Glee Recap: Cannonball Fun

Glee returned from its holiday break last night with a bang — the bang of a human cannon, that is. Yes, folks, we picked back up with Sue Sylvester/Syvlester fixing to turn Brittany into a reluctant sacrificial lamb, Finn getting in touch with his inner zombie stud, and the show’s writers somehow managing to make your humble gay recapper feel sympathy for homophobic bully Dave Karofsky. (What’s that? It wasn’t just me?) Say what you want about Fox’s musical smash, but don’t accuse it of playing things safe. (Oh, and on that subject, don’t miss my colleague Matt Webb Mitovich’s jaunty preview of Tuesday’s Valentine’s Day extravaganza!)

Before we deep dive into what worked –and what didn’t — let’s do a quick plot synopsis. You know things are rotten in McKinley when the sight of Brittany slapping herself in the face with a chicken cutlet can’t make our villainess happy. Sue was, quite literally, on the warpath, hilariously trashing the office of Principal Figgins’ secretary, bandying about students like they were holiday piñatas, and even roughing up Coach Beiste’s natural habitat after being told she couldn’t shoot Brittany from a rocket without written permission. But don’t blame Sue; after all, she’s taking raccoon hormones for medical purposes, and had to deal with her squad sucking the thrill out of a bicycle-stunts-and-flaming-batons routine to “California Gurls” by donning painfully obvious Katy Perry-esque blue wigs. (Is it just me, or did those things seem played-out even when Perry first started wearing ’em herself?)

Our countdown of Glee‘s 11 Best Musical Numbers!

There were huge laughs to be mined in Sue trying to get Brittany to risk life and limb to revive the enthusiasm of a “31-year-old legend” of cheerleading coaching, and not just from watching charred bits of mannequin come flying out of that cannon during a trial run. “You don’t climb in that cannon, and that routine will be all ‘boom boom’ and no ‘pow.’ And that, Brittany, is so two-thousand-and-late,” Sue chided her student, who just didn’t want to die, “at least not till One Tree Hill gets canceled.” The line of the night, though, came after Quinn caught Sue hiding in a bathroom stall and asked what she was up to. Sue’s response? “Enjoying the eavesdropping afforded me by the Swiss timepiece regularity and utter silence of my 2 p.m. ninja poops.”

(Side note: I cracked up at the absurd Katie Couric cameo at episode’s end — naming Sue as “Loser of the Year,” in February no less! — beating out “the economy,” Dina Lohan, Brett Favre’s cellphone, and the housing market, among others.)

Meanwhile, tensions boiled over between the members of McKinley’s Glee Club and its Titans football team, especially between the slushie-hurling jocks and the Titans members who did double duty singing for Schue. Watching Artie get completely drenched in ice and red dye No. 7 was a heartbreaker, but lo and behold, the character who really broke my heart this week was Karofsky. I can’t be the only one who got a little choked up in those moments where the big, vicious lout transformed into a joyous teenage boy as he discovered the pleasures of singing, dancing, and applying a little bit of zombie stage makeup. Yeah, Ryan Murphy & Co. are risking treading into clichéd territory by painting the homophobe as nothing more than a frightened gay boy, but that doesn’t negate the all-too-important point being made about the toxicity and self-loathing that result from suppressing your true self, whatever that self may be. (Bonus points for Rachel’s early-in-the-episode insistence that she wouldn’t work with a “known homophobe,” a stance that makes sense for a gal with two dads.)

Of course, Karofsky’s story arc would be a non-starter if it weren’t for the terrific performance of Max Adler; here’s a guy who spent a season and a half doing nothing more than hurling Kurt into lockers and tossing icy beverages into Rachel’s face, and now, with just the slightest glance, is able to bring to life the terror, the joy, and the pain of self-discovery. I loved that moment where we saw Karofsky, keeping to the sidelines for New Directions’ halftime show out of bravado and shame, practically burst at the seams from the surge of excitement he felt once the show had begun. Watching him throw on his jersey not to win the championship game, but to unleash his inner dancing zombie, was the highlight of the episode. Glee is also letting us see just how damaging casual lockerroom insults can be to a kid in Karofsky’s position; he reacted to the hockey team’s casual barb (“Holy crap, they turned Karofsky gay.”) as if it hit him with the force of 1,000 slushies. Yep, there’s exactly why Karofsky’s self-expression is getting stuffed back in the closet.

