TVLine Items: NBC Cuts Chase, Castle Soaps Up, and Other TV News to Know

And Kelli Giddish fans live to mourn another day….

NBC has officially pulled Chase from its lineup after weeks up plummeting ratings, most recently in its new Wednesdays-at-9 time slot. (A solid Minute to Win It lead-in couldn’t even boost their numbers.) But at least Chase isn’t alone — just last week the network sort of pulled the plug on The Cape.

That’s a Wrap: The Cape’s Season Is Cut Short

Ready for more TV tidbits? Well…

• As TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich first reported last week, Castle will air a soap opera murder mystery episode titled “One Life to Lose,” (clever!) and TV Guide Magazine has revealed some of the real-life soap stars stopping by the ep.

Exclusive: Castle Lathers Up With a Soap Star-Studded Murder Mystery

All My Children‘s Rebecca Budig and Cameron Mathison, onetime Young and the Restless star Corbin Bernsen, and Jane Seymour will guest on the March 21 episode. Great casting, no?

• Speaking of soap stars, All My Children alum Jesse McCartney has signed on to star in Locke & Key, a new Fox pilot, per Deadline. McCartney will play the eldest son in the thriller.

Renewal Scorecard: Which of Your Faves Will Return?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pariah Camille Grammer will appear in an upcoming episode of $#*! My Dad Says, says TV Guide, as — what else? — a divorced reality starlet named Camille.

• Check out this clip of Florence and the Machine being their awesome selves on Monday’s Gossip Girl.

• If you’ve fallen behind on the best new show of the year, Showtime is shamelessly showing a Shameless mini-thon! Catch all four episodes starting at 5/4c this Saturday, February 5.

The Shield alum Glen Mazzara has officially signed on as writing executive producer of The Walking Dead, three months after the smash-hit series suddenly disbanded its entire writing staff. Deadline reports that Mazzara will put together a team of approximately five additional writers.

• The Real Housewives of New York was set to premiere February 22, but Bravo suddenly pulled it from the lineup Thursday and replaced it with the new Real Housewives of Miami — which the New York Daily News says been ready to air for awhile. Even stranger? No explanation for the sudden switcharoo was given, even though the RHONY promos have already been airing on Bravo over the past month.

Which TVLive Items have you talking today? Let us know below!

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  1. AlistairCrane says:

    The Castle soap casting is stupid because none of these actors are from Fillion’s alma matter One Life to Live. I hope Robin Strasser and Gina Tognoni find their way into this episode as well.

    • Kelly says:

      Yeah, but isn’t OLTL still filming in NYC? Nearly impossible to get anyone who’s currently on the show out to LA for Castle, unfortunately. Looks like the guests they got are from shows filming in LA.

      • AlistairCrane says:

        Not impossible to fly two people out from New York. The show won’t have the same impact without “Joey”‘s former co-stars.

    • Harry says:

      Chase is a family favorite in my house, if the network would have left it alone and kept in it’s original time slot the viewers wouldn’t have to keep searching for it. Minute to Win it was fine the first season but got old really quick for me. and comedy Thursday….that just gave me a reason to save electricity. I feel the network needs to reconsider and bring it back for a second season and leave it at one time slot or put it on USA Network with Covert Affairs and In Plain Sight. Three kick ass women one channel.

      • D.Haywood says:

        I completely agree. Chase is a favorite at our house too. We have been searching everyday for the next episode. Putting it with Covert Affairs and In Plain Sight is a wonderful idea!!

      • shannon says:

        I totally agree with you Harry! Every time they actually get a good show on they pull it!!! I am so disappointed with them pulling, Chase. I LOVE this show!!! They have bounced it around and some people don’t realize it is on and thing it just didn’t come on to later finding out that the network changed days once again without any notice! UGH!

  2. Blake says:

    It’s totally stupid to not have OLTL actors on the episode. I hope we’ll be surprised.

  3. Bobbi says:

    Real Housewies of NYC was supposed to premiere 2/15, not 2/22.

  4. Kathleen says:

    I would guess the Castle guests have to do with location. AMC films in LA now and OLTL is still in NYC, correct? I thought they took over the old AMC studios when AMC moved to LA. Either way, while Ryan and Greenlee will make me run screaming from AMC, I’m kind of excited for this episode.

  5. Lorie says:

    I’m bummed about Chase. I’ll miss Annie and Jimmy the most. Too bad they didn’t try to save Chase on USA.

    • Kate says:

      Does this mean the remaining four episodes wont be aired at all?! This is depressing! This so was really good they just put up against two strong ABC comedies, and 2 already well established crime shows! Why could it not have stayed on a Monday! I liked The Cape but Chase would have worked so much better in that timeslot!

    • David says:

      I miss Chase also . I thought it was a good show and they don’t have very many good shows on TV now days.

