Glee Recap: Sweet, Comic Valentine

I’m the kind of Glee fan who typically grumbles when I don’t get a healthy serving of Sue Sylvester, but Tuesday night’s Valentine’s Day-themed telecast — presented totally sans Sue — was so jam-packed with good music and solid plot development, I barely registered the absence of the tracksuit-wearing she-beast till she popped up in the previews for next week’s episode.

Before we rate this week’s musical numbers, though, let’s do a quick rundown on the romantic machinations that occurred inside the walls of McKinley High (and, of course, a certain retail clothing shop) this week:

Puck and Lauren | “You can’t choose love. Love chooses you,” declared Noah Puckerman, before confessing how his “seven three minutes in heaven” with the zaftig Ms. Zizes led to a potent and unexpected crush. Turns out McKinley’s resident bad boy likes a gal who plays hard to get. And what’s less accessible than a woman who stops mid-makeout to declare, “You’re really not good at this — and kinda scrawny”?

I’ve got to admit I felt a little squeamish when Puck decided to dedicate Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” to Lauren, wondering if Ryan Murphy and his writing team were really going to spend an hour fetishizing New Directions’ newest and heaviest character for a few cheap laughs before inevitably having Puck return to his horn-dog ways. Interestingly, though, the show zigged where I expected it to zag. “That was the first time anyone sang me a love song, and it made me feel like crap,” sighed Lauren. I wish the writers had dug a little deeper here, maybe had Lauren explain to Puck that it’s creepy, not cute, to reduce any individual down to a single physical characteristic, but it looks as though this courtship could be more of a slow build rather than a brief stunt.

I liked the way the writers made Lauren skeptical enough of Puck to keep him at arm’s length, and confident enough to do it without any residual angst. Granted, I could’ve lived without that scene where Lauren asked why Puck hadn’t brought an envelope of cash or a muffin basket in order to woo her — seriously, with the exception of perhaps the Bachelor franchise, it’s time for network TV to call a moratorium on female characters operating as barely disguised call girls — but things ended sweetly, with Lauren demanding Puck work on their friendship before escalating any kind of romantic connection. And, hey, I won’t complain if more Puck-Lauren (Zizerman?) means we get also get more scenes of Lima Heights Adjacent’s No. 1 bad-girl Santana being violently hurled into lockers.

Kurt and Blaine and that Junior Manager at The Gap | You knew Blaine was in for some heartbreak the second he announced Valentine’s Day was his favorite holiday, and you knew he wouldn’t be the only heartbroken gay in the Dalton Academy village once Kurt got all moony-eyed over his dreamy pal memorizing his coffee order by heart. As with all things Dalton — a place where adults might as well get the Peanuts “mraw mraw mraw-mraw” treatment — the Warbler’s emergency meeting was an exercise in absurdity: “The Warblers haven’t performed in an informal setting since 1927, when the Spirit of St. Louis overshot the tarmac and plowed through seven Warblers during an impromptu rendition of ‘Welcome to Ohio, Lucky Lindy.” But the payoff was spectacular.

The production number of Blaine serenading his junior manager crush was the perfect three-way marriage of music, spectacle, and plot, and the details felt truly authentic, from Blaine daydreaming like a high-schooler ought to (“If he and I got married, the Gap would give me a 50 percent discount!”) to the way the object of his affection was more horrified than flattered by the outré display of affection. Even better, Blaine revealed himself to be just as much an insecure teenager as the rest of the Glee gang, freeing his character from having to be the poster child for well-adjusted, out-of-the-closet gay teenagers everywhere. “I’ve never really been anyone’s boyfriend,” he lamented, giving Kurt a chance to bring some wisdom to their friendship. Just how When Harry Met Sally will these two kids get? We’ll find out the next time they go to a deli for lunch, I suppose. (Bonus points to Chris Colfer’s delicious line reading in response to Gap boy’s “nobody knows I’m gay” comment: “Can I be honest? Just with the hair, I think they do.”)

Finn and Quinn (and Sam and Rachel) (and Santana) | Memo to Finn about firing finger guns at McKinley’s single ladies: This kind of behavior is only acceptable for the characters of Cougar Town. Then again, pretty much everything about Finn’s behavior called for a penalty flag this week, from his confidence that he could get every girl at the school to kiss him (and the fact that he went out and proved it…yuck!) to his sudden willingness to reverse course on his anti-cheating stance and pursue Quinn in earnest. Can I admit that I sort of tuned out every time Finn and Quinn started whispering about whether they would/should reignite their romantic connection? Yeah, okay, the literal fireworks display after their kissing-booth smooch was a nifty trick, but I find this pairing as appealing as a tongue full of mono.

Speaking of which, I reveled in the way Santana systematically uncovered, then set out to destroy, the cheating alphas. “Quinn’s wearing her queen bitch look, and Finn only wears that gassy infant look when he feels guilty about something,” she pondered, right before donning a candy stripper’s (extra ‘p’ not a typo) uniform and slipping the tongue to the most contagious boy in the school nurse’s office. (Line of the night: “I’ve had mono so many times it turned into stereo” which beat “You’re addicted to vests” by a nose.) That end-of-episode glance from lonely Santana to betrayed Sam signaled serious trouble to come, although while we’re discussing Brittany’s BFF, can I just say I didn’t really buy her tearful collapse after getting called out for her bitchery during glee-club practice. That’s so not Santana!

The other upshot of Finn-Quinn is that it finally frees Rachel from the jaws of her bad romance with the McKinley quarterback — and not a moment too soon, I might add. I think it’s time for Glee‘s writing team to retire the absurd notion that Rachel is the gargoyle to Quinn’s Aphrodite sculpture. I understand Rachel’s an insecure geek at heart, but could a daughter of gay dads with that much talent, that much beauty, and that perfect hair really doubt her own self-worth that much? Putting this question aside for a moment, however, the nurse’s office confrontation between Rachel and Finn was a heatbreaker — especially the devastation on Rachel’s face at Finn’s mono-induced hesitation about whether her kisses resulted in the same kind of fireworks as Quinn’s.

