Ratings: Did Supernatural Give Fringe a Scare?

Between Supernanny, Supernatural, a Super Bowl special and Smallville, there was a lotta “super” stuff playing on Friday. But which shows actually put up superlative numbers?

8/7c | CBS’ The Defenders christened its new Friday home with an audience of 8.65 million total viewers, an increase of some 40 percent over its last Wednesday draw. (The freshman series’ 1.3 rating in the coveted 18-49 demo, however, still leaves much to be desired; Kitchen Nightmares led the hour in demos, with a 1.7). NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? hit a series-high 7.3 million viewers.

Smallville returned from its winter break with 2.37 million viewers, its (alas) smallest audience since “Supergirl.”

Smallville Preview: Waiting for Superman

9/8c | A CBS special about memorable Super Bowl commercials was the night’s most watched program, tackling 9.6 million total viewers. Placing second in the hour was the first helping of NBC’s Dateline (with 8 million viewers).

Now facing stronger competition, Fringe slipped 6 percent in viewers (to 4.3 mil) and 11 percent in the demo (1.7), where in recent weeks it had been ruling the roost. Supernatural returned from hellatus to 2.28 million viewers, its best audience since November 5.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Supernatural and More!

10/9c | It was neck-and-neck ‘tween CSI: NY and the second hour of Dateline, with the CBS cop drama squeaking out a win in total viewers (with 9.34 mil) and the newsmag topping the demos (with a 2.2 rating). CSI: NY however enjoyed a 17 percent gain in the demo (2.0) versus its last fresh outing. ABC’s Barbara Walters special placed third on all counts.

What were you watching this Friday night?

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  1. Kate says:

    Am not surprised numbers were down for Smallville after the mess the CW made in programming – they did not advertise its actual return during its Thursday night line up even! Enjoyed Supernatural much more content wise- was nice to see Kim Ulrich guest star- another Passions person on the CW!

  2. Sam says:

    I’m a Supernatural fan for sure, but I would give it up in a heartbeat to see Fringe get another season. Supe is like a guilty pleasure that’s mostly sweet but sometimes sour, while Fringe is consistently one of the best, if not the very best, Sci-Fi show I’ve ever seen.
    Walter Bishop > Dean Winchester

    • Michael Sacal says:

      People should get their priorities straight re: Fringe and Supernatural.

      Supernatural may end this season (I’m not saying it will, just that it may), while Fringe is still half way through its minimum successful run of five seasons. With that in mind, people should watch Fringe live and DVR Supernatural.

      Another thing to take into account is that Smallville IS going to send this season, so even if Supernatural were to be renewed the CW could move it to Smallville’s spot in the schedule next season.

      Peopls should keep both the possible cancelation and possible renewal/schedule shift of Supernatual in mind when deciding what to watch live and what to DVR, Supernatural or Fringe.

      • Anna says:

        I do have my priorites straight. Supernatural is far superior to Fringe, which I have had the misfortune to watch, and find nothing to in. would take great delight in seeing it go the way of (not so)Good Guys.

        • Michael Sacal says:

          Why would that delight you? In what way does Fringe affect you?

        • John says:

          Clearly the comment was intended for members of the overlapping audience, and not snarky people who revel in others’ misery.

        • Melody says:

          Oh Anna, you don’t know what you’re missing. I watch both and Supernatural is my favorite show on TV, but that doesn’t discount the fact that Fringe is an absolutely FABULOUS show as well. I highly recommend ordering the DVD’s on Netflix and checking out Fringe from the beginning.

      • Joe Jackson says:

        Unless you have a Neilson box it does not matter what you watch, yes 25,000 viewers decide what the other 114,500,000 people get to watch. (.02% vs 99.98%)

        • Michael Sacal says:

          Definitely a broken system. Your math is off, though, because it doesn’t take into account people outside the US, like me, who watch shows that end up being canceled because people with Nielsen boxes in the US don’t watch them.

      • Jason says:

        Dude, let me assure you…there is no way on God’s green earth that Supernatural is ending after this season. Why would you even suggest such a thing?

