Bones Boss Weighs In Latest Romantic Twist: 'Booth Went Out On a Limb'

Warning: The following contains major spoilers from this Thursday’s episode of Fox’s Bones. If you have not yet watched it, check back once you have.

Going by the final moments of this week’s Bones, it portends to be a very bittersweet –- if not outright sad — Valentine’s Day for Seeley Booth (played by David Boreanaz). Buoyed by Sweets’ enthusiasm to pop the question to Daisy as well as the love he feels for his own girlfriend, Booth bought a sparkler for Hannah only to see his bid for marriage get shot down not much unlike by a sniper’s bullet.

We know what you’re thinking: Is the door now wide open for Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) to finally get on the same page and evolve their friendship into something more? Or is D.C.’s most eligible marksman now, ironically, gun-shy? As the pivotal episode unspooled, TVLine spoke with Bones exec producer Stephen Nathan about the aftermath.

Bones/Booth Season-Ending Romance the Subject of ‘Spirited Debate’

TVLINE | In retrospect, how do you rate Hannah (played by Katheryn Winnick) as one in a series of obstacles for the Booth/Brennan romance?
We loved it. We thought it turned out very well for us, because with any show like ours, where you have a “Will They/Won’t They?” relationship, the audience always wants the couple to get together – as do we, because you know they’re destined for each other. But to construct situations that are realistic to keep them apart can be difficult. We thought that after they both left and went their separate ways at the end of last season….

TVLINE | ….that afforded Booth significant time to meet and get close to someone like Hannah.
Absolutely. We didn’t want it to be just a rebound or a relationship that didn’t have weight. It was very interesting for us to explore what happened when he actually fell in love with somebody else, and then have that person integrated into the Bones universe and become, though we didn’t design it this was initially, very close to Brennan as well. It was a way to keep Booth and Brennan apart in a way that was very real, and in a way that drove a lot of loyal fans crazy. They were angry that Hannah was on the show. Some of them hated it, but I think they loved hating it. Hopefully they wanted her to go for all the right reasons.

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TVLINE | Booth seems in a pretty bad place now.
That’s what the entire end of the episode was about, him facing the fact that he’s alone. Why is he alone? What’s wrong with him that the women he has fallen in love with don’t reciprocate? Again, we want the audience to be on his side and Booth and Brennan’s side, to hope for this relationship to resolve in some way, because now we have an opportunity to explore them again. But I don’t think there’s going to be any quick resolution, because they both have wounds that have to heal.

TVLINE | Yeah, it was just a few weeks ago that Brennan laid her heart on the line in the front seat of Booth’s car.
That was a moment where she was forced to face her own life and see if she was going to live with regrets or confront her emotional life in a way she hadn’t before. She took a risk, went out on a limb and was shot down, because Booth was in love with somebody else. Tonight, he went out on a limb himself and got shot down. Both of them are gun-shy, and the one thing that both of them have to rely on is their friendship. That’s the thing that’s going to sustain that relationship.

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TVLINE | Do you ever look at shows like House and Chuck — shows that successfully put their “Will They/Won’t They?” couples together — and think, “If done right, you can put them together and have good television”?
Oh, definitely. Absolutely. There were a lot of people screaming and yelling about House – “Why did they do that?” For as many people who are disgruntled and unhappy by an event like that, there will be an equal number, if not more, happy about it. But we’re taking our time. Hopefully we’ll be around for a few more years, so we’ll see how that unwinds.

TVLINE | So, just to be clear: No immediate plans for Booth and Brennan to get together?
Brennan was shot down, then Booth was shot down by Hannah. If they then all of a sudden fall into a relationship together, I don’t think anybody’s going to believe that. It would just be a TV conceit. It wouldn’t have any real truth to it.

TVLINE | Have we necessarily seen the last of Hannah?
I don’t know when we’ll see her again, but we loved having Katheryn on the show. No one shot Hannah, so… she’s still out there somewhere in the Bones universe!