But, look, as Mercedes pointed out, the three divas don’t need any stinkin’ men — especially when they should be channeling their pain and loneliness into their music. (How I wish Mercedes had referenced the decline in Mary J. Blige’s oeuvre since she’s found true love!) And holy crap, Rachel’s transcendent performance of “Firework” was one of her best this season. Lea Michele nailed the interplay of romantic devastation and newfound freedom her character was experiencing: I know Rachel-Finn is supposed to be the show’s central romantic arc, but maybe it’s time for the show to shed that skin. If he liked it then he shoulda put more than a star necklace on it, no?

Anyhow, onto this week’s musical performances:

“Fat Bottomed Girls,” Puck |
I dunno…this was one of those Glee performances that felt karaoke-light, from the arrangement right down to Mark Salling‘s vocal. C’mon, Ryan Murphy, let’s find a big production number for Puck that helps the guy get his swag back! Musical grade: C- Relevance to the plot: C+

“P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing),” Artie and Mike | A cute interlude that began in the hallways of McKinley and ended with our guys serenading Brittany and Tina in the rehearsal room. Kevin McHale’s vocals were solid as always, even if there was nothing particularly revolutionary about the arrangement, and you can’t argue with any number that gives Harry Shum Jr. an extended opportunity to get his dance on. Musical grade: B- Relevance to the plot: B

“When I Get You Alone,” Blaine and the Dalton Academy Warblers |
Holy blazers, this is the kind of high-octane production number I wish the New Directions kids got to experience a little more frequently: Something that occurs outside an auditorium or rehearsal room, that drives the plot forward, and that seamlessly blends the realism of a high school show-choir with the heightened experience of a musical number butting up against everyday life. Darren Criss’s vocals were sensational here, and the way the Warblers took control of the Gap was delightful, right down to the final slide to the register with a pair of argyle socks. But am I the only one who wished that Blaine had switched up the pronouns on this one to acknowledge he was singing to another guy? Yeah, maybe it would’ve cost Glee a few iTunes downloads, but it also would’ve made more sense from a plot standpoint. Docking everything a half-grade here as a result. Musical grade: A- Relevance to the plot: A-

“My Funny Valentine,” Tina | OK, did I miss something here? I realize Tina is reveling in the joys of uncomplicated young love, but watching her devolve from choked up straight into sobbing mess was not just awkward, but maybe a little preposterous to boot. Would it kill the show’s writers to let a supporting player like Jenna Ushkowitz have a musical moment of her own? Musical grade: D Relevance to the plot: D

“Firework,” Rachel | It’s one thing for Rachel to talk about channeling her pain into musical triumph, it’s quite another for said triumph to burst into life before our very eyes. I loved how “Firework” got the full boom-boom-pow treatment — as Rachel went from rehearsal room to McKinley hallway (where everyone apparently works a live, lit sparkler for V Day) to auditorium with literal fireworks backdrop — and there’s no denying the huge vocal upgrade going from Katy Perry to Lea Michele. An all-time Glee classic, in my book. Musical grade: A Relevance to the plot: A

“Silly Love Songs,” Blaine and the Dalton Academy Warblers | Is Chris Colfer suffering from some kind of throat ailment, or is there another reason that Kurt (and all his Warbler teammates, for that matter) has surrendered every single solo lately to Dalton’s dashingest gay? I really enjoyed how McKinley’s couples, singletons, and in-betweeners descended on Breadstix to support their pal Kurt, and I’m digging the camaraderie that’s building between Mercedes and Rachel, but for a Valentine’s capper, this one was more a case of like than true love. Musical grade: B- Relevance to the plot: B

What did you think of Glee this week? How would you grade the various musical numbers? And did you enjoy the break from Sue, Schue, and their cohorts as much as I did? Sound off in the comments, and to get alerts about all my TV recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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  1. Ryan says:

    I enjoyed this episode more than any since Duets I think. Most of the songs were enjoyable, there was some storylines continued, and some sweet moments. Overall one of the best of the season! I also like your 2 separate song grades Slezak!

    • AlistairCrane says:

      I agree, Duets was another good episode. I liked how there wasn’t a musical number til about 15 minutes into the show. I actually prefer Glee WITHOUT the songs, as funny as that sounds.

    • Sarah says:

      Duets was great… Finn and Rachel working together, uniting the glee club…I miss the Finn and Rachel from that episode, they bring out the best in each other. I love Sam and Quinn, but they are throwing away quinn as a character…it is sad.

  2. JenR says:

    I didn’t like Rachel’s version of “Firework.” I don’t think the lyrics were right on the chorus. Isn’t it “Ah, ah, ah” not “Oh, oh, oh” and in the second part “you’re gonna leave them all in awe, awe, awe,” not “ah, ah, ah”? It bugged me. Also, I don’t think the emotions rang true.
    It also bugged me that very few of the “love songs” were actually love songs. Most were lets-get-it-on songs.
    Having said all that, I loved the Santana/Lauren fight.

    • Blink says:

      I agree! Firework wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard on this show, but it also wasn’t amazing. It felt awkward and just plain strange with Lea singing it (don’t get me wrong, I think she has an AMAZING voice and she does a great job with most of what she sings, but she just didn’t bring it for me this week) I think the emotions were all there, the song just wasn’t as good to me as it was to everyone else. I don’t know if they messed with her voice but it really doesn’t even sound like her at some parts of the song.

    • Erin says:

      I think the reason I really didn’t like Rachel’s “Firework” was because the song was written for Katy Perry’s voice. And even though Lea Michele’s voice is FAR superior to Katy Perry’s, it doesn’t translate to the song. The whole thing just sounded weird.

