Fringe Bosses: There's More To the Rest of Season Than Peter, the Olivias and The Machine

If it seems too simple that the final 10 episodes of Fringe‘s third season will revolve around Peter, the two Olivias and the ultimate purpose of The Machine… well, that’s because it absolutely is. “We’re full of wrinkles,” executive producer Jeff Pinkner promises TVLine. “We’re like a pair of corduroy pants.”

One wrinkle the size of the San Andreas fault comes at the end of this Friday’s episode, which is set in the other universe. But even beyond that, Pinkner and fellow EP J.H. Wyman say that things will get increasingly labyrinthine as the Season 3 finale draws closer.

Fringe Exclusive: Andre Royo Poised To Return!

“Largely this season has been about the march to war, and it will continue to be so, driven equally by the relationship of Peter and the two Olivias,” Pinkner notes. “But we’ve got more stuff coming.”

Adds Wyman, “We can definitely guarantee that the last stretch [of episodes] is going to be very complicated, because you’re going to understand our show in a different capacity. It’s going to stretch your mind and make you think, ‘I never saw that coming.'”

No small feat from a show whose bread-and-butter is “Never saw that coming.”

So regardless of whatever rumors or spoilers you may have come across, “We have a few cards to lay down that I don’t think anybody expects,” Wyman teases. “That’s what we feel we owe the fans.”

Great Scott! Fringe Tops Ratings In Its First Friday Outing

What’s it all leading to? Well, just as Season 2 thrillingly teed up Season 3 by trapping our Olivia “over there,” this cycle’s finale will drop your jaw and then leave you immensely anxious for Round 4.

This May’s finale “will be as much as anything about setting up next season,” says Pinkner. As Wyman puts it, “It’s like when you read a great novel and you finish a chapter, you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, something happened that’s going to propel me forward!’ That’s something we desire to emulate.”

Fringe fans, be sure to check back here after Friday’s episode for a preview of how a soon-to-drop bombshell will shake things up on “this” side.

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  1. Paul says:

    Looking forward to it! :)

    • Chadwick says:

      Please cancel the show now. I signed up for Science & Fiction & Bad Guys & Feds. Now I have a soap opera. Flirty comrades Pete & Olive are fine, but the fate of two universes hanging on which version of Olivia that Peter wants to bump ugly’s with is not sci-fi, it is a soap opera. This storyline is ruining a perfectly wonderful sci-fi vehicle – it seems they have sold out to the Glee crowd. No Season 4 can save this banality. When did Olivia turn into such a “drama queen”? She used have the “Big Picture” – now she is vying for a role on “General Hospital”. She has gone from strongest female character on TV to weakest in just over a year. Olivia is so “high-demand” lately that she is not worth watching. Walter seems like he is going to wet himself any minute. Astrid still is just and errand agent. Broyles is just the straight guy that feeds details on what the investigation has revealed before the team arrives. Nina is still a conniving $@#%*. Brandon is the stumble-bum. Charlie, the only guy with stones, is dead. Peter is finally getting interesting (too late), but they are making him too dark, too quickly. arrggghhh! At least the move to Friday makes it easier to avoid. See’ya FRINGE. Vancouver loses another income source.

      • Were says:

        Just because you stop liking the show it doesn’t mean the rest of the fans how are actually liking the story line have to suffer, you can stop watching it and start seeing another show, but as much as I’m concerned, the whole outcome of the machine, war, and love triangles can only make it more interesting; also it’s no longer a thing of a good and a bad side, it’s a matter of perspective, our universe has a reason to survive and so theirs, so I think it’s better to pull that out rather than the typical “heros vs villians” stereotipical theme.

        • Chadwick says:

          Pathetic humans…
          Oh my, me so solly – nasty sci-fi soap opera mulch bettah than real-life. This is fahmundi cheez TV. Cheese from under my toilet. they just need to axe this soap-diarrhea NOW. They had a good run (20 eps) but now they are milking the cow (Gene) for all they can get. Poor, poor, Peter – being led upstairs to satisfy some SOAP OPERA vagenda. The outcoming cannot be good… the players are dishonest and the core sci-fi values are fading. — Charles David Wickham.

          • fringe75 says:

            For some reason, possibly a lack of maternal closeness during infancy, you feel that love, emotions, human connections are something that are beneath “science” and should not be ruining your favorite show. And while I will admit you are entitled to your opinion, I have a serious problem with the top post on a FRINGE thread is one saying to cancel the show.

