Ratings: CSI Ties All-Time Low

CSI may have led the 9 o’clock hour in total viewers (with 12.65 million of ’em), but the long-running CBS procedural matched its all-time low rating in the coveted 18-49 demo, scoring just a 2.8.

Also waking up to a bit of bad news this morning: Both NBC’s Community (1.8, down 10 percent)) and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy (3.85, down 8 percent)) tied season lows, while The CW’s Vampire Diaries (1.2) and Nikita (0.8) both dropped 17 percent in the demos. NBC’s Outsourced slipped 6 percent to a season-low rating of 1.7.

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Want some gooder news? Well… NBC’s Perfect Couples delivered its best retention to date leading out of Community and gained 7 percent in the demos (1.5). Also: Private Practice enjoyed upticks in both audience (7.34 mil) and the demos (2.7).

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Elsewhere on Thursday:

* American Idol of course led the night, amassing 21.73 million total viewers and a 7.3 rating — that represents a 3 percent gain over Season 9’s first Hollywood episode. Lead-out Bones was on par with a week ago, drawing 10.07 million viewers and a 3.3 rating.

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* Among scripted shows, The Mentalist was tops in total viewers (14.75 mil), while The Big Bang Theory delivered the best demos (a solid 3.9).

* Although The Office was down week-to-week, lead-out Parks and Recreation was up a smidgen in viewers (to 5.1 mil) and 4 percent in the demos (2.6).

What was playing on your TV this Thursday eve?

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  1. Dominique says:

    CSI hasn’t had the really good ratings ever since three of it’s core members left in less than a year, and they started treating Langston like the big boss. Seriously.. he’s a CSI Level 1, why does act like he’s ain charge?

    As for Grey’s… well really, canyou blame the fans? It’s been a soap opera ever since this season started and it really doesn’t help that’s title character gets less airtime than the overrated Callie Torres.

    • Kyle says:

      He’s a level 2.

    • flutiefan says:

      i rarely watch CSI because it’s so unbelievable, but tries to pretend that it’s accurate. when the detective (Katie Sackhoff?) took direction from Stokes & Sidle to go check on the neighbors who dropped off the thrift store stuff, i just about screamed. since when do officers and detectives get their orders from lab rats?!

      that said, i missed the end due to a phone call, so i’m glad i know whodunit. i figured they’d pin it on the daughter, which is even more ridiculous in my book.

      • Mikos says:

        lol Whenever I’m watching another cop show I always joke that if they were in Nevada the science guys would’ve cracked the case by now.
        It’s the show’s thing, everytime Catherine or Sarah or somebody starts questioning a suspect you can either just go with it or start picking apart the show’s little conceit.
        This just in: House would be in jail. Castle would have worked -at most- 2 cases with Beckett. Benson & Stabler would have been fired for humping on the job. The BAU would have all quit years ago because who the hell can deal with that much sickness. And CSI’s don’t double as detectives.

    • Kate says:

      Agree on Grey’s!! I gave up because I feel like they are trying to push Callie to the front since Mer/Der seem to be on permanent backburner. If anyone should have been having a baby it should have been them instead of more medical problems for them. I mean seriously between the two of them they’ve had an appendectomy, near drowning, liver transplant, post-shooting surgery, miscarriage and the ever present possible Alzheimer’s. After everything they’ve been through including their non-wedding, the least they could do is get the baby they want. Now that Callie is having one, it will be a long time before the writers will let Mer/Der have one since the show can only juggle so many babies.

  2. Kristen says:

    30 Rock?

  3. apolonia says:

    No wonder ratings are down. After last night’s episode of CSI, I’ve about given up on it. The plot of the daughter butchering her father was just too unbelievable. And I’m so weary of the over the top “acting” of Callie Torres and that whole story line that Grey’s may be over for me also. Too bad, as I’ve watched both shows faithfully……….

    • Ann says:

      I have stopped Grey’s for that very reason! Callie has always gotten on my nerves. I had started watching Greys again from the beginning on Netflix recently and remembered just how annoying she has been from day 1! She has always been selfish and whiny in her relationships, so when I found out that yet again she would get her way and make AZ feel bad about it I was out! I mean the show has now had the Drs. have at least three accidental pregnancies but the one couple who wants one can’t! The writing just isn’t what it used to be.

