Criminal Minds Scoop: Fates of Brewster, Moore and Gibson Uncertain

Paget Brewster’s Criminal Minds days may not be numbered after all.

The actress — who was expected to end her six-year run as BAU agent Emily Prentiss in the spring — has been asked to return as a full-fledged regular next season. But there’s a catch: Under the terms of her contract, Brewster has the freedom to attach herself to a pilot for fall — and she’s taking full advantage of that opportunity. (The alum of Andy Richter Controls the Universe is circling a number of comedy projects at Fox.)

Story-wise, Minds execs are keeping all their options open. We’re told the season will conclude with a cliffhanger that will allow producers to bring Prentiss back or write her off.

Incidentally, Brewster isn’t the only Minds cast member whose return to the show next season is uncertain. Deals for Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore are up at the end of this season and the two are nowhere near new pacts.

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  1. smith says:

    I don’t want this show to be a main cast of men, they need a women in there to. Penelope just isn’t in the field enough, keep the cast as is.

  2. CJ says:

    I can take or leave Brewster’s character – but if the show loses Gibson and/or Moore, that would really ruin things. Can’t imagine the BAU without Hotch (don’t even WANT to imagine it), and Morgan provides a good counter-balance.

  3. Guy says:

    CBS screwed themselves when they told AJ to leave and dropping Paget as a full season regular. They shot themselves in the foot. All for what? This show could go down in flames which is a huge shame because i love this show. I have watched from day 1. All i will say is SHAME SHAME SHAME CBS! You are a bunch of moronic idiots!

  4. brandon curtis says:

    I hope everything comes into place for the cast although the latest news seems to make Prentiss’ storyline tension-less. That kind of sucks because the last couple of episodes were trash and I was looking forward to a somewhat significant upping of the stakes. However the arc plays out I really want some more Angus MacFayden action while they have him to use as a guest star (which they could potentially do as long as there is cat and mouse-ing with Prentiss to be had).

  5. S Wells says:

    I fiercely disagree with any changes in character. Like most all comments I have been reading, NO DOUBT-as much as I look forward to each and every episode, I WILL NO Longer have an interest in watching CM.
    Each character brings so much to the show. However, it is the “package”, MEANING, THE TEAM ALREADY IN PLACE WILL BE THE ONLY REASON i WILL CONTINUE TO WATCH CM. I believe the current cast is THE reason the series is such a success.

  6. Sarah-Jane says:

    if they need more money for Thomas and Shemar get rid of that useless character of Seaver. The show can handle TG, SM, MGG, JM & KV. A lot smaller cast but still it would not ruin the dynamics of the team like the “super” cadet Seaver. What is CBS doing to a great show. Getting rid of great strong character and then replacing with weak dull ones.

  7. leah says:

    I can live without Prentiss, although it would be a loss, but Hotch?! are you kidding!! Hotch makes this show!!

  8. Loz says:

    If they lose Shemar they’ll lose the show they have already lost viewers with AJ leaving and more possibly with the possible exit of Paget if Thomas and Shemar leave well I love MGG but Reid is not enough to hold the entire show

  9. Ashley says:

    If “Criminal Minds” loses Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore in addition to Paget Brewster and AJ Cook, the show should just pack it in because it’ll be DONE. Honestly, what the heck is going on over at CBS that they’ve seemingly decided to “fix” a successful show that wasn’t broken? Reid is my favorite character and I love both Rossi and Garcia, but I’d rather have the show end with a little dignity than watch it fall apart onscreen.

    Hey, Ms. Tassler, want to make fans happy and keep the show successful? Re-sign Gibson and Moore and then go to Brewster and Cook and do whatever you have to do to make them stay/come back. And get rid of the new girl; I’m sure Rachel Nichols is a lovely person a good actress, but the character of Ashley Seaver isn’t qualified to be a part of an elite unit in the FBI. She’s so obviously a bid to appeal to a younger demographic and a desperate attempt to bring some romance to the show by hooking her up with Reid that it’s insulting.

  10. Angela says:

    Well…I’ve stopped watching CSI when William Petersen left, and stopped watching CSI:NY when Melina Kanakaredes left. I’m probably going to stop watching this show when Thomas Gibson leaves. Just saying.

