CSI 'Surprise'! Did You Enjoy Grissom's Visit?

One of February sweeps’ worst-kept secrets hit TV screens on Thursday night, when original CSI cast member William Petersen reprised his role of Gil Grissom.

In the episode “The Two Mrs. Grissoms,” Sara found herself facing off against not just her mother-in-law (Santa Barbara‘s Phyllis Frelich), but also a former flame of Gil’s, played by Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin.

A theme touched on in the episode involved Sara’s unorthodox marriage to Grissom, one that is typified by long stretches of geographical separation. But at episode’s end, as shown in the clip below, viewers saw that the marrieds are managing just fine, thank you very much — and now even have the “thumbs up” from Mom.

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Were you glad to see Grissom again?

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  1. Shane says:

    Grissom is channeling some major Star Trekkiness there. Live Long And Prosper…!

  2. AJ says:

    Seeing Grissom warmed my heart and made me tear up.. Hope William Petersen considers doing these cameos more often.

  3. Deena says:

    To be honest I haven’t watched CSI in a year, but I did watch last nights episode! It brought tears to my eyes to see and hear him again!
    I wish WP would come back. CSI hasn’t been the same since he left.
    It used to be the No.1 show :(

  4. Sandy says:

    I loved it! I was so happy to see him back – even thought it wasn’t “in person.” I felt it was organic and not forced into the plot, and it gave the viewers a glimpse into the GSR dynamic.

    Furthermore, the way that Nick Stokes totally sucked up to Mrs. G made me laugh out loud – more than once!

    I hope that WP and TPTB can work Grissom back into the show again.

  5. Bob says:

    Any overnight ratings info? Did it give them a major boost? Something tells me he’ll be making more “appearances” if the numbers shot up. Of course, that’ll be for a few more $$$$

  6. Teena says:

    and with matching GSR trademark instrumentals! I LOVE IT!

  7. Amanda says:

    I was so happy to see Grissom on last nights episode. The show is okay as it is now but when Grissom was on it the show was something special. The character wasn’t over the top like you see on other shows but he still made impact.

  8. Doug-H says:

    Don’t forget that WP is one of the powers that be on this show… He just chooses to do other things rather than the weekly grind of TV…

    I think after a couple of years, this was a good look-in at Gil and what he’s up to… I have a feeling that he’ll show up in person later on this season for another cameo.. but who knows???

  9. holly says:

    I loved the hour and as a CSI long time fan it really reminded me of early seasons, the story was sound and the acting great. Jorja Fox really carried the hour and did a fantastic job. It was very kind of Petersen to allow Grissom to visit. I miss him very much.

  10. Cathy says:

    I loved the episode; really makes you understand why he was such an integral part of the show.

    On a side note: Anyone else notice how the middle of Jorja’s forehead wasn’t moving?

  11. amanda says:

    Loved the episode over all, and Jorja was awesome throughout. BUT, Grissom’s appearance at the end was truly the icing on the cake. A beautiful scene with the women he loves! I, too, miss Grissom. The Fox/Petersen scenes in a episode were always a welcomed treat. This one was lovely, and is right up there with the proposal scene and Grissom’s exit final in the jungle. It’s nice to see that Sara and Grissom are happy, finally.

  12. Chena says:

    I really enjoyed that episode! I wasn’t aware that I missed Grissom that much until he showed up. I hope he can come back in person for an episode or two soon.

  13. Hazel says:

    Great episode Jorja was absolutely brilliant it was wondeful to see Grissom again.

  14. Annasophia says:

    Beautiful episode. I loved it!

  15. KiMatrix says:

    Too many shows on Thursday and can only DVR two at a time. I stopped watching shortly after Grissom left. I have to say I do miss the show, but it didn’t feel right after G left.

  16. Don J says:

    It was nice seeing Gil again even as a Skype cameo. Gil did say in his conversation with Sara and Mrs. G that “When I get back, we’ll have dinner” so I’m sure another Petersen appearance will happen eventually. With Marg leaving after this season, I do hope he will consider making sporatic guest appearances next season to help the team.

  17. Mayra says:

    Yaaaaaay! He’s back. I’m happy, even if it’s just for a few seconds ;D

  18. Claudia says:

    I absolutely loved loved loved this episode it started great with Grissoms voice on the phone :) I loved every bit of Sara with her MIL
    ans that last scene with Grissom was fantastic I loved all the GSR couldn’t be better.
    it made me realize how much I miss Grissom

  19. Clare says:

    Good episode, and what a perfect ending! In 5 minutes they managed to show us how a marriage across continents can actually work when is between Grissom and Sarah. It’s strange and unconventional, but these two people are actually happy.
    Lovely, lovely ending, great acting from Fox and Peterson.

  20. Sidney says:

    I was wishing for more. I miss Grissom. :(

  21. jenna says:

    Wow. This was a beautiful scene between Sara and Gil and his mother. What a treat! I so miss those scenes on CSI. I still watch because I like Sara, and I’m so glad they showed the happy ‘family’. The whole episode was good. I enjoyed watching Sara juggle the ex, the MIL, and react to Nick and Hodges (LOL), and she still solved the case. That’s my girl! Nicely, done. CSI. For a crime show, you manage to produce the most heartfelt personal moments with Grissom and Sara; not to mention the most oddly intriguing (and seriously addicting) romance in tv history. And many thanks as always to Billy and Jorja!

  22. CSIFanHungary says:

    I was so glad!I love Grissom and I hope he comes more times in future!
    Without Gil no real the CSI!

  23. sylvie says:

    While I love Laurence Fishburne, no one holds a candle to Gil Grissom/William Petersen. I loved seeing him again and wish he would come back more often. He is missed! Sara was very good too in this episode.

  24. dannie says:

    Caught it today online. One of the best episodes in CSI history!
    Jorja was awesome throughout. She did great with Marlee and Phyllis (the MIL), and had many LOL moments with her team.
    But, of course, the big treat was seeing Grissom. Fox and Petersen still have that magic; and adding Gil’s mom to the scene was a nice touch. The music was perfect as well. Alas, how I do miss those GSR moments. CSI isn’t the same without Grissom, and this episode may me terribly nostalgic, but it’s still a pretty good show. Hopefully, he’ll be back for another visit.

  25. deb says:

    I was one of those glad to see Grissom gone because the character had strayed so far from what he was. Now I have to say I was jazzed to see him and the character was more on point with the first years and not the whiner he was in the end. I hope they continue the cameos and that maybe he shows up one day to consult or something.

  26. csifan1 says:

    It was a wonderful surprise to see Grissom again, even if it last just a few minutes. I think William Peterson should do more cameos, it is great to see the guy. tks CBS