      • Jenny says:

        exactly and I thought she tried too hard to sound like Katy Perry and it wasn’t working for her at all.

        • MajorWhoaButWHy says:

          I thought exactly the same thing. I’m not a fan of the song as it is (and it’s on the radio all the time), but it really seemed like she was shouting half the time.

    • Lauren says:

      Totally agree. This episode was a major letdown for me. I have no love for the song Firework itself and it really looked ridiculous in the show. Overproduced and over exaggerated. Where, oh where, is the real acting instead of over acting. Just because Rachel is a diva doesn’t mean that we should never see real emotion in her when she’s singing. The only thing that didn’t feel stilted and wrong was the Lauren/Puck and Kurt/Blaine story lines. Santana is amazing. She saved the whole Finn/Quinn/Rachel story from total disaster. Why is it that the only real love song had to be completely destroyed by Tina? She could have done a real rendition and it would have been amazing.

      • John Berggren says:

        I think that “overproduced” numbers are fine. In my mind, when they step into a level of production unlikely for a high school (or a high school hallway as the case may be) we’re really stepping into the subject’s mind to get a better feel for their emotion. I definitely think that Rachael has a big production number in her mind most of the time.

      • Mikey says:

        Tina’s breakdown was probably some of the BEST acting I’d ever seen on Glee!! That was some difficult stuff to do – trying to make it seem real and it really did come across as if she really really LOVES Mike so much that she’s “Overcome with Love”…after watching the episode again there was actually a Foreshadowing of this breakdown after the “PYT” number when Mike and Tina were cuddling and she says, “I’m so in love I may just start crying!” All in all I haven’t laughed so hard at one particular scene since the “Endless Love” Duet between Rachel and Mr. Schuster in the “Ballads” Episode. I thought it was absolutely BRILLIANT acting by Jenna Ushkowitz!

    • Natalie says:

      It’s Oh, Oh, Oh.

      Awe and ah pretty much sound the same when sung…

    • supernaturallovesfan says:

      I agree. Personally, I’m a huge Katy Perry fan, and I loved the Cherrio’s performing to California Gurls and Blain performing Teenage Dream. But I really did not like Rachel’s version of Firework. While I love her voice, I do not think that she has the right voice to sing Firework. It didn’t work, and honestly, I almost changed the channel. That being said, I loved all the Puck/Lauren scenes (mainly because I ind Lauren really fuuny) and the Kurt/Blaine scenes.

  3. Reena says:

    Really happy about this episode I have been complaining for a while now that this season espicially feels like a song is just being thrown in because of who sings it rather than it having to do with the plot…but this episode is going in the right direction i loved the fat bottom girls performance and the romance brewin between puck and lauren i think its great that the writers are going there with both of them hopefully the rest of this season will be like the (firsthalf) of season 1 and go back to what glee is about!

  4. Sasha says:

    I adored this episode.

    I like that Rachel is coming into her own and being likeable again.

    I also really love the sleepover scene. I appreciated how close shes getting to other people.

    I’m glad they’re making her a bit more rounded as a character…but she still has enough self worth to fill a tank.

    Santana was awesome in this episode and all her quotes were kinda awesome
    I thought PYT was great (it’s the only one of MJ’s song I haven’t really listened too so I don’t have that much to compare.

    They’re making Finn out to be such a Hypocrite… he hasn’t been adorable in while….I think pretty much since the duets/marriage episodes

  5. Rush says:

    I think the fact that Blaine gets the lead on all their songs could be a future source of friction between him and Kurt in future episodes. For a group that is supposed to be about “team” he sure does seem to hog the spotlight.

    • V says:

      Actually, I’m pretty sure the reason is that most of the Warblers are just “extra” types. The vocals for the Warblers, if I recall, are done by the Tufts Beelzebubs, who I am fairly certain aren’t the actors portraying the Warblers. And the fact that the team has a strict structure that tends to NOT give newbies (like Kurt) solos, which we saw after the “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” thing, pretty much leaves Blaine as the only soloist.

      It’s just my theory, but it makes sense…

    • emmitwest says:

      Folks, we know that Kurt complained he never got a solo in ND… but I think he is learning that he had it good there (musically at least) because he was featured way more than he is with the Warblers. Clearly Blaine is a solo hog; much more so than Rachel ever thought of being. This may be the what eventually leads him home.

      On another note (see what I did there?) Lauren+Puck=Pluck.

  6. Tanya says:

    I enjoyed this episode more than the super bowl episode. For me glee is an escape & even though the show can drive me absolutely crazy with the lack of plot continuity it is fun escape… I like that they let the kids be teenagers who do stupid things, have barely any insight & make awful decisions…. I was surprised that it was written by Ryan Murphy…

  7. Trista says:

    I enjoyed this episode a lot. I was sort of jazzed to have a Sue less hour.

    I haven’t gotten into the whole Blaine thing -so this ep was a nice surprise for me that I actually liked him. I think seeing his insecure side helped.

    Lea’s scenes were amazing – from the coed sleepover to the part at the end where Kurt, Mercedes and Rachel were drawing hearts and mouthing love you to each other. I always thought these three should be friends instead of competitors – because they were all “outcasts” with incredible talent.

    Best song by far was Firework – though I did get a bit of a giggle out Fat Bottom Girls. It was fun to see the expressions on the faces of each of the girls. Especially loved it when they got into the song as well.

    The song I was most dissapointed in was Silly Love Songs – I adore that song and would have enjoyed it done by New Directions more.

    Last thing – I am in total agreement about Kurt being back up to Blaine. He needs to hi-tail it back to New Directions so that he can get a solo!

    • AlistairCrane says:

      Eww, you don’t like Sue? This episode would have been 10X better with her in it. She’s a far better character than everyone in the actual glee club!

      • Jim says:

        Didn’t even realize Sue wasn’t in the episode. Some of the stuff for her is jsut stupid like marrying herself. So when she is gone it is ok, when sheis there it is ok.

