Smallville Preview: Waiting For Superman

Now halfway through its 10th and final season, The CW’s Smallville covered a lot of ground prior to the holiday break -– including but not limited to Clark (played by Tom Welling) getting glimpses of his super future self, the introduction of Darkseid and his malevolent minions, the “outing” of Oliver Queen, and a certain marriage proposal. Still, there is much to be done over this next salvo of episodes kicking off Friday at 8/7c, if the series is to end its run the way we all suspect it will.

TVLine invited Smallville executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson to preview the end of the beginning of mild-mannered Clark’s extraordinary journey.

A HERO RISES | As Clark enters this final phase of his journey, “The insecurity is gone,” says Souders, “which is good. But the way that some of the world has turned -– and certainly the fact that some people, his compadres so to speak, have turned against him -– has taken its toll on him.” So a critical aspect to the coming arcs will require silencing the zealots behind the Vigilante Registration Act and keeping the Suicide Squad in check. “There is a very hopeful ending to all of it,” Souders assures with a smile.

Scoop on Smallville‘s ‘Unbelievable’ Return and the Super Finale To Come

A NEW YEAR’S EVIL | Clark’s obstacles won’t all be psychological or in the form of placard-waving protest groups. Rather, watch for him to heroically face off against “some baddies from his past,” says Peterson. So, in addition to Darkseid eventually taking corporeal form and possible encores by the likes of Granny Goodness (Christine Willes), watch for older foes such as Zod (Callum Blue) to resurface. “Potentially a lot of characters could come back,” Peterson said.

BOOSTER CLUB | Good guys will be in good supply as well, thanks in part to an encore from Supergirl as well as Smallville‘s first take on DC Comics characters such as Booster Gold and Blue Beetle (to be played by Eric Martsolf and Jaren Brandt Bartlett, respectively). “That’s going to be a huge, fun episode with [beloved comics scribe] Geoff Johns writing it,” says Souders. “The fans will really enjoy the personification of those characters on our show.”

Smallville Scoop: Supergirl Returns!

POWER-UPS? | We’d never waste the showrunners’ time with questions about flight, but we did inquire as to Clark busting out any other new powers during these final months. “Maybe,” Peterson allowed. “We’ve talked about a couple [options], but we haven’t solidified anything.”

CHLOE’S FATE | Ms. Sullivan’s (Allison Mack) imminent return from her semi-impulsive field trip with the Suicide Squad will prompt some to look at her with a wary eye. Among the skeptics is Dinah Lance aka Black Canary (Alaina Huffman). “She definitely has her own opinion [about Chloe’s allegiances],” says Peterson, “and it may not exactly match up with a couple of our other characters ” — perhaps including Chloe’s bow-toting beau, Oliver Queen. “Everybody has to get to their own level of trust,” explains Souders. “But it’s not that easy, considering the circumstances and the way she returns.”

A LIONEL ROARS | Speaking of second chances…. As glimpsed before the break, “Lionel Luthor (John Glover) is back, and he is bad-ass,” Peterson promises. While this is no outright resurrection — this Lionel crossed over from the alt-Earth visited in the episode “Luthor” –- there has to be some paperwork involved in him rejoining society, right? “He dots his i’s and crosses his t’s, so nobody questions things that much,” says Souders, “because he is that good.”

BORN LUTHOR | Having only recently discovered her foreboding birthright, Cassidy Freeman‘s “Tess is in a really interesting pickle,” Peterson attests. “She’s got the Luthor dynasty pulling her in one direction, and Clark and his friends in another.” This much is certain: The first meeting in this ‘verse between Tess and her daddy “is going to be awesome,” Peterson raves.

Erica Durance Previews Smallville‘s Return and Her Own Kick-Ass Future

SUPREME MAKEOVER | The none-too-small issue of Clark concealing his everyday identity as he evolves into a super savior gets addressed during these next episodes, with big thanks to Lois (Erica Durance). “She’s kind of all over him as far as how he’s dressing, what his hair looks like… but for a very, very good reason,” says Souders. As for the precise why now and how of the makeover, Souders teases: “Stay tuned — but if you’re a hardcore Superman fan, you’ll enjoy the ride. It’s a lot of fun.”

