Bones Boss Weighs In Latest Romantic Twist: 'Booth Went Out On a Limb'

Warning: The following contains major spoilers from this Thursday’s episode of Fox’s Bones. If you have not yet watched it, check back once you have.

Going by the final moments of this week’s Bones, it portends to be a very bittersweet –- if not outright sad — Valentine’s Day for Seeley Booth (played by David Boreanaz). Buoyed by Sweets’ enthusiasm to pop the question to Daisy as well as the love he feels for his own girlfriend, Booth bought a sparkler for Hannah only to see his bid for marriage get shot down not much unlike by a sniper’s bullet.

We know what you’re thinking: Is the door now wide open for Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) to finally get on the same page and evolve their friendship into something more? Or is D.C.’s most eligible marksman now, ironically, gun-shy? As the pivotal episode unspooled, TVLine spoke with Bones exec producer Stephen Nathan about the aftermath.

Bones/Booth Season-Ending Romance the Subject of ‘Spirited Debate’

TVLINE | In retrospect, how do you rate Hannah (played by Katheryn Winnick) as one in a series of obstacles for the Booth/Brennan romance?
We loved it. We thought it turned out very well for us, because with any show like ours, where you have a “Will They/Won’t They?” relationship, the audience always wants the couple to get together – as do we, because you know they’re destined for each other. But to construct situations that are realistic to keep them apart can be difficult. We thought that after they both left and went their separate ways at the end of last season….

TVLINE | ….that afforded Booth significant time to meet and get close to someone like Hannah.
Absolutely. We didn’t want it to be just a rebound or a relationship that didn’t have weight. It was very interesting for us to explore what happened when he actually fell in love with somebody else, and then have that person integrated into the Bones universe and become, though we didn’t design it this was initially, very close to Brennan as well. It was a way to keep Booth and Brennan apart in a way that was very real, and in a way that drove a lot of loyal fans crazy. They were angry that Hannah was on the show. Some of them hated it, but I think they loved hating it. Hopefully they wanted her to go for all the right reasons.

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TVLINE | Booth seems in a pretty bad place now.
That’s what the entire end of the episode was about, him facing the fact that he’s alone. Why is he alone? What’s wrong with him that the women he has fallen in love with don’t reciprocate? Again, we want the audience to be on his side and Booth and Brennan’s side, to hope for this relationship to resolve in some way, because now we have an opportunity to explore them again. But I don’t think there’s going to be any quick resolution, because they both have wounds that have to heal.

TVLINE | Yeah, it was just a few weeks ago that Brennan laid her heart on the line in the front seat of Booth’s car.
That was a moment where she was forced to face her own life and see if she was going to live with regrets or confront her emotional life in a way she hadn’t before. She took a risk, went out on a limb and was shot down, because Booth was in love with somebody else. Tonight, he went out on a limb himself and got shot down. Both of them are gun-shy, and the one thing that both of them have to rely on is their friendship. That’s the thing that’s going to sustain that relationship.

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TVLINE | Do you ever look at shows like House and Chuck — shows that successfully put their “Will They/Won’t They?” couples together — and think, “If done right, you can put them together and have good television”?
Oh, definitely. Absolutely. There were a lot of people screaming and yelling about House – “Why did they do that?” For as many people who are disgruntled and unhappy by an event like that, there will be an equal number, if not more, happy about it. But we’re taking our time. Hopefully we’ll be around for a few more years, so we’ll see how that unwinds.

TVLINE | So, just to be clear: No immediate plans for Booth and Brennan to get together?
Brennan was shot down, then Booth was shot down by Hannah. If they then all of a sudden fall into a relationship together, I don’t think anybody’s going to believe that. It would just be a TV conceit. It wouldn’t have any real truth to it.

TVLINE | Have we necessarily seen the last of Hannah?
I don’t know when we’ll see her again, but we loved having Katheryn on the show. No one shot Hannah, so… she’s still out there somewhere in the Bones universe!

Will Bones‘ Booth Be Able To Take Down the New Baddie?

Bones fans, let loose: What did you think of this week’s episode?

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  1. Jess says:

    Look I’m getting bored now. You producers may think the will they?/won’t they? sexual tension stuff is such great television but after you jump the shark and drag it out for sooooo long it becomes an annoyance. You could have at least gotten them together. It’s not like they’re married they can still struggle with their relationship and make good television while they’re at it. Please just do your loyal audience a favor and get them together SOON. If its absolutely necessary we see Hannah again do it after B&B get together!

