Will House Lose Robert Sean Leonard to Broadway?

House fans may be feeling a slight cardiac dysrhythmia in the wake of news that Robert Sean Leonard is Broadway-bound this spring.

Specifically, Wilson’s portrayer has landed a lead in Born Yesterday, which begins previews in late March and officially opens in April — right around the time House should be lensing the final episodes of its seventh season.

Is the doctor out? Not necessarily, says a source, shrugging off speculation that RSL’s Broadway commitment will pave the way for Fox’s hit medical drama — which just hit season-high viewership — to winnow its ranks. The insider maintains that Leonard’s extracurricular activity is expected to have minimal impact on his day job, save for a possible missed episode or two in the fall.

Of course, that’s assuming Leonard is back next season at all. The actor (among other cast members not named Hugh Laurie) has yet to be signed for Season 8, but we’re told both sides are optimistic that an agreement will be worked out. (But first Fox and Universal Media Studios have to come to reach a deal to bring the show back.)

And as for Leonard’s seemingly at-odds jobs, one must remember that House has an admirable track record when it comes to accommodating cast members’ busy schedules. Just ask Olivia Wilde, whose Dr. Remy “Thirteen” Hadley is due to return this spring, in between the increasingly in-demand actress’ film roles.

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  1. David says:

    As if. House would fail miserably without its major players (RSL/HL/LE).

    • A says:

      OT3 for life :)

    • Daniel says:

      RSL can’t go. I don’t think I can take any more insane asylum episodes.

      • Motherhips says:

        Oh, so true! That episode proved Hugh Laurie can carry two hours of television alone…as long as the show isn’t House, M.D.

    • HAPPY says:

      If Robert does leave the show House can still survive, even if you brought back Olivia, it will still be a great 8th season. Hey put me in on as a cast member. I can give you a episode to write about. I have one or two in my mind. Please get back with me. This may sound good to your ears for season 8.

    • Iwatch4_theTrinity says:

      No games and no drama, just straight up:
      H.C.W. are the BEST.

    • Ange says:

      House already is failing miserably. The ratings have been going down ever since the show got rid of the original team and brought on Thirteen, Taub and Kutner. Since then, it’s been downhill and this season is the lowest of all.

      Wilson has now become just a Huddy pusher or a placeholder. RSL likes the money but that last storyline Wilson got for himself that had nothing to do with Huddy was in season 4 when Amber died. I wouldn’t be surprised if he left the show because it was killing him creatively.

  2. Devon says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this: but don’t return for season 8 if everyone isn’t coming back.
    Don’t come back if there’s no RSL or Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, or Peter Jacobson. It’s clear that you can do without Olivia Wilde if need be, but she’s a clear improvement to the show.

    That being said I truly do hope they return for Season 8 or give us one hell of a series finale this spring.

    and i hope it can go unstated that the show doesn’t exist without Hugh Laurie, but for whatever reason, i’m going to add that anyway.

    • Liz says:

      The show could do well without Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer or Peter Jacobson, they are all expendable, but not Robert Sean Leonard and, of course, Hugh Laurie.

      • Matt says:

        Biased, are you? If ‘Broken’ proved ANYTHING is that ALL characters but House are expandable.

        • A says:

          Actually, Wilson was the only other old character besides House that was in Broken

          • Matt says:

            Sure, in his 30 second scene?

          • @Matt says:

            yes. it showed his importance in House’s life

          • lol says:

            LOL! the scene was supposed to be deleted! they kept it cause it was a little bit too short. So “important”. LOL

          • @lol says:

            Well I didn’t see him calling Cuddy for help. Because he trusts Wilson more

            Wilson > Cuddy

          • ebowers says:

            Wilson was the in the episode to show that he is HOUSE’S ENABLER. Wilson was told by Nolan not to visit Wilson as he is HOUSE’S ENABLER.
            Is he also a friend I suppose so but, In the episode He told Nolan that Wilson was his friend as BECAUSE HE WOULD NEVER LEAVE !!
            Is that a friendship? I suppose so but, I would like to see House and Wilson become friends for other reasons than NEEDINESS.