            But for those of us that weren’t raised like a rhesus monkey with only a metal replica of a mother to hold it, we understand that you cannot have a show people will relate to without involving deep human emotions. Desire, love, and even hatred are emotions that are motivators, that is these emotions elicit, frequently, strong actions by those involved, and they are emotions which the majority of the public (i would hope) struggle with often if not in their daily lives.

            For this to be a main plot in the show does nothing to diminish what the show is, a sci-fi show. All of the elements of sci-fi are there, along with love & hatred, which many might say is the main motivator in every great story ever written.

            And lastly, if you want the show canceled, you can get f’ed, because even if you subtract the love scenes, it is still the best 30 minutes of sci-fi show around.

          • cindy says:

            Such venom, such vitriol Charles David Wickham…IF that’s your REAL NAME–which I doubt. Have you nothing better to do than spew garbage about a show that is clearly above your intellect? You must work on SPN.

      • Jack says:

        Why not just stop watching it?

        • anon says:

          I actually wonder if the above complainers watch Fringe at all… I’ve noticed quite a few first posts with the text of “Supernatural rules!” posted at the top of Fringe articles, more than once and yes… even in the top post.

          I agree that some fans may be justifiably not in agreement with the storyline, but paragraphs? Just to say you WON’T watch??? really??!!?? He doth protest too much!

          Nah, I suspect its those insane supernatural fans thinking they’re going to promote their show that is in no danger of being lost by taking down Fringe a peg. Its really pathetic.

          I for one, love Fringe to Strawberry-Flavored death. And those Supernatural fans have turned me off that show, even after my friends were recommending it to me. It takes more than just a couple of guys that look good with their shirts off to make me like a show. I have calendars for that.

          • anon says:

            oh and I watch it LIVE every Friday night, I don’t care if I’m not some super important Neilson family. I’m kinda doing it in solidarity for those that are. :-)

          • Page Turner says:

            I couldn’t agree more anon….But it wasn’t the “Supernatural” fans who turned ME off their show, but rather last season’s show itself. To me “Supernatural” represented something worse than Strawberry-Flavoured death–it seemed like a satanic cult brought to television. Oh I get the biblical references…good vs evil…God vs Satan…Good angels vs bad angels…Revelations and all that…but the show lost me when in one of the episodes a fat man dressed up in a tooth fairy costume yanked a tooth out of a sleeping person’s mouth with a wrench. You call that GOOD science fiction? Hellhound episodes…that’s more horror movie genre than science fiction it seems to me. Why did Satan’s helpers have to win EVERY episode?
            I like edgey…I like it when television pushes the envelope and encourages us to think. It doesn’t have to be ‘pretty’. With “Fringe” you get everything. It comes off looking and feeling more like a feature film than a television series. The writing is excellent. The whole concept is genius. The acting is brilliant. The only reason I can think of that members of the cast haven’t atleast been nominated for Emmys–especially John Noble, is because the show is shot in Vancouver, Canada…which upsets the powers that be in Hollywood who are upset that the show IS shot in Canada, taking work out of the States. Anything shot in Canada is off the radar, unless it’s Tom Cruise shooting Mission Impossible 4 or 10 or whatever it is. “FireFly” has been one of my favourite episodes this season on “Fringe”. Christopher Lloyd was GREAT!! John Noble AMAZING!! The sets, lighting–exquisite. The car crash sequence totally believable…There was also a very good ‘message’ in that episode. As a complete package–“Fringe” is the best television series on t.v. in any category.

      • cmzhang42 says:

        Chadwick: I’m quite sure there’s something on Cartoon Network Friday evenings that just about your speed. The rest of us will watch one of the best scripted television series EVER!

        Good luck…

      • Loux says:

        Dude stop posting the same comment in every article of Fringe (I read one of yours yesterday in another article in a different page).
        This is still an awesome Science & Fiction & Bad Guys & Feds show as you put it, but you have to understand that when human beings are involved of course is going to be in the end about their feeling for each other. Hear the voice of reason (aka other fans) and stop watching for the sake of over here and over there.

      • Dexter says:

        why don’t you write it? well.. ’cause ur not a writer. Stop watching it and stop WHINING.. without ALL the DRAMA.. possibly.

      • ThatEvilDude says:

        Just because you don’t like the show, doesn’t mean you should ruin it for the rest of us. Jerk.

      • Michelle says:

        I, like many, have watched this show from day one. Last nights episode could be my last. I was already disappointed in the writers falling back on the classic relationship string alongs; couples who never seem to hook triangles…but pregancy! Wouldn’t a sophisticated bad ass government agent career woman use a little birth control! Now Peter has to knock up our world Olivia….SOAP OPERA! This kind of crap is very old story line.