  2. cr3 says:

    I’m not exactly opposed to booth having other relationship to move on (since bones turned him down) and it’s understandable that he won’t just dump a girl just like that because he’s an honorable man. what I do have a problem is that I have trouble believing this hannah/booth relationship. sure they live together and kiss and she gets along fine with his child but idk… just doesn’t seem real-like there’s no connection even though they put certain events in for us to think they do (like them living together, she and his child, booth proposing). some things just don’t really make sense like when booth told bones that “that” person that he loves more than anybody isn’t going ANYwhere and then he goes and proposes to hannah. now, granted-perhaps he was confused and really though that “that” special person was hannah but somehow it just doesn’t seem that believeable…
    Also, hannah and bone’s “friendship” is kind of … out of place. I mean it’s great she’s such great friends with hannah but doesn’t seem to fit for some reason.
    to me, hannah’s character just seems too perfect to me. like really fake. it’s like she’s hiding something. in my opinion-it would have been a better exit if she’d be exposed as someone who everyone didn’t know. (maybe gravedigger’s accomplice?) instead of booth proposing-making a “in the moment” decision when drinking too much.

  3. Evie says:

    For me personally, I have been more upset with how the B&H relationship was forced and pushed on us fans more than anything else. While it was believable that he might have met someone while away, it was unbelievable that he fell in love with Hannah as quickly as he did. It always seemed to me like they barely spent any time together…let alone move in together and so forth. I found THAT to be unrealistic, not the ‘getting B&B together’ once both got back part. Also, to the person who said that Tempe had not contacted Booth while they were away…well, neither did he! I think I remember him trying to get into contact with her, but the radio was off because it was only to be used during an emergency or something…? So really she wouldn’t have known any better because it’s BONES we’re talking about here.

    I am so glad to read that others are surprised by Booth’s big personality change, too. There’s a difference between someone who is moving on, and someone who is holding a grudge. I have felt like Booth has been holding a grudge against Tempe all season long…as if he’s punishing her. The fact that he supposedly “loves” Hannah and yet only a few episodes back was making puppy eyes at Tempe…don’t know if that’s bad writing or what.

    Another thing…I miss the interesting cases. There have been so many repeats…the human soup this season was indeed different from the one quite a few back, but we’ve still seen the ‘person melting in a bathtub’ trick before. I think the writers are running out of ideas….NOT GOOD! (Though I will quickly point out that I DID enjoy the Sniper episode this season! I was hoping that the rest of the episodes would be like that, and someone would shoot Hannah or come to find out she was in on it…but oh well.)

  4. Azu1Ang31 says:

    There t

  5. diana says:

    I see Hannah as the rebound. B&B were attracted to each other long before. I love how they are so opposite and continue to have such chemistry. Hannah was a ‘test’ and didn’t work. Go back to reality and get B&B together and make it realistic. I see there love never ended. Hannah was a temp distraction to see if it would work and it didn’t. . Again, hannah was the rebound, (happened to fast, but was to short lasting and fake) . Bones has been last acting, though short lived.Get THEM together!

  6. diana says:

    I wonder if writers and producers actually read here and hear what the fans have to say and will write want we really want??? Stay tuned….

  7. Diana says:

    Ummmm. Hannah is the rebound. B&B have had a “relaionship” way before Hannah came in. They weren’t together long at all. Bones KKNOWS brennen. She’s just learning how to handle her own emotions (non scientific) making it more real. Can’t hide your heart. Hannah wa a short lived distraction and the REAL rebound!
    Wonder if writers and producers read this or have a clue? Time will tell

  8. M Fitzgerald says:

    I didn’t hate Hannah and Booth, but I didn’t love it. I grew into it a little, but like some others, did not expect Hannah to turn Booth down. I expected her to get killed off, but this is actually better. I think having Hannah on here forced Brennan to reevaluate her feelings for Booth, which I don’t think she ever would have done without the threat of the other woman. Having Booth and Brennan remain friends, they will help each other heal, hopefully.

    Good grief. Does anyone want to remind me that these are FICTIONAL people?? Can’t help it, I just lerrrv this show!!