  11. mary says:

    There so much of your core character you can loose without killing your own show.

    If Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore are not back, I’m not sure I will be.

  12. Leah says:

    CBS is CRAZY… why in the world would they et rid of shemar moore andn thomas gibson??? idiots…..

  13. pamysue says:

    I do not see Shemar Moore or Thomas Gibson not coming to a contract resolution. Nobody ever just signs way before it is up. They gotta try to get a raise too. Thomas Gibson spent a long time without a hit after Darma & Greg and he’s gotten still older. Same for Shemar. He went through the roof on Y&R, but never could get the movie break. Or TV break either. They are both too young to quit working and they both know the value of a steady income. And if you watch Shemar Moore in interviews, he says he will never leave CM because they gave him his break.
    I’m just sayin’

  14. Diane says:

    why do they keep trying to fix what’s not broken? As far as I know Criminal Minds is a succesful show, why change it? If Thomas Gibson or Shemar are out, I will be too.

  15. Suncatcher says:

    There’s not much left to say that hasn’t been said aleady above. Someone wrote here that CBS is a business and is trying to budget accordingly. To which I reply CBS is a business that has spread itself too thin in a down economy and had no right doing a spin off if it could not afford to keep its original cast.

    The superb ENSEMBLE actors who play(ed) Hotch, Morgan, Prentiss, JJ, Rossi, Reid and Garcia, deserve much better from CBS – they delivered. They especially delivered after Mandy Patinkin walked off the set and Lola Glaudini departed. The remaining cast professionally embraced Joe Mantegna and Paget Brewster. They certainly don’t deserve to see their colleagues get fired summarily, to fund a spin off generated while royalties for the reruns of their work are bringing in big money for Ed Bernero and CBS.

    Someone also noted above that CM ratings were dropping. CBS and Ed Bernero – your customers are speaking. You better start listening…

  16. Suncatcher says:

    PS – Maybe CBS is trying to bring back Paget Brewster – because they know they SCREWED UP in dropping both their two great actresses and now the ratings are dropping accordingly. Too much, too soon, CBS, and now too little too late?

  17. LDSK says:

    The only reason I started watching the show is bacause of Paget Brewster. I like the show and enjoy the crimesolving aspect but I’m sorry to say I will not watch after Paget leaves.

    I am really torn because I’ve seen Paget do comedy and she is fantastic! I would love to see her in a comedy show again but I also don’t want to lose the character of Emily Prentiss.

  18. I think Shemar Moore is the star of this show. Such a talented actor…

    Rachel Nichols is a great addition to the cast but I am afraid her character is very inexperienced and cannot be compared to Prentiss. We will need another female lead had Paget decides to leave.

    • jen says:

      The problem with Rachel Nichols in the cast isn’t the actress, it’s the character (imo). A FBI CADET on the BAU? It’s just wrong! It seems like they went with that specific actress because she’s young and blond. We already had that with AJ Cook and JJ was a stronger character than Seaver is. Seaver can’t come close to making up for the lack of JJ and Prentiss. Hopefully the fans take it out on CBS and not Nichols…

  19. Mai says:

    Like someone upthread said, if CBS are quibbling over money then get rid of the ridiculous Seaver character. This show is all about Reid, Rossi, Prentiss, Garcia, J.J, Hotch and Morgan. It was irreversibly damaged when J.J got cut, any more cuts and it will be utterly destroyed. My favourite character is Reid but what I love the most about him is his interactions with Hotch and Morgan and those interactions with all the other long standing characters there too. It’s that whole ‘family aspect’ that us long time fans love so much. Remove so many of the family members and what we love so much will be gone.

  20. Ghislaine says:


    Don’t know what happens with our beloved show but it is a total mess since the last Summer with CBS (Nina Tessler and Cie to be correct) decision to fire AJ Cook and reduce Paget Brewster’s participation!
    Now, even if Criminal Minds knows a 7th season, what about after?!
    The show didn’t need to be refreshed but just some better scenarios and a return to what made it a hit, profiling, friendship between characters and good stories!
    I hope Paget will be back, her leaving risks to create a big hole. For Gibson, well, I guess he would like to ask a higher salary and he will end to get it.Dor Moore, I don’t know. His recent decalrations to TV GUide about the spin-off could bring to him some problems. We should see him in the 7th season but maybe his participation will be reduce, what will be quite fair, as seeing as until now, he was too much present!