          • @ebowers says:

            Wilson was told not to help House by Nolan, not to not visit him. Wilson said that he was going to visit him, and House said if he helped him run the license plate then he would be able to visit HIM. But Wilson didn’t help with license plate because he wanted what was best for House. You “suppose” he’s a friend??? You’re crazy if you think House and Wilson don’t have a real friendship, they’d do anything for each other

        • D says:

          Agreed RSL only other actor that is not expendable Broken proved that as well He was in it and prominently felt. Unless you are living in a bubble of illiteracy- Lydia was a proxy for Wilson, Even if you dont agree with that analysis -Wilson WAS IN episode Broken. One of the best House episodes.

          • Matt says:

            Lydia was a proxy for Wilson? Is this a joke? You people should really lay off the fanfiction land. I hated Broken BECAUSE it felt so detached from the original story. They could have used Wilson more and added a little bit of Cuddy and made it believable and not a cheap plot device to gain ratings. No wonder they fell horribly throughout the season.

          • punk'd says:

            I liked “Broken” and thought it was a great episode. But I still missed everyone. It was okay because we all knew it was only one episode we had to live without everyone. Tbh I’d miss anyone they’d kill off. But I’ll stick with it as long as House, Cuddy and Wilson are there. They’re the three I can’t do without. So I hope Wilson comes back next season.

      • Taty says:

        The show is Wilson MD??? CAN YOU PLEASE KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT?

  3. timotey says:

    Wilson is actually still there? I thought it became a House/Cuddy exclusive series?

    It’s too sad when you think about it. The show is, among other things, based on Holmes. And what’s Holmes without Watson? Well, looks like House can do without Wilson pretty well these days. Which is why I shuffled the show off my to-watch list.

  4. Liz says:

    The only real major players in this game are Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard. With Robert leaving the show is over. The better put an end to it, before it gets really ugly (or uglier than it is now with all this awful Huddyness, yuck). I’m happy for Robert, better leave the sinking ship now instead of wasting any more of his talent for this.

    • Amazed says:

      HL, RSL and LE are all three essential to House in his journey. No need to continue to be bitter. I don’t think this means RSL is leaving anyway. He’s an important character on the show just the same as LE is important. Be nice. Bitter and hateful comments are not necessary.

      • Derdriui says:

        To be fair, RSL has been used very sparsely. He’s far too capable to do this job and they use him as a bit part.

        Did you see the spoilers for next week’s episode? The idea of his secret companion is so weak. They don’t know how to writer this show in a compelling manner anymore. And I’m sorry but anyone who agrees with House, his treatment of Cuddy and Cuddy’s actions this week is either too young to know anything about professionalism or just plain sexist.

        House is just a waste of talent.

    • Amarantha says:

      It’s not hateful to state one’s opinion respectfully and honestly. I happen to agree with Liz, so I guess that makes me “hateful” too.

  5. allison says:

    Easy answer for me: If RSL leaves, I’m off the show for good. I’ve been waiting for a reason to actually stop watching House. This may be my chance. At any rate, I hope RSL does what he wants to do. If that includes leaving the show, I fully support him. The writing’s been ridiculously weak for seasons now, and there’s only so much the actors (however brilliant they are—and they are) can do to work with such crap material.

  6. Matt says:

    Oh, please. They should be wrapped by the end of March. He’d miss 2, 3 S8 episodes, tops (assuming there will be a S8). House would never be able to function without Wilson.

    • A says:

      You mean the old House would never be able to function without Wilson. The new House that’s dating Cuddy, acts like he doesn’t even need Wilson :( I’m hoping when/if TPTB breaks those two up; House and Wilson will go back to how they used to be

      • Matt says:

        I don’t see it that way. The writers obviously have issues in that regard, but it isn’t exclusive to this season. whatever happens to House and Cuddy (this is a House/Cuddy season, afterall) I’m sure the focus will shift to other storylines, preferably ones I’ve been dying to see, such as House’s father/Wilson’s brother, etc.

        Which is a shame, because personally, I love Cuddy/Wilson scenes and there was NONE this season. It needs more House/Cuddy/Wilson and House/Wilson scenes. Period.

        • bruna says:

          “I love Cuddy/Wilson scenes and there was NONE this season…”

          RSL and LE are essentials for this show! HL is obvious ;)

    • Tracy Murray says:

      True , it is really only for a few episodes , so , it should not be a really big deal , the producers and the writers will hopefully write a storyline involving Wilson taking some time off to deal with a crisis or something upset him so much , he disappears and there will be a search for him , or he gets framed for a crime he did not commit .

