Super Bowl Tackles Its Largest Audience Ever

The folks at Fox Sports are done crunching the numbers, and Sunday’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLV did indeed set a new record for “the big game.”

Glee in turn notched boffo numbers, though the musical dramedy didn’t perform nearly as well as its year-ago predecessor, CBS’s Undercover Boss.

Glee Super Bowl Episode Recap: Cannonball Fun

Based on final ratings data, Super Bowl XLV, in which the Packers sent the Steelers packing, drew 111 million viewers. That easily tops the record set by last year’s Super Bowl, which averaged 106.5 million viewers. SB XLV now stands as the most-watched TV event in U.S. history.

Super Bowl XLV: What Were the Night’s Best (and Worst) Ads?

Glee attracted 26.8 million viewers to rank as the show’s most-watched episode ever. However, it was down sharply from the 38 million that Undercover Boss delivered for CBS following the more-lopsided Super Bowl XLIV.

Christina Aguilera Fumbles National Anthem Lyrics at Super Bowl XLV: How Bad Was It?

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  1. Michele says:

    this would be cause glee stunk last night… I mean – the heart of glee – Rachel and Finn – wasn’t even really showcased last night. I think this show is on its way out. Personal opinion. Hope they get back to what works…

    • tay says:

      the heart of glee is not finn and rachel. its everyone as an ensemble. if it was just finn and rachel the show would have failed already! but we both know it HASN’T. its one of the few great ensemble cast out there. don’t get me wrong, rachel and finn are cool, but it sounds to me like someone’s mad finn was kissing with someone other than rachel! lol (in my opinion i don’t think he should be kissin Quin either! :)

    • Ryan says:

      Finn was very prominent in this episode. But the show is not about Rachel and Finn. Personally I’m ready for Rachel to be written out of the show. I’m tired of Lea Michelle’s voice.

    • GS says:

      Rachel is one of the reasons I haven’t watched consistently. Can’t stand her acting or oversinging. Finn is ok. The ensemble is what makes it good. I hate the Rachel-centric episodes. I like Mercedes, Brittany, Santana, Artie, Kurt, Puck…anyone but Rachel.

  2. Patrick says:

    I love Glee as much as the next person, BUT…

    Wouldn’t it have made more sense to use the Superbowl to launch a new show (like The Chicago Code) or one that could really use the promotion to buck up it’s regular numbers (like Fringe)? I mean, Glee’s already a massive success with or without Superbowl numbers to inflate it!

    • Bernice says:

      EXACTLY. CHICAGO code would have been the perfect show for after the game. Why do they think UB gets the big numbers it does every week

  3. t.t says:

    the dumbest decision fox made was to put glee after the superbowl
    I mean they should’ve put a show guys would have liked not a musical thats why this wasn’t that helpful. Had they put Bones, raising hope, chicago code (premiere would’ve been a good way to catch loads of people), house or something else. But glee and superbowl fans don’t have much in common. Dumb move fox dumb move.

  4. ggny says:

    love glee but dont get what the point was of putting it on after Superbowl why not put on something that needs the help like Raising Hope or that is premiering it pilot this week like The Chicago Code or Traffic Light…Dont get it at all

  5. Larry says:

    In my opinion, if Glee does not perform as well as Undercover Boss it is because some people (and you know I’m right) did it intentionally. They were trying to make a statement. They never had any intention on sampling the show because they don’t want the show to succeed.

    It is unfair to compare Undercover Boss and Glee though. Undercover Boss was still an unknown show -we had only seen commericals to what it was all about. While Glee is perhaps the most talked about television show over the past two years. So there is no mystery to it. And because of that publicity -there are some people who have never seen it -to already judge it.

    It is too bad. Because people, who would never gave it a chance to entertain them, will use this as their personal triumph -or statement that the show is decline. People already judged why Glee was following football -it wasn’t the right type of show. Well, then explain to me about ABC’s decision to follow a previous Super Bowl with “Grey’s Anatomy” -a traditional female dominated show as well.