    Please sighe the petition asking the call back of AJ Cook/Paget Brewster and the firing of Rachel Nichols. A very bad choice for the show!


    Thanks in advance,

  21. francisca says:

    Morgan is always between Hotch and Emily. I can’t stand it. Even in this picture. Did you really had to put him in the middle?

  22. Fred Fine says:

    It’s only February folks – there’s still plenty of time for contracts for next season. :)

  23. JakJak says:

    Seriously, everyone needs to calm down. They haven’t even finished filming this season yet. Contract negotiations always go down to the last minute. There is no way that Moore and Gibson don’t come back. Stop freaking out over nothing.

  24. Renee says:

    Hotch IS Criminal Minds. I don’t care what the suits think or how interchangeable actors/characters are in their minds. They already ruined the ensemble by getting rid of JJ. But there is no CM without Thomas Gibson.

  25. one thing i don’t understand about hollyweird is that nobody learns from the past specially actors. I understand the contexts are different but if anybody remembers a sitcom called friend, then you would know that at one point those actors decided to have a united front in negciations with networks executives. the united front stayed strong untill the end of the series, the actors each earning the same salaries, that went as high as 1 million dollars an episode. i.e. for the last episode each other earned 18 millions.

    If the actors on Minds were able to unit and support each other, those kind of stuff wouldn’t happen but anyway, who wants socialism to inflitrate hollywood?

  26. Catherine says:

    Are there any rumors regarding Thomas Gibson; Shemar Moore or Page Brewster’s negotiations falling through. I don’t believe CBS would
    be that incredibly stupid to put Criminal Minds on the chopping block
    and ruin the livlihood of three extremely superb actress/actors.I tthink they need to have a really good chat openly about these contracts. Maybe Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore shouldn’t be so eeager to come back, but I can understand Thomas Gibson, he has a awife and three children to support and I think Shemar Moore takes good care of mother who has M.S. Paget probably has some responsibilities too that she needs to be conscious about

  27. F Cruger says:

    I think CBS is stupid. The actors didn’t want to leave and they force them out. I bet the only reason paget brewster was offered a new contract was because of the fan out rage and thats why A J Cook is back for an episode but of course just one. I say we don’t watch the criminal minds spin off at all. Stay far away from that show. Let the ratings go into the toilet and say we wount watch your show until you bring paget brewster and AJ Cook back for good. The spinoff can die if thats what it takes rate know we have the power not them, they need the spin off to do well so I say we treat them with some inbaresment. If you feel the same spread the idea to all the fans it’s time to fight back!!!!!

  28. Sherry says:

    Please, please, say it isn’t so…TG and Moore have to be back next season for sure. Paget too, her Emily is like my other TV alter-ego (next to NCIS’s Abby). I would totally miss her if she left, but I would understand if she does leave. It was bad enough hearing that AJ was ‘leaving’ (and when I say leaving, I mean FIRED), I don’t think I can handle having Paget gone too. CBS, stop screwing with CM and restore it to its Seasons 4 and 5 glory (minus the episode with the other team, it’s wasn’t that good of an episode)! On a final note, thanks TVLine for covering all the news about CM! We the fans really appreciate it!!

  29. skewer says:

    Bring back the Criminal Minds Cast! It just isn’t the same and now I may need to watch something else. Why change a good thing!?

  30. Dawn says:

    pls bring back the original casts of CM! i watched CM minutes ago and i ddnt like the new casts.i flipped the channel.it will nevr b the same without hotch, rossi,prentis…i hope cbs did not make a bad decision of kicking out the orig casts..hmmmp

  31. jason says:

    They need to make a decision whether to keep the cast or just cancel the show.

    This show thrives on women in strong roles, and the balance between JJ along with paget brought balance to the entire show.

    When you break something that doesn’t need to be changed. Ratings where still high up, then you get into a situation that rapidly looses you viewers.

