means that if you add a little alcohol and a game of spin-the-bottle to the mix, stuff can happen!

        I personally hope that it turns out that Blaine is ultimately not interested in women. I like him as a confident gay character. And I would ultimately like to see him and Kurt get together. A Blaine-Kurt-Rachel love triangle would just be too much, in my opinion.

    • Michael Mammano says:

      I would actually love to have an out-and-out bisexual character on the show. I thought Brittany and Santana were accomplishing that goal, and I was happy with that, but if they want to bring in a bi boy, that’s great too.

      I just don’t want it to be any of the already established gay boys. And here’s why.

      Kurt – we already went there. He made out with Brittany. There was about as much heat there as a meat locker. Case closed.

      Blaine – so much of his character is based in him being well adjusted about his sexuality, but not necessarily anything else. I like Blaine being vulnerable and confused about certain aspects of his identity, just NOT his sexual orientation.

      Karofsky – I really, really, REALLY do not want the most masculine one to be the bi one. It sort of gives the message that heterosexuality can be measured in masculinity and that the butcher you are, the closer to liking women you are.

      Hell, I’d be all for making Sam bi. I see nothing unrealistic in loading up a show about performing arts kids with guys of the not hetero variety. I think having a gay guy and a bi guy in New Directions, and then have Karofsky being fully gay but not interested in the arts at all, would be an amazing mix. As for Blaine… he doesn’t go to McKinley, so it keeps the out quotient at school pretty low and the gay percentage of Glee club fairly believable.

  14. willa says:

    this is awesome! we get to see blaine get it on with a girl. blaine is kinda cute n now girls can fantasize about him cause he likes girls too!

    • AlistairCrane says:


      • DUH says:

        wow. usually, the ignorance comes from the other side…

        • AlistairCrane says:

          It’s not “ignorance”. This chick’s attitude is creepy. She’s jealous of the gay coupling and wants Blaine to be bi so she can have her sick little fantasy. Disgusting. Gay men shouldn’t have to battle girls for their man. Yuck!

          • Wow says:

            You’re an ass.

          • AlistairCrane says:

            No I’m not. The only “ass” is creepy Willa lusting after a gay man hoping he’ll turn bi or straight for her.

          • jen says:

            I know I’m just feeding the troll by asking this, but I have to: what is wrong about a straight woman having a fantasy about a gay man? How many gay men are there in hollywood that haven’t come out yet? My bet is quite a few. There’s no difference in having a fantasy about someone whos sexuality we don’t know. Am I supposed to believe that a gay man wouldn’t have a sexual fantasy about a straight man? That’s ridiculous.

          • Maria says:

            Hey Alistair

            Hate to break it to you…Blaine isn’t real. He is played by an actor who is straight. So during the day when he is pretending to like men, he goes home and shags a woman.

            Now back to reality, bisexuality is not disgusting, it is natural to those who are infact, bi. I’m bi, and it is disconcerting how much you seem to hate the person I am because you seem to find it ‘disgusting’.

          • AlistairCrane says:

            Maria, you’re a woman, and I have absolutely no problem with your fluid sexuality.

          • Julianna says:

            LOL I agree with Jen. Jon Groff’s an out and proud gay man and I love and respect him, but that doesn’t prevent me from sometimes daydreaming he’ll go straight (especially if it is for Lea LOL). By the way, any news on the Jesse’s return front?
            Alistair, stop saying all women have fluid sexuality. Some women are sexually fluid and some aren’t.

          • DUH says:

            you need to stop talking. you’re giving crazy people a bad name. not only that, you’re setting gays back decades. go away.