If all the above seems like a lot of ground to cover, just remember: It’s all en route to the best possible — and as first scooped by TVLine, a possibly supersized — finish. As Souders reminds us, “There’s a lot of arcs within [the second half], but obviously the main arc is Clark eventually turning into Superman.”

Hells yeah.

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  1. Jason says:

    Awesome, can’t wait!!

    • Roland says:

      would like to see the cast make a movie. these are really the best last ten years i have really looked forward to watching tv. when smallville is over then what.

      • allenkephart says:

        I would also like to see them make a movie, but sadly the truth is that is not going to happen. They have already cast another actor (besides Tom Welling or Brandon Routh) as Superman for the next movie in 2012. His name is Henry Cavill.

      • Smallville FAN!! says:

        what i don’t get is why they CAN’T do a tv show that follows smallville ? ok he sold the farm and moved to metropolis with lois. Call it Metroplis! or Superman!! JUST DON’T LEAVE THE VIEWERS HANGING AFTER 10 FRICKIN YEARS OF FAITHFULNESS TO THE SHOW! anything i do revolves around smallville showtime!! lol. AND WHY ISNT TOM WELLING PLAYING SUPERMAN IN THE MOVIE?? IM BOYCTTING THAT CRAP!! ID RATHER WATCH PAINT DRY!!

    • Audrey from Arizona says:

      Last weeks show was excellent. John Grover and Annette Otoole gave gripping performances and demonstrate amazing acting ability. I miss the performances of Michael Rosenbaum and John Schneider, also brilliant actors. It’s so sad this is the last season.Except for Supernatural, there isn’t anything decent to watch. This season is much better than the previous one. The plots are very creative. I keep hoping someone saves this show.

  2. Faith says:

    I can hardly wait for this. To see Clark finally become Superman with Lois by his side is something I have waited for for a long time!!!

  3. Jesse says:

    I can’t wait for the new episode tomorrow!

    Thanks Matt

  4. Unspokenbond says:

    Can’t wait for Miss Sullivan aka Allison Mack to return!

  5. Jesse says:

    And what about the elephant in the room, a certain bald superbaddie . . . oh, what was his name?

  6. Ryan says:

    Clark and Lois are going to have some fun, really jacked to see what they do. Really excited to see how it all plays out.

  7. CHRIS says:

    omg PLEASE can we get a justice league spin off !!!!!!!!

  8. Ryan says:

    Oh and awesome pic of Clark…nice choice bro.

  9. jack says:

    that’s it lois is going to be sidelined for tess lets face it tess means more to superman then lois i am done with this show for good.

  10. Pinkie says:

    “’The insecurity is gone,’ says Souders”

    It’s about darn time.

  11. richard oyeleke says:

    want kal-el 2 start flying.we miss lex.will there b any film as continuation of smallville?we want clark to be the other person

  12. Val says:

    Can’t wait for more Chloe and more Chlollie! I’ve missed them so much!

  13. jack says:

    they stoped talking about a wedding for lois and clark can you say mindwipe for lois in eps 20.

  14. mcvs2104 says:

    Looking forward to Clark’s makeover (hope there is a lot of Lois & Clark banter), his new superpowers, Darkseid and Zod. If MR is not returning as Lex then I am not interested in Luthor story.

  15. Lori says:

    What about Oliver/GA? what’s coming up for him as the series closes?

  16. VOndrak says:

    I miss Lois

  17. M says:

    What a fine spiece of specimen TW is. Yummy!

  18. Michael says:

    Really looking forward to these final 11 episodes….well, apart from the return of a certain character who should have left the show ages ago but that’s what the mute button is for! Clark, Lois, Oliver and Tess have been great this season.

  19. Silvia says:

    Hi Matt! Thanks for that. All Clark news, villains, about Chloe.
    I’m a hugeee Chlollie fan, but also I’m a Oliver/GA fan, you talked about “the outing of Oliver Queen”, but so far I didn’t see nothing about him on the article.

    Could you please ask to producer about his arc? How he will handle his life for now with all his exposition, his CEO work now with Lionel back, about Mia and Chloe, Star City… please?

  20. 1eclecticviewer says:

    It’s trying my patience waiting for Smallville’s new episodes. But I can’t wait to see CK’s superization. Thanks Matt!