  9. Julie says:

    I feel that writers and producers were stalling with the Booth/Hannah storyline. They’re worried that if they bring Booth and Bones together then it will be the end of the show. For 6 seasons they played the will they won’t they game, so they had to bring in a different plot twist to keep them apart. Enter Hannah. We got to see a new side of Brennen, an emotional side that made us love the character more, but other than that I didn’t care for the beginning of this season. This was a first for me- I mean this is my favorite show for curing out loud!! Now, however the excitement of the show is picking up and I’m looking forward to Thursday’s again! Bottom line- we all know they will end up together, it’s just a matter of when. I can’t wait to see what happens next

  10. Brandon says:

    Bones has been a sinking ship since the season with Gormagon, the rotating cast of interns is annoying to me, it just doesn’t seem to work.

    Also the really lame commercial moments where they seem to be trying to sell us something in a not so subtle way DURING the story itself is really off-putting. Cars/Phones/Movies about Big Blue People. I don’t need the characters telling me about this stuff.

    • Samantha says:

      im sure if you got paid to advertise something (from actor and directors point) and get money for doing… im sure you’d do it.
      so dont hate, and half of the time is is involved with the story (avatar premire season 5). and the intern are good, you get to see them slowly progress, and get the commical sense out of each one and what they offer… except daisy, she is really annoying.

  11. Judy Saulsbury says:

    You led us to believe that Booth really loved Brennan. She did not die. They did not break up. They were just apart for one year and he returns so much in love with someone else. His love for Brennan could not have been much. If they get together now I would never trust him. I have lost all respect for him and do not care to watch it any more. What’s the point? If they don’t get together I will hate it. If they do get together I will hate it.

    • Samantha says:

      season five episode sixteen i believe answers this in the right sense. go watch it, then delete your comment :)

    • Ruth says:

      Booth does really love Brennan but his character is human. When a person is rejected it’s very natural for them to find someone else and try to move on, and to convince themself that they no longer love the person who rejected them. People mask feelings for self-preservation purposes. Those feelings usually re-surface though, and the great thing about tv is, they can re-surface at just the right time.

  12. JLD says:

    I hated the Hannah plot, but if they were really going to make this last show work with Booth loving Bones, Booth should have changed his mind about asking Hannah to marrying him and broken up with her. Leading to the same kind of end just with Bones not knowing why he broke up with her just that he did.

  13. rhonda sttahler says:

    The science makes the show& all this personal crap is just something to wade thru. And please- stop trying to”cure” Bones of atheism!

  14. Samantha says:

    first off, now that i think about it i was one of those people who loved hating hannah. i mean i was happy for booth that he moved on, but was upset about it because he belong with brennan. but i do agree with the fact that they belong together, and that them belonging together has gone on for longer than needed. but i think it is what makes the shows bones. if they got together it would still probally be good, but what keeps me watching is the fact that i have to wait and see what will happen between booth and brennan. i do not think that it is turning into a soap opera! a soap opera is television series depicting the interconnected lives of many characters often in a sentimental, melodramatic way. and if arnt brennan and booth the only ones that need to get together but always making hard do so. i mean there are no other characters in the show dealing with this hard ship…. so uhh i think you guys are over stretching things. and if you dont like the “soap opera” then go watch csi or law and order… because with out the “soap opera” that is exactally what bones is.

  15. Samantha says:

    ^^^^^ forgot im my previous comment.

    if the “soap opera” thing bothers you then you’re not a true bones fans.

  16. Hai says:

    I think that it was good thinking on the writer’s part that Booth got a girl friend. I also think that Hannah pulled it off. However, Hannah and Bones friendship was just awkward! They should have thought of a better relationship for the two characters.
    Secondly, I did not like that most recent episode at all. The mystery was cheesy and pointless (worse than the Jersey Shore episode). And the way Hannah exits the show was just… wrong. I was thinking of something more dramatic, something that would help push Booth and Bones together. Oh, I almost forgot, the beginning of the episode. What was that? Sweets was being an idiotic psychologist who had no good advice to give. Which, in turn, pushed Booth to propose to Hannah very impulsively. Over all, bad episode.

  17. Therese says:

    Just like xfiles. Sexual tension forever at least till the end, however I think Booth & Bones should be together. I hated having Hanna on the show!

  18. Kali says:

    I’ve lost interest in the show. It’s sad but it’s true. And I have been watching Bones from the very beginning. It’s been majorly screwed up this season and I don’t see why I should keep watching these ridiculously contrived situations to keep them apart when it’s not fun any more.
    There are much better shows out there that are worth watching!