And then, of course, we’ve got the ongoing Finn-Quinn-Puck-Rachel love rhombus (wait, where does that leave Sam?), or, as it played out in this episode, Everybody Loves Finn. Rachel wants Finn back, but he’s still mad she kissed Puck. Quinn suddenly wants Finn back, even though he surely hasn’t forgotten she had Puck’s baby while they were still together. And Puck wants Finn back as his best bud, even though he can’t seem to help getting romantic with Finn’s girlfriends. (Heck, even Kurt can’t resist plying Finn with warm milk in the hopes of getting a “lady chat.”) I don’t mind the flirty vibe between Finn and Quinn — they share history from a simpler time where they ruled the fickle high-school masses — but I felt like Quinn’s end-of-episode smooch came out of nowhere. Wouldn’t it have made more sense — and felt less like a plot contrivance — if it had built for weeks, or months even? Then again, maybe the writers are simply trying to unpaint Rachel out of the unlikeable corner she’s been trapped in by clearing the way for a dalliance with the always entertaining Mr. Puckerman. Their duet on “Need You Now” certainly had its share of sexual tension, even if Rachel claimed it was merely staged to make Finn jealous.

And now, before I turn things over to you, let’s grade this week’s musical numbers:

“Need You Now,” Puck and Rachel: Nothing revelatory about the duet’s staging or arrangement, but it was an undeniably lovely cover. And if the goal was to get Finn jealous, mission accomplished. Ms. Michele looked a-mah-zzz. Musical grade: B Relevance to plot: A-

“She’s Not There,” The McKinley Titans Football Squad: I’m going to admit I found Finn totally unrecognizable in his zombie makeup, but this was a fun little romp to warm us up for the big game. I kinda wish we’d gotten to see the guys practicing out of costume — the better to save the thrills for “Thriller” — but I’m not gonna nitpick either. Musical grade: B- Relevance to plot: B+

“Bill Bills Bills,” Blaine and the Dalton Academy Wablers: Golly those boys love to spin enthusiastically in their oak-paneled dreamscape. I have no idea why we took this detour to Dalton this week — kinda felt like a leftover from another episode — but the vocals were tighter than Sue’s jaw during her Katie Couric interview. Musical grade: B+ Relevance to plot: D+

“Thriller”/”Heads Will Roll,” New Directions (feat. the Titans): I loved that Artie and Santana played pivotal roles on this perfectly pitched mashup, I loved seeing Karofsky join the fun, and frankly, I think any high-school football audience would go bonkers for a performance this committed and entertaining. Musical grade: A- Relevance to plot: A

What did you think of the post-Super Bowl Glee? How would you grade last night’s performances? Sound off below!

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  1. Sam says:

    I really want to like this show. But I honestly believe Ryan Murphy is one of the biggest wasters of talent out there. He’s got a cast brimming with opportunity, and he just craps all over it. Constantly.
    By the by, I’m not sure a note-for-note rendition (someone get David Cook up in there) of “Need You Now” technically counts as a cover. I think “rip off” is a better term.

    • Josh says:

      This really sums up how I feel. I try so hard to like this show. I even watched the marathon on Oxygen Saturday. But for every musical number I enjoy, there are 2 that I hate, and scenes of dialogue that are beyond ridiculous. Why certain characters are still given the amount of screen time they are, while better singers and actors are pushed to the background is beyond me. And there’s too much going on!

      • Kool Kat Walk says:

        You don’t need to “try so hard” to like a show. After all, it’s a TV show. If you don’t like it, move on, there are other shows waiting to be liked. Even better, other activities that allow you use your imagination and creativity to make something you’re satisfied with.

    • AlistairCrane says:

      I agree with this. Glee used to be so good in 2009 but now it’s a caricature of itself. Sad.

    • Greg says:

      WOW! I am so glad that GLEE is going to create world peace and solve everyone’s problem. PEOPLE!!! It’s a TV show which means if you like it you turn it on and watch it. If you don’t like it, then you turn something else on. You do not sit here and complain about it. I like the show. Granted, every episode is not a winner, and every musical number is not golden. But it entertains me and takes me away from the ugliness of what is going on in the world. Which is what is it suppose to do, allow you to escape for an hour. So for all the gleeks out there, keep on watching, and for all the haters either turn the TV off and stop your hating.

      • tlw says:

        A-Freakin’-men Greg!