        Fringe is more likely for cancellation, esp. if there are enough eps for syndication. But both shows stand a better-than-not chance of returning.

    • Melody says:

      I’m a fan of both shows, but my heart belongs to Supernatural. It could be that I’ve been with the show longer, it could be the generous helpings of eye candy, but I know it’s simply because the show is just so much more FUN!! I love Fringe, I really do, but if I’m forced to choose between the two, Supernatural will get my vote. Thankfully, I DVR everything so in the end the only decision is which one to watch first. I like to save my favorites for last (like dessert – something sweet to end the night), so I started my night with Fringe, then watched Smallville, threw in The Defenders. Took a break and read for bit (really I did, I’m reading the Lovely Bones so I can finally watch the movie my niece just bought) and before heading to bed I snuggled up with my hour of Winchesters. Great episodes all around, although I felt Fringe should have dealt with the whole weaponized Peter issue a bit more, but otherwise I felt like it was a great Friday night of TV. Oh, complaint from a TV fan – too much great TV on Friday’s!! My Wednesday’s are empty now move something back there!!

      • Erin says:

        Wednesday’s are awesome! Well…if you like comedies. I highly recommend Modern Family and Cougar Town. Cougar Town never fails to make me laugh out loud.

    • erin says:

      You said it pefectly!! I am so in love with that show and I would be so sad if it ended…

    • Rebecca says:

      While not a Supernatural fan, I completely agree with the Fringe statement. This is the one show during the week that I make time to see. It continuously gives me a surprise, and draws me in to the clues and detective story that it is. I really,really hope it gets another season!

  3. Matt says:

    Fringe was so strong last night too. I hope these numbers are still considered good and rebound next week!

  4. Michael Sacal says:

    You say Fringe slipped 6%, but EW says 16%.

  5. Shaula says:

    I’m so happoy for Supernatural! I was worried after what The CW did, plus Fringe at the same time slot!

    Hope both shows gets renewed. Both deserve it… Then everyone will be happy… *winks*

  6. Chmarin says:

    You do realize you made it seem as if the move to Friday night benefited The Defenders, even though the A18-49 rating was an abysmal 1.3? That show’s dead.

  7. justaguy says:

    Fringe is gone. It is moved to Friday night, then it numbers dropped. If it does not climb over the next three showing – bye bye.

  8. A says:

    Screw Fringe. I’d never even heard about that show til last year, and the only person I know who watches it, is a German girl. S
    Supernatural is way better than Fringe–by far.

    • Jesse says:

      Just because you hadn’t heard of something doesn’t make it a bad show.

    • John says:

      I can’t believe I’ve been watching something that “A” has never heard of. I’m so embarrassed! I’ll stop watching it immediately. You’re so cool, A.

    • myoubi says:

      I am sorry, but Fringe is one of the few, if not the only, interesting and original show nowadays. Supernatural or the “Cute Buffy-guys” as I call it, is for kids and people who do not want to think!

  9. Dez says:

    I gotta say….Supernatural was much better than Fringe yesterday,was a spectacular return and I am much more lively with Supernatural. And Yes hope both Supernatural and Fringe are renewed,my Fridays now are so entertaining.

    • Melody says:

      It was a really great episode, wasn’t it!! I don’t know what I was expecting, but the idea of dragons had me worried, yet they pulled the whole thing off so well. That final scene between Dean and Sam was spectacular and something the fans needed desperately. I liked Fringe last night, I just really wanted them to at least bring up the whole thing about weaponized Peter.

  10. MockingbirdGirl says:

    Wow, being delighted at the prospect of another show being cancelled just because you don’t care for it? Classy. It’s a matter of personal preference which show is better… but if Anna is any example, FRINGE fans are certainly superior.

    • TD says:

      Because all this … … You just be a Classy arrogant as the person from whom you spoke. Certainly is superior!!

      • MockingbirdGirl says:

        Errrr… what? Apparently, FRINGE fans are more articulate as well.

