SVU Boss Promises Benson/Stabler Fans: A 'Memorable' Moment Is Coming!

Law & Order: SVU showrunner Neal Baer knows what the fans want, and he’s giving it to you in next Wednesday’s episode.

“Next week! Next week!” Baer gushed when asked about any buzzworthy moments ahead for SVU‘s smoldering — but just friends — lead detectives, Benson and Stabler. “Next week. ‘Pursuit.’ Debra Messing. Christine Lahti. Mariska Hargitay. Chris Meloni. It’s shocking — a shocking episode. In many ways,” he teased.

Tightlipped as ever, Baer was careful not to reveal too much else about the episode, or what exactly transpires between Elliot and Olivia. But we were able to extract a little more scoop from the series boss.

“It’s complex, and you will see Benson and Stabler in a way you haven’t seen,” he offered. “It’s certainly a situation we haven’t done before, and the ramifications will play out in a way that the fans will, I hope, really appreciate. It is memorable.

“But it’s not a shocking moment between them,” Bear clarified. “Something terribly shocking happens, and consequently, the moment between them is memorable, which underscores their relationship in ways that the fans will really appreciate.”

Baer added that while the moment is central to Wednesday’s episode alone, “The ramifications certainly carry on. Definitely.”

Dying to find out what the heck the big shock is? For now, take a peek at NBC’s description of Wednesday’s episode — coupled with Baer’s latest BubbleTweet preview — and maybe some of the pieces will start to come together:

When Alicia Harding (played by Messing), host of the television series “Neighborhood Predator,” begins to receive personal threats, her life-long pursuit to find her sister’s abductor emerges. Detectives Olivia Benson and Odafin “Fin” Tutola (Ice-T) are joined in the investigation by ADA Sonya Paxton (Lahti), who may be too involved in the case. As Harding thinks she is getting close to the truth, another’s life hangs in the balance.

Don’t miss NBC’s Law & Order: SVU Wednesday, February 16, at 10/9c.

What do you think the memorable moment will be for Benson and Stabler? Post your theories in the comments!

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  1. Sarah Babberl says:

    I believe Benson and Stabler will kiss. The case is going to be too personal for Olivia and of course, to the rescue, her partner Stabler will be there to comfort her. At that most caring, intense, vulnerable moment emotions are out-of-control, and it happens, they kiss for the first time.
    Honestly I am looking forward to watching this episode because I feel in my heart that these 2 characters belong together. I know fans are feeling that it may ruin their friendship and/or partnership, but if they both have feelings for each other don’t you feel that they should give it a shot? Life is about taking risks and being happy. You only live one life. I say go for it! If this truly happens between these characters and it continues to progress, SVU will, once again, be my all-time favorite TV drama. Leaving the show Bones in the runner up spot.

  2. sue ringo says:

    i don’t like the idea of putting benson and stabler together, never have. i would rather see benson with someone who will understand where she’s been,who she is and someone who has no problem with a woman being capable of taking care of herself. as for the big shocker that’s coming up, i think captain kragen is going to eiter be killed, or seriously wounded and either way they wll have a hard time dealing with it ad will turn to each other for support.

  3. gumby says:

    SVU kinda sucks. Nothing goods going to happen. They just know they are going up against the new Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior and are going to get killed in the ratings.

  4. Brittany says:

    Near Baer, I stopped believing you about 3, It’s complex, and you will see Benson and Stabler in a way you haven’t seen,” back and 4 or 5 “It’s certainly a situation we haven’t done before”. I feel like we’re just quoting old articles now.

    “The ramifications certainly carry on. Definitely.”

    Not likely.


  5. Ann Littlewoman says:

    Olivia belongs with Alex Cabot. Please bring back Alex!!!!!!!

  6. Nita says:

    I know! Olivia will finally come out of the closet and Elliott is so happy for her that he hugs her and then tells her it’s about bloody time!

  7. Kenneth says:

    Fantasy= Fin and Olivia getting together.
    Possibly will happen= Olivia will come out as a lesbian (it has been building for awhile)
    Could happen= Olivia finds out she is related to everyone in the squad.
    Like to have happen= Cragen comes out of the closet and Stabler is uncomfortable working under a gay man. (has there ever been any mention of a Mrs Cragen?)
    Most likely to happen= nothing.

