Ratings: SVU Surges As Blue Bloods Ties Low

First things first: With nearly 25 million total viewers, American Idol was up two percent over the same night in Season 9 — marking the first time this cycle the juggernaut has enjoyed year-over-year growth. Idol also showed strong retention (~97 percent) in both viewers and the demo (with an 8.9 rating).

The night’s big battle, however, may be shaping up in the 10 o’clock hour. Though Blue Bloods continues to dominate in total viewers (this week netting 11.2 million of ’em), the cop drama matched an all-time low in the demos, with just a 1.6 rating.
Instead topping the hour’s demos was SVU, delivering its best rating since September 22 (with a 2.95, up 26 percent vs. last original). ABC’s Off the Map put up a typical 5.3 million viewers/1.9 rating.

Elsewhere on Wednesday:

* At 8 o’clock, CBS’ Live to Dance dropped 14 percent in the demos, dipping beneath a 1.0.

* A double batch of NBC’s Minute To Win It delivered a series-high 7.7 million viewers.

* Cougar Town entered its 10-1/2 week break on a high note, gaining nearly 30 percent week-to-week (6.6 million viewers/2.7 rating). Fueled by its Idol lead-in, Fox’s Human Target targeted its best numbers in over a year (9.34 million viewers/2.7 rating), yet suffered marked erosion over the hour.

* The CW’s repeats of Smallville and Supernatural scored 1.18 million and 1.02 million viewers, respectively. Seasons resume Friday!

What were you watching this Wednesday?

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  1. Mae says:

    Blue Bloods is probably going to be renewed but in the past some shows with high overall viewership have been cancelled cause of demos. I think that advertisers should stop focusing on 18-49 and gear advertising towards which actual demographic watches each show. Not to mention a lot of people 50 and above may like a lot of the same products that people under 50 like.

    • Mikos says:

      A lot of the reason that the younger demo is preferred is because they aren’t set in their purchasing ways just yet. The thinking, and I assume the marketing monkeys base this on their own research and data, is that as consumers get older they are less likely to switch from Tide to Gain (for example).
      But the younger viewers are still trying out whatever toothpaste has the prettiest package and advertisers want to get them in the habit of buying their stuff now when they’re moldable clay.

      Though as the baby-boomer generation starts to swell in the over retirement demo, products like fibre supplements, adult diapers and idk insurance companies? will start looking for their “new” customers too.

    • geep5605 says:

      i just want to say i agree the rating system they use is guess work. they should go by total viewers and what its up against and whos watching it. how can a show with a 11 million people watching on a bad night have a bad rating come on its just an excuse that the networks use. everyone watching the show is buying products that are advertised during the break. all the shows geared towards older viewers are doomed to fail bc of a flawed rating system. there deff needs to be some changes. the rating system has never been proven to actually work it makes no sense .

      • geep5605 says:

        heres an example how greedy the networks are jericho got canceled and cut short. so the jericho people tried to give us and ending in comic books. after the network that made the show saw how much the comic books were making they put a stop to it at issue 3 out of six . its to much to just let it go and let the fans of the show get an ending . they had to be greedy and say give us our money or we wont let u finish it this after the network said they want nothing more 2 do w the show . just proves there is no end to there greed and how little they care about the viewers. i cant say all of the story is 100 percent true but read this story on many websites. if it is true it shows how little they care for the viewers. the comic books did get finish after the writers made a deal with the network. thx for nothing networks ur loyal viewer.

  2. Karen says:

    I agree.

  3. fiona says:

    For a 12 ys old show. SVU does amazing!

  4. Tucker says:

    Wow, check out Human Target‘s performance. This and Monday night’s numbers might help make a case to keep it around for another season. If only the episodes themselves were better. (No surprise about the audience erosion last night.)

  5. Brian says:

    Agreed. I still like the show, but last year’s formula of hiring the client, blending into their life, and exposing the bad guy was was better, IMO.

    Too much personal stuff this year.

  6. T. Davis says:

    This Blue Blood thing is dull and predictable. Same old cop stuff on show after show. Is there only one writer doing all this stuff? It’s the same script over and over. And Marky Mark Jr. making the same faces as his brother. Tom Selleck is almost comatose. Who watches this crap? Cancel this dud and come up with something new.