          • Narrowmindedmuch? says:

            so are you telling me that you’ve never watched a show in which a character was straight and wished he was gay? In any case, first off, we’re talking about fictional characters, who even if it were the actors we were talking about wouldn’t be hooking up with anyone on here :-) Of course its not ignorance, its plain and simple stupidity and simple mindedness… the guy should just get a life outside of his little bubble…

          • Caine says:

            Whoever Julianna is, you’re awesome. Finally, back to Glee: I, too, am awaiting the return of Jon Groff. And if he and Lea Michele were to “get together” in real life, I wouldn’t mind at all. I actually would find it believable, seeing as they have such wonderful chemistry. Or maybe they should do it just to smite AlistairCrane. God knows he needs it. I’m pretty sure he’s scared of females, which is why he insults them on the internet where his balls will be protected. Dude, grow a spine and get a life.

    • Justin says:

      Seriously? Like girls can’t fantasize about him if he was gay. The actor is straight… Let’s separate reality from fiction. Even if the actor was gay, girls can fantasize. That’s why they call it fantasizing. Haven’t you ever heard about wanting most what you can’t have?

    • Michael says:

      Why does he have to be bi or straight for a woman to fantasize about him? It’s a fantasy, not reality.

      • AlistairCrane says:

        Doesn’t matter. Fantasies can be threatening, even dangerous.

        • jen says:

          In extreme cases, yes. But nothing seemed threatening about the original comment. Do you know a magic way to make people stop having fantasies?

        • Shey says:

          What the f&ck. Seriously, you went from ignorant asshole to beyond-deluded retard. Just do the world a favor and shut the hell up. You give gay men a very bad name.

      • T says:

        It even goes beyond sexuality… I fantasize about being 10 years younger so that I’d be closer to the same age as Darren Criss who I think is just so fantastic. Then again, there’s always the Ashton-Demi model to look to…

        The idea that someone can’t have a fantasy with a character or celebrity based on “realistic” criteria is preposterous.

        My best friend in high school had a huge crush on Jonathan Knight of NKOTB who it turns out is gay (we didn’t know at the time). There was absolutely nothing threatening of dangerous about it!

  15. mile says:

    Ryan Murphy is an idiot.
    “Hey, Blaine is a popular character! lets ruin him so that everyone gets upset!”
    Seriously. First the whole Gap thing, now he is bisexual…next episode he is probably going to reveal how he kill someone and then sing a song about it…

  16. Quinn says:

    Also? If it’s Rachel, this better not mess with my Rachel/Kurt friendship too much! I love those two!

  17. Ann says:

    I love how Ryan Murphy f*cks up EVERY Season One relationship on Glee. He annihilated Will and Emma, Finn and Rachel are finished, Puck and Quinn don’t even recognize each other…and now Kurt and Blaine has been all smoke and no fire. Hahaha, that teaches you how you should never get emotionally invested in Murphy’s shows. yes, bitter fan is bitter. I loved all those couples!!!

    • RP says:

      I have to agree with this. Murphy’s a bull in a china shop when it comes to relationships and character development as a whole. :(

    • Haydee M. says:

      Uhm can i just say to you guys Will and Emma and Finn and Rachel have been confirmed as end game. And im sure it will be the same for Puck and Quinn because they will always have that special connection to each other through their daughter no matter what. These couples were not annihilated, Brad Falchuk, a writer for the show has said so himself regarding the couples. “Its call happy endings, not happy middles.”

      • Amelia says:

        Awwww…this makes me sad. I always fall for the doomed couples. I’m one of the deluded fans who is still desperately hoping St. Berry is endgame. I’m sorry, I just can’t see Finn and Rachel in a relationship beyond high school. What would they talk about without Glee Club? They don’t listen to each other half the time, and when they do try, both just end up confused.

  18. Joe B. says:

    Took this show off my DVR the other day. I’m done. Has anyone noticed that it’s the same show every week anymore?


  19. Larry says:

    Does Ryan Murphy not get the fact that doing this with Blaine’s character only supports those who believe homosexuality is a choice that can be controlled? Stupid. This is why I’m glad I just download the music and not watch Murphy make a mess of another show.

    • AJ says:

      Larry. Come on. If you’re gay, then either you or someone you know probably “wished he was straight” at one point or another. Blaine is 16 on the show. Impressionable. I bet that’s all this story line is going to be. Blaine will maybe question it, then realize that he is gay. Read between the lines in the post – watch the whole episode!