  6. Erin says:

    I am so upset about Chase. I really liked it, even when I had to search for it on TV. Maybe TNT or USA will pick it up. Cable shows are thriving. Long live Annie & Jimmy.

  7. MJ says:

    I also enjoyed Chase. It would be a good show for TNT or USA. I hope one of them grabs it.

    • RAGGEDT says:

      Hmmm…yeah, not a bad idea. In fact, USA should definitely pick up this show about a blond, hard-edged US marshall. But perhaps change its name to to, oh, I know! “Out of Sight”!!

  8. vicki says:

    That stinks for Chase. I found enjoyable..most of the enjoyable ones seem to be going away

    • DIAMOND says:

      I agree, Chase was going good and now they cancel. Who are making these decisions for these shows. Maybe NBC should should consider moving it to USA.

  9. Susan says:

    I am bummed about Chase I really liked that show. NBC did not do it justice. It felt like it was on one week and off the next. Or they would have one new episode and then a repeat the following week. Also did not help that American Idol went against it during the great two-parter last shown. Hard to build a fan base like that. NBC needs to learn how to run a network! They did the same with Southland and now TNT has the best show on TV. Hopefully Chase will find a new home as well.

  10. Don J says:

    That really stinks about Chase, but since NBC has a new President, I’m sure he wasn’t as patient with the ratings. Also, moving it to Wednesday’s against Criminal Minds and the ABC comedies was idiotic.

  11. lethargic says:

    Chase was only on Wednesday twice. Does that really count as “weeks of plummeting ratings in it’s new time slot”? 4.4 million viewers in week one and 4.2 million in week two. Is that even a plummet? NBC should be very happy that 4 million people actually watched their black hole of a network.

  12. Jake says:

    I love “Chase” but I am starting to notice a pattern with “NBC”…Drama doesn’t survive on their network..i,e. “Mercy”, “Trauma” and now Chase… Oh well I will miss Annie Frost and I truly enjoyed “Rose Rowlings” as well…DAMN YOU NBC…

    • John says:

      It’s true…very telling when the longest running hour-long non-Law and Order show on your network is Chuck. (Which I love, btw.) Greenblatt’s got his work cut out for him revamping that drama line-up, though some of the pilots sound promising and cool, like the new Kyle Killen show, the Grimms Fairy Tales show, and Smash, which will be about as similar to Glee as 42nd Street is to High School Musical, folks.

  13. Mayra says:

    Hm… Too bad! I really like Chase. It’s a good show. And it has amaaaazing castmembers. Rose Rollins, for Christ’s sake.
    I’ll miss it.

  14. tahina says:

    NBC sucks for dramas. They dont know how to select new good dramas when they have the chance, because they turn them down to other networks and end up pickng up the s-craps!

  15. Thom says:

    They just didn’t give Chase enough time and put it up against some heavily promoted and good TV programs. It’s sad because this is one of the best shows on TV.

  16. Julie says:

    What a bummer !!! this has been one of my favorite shows and i will miss it… loved annie and jimmy….. sad !!! what is the matter with NBC?

  17. sherimoonzombie says:

    Whaaa?? New writers for Walking Dead?? Their first mini-season was brilliant; messing with perfection makes me nervous.

  18. Payrick says:

    I think getting some decent writers on Walking Dead can only be a good thing… The show could be amazing but last season there was so much cheesy writing and hackneyed lines… A bit of “Shield” style writing would be a massive stepup!

    As for Chase… I didn’t love it, not gonna miss it, but the show had it’s fans so it’s a bummer for them. Sorry guys!

  19. Laura says:

    I’m bummed about Chase too. NBC never gives new dramas much of a chance. This was a Jerry Bruckheimer and it was a solid show. First they weren’t showing it regularly then it got moved to Wed. and the first Wed. it was preempted for AZ shooting news coverage – I hope they burn off the remaining episodes online at least.

  20. Katie says:

    I feel like Chase could have been promoted way better, assuming it is in fact a good show as people here are saying. I was never too interested by the promos to watch it.
    “Coming this fall: A woman who chases bad guys. But wait, it’s totally unique. She has daddy issues, too.”
    I’m not saying that’s what the show was, as I never watched, but that is certainly what it was advertised as. I’ve come to expect this from NBC when launching a show. It’s a shame to see so many fall victim to the network’s mistakes.
    NBC does have one thing going for it, though: It’ll be hard for them to top FOX canceling “Arrested Development” as the worst network screw-up of all time.

  21. tazzy says:

    I’m so disappointed about “The Chase.” I really liked the show and thought it had a lot of possibility.