        • Darun says:

          TD is saying that you as well are being ironically “classy” in the way you used. I have to agree. Sure Anna could have posted with less hostility, and so could you. Implying insult to an entire fan base because of one fan is, as you put it, “Classy” with a heavy dose of sarcasm. Then you insult TD for trying to point this out….further showing your “superiority.” Keep in mind that English is not the only language people use and some people struggle with it.
          The bottom line is that hostility begets hostility, and the cycle continues.

  11. Liz says:

    Fringe only dropped 6%, which isn’t bad. I think the fact it is hanging onto most of it’s audience is a good think. I can’t believe you guys think Fringe is not as good as supernatural. I like both shows but Fringe is one of the best shows on TV. It makes you think! It is on a creative high right now as well. Each season builds on the other and is so deep and interesting.

    • Michael Sacal says:

      “It makes you think”

      People tend to not like what makes them think and prefer mindless entertainment with explosions and action (i.e. Capprica vs Blood and Chrome).

      • Jen says:

        Yes, indeed.

      • Brittany says:

        SO SAD, but so true. I hope Fringe doesn’t get canceled because I LOVE having shows which challenge me intellectually. Fringe does that in a way that Supernatural (which I also love, though season six has been overwhelmingly disappointing) never has been poised to do.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I’m not surprised “Fringe” took a hit — we knew it would. But I’ll take a single digit dip in numbers over a landslide any day of the week. Heck, I’m just happy I see ads for it; FOX actually seems like they give half a crap about the show. Maybe my naïveté is showing, but I don’t quite get why everything’s a nasty battle between “Fringe” and “Supernatural” fans. Can’t we all just enjoy and celebrate two engaging shows?

    • Miranda says:

      Here here!

    • Alice says:

      I think there’s some kind of misunderstanding. I don’t hear many Fringe fans cheering for Supernatural to actually be cancelled. But I do hear Supernatural fans (see above) every week talking about how happy they are about Fringe’s possible cancellation. Which I don’t get, it’s not like their show is at risk- the CW has proven they will keep that show on the air even if the show runner says he’s done with it. But there is a consistent mentality that just because the two shows share a time-slot, to be a loyal Supernatural fan you have to be a real jerk to Fringe and delight in a ratings dip. But just as I’m rooting for both Fringe universes to survive, I hope both shows stick around. Even if it means another year of Supernatural fans pissing on my favorite show. You never know, they might grow out of it. I don’t remember all this hostility when both shows were on Thursday night, so there’s hope.

      • lolabell says:

        I agree some fans talk against Fringe, but that’s because they’re probably tired of the lack of promotion and advertisement that Supernatural gets week after week. Regardless of the lack of promotion from the CW, Supernatural draws good numbers for itself; I, for one, love Fringe as well as Supernatural and I was disappointed that my two favorite shows have to go against each other; so, since I am a huge Supernatural fan, I watch Supernatural and DVR Fringe. Again, I do hope Fringe comes back next year. It’s a good show and well acted; but my heart and soul belong to Supernatural.

        • Emmaline says:

          Being disappointed in what you perceive as lack of CW support for the show and preferring one show over the other are both understandable behaviors. But I think what baffles many Fringe fans (some of us who also watch Supernatural on DVR, btw!), or at least what never fails to confuse me, is how Fringe is to blame for the CW’s marketing decisions. I get that it isn’t your favorite show. I don’t understand why that means it needs to die. (see below). Fringe being cancelled won’t change how the CW promotes or does not promote SPN.

          • Darun says:

            You are correct that those are not reasons for Supernatural fans, like myself, to attack Fringe. What has really gotten many Supernatural fans aggravated is the fact that Fox bigwigs have released (a) mocking article(s) about how they were so confident in Fringe and in general acted rudely towards Supernatural and its fans. This has gotten some fans riled and have caused them to misplace their anger at Fringe instead of the big-mouthed Fox heads. I am not personally a fan of Fringe, but I do wish it the best of luck since I know it does have loyal fans that enjoy it. I do wish however that they didn’t have to share a time slot. Genre shows are still avoided by many people because of the joke many shows on the Sci-fi channel have made of them and because they are ask the audience to suspend their disbelief to a higher extent than other shows do. So I think it would be better for all if the time slots were different.
            Also, I very much dislike Fox executives and I worry for fans of Fringe because of the move to Friday. They notoriously have done that in preparation to give a show the big chop. Also, they make the move even knowing that these shows do share some fans, which is horribly idiotic because all that would do is hurt both shows. There is no benefit to this move for either show even if Supernatural did tank in numbers and went off air. It doesn’t affect Fox at all. So my only conclusion I can draw for now is that Fox is looking for Fringe to drop in viewers so it can point to that fact and have an “acceptable” reason to drop it as a show. This is just my speculation though and for all the Fringe fan’s sake, I hope I’m wrong.