        • philvisible says:

          You’re totally right Michelle. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen this same old story line of a character impregnating his girlfriend’s alternate-universe self. happens all the time… booooooooringgggg…(sarcasm highly intended)

      • Intercoastalsublime says:

        I hope I speak for many Fringe fans when I tell you…Chadwick…Watch out for the door on your way OUT!!! You obviously do not understand how a tv series continues to stay aired. You can’t always be pleasing just one group of fans or viewers, per say. I would hope the majority of the Fringe Fans want to see the journey – all the way through to the end of the story line. If the show doesn’t capture the popularity votes needed to keep it aired, it is gone. However, the love triangle embedded into this show’s scientific anomalies might be exactly what is needed to keep the series going and growing~! So, I say Toushe’ to the producers and the writers for probably making the tv series more popular then ever. They must balance their own original writing with what the show asks and requires of them, which isn’t always easy. However, they continue to surprise and entertain me. Besides, who can ever refuse the addition of Leonard Nemoy into the series of any show! This one, of which, he fits so well..anyone catch the “Spock” book on the shelves in the last episode, in Walter’s lab??? To all of the TRUE Fringe Fans…Live long and prosper, my friends!!!

      • Brittney says:

        ok, someone please delete this post. Soap opera my a$$. chadwick, if you dont like it, than dont what it. You don’t like one episode and you think it should be canceled. Grow up.

        • Cathie says:

          I agree that it has slipped into the soap opera category (evil twin vs good twin pregnancy is common). And Brittney learn how to spell it might lend credence to your statement.

        • Cathie says:

          BTW in my multi-universes, when I get pimped out to the son of the sec of defense, I always use birth control.

      • TMB says:

        Chadwick, sweetheart, you are an idiot. You will not be missed.

      • John Evanchik says:

        So , it’s a soap opera? Really. It’s a good thing you are not a tv or movie critio, because you wouldn’t be working very long. Fringe does have a varied agenda, but that is really what makes it such a big hit. You don’t know what’s coming next.
        Unlike “Lost”, Fringe maintains it’s storyline remarkably well. And it is superbly acted. I am 68 yrs. old , love sci-fi, and Fringe is at the top of the list , along with Star Trek ,Battlestar Galactica ,& Star Gates series.

        You miss the mark,

      • paula says:

        If you don’t like the show, you sure don’t have to watch it. NO ONE is forcing you to watch. I am a Fringe fan all the way. I love the show. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Just because you don’t like it, don’t ruin it for the true fans. There is a lot of stuff I don’t like on TV. Guess what? I just don’t watch them. I know those have fans as well. I won’t put them down just because I don’t like them.

      • tweedle2 says:

        Oh Chad Chad Chad…this is not the SYFY channel. It is FOX and all that comes with it. I LOVE FIRNGE end of story, It has every twist and turn that makes it a powerful hit. Stop mind reading the show and you might find the fault lies not in the show nor the writers,or the cast but only within your own mind and its discontent with “It did not happen like I wanted it to”. Your hate is a reflection of your own self loathing. Take an asprin and call the Doctor in the morining. Three cheers to FOX for a wonderful…wonderful show like FRINGE!

      • Sharkman says:

        Chadwick, you are an I-dot! Anagram that. The best science fiction shows have always been about the characters and their humanity or inhumanity. Fringe is the best show on television and this season has just been amazing. I for one want Peter and Olivia to fall in love and fight the bad guys together. In the blue,(I see green), universe she IS the toughest, strongest female character on TV. Chad keep on wetting yourself while the rest of us enjoy. You go guys!! keep writing for the best show on TV and for the best actors in the business.

    • Chadwick says:

      Please cancel the show now. I signed up for Science & Fiction & Bad Guys & Feds. Now I have a soap opera. Flirty comrades Pete & Olive are fine, but the fate of two universes hanging on which version of Olivia that Peter wants to bump ugly’s with is not sci-fi, it is a soap opera. This storyline is ruining a perfectly wonderful sci-fi vehicle – it seems they have sold out to the Glee crowd. No Season 4 can save this banality. When did Olivia turn into such a “drama queen”? She used to have the “Big Picture” – now she is vying for a role on “General Hospital”. She has gone from strongest female character on TV to weakest in just over a year. Olivia is so “high-demand” lately that she is not worth watching. Walter seems like he is going to wet himself any minute. Astrid still is just and errand agent. Broyles is just the straight guy that feeds details on what the investigation has revealed before the team arrives. Nina is still a conniving $@#%*. Brandon is the stumble-bum. Charlie, the only guy with stones, is dead. Peter is finally getting interesting (too late), but they are making him too dark, too quickly. arrggghhh! At least the move to Friday makes it easier to avoid. See’ya FRINGE. Vancouver loses another income source.