      • Jonathon says:

        But Greg, that’s not entirely fair to say. If people have legitimate criticisms of the show, then they should be allowed to express them just as much as anyone can express praise, so long as neither side goes to the extreme. For the most part, none of the people and their comments that your comment could be directed to said anything about Glee changing the world, they all mentioned they felt the show either wasted talent or was not at its best, and I tend to agree.

        Though I did enjoy the Superbowl episode more than I have as of late, I’d have to say the show as a whole is not as good as it was in the beginning. Characters seem to be stuck in ruts, and at times the show seemed to be resting on its laurels as such a popular show that it became almost a caricature like AlistairCrane said. Not to say every episode this season has been a dud, I’ve enjoyed quite a few, but there is some kind of spark missing that it once had and I think can have again, and I would like to see some characters not relegated to the background as much in songs, which is why it was nice to have Santana and Artie prominent in Thriller/Heads Will Roll.

        I consider myself a gleek, Greg, having been at viewing parties pretty much every episode of last season with friends, but being a fan of Glee or of anything in general, doesn’t mean you follow it with blind passion ignoring the ups and downs. The people you are responding to aren’t haters, those would be people who say the show sucks without giving any genuine reason. There’s no need to be so hyperbolic about someone who legitimately criticizes something you like.

        • Katherine says:

          Completely agree with you. I don’t even think the people Greg were referencing were ‘haters’ at all – they have an opinion and expressed their reasons which formed their opinion.

        • Vighorois says:

          I think you’re having Sue SYVLESTER Syndrome: after what you’ve seen for the last two years, you’ve become accustomed to, even bored at, what originally made Glee work. It’s either bigger, deeper, wilder, more elaborate (even boobs shooting out fire won’t do), or diminishing returns.

      • youshouldchill says:

        Greg, you should chill. Those comments weren’t exactly mean or trollish. Just folks who wish the show was better and who think it could be better.
        “But hey, this is a comment thread which means if you like it you read it. If you don’t like it then read something else.” No wait, that’s stupid. Read and hate all you want Greg, just chill.

      • WWP says:

        Liking a show doesn’t mean you have to swear blind obedience to whatever Ryan Murphy chooses to fling your way. You can like a show and still be critical or disappointed. I loved Glee last season and I still watch because I keep hoping it will return to what it was. I don’t need it to cure cancer, but I do need to not be insulting to watch.

        Granted, I never watched Glee because I thought it was brilliant beyond belief (teenagers puttin’ on the big musical came in when talkies came in back in the 30’s) But at least it was fresh and entertaining. But this year there has been little of either. It’s regurgitating plotlines and brimming with filler (like the Bills number). Yeah, we got it: The jocks hate Glee, Glee is misunderstood, add slushie, add minor celebrity guest, Rachel will walk slowly around a male singer looking adoringly up at him., sum up with preachy and self-righteous speech delievered in heart-felt manner about: insert-social-topic-of-the-day. lather rinse repeat.

        The characters are devolving instead in evolving. They’ve taken Brittany from just being your classic stupid blond stereotype to an even more ugly stereotype, a mentally challenged person who exists for mockery and manipulation. Kirk had the only interesting storyline this season and they’ve moved him off campus. There’s suspending disbelief and there is ignoring anything that even remotely looks like reality.

        The problem appears to be Showrunner Murphy. He believes ALL of his early accolades. He now believes that he pees perfume.

  2. Juliana says:

    I hope Jesse St. James returns to make Finn freak out like last season.

  3. Clair says:

    Quinn kissed Finn because she obviously wasn’t over him, I mean I guess she lied saying that it was his baby because she didnt want to lose him, she wanted to be with him. I loooved Fuinn and Puckleberry in this amazing episode! and the best bromance- Finn and Puck, also the brilliant Darren Criss!

  4. M~ says:

    Hey, Michael, Soooo glad to find from where you’re writing now! Have missed your “brand” of recaps!!!!! Congratulations – to you for what I hope was a huge advancement and to the rest of us who enjoy your recaps!!!

  5. Debra says:

    All that kiss in the end showed was the Quinn hasn’t changed a bit from being the cheater she was last season. This time it’s Sam that she is doing it to. I found the entire thing to be disgusting and made any progress I had made in liking that character, who I loved with Puck, go away pretty quickly.

    • Jenny says:

      So true about Quinn. All this did was show that she goes where the “popular” crowd is. Finn is the hero for winning the game and since she doesn’t have the Cheerio power now, she is moving back to where the popularity is in order to define herself.