    • Anya says:

      I have a feeling this whole thing will lead up to Blaine realizing that he’s gay, and that it isn’t really up to him that he is gay, that he’ll be totally turned off by kissing Rachel. And they’re playing spin the bottle, so I’m pretty sure kissing is all it’s going to be, unless the rules of spin the bottle have changed and it is now a much more disturbing game that involves doing things far naughtier while your friends watch.

  20. D-C says:

    I was starting to like her, this will ruin the character for me

    • Frank says:

      How will this ruin Rachel if it is during spin the bottle. She isn’t going after Blaine. Maybe they kiss Blaine feels a little something, something. Not Rachel’s fault.

  21. Not that he is the best source, but perez says he received an email from Murphy saying that Blaine is not bi. He is gay.

    Here is the link.

    • dishgirl says:


      Look, bisexuals ARE GAY. Just a different kind of gay that STRICTLY homosexual or lesbian.

      *getting SO TIRED of us bisexuals being treated like unicorns*

      • AlistairCrane says:

        They ARE NOT gay no matter how many ways you try to slice it!!! You are BI!!! BI is NOT gay! Deal with it!!!

        • Deej says:

          Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

          All doubt is utterly eradicated.

        • Jo says:

          SHUT THE F#CK UP!!!!!!!
          See? just because you type with caps and exclamation points, doesn’t mean you have a valid point. Or that you have a brain. Or that you can influence other people’s opinions.

      • Love Glee for Glee says:

        I get what you are saying Dishgirl!! And trust me I believe Bisexuals are a different form of gay… little drama queen there does not realize that if you are with a partner that is of the same sex as you that is a gay relationship!

      • Jonathan Rybka-Wachhaus says:

        but unicorns are awesome! I love unicorns. I love them so much I married one!

        Unicorns I love then. I love Unicorns. Unicorns I love then (Singing the “Dispicable Me” song that Anges sings.

  22. Bibi says:

    I’ll wait and see before condemning the idea. Blaine seems like such a loving person, I’m open to the possibility of him taking that love in another direction. I for one have no desire whatsoever to see him get with Kurt (btw people, they’re not together, he clearly said he didn’t want to mess their friendship). I think their relationship as friends is so much more appropriate and benefic. Kurt needs a mentor, if Blaine becomes his boyfriend it makes all his actions seem a little condescending IMO. And two gay guys can be just friends, they don’t have to be a couple!

    Would love to see Blaine be tempted by Rachel. They somehow fit and I could imagine Rachel drunkenly seek comfort for her single status
    in that cute guy’s arms!

    In the end I’m pretty sure Blaine is really gay. Maybe not 100%, but mostly. There’s always a part that wonders what the other side is but I don’t believe his to be very strong!

    • Jen says:

      Gender aside Rachel is so much like Kurt and Blaine in terms of likes, heroes and such. I can see there being some of that friendship chemistry there. If it was Rachel instead of Mercedes in the restaurant scene from earlier in the season we never would have seen the little pink purse imagery since Rachel would have been an enthusiastic participant. Add alcohol and it kinda makes sense.

  23. Fila says:

    guys it’s glee. a comedy show. the reason i watch glee is to enjoy the covers they make. its a light show..u feel happy watching glee blabla. if you wanna rely on relationship drama. go watch some drama that has substance. stop whining. i gave up on the whole relationship thing on glee. ryan murhpy just can’t handle that kinda storyline.

    • That’s why you watch Glee. Other people watch it for different reasons. But it isn’t just comedy. And it isn’t just music. When it comes to Kurt, whether or not you or others like it, they have taken the subject seriously.

      Heard this same thing (how dare they do this!) when Justin on Ugly Betty first said he was straight. And that turned out more than fine. It’s actually pretty realistic that he would doubt. He’s young.

      • Tess says:

        I really appreciate your comments, Brian. I agree that there are a lot of different reasons why people watch the show.

