That's a Wrap: The Cape's Season Is Cut Short

The creators, cast and crew of The Cape received less-than-super news on Tuesday: NBC has cut the episode order for the freshman series from 13 to 10, Deadline reports. That means that production will shut down imminently, just as soon as Episode 10 is wrapped.

Ratings: Bachelor Flies High, Cape Hits Low

Trending downward following a decent-enough premiere, The Cape hit a series-low rating in the coveted 18-49 demo this past Monday.

One scheduling scenario, per Deadline, has The Cape concluding its run on February 28. The Event is then set to return and reclaim the Mondays-at-9 time slot starting March 7.

The Cape Exclusive: Michael Irby, Lil’ Romeo Cast as Villains

Surprised by The Cape news? Not so much? Where do you think it fell short with viewers?

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Comments (85)

  • I enjoyed the pilot but found myself struggling to keep interested in the episodes that followed. Based on this news, I may as well stop watching now.

    Comment by AlistairCrane – February 2, 2011 07:05 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Not surprised. I loved Summer Glau in Firefly and Sarah Conner but it does seem that every show she starts is doomed. For that reason I did not watch the Cape. I bet she did a great job in in though.

    Comment by mandy – February 2, 2011 07:09 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Please, like 8 out of 10 shows that hit the air get cancelled within 2 years. I don’t think you’re trolling here so I’m trying not to rant but it’s becoming one of those things on the net where people assign mystical show-killer status to any actor who get hired a lot but hasn’t landed a hit.

      There’s only so many detective shows to go around, the other actors have to make do with the stuff that will get cancelled (non-cop shows).

      Comment by postsalot – February 2, 2011 01:25 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Summer did an ok job with what she was given. I really wanted to like this show after an ok pilot, the writing really let the show, the actors and us the audience down. I dropped it after 3 eps.

      Comment by Winter – February 2, 2011 07:56 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Don’t forget Dollhouse.

      Comment by James – February 11, 2011 12:22 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I’m not shocked, but I suppose the real test will be what happens when The Event returns… If that show can get it’s s**t together and get some viewers back then I guess The Cape will be dunzo

    Comment by Patrick – February 2, 2011 07:14 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I seriously doubt that the long layoff will bode well for The Event. Sounds like Flash Forward all over again unfortunately.

      Comment by Mike – February 2, 2011 07:24 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I agree. I stopped watching around episode 4 and this “relaunch” will not get me back to watching The Event.

        Comment by AlistairCrane – February 2, 2011 10:03 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I also really enjoyed the pilot, but haven’t been drawn in by the stories as I had hoped. While I’m not surprised to hear that it was cancelled, I am a bit disappointed. I hoped it would pick up as the season went along.

    Comment by TrulyRoxie – February 2, 2011 07:17 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I strongly disagree. I think the pilot was the weakest and campiest part of The Cape. The series matured and the villians and characters rocked. All who watched will be asking one question, “Why did that girl block herself onto a sofa with white paint? I want to know . . .
      do you?

      Comment by Ben Parker – March 8, 2011 07:23 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I want to know, I think the series was a little addictive myself, dunno why they wouldn’t finish it , it left off with so much still to be seen!

        Comment by Leigh – December 12, 2011 11:53 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Yeeeeeesssssssssssssss

        Comment by Her mind is gone the litch got her – June 6, 2012 09:40 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • DAMN! I actually liked the show sometimes i found the writing weak but in general i thought the plot and overall story was good everytime i like a show on nbc it gets canceled! except southland.. maybe syfy can pick up the cape…

    Comment by Reena – February 2, 2011 07:19 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I wanted to like this show but I thought it was brutal. I called for it to be canceled roughly thirty minutes through the premiere.

    Comment by Mike – February 2, 2011 07:22 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • i called it canceled 30 seconds into the launch trailer :D

      Comment by Polly – February 2, 2011 09:39 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I enjoyed watching “The Cape” Monday evenings, with my son. We liked the show. NBC should have cut “Harry.”