  4. Kaibosh says:

    Too bad about Community. This show is just plain funny! For all of its outrageous and “epic” story lines it also has actual wit; which is very rare in TV. Unfortunately its wittiness seems to be going over a lot of people’s heads because otherwise it would be performing better. And it should.

    • Kate says:

      I agree! It is easily my favorite show. The writing is smart and fast, so it is fun to rewatch episodes to see what you missed the first time through. I know nothing about Dungeons and Dragons and I probably watched that episode 4 or 5 times!

    • Marie says:

      I know! Community is really funny. Last night, I had a friend over and it was his first time to watch Community and he loved it. He was laughing so hard.

  5. emily says:

    i live in detroit, and community didn’t even air at 8. it aired at 2 am. i had to dvr it, and won’t see it until tonight after work. it’s consistently the funniest show on tv that people just aren’t watching. and the seasonal 2 am timeslot does not help.

    • Kate says:

      I heard a lot of people had this problem and it seems Detroit in particular likes to pre-empt Community. Matt, how does that work if certain markets don’t air the show at the right time?

    • postsalot says:

      Not to scare you emily, but when I checked wdiv at eleven pm, westcoast time – there was an infomercial on when it said community on the menu. Hope you got it on your dvr though…

  6. Julie says:

    Sports on TV – Celtic vs. Lakers game on TNT. Records broken as Ray Allen moved past Reggie Miller to become the NBA’s all-time 3 point leader. Might have been where the male demo was. That’s why I missed Community and CSI. Of course, I have them DVR’d.

  7. Allison N says:

    Big Bang, Bones and Fairly Legal :)

    • Lore says:

      Im with you, the new shows are better, i really really love Fairly Legal, and Bones it is getting better, still waiting for the Elevator episode!

  8. Marlowespade says:

    Archer, of course, and a DVR’ed Justified.

  9. V says:

    What about Justified?

  10. DotDotDot says:

    Grey’s was a stinker last night. I do not like that new doctor AT ALL, and the pregnancy story is making Callie very unlikeable.

  11. darklady65 says:

    all i care about is bones, big bang theory, the mentalist, fairly legal everything else I can careless so i’m a happy camper =)

  12. Taylor says:

    I have been a Callie and Arizona fan since Day 1, but this storyline has ruined their relationship for me. There was plenty of drama that Grey’s could have created for these two without throwing Mark and a baby between them.

    Right now all I can think of when I see Arizona is ‘RUN…RUN FOR YOUR LIFE’. I need Arizona to grow a backbone and call Callie out on her BS. All Arizona has been doing for the past three to four episodes is bend over backwards to make their relationship work (to the point where it’s compromising everything she stands for) when clearly Callie wants nothing more then to continue playing the victim. Yes Arizona left her in an airport. Yes it was heartless and cold. But Callie has yet to realize that she herself had a big part in the implosion of their relationship leading up the airport incident. She is not blameless in all this.

    Sure Arizona had to make it up to her for leaving in such a way and making sure that Yes Callie is IT for her (by proving her love). But THIS? To find out Callie slept with Mark, is pregnant with his baby, and have to process it all and figure out if she’s all in to fit around Callie’s plan and schedule. A big WTF? In what twisted, demented universe can you ask a person to process all that in the span of a few days and suddenly be completely be all right with it.?

    Right now all I want to do is slap some much needed sense into Callie. I’m sick and tired of her playing the victim card and her ‘woe is me’ attitude. It’s time she took responsibilities for her own actions and stop blaming everyone else for her own mistakes. And her ‘relationship’ with Mark is completely unhealthy. Can you imagine if an ex of Arizona’s showed up and flirted with her and made reference to their previous sex life and joined them in bed and started to barge in on them whenever they felt like it? I have no doubt in my mind Callie would be going all cage fighter and demanding AZ put an end to it!