  6. Erin says:

    Yeah it’s obvious Finn and Quinn still have feelings for each other, I mean they were each others first love. Also I’m pretty sure that a lot of people know this already, but Cory and Dianna have such amazing chemistry, they really are the cutest!!

    • Smithy says:

      Finn looks in pain with who ever he kisses so not seeing it. Plus Dianna’s delivery of some lines just hurts.

      • Mini says:

        I agree. Especially about Dianna. Her acting skills are often mediocre if that, but it was just painful to witness/hear this time around.

  7. Seal says:

    Excellent episode, but I don’t understand the need for a Fuinn kiss either.
    Does Finn not remember what Quinn put him through last season?

  8. Tammy says:

    I love any performance that has the marching band involved. A horn section really adds to big numbers.

    I enjoy GLEE for the total escapism that it is. My only expectations is good music and a few laughs.

  9. Pam says:

    I don’t “get” the Finn/Quinn thing either…..It just reinforced she is a serial cheater now…..Poor Sam!! Bring Finn/Rachel bac, they hardly had any interaction! :(

  10. Allison says:

    It might just be me, but I get the feeling Quinn sees Finn at the top of the totem pole again and, now that she’s not a Cheerio, is trying to find a way to stay on top herself.

    • Joe says:

      exactlyu she has been using Sam all year becasue he has promised to keep her on top. Now all of the sudden Finn is a hero and she is back wanting him. Quinn is all about HBIC.

    • Jenny says:

      That was exactly what I thought when I saw the scene play out.

  11. Brenna says:

    I was really enjoying the Quinn/Sam relationship and beginning to like Quinn, but that has all changed after last night. poor sam :( especially after he stood up to finn and defended her!!!

    • ErixN says:

      Although Finn was right about Quinn. As great as it was for Sam to stand up for her, I think it showed how little Sam actually knows Quinn. It also appeared that Sam did it out of jealousy.

  12. Michelle says:

    I absolutely loved the Super Bowl episode. I thought it felt more like the original 13 episodes I fell in love with rather than the all over the board Kurt-fest that the first part of the second season was. I completely agree with your take on the Dalton number and loved “Need You Now” because while yes, it was an exact cover of the original, it pushed plot and gave Puckleberry fans a little joy. I don’t think, however, that the “Fuinn” kiss came from nowhere. In Ep. 2.2 when Rachel had Quinn try to seduce Finn to prove that he wouldn’t cheat on her, Quinn was actually hurt when Finn turned her down. Quinn has stated herself that popularity is what’s important to her, so having the boy she actually cares about and the quarterback of the football team be the same person would be farely irresistable. Personally, I think Sue went a bit far with her lines and didn’t find her as funny as usual. What I did laugh at was how cute Rachel was in her exhuberance to join the football team. I think that showed a lot of character growth because there’s no way the old Rachel Berry would have risked possible bodily injury for her teammates a year ago.

  13. Murray says:

    I did not really enjoy this episode. I cannot stand that overplayed, sappy “Need You Now” song, I actually muted my TV for that part….and I love Lea Michele. I also agree that the Destiny’s Child number had NO place in that episode, not really a fan of that Dalton group anyway. Are they not capable of doing male oriented songs, they have to do just female songs?

    Pretty much the only song I liked was the Thriller mashup. As for the plot, I’m getting tired of Finn/Quinn/Rachel/Puck bouncing around back and forth. Just pick somebody already!! I did enjoy seeing the Cheerios stand up to Sue though, her getting what’s coming to her at the end….

    • Jake says:

      I have to disagree about the Bills Bills Bills number. I think it actually went with the plot quite well, especially with the football team bullies constantly making references to singing “girlie” songs. In my opinion, that performance (besides showing off the amazing Darren Criss) was used to show the opposite of what is happening at Dalton vs. McKinley, where people sing to simply sing, and don’t worry about anything else but putting on a good performance.

      • Daniel says:

        Didn’t understand why the Warblers song was used until the next scene with Kurt/Blaine having coffee with Rachel/Mercedes. Then the scene was given some context of the vast difference between the groups and their relationships to their respective schools. The Warblers are good, but the song/performance came out of nowhere. It was interesting to see Rachel & Mercedes in a scene together (when was the last time that happened?) and it provided a somewhat normal conversation between high school friends (as “normal” as you get from 20-something actors playing high schoolers). Also, it gave Kurt the chance to say “We love football. Well, Blaine loves football and I love scarves.” Classic Kurt!