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Bones fans, let loose: What did you think of this week’s episode?

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  1. jane says:

    I love this show and will never stop watching it, as some of you are so ready to do.. I agree that the person who played Hannah did not have great chemistry with booth. i was really glad when they broke up, didn’t like the way they did that scene though. i think they need to hurry up and get them together because I’m tried of this will they/wont they. i want them to let me know so i can move on. if they do this for much longer people wont care anymore.

  2. Lindsay says:

    I HATED hannah….and i definatly did not love to hate her. I was secretly wishing she was the grave diggers sniper to get rid of her! there was no chemistry between her and booth…booth belongs with brennan….end of story.

  3. shirley says:

    I am totally disgusted. I don’t like Hannah because of the way she comes across. She had to force herself to like Booth’s child, and didn’t seem like the type to settle down, so why would the producers place someone like her in the show? I thought after he came back from overseas that he would have realized how much he missed Temperance and it would go steamy from there. I also didn’t like the fact that Temperance and Hannah became so called friends. How could you be friends with a woman that stole your man so to speak? Anyway, I am a loyal fan of the show and have been since the beginning, but now have sort of lost interest because of the turn of events. Also, that weas stupid for Booth to throw the ring in the lake.

  4. Ine says:

    If they keep doing this, their relationship is going to end like Mulder and Scully did! One fuking kiss in 7 years, two in nine! Yeah, so it was the greatest love story ever, bur still, we hated 1013 for it! Producer around the world a piece of advice: we’ll keep watching if they do it already! I mean, enough is enough!

  5. Erica says:

    What I don’t understand is that Hannah is “not the marrying type” so she just lets him go so easily? I did like her, but that was so stupid.
    I did NOT want to see them stay together, who DOESN’T want Brennan & Booth together? But I think it was kind of lame, honestly. Now we have to play the waiting game… Also I did not understand how the last week’s episode, Booth said he would never forget his 1st love… Then next episode he runs off and gets a ring for Hannah?? Just because of Sweets??
    I love this show, it is the highlight of my husband’s & my week but the plot is so frustrating!

  6. Jenny Rose says:

    From the beginning comments about Hannah, I sadly must agree. The show was thrown off and made to see more like Booth could never love and just kept missing his chances. Kinda making him seem like an emotional retard. I get that he found a girl, but it’s Booth! Guy hears everything, remembers silly details. These things that should have hinted on it not being a good idea to propose presented them selves multiple times. It made him look dumb. And Booth’s character, as it has been shown on many episodes, is a lot smarter than some like Brennan, may think.

    All i have left to say is I understand the need for set-backs, twists, and misleading story lines in a TV series. But if you were going to pick a way to ruin a relationship like Booth’s and Hannah’s you should have looked at something that made it more like ok, she’s so not working any more. But now Booth has been set back so far. A broken heart is hard to mend in a few episodes, and i can promise if it’s not happening by then you’re gunna have some very disgruntle and unhappy/anxious fans. A set up loss of watchers :(

  7. Kailar says:

    Ok, so here is my humble opinion.. I love this show, I watch it in prime time, I watch it in reruns every single day. Having said that… I was sorely disappointed in the entire Hannah ordeal. I hope the producers/writers/creators actually listen to the fans who respond. We not only want to see B and B together, we crave it, for the sake of the show please remove the blinders and give us what we want, the love story and the best show on tv continueing for years to come.

  8. Lol says:

    Seriously, Booth is clearly in love with Brennan and always has been. He was hurt big time when it didn’t work with Brennan when he tried – THEN he has been going along with Hannah on the rebound, yes the rebound, even 7 months down the line. Trust me, it happens. He only proposed to H cos it was the manly thing to do, end of. She rejected him – can I get a WOOP WOOP! Because Booth clearly belongs with Brennan. End of story, thank you very much. Stop being so cynical, bloody good televisual viewing. That is all.