      Comment by A Rod – March 12, 2011 07:27 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I’m not surprised at all. You get a competitive timeslot, you’re a mid-season replacement, you’ve got some expensive stars (you can’t tell me Summer Glau, Keith David and Vinnie Jones are that cheap) and your effects are big budget. If you can’t keep your audience after one week you’re pretty much screwed.

    Comment by Peter – February 2, 2011 07:31 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Love all three of those actors but if they were expensive actors to hire then The Cape wouldn’t have been able to get them.

      Comment by sadtroll – February 2, 2011 01:27 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I LOVE this show so it’s a pity that it’s not connecting with audiences. I personally think it’s failing because it’s a superhero show that isn’t dark and pessimistic which is what is popular now. The format of the show comes across as a little old fashioned which is really what I love about it. I love the actors, the characters, and just how fun it is. And James Frain as the villain is perfect! I wish more would give this show a chance. It’s a million times better than The Event (I actually like the characters in the Cape). Maybe if people didn’t take the show so seriously, it would find a larger audience. Oh well. I guess I’m doomed to always like shows that get canceled.

    Comment by Autumn – February 2, 2011 07:38 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I really wanted to like this show. I loved the premise and the characters, but I felt as if the writing, direction and acting were incredibly weak. With special effects at every corner, TV shows need to realize that vanishing acts and stunts on a train aren’t enough to draw people in anymore. I tried hard to keep giving The Cape chance after chance, but gave up this Monday. It was just too… stupid. Loved James Frain as Chess though. I hope we see him on another show again soon.

    Comment by Jackie – February 2, 2011 08:37 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I tried to like this show & have watched every episode hoping it would get better, but it’s just too much like a cross between HBO’s Carnivale & the last season of Heros. I do love The Event but it’s too much like Flash Forward, which I also loved so I don’t expect it will last much longer either.

    Comment by Joanna – February 2, 2011 08:39 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • This reall isn’t a surprise. I liked the show, but thought it could do much better. I would have loved to see the Cape kick his best friends A$$ for ratting him out to Chess. Oh well…

    Comment by jay – February 2, 2011 09:04 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • @Autumn “I personally think it’s failing because it’s a superhero show that isn’t dark and pessimistic which is what is popular now.” That is not really true when No Ordinary Family on ABC is doing pretty well.
    This show was pretty bad from the beginning. It was like a bad spin off to Heroes. I am pretty sure the carnival idea killed that show, so what makes you think it would be good in this one?
    I even agreed with the SNL skit that made fun of the name…THE CAPE. I thought at first it was a remake of that bad horror mystery show from 2 years ago…The one that took place on some Cape Cod type beach get away.

    Comment by Sarah – February 2, 2011 10:01 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • No Ordinary Family is *not* doing well. Sure, it got a full season order. But then the ratings plummeted. Don’t expect a season 2. Which is sad, because I like The Cape and No Ordinary Family, and I’ll be losing them both. The TV world sucks sometimes.

      Comment by Gusar – February 2, 2011 12:10 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Because of my quite-possibly-unhealthy desire to see the cast of Firefly back on TV, I watched the show because of Summer Glau. But not even she could keep me invested, which is saying something. Not that the rest of the cast is bad or anything, but the show doesn’t stand out much, and actually felt pretty slow. To keep the premise going, the guy would have essentially been apart from his family for the entire series, which was a depressing prospect.
    The bright side is, hey, it opens up Summer Glau for a new series. But it sucks for Cape fans. I sympathize with the dread, I’m a Fringe fan and understand your anxiety and pain.

    Comment by Sad but true – February 2, 2011 10:11 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Seriously, The Cape? The name alone screams of schlock. This “superhero” was doomed from the pitch.

    Comment by Bob – February 2, 2011 10:16 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I knew this was going to happen. You get a different show on TV and people just don’t watch. This was good.

    Comment by Thom – February 2, 2011 10:16 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Different? Really? You don’t think it was maybe, perhaps…derivative?

      Comment by Chuck – February 2, 2011 03:48 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I think it fell short by being a bit too down — it needed a bit more lightness, sharper writing — especially in the dialogue. I love the premise and the potential — but Vince is so upset/depressed/obsessed with watching his grieving son and messing with the son’s little head, that it just felt too sad at times.