  14. Frank says:

    Rachel was in unlikable corner. I think a lot of people didn’t like what she did but weren’t mad about it. Finn was being a douche again and and is a hypocrite. Fin is the one becoming more and more unlikable.

    • Julianna says:

      Second that. For me Finn wants Rachel to be available and willing whenever he wants her, and he hates when she moves on (like it was with Jesse) or tries to (Puck, back in season 01). Rachel is single now so she can sing with whomever she wants.

  15. Chris says:

    Last night’s episode wasn’t perfect, but I’ve long learned to temper my expectations for Glee. I am all about my two favorite characters, Rachel Berry and Noah Puckerman. When they’re written well individually, I’m a satisfied viewer, and I feel that I got that in this episode. Rachel was entertaining and even downright hilarious at times, while Puck exhibited quite a bit of character development. The duet between the two of them was lovely to listen to and made me smile to see, given how into it they both were. I’m not expecting a dalliance between them, and honestly, I think it’s worth delving into a single Rachel who’s more focused on her dreams than romantic drama, but given how fun and amusing these two can be, oh can’t we get more glimpses into their friendship? The “Are you ready for this?”/”Let’s kick some ass!” exchange was honestly the highlight of the episode for me.

    • Chris says:

      Oh, and for what it’s worth, I think the connection between Finn and Quinn is one of the very few threads that this show has been rather consistent about. In the first half of this season, we’ve had Finn be repeatedly protective of Quinn, to an extent that actually pinged my radar a couple of times. Perhaps it’s Quinn’s part that feels like it’s come out of nowhere, though. Hmmm. I guess we’ll see how far it goes.

    • Mel says:

      That moment between Puck and Rachel on the football field might be my new favorite Glee moment ever. That said, the entire episode was packed with truly hilarious moments for Rachel and as you commented, continues a nice growth arc for Puck. Good stuff.

    • Marie says:

      I agree. I would love to see Rachel single for a while and have her refocus on her dreams. This season she seems to have lost a bit of herself and I want her to find that again. Part of me would love to see Jesse come back for an episode or two – someone that really knew her (even though he hurt her) and could call her out on her changes.

      I also love the Puck/Rachel friendship. You don’t see what makes them work on the surface, but there are so many little things that just make the friendship fun to see.

  16. Kim says:

    Why exactly does everyone love Finn? He is a bit wishy washy.

    Rachel deserve better.

    • Juliana says:

      Finn used to be really great, but they’re ruinning him…. Also think Rachel can do better!

      • Julianna says:

        Better as in Puck (who has been showing great maturity) and Jesse St. James (because he was awesome to her despite the egg mess. Is Jon coming back to Glee?)

        • McFudge says:

          Rachel and Jesse were the best couple, for the three minutes that lasted. The whole thing ended stupidly. Puck, Finn and Jesse get all bent out of shape because she makes a parody video and doesn’t let them in on the punch line? Doubtful. Although the silly plot did lead to one of the best numbers Glee ever did, IMHO, “Bright Eyes”. Unfortunately, the egging was so over-the-top that I can’t see how there could ever be Jesse redemption for Rachel. I’d kind of like to see her with nobody for awhile.

        • Juliana says:

          I saw some interviews with Ryan Murphy and he said that Jonathan was doing a play in London but that he would be back to the last 9 episodes of this season… That was a long time ago, but i think is very possible since they’re telling that Rachel’s getting a new love interest.

  17. A says:

    GREAT episode. I understand glee isn’t for everyone, and I would agree that the acting isn’t always great (I wouldn’t go for Finn either), but it was great last night. I didn’t like the Zombies cover (but understand why they did it), and really didn’t get the “Bills, Bills, Bills”- stuck out like a sore thumb. Sue and Brittany were hysterical last night!