  22. godzilla_foil says:

    It’s beyond ludicrous that Bruckheimer goes on a TV spot about the series saying s**t like “Chase is something that has never been done before”. One of the main reasons for the cancellation, arguably, is redundance. Those big shots really think of us as all-swallowing retards…

  23. sylvie says:

    I lost Chase with the current network shenanigans! If they would quit moving it around on the schedule or listing it on the schedule but then having another show in its place it would be easier to follow!

  24. Renee says:

    I hate this about Chase. I’m a huge Cole Hauser fan.

  25. scout says:

    Network programming directors are almost all morons! This is the formula for canceling a great new show: take great new shows, screw around with their time slot; preempt with game shows, news shows like 20/20, etc; mix with fans who can’t find the show and those who never become fans because they can’t find the show and…voila! You have just canceled Chase, Southland, and any other # of other good shows. perhaps TNT or USA will save Chase like TNT did Southland. Did you learn nothing from that NBC?! To the big 4 networks – get with it people. You can’t base your decisions on just ratings anymore. We are watching Fancast, Sidereel, etc and not just watching on YOUR schedule! This is why cable is kicking your butt; why I watch shows on HULU/HULUPLUS! Annie, Jimmy, Daisy…we hardly knew ye!

  26. Shonagh says:

    I’m really on a downer to here about Chase over there, one of our national channels here in Ireland has recently started to show it on a Wednesday night and i’m lovin it even though we’re only on episode four but still i think it’s a quality show. The ratings game in the states must be majorly tough, i hope another network does pick it up for you guys cos it’s really cool.
    I’m just so glad that ABC has renewed Castle for a fourth season or i’d be seriously bummed.

  27. Caity says:

    That is such a bummer bout Chase! It needs to come back on. i loved watching it even if i had to DVR it! Move it to like a Tuesday Not a night like wednesday or thursday there are alot of well established TV shows on that night. It was one of my favorite shows and it wasn’t doing bad at all! Put it back on!! And i hope they air the four new episodes.

  28. Anielle says:

    I loved Chase. I thought it was one of the best NBC crime shows since LIFE. But I think NBC only wants L&O to thrive… to bad for them those are sucking WAYY to badly to be even considered anymore. NBC can’t keep a good show going. Maybe with the new merger, they will stop butchering all these good shows and stick with news.

  29. janet says:

    I love Chase. I know why i don’t watch new show on NBC the cut them all.

  30. judy says:

    NBC IS STUPIED. They finally get a really good show with these really good actors and they cut it. What person sits back there and think well lets cut this one and keep some of the dumbest shows they have. I was so excited about it being on and got excited watching the last one,then nothing. NBC put this show back on. Use your head something besides sitting on it.

  31. w yan says:

    Lisen NBC: we are so impressive with Chase that I did not believe it been cancelled. I wait for several weeks before I went to the Web to discover Chase’s faith.

    This is on of the best new shows in the last few years. The story writer, the actor and actress play well. How can anyone in the right mind cancel this show. We are not in the 20th century. You cannot go by outdated ratings method. For example, this show has too many interruptions and changed of schedules that new fans found it hard to follow.It is also running against other networks’ top shows. Did the ratings you trust goes into these details. What about Facebook and Twitter, etc.? Are they examined before the cut.
    In this time and days we need shows like Chase to entertain and guide our youngsters. Ratings is not the only reason especially it only halfway in the season.
    Look at 2-1/2 Men as an example.
    Hope the new owners will reconsider Chase.


  32. Nolan says:

    I agree…way too many interruptions during air time. This was a great show and I looked forward to it weekly. I too did not believe that it was canceled. I kept thinking I had missed it and continuously looked through the TV listings for the air times. Very disappointing. If I was a network, I would run with Chase!

    • Susie says:

      I am so upset Chase is canceled. I thought the team was perfect together, and I have been waiting for it to return.

  33. Marco says:

    Hope a network picks up CHASE really liked that show

  34. Sheila says:

    I am so upset that Chase has been cancelled. It is one of the only shows that I can sit and watch with my daughters and they can see a strong yet vulnerable woman in a tough job. The strength of that little woman is amazing! My son also likes the respectful strength of the men on the show. I have been a fan of all three main male characters for a while. I think you have made a mistake NBC – maybe thats why I watch more ABC. Please bring it back, or pick it up on another network. I’m tired of watching singing shows – give us something that I can be proud of while watching it with my kids.

  35. Crystal Bulvin says:

    I am upset about Chase being cancelled too! We finally get a clean show to watch it gets cancelled. This was a great show! We would DVR it when we couldn’t watch it or to try to find it. It didn’t have a chance to make it because you never knew when it was on.

  36. Michelle Moore says:

    Man, Chase was so much better than some of the shows that are still on. I can’t believe it was canceled but I guess I will get enough of Kelli Giddish on my other favorite show, Law and Order:SVU. I just really liked Annie and Jimmy as a team. They were hard core!