  7. Shane says:

    After the disaster that is seasons 6 and 7 (hooking up House/Cuddy failed beyond comprehension), I’d say it’s time to hang up the labcoats at the end of this season. Robert Sean Leonard is practically this show’s only Saving Grace, and with Olivia Wilde’s movie career skyrocketing, it would probably be wise to end the show before anymore departures occur.

    • karen says:

      Oh you are having a laugh? Wilson a saving grace? LOL Best joke Ive heard.I think you have Wilson mixed up with Huddy.Theyre the only good thing right now.

    • lol says:

      Saving grace?!

      with his 5 secs of screentime?? LOL

    • Sun says:

      Episode last night had highest ratings since the same time last season so it’s not looking as if Huddy is quite the failure you suggest. The show NEEDS the OT3!!!!

      • A says:

        The ratings were so high because of the superbowl promotions. The ratings will be back down next week, just you wait :)

        • Lara says:

          Again, is that why TCC had SUCH HIGH RATINGS? Never mind the fact that ratings for House actually increased in the second half, which means people tuned in instead of tuning out tthroughout the ep.

          • A says:

            I still think the ratings will go back down next Monday. As I said earlier the superbowl promos looked exciting which is probably why it had high ratings

          • David says:

            It wouldn’t surprise me. The promo for next week’s sucked. Isn’t it supposed to be a Valentine’s Day episode as I read in TV Guide? You think they’d have released a better promo.

      • sara says:

        Please those numbers were from the major advertising done during the Superbowl and if you noticed there was NO mention of Huddy, just angry, dark, hit the kid with a cane and walk away House.
        That is what brought in the numbers not memories of magic bath.
        Overall ratings have not been at the usual House levels and that has been mentioned by the networks when talking about renewal.

        • David says:

          Actually, there WAS a Family Practice promo during the Superbowl. Cuddy, Huddy, Candice Bergen and all.

          • sara says:

            Yeah they showed Cuddy and her mom but what I meant was if the producers thought that it was the Huddy relationship that brought in viewers then they would have shown something that emphasized that. Instead they simply showed that the episode was about Cuddy’s mom and House looked mad. And the ad that got the most buzz was the Mean Joe Green take off and that was not boyfriend and possible daddy House, that was the self absorbed jerk

    • seriously? says:

      I’m confused after reading some of these posts. Wilson, at best, appears for 2 minutes in an episode. So out of an entire hour(42 minutes), the only thing worthwhile to you is 2 minute appearance by Wilson? His 2 minute performance of telling House he’s doing something wrong is the highlight of an entire episode? Really? I really wonder if we’re even watching the same show.

      • sxiz says:

        when the rest of the episode is a trainwreck of a relationship, then yes.

        although i detest when the two minues he DOES get are spent playing shipper on deck to huddy.

  8. Mary says:

    Assuming there is a S8, I predict it will be the last one, therefore losing a key player for some episodes wouldn’t matter to them. I doubt RSL is leaving (or LE for that matter, as there are also rumours Cuddy is going to bite it at the end of the season).

  9. mika says:

    Eh, I’m not worried. They wouldn’t let go of RSL. House (the character) is nothing without him.

  10. Britta says:

    I love Cuddy and Wilson and the rest of the cast… But the show is named House, so anyone other than Hugh Laurie can be replaced. And yes people will still watch, season 6 premiere numbers can attest to that. But of course I dont want anyone to leave, i like them all, i just love House more;)

    • Connor says:

      I agree with you completely. Broken showed us House can go it alone without the other characters.

      • No Way says:

        Only if they brought Andre Brauer (sp?) back. House needs a foil. Wilson is tops, but AB was great filling that need during the stint in rehab. I’d love for him to come back for an episode or two and see what he has to say about Huddy.

  11. Brian says:

    Let’s just call it quits after this season wraps up. It was a swell show for a while, but it has run it’s course.

  12. Sara says:

    No Wilson, no show for me. The Huddy is killing this show!!! How is that that “we write House and Wilson scenes, but chapter was Huddycentric”????????????? Blame the huddy! This is not more House M.D. , is Cuddy M.D.!!!

  13. Lilly says:

    I didn’t miss Wilson in the last episode. That is all.