        For me, while the music is totally enjoyable and a great aspect of the show, what keeps me coming back from week to week is the fact that the show has been willing to go places with topics around teens that I’ve never seen before. Sure, it’s all still under a veneer of fantasy (I mean, who busts out into production numbers involving pyrotechnics and fake-rain-drenched stages in a real high school… in the SAME WEEK???), but they have tackled some very intense issues in a way that is very accessible to kids. I wish I’d had a show like Glee when I was in high school.

  24. A. Levy says:

    Wasn’t this same issue addressed last season? Kurt made out with Brittany & sang Mellencamp because Sue suggested he may not be gay? Isn’t it a bit soon in the shows run to be so obviously recycling plotlines?

  25. elizabeth says:

    so… if you’re straight & bi-curious, it’s hot, but if you’re gay & bi-curious, it’s abhorrent? and I’d like to think that, just in real life, being curious means you’re open-minded but not necessarily going to change who you really are.

    I can remember from when I was in high school, I had a friend that everyone knew was gay. Except for evidently one girl who had a crush on him forever. He was drunk at a party, made out with her, and then felt horrible when he broke her heart by telling her the next day that he was gay… he is still gay and has a great life. That experience didn’t taint him, if anything, it confirmed his knowledge that he was gay.

  26. Mikaylah says:

    I love Darren Cross’s Blaine, whether he is gay, straight or bi-sexual. I’m pretty sure he will discover from his “exploring” that he is in fact gay, but it isn’t realistic that there might be a time in his young life where he might question that. Kurt questioned whether he was really gay in Season 1.

  27. Mikaylah says:

    I meant it IS realistic. Oops! :P

  28. blarney stone says:

    I think the wording here is crucial: “Blaine will openly question whether bisexuality is real”, not “whether he is bisexual”.

    Anyway, over the weekend Ryan Murphy sent an email to Perez Hilton affirming Blaine is gay not bi:

  29. CL says:

    I have no problem with a teenager, gay or straight exploring his sexuality. BUT I seriously hope the writers don’t completely forget the fact that they already have two females who clearly enjoy having sex with each other as well boys, and who can just as easily carry a bisexuality storyline.

    Female sexuality is just as important Ryan Murphy. They’re not just props for your boys FFS.

  30. Ian says:

    Yeah, why does it have to be the new gay character questioning maybe not his own sexuality, but maybe it’s latency within human nature? WHY NOT make it Sam, especially since the character was first conceived as gay, and the actor (as well as many other male Glee members) has been nothing more than occasional C storylines and minor dynamic foils/devices for the main stars? I know there are gay viewers and even fangirls that would appreciate that.
    So why is Ryan Murphy so clueless when it comes to exciting the minority with turned-on-its-head cliche, like hetero-male confusion and doing the unexpected with the show’s stereotypical humor? Glee is ratings gold at this point, no matter what as evident by many song-driven plots and moments, so why is he so consistent with appealing to the standard masses? I thought this show was to be an outlet for creative difference of thought?

  31. Hidey Ho says:

    Sigh. Gay, straight, bi, gay, straight, bi. This is so boring. Remember all the way back in ancient history to season 1 when this show was actually fun?

  32. kate says:

    Why does the existence of bisexuality have to be questioned in the first place. WTF Ryan Murphy.

    • AlistairCrane says:

      Uhh because it’s creepy and gross. Bis just like to have it both ways. They want the best of both worlds. No. It’s one or the other. Deal!!!

      • Isabella says:

        No it isn’t. What’s wrong with finding beauty in both sexes? You’re disgusting. Why should they have to settle? How judgmental of you.

      • Sarah says:

        Clearly somebody needs to read a few psychology/sociology books on the nature of sexual orientation. Bisexual individuals do NOT just “like to have it both ways.” That’s how it’s often portrayed in popular culture, true, but that’s not what bisexuality is. Bisexuality simply means that one’s sexual attraction – a chemical response that I’m sure you understand is not a “choice” – is not limited to one gender. As Isabella said, it is finding beauty and desirability in both sexes. If people choose to go out and sleep around with several members of both sexes, THAT is a personal lifestyle choice, but it has nothing to do with their bisexuality. Many bisexual men and women around the world find it easy enough to commit to one partner regardless of gender. For many, sexuality is fluid, and the rigid categories our society has created for defining us don’t fit. Try educating yourself a bit and not stereotyping; I’m sure you hate it when it happens to you.