      • Jenn says:

        If you hate the show so much now, then why don’t you just stop watching instead of making yourself sound like an egotistical jerk! If you have been watching Fringe from the beginning, you should know and expect that the VERY talented writers and cast will not dissapoint. I get that you may be wanting more trauma than drama, but sometimes you just have to be patient!

      • Barney says:

        I agree. End it this year. Writing is becoming weaker and weaker. Wrap it up with a decnt BANG. The fact its now moved to Friday night means it is leaking viewers at a rapid rate.

        • kupaa says:

          if you people don’t like the show, why are you on the website of fringe? you seem to be the operators of the soap. fringe is an amazing show. you are the ones making drama about it. if you don’t like it, don’t watch. especially, don’t go to the website, you idiots. go see a doctor or something.

      • Tpie says:

        Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, i agree. I love Fringe, but don’t understand the popularity of Lost, Big Bang Theory, or Supernatural, but I’m not going to demand those shows be eliminated (Lost-moot point now). I challenge Chadwick to find a show that doesn’t have soap opera qualities. I suggest he subscribe to the science channel which has excellent programs and not only is there virtually no soap opera, alot of the shows premises are pushed as science FACT! If he is truly involved in the show, he should know everyone’s fate is predetermined. Ha, thanks watchers. what if ,by chance, Fauxlivia dies? Olive should raise the baby, parallels must both survive! The twists keep me coming back. The science keeps me fascinated and the show always manages to not be condenscending, which i can’t stand, btw, when things have to be rehashed in the most basic terms to make sure the audience “gets it”. Fringe is an intelligently written show and I for one thinks it has staying power.
        And yas, the Dr Spock book, the retro intro title, those little details are icing on the cake.

      • wasabi says:

        Yada, yada, yada, Chadwick. Re-posting the same drivel doesn’t make it any more true this time. Peter started out dark; maybe you skipped the first season. And if Walter seems like he’s going to wet himself any minute, it’s because it’s entirely possible he will. It’s happened before. Move along. And Olivia’s strength is in overcoming her weaknesses.

    • Carolyn says:

      Fringe is our favorite show. The work and detail that goes into the weekly shows is incredible. The cast is fabulous,and so believable.
      We need our Fringe fix every week, and feel as though there’s nothing else to watch until the following Friday.
      PLEASE keep it going for years and years.. You have a true hit with this show.

    • Cathie says:

      I think that the original Olivia should slip into another universe and find another John Scott, a hunk of a man!

    • MB says:

      I am hanging by a thread waiting to see what is going to happen! Soap opera my foot–this is sci-fi SUSPENSE!

    • Pamala Phillips says:

      FRINGE is by far my number one favorite Prime Time show! It is exceptional, perfectly written and executed. I’ve never seen one series with such a full cast of such quality talent. Not a show for uneducated people, or with an I.Q. not high enough to grasp the richness. I do not normally disclose this, but I feel it pertains to the kind of people it draws. I have Leukemia, 5 regular Oncologists that attend to my care (how I learned about FRINGE in the first place!). I began watching during the first season, 3rd episode, intently watching the commercials and everything (they used to announce: “FRINGE will return in 60 seconds, etc.”), so I didn’t move, lol. As soon as the first season became available, I rushed to buy it!

      I think their move to Friday nights, re-airing it again after the 11pm new was a BRILLIANT choice:) I’ve had all kinds of people ask me if I’ve ever seen it, who just began watching it for the first time, loaning them the earlier seasons to get caught up to speed ~ they all LOVE it, have become as invested as my husband and I are!!!
      Wherever the WRITERS/PRODUCERS take us will be the ride of a lifetime. THANK YOU FOR GIVING US FRINGE…the ebb and flow of the show is thrilling, comforting, and takes us to a beautiful place:)

      • Pamala Phillips says:

        Sorry, I didn’t proof in my excitement, per my previous post. Airing FRINGE on Friday nights, then again on Saturday nights after the 11pm news has brought so many new viewers in the Miami, Ft.L., Florida area:) We are ALL thrilled to see how this season unfolds, and looking forward to season 4:):):) Congrats to Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson for being voted the upper “100 Sexiest People on TV in 2010”!

