SVU Boss Promises Benson/Stabler Fans: A 'Memorable' Moment Is Coming!

Law & Order: SVU showrunner Neal Baer knows what the fans want, and he’s giving it to you in next Wednesday’s episode.

“Next week! Next week!” Baer gushed when asked about any buzzworthy moments ahead for SVU‘s smoldering — but just friends — lead detectives, Benson and Stabler. “Next week. ‘Pursuit.’ Debra Messing. Christine Lahti. Mariska Hargitay. Chris Meloni. It’s shocking — a shocking episode. In many ways,” he teased.

Tightlipped as ever, Baer was careful not to reveal too much else about the episode, or what exactly transpires between Elliot and Olivia. But we were able to extract a little more scoop from the series boss.

“It’s complex, and you will see Benson and Stabler in a way you haven’t seen,” he offered. “It’s certainly a situation we haven’t done before, and the ramifications will play out in a way that the fans will, I hope, really appreciate. It is memorable.

“But it’s not a shocking moment between them,” Bear clarified. “Something terribly shocking happens, and consequently, the moment between them is memorable, which underscores their relationship in ways that the fans will really appreciate.”

Baer added that while the moment is central to Wednesday’s episode alone, “The ramifications certainly carry on. Definitely.”

Dying to find out what the heck the big shock is? For now, take a peek at NBC’s description of Wednesday’s episode — coupled with Baer’s latest BubbleTweet preview — and maybe some of the pieces will start to come together:

When Alicia Harding (played by Messing), host of the television series “Neighborhood Predator,” begins to receive personal threats, her life-long pursuit to find her sister’s abductor emerges. Detectives Olivia Benson and Odafin “Fin” Tutola (Ice-T) are joined in the investigation by ADA Sonya Paxton (Lahti), who may be too involved in the case. As Harding thinks she is getting close to the truth, another’s life hangs in the balance.

Don’t miss NBC’s Law & Order: SVU Wednesday, February 16, at 10/9c.

What do you think the memorable moment will be for Benson and Stabler? Post your theories in the comments!

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  1. J says:

    Bring back Alex Cabot! I’d much rather see A/O.

    • Kay says:

      A/O forever!

      • Paige Matthews says:

        I’d love to see Alex back in any capacity, honestly. The show hasn’t been the same without her…

      • latisha says:

        i think stabler and benson will make out or try to be a couple

        • Misha' says:

          I hope not I really wnt them to stay friends and for Elliot to be wit Kathy and his kids and for Oliva to some 1 just for her

          • cnelson says:

            I agree with this, I think they would ruin what those two have by putting them together romantically. Don’t do it.

          • krae says:

            I know, I like the always kinda woundering that is part of the relationship they have. You know that they are good friends but wounder is it that or something more? They are really great together that is the best of the law and orders.

          • Annie Blair says:

            I agree! The whole balance and tension set up between the two of them and the depth created make the show many faceted and REAL, thus interesting. Too many shallow fall into bed shows out there already. I do think they should revisit Benson’s brother. She needs a fam. The shows with the brother are some of my favorites. Every time she gets a kid or a brother it is dropped.
            By the time this is posted everyone will know the event is the crazy ex drunk DA is murdered and her demise collars the killer. GREAT show! Cant wait for the next one… Please dont pull the plug NBC!

        • Daria J Taylor says:

          that would ruin the entire show….the fact that they don’t fall
          into BED together..(like other shows)makes them them both..

        • stevie says:

          OMG I really hope so!!!!

        • DL says:

          I doubt it. I think the more likely thing is that something terrible will happen (Fin gets badly hurt, ADA Paxton is killed, etc.) and Olivia and Elliot are right in the thick of it when it goes down. It affects both of them deeply, and there will be an emotional moment where they are both incredibly vulnerable and comforting each other, and perhaps realize the depth of how important they are to one another. I see Elliot holding Liv while she cries kind of thing, as he stoically tries to fight back his own tears. Something like that.

          • Angel:) says:

            yeah but elliot already held her while she was almost crying in an episode…..i think it was “Spooked”…im pretty sure……..well she was shaken up….but yeah it was so exciting to see that:)i loved it:)as always:)

        • april decker says:

          i think they would make a perfect couple too.

        • Taylor Mudd says:

          yea i agree 2 tht i think they will 2

      • Katie says:

        I agree I would rather see A/O, and have Alex Cabot brought back and get together with Olivia.