    • Melody says:

      What we need to do is unite. I’m not kidding when I say that those who love Fringe will mostly like love Supernatural and vice versa. With as determined and fanatic of fan bases as these shows have, if they united to save each show it would be spectacular.

  13. band says:

    smallville would have done better if they gave better PR for the flight scene insted this show has become a pimp show for the luthors TPTB need to go back and look at homcoming to see how to promote a iconc scene like nightflight. so now next week eps will move up because of the nightflight but the luthors will the credit for it and that just realy sucks. luthors suck and so do the TPTB.

  14. Nikki says:

    Im so happy Supernatural returned with a bigger audiance. Its my favorite show and it deserves a renewal season. Ive never watched Fringe so I dont want to bad mouth it but to me Supernatural is far more superior than Fringe will ever be. I mean after alk who got the cover of TV Guide? Oh thats right Supernatural

    • Courtney says:

      AGREED! Supernatural rocks and last night’s episode was awesome!

    • Emmaline says:

      Fringe got the cover on November 19th. So far, their even.

    • John says:

      “Ive never watched Fringe so I dont want to bad mouth it but to me Supernatural is far more superior than Fringe will ever be.”
      “Ive never watched Fringe so I dont want to bad mouth it but to me Supernatural is far more superior than Fringe will ever be.”
      “Ive never watched Fringe so I dont want to bad mouth it but to me Supernatural is far more superior than Fringe will ever be.”

      • Jedaqia says:

        lol John, I do find the quote funny. Such contradictions. I never watch Fringe either. Big non-US SPN fan here. Maybe I should check Fringe out coz I do love AU. Yeah, I kinda agree with some poster here. Why the hate? & why the comparison? I think both shows are great; having huge fanbase & admittedly SPN fans ruled the online fandom for quite sometime. & we’re quite passionate, overprotective fans too. But lynching another apparently superb show? Not that cool. Tho I kinda understand why some fans when berserk over TVD & Nikita last week. Those growing fandoms (especially Nikita) didn’t stand a chance tho it was all CrapWorthy fault.

  15. AlistairCrane says:

    Yay Supernatural! Ausiello things there’s a good chance it’ll be back for a seventh season. I hope so—it’s really gotten good this year, and last night’s episode was one of the best of the season.

    Never cared for Fringe. Watched the pilot and thought it was awful. Let it die.

  16. Rocky F says:

    Sorry all you Fringe haters, but as someone who has seen every episode of both Supernatural and Fringe, it’s safe to say they are both awesome. While I can certainly see someone preferring one to the other, they are both two of the best shows currently on tv. However, I would say that this season Fringe has been somewhat better than Supernatural.

    • Melody says:

      I disagree with the comment that Fringe has been better than Supernatural this year, and I’ve argued my points online previously and don’t feel like rehashing at the moment. I would like to state: I’m an avid fan of both, own the DVD’s, listened to all the commentaries, etc – both are great. Every Supernatural fan I know is also a fan of Fringe (which includes about 90% of my family and all but two or three of my friends). This seems to suggest to me that both shows appeal to the same or at least similar audiences. I’m frustrated that the fandom’s appear to be against each other, but I don’t think the fan bases need to be attacking each other – trust me, the Fringe fans who haven’t check out Supernatural are most likely the exact people we want checking out our show because they’ll stick around, and vice versa. We have the opportunity to grow both shows and show our fan support – so stop picking at each other!! Honestly, I love both for a lot of the same reasons.