    • Morelia says:

      Me neither. Just when the episode was over i realized that Wilson didn´t have any scenes. And the ratings have been the highest this season so…he is not as important as his fans pretend him to be.

      • A says:

        I’m sure the episode was the highest of the season because of how exciting the promo made the episode out to be, when in reality the actual episode didn’t live up to the excitement at all

      • carmen says:

        You huddys said that LE is a poor thing banished for others. And your comment is unrespectful for RSL!!!!

        • MeanJoeGeenPromoRocked says:

          I know the superbowl promos helped the numbers. I don’t believe that Huddy has killed the show or is killing it. Why do all sides have to be so dramatic? And why do some people feel like they have to pick sides in this? I know why the Hamerons are. But I know my Huddy friends love Wilson just like the Hilsons do. OT3 are the best. I support all three of them and I hope Shore and Jacobs do too. Because none of our votes count. Theirs are the two that sway the election on who goes and who stays next season.

    • lol says:

      I realized he was missing just today!

    • carmen says:

      Of course, you’re a Huddy. >_<

      • Lilly says:

        Of course, you’re a Hilson. *rolls eyes* Yeah, I like House & Cuddy and I like RSL, but I wouldn’t miss Wilson.

        • lol? says:

          How come whenever someone defends Wilson, they’re automatically a Hilson? I adore House and Wilson’s friendship but I don’t ship them at all. I can’t stand the House/Cuddy romance and what it’s turned the show into

          • Scarecrow says:

            How come if someone says they didn’t miss him they are a Huddy? I love Wilson but I didn’t notice him missing last night either until later in the evening. Wilson is a great character but if the episode is good enough it doesn’t have to have him in it to be good or worthwhile.

    • ebowers says:

      I totally agree !!!!
      and it was the highest rated episode of the season proving Wilson is expendable. I believe that Wilson place in House’s life has been marginalized as he is learning to stand on his own. When Wilson kicked House out of the Condo that gave House the strength to follow his dream(Cuddy). It was the best thing he could have done for House. Wilson was and still is a House enabler from Day one. He feeds on neediness like an emotional vampire (House Vs God)the only problem is House is no longer needy enough for Wilson.
      All is not lost thought,hopefully as House continues to grow and mature the relationship can be stronger as Wilson no longer enables House and they CHOSE to be friends rather than House remaining friends with Wilson for the SOLE reason that he will never leave (BAGGAGE)

      • Lilly says:

        Couldn’t agree more.

      • Tatiana says:

        7.11 is high rating only for this season and yesterday episode have a Super Bowl influence.
        Season 7 is the more less view of all House season’s history.
        For example 3.01-3.02-3.03-3.04 ecc have 19 millions viewrs (and without American Idol training because AI start november and House start September)
        Now 7.01 (11 milions) 7.02 (10 millions) 7.03, 7.04 (9/10 millions)

        I’m russian girl, I don’t speak English but I watch House and all House news.

        There are a grafic ratings for 18-49 and viewers for all House season that prove it.

        • Lara says:

          Actually, that was season 1 and second half of season 6. In fact, the only reason the show is still on the air is because of American Idol.

  14. Boo Peter. says:

    I am so glad RSL is going back to Broadway. That’s where he’s mentioned he wants to go for a while- and I’m glad he’s getting the chance. House has lost it’s way IMO and I think it needs to stop. House without Wilson is not something I want to ever see!

  15. wtf? says:

    and of course all the House/Cuddy haters are already here to attack LE and Huddy because RSL decided to actually work at the time that House will be on hiatus from shooting!! I mean, are you guys serious? THe man is perfectly capable of being a part of a major tv show and of a broadway show! He is not some random actor, he can easily do both. And according to Wilson’s screentime, he can manage quite conveniently. He many miss a couple of s8 episodes the most, but I’m sure he’ll be fine. No one can break the OT3!!

    BTW, all you haters that are saying things like “i was looking for a reason to stop watching”…um… if you really hate [H]ouse so much, then why are you still watching and whining all the time??? Don’t you have anything better to do in your free time than bash the show and LE any chance you find???

  16. Zosia says:

    My God, you Hilsons are SO bitter. There isn’t a single mention of Lisa Edelstein/Cuddy and yet you find it as an excuse to bash them.
    Maybe if you stopped whining Huddy and put your energy into something more productive, you would enjoy this show more?