  21. jeff ceragno says:

    Remember in the story line….how he goes off into the universe for several years……….to find all the answers………..then comes back……well before that…….Lois and Clark get married……..on their honeymoon Clark has to save either Lois or Chloe from another bad guy…LEX LUTHER…….despondent over Chloe’s death, he kisses Lois goodbye….. remember his magic kisses where he can make Lois forget………..he then runs down an alley whips off this clothes, revealing his ouftit……..and flies off……….it will be a very very sad day when this series ends………

    • band says:

      for one thing there wan’t be no wedding so that ruin’s your honeymoon and let me tell how i know. lets see there will be know wedding in the last eps i would bet my box set on it so lets see we have the two eps title’s before the last eps since they are going to put the last two togher and make it one big one. talk about cheep i don’t think eps 19 dominion is a wedding and i don’t see eps 20 propecy as a wedding it sounds like a tess killing her dad eps like lex did.and since the spoliers say that they arn’t married all way up to eps 18 booster plus there will be to much in the last eps for a wedding. so what are the TpTB going to do to save there ash’s going get chloe married so they can say that all there pimp’n stuff for clois wedding was just for chloe and a clois fan like myself it realy sucks a big fat eeg.if you noitce tptb have realy sut up about a clois wedding that either mean’s there wan’t be one or they don’t wan’t to spoil it you know being the last season and all i mean it’s not like the raiting are going to get them a new season so sounds like the tptb just put the scews to all the clois fans.

  22. Cathrin says:

    THANK YOU for this amazing preview and keep up the good work!
    A fangirl from Germany :-)

  23. Mariah says:

    Can’t wait for Chlollie time!!!!!!!!!
    I know which will be shortly screentime, it’s the cross of chlolliers but they are wonderful together their chemistry is just perfect I love them (together);-P

  24. AlistairCrane says:

    Where’s the REAL scoop: whether or not Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk return?!

  25. Jenny says:

    Thanks!!! Keep the Smallville scoop coming! I’m sooo excited!!!

  26. Eliza says:

    Thanks Matt for the great article. Love Smallville and adore Lois and Clark. Can’t wait!!!!!!!

  27. Bouroux says:

    Matt, in your article you forgot Allison Mack. All the actors are there but not AM. After 10 years, she deserves to be there. It’s sad.

  28. garyM says:

    I honestly don’t think we’ll get to see Tom Welling in the Superman costume. Do u think they will spend money making a suit for him that he’s only going to wear for five minutes? I do wonder if he’s tried the Brandon Routh costume on though…

  29. George says:

    smallville rocks

  30. Miry Clay says:

    I just want one good in costume super-fight before it’s all over. After 10 years of sticking with this show, even the 2 seasons of Gould and Millar treading water with no idea where to go next, I really want more than a glimpse in the closing shot of the finale. I’ve been patient, I’ve largely enjoyed the journey. But the time has come for the big pay off finish.

    This looks like a job… well, you know.

  31. mgb says:

    The last episodes should be amazing if they truly focus on Clark and his final transformation into Superman. It has seemed to devolve into the Lois Lane show lately though, and I really hate that. Tom Welling is awesome as Clark Kent and deserves the spotlight in these last few episodes. Give the fans our final payoff and let us see the full tights/flight, please!

    • Michael says:

      ‘It has seemed to devolve into the Lois Lane show lately though’

      Complete rubbish of course but even if that was the case, it’s been a hundred times better than the seven years of ‘The Lana Lang Show’ – or it’s subtitle ‘Having a Superhero by the balls’.

  32. Jen says:

    I cannot believe this garbage! Smallville Clark Kent turning into Superman? This will be nothing but wrapping up his horrific lack of ethics and morals in Superman’s cape and pretending he’s a great hero. I’m glad some people on the show are finally turning against him, and I hope that has some effect on his utter belief in his own superiority and his view of himself as having a great destiny, which is pure and utter BS. But I doubt that anything could make him a better person at this stage. I’m just happy this show is almost over. Maybe the Superman movie will be better.

  33. topoopon says:

    Lex. Lex Lex Lex? Lex Lex Lex Lex. LEX! Lex Lex.