  8. bringbackclassicsvu says:

    This smells of JUMP THE SHARK!

  9. T says:

    Um, are people still debating EO in season 12? And is Neal still teasing it? I loved the show in seasons 7,8 (whomever mentioned Fault and Burned, I heart you – Neal needs to rewatch) but sadly, he’s has turned me into a casual viewer. There is no way EO is ever going to happen (hey, non-shippers and I can agree on something!), and I’m tired of Neal throwing us a bone or two every now and then. I guess they truly had an impossible situation from the start – Dick Wolf made Elliot married and Olivia the perpetual single female cop, and while they needed Chris and Mariska to have chemistry to make the show work, they did not need them to have so much chemistry that a lot of fans would end up wanting to see them together. I don’t hate Kathy and Elliot’s family – he wouldn’t be Elliot without them – but Kathy and Elliot just never had the pull for me that Elliot and Olivia do. Anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll have to catch SVU when I can, and thankfully, Castle came along and filled that void of great drama, great writing, and two gorgeous leads that I could root for to wind up together. Sorry Neal – as much as I love Chris and Marish – El and Liv have taken a back seat to Rick and Kate. I don’t think you’ll let sex crimes detective with a tough past ever be happy, but the homicide detective with a pretty tough past herself just might make it there. I’m watching ABC Mondays with way more interest than NBC Wednesdays.

  10. Saberwolf says:

    Sounds to me like Elliot and Liv will be undercover pretending to be married or something, and they will have to do something convincing to keep their cover so they’ll have no choice but to maybe get a little closer than they ever have. That’s just my thought.

  11. Kim says:

    DO NOT put Olivia and El in a relationship! First, it would undermine the character of Elliot by having him cheat on his wife. This is a dedicated and loyal man! Second, I swear the chemistry between Alex and Olivia is OFF THE CHARTS! If they really want to do something “groundbreaking” with the characters, bring back ALEX!!! There is a reason Olivia doesn’t really have a romantic life…she’s waiting for ALEX!!

  12. James says:

    Why has olivia barely been on the show? Every week she gets called off for some task and comes back at the end almost like a minimal contact

  13. amy says:

    As someone who finally gave up on “Bones” forever as of this week, I just have to say that no set of shippers gets to more justly complain about having their chains yanked than Benson/Stabler shippers. The show is clearly never going to do jack about them, but they’re going to keep putting in little “moments” to string the fans along, and the leads have now aged about a decade while wondering how in the world they’re going to keep this fresh. The showrunners ought to be ashamed. Either get the couple together already or move on already and let your fan base off the hook.

  14. Jessica "Lyne" Newton says:

    I’m a major EO fan and we definately need more “moments” from them! They are amazing and they belong together…anyone can see that! I can’t wait for Wednesday! I think something will happen to Finn b/c I don’t think Liv would be as torn up as she appeared to be if it had been Messing…the spoiler only said that a life hangs in the balance (not that anyone was going to die).

  15. Laura says:

    i think that if they get together it would ruin the show. Their chemistry is what keeps the viewers watching, chemistry and respect that is what is hot about the show.

  16. Larc says:

    Are they gonna kill that idiot Stabler off? If they do, I’ll go back to watching the show. He’s a crappy cop. Once a crime has been committed, he thinks everybody he sees is guilty and treats them that way. That wouldn’t happen if he had a brain and knew how to use it.

  17. Shawna says:

    I would love to see them together at some point. Olivia loves him. You could see it during the hug in Paternity. You can see it every time he gets hurt. He loves her too. You can see it every time she’s in danger. It’s a bond that has grown deeper and deeper over the years. I for one would love to see them together before the end of the show. I know that both Chris and Mariska have publicly expressed a desire for the characters to get together. She even said in an interview not too long ago that she wanted at least one make out session with him before the series was canceled. The dynamics of the characters realizing that they have deep feelings for each other could make the remainder of the series very interesting.

    • HGFM says:

      You need to read more recent news. Even Mariska has said if Olivia could have a baby, it wouldn’t be Elliot’s. And Chris’s comments are always tongue in cheek. He knows what he has to say to get EO viewers to keep watching.

  18. Rach says:

    I hate to burst your bubbles, but i just think they hug. This show, and all of the other L&O’s lack an ending. Why would they continue the plot for more epiodes. Just like the dying baby, and Calvin. As soon as those credits air, the plot is dead and gone. Maybe something important will happen, but it sure will not continue into future episodes, and I am 99% sure about that.