    And for God’s sake. Enough with the “I won’t watch House ever again”. You are here, reading & commenting articles, saying how much s7 sucks, so you obviously still watch it. So just do us all a favour and STFU.

  17. Sara says:

    No Wilson, no show for me!!!! ;___________________;

  18. Tania says:

    I hope House doesn’t come back, as much as I love the show, this season’s been a drag. The whole Huddy dynamic just doesn’t do it for me.

  19. Sara says:

    If Wilson lets the show….The end of the show for me!!! >_______<

  20. slashfan Y says:

    LOL as if they would let RSL go. I sort of can see it working assuming Season 8 is their final season, but it’s a known fact Wilson and Cuddy are the characters most fans care about other than House. They are insanely popular and it doesn’t help that they are played by the two most talented actors on the show other than Hugh Laurie.

    I don’t see it happening. Obviously Greg Yaitanes wants to mess with people’s heads. I wouldn’t fall for it.

  21. lol says:

    And now………let’s see how HILSONS will use this thread to BASH LE, INSTEAD OF SHOWING THEIR LOVE FOR RLS.

    Is it SO DIFFICULT to love somebody whitout HATE somebody else????????????

  22. R says:

    This article makes no sense. House doesn’t wrap until April (Fox ordered extra episodes) & RL starts rehearsals in NY in early March – you seem to be missing the fact there’s actually 3-4 weeks rehearsal time before the Broadway runs starts in late March. He’ll miss two months shooting THIS SEASON.

  23. karen says:

    Shouldn’t you be congratulating RSL on his new job instead of talking about Huddy?

  24. Tandara says:

    I wish House fans were mature for once and actually discussed a RSL related article without resorting to their low criticism towards a House storyline.

    i personally don’t believe he is leaving. He will most likely miss 3 episodes, tops, if at all. i’m not worried. I love the guy and can’t see the show without him.

  25. Stella says:

    I’ll keep on watching House as long as Lisa E and Hugh are on it…And I guess 12.5 million people agree with me.
    100% Huddy + 0% Wilson = Highest rated episode since 03/2010 !

    • suds says:

      amen to that!

    • Bored says:

      Superbowl promo, baby. Nothing more. The ratings will drop back to normal. Or do you think 24 million people watching Glee isn’t an anomaly either?

      • Lara says:

        Is that why Chicago Code which was advertised twice as more during the superbowl failed miserably and did worse than Lie To Me? Yes, that must be the reason.

        • Bored says:

          Chicago Code has no track record or a cutesy promo.

          • Matt says:

            Seriously? It’s a series that has been promoted to death (especially during the superbowl) and had House as a lead in and yet couldn’t retain its audience. Your argument is invalid.

    • lol? says:

      I’m guessing the ratings were so high because of the superbowl promotions. Your logic fails unless the ratings stay at 12.5m+

      And it’s not like the ratings were high because people were like “Oh hey, Wilson isn’t going to be in this episode, I’m definitely going to watch now!”

    • @Stella says:


    • Lara says:

      I honestly doubt it has anything to do with the fact that RSL wasn’t there. In fact, most people didn’t know he wouldn’t be in the episode at all. Let’s be reasonable here. The episode had an amazing promo, a fantastic guest star and nice Superbowl ads. sure, it was a great episode, but, again, let’s be reasonable.

    • Michelle says:

      Too bad you can’t score some off the chart rating points for the pile of trash called a show just by yourself.

      Last episode was almost unanimously agreed considered to be one of the worst ever. Funny you liked it, you’re really one of a kind.

    • Genuinely Bored says:

      That episode was ripped apart by critics and while the people who ship House/Cuddy are having a field day- the rest of us who are used to quality television are not impressed.

      Try again.

    • JohnDoe says:

      Actually, I think Wilson is easily the next best written character on the show after House. Take away Wilson permanently, and watch what happens to the ratings. Considering House has fallen dramatically since season 3 or so when it had 19-20 million viewers, it’s going to get ugly. Just reality.

    • Kit says:

      Superbowl promos. And even with that, the ratings were only 4.3 compared to 5.1 last year at this time when the show had no Superbowl promotion.

      Since Huddy became the main storyline, the ratings just keep falling.