  18. Rebeccapedia says:

    Seriously, is there anyone who didn’t like the Puckleberry duet?!? I hate that they did it and then made it seem like Puck/Rachel really isn’t going to happen any time soon, it sucks.
    Ryan Murphy has stressed time and time again that Finn & Rachel are endgame, well that’s fine, but can we please have some time where Rachel isn’t all crazy over him?? Finn acts like such a smug entitled jerk with Rachel, I’m glad he’s going to hook up with Quinn for a while, she at least knows how to put him in his place.
    For such a long episode I was kind of surprised at the songs. Really the whole episode was based around the mash-up, the boys warm up felt very throw-away (which I suppose it was suppose to?) and the Dalton one was just stuck in there for the sake of it. The Puck & Rachel duet was lovely, but it was very rushed and the dismissed really quickly. They’re really having problems unifying a good plot with a suitable song, bar Duets and maybe Grilled Cheesus they haven’t really made that connection a lot of the first thirteen had. They’re only in season two though, they’ll get to at least season four (that could be the end, look at The OC, it was massive and then it nosedived really quickly!) so they’ve plenty of time to work on it! Glad to hear Tuesday’s ep is one to look forward to!

  19. Sash says:

    I loved the episode…

    I really want Finchel back however I understand the Finn/Quinn/Rachel/Puck thing…

    Because well Ross and Rachel took 10 years to finally end up together and I expect that the end of season 3 we’ll see that with Rachel and Finn

    And I agree…I think if him and Quinn do get back together it will be hypocritical on Finn’s part because Quinn slept with and had a baby with Puck yet he wont forgive Rachel for what she did. You know?

    And seriously poor Sam.

    One of my favourite (Yes I have a “u” in the word…I am Canadian) parts was After “Need you Now” when they had to hold Rachel backin from kicking some ass. Its was the peripheral of the scene when puck went at the guy with his guitar.

    but yes one of my fav episodes of both seasons.

    • Rebeccapedia says:

      YES! The leg kicking was ridiculously adorable! I definitely spotted that too, Rachel had a lot of great comedic moments (she really is good at them, it’s a pity so many people seem too caught up in disliking her character to notice how truly brilliant Lea is) last night, but I think the scrappy fighting was my favourite!

  20. AlistairCrane says:

    The show has gone downhill fast after its initial 13 episodes in 2009. I like Glee and wish it would return to its original glory. Last night’s episode epitomized everything that’s wrong with this show.

  21. Adrian says:

    I LOVED this episode. GLEE has been missing from my life too long. And I agree with you totally. Max Adler was the highlight of this show. He was, the word that keeps coming to mind, incandescent. To bring that much power and panache to a role that is finally being fleshed out…I was in happy shock. Didn’t stop grinning for hours. I, too, felt Dalton and “Bills” was sandwiched in for no reason, and it would have been nice to see Kurt react to Dave being involved in the show. I REALLY hate that they are turning him into Blaine’s “yes man.”

    Sue was a riot as always, and I ADORE Lauren Zises. So awesome to see a show start building up its previously sidelined “supporting” characters into real forces to be reckoned with. Lauren and Dave Karofsky have me hooked on this show again, BIG time. :)

    • Juan says:

      don’t forget Becky
      But when she breaks the bottle on the cannon, one of my favorite moments from the episode.

      and I wanted Zises to stay in the game after the guys came back in

  22. Michel says:

    I just really miss good Finn and finchel. They are ruining the show with unnecessary drama. I think I am done with this show

  23. B says:

    Am I the only one who is bothered by this shows extreme lack of timeline consistency? Next week is supposed to be valentines day/week but high school football seasons end in November which we know is already happened in the disjointed show timeline because they had their Christmas episode. If its supposed to be February, Ohio would be frozen over. We learned last season Finn plays basketball, so the boys would be on to the next sport. I know this show is about the singing and the school and everything except the characters love lives isn’t important, but the writers/production need to take a little more pride in making the show consistent with what they say is going on.

    • Daniel says:

      Timeline inconsistencies and continuity problems drive me crazy on tv shows. But for some reason I didn’t think last night’s episode was so out of place. Although most high school football seasons are over by the end of the Fall (ie: playoffs between Thanksgiving and mid-December where I live), it didn’t seem completely implausible that McKinley would be playing their championship game between Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I kind of gave the timeline situation a “pass” because it was the post-Superbowl episode and they clearly tried to tie the two together.

  24. Nate says:

    FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL. Wow this show sucks.