  34. Jen says:

    And people still want Lex to come back to the show. Why? So that Clark can become a great hero by fighting him, like fighting Zod wasn’t enough to turn Clark into Superman? Like all that Clark did to Lex in the past wasn’t enough? Clark lied to Lex constantly, told him he was crazy for believing Clark had super powers, or that there were aliens around, used Lex for favours, stole from him, betrayed him to Lionel who tried to kill him, stole the last remaining scraps of Lionel’s fatherly affections, helped Jonathan beat Lex in the Senate race, won back Lana from him, beat Lex up, nearly killed him, mindraped him after Lex got shot in the head protecting Kara… have I left anything out? What more does Clark need to do to Lex to become a hero? Imprison him for life in a dungeon and torture him? Kill him and eat his brains? What?

    • lalalilly says:

      um, Lex is like the main villain, of course people would want him back. He’s one of the best characters. And if you hate Smallville so much why do you seem to have watched the whole thing? The reason I want Lex back is not so Clark can dispose of him, it’s because when Lex is back then we’ll know Clark has finally become Superman, Lex is the one person that he can’t beat completely.

  35. Steven says:

    I cannot wait. With only the last two episodes left to be titled, I’m really excited how it ends. I hope as well as other fans of the show it’ll be a 2-hour series finale event.

  36. Fates3 says:

    Thanks for the article, Matt! I’m really looking forward to the back half of the season, but also really sad about it too, considering that brings us closer to the end :-(

    I can’t wait to see Clark and Lois explore “options” for him hiding his identity, that should be a HOOT! Lois always has loved dressing him, even before he was her guy, LOL!

    Only two requests: would you mind asking about Lois and her reporting, the next time you talk to someone from the show, and if they are going to focus on that just a little bit? And maybe – if you can – press them on the wedding, LOL! I just don’t want to see this show end without getting to watch the hero of the show FINALLY marry his soulmate!

    Thanks again!

    • bthomas70809 says:

      Can’t marry Lois yet would mess up the whole Superman story. Why marry someone and then make them forget. Watch Superman movies. Lois and Clark were never married. First time Lois was saved by Superman they did not know each other.

  37. sun says:

    Thank you Matt for posting this and love the TW picture you chose! (It’s so apt with the title!)

    Looking forward to all your Smallville news.

    I have low expectations for the last 11 episodes so that I won’t be disappointed and hopefully get to enjoy the second half of the last season more. Can’t wait to see Lois back in my screen!

  38. SnazzyO says:

    Thanks for the article Matt.

    You and Super Scooper cover Smallville better than anyone else.

    When the series is over, I’d love to have your review of the last season — highs and lows.

  39. Mari says:

    OMG can’t wait to see Chloe again!!

  40. bill says:

    I thing the producers of smallville have to think very carefully the option,clark put finally the cape and learn fly at the last episode.With this way they will show that the period of superman begins NOW.And something last,they (ought to) the most of funs bring back Kristin Kreuk(Lana)at least to the last episode,because with that way they will have an outstanding finalle and as “Imra said at the episode of legion:Lana’s destiny is to make great things.”I think we must know what kind of things she will have done until the last episode.Of course they have to think a way of how put out from her body the kryptonite she absorbed at the Requiem.General,the series “Smallville”at least for me, is one of the best series i have ever seen.

  41. Om says:

    We all should know what’s going to happen. By the end of the season, we will see Clark finally fly and turn mostly into Superman. He will have his disguise as the nerdy Clark Kent, BUT the bigger things that will happen are GRANNY GOODNESS WILL MINDWIPE LOIS so that she FORGETS ALL ABOUT CLARK BEING SUPERMAN, if not CLARK altogether, and CHLOE will DIE, giving Clark more reason to be Superman in that final episode.

  42. Robbie says:

    Ok, is it just me or has this season been the BEST season ever? It’s no more teen angst, no more Lana/Clark/Lex triangle, no more hiding secrets from loved ones, and so on. It’s pure pre-Superman at its finest. Rock on, Smallville writers. Rock on.

    • Curtis Castor says:

      I sent the following message to Tom Welling. I have yet to receive an answer:

      Smallville II: Metropolis

      Keep the story going, gang, you’re doin’ good!

      “Smallville” has opened the door for a plethora of superheros with the advent of The Justice League of America. I expect to see them developed in the final season of “Smallville”. Of course, the action could be placed in Metropolis instead of Smallville as an introduction to … (hopefully) … a second series (titled) “Metropolis”.