    And to the Grey’s writer, please stay far, far away from C/A as clearly you do not understand their dynamic at all and are clearly trying to shove this stupid C/A/M triangle down out throats. We don’t need this HAPPY! Awesome Modern Family, as it’s clearly really f***ed up from your definition.

    • Sophie says:

      Amen! I really thought the straw that might break them was when Callie taunted Arizona in front of the other attendings and then again in front of the chief about her crying. I couldn’t believe that not one word was said about how Callie completely undermined her professionally, not to mention as a girlfriend. Then
      Callie pouts and whines about Africa but then she’s the victim when Arizona leaves her behind. I was furious when I realized the show was going the “oops I got pregnant, while I was mad at my significant other what will they do?” route. Because yet again, it’s Callie getting her way. If the show was so gung ho about doing a pregnancy storyline with Mark and Callie I would have rather seen the two of them decide that if their significant others didn’t want kids that they would have one together. It was just lazy to go back to the old accidental pregnancy well when it’s already been done multiple times on the show with the Drs (Cristina, Addison, Izzie, Mark x2), not to mention the patients. That includes the patient who actually got pregnant while on a break from her fiancé and then the fiancé had to decide whether he could raise someone else’s baby. It’s a shame they can’t think of new story lines, not to mention that they are simultaneously making me hate Arizona for not standing up for herself.

    • postsalot says:

      How can the writers not understand the dynamic at all? they just want to complicate things for drama and you don’t like, er REALLY don’t like the way they’ve decided to do that.

      not really sure who Callie is blaming for what mistakes but whatevs, you obviously had a lot of stuff to get through there…good rant

    • Bobbie says:

      I agree with you on the Callie/Arizona relationship although I see Arizona as the abusive one. This is truly an unhealthy relationship that neither one needs to be in. Since Callie is bi-sexual or just got into the whole lesbian thing a while back, she clearly is seeking attention from where she can find it. In the beginning, she had mentioned that she wasn’t a fan of being down there but had to overcome that obstacle. At this point, this show has gotten to be really annoying with the forced pairing of people with their unhealthy relationships. Christine and Owen are not soul mates and they are treating his PTSD as if it’s cured. He tried to kill her and now all is forgiven? If you knew people who have served, PTSD doesn’t go away in a 4 episode story arc and this guy is nuts. And to have a mass shooting of colleagues and for him not to go pure ballistic is a disservice to those who suffer from it. The post-it note fake marriage thing is a hoot. What woman that you know would go along with this great sham? Little medicine is practiced on this show but we get more melodrama especially when you see them at the OR operating on a patient. Would you want doctors operating on you getting distracted talking about their sex life? You see lot of that with this show. I want you focusing on me and not on your stupid relationship. Ah, this show has just gotten awful. Lexie needs to grow up and get a backbone. The only only who comes off more plausible is Karev. The things he has gone through comes off as believable, Schizo brother, failed marriage, personal demons from his childhood, trauma from being shot. And I lost respect for Meridith in the first season when she whined “pick me, choose me, love me”. I saw that as being weak and she had spoke about that in an interview that she wouldn’t have said it. I took from that from a guy’s point of view is that she was opening herself up to be dogged and it placed her in the submissive role. And yet this show romanticize these flawed relationship and medical practice as if its the thing to do. It’s only deluding women into thinking that this is what they want and not a separating truth from fiction. I’m going to skip the whole Izzie/Denny thing. That was a total jump from lucid thinking.

      • Trew says:

        Clearly spoken by someone who
        is not bisexual and knows
        NOTHING about it. If supporting
        your significant other every
        single time they are in a crisis
        counts as “abuse,” we could
        all use a little of that.

        I’ll give you the C/O story
        because I agree with you on
        that mostly.

  13. Deena says:

    I’ve given up on CSI when Grissom left. It just wasn’t the same for me. Not it’s just Bones for me. Glad they got rid of the Hannah and we’re back to Booth and Bones.

  14. Brad says:

    Royal Pains and Fairly Legal are what we watch now.

  15. H.C says:

    I would be shocked to see – come May – that CBS is keeping CBS to Thursdays. They could use that hour to launch something that does skew a bit younger.