      • Deej says:

        I bet if someone told you being gay was “creepy and gross” you’d be outraged yet apparently we have to deal? Hell to the NO.

      • fmhvfv says:

        You’re a sad bigoted individual. Your closed mind disgusts me.

      • amy says:

        OK, this is a troll, because a few posts up AC was saying “all women are bi” and that he was fine with that. So this person is just baiting the thread, and rather effectively.

        • Jen says:

          He said earlier that he took a class, so he thinks he is some kind of expert. One take on the subject, even when presented in an academic setting, is not the final word. If you read it, it doesn’t make it true. He fails to realize things are not as black and white as they appear.

  33. Alex says:

    I have nothing against bisexuality (since I have a few friends who are true bisexuals), but it disheartens me to learn this is the new story development for Kurt and Blaine. It seems the show is trying every which way they can to put off getting the two together. C’mon it’s almost been a year and the steamiest scene we’ve gotten is the two of them singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” together… I’m really starting to think despite all the praise about Kurt being out and proud and being featured with Blaine, the Fox network is honestly too scared to push this any further than it’s gone. Boo!

  34. Sunny says:

    “Blaine will openly question whether bisexuality is real,” Murphy revealed. “I think that some people will love that discussion and some will not love it.”

    The issue of Blaine’s sexuality will be raised in next week’s episode, and in an exclusive interview with TVLine, Murphy cautioned fans to “watch the entire episode” before jumping to any conclusions.”

    I just had to copy this as there are sooo many people freaking out about this episode. Blaine is questioning bisexuality, not becoming a bisexual!!! Watch the whole episode as suggested. This is as bad as the uproar over the “Grilled Chesus” episode. Just take a chill pill until you see for yourself what it’s all about.

    • AlistairCrane says:

      Don’t tell people how to feel. We are invested in this show and don’t want Blaine to turn bi on us, thank you very much. DEAL!

      • Sunny says:

        and that’s why I quoted it…to show that he’s questioning it, not “turning” bisexual. not telling people how to feel but trying to show everyone that questioning isn;t the same as becoming. I wouldn’t want Blaine to be bisexual, either…and it’s not because I don’t think that bisexuals aren’t gay ( as you so clearly believe). But because here is a strong gay male character who can be a role model and I don’t want him to seem wishy washy. But to question anything…your sexuality, belief in a higher power, what have you…is not a bad thing, IMO.

        no harm meant :)

      • dylan says:

        you say “don’t tell people ho to feel.” but isn’t that exactly what you’re doing?
        seriously, why are you so threatened by a storyline on a show?
        one of the best things about glee, is the fact that it is aimed at people who are in high school, perhaps going through the same or similar situations as these characters. how can it be bad to show a teenager QUESTIONING THE IDEA OF BISEXUALITY??
        no one has said that the character of Blaine actually IS bisexual.
        and, even if he were, what right do you have to judge whether it is right or wrong, or if it even exsists?
        no one is telling you that you can’t be gay, or that it isn’t a legitimate life choice because it’s not the same as theirs. and if you write back and say that you have experienced that, then you should be more empathetic than anyone, not hypocritical and judgement.
        i think you’re an utter disgrace to your sexuality, and you should stop and think about what it is that is really upsetting you about this.

        i say well done to ryan murphy, for continuing to speak up for and shine light on real issues affected by todays youth. whether we personally have experienced each issue shouldn’t matter. hat should matter is that we get a better understanding of these issues and maybe learn to all be more understanding, empathetic and more importantly, OPEN MINDED.