      • Rocky F says:

        So we disagree about which one is better this season, but yeah, I agree with everything else you say. And by the way, I’m in no way saying SN hasn’t been good this year, just that I feel Fringe was been a bit better. As I said, I think together they are among the best broadcast tv has to offer right now.

        • Melody says:

          Someone somewhere suggested that if Fringe gets canceled by Fox that the CW should pick it up and put it on Friday nights to pair with Supernatural. It was the greatest suggestion in the history of television!! And because it is so great, it will never happen because TV execs are idiots.

          • Manda says:

            I agree with you both, completely. However I tend to side with Rocky in that this season, Fringe is by far the superior show right now. That’s not to say that Supernatural hasn’t been amazing this season, just that in my opinion, Fringe is blowing everything out of the water right now. This, coming form a die-hard Supernatural, convention-going fangirl, by the way. But, this back and forth bickering is ridiculous, and is partly why I’m sometimes ashamed to be a part of the Supernatural fandom. You can still love a show, and be loyal to it, and not put down another show (that, if were given a chance, you would probably love) just because it’s competition. If you want to complain about something, then start with this jacked system of how viewings are counted, because honestly, that’s where the problem really lies.

          • Jedaqia says:

            I think Fox should pick up Supernatural. At least they gives more respect to their shows. But as you say, it will never happens because all the TV execs watches are Jersey Shore.

  17. lolabell says:

    I am a fan of both Fringe and Supernatural; however, I DVR’d Fringe and watched/DVR’d Supernatural. I agree with other posts here that the CW does little to promote Supernatural and yet this show is like “the little engine that could” and it just chugs along and draws in decent ratings week after week. It also has a rabid fanbase earning them a TV Guide cover after 6 years on the air thus giving free advertising for the CW. I would love to see Supernatural’s ratings if the CW did indeed promote and advertise the show as aggressively as it does the other mindless shows like 90210 and Hellcats. Anyway, in my household, Friday nights at 9:00 belong to Supernatural!

  18. MockingbirdGirl says:

    Errrr… what? Is that pig latin?

  19. Jen says:

    I’m glad Smallville got the tiny audience it deserved. I’m very unhappy about Fringe’s ratings, though. But of course the crap shows often get the highest ratings, whereas quality TV lags behind.

  20. Beth Wilson says:

    Supernatural! So glad to see it back last night along with Smallville.

    I don’t watch Fringe-tried it and didn’t care for it, but I hope the fans of that show get another season. :) I wish it wasn’t on opposite Supernatural since so many people seem to like both.

    I agree with those who said that there are too many good shows on Fridays. Thanks goodness for DVR’s.

  21. Joe Jackson says:

    You’ve NEVER watched Fringe but you think Supernatural is far more superior???

    Based on what, your imagination? How can someone claimed to NEVER have watch something but know a different show is better? WTF is wrong with people