        • Denise says:

          I think that would be a great shocker of all. Have Cabot come back and hook up with Benson. That’s exactly what SVU could use as for Elliot well it would be good to see him be jealous fof the whole thing and try to break them up have his wife leave him for good with the kids and that’s it. Anyway isn’t he leaving the show anyway this could be a terrific storyline for a great exit.

    • KeiraNY says:

      YES! YES! YES!! A/O forever! I’ve been on that bandwagon for years…but I’ll take Alex Cabot in any capacity. ALl of the other ADAs pale in comparison. Did I mention I love A/O?? ;)

  2. Kay says:

    Did Mariska get botox? She hardly moves her face at all while playing Olivia Benson.

    • fmd says:

      I noticed it, too, and I think she had at least her forehead botoxed. It NEVER wrinkles normally!!

      • Hrichards says:

        Noooo mariska hargitay is totally against all that. When she was younger she had to get plastic suregery cuz she was in a car accident but talent agents always suggested she get a nose job and she refused.

        • Actually, I think she might have had a very well-done cleft lip repair. I’m surprised that when I searched for it on the internet, the only thing that came up on it was that she is a spokesperson for the Smile Train, an organization that donates medical/dental services for the countless children in the world that don’t have access to medical/dental care to repair cleft lips and palates. Yay, Mariska!

  3. EO says:

    Hey, don’t hate on EO, J!
    Anywayssss, Neal Baer is kind of a liar, so I believe this to be BS for now.

  4. Mc says:

    I think Kath is gonna die. LOL.

  5. lovetorun says:

    let me guess…olivia gets upset and eliot hugs her to comfort her and that’s it. seriously, baer says it’ll be big but i doubt it. i love svu but even if something big happens there’s never any continuity so it’ll happen and then never come up again. :(

    • seemyname23 says:

      i know ihate that would it kill them to just continue one good episode. like zebras! that was a great episode and they did nothing else with it come on

      • lipsticksocialism says:

        i know! SO, SO frustrating! But now he says it will play out later….so let’s see if he is the liar we know him to be :p

  6. H says:

    Sonya dies, benson and stabler finds her, benson has an epiphany and gets her life together in re personal aspect, stabler softens a bit more. End of season.

  7. Sandra says:

    Benson’s life hangs by a thread, and just as Stabler is about to save her, he sees me and falls in love. (ha ha)

    No, but wasn’t this supposed to be Stabler’s last season? If so, maybe something will happen to him :-( (this would make me very sad).

    • stevie says:

      Really this is his last season??? Why? What is svu without him? I think we all wish he’d fall in love with us!

      • krae says:

        without benson and stabler together svu just wouldn’t be the same. The whole dynamic of the show would be off.

      • ShindoW says:

        It’s not Chris’ final season. It was a rumor started by some magazine awhile back that misunderstood what Chris said to them. I think he’s signed on through contracts for at least 1 more season.

      • has anyone seen Stabler on Oz. They show him with out a stitch of clothes on, and everything is exposed! Now that is Stabler up close and personal!

        • lipsticksocialism says:

          chris in Oz is YUMMY!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! + he gets up close and personal with another inamate … Oz is a show that is not afraid to let their characters get involved <3

    • alice says:

      my prediction: benson and stabler hug cuz fin gets hurt or whatever, then elliot dies (the shocking moment not BETWEEN them)and all of a sudden the hug becomes the moment between them that is memorable. that is what i think neal is saying :(

  8. SVU former fan says:

    I”ve heard Neal Baer promote a pivotal, game changing moment that will change their relationship and have lasting effects for for like 10000000 times. This is bull.

  9. darklady65 says:

    bleh end the show already this show has gotten way to boring and i miss the good old days when Alex Cabot was there -_- so meh whatever -_-

  10. Phbt! says:

    Wow. This might be groundbreaking if NBC hadn’t already shown the hug in the promos. <>

  11. xfool92 says:

    The first thing that comes to my mind is – “A Jump The Shark” moment.

  12. OverIT says:

    Believing anything Neal says is like playing the lottery, there is only a one in a billion chance you will be happy with the results. You know what is memorable, Neal? Fault, look it up, season 7. You know what was a game changing episode? Burned, season 8, look it up. If you cry wolf enough times, people are going to stop coming to see what’s up. You may be able to fool those new to the game, but those who have been playing (suffering) for awhile now, no longer care. Good luck.