    • Barbara says:

      Chadwick if you do not like the show do not watch it. It appears you have another agenda, for example you work on anther show and want Fringe axed. Too much competition. Many of us love Fringe and want it to continue for many years.

    • Fringe fan says:

      I absolutely love , love fringe . The only show i look forward to watching every week .

    • MG says:

      I love this show! I enjoy all types of sci-fi, paranormal, and futuristic shows… SINCE THE SCI FI CHANNEL ONLY HAS WRESTLING!!! every time I turn it on…. I am loving this show… and it’s a totally new idea… If it gets cancelled, I will be “PIFFY”… the story line is always different…yet along the same theme… and just think about it…. there are many more than just 2 parallel universes…lol…. so it could go on a long time..I hope!!!!…I find all the characters to be solid… and human. Even we strong women have our weaknesses. So far, it’s keeping the interest of all of the people I know. anyway… it’s my opinion, and thanks for listening…oh… and I like having it on Friday nights!!!

    • melissa says:

      I Love the show!!!! Can’t get enought of it… It’s my favorate show on tv. Fringe keeps me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait for each new episode. =)

  2. Thom says:

    I’m glad there is and can’t wait to see it all :) Best show besides V on TV :)

    • John Berggren says:

      I wish V were this good. So far for me, it hasn’t lived up to the promise of the original series. Here’s hoping for a 3rd season though!

      • Aimee says:

        I loved the original V as a child and still love it. I do like the new V. Took awhile, but I like where it is going. “Concordia” was a really good episode…

        Anyway, Fringe is much better. It has taken the place of X-Files as my favorite show ever. I am hoping so much to see at least one more season.

        • jacquelyn says:

          You are so right! This is the first show I have been super excited about since X-files. I love that there is so much emotion and suspense behind the sci-fi. Definitely addictive!

          • Raven says:

            I love Fringe even more than I loved X-files. I have been hooked again, even after putting in YEARS watching, rewatching, deciphering xfiles, only to have the ultimate sin in bad writing committed…having everyone killed off. It was crushing.

            This show is amazing, it makes you think, it grows your imagination, it stretches your world to include the improbable and the impossible. It also embraces seriously complex ideas about good/evil, that good people can do evil things, that evil people can do good things. Since love & hate are but opposite ends of the same emotion, is not the good/evil thing the same? It’s all perspective. Also ponder than only indifference kills a relationship. It’s when you know you are free.

            I like a few twists and turns, but, in truth am still fragile from my previous crash & burn(with X-files)& am almost afraid to get too attached for fear it will be cancelled. I, too, hope that Fringe will outlast even the x-files until todays science fantasy becomes tomorrow’s science fact. Since most of us are around or involved in a relationship, why is it so unreal to show it in Fringe? It anchors it on a level that we occupy, whether we agree with it or not.

            Oh & BTW, the most needy people usually say the most hateful things just to draw attention to themselves…(ahem Chadwick???) If you fell in the forest…and no one posted about it, would it make a sound? Namaste..Raven

    • allie says:

      besides V? UGH! V is terrible. I watch because I need my sci fi fix but it is such a terrible waste of good actors. (Well, except for Tyler – who needs to die pronto).

  3. David says:

    Please Fox don’t cancel the show it would be extremely disappointing if we end season 3 on a cliffhanger and it doesn’t comeback.

  4. Cass says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! I hate this show. I LOVE THIS SHOW! I hate this show. I LOVE THIS SHOW! Yeah. LOVE. It’s pure torture, but I love it, love it, love it!

  5. Aimee says:

    If Fringe ends at Season 3 after seeing all this coming, I will never forgive FOX.

    • John says:

      It all depends upon whether JJ Abrams wrote the entire storyline upfront and then worked out how to reveal it with the maximum suspense across three planned series OR he has written each series independently. I reckon the former; in which case he won’t be able to sustain it at this level into a fourth series.

  6. Luna says:

    LOVE Fringe! My favorite show on TV these days! So excited to see what comes next.

  7. John Berggren says:

    I was disappointed to see the ratings soften last week, but I hope they stay strong enough for 2 more seasons. I’d love to have 7, but 5 would be a nice count to tell the story.