  9. Diana says:

    I don’t know why anyone.would dislike Hannah, at lead uptil the last episode. She”s beautiful, successful, anbitious, got along with Booth son and friends with Brennan. I am afraid the show is losing some flair though, Brennan is a bit too rigid and clinical since she returned tjis season perhaps due to Hannah. Needs some spark and teasing between her and booth or focus on oher characters a while till trust issues and pain can be softned. Castle is startin to pull ahead

  10. Sheridan says:

    I think the producers think all the fans are in high school. Will she/won’t she…it’s the drama of high school.

    The characters are adults. They would not be going through all of this after all of these years. Try having an adult relationship for crying out loud!

  11. rose says:

    you are ruining the show, making booth look like a fool. new writers?i will stop watching it now.

  12. carmen says:

    Great show ! I have a question-Does anyone feel that since the show Bones has a adult audience warning if this whole immature back and forth, lets look into each others eyes and fulfill our fantasy is rather odd? I like most would like to see the writers put these two together ( or at least have an one night encounter then try and ignore for a while or something) but next question-if they are not going to get together or move the relationship into more adult situations because this is getting boring, would it be better for them just to find other people and see how that goes?

  13. Miss Powers says:

    Manipulative Bitch (Amber) on House M.D was a character we loved to hate. Hannah was just plain annoying and didn’t contribute anything to the show. When Amber died on House, I was a wreck because her exit was so amazing. When Hannah left, I was just bemused and a little happy. I was dissappointed in the episode as a whole, really, but still I watch every week. I wonder why…

  14. K says:

    I don’t care WHAT he said; Hannah was hands down a consolation prize in every sense of the word. Don’t kid yourself Hart Hanson, no one loved hating Hannah. She made most of us cringe (especially with her sunglasses comment and encroaching in on Parker.)

  15. kiger05 says:

    totally agree with all comments hate hannah I love JR05 comment lol. but I also hate new time slot it interferes with my all time fav can’t miss show grey’s.

  16. forensic123 says:

    I’m not as bitter about the show as some are, it still is my favorite show, and will stay that way; although I’m not denying one bit that this whole will they or won’t they charade is getting old!! It’s been 6 freaking years! They could do SO MUCH with Bones and Booth together, and it would be WAY more interesting than this falling in and out of love thing! I lost a LOT of respect for Booth when he fell in love with a girl only SEVEN months of not seeing Bones, I just don’t buy it! How can you offer a woman your heart and 30, 40, 50 years when you fall in love with another one so soon? How could Brennen trust him again? It’s all getting so rediculous

  17. kira says:

    Honestly, I liked Hannah. She grew on me. Yeah, I was extremely pissed that she was with Booth rather than Tempy being with him, but she was good character. Having her in the plot line was a huge curve-ball that no one really expected. I am glad that she’s gone, though. It gives Tempy a chance again. At the end of the last episode, it really looked like she was going to say something to him about how she loves him but was afraid to because of the drunken options he laid out in front of her. She wouldn’t really have known not to bring up her feelings since she’s so new to emotions having locked them up for so long.
    I do agree, however, that this will she/won’t she has gone on for long enough.

  18. Caitlin says:

    I liked Hannah as a person, but didn’t care for her relationship with Booth. So basically, I am glad that Booth is no longer in a relationship with her. I do think it would be interesting if she made at least one other appearance, though. Maybe not right away, but eventually.

  19. Kayla says:

    Quite honestly, it’s not the show that’s getting old. It’s the fans repeating what each other said. That’s the drama that’s re-running itself.

    I got to a point where I could respect Hannah as she is. People do strange things, not always logical even if they thought they were being logical. I liked the actress’ skills, for someone to have to be in a position like that so late in the show was brave. I didn’t really see much of Hannah/Bones being friends, either, but I think that’s because I focused mainly on the fact that Brennan’s best friend is Angela. Angela has really been there for Bones, through it all.