        I don’t miss her like I would Rachel or Kurt if they were absent a whole episode.

        Yeah for Rachel Finndependence.

        • AlistairCrane says:

          A Rachel-less episode would be music to my ears!!!

          • Stacy D. says:

            truly agree with this. I mean Lea is talented and all but her character tends to get most of the storylines. This usually means leaving the other characters on the backburner for many episodes while her character gets to be in the middle or included in all the storylines in each and every episode. They should have her character visit her grandparents or whatever just to be off screen for an episode or two so that the other characters can shine some more. otherwise change the name of the show from “Glee” to “The Rachael Berry Show.” Have a Mercedes centric episode or one where we get Harry Shum Jr’s character be the main focus of the episode. I loved that this week we got some more of Santana and Quinn in the storylines.

  8. Eve says:

    Is anybody else realizing that a lot of those big belty angsty solo numbers that Rachel does has the exact same production formula? The whole”starting the song from a hurtful situation” turned to “angst down the hallway” turned to “angst into her mirror” turned to “choir room” turned to “on the fully lit stage”. The songs themselves and Lea Michele’s vocals are always fantastic, but watching Fireworks last night was giving me a strong sense of Deja Vue, and it was really starting to bug me.

    • Donna says:

      I completely agree! Fireworks was not original. It was just the same rendition of Katy Perry’s version with another good singer. And yes, the same storyline is taking great vocals and making them feel hum drum. It was my least favorite of the night.

      • Kim says:

        And the set up for them singing to there latest new love interest is any different? The deja vu is there for alot of songs how about competitions coming from the back of the theatre etc….

        Please. I like the throw back to Showmance when she first was upset by Finn/Quinn and she sang into her hairbrush.

        It is the only time glee has continuity so embrace it.

  9. Sam says:

    I think Blaine gets all the solos because the background vocals aren’t provided by the guys who actually play the Warblers. The arrangements and vocals (except for Darren Criss’) are done by an acapella group called the Beezelbubs from Tufts in Boston. So there’s probably a kind of logistical problem. Still, they should let Wes (the one with the gavel) sing. He played Angel in Rent.

    • Zayne says:

      I’m a little disappointed that not of the “Warblers” are actually Beelzebubs. It seems like they deserve it. They were on the Sing-Off. It’s not like any of them are horrible to look at.

      If you download the Beelzebubs version of When I Get You Alone from their Pandemonium album, it’s the exact same background vocal track with Blaine subbed in for lead vocal. I actually like their original lead more than Darren Criss’.

      Also, come on Slezak. How can you hate that Fat-Bottomed Girls performance? It was perfect for Puck’s voice and the reactions of everyone while he was singing it was hilarious. If you don’t like the music, that’s fine, but at least give it a better relevance grade since it drove some interaction later with Lauren.

  10. K8 says:

    Thought the ep was so-so. I am really starting to get annoyed with all of the Blaine/Warblers musical numbers. Just get Kurt back to McKinley already.

    And I thought everyone in Glee was suppose to sing a love song? Not just Puck, Artie/Mike, Tina, and Rachel. This had such potential.

    Becky was adorable, as always.

  11. Michel says:

    Great episode. Cried my eyes out… I love Finn and Rachel..I believe in them. They are true love, Finn is so messed up right now…sad to see his character take such a hit. He is true to himself when with Rachel, with Quinn he is a horrible person. He never loved Quinn if you think of his theory, when you love someone, you don’t cheat on them, didn’t he cheat twice on Quinn with Rachel! Come back Finn!

    • Rebeccapedia says:

      It REALLY annoys me the way they completely ignore the fact that Finn is a big cheater too, it’s like the writers have completely forgotten about that!

      • Topher says:

        The writers pointed it out (via Quinn) but Finn is still too young and dumb to get it. Also, He is too dumb to realize that hey.. this chick is a CHEATER. She cheated on me and now she is cheating on her current boyfriend. Odds are she will cheat on me again since she obviously hasn’t learned or really grown after her whole pregnancy.

        • Alison says:

          I’m with you. Plus the double-standard between Finn’s ability to forgive Rachel vs. his ability to forgive Quinn is WEIRD. They both cheated and they both screwed up. That’s a given, but where Rachel only made out with Puck (when she and Finn were fighting) Quinn actually had sex with him and then told Finn the baby – and all the responsibility – was his. Yet Finn told Rachel he can’t forgive her while he’s apparently got no problem forgiving Quinn.

          The double-standard itself is weird, but the fact that the writers haven’t acknowledged it – when it’s so extreme – is even weirder, I think.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          Cheating aside, she also treated him very poorly in general the entire time she was with him. Other than her mistake with Puck, she always treated him well even though he failed to stick up for her (like Sam sticks up for Quinn).

      • sam says:

        of course they have-he’s saint finn and can do no wrong. anytime finn does something wrong it’s swept under the rug within an episode and forgotten. they make him more of a hypocrite as time goes on honestly. he doesn’t deserve rachel.

      • jack says:

        Really Rachel has admitted, Quinn has admitted and Puck has admitted. The only one who still has not admitted he is a cheater is Finn and he is the one being all high and mighty aobut cheating.

        Does he totally forget he kissed and used Rachel while still with Quinn?

  12. Mike says:

    Finn and Rachel will never go away, they are each others lobsters! They are the reason I watch the show! Viva la finchel!

    • jurt says:

      They need to be friend lobsters becasue as a romantic couple they didn’t work. Why would Rahcel want him back. He all but admitted there is no spark for him. And can they ever truly trust each other. Finn has messed with her so many times and her with puck was worng.

  13. AlistairCrane says:

    Officially a “LUCK” fan! (That’s Lauren and Puck, y’all.) They were the highlight of this episode.