    • D says:

      That proves nothing since you have to watch the episode first to know a character is not there! I know people who turned this episode off after 10 minutes out of boredom The high rating was due to promoting a more House-like episode rather than the Cuddy nonsense, Overall ratings have been declining,All you have to do is talk to average viewers at home/work. Ive been a fan since day one and in 40 years of tv this show was edgy /different But now Have no idea -new writers? Its bad this season,
      Lots of very imoressive writing /directing over six seasons and incredible character development, But this season?? NEVER saw any hint that House loved Cuddy Never will. No chemistry,The love story that has been developing over six seasons has been House and Wilson.
      Someone laughed at my comment that Lydia was a proxy for Wilson I read that online in a few places and happen to agree, Also it was House connections that revealed that Amber was a proxy for House. House himself told Wilson that.This writing is unique smart and sophisticated, Not everything is blaack and white.

  26. Louise says:

    Not happening. The show wouldn’t work without RSL, imo. Wilson is House’s only friend and will forever remain his one true friend.

  27. Michael says:

    Well, realistically, the writers could make a final season work without Cuddy and/or Wilson. It certainly wouldn’t be a wise decision as they’re both (well, Wilson certainly is) extremely important in House’s life. They are the only two people House truly loves. Now that he is “healing”, the loss of either Cuddy or Wilson would drive him insane for good. I don’t see it happening. The fan uproar would be insane.

  28. Lara says:

    I honestly doubt ANY fan/fandom would want to see him go. H/W fans obviously love him. H/C fans adore him. It was never polarizing. I just can’t see them letting him go.

  29. Bored says:

    The show is too cheesy for RSL. His talent is wasted. I’m glad he’s going back to Broadway.

  30. Serena says:

    I don’t think this show would ever deprive itself of RSL. Wilson, as part of the Holy Trinity (House, Cuddy, Wilson) is a pillar of this show. I couldn’t imagine a functional House without his best friend and/or his girlfriend. While I do believe RSL is a brilliant actor whose talent is honestly wasted on House (given the fact that Wilson lately has been a bit dull), I wouldn’t want him to leave. And I doubt he would. The s7 shooting will be over by April, when the play is due to begin, and Wilson doesn’t have much screentime. I bet they can work around RSL’s schedule and make it possible. No reason to be scared.

    But most of all, no reason to attack this show, this season, and Huddy when everything that’s been said in this article has nothing to do with it. I hate this venom, and I don’t like the fact that every message board about House has to turn into a Huddy Haters Feast. And don’t tell me I mentioned Huddy, because I can read those comments above me.

    • PattiAnn says:

      Sadly Wilson’s character has been watered down from what it used to be. Also I hate the venom on both sides.

      Wilson is as much an important character as Cuddy and for those who are saying the high ratings are due to his absence, that was completely uncalled for.

      Someone pointed out the episode was promoted during the Super Bowl and that could account for some extra viewers. Let’s see how next week goes before making such assumptions.

  31. sarah says:

    I think these are great news for RSL. He loves theatre and he was very succesful in the past. I`m happy for him that he got a new possibility to shine. :)
    But i would terrible miss him on House. I really hope he`ll back for season 8.

  32. Bored says:

    Thanks for posting the article, but it really confirms nothing. Just glad that our message to TPTB is getting passed on to them.

  33. Seriously?? says:

    God, you Huddies are annoying as hell. You cry about people bashing LE/Cuddy/Huddy but you’re allowed to bash RSL/Wilson/Hilson?

    Double standards ftw :/

  34. PattiAnn says:

    I am very happy for RSL, his first love is the theater after all.

  35. Troy says:

    RSL IS AMAZING. Who’s with me?

  36. Dee says:

    “I have always had the feeling that the whole [show] is Wilson’s observation of House. … It is Wilson’s perspective on House. It is Wilson’s affection for House. He is the one person who genuinely likes House and doesn’t want anything from him and doesn’t need to give him anything.” –Hugh Laurie

    Wilson can’t leave.

    • shakestheclown says:

      Exactly, Dee! Wilson can’t leave. The show would never recover in my opinion.

    • ebowers says:

      Are you kidding me?