    • melanie says:

      Fringe is my favorite show and I don’t ever miss an episode, but I don’t get cable and always watch it on hulu if I miss it with my digital bunny ears. How do they get accurate ratings if people are watching it online? Is there real fear that the show could get cancelled? This show is as big of a phenomenon as the X-Files was and would be a tremendous mistake if they cancelled it. Can anyone reply? Reply to and put FRINGE is the subject line. PS- has anyone heard if JJ Abrams is doing a Star Trek sequel and when it is coming out?

      • Tpie says:

        Melanie, I’m not saying I am a nielsen family, but if i were ;), everything in my household that can receive a tv show would have a monitor. AND, rest assured, that those monitors would be picking up Friday night Fringe episodes AND Saturday night encores, just to be sure. I certainly do not want to see the show cancelled, so i am doing my part, that is IF i was a nielsen family. Haha, in ur face, Chadwick.

    • swthompson says:

      i think the culprit was the super bowl commercials special on cbs– it was the #1 show last Friday.

  8. Shellie says:

    Okay, I don’t know if anyone from FOX can see these posts/comments, but please don’t cancel this show. If you’re going to, atleast let it come to some sort of end for the fans. NBC ended Heroes right on a cliffhanger and left us wondering if the world ended or not. Don’t pull an NBC, you’re better than that!
    But if you just keep the show around, you won’t have to worry about that anyway!
    I think there are too many fans and too many great articles floating around about this show. How can you end it?!

  9. kitmem says:

    too freakin excited! Hope the show lasts for a long while!!!

  10. Mleody says:

    So VERY VERY happy they moved fringe to friday nights!! Not only was it on opposite my other favorite show, but friday night TV used to be awful. Now I have something to look forward to on Thurs & Fri.! Yea!!!!

  11. Barbara Stevens says:

    Love this series…Please don’t cancel it like other networks have done with good shows. Really apreciate FOX’s generosity with sharing their programming on the web, otherwise I’d end up missing so many episodes. Most of my fave’s are on fox…LOOOOVE FOX

  12. wellthe problem is that they are preparing us for a season that won’t be aired. will it picked up on a Cable Network TNT or Sci-fi

  13. CHRIS says:


  14. Marie says:

    I think the other Olivia is pregnant :(

    • Lauren says:

      If their goal is to make us think “I never saw that coming”, then making the other Olivia pregnant is not the way to go. No one wants it to happen, but we all see it coming.

    • Bill King says:

      Marie- You Got It so go Ahead and Pick any Prize from the 1st Shelf

  15. David says:

    The only show that as I wait for it to come seems like for ever, and while It’s on it’s over to quickly. My favorite show, it ranks up there with 24.

  16. Javi says:

    I don’t know why I have a feeling that the other Olivia is pregnant with Peter’s baby… Maybe I’m just wrong.

  17. Dominion says:

    Fringe is one of my favorites but it’s already complicated. Many good shows have gone away simply because they got too hard to follow. Heros is a good example of too much. It was good at the start but got real crazy, you couldn’t tell who was who. X-Files, although a long runner, got too convoluted to follow. I truely hope we don’t lose Fringe to a script that has totally gone awry.

  18. Joe says:

    Prediction: Peter gets in the machine, and it brings the other Olivia, plus child to our universe and destroys the Walternate Universe (not before Walternate crosses over by other means).

  19. Danny says:

    I love Fringe, is the better of ever time!

  20. emteem says:

    If one of those wrinkles turns out to be Fauxlivia being pregnant with Peter’s baby then I totally saw that coming.

  21. Lily says:

    Do not cancel this show. I was a die hard X-files fan for the entire run of the show and was left wanting since it was canceled. the only thing to fill the void is Fringe. I have the same dedication and interest in Fringe that I had in the x-files, do not waste that.

  22. beckstar78 says:

    best show ever! what IF before one of the worlds is destroyed, they find a way to get everyone to cross over to the surviving world. big if there lol…but would be nuts!

  23. Bill King says:

    OK I am going to speculate way out on this one. It has been mentioned in the show that there are multiple universes what would happen if a third universe gets involved ?

  24. Alli says:

    So excited for tomorrow’s episode!!! Remember to watch live and encourage your fellow Fringies to do so!! :D

    • kiki says:

      Does it matter if we watch live? What if I turn my TV on and record it so I watch it when I get back from son’s basketball game? I actually had wondered that, but I don’t think it matters as long as the TV is kept on, on Fringe.

      • Mike says:

        kiki – Unless you’re a Nielsen family, NOBODY knows (or cares) what (or when) you watch. Do you honestly think some agency is monitoring every TV set??

        • Crystal says:

          The peeps who do the ratings do care. And that can determine whether a shows stays on or gets cancelled. So watch Fringe on tv if you can!