    The other added problem is that Season 6 has been shocking compared to previous seasons. Whats with the state of these scripts they are being handed? Season 6 has been a huge let down, story wise its just very poor compared to prior seasons.

    This show is going down with a hole in the bow, no two ways about it. The SB spinoff will follow crim minds and end up canceled before it’s first season is over.

    You can see whats going on, the spin off series is getting too much attention and they are changing stuff in the original that never ever needed changing…the direction this show as gone is into the trash. It’s bad enough loosing JJ but to see the state of some of these episodes is truly shocking.

  32. Terri says:

    I would hate to see any of the characters leave. I was very upset
    when A.J. left. Once the characters start to leave the the show is
    never the same. If more of the characters leave I will no longer
    watch the show.

  33. Brandi says:

    It’s is know that Paget is leaving the show. If Gibson or Moore leave, I don’t care who replaces them I will not watch it anymore. CM:SB is alright, but it will never live up to the orginial.

  34. alex says:

    cbs needs to stop messing up the cast! it’s fabulous. i will no longer watch this if these 3 (or even 1) of them leaves.

  35. Andrea says:

    Wow. Criminal Minds is hands down my favourite show.. It is the only show I actually care about enough to watch every week.
    If they make any more changes to the cast, they will end up ruining it forever.
    How can they even think about getting rid of Shemar Moore, Thomas Gibson or Paget Brewster?!
    That would be like getting rid of Harry, Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter!

  36. Susan says:

    Elle seemed unbalanced and unstable. Was not credible as an elite profiler. I found her distracting. Emily comes across as an extremely strong, competent, intelligent agent . It,s a pleasure to watch a dynamic female actor who can “kick ass”,while maintaining her femininity. J.j.’s loss was a big mistake. I hope Emily , smartly portrayed by Brewster , survives. A good ensemble cast is a treasure. Reed needs to learn how to wear a gun. He looks ridiculous. (but cute).

  37. Gail says:

    I hope the powers that be at CBS monitor some of this cause you guys have it right! Thomas Gibson’s Hotch is the heart of this show and without him, the show goes to pot. I love all the characters…except Rossi. Love Joe M., but not on this show. Gideon was great, but Rossi has never meshed. Really ticked me off to lose JJ. This new gal is just in the way and only reminds us how great JJ was! I really get irked when the opening credits show Montegna as the lead actor…Hotch is the leader, the glue that binds, etc. He should get top billing. Without him, I drop CM from my regular viewing. BTW – bring back JJ and leave the cast in tact, PLEASE!

  38. vernadean herriford says:

    Can someone pls tell me which episode it was when morgan got hurt by the man who came back to kill and taunt the detective the bau was working with. he hurt morgan and took the detectives daughter, morgan was tied up and could not do anything when he shot the detective. it was on ion station ebruary 28th 2011 and was to be continued, I would love to know what happen.

  39. Lulu says:

    If Moore and Gibson are not there, KISS the show GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!

  40. Tammy says:

    I love Paget’s character. She’s a strong female lead which I don’t see often on tv. I could never understand the fascination with the JJ character. She was boring and didn’t do much. I think the producers realized that the character wasn’t going anything the other characters can’t do themselves. They wrote her into a box, and made a wise decision to let her go. As for the new girl, she only has 3 lines each show. I don’t see why she is there. I doubt they would can Gibson. I do agree he does need a love interest.

  41. Em says:

    What the hell do they think they’re doing? Messing with a fabulous show like Criminal Minds?
    I was totally pumped while I was watching the latest episode, “Valhalla”, but then when the previews for “Lauren” came up, I was like: “What the f**k are they doing!?! Last episode?! What kind of bull***t is this?!?!?!?!”

    I love all the cast plus AJ Cook (And minus Rachel Nichols). But if Paget Brewster’s character doesn’t return.. ever… then I go with her. She is my absolute favorite character, and I don’t think she could be replaced NOW of all times. Her character just got a HUGE plotline; therefor, she’s waaaaayyy too important to throw away now.

