Scoop: App-solutely Amazing Bones News

It’s the Bones hook-up we’ve been waiting for!

In an effort to enhance fans’ viewing experience, Fox has launched the Bones Show Companion, a new iPad app that will automatically synchronize with the current episode as its broadcast in each time zone to provide content that is both wholly unique and pretty freakin’ cool.

Beginning with Thursday’s episode, iPad-owning Bones loyalists (who can download the app for free at the Apple App Store) will have access to such real-time bonus material as…

* A countdown clock that marks the time remaining until a new episode of Bones airs.

* My personal favorite: A translator that converts Brennan’s (and the squints’) geek-speak into, you know, English.

* The Angelatron, a handy guide to the data and information Angela uses to help solve the case, including sketches and crime-scene recreations.

* Sweets’ Final Thoughts, where Sweets provides his analysis of the case and perspective on the lives of the characters.

* A Royal Diner jukebox that identifies the songs and artists featured in each episode.

* A poll that invites users to weigh in on the case in each episode.

* An overview of social-networking chatter so viewers can see and contribute to commentary on Twitter and Facebook.

Bones Spoiler Alert: Look Who’s Being Written Out!

Users will also be able to access app content while watching Bones on their DVRs, Fox.com and Hulu.com. Even better, each episode brings new features.

Cue the Apple App Store stampede!

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  1. RebeccaB says:

    AWESOME!!! now they have to make one for everyother Fox show!!!

  2. Rebekah says:

    same here!! I can’t find it in the app store!!!!

  3. Rebekah says:

    I can’t find it in the app store either.

  4. Rebekah says:

    damn double posting. said my first post didn’t show up. Sorry guys!

  5. Louise says:

    I am not finding the Bones app! Do I have to wait till Thursday?

  6. shawnee says:

    u will make a lot more money if theres an ipod touch app :) pleaseeee for all us loyal fans

  7. cabezon says:

    Pop up video for bones. Great. Now make it for android or I am going to be mad.

  8. Katherine23 says:

    Ohhh Pleeeasse put this app on apple macbooks too! I was tossing up weather to get an I-pad or macbook air and I got the macbook. But would so trade it in for this app!!!

  9. jackie says:

    i cant find it at the app store!

  10. Nicole says:

    I want an iTouch/iPhone version!

  11. bizzymommi says:

    Android app PLEASE!!!

  12. Samantha says:

    Why don’t they have this for the iPod touch? :(

  13. Bob says:

    Android users are people, too!

  14. Kristin says:

    Now I want and ipad. Didn’t before, now I do.

  15. Tracy says:

    Cannot locate the app anywhere in the iTunes store. Help!

  16. ann says:

    wat is the app called?

  17. gloria says:

    Another blackberry user here too.. please do something!!! will try to download it on my e-reader that has some android apps, but really doubt it….

  18. Noah says:

    ima be maaad if this doesnt come out for itouch!!

  19. Marge Petersen says:

    App. store says it has no app except the Bones game aspp. Can you spell frustrated,

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Why can’t I find it?!? When I read this, I died. BUT I CAN’T FIND IT AND SOMEONE ELSE MIGHT DIE. -.-

  21. Ellie Whitaker says:

    AWESOME!! damn… I need an iPad now!! They should come out with an iPod touch app!! Then I’d love it even more! :)

  22. Junya! says:

    No love for android! WTH! Getting tired of losing out!

  23. Marvin in the US says:

    Hey, I’m on the App Store and it doesn’t show a Bones show app, just the quiz. What gives? How can I be ready for tomorrow’s espisode when the app isn’t in the store?


  24. Jen says:

    this is awesome, but how and when can I get it! A Bones app makes my iPad very happy! Love the RD jukebox!

  25. Nikki says:

    ACK!!! Never before have I been tempted to get an IPhone. Hopefully they’ll have one for Android sooner rather than later.

  26. Jengi says:

    Android!! Make an app for android!

  27. BonesForever says:

    This seems like a freaking cool app so please, please, please create an iPhone/iPod Touch version of this because, quite frankly most of the world cannot afford an iPad!

  28. Andrea says:

    What about iPhone ?

  29. Toia says:

    Just downloaded it if it’s anything like the Greys Anatomy app than it should good.

  30. Keegan says:

    Put it on iPod/iPhone! iPad is great and all but we want it too! Awesome idea!

  31. Rach says:

    Make this for just regular iPhone!

  32. Wende says:

    Android is big enough that we need this app also. Im a mother of 4 who can not currently work so the ipad is not an option for me an my family. Seriously! Even when I was working 2 jobs I had more important things to spend my money on instead of always trying to keep up with the latest”big thing”. Seriously… We are not all born into money like breenan and a few others on the show. BRING ON THE DROID VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls

  33. Marylynn says:

    Please make the app for the galexy tab, android

  34. Brooke says:

    This really needs to be an iphone App, if they have one for House then they should have one for BONES!!!!!

    pretty please! spread the word people!

  35. Keydieh says:

    Would be lovely if there was gonna be one for Android as well…Or if the app was available in German iTunes.

  36. Rachel says:

    Oh My God I need this app.

  37. Tayla Rogers says:

    What is the app called