Vampire Diaries' Steven R. McQueen Spills: Jeremy and Bonnie's Romance Is 'Real'

Steven R. McQueen is one of The Vampire Diaries’ best kept secrets. And while we see him pretty regularly on The CW hit, it’s not nearly enough. Luckily, we recently chatted with the star and learned that there’s all sorts of goodness ahead for the littlest Gilbert in Mystic Falls, including more romance with Bonnie (Kat Graham) and a twist we did not see coming — Jeremy, the vampire slayer?!

JEREMY & BONNIE | “How serious it is [between Bonnie and Jeremy] has yet to be seen, but it feels real so far,” McQueen tells us of the budding lovebirds. “They do care for each other, and in Thursday’s episode things really start to pick up.” The VD stud adds that “they’ve been drawing out the blossoming of that relationship because it’s kind of a forbidden romance,” but Elena (Nina Dobrev) will soon discover the secret tryst between her baby bro and her bestie:

“Elena will find out, and yes, it is kind of a big deal,” he previews. “But on the other hand, there’s so much stuff going on that Jeremy and Bonnie getting together isn’t that huge. It will take her aback for a second, but Klaus is coming and there are just much bigger things going on.”

JEREMY & ELENA | Speaking of “bigger things going on,” McQueen assures fans that Jeremy is 100 percent on Elena’s side when it comes to The Originals’ impending doom — even if he’s still conflicted about the whole thing. “Before, Jeremy was always rebelling against his sister, but now with all this crazy stuff going on, it’s like, ‘Alright, we butt heads from time to time, [but] we’re family, I love ya and I’ll do what I’ve got to do to protect you.’ They’ve definitely gotten closer — and Jeremy’s no longer a s—head character.

“He’s gone through a hell of a lot of change, from a kid suppressing his emotions with drugs and alcohol to becoming himself,” muses McQueen, who adds that his personal journey has paralleled Jeremy’s: “I went through the whole AA thing and am currently sober, so it was therapeutic work for myself.”

JEREMY & UNCLE JOHN | Sadly, protecting big sis can only go so far — especially when it comes to the return of evilish Uncle John (David Anders). “John and Jeremy don’t interact right away, because it’s thin ice between the two,” McQueen tells us. “But Jeremy’s still interested in him because John knows about his father. He’s finding out about his legacy to become this vampire hunter and Uncle John knows about all it.”.

JEREMY & THAT UPCOMING DEATH | Will Jeremy survive the much-talked about final battle between werewolves and vampires — and their human counterparts? McQueen’s not sure, but offers this (Warning: It won’t make you worry any less about J’s fate): “It’s terrifying, you know? [Laughs] I was a four-year-old girl named Margaret in the books, so I’m not exactly all that safe. Luckily, Jeremy has that ring to bring him back from supernatural death, but he could slip and hit his head on a rock and be gone tomorrow…” So, there’s that.

JEREMY…THE VAMPIRE SLAYER? | If it’s any consolation, McQueen did reveal that Jeremy is “going to get more involved in his family legacy, and become a vampire hunter,” so fingers crossed that means he’s safe. “But whether he’s going to get trained by Alaric (Matthew Davis) or Uncle John is yet to be seen.” We vote Ric!

Either way, look for the youngest Gilbert’s venture into vampire hunting to cause him some serious woes. “Jeremy’s definitely part of the Scooby gang,” he says, “so that’s part of the turmoil in his mind. Although it’s his family’s legacy to hunt and kill vampires, part of him sees that they’re not bad people. He’s at war with himself in his mind.”

Be sure to watch an all new episode of The Vampire Diaries Thursday night at 8/7c on The CW.

What do you think about Jeremy hunting the big, bad vamps? Are you happy to hear there’s more love with Bonnie on the way? Hit the comments now with your TVD reactions!

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  1. Amy says:

    No way, I vote that Jeremy gets trained by UNCLE BAMF. Most of what Alaric and Uncle Bamf know is mostly from Isobel, but Uncle John has to have a few of his own secrets left up his sleeves.

  2. Ashley says:

    I want more about his friendship with Tyler. I think it’s an interesting dynamic with them going from enemies to tentative friends. I hope they remember that soon and don’t just drop their progress. Plus, I’d like to see Jeremy with a friend of his own and not just becoming friends with Elena’s friends (which I don’t really count Tyler as one).

  3. Jones19 says:

    I’ve really come to appreciate the character of Jeremy lately. He was annoying as hell in early season 1 but he’s grown a lot and now feels like a key part of the show.

  4. lorna says:

    I cannot stand Bonnie. Kill her off!

    • Tiff in the OK says:

      Considering Jeremy’s track record with girlfriends, if he really starts dating Bonnie then expect her dead after another couple of episodes.

    • N!N@ says:

      WTF? Bonnies a kick butt ( not allowed to curse, it’s the rules), hot witch who cares about her friends and family what’s not to love? She was judgey at the end of season one and the start of season two but she’s changing now. Her and Jeremy are adorable together! Beremy all the way…<3

  5. AlistairCrane says:

    Eff Bonnie. Jeremy and TYLER should be a couple! They ooze sexual chemistry in every scene they’re in. Do it up, Kevin Williamson!

  6. Alexus says:

    i used to freakin bonnie!! she wuz the true definition of a “vampire hater b***h’….but she came around lol i kinda dnt really care who she ends up with but i freakin love tyrler!! he’s sexy…although he did make me mad 4 not helpin caroline and them….caroline and tyler wud be a nice couple lol

  7. tara says:

    Jeremy and Tyer are STRAIGHT!!!! DEAL WITH IT My god Jyler is one of the weirdest and annoying fanbases. Its not happening.