  19. eqbkrambo says:

    -Used to love Bones, we have all the seasons on DVD.
    -Hated Hannah from the beginning, she comes into the diner and can barely stop kissing Booth to meet Bones….Hannah and Bones friends but you never really see them hang out? She’s okay with Bone’s telling Booth she loved him?? come on!
    -Still wondering what happend with Bones wanting a baby
    -What has happened to Angela and Bone’s friendship, its non-existent now
    -Where is Zach? Really would like to see how the rotation of interns (that can never meet Zach’s level) would handle him.
    Please just bring back the show we love! Stop with the name dropping (Toyota)! We now DVR the shows and watch them whenever…. I have been catching myself watching Castle over Bones, after reading these comments maybe, I should start watching Chuck!

  20. Knees says:

    I never saw booth truely believing that Hannah wasn’t a consolation prize, she was. It was his way of dealing with brenn’s rejection–a little moment of rebellion. A lie he wants to believe in. Hannah was a pain to deal with for sure. She failed if she was to be a character you hated to love. She just didn’t fit in the Bones universe. I am glad she is ‘nomadic’ but they could have shipped her off to some other country earlier or that at least Parker hated her. Now that speed bump in the B&B relationship is over Booth had better figure out that he wasn’t fooling himself.

    I will say DB did a fantastic job during the last episode and now I expect booth to be more irritable and more of an ass the next couple weeks. Perhaps now brenn can be the one who helps him Relearn to use emotion since it’s usually the other way around.
    I appreiciate that Booth attempted to ‘move on’ but good god did he have to shoot brenn down so vehemently when she DID finally opened up and actually put herself out there?!

    To HH, know that you are losing viewers and being on after idol might not help you much longer. You have a fantasitc group of actors that have natural chemistry yet you continue to fight the world when it comes to putting your leads together. At one point they were going to have a baby, at least get them a freaking dog, or put Parker on brenn’s side of the matter,or have brenn take the next bullet…it probably her turn anyway. Just get their relationship on track and moving towards something good. You could even have either character finally admit in words to someone–Cam, Angela, or Sweets that they ‘love’ the other.
    Your fans are losing interest and the cases are getting more subdued. And please don’t bring someone like Sully back for Brennen to torment the viewers more. We need to see some serious emotional sharing take place between the two.

    PS Will we ever get to see brenn tell Booth the message his Pops told her?

  21. Melissa says:

    Personally, I thought the Booth proposing to Hannah was a little to forced and a little to quick. After the eppie where the dead man had more than one wife and Booth starting to see Bones in a different light, they should have played with that a little longer. Torn between two lovers… They just could have done more with that and they dropped the ball.

  22. Jenner says:

    I would love to see Hannah show up as a murder victim. I have been really routing for her to die since she showed up. I agree with most people that I just hated her and I have hated her from the beginning. I really wish they had killed her instead of making her break Booths heart. I think it would have been a better show to have Booth and Bones investigate her murder. However, I agree that if Booth and Bones get together right now it would be like Bones is his rebound skank. They could get wasted and sleep together though. I wouldn’t hate that.

  23. Vera J says:

    Wow.I enjoyed reading all the posts and I agree with most of you.
    BTW.Do you remember Catherine,the girl Booth met in 5th season?She was much better for him than Hannah.Hannan simply didnt fit Booth just as Andrew didnt fit to Brennan..
    One more thing – for me the 6th season began with episode 9.Its been very good since and I enjoy watching it.
    Excuse my bad english.

  24. sam says:

    Personally I like when a show shows their characters are real with a true personality. Giving them relationship problems and how they struggle in life makes the cases that much more real because face it… they have to bring a character to life to make the show. You can’t just have someone read from a script and say its a great show. They need a complex character and the personal life to back up how they are suppose to bring that character to life or else all you have is a actor reading from a script.

  25. my opinion says:

    This was more poor writing, as last years final was. They had the opportunity both times to write something with meaning, and instead they just write in circles that discounts what they have written before. It is just TV, but I used to watch because it was better than just TV.
    They could have just as much drama and opportunity for character growth if they would pay attention to the characters they originally wrote.
    Apparently Brennan is NOT THE ONE. She is just in a long line of women. I don’t believe the crap that they are trying to spin that he torpedoed his relationship to be with Brennan. Why be so upset about the break-up at the bar then? It should be relief. If he wants to be upset about something, be upset for treating Brennan like doodoo.
    Nothing they write makes any sense anymore, unless you are a fan of daytime soaps. It is too bad. The show runner is ruining his own show.
    I don’t understand keeping them apart. Spencer and Tracy were in plenty of movies together where they played a married couple. There was still plenty of zing and chemistry.