  25. vcwash2 says:

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I think Max Adler’s performance on “Glee” is Emmy-worthy. He is tortured, angry and vulnerable all at once. He has turned what should have been a one-note caricature portrayed by a glorified “extra” into a compelling, sympathetic person. I hope they keep him on permanently and explore his emerging sexuality. I still think (in my humble opinion) that it’s the Karofsky character that ends up being Kurt’s boyfriend …

    • zaza says:

      I agree that the development of this character is interesting and the actor is doing an amazing job. I loved the look of longing on Karofsky’s face after he kissed Kurt, but I don’t know whether he was longing for Kurt or just for the freedom to kiss whomever he wanted to kiss. Hope the character is given the opportunity to develop into someone who can be comfortable and proud of himself. As for K & K becoming boyfriends, a lot would have to happen for them both to be willing.

    • Naz says:

      I get the feeling that Karofsky was always intended to be Kurt’s boyfriend as I recall that last year RMurphy described Kut’s bf as: a jock who’s confused and coming to grips with his sexuality, and Kurt helps him through it… That was before everyone fell in love with Blaine and insisted that he be made in to a cast regular. I’d like to see the original concept be made, myself….

      • zaza says:

        I’m with you. I’d prefer an enlightened Karofsky to be Kurt’s boyfriend to smug, always has the solo Blaine.

      • Julianna says:

        I agree, Max Adler is awesome and he deserves to be made a regular. Karofsky went from being this meatheaded bully to a boy who hates himself for being gay but envies those who are free and comfortable with their homosexuality. I can’t wait for the Karofsky-centered episode.

  26. Emily says:

    whatever happened to the promise ring Sam gave Quinn? or does that not mean anything to her anymore since she still has feelings for Finn? Ryan Murphy stick to a storyline!

  27. NanCeE* says:

    I think the camera work on the Thriller performance was too choppy – couldn’t focus on any characters and too few wide shots. Maybe the performance was over-hyped in promos, but I was underwhelmed. Loved Need You Now and I also really enjoyed Bills, Bills, Bills. What the heck happened to Quinn and Sam? I thought they were adorable and the Quinn/Finn kiss came out of left field. Not a welcome change in my book. Karofsky was best plotline/performance of the episode!

  28. zaza says:

    I liked Mike Chang’s concern for Tina. Hope the writers keep them together.

  29. Erik says:

    Can we give Max Adler an Emmy for his performance!

  30. Jenny says:

    Personally, I don’t agree with relegating Karofsky’s storyline to the “homophobe as nothing more than a frightened gay boy” cliche. The problem with calling it cliche is that it connotes overuse or commonality. Telling a heartfelt and sympathetic story like this is not overused or common on TV in the slightest. Coming out stories need to be told. They just do, and without judgment, and calling it cliched may not negate the message, but it certainly waters it down.

    Other than that, great recap. :)

  31. Angelique Sapone says:

    I would just like to say that I personally know the young man who is playing Karofksy, Mr. Max Adler. He’s from Arizona and he graduated from Horizon High School and I had the pleasure of dancing with him at prom. He was one heck of a kid! He lost his mother to Lyme Disease while in high school, but continued to be a good big brother and an outstanding student. He performed with his school’s choir performance groups throughtout school. This character that Max plays is an amazing opportunity to bring to life the hardships of school bullying. I’m so proud of you Max!! Keep up the amazing work!!

    • vcwash2 says:

      Wow! Thanks for the background on Max. Now I like him even more than ever. He has a great future in acting. I suspect when the Karofsky character finally comes out it will be a heartbreaking and breathtaking performance in the hands of Mr. Adler. I can’t wait!

  32. Tygor1 says:

    Regarding Karofvsky….I hope that his ending isn’t just that, an ending. He needs to embrace and be embraced for who he is, not just “fade into the sunset”…

  33. Kris says:

    I normally love Glee, and maybe because this was so hyped up, and maybe because it hasn’t been on for a while, I was really disappointed. Maybe it’s the storyline of Kurt not being a part of the group, and that’s throwing off the dynamics. A lot of maybes, and hopefully some solid Glee soon that I can return to enjoying as much as I have in the past.

  34. Blair says:

    What’s with all the Finn hate?

  35. KSM says:

    I must say, I’m shocked that people don’t find the Finn/Quinn story line plausible. That is exactly what first love is like in high school! You both do really dumb things, break each others hearts, and end up going back to one another, whether it is smart or not. Or at least that’s how it was for me and my friends! I think it totally makes sense that Quinn and Finn would have unresolved feelings for one another. High school is confusing, and high school love is even more so! Also, I don’t think that Finn is trying to be a jerk – he’s just a confused high school boy. Plus, high school boys are kind of jerks sometimes.