        • kiki says:

          well, we don’t actually know, do we? I remember, back in the day, people talking about being watched through the TV…haha. They didn’t have facebook then. I thought maybe some frequency range or cablenet or satellite signals could maybe tally the viewing audience. I don’t know. I just kept seeing where people were saying watch it “live” and was trying to rationalize it. Thanks.

      • Dexx says:

        In addition to what Mike said about only certain people being used as a sample, total viewers don’t matter either. The projected viewers in the 18-49 range are who advertisers target and they are the ones that give the stations revenue to keep our shows on. Even though you are presumably in that age group, you sadly still don’t matter unless you have a nielson box or something simlar, as Mike mentioned.

  25. amanda says:

    I love fringe it keep you wondering were it’s going to lesd to and it’s make you think of the possible chance that there is another world that unknow to use.

  26. Elin says:

    ahhhhh love love love love love this show! <3

  27. kiki says:

    Love, love Fringe. Where are Walter’s brain pieces? I have always kind of figured that they were somehow in Peter and that he may even know what Walter’s memories are…I hope Fauxlivia is not preg. But, I could go with that, too. So Peter has the dilema of dealing with his child and the Olivias…and this world’s Olivia steals the child and swaps places with the Walternate universe’s Olivia because she truly loves Peter and won’t let another woman stand in her way, so in a sense, she repeats history.

    • Sarah says:

      Walter’s brain pieces was the storyline for 2×10 Grey Matters. Newton took them out of the three institutionalized people that Bell initially put them into all the years prior. Netwon hooked Walter up to them temporarily while they were in a nutrient suspension but then when Newton fled, the brain pieces were already dying and the dead. And Walter even says it to Peter they were memories he’d never get back. And that is how Newton got the information he needed on how to cross which later was used when Walternate crossed in 2×19 The Man from the Other Side and how Walternate was at Peter’s Motel in 2×20 Northwest Passage before some sort of thing zapped them back to There.

      But also I hardly doubt that is going to be the case with your theory on the possible baby and the Olivias. Olivia wouldn’t do that. And it wouldn’t be repeating history because Walter did not stay There. And also he never intended to steal Peter and keep him outright. He was to go There and cure him and then come back but when the vial broke his only option was to bring him Here, cure him and return him but once Elizabeth saw him she shared a look with Walter and then he succumbed to the notion he knew he wouldn’t be able to take him back. Besides, if Peter was going to be with Olivia what would be the pointing in being with her in the There universe? I’m pretty sure there will be a third option to save both worlds and they’re just keeping us frazzled about some choice between the two for now. I hardly think anyone would seriously be willing to forsake an entire universe full of billions of people, Here or There or anywhere.

      • kiki says:

        Thank you. Thank you. I remembered the episode…but that was two of the pieces, and there is still a third piece; correct? And the Olivia thing, I really wasn’t thinking Fauxlivia would end up preg, I was just playing off a scenario. I was hoping it wouldn’t go into some deep betrayal by our Olivia, who I am sure could sway Peter the same way Fauxlivia did if she were to use her feminine wiles the way Fauxlivia did. I just get a little rambunctious thinking of possible scenarios…and I thought in the beginning that maybe Walter had actually given his memories to Peter at some point early in Peter’s life, before he was institutionalized or that maybe a piece of brain had been implanted in Peter. I had forgotten all about the patients with the unusual circumstances…I need to go back and rewatch so that I have a better understanding of what was happening at the time, since I now have hindsight and foresight knowledge and there was a lot of information that I let slide by because I wasn’t able to process it and my memory is not as good as it used to be. Anyway, thank you for answering that for me.

  28. brit says:

    I literally almost cry thinking this could be the last season. My boyfriend and I both LOVE this show. This is the only tv show we watch.

  29. yourstruly says:


  30. Sarah says:

    I’m calling it now. To keep up with the “Olivia is in another universe in the last moments of the season” end theme s1 and s2 did, s3 will have her accidentally cross into a third universe. I wouldn’t put it past the writers. And then in s4 that universe can be the sort of neutral ground for the two currently warring universe or it can be some super bizarro universe that has knowledge even surpassing There and then they end up fixing Here and There and no need for any universes to cease to exist at all.

    It is a crazy theory but has anyone else thought that far out of the box?

  31. Robin says:

    I agree, I’m really excited for the next 10 episodes but I will really really disappointed if they end the season with a great cliffhanger and Season 4 setup and then Fox cancels.