  26. Ruth says:

    Bones is still my favourite series, and I’m quite happy for the ‘will they/won’t they’ to carry on. I’ve enjoyed it for five seasons before this one, and I’ll continue to enjoy it until the writers bring it to a close; hopefully with a ‘yes they will’.
    I actually did ‘love to hate’ Hannah. I would’ve really hated it if the relationship had worked out, but it hasn’t so I’m happy.
    I think that because Booth and Brennan got so close to a relationship, the Hannah storyline came along to push them back a few steps. Now the ‘will they/won’t they’ can resume, and we can continue to wonder, and to love to wonder, when they will.
    I’d be happy to see Booth and Brennan get together, and I believe the series could work with them as a couple. I’d be just as happy though, to see it happen at the end of the very last series. I trust the writers to time it right, and the actors to make it work.

  27. *Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thank you However I am experiencing issue with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting identical rss problem? Anyone who knows kindly respond. Thnkx

  28. Sushi Q says:

    People ! People ! Don’t be in such a rush. Think of it as extended foreplay !! I agree they could get together…but not married anytime soon. Lets explore the fun of developing an attraction more. I think the writers could allow Brennen and her emotional rigidity to loosen up some and Booth could be the one to explore or bring this out SLOWLY ( remember foreplay). Throw in some of that dry humor and a lot more flirtatious moments and I could watch this a long time more. I think Brennen is ready to move forward …SLOWLY…after all she is all about options and doesn’t make uninformed decisions (Which I agree with). On that note, didn’t she ask booth on the last episode in the bar, when he was talking about them being partners and she should have a drink with him or the other option was to just leave. ( I know this was the hurt talking and the liquor ) But Brennens response was ” Are those my only options “…….leaving me to believe she wanted to implant the idea of other possibilities to the audience or perhaps in a sub-conscious way maybe to Booth. Knowing it is much too soon to go in that direction for Booth, Brennen chose the option to have a drink ! GOOD DECISION….. NOW PLAY ON !!! Looking Forward to a slow process! :)

  29. Ashlee says:

    They are starting to have a scully mulder thing. We all know they will get together in the end, but if you want us to wait any longer, you will lose us all. I hated Hannah

  30. Lauri says:

    I can’t put into words how I feel about this season! I lost my Bones love after the 100th episode where Booth rushed Bones into an answer & when he didn’t like her answer he packed up his toys and went home…so to speak….after telling her he knew she was “the one” and wanted to “take a gamble on them” then gets mad when she didn’t jump into his arms? Really? So what does he do? Give her time to adjust? Fight for her? Nope he tells her in the next breath “I have to move on” what was she supposed to say other than “Ok”.

    In the most recent epi Booth lumps Bones in w/Rebecca & Hannah as women he “loved”. I don’t recall him mentioning love at any point to Bones…..

    I have to hand it to HH & SN they sure suckered us with the season 5 finale where they looked like they would come back & start something…then they bring Hannah in….thats when I quit caring…..what a slap in the face to Bones….and then Booth turned into such a jerk….even when Bones was with someone to satisfy her biological urges in earlier seasons she didn’t totally ignore Booth to do it….

    The way Booth acted towards Bones after she confessed that she made a mistake was just down right cold…..and the way they portrayed Hannah & Bones as BFF’s was so far fetched it wasn’t even funny….sorry that was reality that was right out of the soap opera digest!

    I think they have waited too long to get B&B together…..I’ve invested 6 years of my life in this show only to be slapped in the face & laughed at by the creator….no thanks! Good luck with the show but I went down this road with JAG & I’m not stupid enough to fall for it again! I’ll stick to Fan Fiction where writers can manage to get B&B together & have them solve interesting cases while being a couple…..

  31. Stella says:

    Unfortunately, the Hannah story arc is merely the latest symptom of what’s gone wrong with Bones. Whether its through inattention or network input or simply an inability to sustain their characters over the long haul, the writers have consistently de-evolved both Booth and Brennan and taken the show to the point where it’s become a mere shadow of what it started off as.