    I can’t stand that bitch Rachel, so I’m glad Quifinn are on the road to reuniting.

    Santana was at her bitchy best in this episode, and I LOVED seeing Lauren beat the tar out of her. Too often Santana gets away with being a bitch, so it’s nice to see her cut down to size.

    Blurt was also cute.

    • larry says:

      Quinn is more of a bitch than Rachel has ever thought about being. Rachel has done some bad things but Quinn still takes the cake with the whole baby thing, not to mention cheating, getting Santana pushed out of head cheerleader and the glist. Why do people over look Quinn’s bitchiness and indiscretions. Weird…

      • AlistairCrane says:

        Maybe Rachel is HELLUVA lot more annoying than Quinn has ever been?! Maybe that has something to do with it?! Rachel is an annoying, egotistical, arrogant diva skunk. Off, off, off with her head!!!

    • Ariettty says:

      Agree that “Luck” made the episode. I also loved seeing Santana featured more. Rachel and Quinn go back and forth between being goodie-goodies and back-stabbing cheaters, but Lauren and Santana know who they are.

  14. Rebeccapedia says:

    I actually really enjoyed this episode, I love Rachel more than any other fictional TV character ever, and this was a really really good display of Lea Michele’s talent. Finn/Rachel is ridiculous however, apparently I only like them as a couple when they’re not together or maybe it’s just when Quinn is involved! I didn’t really enjoy the Puck/Lauren stuff, and I thought the locker throwing stuff was awful. Also suddenly Santana has to date someone in Glee club? Bitch or not, Santana is gorgeous and there’s no way she wouldn’t have a footballer or one of those ice-hockey losers buying her dinner on V-day.
    I think maybe I’m over the Glee criticising though, I don’t really care any more, it happens with all of Ryan’s shows, they change and become more and more ridiculous, and once you learn to embrace that they become way more enjoyable again. People got so angry over Nip/Tuck, but I actually really like that right up to the end where Christian and Sean started killing people and burying them in the desert!
    Are we sure Tina’s break-down thing wasn’t because she was still in love with Artie or something? I really didn’t understand it at all, was it suppose to be funny?

    • Topher says:

      Tina’s Breakdown was ridiculous and a waste of Jenna Ush.

    • Brandi says:

      I thought it was b/c she was really in love with Artie at first too, but then her comment at the end made it seem like that was not the case.

    • L says:

      In two weeks, the storyline will be about an assembly on drinking which will “hit home” for the group. I wonder if they are setting up a storyline with Tina and a drinking problem

  15. Sarah says:

    Love Lauren and puck…they are the cutest thing since finchel!

  16. Rebeccapedia says:

    One last thing, I really, really wish they’d had all of New Directions sing the Moulin Rouge medley rather than just giving Silly Love Songs to Blaine!! Everyone could have had a line or two, I love when they do big group numbers like that, and we have yet to get one where everyone gets to sing a line!

    • Topher says:

      Amen – it is like why is this Junior getting EVERY solo? And why is Kurt letting him? It’s like Kurt is willing to shine less in order to let Blaine shine more. Although, I not so secretly love Blaine.

  17. Donna says:

    I just want to say that I have the exact opposite reaction to the author’s take on Fat Bottom Girls and Fireworks. I thought FBG was great because it’s where Puck is now. He doesn’t see deeper yet, which is part of the plot. Would anyone really believe that he would look deeper than Lauren’s appearance to understand his own attraction? It was brilliant and well done.
    On the other hand, Fireworks was great vocally, but not all that different from what I hear on the radio every single day. To use a very current song and repeat it — that’s just boring. And I don’t see how it really fit with the Valentine’s plot. It felt to me like “hey, we need a current number in the show, let’s do this one”. My 15-year-old daughter felt the same way.
    All that said, I was left feeling like “Glee is back baby!”. It was a great show, from the music to the plot. Puck and Lauren were HILARIOUS, the writers get a big THANK YOU for giving Blaine some vulnerability, and Santana was the best bee-atch ever!.

    • Mike N says:

      Finn basically jsut told her he didn’t see fireworks, which is bull casue he could balreyhanlde one kiss form Rachel without having to leave the room. Rachel was saying hey wrong I am a fire work and sending herself a Valentine. Rachel is getting her mojo back and getting back on track to what is important her dreams not a silly oby like Finn.

      It was the best love song of the show.

  18. MissyB says:

    I haven’t seen an episode yet that I haven’t watched over and over. Last night I had the urge to see a friendship develop between Blaine and Rachel and hear a duet. I’m thinking it would be adorable.

  19. Brandon says:

    Ok…really? Fat Bottomed Girls was the best song of the night, and as you pointed out, did drive the plot forward with Puck and Lauren, so I really have no idea where those C’s came from. That new recapper over at your former employer got it right with A’s. I enjoy your recaps…but yeah, sorry you didn’t appreciate that.

  20. Topher says:

    For me, this episode was a B. As much as I love hypocritical Finn (not at all), and I can ignore the Mercedes and Quinn aren’t friends (she moved into your house), the biggest gripe I have is Santanna. Why is it that the girl who has a Doctor dad now lives in the ghetto of Lima? Why is it that the only Latina on the show has to follow the sexy bitch stereotype? It’s like watching Secret Life of the American Teenager set to music. Why is it that all of the characters have a personality except for her? I expected more from Ryan Murphy.

    • Paula says:

      Santana said she lived in “adjacent” to the getho in a way of saying that because if that she is tough because we all know she is just a privileged biatch. I mean, look at her non Cheereos clothes, perfect. I love her.