    • Alice says:

      I know! They ended the second season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles with the most amazing clifhanger and incredible setup for the third season and then nothing. it hurt.

  32. JWK says:

    I first watched Fringe to see how Joshua Jackson did and liked Fringe so much that I have watched every episode since and now watch it twice, once on Fridays then again when it repeats on Saturdays.
    I like the change to Fridays but would make it my first priority show no matter when it is on!

  33. Nalex says:

    Fringe has just got better and better. Can’t wait to see where they go with it.

  34. KK says:

    This is so exciting! I love the surprises and twists in Fringe. Feeling really pumped up about the rest of the season now! I knew there was more to it than the P/O/F romance.

  35. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, great. Yet another reason for me to scream “WHAT?!” at the top of my lungs. No wonder my neighbors hate me… ;)

  36. Derek64 says:

    Sounds good, but I hope they can keep their ratings up or this season will be the last. They have dropped with the recent episode.
    Even worse, the next episode looks like a regular MotW (alternate universe) episode and I’m not sure that it’s gonna draw viewers in… we learned so much important arc stuff in the last few episodes that a simple MotW won’t do it!

  37. spoon says:

    from the way the writers talk it seems like there will be without a doubt a season 4, so should we even bother to worry even if it hasnt been announced yet?

  38. Rup says:

    This rumour has been sprinkled around various websites but i hope to god its not true. If Fauxlivia is pregnant, my head will explode! But regardless, this show is the absolute number one, best, best, BEST show on television and it needs at least six or seven seasons to really do it justice!!

  39. Sunny says:

    Yep, I’m betting Alt Olivia is going to be pregnant with Peter’s child.


  40. Buffy0531 says:

    Dear Grilled Cheesus, Please do not let Fauxlivia be pregnant. This would be too cliche…Amen

  41. Will says:

    The “I never saw that coming” is the best thing I like in series…

    Congratulations for your show!

    Greetings from Brazil!

    There are a lot of Fringe fans down here! :)

  42. LM says:

    I’m so excited to see how the season wraps, but I know it’s going to hurt so good waiting for the 4th to come around. Please: no cancel!

  43. Rocio says:

    We can feel it coming, but what I love about this show is that I’m enjoying myself very much while waiting! Because each twist, each character is meaningful to the story. I know we are up for a big surprise but until we get there each episode has been a real mind treat!! Please keep the good work going!!!

  44. KJ says:

    I really dislike Fauxlivia! I want her to go away. And she better not be pregnant with Peter’s child. And Fox had better not cancel this show- its my favorite!

    • Q says:

      Frankly the minute the observer told Peter that “it must be very hard to be a father” i have had this feeling that Fauxlivia is pregnant with Peter’s baby and that the observer was not talking about Walter only.

  45. a2kmike says:

    love Fringe…..absolutely the best written and acted show on TV ever IMHO

  46. GJL says:

    Dear Fox execs, please don’t cancel Fringe. It has a huge international following outside of the US. Imagine if they cut the X-Files around the time of season 3? It grew into a popular show from a much smaller fan base after some time.

    Fringe is one of the only few shows to watch in my opinion, it’s original and interesting and I’d hate to see it get cancelled.

    Anyway, I’m really enjoying this season. The intensity is building and I’m very excited to see how things will unfold.

  47. MR505 says:

    meh, the whole triangle thing is annoying; it’s the worst part of the show and i wish pinkner and wyman and the rest of the writers would move past it already – but they all seem to think that this is what the fans want and are sprinting down that home stretch with it; c’mon guys, what we really want: 1. badass olivia back and not so obsessed with getting peter to pick her choose her love her; 2. i personally want peter to be less pointless, but not quite so darth skywalkery without the breathing problem (yet) all of a sudden; 3. we want more astrid and nina, and broyles too; 4. sam weiss is an an awesome character, but i sure hope he was lying because if a universe’s survival depends on which olivia makes peter vibrate more then… ugh. 5. walter and gene can stay the same.

  48. Steph says:

    I love Fringe – please Fox do not cancel this show!

  49. Trent says:

    The First People and the Observers are the one and the same.

  50. Kelly says:

    I love Fringe and want it renewed. I really dreading a predictable and cheesy Bolivia is pregnant storyline. I hope it doesn’t go there. I love Our Olivia and Peter/Olivia. Also as much as I love Peter/Olivia, they don’t need to make them the focus of the survival of a universe. If they had to play a triangle they should have let our Olivia and Peter get together and they play the whole two dads/Peter angle and which Walter does he save/chose.