    Case in point is Brennan’s character. When we first met her she was brash and unafraid to say what she thought, but she wasn’t out of touch with the world around her or completely socially inept. Moreover, she cared about the cases she worked on…really cared. She wanted to be the voice for those who could no longer speak for themselves. Now, however, we get a Brennan who has no idea who Michael Jackson was…makes inappropriate comments about copulation to a grieving widow…and seems to barely even look at the bones in her lab any more. She’s almost more caricature than character, and a far cry from the woman who would spend hours reconstructing a skull waiting for the bones to speak to her, so she could be their voice.

    The cases, too, have become almost comical. Where once we had victims whose death touched those around them, now it seems like the only purpose they serve is to show how creative the writers are in coming up with the most gruesome corpses they can. Who that person was or who cared for them and what their death means have all become mere footnotes in what’s turned into a fairly routine plotting formula. In fact, the cases really don’t seem to matter one bit at all…they’re merely a backdrop against which to play out all these other little personal stories, be it Angela and Hodgins, Booth and Brennan, Cam and Michelle, Sweets and Daisy.

    Then there’s Booth who has had so many character changes in the course of the show that I’m never sure who’s showing up from week to week. Is it the sensitive man who feels for the victim and his/her family? Or the one who cracks inappropriate jokes over the victim’s remains? Is he the one who very carefully has walked Brennan through discovering her mother’s remains and coming to terms with who her father is and what he’s done? The one who, step by step, has helped her to trust and even love? Or maybe the one who ambushes the woman he loves, knowing that she’s gun-shy, and forces her to choose, on the spot, whether they have a future together and then leaves her, even though he knows that walking away from her is the cruelest thing he can do because it’s what she fears the most?

    It seem like every time we need a plot twist, some completely different element of the characters’ personalities show up. Of all of them, only Angela and Hodgins seem to remain not afflicted by the multiple personality disorder the writers seem to have foisted on the rest of the characters. But then that reflects the whole schizophrenic nature of the show itself. It started out as a drama with comedic element, and now it’s a comedy with the occasional dramatic elements. I think the last time I really cared about a case was back in Season 4 when Booth’s friend from Japan was looking for his sister. That seemed, at least, the last time any of the characters actually cared about a case….

    So Hannah is just a symptom of a show that’s lost its way on many fronts. She had “Plot Device” stamped all over her so it was hard to either like or dislike her. She was just there. Which was why, for all of DB’s amazing performance in last week’s final scene, I just couldn’t really feel his pain. The show didn’t make me care any more, one way or the other.

    Which begs the question, why do I even watch? A certain bizarre fascination, I guess. Like looking at the grotesque corpses. Or a train wreck. You know it’s awful. You know you’ll regret it. But you just can’t turn away.

  32. Jessica says:

    I just want Zack Addy back. Because the interns are getting on my nerves!!!! I really like where the show is heading, and hope Hannah stays out of the picture.

    Over all I like where the series is going.

    I feel Hannah’s character lead Booth on.

    Anywho I think if they bring Zack Addy back things would be complete again.

  33. Monica says:

    I think the show is awesome and I enjoy watching it and am always anticipating the get together of Booth and Brennan. I also enjoy the relationship between Hodges and Angela. Keep it coming Mr. Producer I am totally hooked on this show!

  34. tori says:

    I couldnt stand hannah, i get where rtheyre coming from with him meeting someone else but like everyone else id have liked him to realise she wasnt the one the end of the last ep and this one made no sense.

  35. MamaC says:

    I LOVE watching Youtube videos of Brennan and Booth!! I think in a few episodes one of them should be in a life threatening situation again where the other saves them (preferably Booth saving Brennan) and than they realize that they do need each other and always have and after that try to make a romantic relationship work. Call me a romantic but these two are destined and perfect for each other.

  36. yum says:

    I did not like the last show and I did not like Hannah in the mix (as cute and sweet as she was). Get B&B together and get back to real “bones” cases (not the gooey, gross showy stuff).

  37. Stan says:

    All in all, I was glad that Hannah didn’t accept, because this opened the door, for what I believe, would be a great “Series Finale”.

    Booth retires from the FBI, and Brennan retires from the Jeffersonian.
    They actually do get married, and buy that Club.