  21. Sam says:

    I’m in the minority here but i actually don’t like Puck and Lauren. I think it’s because Puck doesn’t need another girl to insult him and bring him down notches-he doesn’t need to be because thats been done enough by other girls in his life (his mom evidently, quinn, santana, shall i go on?)
    i think if people were watching closely this past season they’ll see that there’s been a lot of character development on puck’s part. he’s not the same guy that we saw in Preggers getting quinn pregnant by any means. The superbowl episode especially proved that with the speech he gave his teammates. season 1 puck wouldn’t be saying all that. he’s had to prove himself to almost every girl he’s been with and that includes lauren. And it didn’t work! they didn’t appreciate it. look at quinn-he basically told her he loves her and they’re still not together and he’s still not good enough for her.
    i think he needs to find someone that going to like him because of his mistakes and not hold it against him. while he seems to be this stud like character i don’t think he has the highest self-esteem in the world-his self-worth is held in his stereotypical masculinity and physical appearance.
    so yeah i don’t like puck/lauren mostly because i love puck more and think he needs something more than that. i happen to think he and rachel would be great for each other but that’s just me.

    • Juliana says:

      I think Puck-Rachel friendship is awesome, she really likes him and vice-versa… In the Superbowl episode their scenes were great, also in the sectionals he said he liked her when everybody was being awfull to her.
      I love love love Finchel, but Puckleberry it would be lovely too!

  22. Isaac says:

    I’m going with Pizes (sounds like Pices) for Puck / Lauren. Better than Puckren (Puckering) or Pauren (Pouring). Though Luck isn’t too shabby, just short and indistinguishable in a sentence…

  23. PGP says:

    I agree with most of what you said. I cannot believe that Puck sang that song to Lauren, but I am loving the idea of them together. I also enjoyed the look on everyone’s faces when he started singing the song. I might be the only one who doesn’t want Kurt and Blaine to hook up. The song at the gap was ok and the reaction was for the most part believable. Loved Kurt’s hair reference. I love Quinn, but she needs to be paired with someone else or be alone. The highlight of the night to me I must agree was Rachel singing Firework! Lea Michele is the show’s best voice and its no surprise that this was a fantastic performance. While I can understand how some can be annoyed by her character, Rachel has always been my favorite. I do not however, think the show needs to shed the idea of Rachel and Finn as the central couple. Give them this time to slowly find their way back together. In the end Rachel and Finn need to be together.

  24. Jesse says:

    I have to say, I COMPLETELY disagree with your assessment of the Warblers “Silly Love Songs” … frankly it me, it was the highpoint of the show, and the most poiniant moment of the show, because it really summarized that no matter what, everything will be okay.

  25. Teresa says:

    This is my second-by-second reaction to Tina singing this week:

    Oh, she’s going to sing My Funny Valentine! I love that song!

    Oh, she sounds beautiful… she’s going for that cool Chet Baker sound.

    Ouch. I like the idea of getting choked up, but I don’t like it when people try to sing bad — it never seems real.

    Wow. They are really going for the emotional choke-up idea. Poor Mike looks horrified.

    Seriously, what is going on here? If she’s going to break-down, just do it and stop the music. This is excruciating.

    Thank God it’s over. Awwwww. Mike trying to comfort her. He should have done that 30 seconds ago.

    Okay… so what was the point of that? Is it to show a situation where someone gets overcome with emotion while singing (which happens and is somewhat interesting), or is it a plot point to show that Tina isn’t really in love with Mike after all?

    If it was to show someone choking, I wish she hadn’t broken down so much… I would have preferred to see her struggle with the song and pull it through. If it’s to show that Tina is having second thoughts about Mike, I’d like a few more clues about that in their relationship.

    But more than anything, I wish she had just sung the song. It’s a really beautiful song and it would have been great to have someone sing a love song simply and sincerely without any dancing or other enhancements. Had they done that, that song would be leading the iTunes list right now.

    • Amanda Leigh says:

      My first reaction was “OH MY GOD, she’s singing WITHOUT a recording!”

    • Meghan says:

      I completely agree. They rarely use Jenna! I thought that would change after the unsung heroes quote at the end of the regionals episode, but I guess not.

      Otherwise, even though I love Artina, I was surprised by the use of “the l word” between Tina and Mike and (maybe) Brit and Artie? The couples are growing on me despite my conviction that Artina are mfeo just like Finchel!

  26. b says:

    My Funny Valentine was just weird. By halfway through, I was actually wondering if Mike had dumped her the day before and she was actually intending the song’s possibly-insulting lyrics to be really insulting. So then I was just confused again when he rushed to her side at the end and she was professing her love for him.

  27. Amanda Leigh says:

    I just can’t stand Lauren as a character, and apparently I’m the only one. I’ve never seen a single second of her that would make her remotely likable until this episode. I also thought the “fight” with Santana was just over the top, not to mention it lasted way too long.

    I can’t even process Finn’s actions right now. Rachel makes out with Puck, and immediately comes clean about it – she’s a horrible cheating bitch. Quinn has sex and gets pregnant from Puck and lies to you about it for a season, and you want her back. I don’t know where these “fireworks” are coming from, either – I never saw them before. It seemed like Finn just thought Quinn was a hot piece of ass, and it made sense for them to be together because she was the head cheerleader and he was the quarterback, and then she was supposedly pregnant with his child. Rachel was the one that he always seemed passionate about.

    I think they should change the name of the show to “Darren Criss is better than you.”

  28. Blink says:

    I loved this episode. Its the first in a while that’s left me wondering when I can watch it again. I like the Lauren/Puck storyline, although Puck’s rendition of Fat Bottomed Girls was a tad insulting.
    This is the first episode in a while that was able to tear me away from everything and have me yelling at the TV for every commercial, or course, this might just be cause Klaine is so adorable, and the excitement from the Glee Tour. Either way, more episodes like this would be appreciated. (And bringing back the delicious Jonathan Groff. Throw him into a Warblers number randomly. Anything to see that beautiful man back on my television screen.)

  29. Manni says:

    “I understand Rachel’s an insecure geek at heart, but could a daughter of gay dads with that much talent, that much beauty, and that perfect hair really doubt her own self-worth that much?”