    Bonnie and Jeremy r cute

    • Tara says:

      I find Bonnie and Jeremy to be horrible together. Nothing great or adorable about it. Steven is cute but that doesn’t make every pairing of his cute, for pete’s sake. Worst couple on TVD. Stelena,
      Catt, Forwood, Jalaric, even the Delena moments had much more
      palpable tension and chemistry than Beremy! End this arc ASAP!

      Well, I find Beremy to be one of the weirdest and most annoying fanbases. It is ruining the show for me. I cannot stand watching Jeremy or Bonnie now because of this forced and fake-feeling romance.
      It is so lame and feels off-base in every way. It is wasting the
      potential of the characters. So put-upon in every way. Jeremy has
      not improved at all as a person.

      Jyler subtext made Jeremy more compelling but now he is just dragging
      the show down. I just feel that he is getting in Bonnie’s way.
      I miss world-weary, maternal, and strong Bonnie.

      • cara says:

        i disagree…i am watching the show for one purpose – to see a cute white guy fall in love with a beautiful black girl…this gives me butterflies and their scenes are very believable

    • Emma says:

      You’re kidding? If you can’t see the sparks between Jeremy/Tyler then… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? I mean – Bonnie/Jeremy has NO chemistry in my opinion – they were rushed together just cause they had to find a love interest for Jeremy.

  8. bambi says:

    I love Jeremy but I don’t like him with Bonnie!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I hate Jeremy and Bonnie together more than I’ve hated any other couple on this show. Chemistry is subjective and I just don’t see it between the actors. I wish the audience had had a more negative reaction to them so the writers would abandon their storyline.

  10. Jeri says:

    Love Steven R. McQueen and Jeremy. I hope Bonnie will be worthy of him.

    The casting people for VD did such a great job. All the cast is perfect! (Except Jules, she’s a no talent poser.)

    I was not a fan of any of the actors prior to VD but now I’m their biggest fan!

  11. Roger says:

    Part of the “Scooby gang?” Someone’s been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. :-)

  12. DH says:

    Jyler??? Anyways I didn’t think much of Jeremy & Bonnie until that first smokin hot kiss! Now I can’t wait to see more of them. Vampire slayer & a witch, what a sexy couple!

  13. jjjones says:

    I love Jeremy and I think he and Bonnie are great together. I eagerly wait for their scenes with each episode and got goose bumps when they kissed. I hope it lasts for a while.

  14. Janice says:

    Fix your site. Me and my friends sent in a bunch of posts explaining why we don’t like ill-suited Boremy which lacks chemistry and compatibility. We also defended Jyler because people bashed it.

  15. Janice says:

    I sometimes get sibling vibes between Bonnie and Jeremy. I feel the maturity gap considering he is two grades younger than her and they are both still in highschool. He also the most boyish out of the cast. I always feel the boy-woman dynamic. It feels awkward and forced as hell. Their scenes are cringe-inducing. I found that kiss squicky, not hot. There have been far more passionate kisses between other characters.

    Bonnie is too mature, intense, conscientious, passionate, tough, and no-nonsense for Jeremy. None of their bonding feels real. The buildup felt contrived and inorganic. Bonnie needs a man who is her equal. She needs an alpha male who is strong and will increase her character development. I think Bonnie would have disapproved of Jeremy’s past behavior like the drugs, stealing Vicki from Tyler, being a brat to Elena, and etc. I think Jeremy would be turned off from Bonnie’s rigidity, sterness, and morals. However, the show is not being realistic with that pairing. Bonnie doesn’t even act like herself around him. You see the difference in how she acts around Stefan and Damon versus Jeremy.

    I think Bonnie had way more chemistry with Luka and Stefan. I can even see her dating Tyler or Matt. All of that makes more sense than hooking her up with Jeremy who is not remotely right for her.
    I just feel Bonnie is going backwards and that Jer is not developing at all. He is just being more cold-hearted, reckless, and annoying.
    Ex. Saying Luka deserved to die, getting Stefan trapped in the cave with Katerine yet feeling no remorse, etc. I have not seen any impressive changes or growth with Jeremy. Boremy is making Bonnie and Jeremy worse. It is painful to watch.

    Jeremy had way more chemistry with Tyler and Anna. Bisexuality exists. Jyler had the potential to be a great bromance or romance.
    I actually found Jeremy interesting with Tyler.

  16. emae0731 says:

    Jeremy & Bonnie are GREAT! If Bonnie cann’t have Jeremy than Damon. Bonnie is a strong female character on the show. She can play good off any male character. Jeremy has change a lot and has become stronger. Bonnie & Jeremy pairing is great one on the show.

  17. Abe R Mcqueen says:

    what if it is me and jermy!!!!! it would definitely be better!! love u jeremy!<3

  18. Bob R Cratchett says:

    omg, I thought it was only me but Jeremy and Bonnie are so boring together. I even forget about them sometimes, lol. They need to hang out more in real life, sleep together, or something. no chemistry. Jeremy and Tyler (although gayly strange honestly works better) I don’t know why but they do. Maybe they’re friends in real life or maybe they’ve even slept together, but whatever it is, I love the scenes where they interact.

  19. emae says:

    Jermery snd Bonnie makes a great couple but will CW keep them together,maybe not. CW seem afaird to make waves with interracial couple. They are strong and will like by the fans and should be given a time to work are they afraid some of the light will leave Elena.

  20. jeanna says:

    Beremy ftw! Some people are So in denial not everyone is gay! Bonnie and Jeremy have so much chemistry it comes through the screen they are perfect for each other