  19. hobie says:

    Spoilertv has the next episode “Bully” (Air date 2/23) listed and both Olivia and Elliot are listed as being in the episode so I don’t think either of them will die in “Pursuit” airing Wednesday 2/16.

  20. Calling Stabler “the MOST MORAL man on television” is such a crock. One need not belong to any particular cult in order to have morals or to practice moral behavior. Morals come from the decisions we make, every day of our lives, on how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, and what kind of person we want to become. They needn’t come from some 6,000-year-old list of rules (like how to “properly” sell your daughter into slavery in Leviticus), OR some horridly-written sci-fi by some schizophrenic nut who believes that we all have teeny-tiny aliens living in our blood vessels.

    We make OURSELVES into the people that we want to be, by our actions, our decisions, and our thoughts. Period. THAT is morality. Elliot’s often-tormented “soul” and internal conflict about so much of that character’s life is mostly handicapped by the cult mentality that was beaten into him since birth. I still don’t believe that his character truly “loves” the wife character, and I never have. But because of his training in his cult, he stays purely for “the sake of the childrennnn” and because he doesn’t believe in divorce, despite the fact that it’s kinda hard to not believe in something that ACTUALLY exists, as opposed to structuring your entire life based upon invisible sky-fairies who most likely DON’T exist.

    If they wanted to skip the whole “Moonlighting” curse and get around the sentimentalists/cult nuts who insist on keeping Elliot with Kathy, kill off the wife, spare Elliot the agony of being excommunicated for a divorce, and then see what happens. Hell, she’s already beaten death how many times now? Four? She can’t have THAT many more lives left. I can’t imagine Liv trusting any other man that much, honestly — they’ve hung several toxic albatrosses around her neck from day one, as if a woman that the male producers consider “damaged goods” (much the same way as Hollywood douchebags treated Mariska’s real-life mother, Jayne Mansfield) could NEVER have a “real,” HEALTHY, stable relationship with a “normal” guy or girl. Personally, I’d love it if they brought Cabot back and she and Liv were a couple, but this ain’t “Will & Grace” by a long shot. Hell, it’s not even “My Two Dads.” This show is so damned square, it might as well have a traffic boot attached to it.

    It *would* permanently ruin their professional life together, though, as they’d have to be split-up and reassigned to different departments or even different squads, to avoid “conflict of interest” & HR crap. So if they’re ever intending on getting Liv & El together, they’d better save it for the last season, which will hopefully be many years in the future.

    Personally, if they’re going to sacrifice any characters to have some “earth-shaking” b.s. “event” on the show, it’ll be Belzer, unfortunately. They’ve given him fewer and fewer lines over the last 2 seasons, and he’s NEVER pivotal to any of the plots, when he’s even IN the damned show. He’s my favorite character on there, as ironic as it is to have Richard Belzer playing a COP, but he’ll probably be their sacrificial lamb if they want an “emotional instigation/accelerant.” Fin still gets some good lines, and is involved enough in the plots/busts/operations for Ice-T to still be “valuable” to the show. I’d hate it if they axe Belzer, but it won’t surprise me.

    So I say that we save the “jump the shark” critiques until the final season, whenever that will be… and hopefully we won’t lose another Lenny Briscoe and have THAT be the literal death-knell of a good show. Damn, I still miss Lenny… *sigh* Wasn’t always that big on the original L&O, but NOBODY could rip-out a razor-sharp/snarkalicious one-liner like Jerry Orbach. And I miss their Captain, too, she was one badassed woman. Professional to a tee, but with a great sense of humor and enough attitude to lay even the skeeriest convict low with one good glare.

    Here’s hoping that the bait-and-switch “leaks” are the same quality of fertilizer that they’ve always been, and that they don’t go screwing-up a good thing until it’s absolutely necessary or it’s reached the point where there’s nothing left to lose.

