Barbra Streisand Apologizes For Dissing Glee

Barbra Streisand is sorry for raining on Glee‘s parade.

Not 48 hours after making an off-the-cuff dig at Fox’s überpopular musical-dramedy, the legendary crooner took to her blog to offer up a “clarification” of her comment.

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First, some background: At a Friday event honoring her as the MusiCares Person of the Year, Streisand was asked (as too many are) if she would consider guest-starring on Glee. To that, she scoffed, “Not if I can help it.” Ouch.

In retrospect, Babs posted to her blog, “I should have said, ‘You never know.’ It was wrong to say, ‘Not if I can help it.'”

Streisand went on to say that she has been “overwhelmed preparing for my performance on MusiCares, the Grammys, recording a new album, and starting a new movie” — “and besides that, I wasn’t asked [to do Glee].” (Gorillaz, take note.)

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The eight-time Grammy winner said she is “so honored” that Glee‘s Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele) “is so admiring of my work,” as evidenced by the character’s exemplary takes on Babs classics such as “Rain On My Parade.”

In fact, in her actual MusicCares speech, Streisand lauded Glee for “exposing young people to music they might otherwise not hear today.”

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Gleeks, do you accept Funny Girl’s mea culpa?

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  1. John Berggren says:

    Much ado about nothing. I don’t think she was trying to be antagonistic of Glee. I think she’s just very busy and didn’t answer the question as precisely enough for it to risk being read as insulting.

  2. amy says:

    It definitely sounds like she was responding to the question in terms of being overwhelmed, instead of actually dissing the show. Gossip columnists love to try to stir up disputes where there are none.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Just like Nathan Followill, I have to wonder why Babs is apologizing. It’s not a crime to dislike GLEE. In fact, it should be encouraged! The show is annoying.

    • trisha says:

      But she just clarified that she wasn’t dissing the show and infact when further to say she’s glad it’s exposing a young generation to her music. And then praises Lea.

      The KOL dude was just rude and should be ignored anyway.

    • Kris says:

      But Glee does expose a lot of her music to younger audiences and considering half of the Glee cast paid tribute to her through song this weekend, I’d say she felt like a bit of a bitch. She doesn’t have to like Glee, there’s nothing wrong with having an opnion, but considering Glee has done quite a bit for her career (from a youth standpoint) it was a bit harsh.

      • NONEOFYOUR says:

        Are you a complete retard? “but considering Glee has done quite a but for her career”. I laugh at that! This woman is a legend! She needs NO help from a mediocre plotted TV show, no matter how great the talent! Dummy.

  4. scmo says:

    The whole world does not revolve around GLEE, so I find Barbra’s remarks honest.

  5. GRC says:

    When did Glee become so sacred that no one dare have a negative opinion or gasp! admit it’s not their thing? Jeez, lighten-up. It’s a good show, but it’s not everyone’s bag, baby. “Slashing” icons for not appearing is bad karma.

  6. Carrie says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Babs should not have to justify herself or apologize to Glee. Dear Glee: you really aren’t that good. Step off the soap box, please.

  7. has been says:

    Please. Babs thinks it’s diva-worthy in playing a stereotypical jewish sexaholic on Fockers, but Glee isn’t good enough for her? She needs a reality check.

    • ErixN says:

      I do not think that is what she meant. She said “Not if I can help it” because she is extremely busy at the moment and does not have room to put anything else on her plate at the moment.

  8. Ivan says:

    In 50 years they will still be listening to Babs. To Glee or anyone in the cast? Highly unlikely.

  9. Sue says:

    Barbara is a Icon…In my opinion, she can say anything she wants and not feel compelled to apologize…Give me a Break, leave Mrs. Streisand alone…

  10. John Berggren says:

    I think we can be respectful of Barbra and not be antagonistic of Glee (and vice-versa). If Barbra wasn’t a fan of Glee, that’d be fine, that’d be her prerogative. That said, she said some very nice things about Glee. Once again, it’s clear that her quote was taken out of context (the context being what she meant in her mind).

    For anyone who says “we’ll be listening to Barbra in 50 years but to noone from Glee”, that’s pretty short sighted. There is not reason to believe that Lea Michele couldn’t have similar career success. As we can’t see the future, anyone else in the cast (present or future) might end up being the next big thing.

    I’m sick of the need in entertainment to hate one thing because you like another.

  11. JR says:

    Today, I really love Barbra Streisand. I can’t see why everyone is so mesmerized Glee—it’s like an hour long version of Kidz Bop with a modern day after school special treatment. It’s great that it’s probably keeping some kids off crack, but seriously, it’s not the next best thing since sliced bread.

  12. Sal says:

    Huge Barbra fan since I was a teenager….
    Anyway her comments were taken out of context and were used to “stir up trouble” because of who she is in the entertainment business. It sounds like Barbra is a very busy lady these days and that is in no way a bad reflection of GLEE or the cast….

    This is what is known as making much ado about nothing…

  13. darcy's evil twin says:

    Huge Barbra fan here – I saw “Funny Girl” half a dozen times.

    I do not agree with her politics at all; however, when she received the Kennedy Center Award and Bush was president she said she would be polite, as this award was “not political” – and she WAS polite.

    I agree – much ado about nothing. I’m sure she was honest about being overwhelmed. We’ve all been ovewhelmed/in a hurry/busy and made an off-the-cuff comment that someone took the wrong way.

  14. Rush says:

    If Streisand were to appear on Glee I think the entire LGBT community would implode with hysteria.

  15. Allyson says:

    This is reminiscent of the 90s when “The Nanny” was trying to get Barbra to guest on the show, and she refused every single time, despite the many times she would have fit wonderfully into the storyline.
    Maybe Babs just doesn’t want to be on the small screen. Ever. unless its a talk show.

  16. Dee says:

    First up I don’t think Babs has anything to apologise for. She’s more than entitled to say what she thinks, BUT if she really must apologise I’d prefer if she did it by way of a cameo on Glee where she duets with Lea Michele, otherwise, quit the backtrack Babs, you’re too good for that

  17. kimcurtis says:

    Barbara has so many important goals that she doesn’t have time to devote to Glee. She is getting ready to sing My Man for Ghaddafi. She is also having her profile sculpted for Mount Rushmore. She is a very busy lady.