    Giving most fans what they want, Booth & Brennan, together at last.
    The episode would end, with Brennan revealing to Booth, that she is indeed, pregnant.

    This would mean, that Booth’s coma dream, wasn’t a “dream”, but a true premonition.

  38. Daisy Mendoza says:

    I love BONESSS so much it is my fav show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying for booth and bones to get back together…. I hated hannah, just because she was with booth the producers are right. The way they set this show up is amazing and keeps viewers tunning in even when they say all those things how they don’t like this or that. They still watch and thats all that matters. Love BONES

  39. ariel says:

    I love the show, and everything they did with it…well, maybe not Hannah. I want to see Booth and Bones together. The season four finale was a great glimpse, but since it was a different situation, all it did was make me want to see them together in their lives as they are. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Zach back on the show too, I SERIOUSLY miss him. Im glad you finally put Angela and Hodgins together. I have been rooting for them since season 2, when they first got together. I hope you guys will keep up the good work with the show, and hopefully put B&B together SOON!!!!!!

  40. Mickey says:

    I think the depth of affection the Booth and Brennan characters hold for each other has revealed their fears but something will click and they’ll take the leap. (or they go out drinking and someone that was ordained for 24 hours marries them; the night of drinking led them to fall into bed – and neither one is scared to wake up in the other’s arms – they think it’s a dream – that is reality. They laught about it. Life goes on. Brennan will get pregnant – and she asks Booth to marry her. They’ll carry on solving crimes and bickering. (Gordon Gordon-White will be the godfather to their baby)

    Now Dr. Zac Addie will come back. It will be discovered that in his quest to do a greater good – he will have gone underground to flush out the real Gormagon.

    Booth will have known that Zac was underground and this “betrayal” will hurt Brennan; but she’s learned to open up and will forgive.

    Zac will return as a special FBI agent and…

  41. MB says:

    I just hope this is not one of those stories that ends when the main characters get together leaving everyone wanting to see more of them.

    I just want to say two more things:

    1. Bring Zach Addy back please, I just don’t buy he’s no longer on the show considering how attached Brennan was to him as her assistant, and now he’s gone is like he never existed. I was expecting scenes of Brennan visit him or remembering him. The same with her brother. And I don’t really like any of Brennan’s new assistents, they’re boring.

    2. Since Booth got a new love, what’s going on with Brennan? we hardly ever see what she does on her free time, it’s hard for a woman that handsome to be so alone without even an affair now and then. Of course she had some in past seasons but neither where that intense or interesting like Booth’s.
    Strange considering in the first season she seemed to be distant but a very intense woman and now is more like a robot in denial. The only interaction she had with a man that was interesting was with that serial killer that was obsessed with her and died while trying to get her, don’t remember his name. This proves is not neccesary to introduce a new affair to keep things interesting with that character (Brennan)

    That’s all, good show guys.

  42. Deborah Jean says:

    I wanted to comment in response to some of the comments already posted, mainly because I’m a big fan of the show and am quite disgusted with the harsh criticism it’s getting.
    As with any show, there has to be that one thing that keeps viewers coming back, a reason to watch week after week, season after season. I feel the same way about movies. What would a movie be worth if the happy ending occurred in the very middle of the movie? Not much I suppose, so yes, a little bit of ‘soap opera’ is needed to keep the show going.
    Booth’s relationship with Hannah was needed because he told Brennan that he had to move on.
    Brennan wasn’t even the type to settle down, and it didn’t look much like she ever would. Her character only came to her realization of love for Booth after he stepped into his relationship with Hannah, so what would you have liked him to do, wait around for what might or might not happen between him and Brennan?
    Booth didn’t need to console Brennan when he shut her down, not when he still has feelings for her and at that time was in a relationship with Hannah. I think that would have made a bigger mess of things. I can tell you exactly what that would have led to in the real world…he would have cheated on his girlfriend and everyone would be calling him a jerk for doing so. When comforting someone you love, it typically leads to other things. What people don’t realize is, friends sometimes know when to keep quiet and just be there so that the person going through something like this doesn’t have to be alone. Friends don’t always need to console, sometimes just their presence is enough to get them through. Yes, sometimes friends get harsh with their friends when they are in a sore spot, it happens in real life too. Get a grip. I don’t comfort all of my friends in their time of need. Why? Because it’s not just about comforting them or saying the beautiful things they need to hear, it’s also about listening, sitting back and letting your friends vent when they need to. Everyone has those days when they need to vent, and their friends should understand that natural human need.
    As far as the personal lives of these characters taking away from the cases that needed solving, if they didn’t do that every once in a while, then what would those characters be worth? The show would be nothing more than a glamorized Forensic Files, something totally unwatchable. I love the fact that they put more time into the characters, it’s what made me fall in love with them.
    I love this show and its cast, as well as the constant change in the interns, all of which I love too. They are a nice extra added spice.