  13. Juan Aponte says:

    Stabler and Benson are the best detectives in the Law and Order genre

  14. Lizz says:

    God no. Is Fin going to get killed? They better not shoot Liv.

  15. Ronald Coleman says:

    They kiss and have an intimate quickie

  16. Ronald Coleman says:

    Love “Law & Order” Hope it stays on TV for a long long time

  17. crystal says:

    i love to watch the tv show when olivia benson is on the show law and order svu she brighten my day she make me happy

  18. Brandy says:

    wow you guys.. i love this show…… and they are going to get togeather in the long run wait and see lol…..

  19. Anne B. Pittman says:

    Law and Order SVU is the best thing to come along since the automobile! I could watch it twenty-four seven, three sixty-five! Stabler and Olivia just mesh! Olivia shows so much emotion and compassion for the victims! Suggestion: Just make “USA” channel “Law and Order SVU” and that would keep a smile on my face! Then, I wouldn’t need but one channel! I just love SVU!!!!!!

  20. Tonia says:

    I would love to seen Benson and Stabler get together! If I can’t have him, she should!!!!

  21. Dave says:

    Stabler dies

  22. joann says:

    this is the only law and order i watch and if stabler leaves ill be p*ssed. that goes for ANY of the svu cast.

  23. Marlon says:

    I think they should stay as friends and partners. Getting together will just complicate things. One thing I’ve respected about this show is that they’ve kept Benson & Stabler’s relationship as partners and friends and not get tpgether like on all those predictable shows where partners and co-workers hook-up. If you want someone for Olivia – find her a boyfirend! LOL

    • cnelson says:

      I agree 100% with this post. Word for word. I also have respected that they have kept them as good friends/partners. Please don’t ruin that. That is why they are so likeable. No romantic involvement. Leave us that!!

    • Lauren says:

      It’ll “complicate” things? Well, that’s why they call it a “drama” and not a “everything is perfect”. To me, having a show about sex crimes and not having two people with a normal sex life and sexual development, is kinda useless. You have to have both sides of life to differentiate between the two. I think, if NB does go that route (most likely he won’t) with these characters, it would be good for the show. Besides, its not like SVU is Castle or Bones, where you get bored with the “romance” 2 episodes into it :D.

      • ShindoW says:

        I guess you missed the part where Stabler and his wife made Eli. lol

        • lipsticksocialism says:

          and i guess you missed the fact that Elliot wasn’t living at home when he went back for a booty call and made Eli, and only moved back when he found out Kathy was pregnant. Or you missed the fact that Kathy had to talk to Olivia to get Elliot to sign the divorce papers. Or you missed the fact that it was OLIVIA who had to stop Kathy from walking out when Elliot went undercover and didn’t call her.

          Even if you don’t want EO, it is clear as night and day that Kathy and Elliot’s marriage and sex life is far from perfect.

          • Margaret says:

            It’s so obvious that Elliot and Olivia belong together. I don’t like Kathy. She is boring and one dimensional….and so negative and unappreciative of the absolute hunk she is married to. She is average, at best, and no depth or charisma. But, I respect the show is playing the chemistry between Stabler and Benson but not going further. This is very much the way it often plays out in workplaces across the US and world.

  24. tim mills says:

    Can’t Wait! The Gr8test Show On Earth!!

  25. Jennifer says:

    SO excited!! Was really concerned bc they haven’t been working together since the show returned on 1/5… LOVE E/O!! Mariska & Chris have such great chemistry!

  26. David says:

    Maybe this pertains to the blind item from a few weeks ago. Maybe Lahti is the star that wanted to change her death from an explosion to a shooting? I don’t know but maybe that’s it?

  27. Lea says:

    I hope both of them get together but I don’t want Stabler to leave. He’s my main reason for watching… Loveeeeeeeeeeee this show!!!

  28. Douglas says:

    They will probably marry each other.

  29. makayla says:

    I think that el and olivia are gonna get real close if u know what I mean. I think their going to show their hidden love for another. I hope after how many years. Because you know they have a thing for each other.

  30. Kallie says:

    I also believe this to be BS for now, because it’s happened so many times before. :/ We EO fans are excited by lies of good, romantic episodes then bam.. Just another normal one. Hopefully this’ll be different but knowing Mr. Wolf… It won’t.