    I actually enjoyed the murder plot here, too, and saw how much more it took up than the other drama. Honestly? Booth and Sweets took up 5 minutes, Booth’s proposal took up 5 minutes — how long does the show run? Do the math! I thought Fisher was hilarious, too. Oh, and bedbugs? Euggh. Perfect. I’m curious to see more of Cam’s relationship, too. And more about that sniper! I really doubt producers would do a Sniper/Brennan relationship because Brennan, I believe, at this point would know what that guy looks like (from pictures, etc at the lab, at the very least).

    Booth’s speech at the end was so sad, so firm, and said in such a angry, drunken Booth-like manner. I could really relate to what he said big time. I’m glad Brennan opted to stay rather than going for the door, although I could see the sadness and hesitation on her face.

  20. Cody says:

    I don’t think anyone loved to hate Hannah. They just didn’t like her. She was unnecessary and a waste of time. Every scene with her in it was cometely awkward. Eapecially the break up scene. Who actually breaks up like that. I won’t marry you so I’ll get my stuff from your place. And booth being so cold asking how much time she needed seem so cold and unbelievable. It was so unboothy. I’m glad they’re not together anymore but that was a terrible and unbelievable break up scene. I lost respect for booth in that episode.

  21. meghan says:

    On one hand I agree that after booth being rejected B&B shouldn’t exactly rush things, but I hated hannah she was just there not even really a part of anything just in the way. and if “not rushing” means having to wait another 6 seasons I’m sorry but I really think I would have lost interest. The main reason I watch it is for the relationship, all muder solving is fun but half the time I don’t understand the science behind it so I’m really only paying any attention to the relationship. and It seemed to me Booth wanted to be in love with hannah as a way to move on from/ forget about loving Bones. She was the worthless rebound girl. Thats all.

  22. G says:

    Oh my god… so many “strange” comments.

    This was going on for soo long. If you hate the casting so much and the writing even more, then just stop watching it…

    Actually, the writing is quite good. And an actress not bad, just because you dont like the charakter. Thats what acting is.

    The show is going on for so long and they had to find reason they dont get together. And they did. This “tense” situation between them is why people watch the show, even most of you. When (its not really a “if”) they will be together, perhaps last episode, its gone.

    I cant see why anoter girlfriend is unrealistic or such a bad choice? What would be better?

    House: Nobody watched the first 3-4 epidoes because of her or them both. She was no big part of the show at all. They finally got togehter after he stopped using the drug (the drugs were the big “why its not possible at all”).

    Thats the point:
    “HH and SN have had plenty of opportunities to do the right thing and get Booth and Brennan together”
    The “Right Thing” is a nice ending. But the ending. Nobody watches a movie or series about a couple just being happy together…

    And from the other side of producing and writing these things:
    Seriously, do any of you believe “they” do “that”, so you are mad? Like its their goal? “They” made a serious about two different people working and finding together. Thats the point, like in a romantic comedy. If it happens, its 90% over. These characters are not made for an “on and off” relationship.

    About the “tension is not everything” comments. Yes it is. Its why people watching this show, and not about a married couple living happy together and doing boring stuff.

    Hart Hanson and the writers know very well what they are doing:
    Producing a show about this theme, having good numbers and perhaps a few more season.
    I mean, seriously its already a really long run for something this specific: new crimes with bones, a forensic anthropologist, and interesting stories behind. As anthropology is kind of my thing too, this part of the show is getting “too much” (and often ridiculous; for people who know the stuff/work in this area or just like it realistic).

    Dont get me wrong, I understand some comments, but the show is doing quite well for an amazing long time and the writers know what the viewers “want”, or better “keep them watching”. And it works.