  21. P.S. There’s no way IN HELL that SVU could EVER even *remotely* be “threatened” by the hacks who created “Criminal Minds.” PERIOD. If anyone saw that original-series HERESY and SALACIOUS/SLANDEROUS STEREOTYPES, BIGOTRY AND ALL-OUT ***LIES*** that they committed against New Orleans, LA, and the south entirely, ESPECIALLY AFTER KATRINA — the reason that Mandy Patinkin LEFT that crock o’sh*t “show” — then you already know that they’re hardly CAPABLE of going up against SVU.
    They’re crap writers, illiterate producers, and THE most lazily-committed atrocities on the airwaves, second only to Jerry Springer. I had hope for the tech-wizard chick with the cat-eye glasses, but they always cast her as a “victim” of something or other, always needing to be “saved,” so no, that show has absolutely NO redeeming values, logical plotlines, believable dialogue, OR anything else to make it worthy of my time. Hell, Jerry Springer could probably do BETTER than the gaggle o’hacks that “create” (defecate) that crap onto the air.

    I seriously doubt that SVU has anything to fear from anyone but their own writers.

  22. melwainwright says:

    yeah neal hypes things up and then disappointment follows like when benson and stabler went undercovered as a married couple for like 10 secs and neil made out like they were going to make out

  23. gp says:

    Olivia and Alex are NOT lesbians. Stop shipping them already you idiots! To make them both suddenly gay now would be just as stupid and out of place as it was when they did it to Serena on the mothership. Actually it would be even worse than that because we’ve had so many more years of getting to know Olivia and Alex (than we did with Serena). I mean, McCoy didn’t even know!

  24. D says:

    Now this is news worthy! I’m excited to see where this goes.

  25. Christina says:

    I think when Neal Bear says “Its not a moment between them” he means that nothing happens between them. They don’t kiss or anything. I think he means that something terrible happens that affects both Benson and Stabler. I think that someone gets hurt, or someone dies. Either Debra Messing’s character dies or ADA Paxton. Or maybe Olivia hugs Elliot because she thought he was dead, and she was relieved. Or maybe she just endured a horrible experience. It could be anything guys, the story could go in so many different directions.

  26. baby girl says:

    i hope he will stay on svu, wit out them two 2gether its nothin, i would luv to c them 2gether too.

  27. Shawna says:

    One possible scenario
    Messing faked the stalker. Fin figures it out as Benson is too emotionally involved to see what’s going on. He confronts Messing who says the line about seeing a way to change her life and taking it. She tazes him and slams his head into the mirror. Olivia finds Fin and calls for back up. Elliot gets the call that it’s at Messing’s and an officer is down. He thinks it could be Liv and rushes there. If they have an exchange beyond the hug it would be along the lines of Elliot saying, ”I thought it was you”. Olivia says, “It could have been you.”

  28. ht says:

    i just want to see them hook-up & just pretend it didn’t happen lol. the hangover sort of thing haha

  29. robinepowell says:

    I’d like to point out that us Canadian fans, get to find out on Tuesday, every Tuesday, this season. CTV is smart and doesn’t move this show from its Tuesday night lineup. ;)

  30. Pippa says:

    Elliot and Olivia absolutely need to get together. I don’t even consider myself a hardcore Elliot/Olivia supporter but it feels so right for the natural progression for these characters. Elliot’s marriage has been portrayed as being driven by familiarity more than anything over the last few years and the Elliot/Olivia relationship has progressed into a complicated but really stable confidence in each other. Even when I want Elliot to stay with Kathy just because I don’t want the show to jump on the “male/female cop partners turned lovers” bandwagon it just doesn’t make any sense. There is no satisfaction in thinking about the series ending with Elliot going home to Kathy or Olivia going home to someone random when those relationships haven’t been shown to satisfy the intellectual give-and-take and emotional connectedness that has been fostered for 12 years between Stabler and Benson. It hasn’t been cheesy or forced and sometimes it didn’t even look like it was there but in the end it has of course always come back to them. Benson and Stabler need to get together and the show needs to end with a new generation of SVU detectives starting to filter in as the 1-6 crew moves into more mentor roles. They’ve payed their dues and I think it would be a great way to leave the audience feeling like life goes on but still give our faves a hopeful future.

    • HGFM says:

      The relationship between Elliot and Olivia has always been one of partners at work. Work is the only thing they have in common. It is the thing they have binding them together. There is nothing more personal in their relationship that we have seen Elliot have with his former partners. He is all about the partnership, not Olivia as a person.
      Trying to leave openings so that EO shippers can read something else into the relationship has always had a forced quality to it. It is really sad they didn’t know how to give Olivia a personal life of her own. And it’s even sadder that they didn’t explore Elliot’s home life more. The scene between Elliot and Kathy in “Grey” did a lot to show that Elliot is still in love with his wife. She is the woman he wants to spend his life with, not his partner.