      Wasn’t it Wilson who said ” Were Not Friends I Don’t think we ever were”
      If Wilson has AFFECTION for House he shows it strangely. He moves out the apartment in season 2 to live with a cancer patient “Grace”. He leaves House in a puddle of his vomit on Christmas Eve in “Merry Little Christmas.Agrees to testify against House in “Finding Judas”. Asks House to undergo potentially fatal brain surgery and after House slips into a coma instead of saying “Thank You for saving my girlfriend” leaves without saying a word.
      He buys a condo to live with House but when the ex-wife enters the picture He can’t get House out of the condo fast enough so that his girlfriend can move in.

      With Friends like this who needs enemies

      • @ebowers says:

        Yeah, because House is a perfect angel who has never done anything bad to Wilson. They both have their faults, it’s not fair to act like Wilson is some horrible friend. (What about the Tritter arc? He lost everything because of House and he was willing to go to jail for him. Yes, in the end he did help Tritter, but only because he thought it would be best for House) (AND the Vogler arc, he lost his job because he was the only one that stood up for House) *eyeroll* Yeah, Wilson sure is a horrible friend. Actions speak louder then words. Wilson only left in the first place because he was scared of losing House

      • Dee says:

        I quoted Hugh Laurie. From the book House MD, The Official Guide to the Hit Medical Drama, copyright 2010. So, no I am not kidding you, and I don’t believe, given the rest of the book, the rest of Mr. Laurie’s comments about the character of Wilson in multiple interviews, and the rest of the show, that Mr. Laurie is kidding you either.

  37. Dee says:

    Wilson is not “as much an important character as” Cuddy. Wilson is a more important character than Cuddy. The show doesn’t make sense without him.

    • . says:

      IAWTC. House can live without Cuddy, but he can’t without Wilson. Remember in season 4 when he basically said he’d rather die then have Wilson hate him.

      “They go to such lengths to conceal their affection for each other, as men often do. I don’t know whether he [House] himself feels he that he can continue to function without Wilson” – Hugh Laurie

  38. F. says:

    Why are people getting worked up over this? He’s not going anywhere.

    • Matt says:

      Are you that Freelancer person? Can you shed some light on this?

    • Bored says:

      RSL is departing before the end of the season to do a revival on Broadway. Not a big budget film like Olivia Wilde did. It pays peanuts. As much as he loves the stage, in the past six seasons, he’s never done this before. And I doubt he’s considering this his big chance to work with Jim Belushi.

      Yeah, this is something to get worked up over.

  39. Sarah says:

    Please allow me to correct your medical terminology… you probably meant dysrrhythmia, seeing as arrhythmia implies a lack of any rhythm at all.

  40. Matt says:

    I feel like Wilson is somewhat the narrator of House’s journey. There is NO way they are letting him go.

  41. Motherhips says:

    If RSL leaves, then the show is permanently broken. On the one hand, he’s made the smart move of putting himself in the driver’s seat regarding contract negotiations, on the other hand, it’s possible for the cast to work on side projects. So far I think only Hugh Laurie has chosen to do so (blues album, documentary, movies). I’m not a House/Cuddy fan at all, but I greatly admire Lisa Edelstein’s artistry and talent. If either she or RSL were to leave, the show would be too damaged to keep up even the lowered level of quality we have seen this season.

  42. Lissie says:

    If RSL (or LE, for that matter) goes, I go. Sure, all characters are expendable in theory. In reality, I don’t see how Wilson or Cuddy can be replaced like, say, a duckling could.

    • Kit says:

      No one but Hugh Laurie is irreplacable although Wilson comes closest.

      I wish they would replace Cuddy and give House a real boss and no relationship.

  43. Cate says:

    RSL is still under contract this season, they wouldn’t let him do the play if it interfered this year. He has said he usually only works one or two days a week, he could fly in film his scenes and go back to rehearsals. He can also film scenes for future episodes ahead of time.

    • Derdriui says:


      … Uh, people of this website? You just give me Genuinely Bored’s name and e-mail address. You might want to fix that?

      Cate. That’s amazing to get paid enough to get by working one or two days a week. As an actor, of all useless yet pretty things.

  44. berenice says:


  45. Genuinely Bored says:

    Thank you FOX for ruining one of the greatest shows ever with a forced pairing that has no chemistry whatsoever.

    I’m so glad I stopped watching this season. House/Cuddy could’ve worked but the writers severely screwed that up as well. Why is it that most great characters become a eunuchs the moment they enter in a relationship?