    If you dont, just stop watching. Or make suggestions to Hansons twitter (haha, I guess its even possible he will answer)

  23. Jurisma says:

    I love bones

  24. LeslieAnn says:

    I just spent half an hour reading all the comments. I agree with all of you. You all have a point. What I’m REALLY surprised about is that no one mentioned Mulder and Scully. I’m seeing a lot of similarities in Booth and Bones. I’ll keep watching because when I’m loyal to a show I watch til the bitter end. No matter how it ends. I’m just shocked with all the thoughtful insight in all your comments no one mentioned X-Files. LOL

  25. maire says:

    open comment to stephen nathan.
    your storys are dragging and need some punch. how about putting the focus on hodgens and angela and the baby. ALSO bring zac back!!! and it was really bad that you have killed off all of the bad guys. you have none to fall back onto. goremagon, gravedigger and the guy who fell off the roof. give us some bad guys and zac back. PLEASE

  26. Lisa says:

    Booth droned on about her for a year and when Brennan confesses her love for him he simply and unemotionally states he’s in ove with someone else. Unbealievable especially with no chemistry with Hannah and now this potential love interest has crashed and burned. Move on with the murder cases.

  27. Traci Weishalla says:

    Hannah was a perfect sidestep for Booth & Bones and their friends to grow. I love the shockers that keep popping up. Just when I think one thing is going to happen, something totally unpredictable happens instead.

    I am thouroghly enjoying the ride of plot twists, love connections and obsticles that all the characters are experiencing as they reconnect and grow as a team and a family. I can’t wait for the next show.

  28. Carol says:

    Love the show and glad Booth and Hannah broke up. I liked Hannah but I want him with Brennan. Take your time though. They need to be good friends to have a good relationship. I felt so bad for both Booth and Hannah.

  29. Diane says:

    I disliked ‘Hannah’ from the start and found her portrayal of the character to be very unbelievable. Even her love scences seemed fake. Her bedroom scenes were so fake that I’m surprised the writers/ producers didn’t notice. She was eye candy and nothing more. Am I surprised she’s gone? Nope! Booth and Bones promised to meet ‘5 months from today by the reflecting pool’ and I’m sure they will…. just in time for the last episode of the year.

    BTW… someone DID shoot Hannah.

  30. Adrianne says:

    I don’t think Booth’s proposal was heartfelt, or intended to be anything more than a “keeping up” response to Sweets being so eager to get married himself. However, I agree that the entire scenario seemed forced, and Hannah’s character lacked the sort of off-screen/on-screen chemistry that would have made that relationship more believable. I also agree the show has pulled more away from the lab and into the personal lives of the characters – isn’t there a happy balance somewhere? The cast feels like it’s moved away from being a group of friends to a group of disconnecting coworkers.

  31. VKB says:

    @CT. Totally agree with you.

  32. ciara says:

    I can buy Hannah not being simply a rebound relationship. I didn’t like her character at all, but that’s not a huge deal. That happens on other shows, too.

    The showrunners have indicated that they have no intention of a Booth/Bones relationship until the final season. Which means that instead of following the natural course of their relationship, the writers will be throwing in contrived obstacles. Really, without Zack and with no Booth/Bones anytime soon, I may give up. The other relationships aren’t enough to keep me around. Jack and Angela are too baby-crazy and I can’t stand Daisy.

    Regarding Booth and Sweets going ring shopping, may I just say, saleslady, that I preferred the ring Sweets was aiming for. Booth’s was gaudy.

  33. Mara P says:

    I would be happy even if Bones/Booth were the way they used to be (compatible partners, inseperable friends) and have Booth in a relationship with just anybody. They totally lost their trademark chemistry when they parted ways in season five. I didn’t like Hannah- she was an obnoxious, stubborn, selfish brat who only wants to live with a guy for a couple months and then ditch them simply because they aren’t the “marrying kind”, and refuse to change for the one they say they love. If you ask me, if their plan was to get B/B together all along, they should have done it in the fourth season or just not at all. Honestly. FIVE years?? That just doesn’t make any sense. Watching the first season now, I realize that it was better when it was strictly business: crime solving, nothing deeper. The friendship leading up to these new episodes has been great but it’s become uncomfortable to watch, since we all know everything that’s happened between B/B. The only logical solution now is to get them together in a way that doesn’t seem too serious at first, giving them both time to adjust, and try to redeem the connection they used to share. I mean, really, you’re not competing with any other show to see who can drive their audiences away faster. Put us out of our misery, and maybe, MAYBE, we’ll stick around long enough to see some improvement.