  36. Carrie says:

    I am glad I am not the only one who is loving Karofsky on the show. I look forward to more great things from the actor and character and am hoping to see him join glee club and eventually become a regular on the show.

    The one thing that drove me crazy about this episode is I couldn’t figure out why the Cheerios going to their championship meant they were out of glee club. Is that some stipulation Sue put on them and I missed it? Because glee club didn’t have any sort of qualifying event at the football game, they were just doing the halftime entertainment.

  37. flutiefan says:

    the Finn/Quinn kiss makes perfect sense. (KSM hits it spot-on). She’s all about status and perception. Finn is on top. therefore, since she has given up the Cheerios, she sees Finn as her way bay back to Queen of McKinley.

    As for the strange scenes with Kurt, Blaine, and the Dalton Warblers. Kurt & Blaine were originally not supposed to be in this episode AT ALL, according to Chris Colfer. But he lobbied to include them, and these 2 seemingly disconnected scenes were added in. I could tell it was a rush job, with less than seamless transitions, but the scenes were still nice.

  38. Lilly says:

    i don’t know what everyones talking about, Finn was great in this episode. and for the first time Rachel wasn’t annoying.
    Quinn and Finn make perfect sense, they were each others first love. Of course they still have feelings for each other. It wasn’t just a fling they had, they actually had a relationship.

  39. Action13 says:

    Am I the only one who hates the new CONSTANT focus on Kurt?? I liked his character at first, but Glee has become the Kurt show — and Kurt has become one of the most annoying characters. It was nice for this episode where he was at a minimum… however we were still forced to take a side trip to Dalton just to show Kurt.

    I miss Season 1 — it focused more on the club. And I thought Rachel was supposed to be a lead character, not Kurt??

    • RRoseBees says:

      There are some of us out there who are getting tired of you folks complaining about the CONSTANT focus on Kurt. If you are watching the show (and that may be doubtful) you would realize what an incorrect statement that is. Kurt was featured in three of the episodes this year and since he’s been at Dalton we only get glimpses of him now and then. If your definition of CONSTANT is two to three minutes an episode then you need to find another show to complain about.

  40. Kyle says:

    It was the best episode I have seen in awhile. I love the Dave Karofsky character….Love him. I think that Max Adler is giving an awesome performance on what the internal struggle is like for many gay kids……myself included. Kudos Glee team!

  41. Bete says:

    Well, I enjoyed this episode, but I didn’t like to see
    Finn and Quinn kissing at the end! I loved Finn in this episode he showed what a great man he is becoming, he was a great leader to the Glee club and to the football team. He really is adorable! But to see him kissing Quinn, well it shows that he hasn’t evoveld at all…

    I agree with you on the Karofsky character, that boy shows how he is really vulnerable. But I want to see some growth on that front, after all that happened on that episode I hope we won’t see the football team getting violent with Glee club again. But the last scene with Karofky and Finn shows that things won’t change… Wich is a shame and quite boring!

  42. Bete says:

    Another thing: when will Kurt leave the Walblers or whatever their name is? Kurt used to be exuberant, a real diva, he had a strong character, never ashamed of who he was and it is sad to see how he is supposed to just blend now. He is losing himself in that school! Get him back to New Directions now!

    • Isaac says:

      Well, I kind of think that’s the point. We’ve seen glimpses of that off and on since he’s been there- he is losing himself. That school is safe, but in playing safe his light is dimming somewhat. I think that’s one of the things that will drive him back to New Directions.

  43. Jackie says:

    It may be strange to say that Glee is becoming too far fetched, but it is. The first season was great and I really did love it. But it seems that the writers took the high ratings not as a sign that they were doing something right, but, instead, as a sign that they needed to try to “go bigger.” Sue has always been my favorite character, but the writers are taking her into the extremes of goofiness and just plain ridiculous. The wedding to herself was when I began to doubt the direction that the writers were taking her. And making her the principal and then having her just as easily give up the power was all too much. This week, the best part was when Sue tore up the office and locker-room. This was more traditional Sue and, in the world of Glee, I can believe it. But, then, once again, the show gave Sue all the power in world and allowed her to change competition dates, etc., something she simply would not have the power to do. It would also be nice if they eased up and the slush showers and the big gay bully crap. I feel like this is a dead horse they have beaten way into the ground.

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  47. Louise says:

    For me the worst ever episode of Glee by far.