      The conspicuous absence of Batman may be explained as his residence is in Gotham City. However, since Lex Luthor has already mentioned Bruce Wayne as a significant stockholder of The Daily Planet, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for Wayne Enterprises to outright buy The Daily Planet and wholly own the publication. This could necessitate a Bruce Wayne visit to Metropolis to sign legal papers transferring ownership of The Daily Planet to Wayne Enterprises and also to hire his old friend, Perry White as editor. This episode could also feature a late-night visit by Batman.

      I also expect to see Green Lantern … you remember him, the galactic police officer for the Orion (our) sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. As I remember the story, Green Lanterns work within the fiat of the Galactic Council of Nine.

      A Green Lantern is assigned to planet Earth by the Council of Nine to oversee, among other duties, the insertion of an off-planet alien, Kal El, from the doomed planet Krypton.

      Jor El’s decision to send his infant son Kal El to Earth could have violated some galactic protocol concerning violation of Earth’s quarantine. Such an action may well have incurred the displeasure of the Galactic Council of Nine.

      The assignment of a Watcher and a Green Lantern to Earth would then fit into the Metropolis storyline.

      “Smallville’s” writing staff missed a good plot twist when Lana Lang found the Kryptonian ship with the two angst-ridden Kryptonians. Lana could have found, instead, a dying Green Lantern whose power ring would have literally come to her, making her a Green Lantern. Where is it written that a Green Lantern must be a male? The power lamp, eye mask and ring of a former Green Lantern gathering dust in the Justice Society of America’s museum must be waiting to call out to someone of exemplary character. I vote for Lana.

      Jor-El, the inventor of the phantom zone, didn’t fully explore the possibilities of his invention. Conceived to exile criminals into a land of no-return, the phantom zone projector may be reprogrammed to transmit matter to any destination as can the link between the Kawachi cave and the Fortress of Solitude; and we know that like all good programmers Jor El did leave a back door which allows exit and return to “projector central” for members of the El family genome.

      Mobius W.

  43. Did you check your site in IE6? Looks a bit weird

  44. I swear I left a comment here before, but I cant find it.

  45. BioBasics says:

    Lovely post man, appreciate it. I love this game

  46. robert says:

    I love Smallville, its the best show ever the best Superman ever (besides Christopher Reeve Superman) and I want Tom Welling to become Superman not only Smallville, but the new Superman reboot.

  47. anonymous says:

    Kristin Kreuk should reconsider her decision not to come back. Lana was a big part of the story and she should at least be back for the finale

    • mike says:

      I think you are right anonymous that Kristen Kreuk a.k.a Lana Lang character should be back on the series finale. She really had a big impact why Smallville became a successful series stayed at least 10 years. Remember she had 7 years plus guest starring role in season 8. Although one of the comment here, the idea of her become the green lantern female counterpart wasn’t bad idea. They ended her became the kryptonian freak on season 8 just to be an excuse to break up with Clark Kent so to give way for Lois Lane, no offense, big deal… Remember this is Smallville so Clark Kent will be possible to end up with Lana Lang…:)

  48. Abe says:

    This is a good show and it’s time for it to end. 10 years we’ve been waiting for the inevitable to happen let’s just hope they do it with gusto. Look up in the sky it’s a bird, it’s a plane it’s SUPERMAN!!

  49. Richard W. says:

    To tell you the truth, I faded out at about season 7. Once Lana and Clarks little trists were no more, I lost interest. Lana ( K.K.) was the primary reason back from the first episode on. I thought her the most increadably beautiful girl I had ever seen, anywhere, the other actors just came with the package. Sad to say I have since lost my infatuation for Kristin, and find her career moves and choices uninteresting. Sure she’s a cutie but whats to say, she’s typecast I believe. She needs to make a stellar appearance on an ‘Oscar’ class movie to break out. Then could be she finds ‘domestic’ to her liking.

    • Tony says:

      I know a few people who initally started watching Smallville because they were taken back by how beautiful Kristin Kreuk is. The show has had no redeeming qualities since the end of season 6. The writing is the worst I have seen on any TV show and this Clark Kent isn’t a hero, he’s a joke. His cousin is more of a hero than he’ll ever be.

  50. bais says:

    oh yes! i lyk the combination of the farmboy and lois

  51. Matt Webb Mitovich says:

    I’ll do that once you stop logging in under multiple user names just to bum people out? Do we have a deal?

  52. Andrew says:

    he’s also wrong, so it doesnt matter anyway!