    I love that they’re brining JJ back, even though it’s temporary. I am NOT a fan of Rachel Nichols. Her character has a terrible premise. Plus, a cadet currently undergoing the FBI’s rigorous training at the Academy would never, EVER be accepted into the BAU. The BAU is like, the FBI’s elite. They only accept highly trained individuals with at LEAST seven years of experience. There’s no way in hell that Rachel Nichols’ washed-out character could ever fill JJ’s place. Plus, that’s not even the job they needed filled. They didn’t need another agent. They needed a media liaison.

    And if Gibson and Moore leave? So does two-thirds of the viewers.

    Oh, and CBS? I had no idea you started hiring kindergarteners as executives. How else could you make such brainless mistakes?

  42. Sexxy says:

    They should have just left criminal minds alone,I love they way they all work together,they work not only as a team but as a family an thats what make it so good..Each person fits an play they character very well..We lost jj an she play a major roll to the team,we can’t stand to lose another one,if we do I can’t say I won’t watch it because I will still try an support the other cast but I won’t feel they same way about the show..I just wish CBS bring back jj an keep the rest of the team or you guys will lose a lot of fans an rating..their bond as a team,the way they work together as a family is what have us glue to the tv an the story line but of all there team work to make the show so good…I don’t like jj replacement at all, I’m not saying she a bad actress but she is just not jj a part of the family,we need jj back,an I hate the spin off,I can’t even get into it,it just seem so fake an cold to me…

  43. Marilyn Garrett says:

    Watched new episode tonight and only knew Garcia. omg, what are they doing? It was a great cast of characters and I can’t believe they think the show will be the same without them. Another casualty of erosion, gone, gone, gone….I won’t keep watching. What were they thinking????

  44. dixie40 says:


  45. Claudia says:

    I agree. Paget Brewster is a great actress. She is perfect for Prentiss. Prentiss is strong and fierce. A great role model for women everywhere. She belongs on Criminal Minds. As for AJ Cook, I rather have her “JJ” than “Penelope” prep the team. She was great. Why mess with a good thing? There are not enough strong women roles around. These women rock. They can hold their own with the men. Hotch, Morgan, Rossi, and not least Reid are great characters. It would be tragic to let anyone else leave.

  46. Carolyn C. says:

    Time for another network to pick them up. ABC? A&E? TNT? Somebody with good sense and respect for a loyal audience. CM is the only CBS show I watch. Lose that lead-in and the spin-off will likely tank. C’mon networks, step up and grab a good show. And don’t forget JJ and Prentiss.

  47. Kim says:

    CBS wants to save money on shows that have been money makers for them. Get rid of Rachel Nichols. I like her in movies but on the show she is so boring to watch!!! We just need JJ back don’t replace her with a wannabe. It is insulting to think CM viewers would not notice this. Reed is my favourite and if he leaves I will no longer watch.

  48. Gina Mitchell says:

    Well, I’ve seen the new CM spinoff and I’m way underwhelmed. It runs the gamut for excitement from A to um well, A. Go ahead CBS and mess with the original as is your option. You’ve gotten rid of the heart by taking AJ away – you’ll take the female edgy one when Padgett leaves – then with Shemar and Gibson gone you will have what you deserve – nothing. Just do the rest of us a favor and don’t whine when people turn away in droves. Are y’all gonna pull an ABC and do fake “reality” shows next?

  49. Tig says:

    I LOVED this last episode with AJ back! I have missed her horribly!!! The new girl has no personality and sure isn’t AJ!!!! As far as I’m concerned you can get rid of Joe. There is nothing he does or says that you couldn’t add to one of the other guys. It’s ridiculous! I LOVED, emphasis on the D, this show. Why did you have to go and mess with it????? Take Charlie Sheen’s money and pay these people a decent wage. Are you kidding me with how much you paid him??? NO ONE is worth that, ESPECIALLY NOT HIM!!!

    PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. krista says:

    CBS stop messing with our Criminal Minds family! I want JJ and Pagent! I am a devoted fan and watch every show without fail and re-runs daily. How can you ignore what the fans want?! Hotch, Morgan, Reid, JJ, Prentis, Garcia, and even Rossi. Get the “wanna be JJ girl” off the show! What kind of tv producers actually ruin one of their best shows. I am tired of crying every Wed. night. I used to look forward to the show, now its just depressing. I officially hate cbs at this point.