  31. HGFM says:

    Nothing that EO fans want will happen. Olivia and Alicia Harding will be out working on the case. Harding will be killed but Elliot only hears that someone is shot. Olivia will be upset because Harding died in front of her. Elliot will be happy his partner isn’t dead. Nothing will change because Elliot isn’t interested in Olivia as anything other than his partner. Even Olivia has finally figured that out.

  32. chonmichelle says:

    Hmmm…. since Debra Messing character plays a TV host, will probably get Olivia or Eliot to express their true feelings about each other on camera. Of course they wont know it at first. Hopefully, Kathy doesnt find out. She is the only female Olivia fears. LOL.

  33. KeiraNY says:

    Yeah, those of you wanting EO so bad, hope you enjoy the end of the show as well. C’mon! The moment they sleep together *pukes a little* is the moment you can wave buh-bye to the show. I don’t think any of us want that, do we? If you want EO, read some fan fic. Otherwise, not happening!

  34. Jessica says:

    Why does this feel like it’s the 3000th time I have heard Baer say this? Oh yeah, because it is. I hate it when Baer says that something “groundbreaking” or “shocking” is going happen because it never does. I want a good E/O moment. I haven’t really seen any good ones since season 8. Neal…stop torturing the shippers. We have been waiting 12 years for this sh*t. If Mariska or Chris leave and we haven’t had E/O actaully be E/O I am going to be PISSED!!! I was old scool SVU back. :(

  35. Carla says:

    I think yet another ADA will be booted-either fired or murdered. I miss Cabot too, and I hope to NEVER see that red-headed ADA again! If Maloni leaves, the show will die–so hopefully he’s not going anywhere-after all he’ll never be able to get another gig. If this never ending procession of ADAs continues, hopefully she won’t be named Alex (I think there have been 2-3 ADAs with that name)

    • Susan says:

      Actually, the only Alex has been the original ADA Alexandra Cabot.I”m a much bigger fan of ADA Casey Novak played by Diane Neal.

  36. airiel says:

    A/O forever!!! E/O makes no sense they are just friends and he’s married people with 4 kids.

    • HGFM says:

      Elliot has five children with the woman he has been married to for 26 years and is still in love with.

      • faye says:

        Elliot and his wife have had a lot of problems over the years. I think Elliot & Olivia have been in love for most of the years of their partnership but both have been to honorable to do anything about it. Elliot’s children are older now.

        Something could happen so drastic that they both realize how short life can be and give into their love. Kathy could find out, this would add some fire to the epi. also Olivia could find out she is pregnant.

        I’m just throwing some storylines out of possiblities the “will they won’t they” storyline is going south with a lot of shows so I wouldn’t be surprised at anything.

        As someone said earlier, Stabler is married & has children and that does make a difference as to how many will view this. But, romance has been sizzling beneath the surface almost from the start. It was just never acted upon.

        • HGFM says:

          You are confusing Olivia’s having a crush on Elliot with her being in love. No matter how much Olivia may want their relationship to be more than partners, it isn’t going to happen. Elliot has never shown any interest in being anything other than her partner. Olivia simply didn’t have any experience with men who treated her like a human being. So she reacted the only way she knew how, to think it was personal.
          Elliot treats Olivia the way we have seen him treat his previous partners. It’s the partnership that is important to him regardless of who his partner is. If Olivia were an Oliver, the relationship would be the same with a few changes to situations where Olivia’s gender was an issue such as Inconceivable.

        • Susan says:

          You make some good points,Faye. I agree that they play these two roles as being very sexually attracted to each other,but that they;re unable to ever consummate it.He’s married with five kids, she’s obsessed with the work that they do and has very little time to pursue a romantic relationship with any man. I’m not an E/O shipper-I’ve just never seen them that way.They seem like very good partners, but have disagreed frequently in the past over work-related issues, so I don’t think they have enough of the same belief system to really make it work personally.I’ve read lately that MH wants Benson to leave the force to have a family of her own, so that would pretty much remove her from the show entirely.I think these two actors have incredible chemistry, and love each a lot in real life,after so many years of working together so closely,and it comes through on the screen.

      • njkjess says:

        Agreed. I personally would rather not see E/O together because I like Elliott’s character, and I like that, even though there have been problems in his marriage, he and his wife have made it work. I don’t want to see his character turned into a cheater for the sake of drama. However, I also don’t want to see Alex and Olivia together, because that just makes no sense when both have been straight on the show (and original L&O already did the out of context lesbian thing when Serena left), and I don’t want to see yet another dead DA. I have a feeling I may leave this episode unsatisfied!