    Personally I love both football and Glee. And I thought Glee was fantastic last night. As do many of the hardcore fans from some of the tumblrs and forums I attend. It is of course a subjective statement just as everyone else here. I just wish people would want to watch a show that makes them happy -instead of staying away because they deem the show too gay, or too girly or other reasons. That type of attitude is just outdated and juvenile -but that is my personal opinion.

    • Josh says:

      I understand your thinking, but you have to allow people to have their own opinions of tv shows. Maybe some people love theatre, love music, love dancing, but find the show to be poorly executed. Just because people don’t like it doesn’t mean they think it’s ‘too gay.’ They could be a gay person like myself who finds the writing and acting to be dreadful, even when stuck between great music numbers. And not all of those are that great either.

      My main point is, you don’t know why people didn’t tune in, but there isn’t one reason they didn’t.

    • GS says:

      While there are many who are homophobic and won’t give it a chance b/c of that, there are just as many who don’t like theater and that’s what Glee is. Many of the songs are oversung and over the top. It’s a hit or miss show for me. I love some episodes and hate others. Personally, I love Kurt and his relationship with his dad is just so awesome to watch. I don’t like Rachel and find her annoying. The rest of the cast is great but don’t get near enough screen time b/c it’s all about Lea Michelle. Some people just don’t like it and you have to accept that. I don’t like Modern Family but millions of other people do. It’s a personal taste thing.

  6. Josh says:

    I’m not sure why they used Glee to follow the Super Bowl. I think they should have used Raising Hope. Glee will have a hard time getting new viewers from that sort of lead-in. Now, if they followed the Tony Awards, that’d be a different story.

  7. Kevin says:

    Love Glee. . .I do but last night was one of the WORST episodes ever. If that was supposed to grab viewers it didn’t. Hell it almost lost one in me. It jumped so much. The songs weren’t great and then you have a great song and you mash it up with some junk. Just stupid. . .

    Will ride out this season but honestly TV is becoming less and less attractive and Glee is part of that.

    • Jessica says:

      ITA Kevin! I am a Glee fan, but last night’s episode was awful. It was as bad as the Black Eyed Peas halftime show. The so-called plot was ridiculous, disappointing and contrived. I did not care for the ‘Thriller’/’Heads Will Roll’ mash-up or The Warblers version of one of Destiny Child’s worst songs, ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’.

      This season has been all over the place. There never seems to be any consistency and each episode always seems to stand on it’s own. What happened the previous week never seems to matter. Hopefully, the Valentine’s Day episode on Tuesday will be better.

  8. katie says:

    Last year I really loved Glee but this year its just okay. I don’t think it was just the weight of expectations either. Last year had real heart (like when the club sang ‘ill stand by you’ to quin) and this year its all stunt casting and big numbers – which would fine if it had retained the heart of last year, but sadly it has not.

  9. PaulH says:

    Wrong. The MASH finale remains #1.

    60.3 rating
    77 share
    125 million viewers

    And last time I checked, 125,000,000>111,000,000 :)

  10. Khoa says:

    RIP Lone Star. Kind of would have been fitting for a show based in Texas to air in that slot no?

  11. Bob says:

    Perhaps the Glee ratings were a bit lower than last year’s post-Super Bowl show because some local Fox stations did what our local station (Fox43) did. They inserted their own local Super Bowl show in between and pushed off Glee’s starting time until midnight!

  12. kristine says:

    Sorry but everyone knows about Glee and very few people who would watch the show aren’t already watching. It’s not a comedy like The Office was two years ago where a big laugh might reentice some viewers (still the funniest 5 minutes of The Office ever was the post-SB opening). Or Undercover Boss, where someone who was not necessarily a reality junkie might find an element of the show they like. That might happen for Glee but it’s way more of a niche show than the previous two. And, as someone who doesn’t watch the show, it’s overexposed. A lot of people are tired of having it (and Lea Michele) shoved down their throats.

  13. Ridculous story there. What occurred after? Good luck!