  34. cindy says:

    i admit, i did hate hannah. thought about starting the “I hate Hannah” fan club. i did not like that he came back with her, but the whole show is about bones and booth loving each other but being too scared to admit it, or to only admit it when they know the timing is sooooo wrong! booth was using hannah as one more defense against how he feels for bones. he knew, deep down that hannah would say no. when he was at the bar and he told bones that she could be his friend or leave, he’s just protecting himself more. bones knew he was in a vulnerable state, and she did what she always does – be his friend. that’s why we love this show – because no matter what, they are friends first.

  35. kiki says:

    Mixed feelings… I’m okay with the fact that they introduced Hannah and the relationship with Booth. Although I didn’t believe Hannah’s character nearly as much as Booth’s, I did think they had something pretty cool – very complimentary. Booth needed some real affection and Hannah provided that. Brennan just took too long to come around… and I get the whole drama of that, and I think that the creators managed that pretty well.

    Despite the fact that I totally knew that Hannah was going to say ‘No’, I still thought the whole “I’m not the marrying kind” reasoning was very weak and lame for her character. She’s intelligent and well spoken… the whole “let’s just go back and make believe” is a retarded idea…

    All that aside, I want Brennan to support Booth through this in a platonic way. Give Booth time to heal… let’s their relationship recover and let’s really see something blossom between them. Let’s not let it be a ‘decision’ between them, but rather something that’s so inevitable and meant to be that nothing else would ever make sense.

  36. deadgrlsprstr says:

    I’ve been watching Bones for a while now and I’m honestly ready to give it up. Having Booth propose to Hannah was ridiculous, hell having Booth with Hannah at all was ridiculous. He used to be this champion for true love and he goes from telling Bones that he loves her and it’s so real to less than a year later being so in love with someone else that he proposes? It just makes him seem fickle.

    The last few episodes they show Booth giving Bones those little looks and then at the end of the previous episode he tells her ‘that person isn’t going anywhere’ we all knew what he was talking about, and then the next freaking week he freakin PROPOSES to Hannah? I mean come on!

    I honestly don’t think we’re EVER going to get to see B/B in a relationship. We may see them get together if we even get that, but I think they’re going to drag this out indefinitely and not put them together until the very last episode of the series and that would really be disappointing.

  37. RLB says:

    I had no issue with the new romance that Booth came home with. It’s not uncommon for someone who had their heart broken to find someone else and attach themselves quickly and thoroughly in order to regain their emotional equilibrium. It would be easy for Booth to connect with Hannah over shared experience and turn that into what he thinks is love. Having Hannah befriend Brennan was a bit contrived, though I understand why the writers did it. When they introduced a character that wouldn’t be working with the core group of actors in the main plot line, you have to have some way to include them in the story as a whole. But it was a bit unbelievable. Hannah’s reaction the episode that Brennan spilled her heart to Booth was completely unbelievable. Not realistic in my estimation. I can’t say that I was ever a fan of Hannah’s character only because she didn’t really fit in to the storyline from week to week and in order to develop her and Booth’s relationship, there was a lot of talking about it and contrived little scenes they fit into the show here and there. I say, if Hannah’s character comes back, have her come back as a case. That what my husband and I expected when she was first introduced…that she would end up getting killed and the team would end up working the case.

  38. Susan says:

    This entire season has a little too much focus on relationship and moved bait too far from the original premise of the show that drew all the fans you have. Yes, many would like to see Booth and Brennan get together, but no we didn’t take Hannah and Booth for anything more than sex partners because there was lack of depth in the relationship and development. You just cannot do it in a few shows. Sorry. No, I didn’t like the contrived character of Hannah either.

  39. yellowdaisies says:

    I liked the Hannah role, I think it was good for both Bones AND Booth. they have learned a lot and grown a lot because of this. Their friendship lasted through out it all, the basis for a good relationship is friendship.