      • Brian Dunkleman's Shrink says:

        It is at this point that I’ve decided AlistairCrane is a plant by the producers of Glee, trying to drum up interest in this topic which is really not a topic at all.

      • fmhvfv says:

        “Don’t tell people how to feel.” Says the douche antagonizing everyone with his BS moronic point of view.

        It’s the Internet, genius. People are a-holes on the net, we know! You don’t need to prove YOU are every 1.17 comment…

      • Jo says:

        To quote you…”Don’t tell people how to feel.”

  35. Nickole says:

    LOL shocking!!!! And it WILL most likely be Rachel since even though she’s supposed to be the “unpopular girl,” clearly Lea Michele is running the show and Murphy will throw whatever suitor/possible suitor at her, even if it’s Blaine. FACEPALM.

    That being said, I can see them resolve it in the end by getting Blaine to realize he IS gay and him and Kurt officially get together or something. Yeah. I don’t like it. The whole damn point of Blaine in the first place was to bring in a confident, self-assured character and now they’ve all but thrown it out the door for some ridiculous wine-cooler storyline.

  36. Kayce says:

    I think it’s gonna be Quinn. “Drunk on wine coolers” Isn’t that how she ended up having sex with Puck & getting pregnant? He plied her with wine coolers.

  37. Ian says:

    And what the f does Ryan mean when he says the pacing of Klaine’s relationship is comparable to others on the show? There are random hookups, kissing and making out almost every episode, but it’s never those two (Brittana get action because it’s more palatable?). A 2 gay male relationship shouldn’t be treated the same? I know they aren’t even more than friends at this point, but we couldn’t even see Blaine kiss that Gap guy before he was one-offed? I would get it if he said he has to take it slow to make it more meaningful and statement about the nature of love for the all the intolerant out there, but that’s not what he said. And now he’s making Blaine kiss a girl?!?! That’s truly a step back, and doesn’t make sense for the character as he’s so strongly come to terms with his sexuality. I know there are gay men kissing women everyday for a number of reasons, but not ones like Blaine. So it just so happens in a game of spin the bottle? How popular a game is that today anyway – and do the straight guys playing have to kiss if paired? Do they have to?
    Gah, so frustrating. The handle of the the gay material on this show is WHAT’S REALLY questionable, not bisexuality. And all of this is happening while racism is alive BTS and keeping Mercedes loveless and lifeless, as well as no other black casting. Must blondes have all the fun?

  38. L says:

    Alistair Crane= Troll

    • J says:

      I’m glad someone else picked up on this because I was starting to feel bad for everyone being tricked into pointless arguments…

      • jen says:

        I replied to him AND acknowledged he was a troll, which is sad, I’ll admit. I just couldn’t leave it alone though. At least he’s a successful troll!

        • AlistairCrane says:

          I’m not a troll. Check out my posting history here at TVLine. It’s all been very peaceful until this bisexual bullcrap.

    • John Berggren says:

      Although this article effectively spoils the end of the episode, I think it’s good to check out so that the pill of chill can be taken. For me, it seems like a perfectly reasonable path for Blaine to take – being unsure of yourself is part and parcel of growing up.

      • hanna says:

        I was totally expecting him to be actually gay though- think about, what real purpose does Blaine have if he isn’t Kurt’s love interest? And he isn’t that inolved in Glee just yet for us as viewers to start following him and his personal life, like we have For Rachel, Finn, etc. I’m happy for a Blaine-centric episode though!

  39. John Berggren says:

    I’m cautious about this, but Glee hasn’t let me down yet, so I’m not going to stress out about it before I watch it. Remember, these are kids – and they are going to be unsure of themselves from time to time. Further, the attraction of conformity is going to be there no matter how much “It Gets Better”.

    Please don’t lose your ever loving minds on this one.

  40. Jacqi says:

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I seriously hope he is just questioning and doesn’t actually do anything. Blaine + Kurt!!!!!!!! That is all!!

  41. Megan says:

    “Blaine will openly question whether bisexuality is real”
    I don’t like the sound of that. Glad I don’t watch this crap.