    I only started watching House because of the great chemistry between House/Wilson, Hugh Laurie/Robert Sean Leonard; however if RSL does leave then I can finally stop hoping for the show to stop sucking and finally walk out altogether.

    I really hope RSL doesn’t leave but if he does then at least he’s going back to, as the article states, his first love- the theatre ; )

    Also- Lisa Edelstein is great actress but Cuddy is a horrible character; one that has effectively tarnished a once great show; the powers that be should just rename the show Cuddy MD because that’s the only character that they’re catering to anymore and everyone else can just suck it.

    For Shame.

    • Derdriui says:

      I really like Lisa Edelstein in interviews etc. The character is horrible though. The stuff she did to Kaufman this week could get her fired and her license revoked.

      • ebowers says:

        Okay but we also have to fire some other characters first.

        Wilson for sleeping with “Grace” the terminal cancer patient and . Assisting terminal patients with suicide

        Chase for killing Dibala the African Tyrant

        Foreman for compromising the Drug Trials and covering up the Diabla murder

        Cameron for euthanising the old man Erza Powell

        Thirteen for her previous drug use

        House well the whole character is a ethical nightmare

        so what is your point. Derdriui, I say fire them all


        • Derdriui says:

          You realize that Chase got away with murder? He should be in jail. The writers couldn’t figure out how to do that.

          And the stuff with Ezra Powell made sense. He was almost dead anyway. I don’t know how you feel about euthanasia, I know it’s a difficult issue, but Cameron’s case was interesting there at least.

          I think you misunderstand Cuddy’s position. She’s not just House’s very own tits and ass combo. She’s an administrator. Remember when she was doing that whole ‘job’ thing they get worked up about sometimes? And she was appointed House’s supervisor because she’s the only one who can? And she failed miserably?

          And now she went behind her employee’s back to give drugs to his patient? Medical licenses are hard to keep, but who the hell is going to hire her as an admin when she can’t remember the basics of her job?

  46. Derdriui says:

    Eh. I’ve been watching this show for about 6 years so I’m not saying it’s not sad that it’s finishing, but wasting good talent on bad writing is silly.

    And really, when you have choice as an actor, why stay to do 2 or 3 minutes a week on a soap opera?

    [Cuddy this week followed House’s instructions and undercut one of her own subordinates. if Kaufman reports her, she could lose her license. He has an obligation to report her.]

  47. Ick. says:

    RSL 4Ever.

  48. Sharona says:

    It would really, really suck to lose Wilson. House’s relationships with Wilson and Cuddy has been set up as the heart of the show for some time now. Losing that would be a blow from which the show could not recover. I also have to say that once again, the show’s producers failing to speak up when something questionable comes up also makes things look bleak.

    Oddly enough, there was an earlier point where I thought that the show could have written out Wilson and it would have been fascinating to see House try to recover and live on without him, to put him in a position where he had to decide if he was going to forge new relationships. However, that point in the show has definitely passed.

  49. Carol says:

    Fear not, RSL won’t be leaving this show, which has made him an international star. He is immensely talented, witty, and smart enough to recognize a good thing when he has it. I think that RSL, like Lisa Edelstein, will stay with the show as long as Hugh Laurie does. The show is about House’s journey and the most important step he is making is to discover that he is capable of loving and being loved in return. House needs both Cuddy and Wilson and that is the absolute truth.

    Last night’s superb episode showed us at last that House can come to the rescue of a loved one. He has reversed his unhealthy pattern of always needing a savior. The House/Cuddy relationship was tested and beautifully reinforced here. The acting of Laurie and Edelstein was commanding and thrilling to behold. The episode was absolutely gripping television. I am delighted to see how deeply the writers are going to explore the House/Cuddy relationship. This has truly reinvigorated the show this season.

    Congratulations to RSL on his new Broadway venture. It is a much deserved
    recognition of his talent and I wish him well.

    • Derdriui says:

      Lol RSL did not need House to become a star. He’s a good actor with plenty of work. NEIL in Dead Poet’s Society man, and that old movie is much more famous and longlasting than House is. He wants House for the money. He’s pretty much made that clear.

  50. marla says:

    I don’t think RSL will leave the show, but I must say that last night’s episode was really good, and I didn’t miss Wilson, even though I like him a lot. Hugh is the one I watch for, and as it has been said so many times he is House. HL is the only one who already has a contract for next season.