    • Sophie says:

      EO makes no sense? yet you think that Alex and Olivia who are both straight, would make a better couple. Yeah kid, you’re the perfect person to be saying what makes sense or not.

      • lipsticksocialism says:

        EO makes no sense? Sometimes I wonder if people are watching the same show as I am! AO make no sense since both women are STRAIGHT. It’s ridiculous to have straight characters on tv “suddenly” discover they are bisexual or lesbian, just because the producers were too scared to actually have a fully lesbian character from the start. RIDICULOUS!

  37. Jan says:

    watched since season 1, love the show don’t let Benson and Stabler get together romantically they’re friends who always have each others backs. he has 4 kids and a wife. get Olivia a boyfriend and let her have kids. and please bring Alex back!! All the other ADA”S suck big time. she is the best!!

  38. BB says:

    Alex comes back to thw show? If that’s not happening, then it’s not grand. Season 12 has been the worst season thus far and -m a huge fan. More Alex. Elliot’s been married too long and has too many children to make a move on Olivia. That would be discouraging to married couples. BUT Alex returning to express some emotion and olivia express a little bit of hers towards Alex, now that’s hopeful. Transform television with a popular show. A/O!

    • Pat says:

      I agree, this season has not lived up to it’s normal ratings as far as I am concerned. This makes me believe this may be the last season of the show. It seems everyone’s role has taken a turn for the worst. I would be broken hearted if this were so. SVU is my favorite show. Up until the last couple of seasons there has been a special relationship between Benson and Stabler. I also believe they love each other and in past shows it has been obvious without being overt. I would like to see it taken to the next step, especially if the show is on the way out. As for a relationship between Alex and Olivia developing, thats just twisted.

  39. dee123 says:

    It says it’s NOT between them, so like others i’m guessing wifey dies.

  40. Gigi_Barros says:

    I won´t wait that much, because Baer uses to do this with us! He´s so mean to us!!! I know it´d be the end of the show if something would happen between them! But I can´t look at them and not see them together!! They´re so perfect!!! Anyways, I like when they pay attention to their relationship.

  41. cnelson says:

    Don’t change Olivia and Elliots relationship. They are so good together just the way they are. They love each other as partners and friends,thats why it works so good. Don’t lose what they have by having them become romantically involved. I have never felt like their was a sexual tension between the two. Show people you can have what they have without the other. Thats what most of us love about them. Keep him faithful to his wife and kids, and yes find someone thats decent and available for Olivia. And bring back Cabot.

  42. mamamary says:

    I think something very serious is going to happen and Benson and Stabler will realize just how much they do love each other, but because they are of high integrity and respect each other to the highest degree, nothing happens. It will be a very intense moment where it could go in one direction but don’t. The passion is there but they are too good people so don’t let things get out of control.

  43. TheTruth says:

    Benson and Munch have a torrid romance!

  44. I Hate Neal Baer says:

    We need to go back to the old way of telling SVU stories. Neal Baer (and his crew) is nothing but a liar with a Twitter account, catering for E/O fans!


    • lipsticksocialism says:

      I’m an EO fan and I don’t think he caters to me. He LIES! 12 years and 2 hugs, and that’s catering?!!!! I don’t think so.

  45. SVU says:

    Now THAT would be the turn of the century of SVU! I love it!! hahaha

  46. Alex Fan says:

    Surprise visit from Alex Cabot?

  47. Lex says:

    People are still talking about Neal Baer’s faults on SVU at ATL&O! EO is one of them, Neal’s led fans on for years w/ no answers!

  48. Laverne Hudgins says:

    I would like to see them kiss and get intrupted by a call from work. Then they decide that they don’t want to ruin a good friendship.

  49. junebuggnc says:

    I don’t know what the moment could be. Maybe Elliot thought Olivia was killed and he hugs her when he realizes she is alive. They are just partners, best friends, he loves her like a brother. Bring ALEX CABOT back!!!! Alex and Liv need to realize their feelings for each other and get together! A/O*A/O*A/O FOREVER!

  50. Kimberly williams says:

    I love Benson and Stabler….whatever it is I know that it will be good. I just do not want stabler to leave the show it would not be the same. I cannot wait until Wednesday!!!!!!!