    Thank you!!! It’s time to get over that trope Glee.

    Also, has anyone else noticed that Dianna Agron is actually getting worse as an actress as the show progressed? She was pretty mediocre to start with, but these past few episodes, it’s actually been painful to listen to her awful line delivery in that stupid whispery voice of hers. Speak up bitch!!!! And her expressions don’t really change. it’s like she’s too afraid of looking ugly to actually act.

    • Joe says:

      Oh god yes, Dianna Agron is weak. I think people over look it cause she is pretty, blah, blah. She has not comedic timing at all. Some of her lines fall so flat. Mediocre is a nice way to put it.

    • LissaB says:

      Word!! She is a horrible actress. Can’t.stand.her.
      Also, I can’t believe that Glee made me like “Firework” but they did. Lea is so amazing!

  30. Andrew says:

    I liked the episode, but like many this season, didn’t love it. I thought the Gap scene was preposterous and cringe worthy, as have many Warblers scenes been recently. The Lauren-Puck storyline is cute but walks a fine line between sweet and offensive. I loathe Finn so the focus on him was a yawn. Ultimately, the only big letdown in the episode other than zero Sue is that Rachel did not shoot fireworks out of her breasts during Firework. I was hoping they would go there.

  31. Kimberlia says:

    I can’t stand the fact that Kurt stays back in the group when the Warblers sing and never has a solo. They are wasting his talent and he needs to go back to New Directions.

  32. Emily says:

    I agree – it is nice seeing the friendship develop between the three “divas” – Mercedes, Rachel, and Kurt. But I was beginning to wonder – whatever happened with the friendship between Mercedes and Quinn. Last year they seemed to be good friends as Mercedes supported Quinn in her pregnancy, but ever since Quinn returned to the Cheerios they haven’t interacted at all. What happened there?

  33. brandy says:

    Sorry, but I thought the Jenna breakdown was hilarious.

  34. tammy says:

    Having one person sing lead is how Dalton Academy alwAys does it. Remember Kurt learned this when he joined. Kurt won’t sing solo in that group. So obviously he will end up back with New Directions at sometime so we can hear him sing again.

  35. Louisa says:

    I miss Finn and Rachel so much, my heart is completely shattered. I hate that writers make Finn a great guy one week and a total jerk the next.

  36. B says:

    I really like Rachel, Mercedes and Kurt’s growing friendship. I hope RM doesn’t throw away a this good relationship like he did with Mercedes and Quinn’s friendship last season. I’m also ready for a New Directions/Warblers group performance!

  37. NanCeE* says:

    Minor complaints – during PYT, why did they show Mike dancing in slow motion? It’s not like it’s a slow song and he would have been even better at full speed. Hearing PYT always makes me happy, though, so I give that performance an A. When the Warblers started singing in the Gap, why were the shoppers just continuing to shop as if there were no people singing in the store? I thought it was a fantasy sequence for a minute. Loved the performance, though. Do wish we heard more of Kurth. I hate the song Firework, even sung by the fantastic Lea Michelle. Don’t like or even understand the Finn/Quinn storyline, but Santana makes every storyline better. Her crying scene worked for me because she was still so clueless – “I try to be really honest and tell people when they suck” (or something like that) – too funny.

  38. Mike N says:

    Finn didn’t say he didn’t feel fireworks with Rachel, he thought and smiled, but Rachel jumped on him before he could talk. You know that taking a second before you speak doesn’t equal a negative answer, correct? From the way Finn was smiling, I’m pretty sure he felt MORE when he kissed Rachel. Anyway, we’ll be back to this arc eventually, probably by the end of the season.

    • Michele says:

      People are really stupid to think he didn’t answer her cause he didn’t feel anything – i mean – really? It was evident he couldn’t even begin to put it into words. I really think viewers are just stupid.

      • Pat says:

        Or fincel fans are in denial. Sorry but Finn never seems to know the right thing to say to Rachel or in Rachel behalf. Enough how is a simple yes hard to say?

    • LissaB says:

      I agree. He probably sees little hearts everywhere. :)

  39. Sunny says:

    Nice episode…not awful, not fantastic. Loved the friendship and bonding w/ Rachel, Kurt and Mercedes…although I would have like to hear K & M sing. When’s Kurt going back to McKinley? As much as Darren is a great singer, I’d rather hear Kurt sing, thanks!!
    Finn is a tool and he makes me want to barf…he’s turned into an lying, hypocritical asshat. I hope Sam dumps Quinn before she can dump him…she’s a boob, too. I guess once a cheater, always a cheater.
    I, too, am sick of the writer’s making Rachel feel like she’s second to Quinn…let her have some confidence in herself, not just her singing. But I disagree about Fat Bottom Girls…I thought that song was great, especially all of the reactions to it!!

    • Stacy D. says:

      i think that the writters totally 4got the character description for Rachael that was introduced in the pilot. She described herself as a very hot girl and that so many boys would like to have her. Now to make her this insecure mess and comparing herself to the Cheerios?! I mean come on! This just tends to be overplayed when they have Rachael ask Finn what he finds attractive in the cheerleaders. In the pilot she says that her biggest dream is to become a star but now those dreams seem like just dreams. I am not liking the character as she seems like a completely different person from the one who had this mountain of confidence and is now being reduced to the dust on someone’s shoes. I hope the writters rewatch the pilot and repair the damage before it is too late!

  40. Michele says:

    I really believe the viewers of glee are truly idiots. I mean – do they not read behind the meaning in characters actions? They only take them for face value…not that there is deeper meaning. I give credit to the writers of this show – they are way smarter then most of the online fan base. It is really a shame. Finn’s actions were to juxipose his struggles and his true self. Quinn represents everything that is wrong, Rachel everything that is right. He did things because he is acting out, hurt, betrayed, and scared. I think Finn is the most believable character on the show. Maybe cause I am an older viewer and understand relationships – I am not stupid to think men are perfect or furthermore, I am not either. I just wish people would find a deeper meaning in the show and relationships – there is so much depth that some of the younger viewers do not grasp. Finn is flawed – so is everyone else in life and on the show. He will rise again. Cory’s acting ability is bar none the best on the show. Him and Lea killed their scenes last night – and it was a beautiful sight to watch. Ryan, Brad, Ian – you guys know what you are doing and it is beautiful. Keep it up!!