  43. Deborah Jean says:

    Oh, and I forgot to add….
    I agree with one of the comments above. I wanted Booth and Hannah to break up because he realized he loved Brennan, not because Hannah shot him down. That would have been nice, but you can’t have everything perfect.

  44. Katrina says:

    I absolutely didn’t like having Hannah on it. I’ve been watching “Bones” for awhile now, and all I’ve been waiting for is when Booth and Bones get together. I mean, they are like two broken pieces that can only be fixed by putting them together. Bones went through a lot: her father, her brother, the death of her mother, the loss of Zach…Then there’s Booth: his son, his past in the army, having to kill people bc of his job (he hates it so much.) They’ve both been victims. To me,it seems like they belong together. They understand each other, unlike a new boyfriend/girlfriend would. I mean, seriously? Hannah didn’t know ANYTHING about Booth. I highly doubt she knows how much trouble there’s been in his life. You can’t just up and appear in someone’s life. And the whole point of how she’s not the marrying type? That’s dumb.

  45. Rocket says:


    I’ve read a lot of your comments.
    Ya’ll want them together. Me too but they haven’t even been out on a official date.
    They have expressed their feelings but neither has said I love you.
    How about seeing an actual adult relationship that actually begins to grow in front of our eyes next year. Let’s hope this ends on a good note.
    My favorite part of this show is the conversations they have. LOL

  46. Katie says:

    Just get Booth and Brennan together. It’s that simple.

  47. boothfan says:

    I think the Booth-Brennan love thing has gone on forever. PLEASE let these two get together. They are meant for each other and the plot lines could be so great! If this continues I will not be watching much longer. There is enough sad things happening on the news everynight I want to watch something with a good story and strong intelligent characters who love and support each other. Booth is not meant to be the “loser” he is turning into. Side note HATED the whole Hannah thing. Unbelieveable, stiff, and just a way to try and distract us. Never want to see her return.

  48. boothfan12 says:

    Booth and Brennan are getting very tired and predictable. PLEASE let the characters move forward and get together. Booth should be a loyal and loving character not a woman hopper. The story lines could be great with a committed strong couple relying on each other.

    The day Hannah returns will be the last show I watch. This character was unbelievale, stiff and a complete disappointment.

  49. ziva thomas says:

    hi, i want booth and bones to get happily married this season and STAY happily married for the whole length of the series, and for crying out loud get zach a good lawyer so he can come back for the last season. if not, at least have him helping for the last three episodes.
    thank you,

  50. Imane Assi says:

    Brennan didn’t reject him because she didn’t want him but because she was afraid.Even when she saw him with Hannah,it didn’t make that fear disappear.It was the life of a dead woman that reminded her hers, that shook things up for her and made her realize and confess her feelings.But Booth did reject her out of ego.Even though he was with Hannah there was many scenes where he looks at Brennan and say things showing clearly that she was still, the one he loved the most.• But he screwed up.He knew he had the choice, that Brennan was an option now that she told him how she felt,he had the time to think and figure out how he felt about both of them and he chose to ask Hannah to marry him just because he wants to prove that he could get married,instead of following his heart and go for Brennan.Before his talk with Sweet he didn’t even consider marrying Hannah.And it was his ego that got hurt when Hannah refused to marry him.That’s why he was so angry.It reminded him of Brennan’s rejection. No one claims he didn’t love Hannah or care about her,but it was nothing even remotly close to the way he felt about Brennan.Now, I was hoping Hannah would be back for an episode before Brennan and Booth had sex,try to get Booth back and he chooses Brennan.Then Booth and Brennan could have hooked up.But not so fast after his break up with Hannah. I was angry at booth.He tells her one time how he feels, she rejects him out of fear and instead of fighting for her he just decides to move on.It’s not like he told her before and she rejected him and he tried again.No.One shot and he gave up.Not sure about what it says about his love for Brennan