  40. Candace says:

    It took Mulder and Scully 9 years. Calm down. It’ll happen. Besides, instant gratification is always short lived.

    • Lolo says:

      yeah and when they finally got them together, it sucked (and no where near as many people were watching regularly if i’m remembering correctly).

    • LeslieAnn says:

      Amen. If we’re loyal….let’s just stay loyal. Over all…it’s a good show. If we want more shows like this one we need to watch. Remember…it’s the execs that make the final decisions. That’s why I always watch. I want to see my fave actors and my favorite themes. Just like in Sci-fi shows. Just keep watching so that we can get the same kind of shows. Just sayin’.

  41. Victoria Smith says:

    With just a few SIMPLE tweaks this epi could have given the fans everything AND given HH the Will They/Won’t They twist that they seem to be so intent on dragging out.

    When Booth and Sweets were drunk, Booth seems to say he’s going to marry Hannah BECAUSE Sweets implies Booth is a loser in love. This was a great opening for the end of the relationship to Hannah.

    Booth could have been SO hung over that he forgot about his intended proposal and so when Sweets arrives for their ‘ring shopping date’ Booth thinks ‘eek’ as he remembers. He goes along… as Sweets is hesitant in buying, you SEE booth quivering over the decision, some comment by Sweets makes him feel the loser again again and so he buys the biggest and flashiest ring possible.

    It comes to the proposal scene and we see Booth holding the ring box. BONES drops HANNAH off for her date with Booth (Enter the PRIUS)… Booth takes a look at Bones as she smiles softly and with care in her eyes and waves goodbye.

    INSTEAD of proposing he pockets the ring and asks Hannah the whole ‘where do you see this going thing… if I asked you to marry me what would you say?’ she doesn’t have to say anything, the LOOK on her face would say it all. HE then dumps her.

    Jump to FF and Bones comes over, saying Hannah called her telling her what happened, she knew he’d be here. Then he gives the whole speech about something being wrong with him. Then he asks her, seriously what’s wrong with me? She says nothing… absolutely nothing… Loads of sexual tension… fans screaming IS THIS IT?? Other fans going IS IT A RB? NOOO……

    PHONE GOES OFF – there’s a murder. They’re right on it.

    Still not together but a much more satisfying epi it would have been!

    • HY says:

      OMG i was really engrossed!!! see that was great!! you should be a writer (: i seriously loved that XD

      • Victoria Smith says:

        Teehee – I have a BA(hons) in Imaginative Writing (with Screen Writing). However getting a job as a writer is not so clean cut. Sigh. I’d kill to write for a show in the States like Bones – especially when I’m cringing at scenes like Hannah asking for sunglasses, or telling Bones she’s fine with her wanting Booth. UGH.

        It’s like the scene in the car when Bones breaks down. They should have just been sat in the car not driving. Bones starts crying and booth not knowing what to do, just leans over and gives her a hug. so Booth has his arm around her as she’s crying, and they’re close, and when she asks is it too late, there is just a split second, no longer than that, where he hesitates, but then he physically pulls backs away from her, and says Yes it is. But when he looks away you can SEE that he’s unsure. He wants it to be, but you just know there’s still something there.

        HH and co have all the RIGHT scenes they’re just falling flat with them. They need a little UMPH – they talk of tension, but half the time there is NO tension. And THAT’s what makes fans feel frustrated more than anything.

        Btw, I LOVED Emily in that car scene. BEST performance of hers I have ever seen! Shame that Hannah actress couldn’t hold a candle to her. Emily always looks like she’s struggling when next to her because she’s got nothing to work with.

  42. Laura says:

    You know, I kind of bought the whole Hannah thing in the beginning (although I wasn’t a fan of the character). In the episode where Hannah met Parker for the first time, I thought “oh good, here’s the send-off for Hannah.” She could have been just a rebound that, after being rejected by Parker, Booth would realize couldn’t compare to Brennan. It would have been completely plausible, in my opinion, but she won Parker over and I cringed.