  22. Melody says:

    Why I love Fringe/Supernatural:
    • The family dynamic
    – Fringe: Hands down, my favorite part of the show is the Walter/Peter relationship. So complicated, yet so committed.
    – Supernatural: The heart of this show is the bond between the brothers. When they hugged last night, I wanted to cry.
    • The Extended Family
    – Fringe: The show may star Olivia, but I’ve always felt like Olivia follows Walter and Peter around. She’s become very entwined into their lives and so important to them both, even before the Peter/Olivia relationship thing occurred. Additionally you have Astrid who brings a bright spot to their little make shift family that is undeniable.
    – Supernatural: Bobby. For the fans, I need to say no more, because we all love Bobby. He isn’t just their surrogate father, he is ours as well. Like Astrid, Castiel brings his bright angelic face to the screen and we swoon and we adore because of his unintentional humor and sincerity.
    • The Drama
    – Fringe: Olivia and her doppelganger from another universe switch places, and the doppelganger takes her place and her boyfriend (poor confused Peter). Now the fallout is devastating everyone. Additionally, you have past issues with Walter having kidnapped Peter from the other universe and how he has to deal with that, and how is real father wants his help to destroy our universe. Juicy, juicy drama.
    – Supernatural: To recap the full extent of what the Winchesters have been through and explain why last nights hug was so emotionally important would take so very, very long…just the highlights: Dean and Sam were tricked and fooled and so much more into starting armageddon. To stop it, Sam had to become possessed by the devil and while he was possessed he killed Castiel (blew him to bits), killed Bobby (snapped his neck), and beat his own brother to a bloody pulp (wow he looked so bad). Finally, it was a deep connection between the brothers that brought Sam back in control (we fans love that Impala) and able to finally end armageddon by jumping into hell with lucifer inside. His soul (not his body) sat in hell for 18 months. His body was back on earth killing things and people, attempting to again kill Bobby, and getting his brother turned into a vampire. As a vampire Dean nearly kills his girlfriend and her son. Last night – Sam got his soul back and the brothers were finally reunited after 18 months of pure hell (literally in Sam’s case). Again, I love the juicy drama.
    • Their Great Destiny’s
    – Fringe: Olivia and her cortexaphan can move between universes, see things that aren’t from this universe and more. Peter is the only person ever (yea, I know I think it’s ridiculous too but go with it) to be able to work a machine that will either repair the two worlds or destroy one of them. Walter, started everything by kidnapping Peter (to save him by giving him a cure he’d developed). They are mixed together for a reason: to save both universes.
    – Supernatural: Dean, the older brother, loyal and attentive to their father, was destined to be the archangel Michael’s vessel (be possessed by him) and destroy the devil and usher in paradise (of course after a cataclysmic war). Sam, the little brother, the rebel with the cause of fighting with dad and doing his own thing, was destined to be lucifer’s vessel and try to bring about the end of the world. What did they do instead? They kicked ass and took names and saved billions of lives. Go team!! Wait, what’s this we learn – death lets us know that he’s keeping them around because they mess with the order of things, and for a guys who’s all about order, he apparently likes their style and recognizes that they have more to do on this earth.
    • The gore
    – Fringe: One of the grossest scenes I’ve seen in a long time was the airplane scene from the pilot. A contagion is released into the airplane and everyone on board died in a most in humane way – they partially liquify and decay and get all gooey ooey. When the guys jaw dropped off I was gagging badly.
    – Supernatural: It’s a 1 hour horror film each week, gore is expected. For me, one serious gross out moment on this show was when the kid used plagues to kill the three cops that killed his brother and the bugs ate through the skull from the inside out. Okay, my skin is crawling just thinking about it.
    • The Humor
    – Fringe: I love the family dynamic between Peter and Walter, but I may love the one liners even more. Walter is a bit….um…off (that’s what happens when you get partially lobotomized). So, we get all of Peter’s great lines in regards to his father, and his great snarky lines about most of their cases as well, and in addition we get Walter who is so far out there we never want to see him come back because out there – he is free. To give you an idea – he is under the influence of one substance or another just about all the time and has a voracious sweet tooth and uses the cow he keeps in his lab to make so many interesting concoctions (most recently milk laced with some brain enhancing thing that nearly killed Peter).
    – Supernatural: Each week I check out Sandra Gonzales’ Supernatural recap on ew.com mostly to compare her favorite lines of the night with mine. A huge part of this show is about the humor. A great example would be the episode with the tough and macho Dean gets infected by a virus that essentially makes him afraid of everything and we see him running away from something, screaming that it’s going to get him, and by his expression we are sure Godzilla is chasing him until we are finally given a glimpse at the adorable little pomeranian who is following him around, for Dean’s sake I’m willing to believe that the bite was worse than it’s bark. That’s a whole episode of funny, but every episode has it’s great humor and perfect lines!!

    My whole point in doing this is to point out to the Fringe fans that they should give Supernatural a try and to make mention to the Supernatural fans that Fringe is pretty good too. The ultimate for me would be that these shows went back to back because they honestly have the same target audience – if you love one, please check out the other.

  23. Imzadia says:

    I watched SMALLVILLE; and Eagerly, Joyfully welcomed it back. Until EUREKA returns, on Fridays, Smallville is all I’ll watch. Maybe, on occasion, SANCTUARY.