    • Tania says:

      The arrogance. Just because you don’t like Blue Bloods doesn’t entitle you to call for its cancellation. Just don’t watch it, plain and simple. There are those who do like it. I find Glee incredibly overrated and I don’t get its constant nominations and wins, but I exercise my right not to watch it. I don’t call for its cancellation. I guess this makes me a mature individual as opposed to, well, you. By the way, why are you watching it if you don’t like it? Is it to complain? Seriously.

      • Julia says:

        You said it very well, Tania!!!!!!!

        Exercise your own right not to watch what you don’t like, T. Davis, but don’t ruin other people’s fun.

  7. Bella says:

    I liked Human Target a lot better before they brought on Ilsa and Ames. Before they came along, the show was fast-paced and it was like watching an action movie every week. The two women have made it more talky without adding anything that was needed. I wish FOX promoted the show more because people who have tuned in after I’ve hounded them about have loved the show. It has a great mix of likeable characters, lots of action, and humor.

  8. Sue says:

    Hopefully the numbers will encourage Fox to renew Human Target and give it a shot again next season. I absolutely love the show. First season was better, but I’m still enjoying it. Wonder how long they’ll keep us wondering. I guess no news is good news at this point!

  9. Myra says:

    Demos are ridiculous! How many 18 yr olds do you know who watch, buy, eat or entertain themselves like a 49 yr old or even a 35 yr old??
    Advertisers & networks are crazy not to go by actual numbers.

    As for Human Target I turned to something else when they all sat down at the conference table, Winston introduces the ‘team’ to the client, then the camera pulls back and reveals the teenage delinquent at the table. A couple minutes later she asks who they’re talking about or something, I don’t think I even heard the end of her sentence. That’s it for me with that show. I know my son already stopped watching because they changed it so much and now I’m officially not watching it anymore.

  10. David says:

    Human Target is a fun show. While it is completely unbelievable, sometimes we just want to watch a show that is loud with a lot of shooting. There is a little more to it than that, but it’s a fun show and I hope they give it another chance.

    • Tania says:

      A series is supposed to entertain you for 30 or 60 minutes. I’ll take that anytime. If I want a more serious, more accurate program, then I’ll watch a documentary. The choices are endless.

  11. Mason says:

    Demos love SVU folks.

  12. Richard says:

    Top Chef All-Stars people!

  13. Thom says:

    I just don’t get how Off The Map can be so low in the ratings. But there again I also like Chase, The Cape, Undercovers, The Whole Truth…so it must be me.

  14. Lisa says:

    Human Target was awesome last night! Can’t wait until next week’s finale.

  15. Lisa says:

    I love the addition of Ilsa on Human Target. She was in two Bones episodes, “Yanks in the UK Part 1 & 2″. I thinks she’s sexy and mysterious.

  16. Ben Phelps says:

    Glad to see Cougar Town went out on a high note, creatively and ratings-wise. Can’t wait til it’s back, although I hope Mr. Sunshine is good, too.

  17. Buddy says:

    I was hoping for better numbers for Human Target. I saw some other ratings chart for last night, the show lost major viewers as the hour progressed. This is not good. I hope Fox will give the show a renewal. They have something special in this series that needs to grow. Please FOX ~ a third season in regular time slot.

  18. gumby says:

    Those are still big numbers for Blue Bloods. It was #2 in viewers for the night after American Idol. And I love Human Target, it did well too. Not a big SVU fan.

  19. jlp says:

    Why won’t NBC/Comcast (I guess they are one in the same now) put SVU on demand?

  20. Diane says:

    I have adored Mark Valley since he appeared on ONCE & AGAIN, bought KEEN EDDIE when it came out on dvd. Having him as a lead on a series makes my week – I agree the show’s more talky this season, but I really like Ilsa & what she brings to the show (Ames is just ok). The show is like a 1 hour action movie every week, I love it!

  21. Brock38 says:

    I really hope Blue Bloods doesn’t get cancelled!! This is the best new drama on “regular” tv in a long time!! I love the character development and family oriented under-tones – oh, and I am 38 years old! demo that ;)