  31. LittleMo says:

    I think Elliot has been a little bit in love with Olivia under the surface for a while but never allowed himself to think about it or to let it come out in the open. He is protrayed as having been a former marine so controlling his feelings and not letting anything show on his face or in his body language wouldn’t be impossible for him to do. Same thing goes with Olivia. Remember when she went undercover with that environmental group and was moaning “Elliot” while she was sleeping?

    Even if the writers put Benson and Stable together SVU could still be a very successful, exciting show to watch providing enough thought was put into the s/l for these 2 characters after they got together. It would bring an entirely new dynamic to the show and the perspective of the characters regarding how they do their jobs, do they remain partners or are the partnered with other people because of their relationship, etc. If it was done right it could be a gold mine for the life of the show.

    • HGFM says:

      Elliot has never shown any signs of being in love with Olivia. She is his partner and he treats her the same way he treats all his partners. That’s is the only relationship he wants with.
      On the other hand, Olivia has had a huge crush on Elliot for years. He is most likely the first man to treat her like a human being. She thinks it’s something personal when it isn’t. Her take on the relationship is very different from his. Just listen to the two of them describing it to Dr. Hendricks.
      The best thing the producers could do is make it clear that nothing romantic or sexual is ever going to happen between them. Even Olivia knows that to be the case.

      • Robert says:

        Yes she does know that nothing will happen. She took Kathy to the doctor and then I had to go and pick up the kid. What happen?

  32. P.S.L. says:

    What memorable moment?? Nothing happened! Another lie, as usual. No one trusts you anymore Neal Baer!

  33. josh says:

    Looks like he wasn’t lying and it wasn’t bs after all huh.

  34. M1ssy204 says:

    How come Benson and Stabler aren’t really in the same episodes??? Did thy get in a ‘real life’ fight or something??

  35. Robert says:

    I just missed the show where Kathy was pregnant with the new baby after her and Stabler got back together. What happened after the accident. Did the baby live and is that Stablers babay? Someone tell me.

  36. Butterfly says:

    Yawn, Baer, yawn. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love SVU, but I watched the episode in queston and while it had its “shocking” moment (if you would call it that), there was nothing special about the Stabler/Benson moment. Besides, how much would the show die if those 2 ever really did get together?! All the chickie fans out there jonesing for that to occur would turn on them in a moment because of what Stabler would be doing to Kathy and his children. Seriously, ladies, you all know that you would go apes**t about the cheating factor, so why pretend you think it’s hot?!

    Beyond that, has anyone noticed how few screen moments together that Hargitay and Meloni have actually had this season??? It’s almost as if Hargitay and Meloni had a bit of a falling out or were perhaps getting a little too close for comfort for their real-life significant others. Whatever it is, there definitely seems to be a cooling factor occurring there. Uncertain if the show’s writers just wanted some variety, but I’ve seen more Benson/Fin air time lately than anything else. In addition, where the hell is Munch?! Love him on the show and he seems to be greatly MIA lately.

    Also, I, too, would love a return of Alex Cabot. She played a way more realistic ADA than any of the inept crew that they have had on the show recently.

  37. Susan says:

    Stabler(in elevator)……”Am I boring you?”to Benson, who is stifling a huge yawn.
    “Sorry,but I got absolutely no sleep last night,”Benson replies, still yawning behind her hand.
    “So..your blind date went well?”Stabler asks her, smiling suggestively.
    “It didn’t go at all!I canceled it…”
    Does that really sound like two people who are openly lusting for each other??LOL I think that Liv envies Elliot his stable married life with kids, and he envies her what little single life she actually had in the beginning of the series. This was S9-what the hell happened?Neal Baer,where did that edgy, interesting writing go?Please bring it back if it’s not already too late!

  38. Jenny says:

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me why Benson and Stabler have been split up for the majority of the episodes for the last few weeks. Does this strike anyone else as odd?

  39. Stormy says:

    I have read that Meloni will be leaving the show at the end of his contract. This may be why the two haven’t had as many screen episodes together and why they are talking about upping the relationship between the two to work on wrapping up loose story lines. That’s my guess.