  42. Samantha says:

    Bad call Ryan Murphy. If Blaine is supposed to be a confident, gay mentor to Kurt and everyone else then why does he need to make out with a girl? I am not happy with this storyline. I love Glee but they need to stop trying to push the envelope and work with their already great storylines.

    • sammy says:

      Thats exactly what I thought. Couldn’t Blaine just be comfortable with his sexuality. If it was was anyone else who was to explore the possibility of being bi, i would totally be on board but part of Blaine’s charm was that he was such a confident gay person.

      • Tess says:

        But he’s still a teenager and teenagers are by their very natures just trying to figure themselves out. I happen to be straight, and was, not unlike Darren Criss, brought up in a very gay-friendly environment, so never felt any shame around my sexuality. When I got to college, I wondered if I could be bisexual or a lesbian. It didn’t change the fact that at the end of the day, I’m straight.

        I don’t think that it has to change Blaine’s confidence levels at all. I think that too many people are looking at this through adult eyes. Things are MUCH MUCH less certain when you’re a teenager.

    • JujuicyFruit says:

      I initially agreed, but I think I like the way Kirk is slowly morphing into a much more confident, young man. I would rather see Blaine/Kurt have a relationship that is more of equal footing than mentor/mentee.

    • Erin says:

      One crucial element that tvline left out of this article is that Ryan Murphy has confirmed that Blaine is indeed gay, not bisexual. Blaine is questioning whether he believes in bisexuality, not whether HE is a bisexual, and in the process kisses a girl under the influence (spin the bottle, most likely Rachel)

      Murphy said, “”Blaine is NOT bi. He is gay, and will always be gay. I think it’s very important to young kids that they know this character is one of them.”

      Not so nicely stated.

  43. Rocky says:

    Can I just add that the original blind item was poorly written. Sorry but you don’t call a teen a bachelor and also he’s only been on the show for a few months so ladies have not been after him for “a long time”. You’re slipping Ausillo. Slezak’s bad writing is rubbing off on you.

  44. J says:

    I hope Blaine has sex with a girl strictly so AlistairCrane will stop watching Glee.

    • Jo says:

      Agreed. I hope he’s devastated enough to give up the internet forever because even if this guy is a troll feeding the arguments, it pisses me off.

  45. Agreed-ish says:

    I’ll agree that this story line would be more compelling if someone who was purportedly straight began to question their sexuality, and in turn, learned more about bisexuality, because there are A LOT of misconceptions. Probably coming from me, too, because I am a straight woman, and I would be interested to see a character like this on television.
    I also agree that it is probably another way to be a road block for Kurt and Blaine, BUT that does not excuse the hate-filled speech being touted on here. I want to see Blaine and Kurt together, BUT I will watch the episode and then comment on it…one way or another. “Alistair” is getting pretty heated about something he has not actually witnessed.

  46. Wendy says:

    Ha! I thought it was Blaine!
    I bet the girl will either be Santana or Brittany.
    But maybe that’s too obvious a guess.
    I don’t know.

  47. JujuicyFruit says:

    After reading all of AlistairCrane’s comments, I hope Blaine does sleep with girl…just so AC won’t watch Glee anymore. :)

  48. Uh... Wow says:

    Quite honestly, I stopped reading any and all arguments AlistairCrane had after he declared that all women are bi and men can’t be.
    That was literally the most close-minded and stupidest thing you could have said.
    Glee is ALL about being open minded, exploring who you are and the harsh realities of life. One of my favorite things about it is how real it is — It really is life as a musical.
    Blaine will question his sexuality because it’s in every human’s nature to do so. Male, female, gay, straight or bi.
    Just let it go, buddy. You’re digging yourself really deep.
    If you’ve been hurt, that really sucks. I’m sorry. But this argument go.

  49. Lisa says:

    It has to be Rachel, right? An Ask Ausiello from two weeks ago said that Rachel will be “getting some action soon. The twist? It won’t be Finn or Puck.” It’s Blaine! Who else could it be?