  24. SWinchestersGirl says:



  25. Kelly says:

    I have seen and enjoyed both Fringe and Supernatural. Don’t get all the negativity about either show or why on lots of boards I see this battle supernatural fans have with for fringe. Both shows are excellent, deserve good ratings and to both be renewed.

  26. erin says:

    Ahhhh!!!! PUNCH BUGGIE!!!

  27. Darun says:

    I have seen the idea that Supernatural should be bought by Fox and put in another time slot and I like the idea, but would tweek it dramatically in my ideal scenario. Fox is horrible. Sure they make some quality shows, but they have to shoot a lot of shows in the head to make them and all too often they get trigger happy and shoot the wrong shows (case in point: Firefly). So instead of Fox buying Supernatural, I think TNT should buy both Supernatural and Fringe. They know how to advertise good television and have been known to give more commercialized support to Supernatural than the CW has ever even thought to. TNT would be a good home for Fringe I think because they are more accepting of the genre shows, even if they hide them during daytime hours too often and cater to the masses’ idiotic love repetitive cop and medical shows. I don’t see this happening though because as someone else has said, TV execs are greedy fools, or something to that effect.

    I do think a great deal of fans of both Supernatural and Fringe can back off and stop getting defensive. It is not the fanbases we should be angry at or the shows, it is the TV execs and the amazingly flawed Nielsen system. The ratings would be far more accurate if Dish, DirecTV, and Charter started recording their viewer data. It might not cover the overseas problem, but it would give a far more accurate view of what people are watching, who those people are, and what commercials are accepted/skipped.

    Play nice everyone. Our shows are fantastic and we don’t need to insult each other to show that.

  28. Lori says:

    I LOVE [H]OUSE! :)

  29. Katie says:

    Supernatural is my favorite obsession on TV at the moment. I’ve tried Fringe, and while its fine (I ADORE Joshua Jackson), it just can’t sustain my interest for some reason. However, instead of deriding Supernatural or dumping on Fringe, fans should just accept that some don’t find one or the other interesting. There is room for both on the tube. Supernatural went up against Fringe all last season at 9PM on Thursdays, and both were renewed. Now they’re in the same time slot again, and I hope both will get renewed again. The fan bickering over which is better and insulting the other show is just tiresome. It doesn’t have to be either/or.

  30. Ben Phelps says:

    Lots of sci-fi competition on Fridays now… hope Fringe can keep up some strong ratings

  31. raelee514 says:

    Rooting for Fringe(because I love it) and loving my Supernatural.

  32. robinepowell says:

    Friday nights in my house, for the past two years, have been Smallville and now in 2011, it’s followed by Fringe. :)

    Works for me, becuase I don’t have to change channels on Thursday night between 8:00 – 11:00. :)

  33. i love fringe but with those numbrs renewal chances are abysmal! I hope they shoot some kind of movie to close the entire story to give us closure!

  34. Media Ho says:

    Geez! Doesn’t anyone care about Supernanny? I DVR it religiously. It confirms that I made the right decision to not have kids!

  35. Bob says:

    I just like to say I think that Supernatural is the best show on TV, I watch alot of TNT program’s, please just bring Supernatural back with new episod’s……..Bob

  36. Some of the links are broken :(

  37. MJ says:

    Joe Jackson hit the nail on the head folks. No one cares what you chose if you don’t have a Nielson box. I love both shows but am watching Sup and taping Fringe and watching it at 10pm. My reasoning – Supe has been fab since day one, Fringe was not so great season one and grew into a fab show. Also – the Fox jerk at upfronts last month ticked me off with his arrogance when asked about putting Fringe up against Supernatural. But – like I said – what I watch affects neither show in any way since I don’t have a Nielson box

  38. lorna says:

    SPN is soooo bad this season. I would much rather a season 3 of LUX, but that’s not happening :(

  39. georgia says:

    i watch both SUPERNATURAL and FRINGE. they both are great shows both with hotties and good storylines. so let’s quit bashing on either one of them especially if you haven’t watched either one.

  40. kelsey says:

    csi ny is my favorite show on tv and always will be<3