    • Kat says:

      Pretty condensing to viewers thinking you know what is and isn’t. Finn is being a complete hyppcrit and has not even owned up this his own cheating. Rachel was wrong but she has at least owned up to it and apologized. Finn still doesn’t think he has ever done anything wrong much less cheat and lie. Now he is going after a girl who humiliated him, cheated on hm and lied to him and his mother. Is he confuse or just plain stupid?

      • Stacy D. says:

        I think that even though Finn is a hypocrite especially in the anger that he has toward’s Rachael, for him Quinn represents his first high school girlfriend. I think that when he looks at Quinn he still sees the pedastal that he had put her up on when they first started dating. I guess that this makes it easier for him to forgive her because he put her so high up on this pedastal. When it comes to Rachael, the started dating when he came out from his first major heartbreak and thus when Rachael commits a mistake against himhe feels like she should have known he would get hurt especially due to the fact that she wa sthere to help him pick up the pieces after his first major heartbreak. Also working against Racheal is that for every little wrong thing that he does, she will get double the anger because Finn never got to say what he was feeling after Quinn hurt him and broke his heart.

  41. H. says:

    Oh my loves, the people here who are all, ‘he smiled when Rachel asked him if there were fireworks’ – uh, no, he didn’t and if he did… Finn was an absolute…naughty word… in this episode, from the Quinn thing to the giving Rachel a speech about being special when really all he wanted to do is get away from Rachel so he could be with Quinn to the end scene when he couldn’t even finish his sentence about loving her. I understand hardcore Rachel/Finn…ers? want to see stuff in this that isn’t there, but basically, Rachel/Mercedes/Kurt diva-ship is the ONLY relationship that’s doing any good for Rachel. She, much like Buffy, is so much stronger without a man – boy – making her feel less because she’s not as good as the other girls. It’s all opinions I know, and this is mine. Rachel loving Finn I loved – because it showed that she was definitely capable of putting her own love of singing to the side for someone else – someone else was more important. I now love that she’s not letting herself be put down by Finn she’s putting her music first and herself first, which she needs to do. I admit I’m not the biggest Finn-fan (hello, Grilled Cheesus – really, Finn?) but he’s a stereotypical teenage boy, ranging from loving to arrogantly thinking everyone loves him and overly embracing it. He’s believable. I want him to grow up a little if they think of bringing him together with Rachel for real real, imo. [/rant]

  42. Brandi says:

    So I knew it wasn’t going to happen (when has there ever been a guest on Glee we didn’t know about for weeks before), but when Rachel sat down at Breadstix alone I was crossing my fingers that Jesse St. James would sit down beside her. I miss J. Groff. Perfect time for him to offer her the advice he’s supposed to pop up and give right??

  43. Jeri says:

    Totally agree with all your comments. This is a Great show and this was a great episode.

    A group of bloggers have been “mean-girling” Glee lately and I am so glad you haven’t entered into that. I think they have bossess/sponsors/buddies with competing networks/programs that have called for the mean girl action. They even use the same phrases. Hope they learn to think for themselves.

    Nobody loves a corporate blogger pretending to be an independent thinker.

  44. Jace says:

    What would you choose to go back to someone who cheated on you and tried to saddle the responsibility of the baby on you? Because this time it’ll be different? I guess if I close my eyes and stop breathing the lack of oxygen and sensory deprivation will make me overlook Finn’s motives, but what’s in it for Quinn? Why are we back to Season 1?

  45. Jenny says:

    I yelled “Exactly” at the ‘why is Kurt never singing’ part. Since transferring he’s had 2, maybe 3, songs feature him. It’s really annoying b/c I love Chris Colfer’s voice. I also love Darren Criss’ but I was annoyed that that last song didn’t feature Kurt at all. I also wasn’t a fan of Tina’s song (what was that?!) or Artie and what’s-his-name’s song, but Otherwise, I really liked this episode. One of the best this season.

  46. Lisa says:

    I have also been wondering WHY Chris Cofer is seen in the last two episodes ONLY lip syncing. I don’t get it.

    • Lily says:

      To make some people recover from the Kurt “serious storyline” overdose.. just in time before the Karofsky episodes… will be tense again for Kurt… Looking forward to this !

  47. Carrie says:

    I agree with EVERYTHING in this recap, especially the bit about Rachel’s “Firework” moment. Such a great scene.

  48. Samantha says:

    I actually didn’t really like the music at all in this episode. The stories were great (except for Finn becoming the cheater :P). I thought Firework was really one of Rachel’s worst songs, but maybe that was just me.

  49. Janie says:

    Great episode.. but there is something that bothers me.. and maybe its because i live in ohio…

    Ok New Directions go to school in Lima Ohio. The warblers go to Dalton academy which was presented as being in Westerville Ohio when they first introducted them (westerville is a suburb of columbus ohio which is where i live!!).. now I know its a tv show and I know its fiction.. but i did a mapquest search and it is roughly 2 hours from westerville to lima.

    At first i thought Dalton academy had dorms and Kurt was staying there, but on this episode he mentioned during the sleepover that he sees Finn every night at home. So are we supposed to believe that every day kurt travels 2 hours to school, 2 hours home and sometimes more than that when he visits Blaine, etc?

    i wish instead of westerville they couldve said that Dalton Academy was in Wapakoneta or Bowling green.. or they could’ve just made up a city name…

    thats what has been bugging me on this show!!