    I’m really hoping that this rejection from Hannah is a turn in the right direction. I hate that people feel that the sexual tension between a non-couple is the only thing that can hold a show together. I think of Modern Family – three completely different couples, all successful in their relationships, but with tons of interest and believable tension that just endears us to them even more. It really CAN work.

  43. holsson says:

    I honestly thought that when hannah came on the show she was going to be similar to an addison from greys anatomy. you want to hate her, but it’s just not possible because she’s so awesome. But i seriously just hated/HATE hannah. Her and booth were no good together and they had no chemistry. if i wanted to watch something dull and boring then i would watch Glee, but Bones is such a good show that it shouldn’t be ruined with bad chemistry. Get it together. We don’t love hating hannah. We actually HATE hannah. I just wish Booth would have broken it off with Hannah instead of the other way around. Or maybe, they should have brought someone with chemistry to booth on the show. anyways, Booth and Bones 4eva!!

  44. downs says:

    they’ve been I Love for awhile now, no reason to keep them apart. I say good riddence to hannah and get Booth and Bones together, what’s the holdup? And I like House and Cutty together! We all love good love story. Its fantizing

  45. HY says:

    well……although everyone has a valid point i just have to say…..that no matter what i love this show….& i love that they had a character named after me Hannah.(: that i’m happy about. but i would like for booth & bones to finally get together i mean come on its going on 6 years! i love the show & i’ll watch till it stops airing (hopefully never)…but i’m excited & cant wait to see this thursdays episode. XD

  46. downs says:

    Get it done already! They’ve been in Love for awhile now, no reason to keep them apart. I say good riddence to hannah and get Booth and Bones together, what’s the holdup? And I like House and Cutty together! We all love good love story. Its fantizing

  47. mawd says:

    I am so liking the old episodes of Bones so much better. I’m tired of Bones and Booth are they / aren’t they. I think sometimes Bones is made to look like an idiot. She’s so smart and then they make her seem so stupid about little things that it’s like she’s from another planet. Get back to the cases and the things involved in solving them. Too much emphasis is placed on Booth’s and Bone’s relationship and frankly, it’s getting tiresome. Poop or get off the pot.

  48. Kathleen Bruce says:

    I missed the show on Thursday night and had to pay $0.99 to watch on Amazon. Should have bought a “buck double” from BurgerKing instead . What a rip-off .

  49. Pipergirl says:

    I, also, am in the less vocal minority. I loved Hannah. Reading the comments about how selfish, bitchy, mean she was–I’m truly wondering if we were all watching the same show. Hannah’s character could easily have been written as the two-dimensional Jealous New Girlfriend, hovering around her man, watching every move with ill intent. Instead, you have someone who got along with his friends, ‘clicked’ with his son, learned to speak the same language as his quirky partner (and truly befriended her). Although I’m a B&B ‘shipper’, at no point did I see any of the horrific character traits that are being assigned to her.
    And for all of you who are personally attacking KW, shame on you. That’s just plain catty. No wonder you think that those of us defending her are guys; guys don’t go around pulling crap like that.
    To those of you who have (purportedly) quit watching the show–why are you still so upset about it that you make up a large percentage of these bitch-fest reviews? If you quit watching, get over it and let the rest of us enjoy it.
    Let’s drop the soap opera and get back to the science, please.

  50. Lolo says:

    someone needs to explain to these producers and writers that you can draw something out TOO much and it also loses its plausability. i’m completely soured now.

    this show has a pattern of building the tension up until the last few episodes of the season, then doing some completely ridiculous season finale (example: booth in the coma. you know what i’m saying. horrible, horrible stuff–i don’t care what your people told you).

    i’m seriously debating on whether or not to keep watching–i could be watching the office and parks and recreation, AND not have to deal with the annoying fox news people cutting off the last 4 minutes of the show for their local commercials.