    Heavy handed writing and not enough lightness I think has a lot to do with why so many people tuned out so fast — also they are underusing Summer Glau — I figure they want to unveil Orwell’s mystery slowly but they still needed to use her more — and they should have made her a bit more kickass. It’s Summer Glau!

    Comment by raelee514 – February 2, 2011 10:53 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • How could anybody have expected this stupid show to succeed?

    Comment by Gavin – February 2, 2011 11:53 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I enjoyed the pilot but the other episodes weren’t that exciting. I’m disappointed to learn that it was canceled since there are worst shows on the air such as the event.

    Comment by lacey – February 2, 2011 01:06 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • It’s a fun show but I think it struggled to hold its audience in the competitive Monday slot. I really don’t expect many bubble shows to survive on NBC this season now that Showtime’s Greenblatt is newly in charge with lots of fresh pilots and plenty to prove. I think there may be some shocking cancelations in store come May, possibly including Chuck, Community etc.

    Comment by Buddy – February 2, 2011 01:27 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • To me, it’s a show that doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s unintentionally silly sometimes, as opposed to the campy 80′s Batman series which was intentionally silly. (My wife said, “this really needs those “BIFF!!” and “BAM!!” graphics!) It tries to be serious sometimes, but because of the silly moments, I can’t ever feel very serious about it. It tries to have touching moments, but theyjust seem either like cliches or like they’re overreaching. In the end, it fails at being all of them.

    Comment by KG – February 2, 2011 01:30 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I tried to take you’re comment seriously but when I read 80′s Batman show I knew you were talking out of your ass because the Batman show you’re referencing is from the 60s. If you can’t even get that right how can I take your opinion on a great show seriously?

      Comment by LL – February 21, 2011 06:43 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Bummer. I really liked it.

    Comment by Kristina – February 2, 2011 02:11 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • The Cape happened way too soon. NBC should have waited until the stink of Heroes’ collapse wore off, and it hasn’t yet. I wanted to like it, but it just didn’t click. Superhero shows are tricky to pull off. Besides, they’ve got Wonder Woman in the works, so why would they want something shaky like The Cape playing?

    Comment by Abie – February 2, 2011 05:28 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Not surprised at all. Thought the one episode I saw was one of the worst hours of TV I’ve ever seen.

    Comment by clara – February 2, 2011 05:57 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Liked the premise and love Summer Glau but never bothered to watch the show because of David Lyons. I found him unwatchable on ER. Guessing he didn’t turn it around too much here.

    Comment by bigderf – February 2, 2011 06:44 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I love The Cape. I watched all episodes and will watch all future eps.

    Comment by NBS – February 3, 2011 07:10 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • the problem is the episode 11th was aired yesterday!

    Comment by adifferentblog – February 8, 2011 10:03 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I liked the premise of The Cape — I was happy to see a hero show that wasn’t half about teen/young singles angst. Apparently married protagonists were a tough sell this year (Undercovers, too). They could have done more to sell some of the tensions between characters, but I didn’t find the dialogue to be that far off from typical comic book style. I thought Chess was actually a pretty boring want-to-rule-the-world stock villian, but the series definitely had room to grow. I hope they give it another chance.

    Comment by Janet – February 15, 2011 09:23 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I love superhero stuff, but the dialogue in the cape, the two dimensional characters, the writing couldn’t pull me back after week two. There was tons of potential, but potential isn’t good enough, you have to be able to put it out there every episode. Remember heroes?

    Comment by ed – February 24, 2011 07:53 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I really HATE not having an ending! Can we just have one more episode that makes everyone live happily everafter and the bad guys lose! Dang! I hate these shows that don’t end!

    Comment by Mary Jane – March 5, 2011 05:30 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • What are you doing? This was a great show. A great family show I could actually watch with my kids. Hope NBC looses ratings on there other shows because of this.

    Comment by April – March 7, 2011 06:09 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • i think it really unfair that they cut it to 10 like come on there are some many good shows that get cancel because they air at the same time like American idol or bachelor… etc like come on if u wanna give a show a chance put it on a day when there not playing something big at the same time

    Comment by joe – March 12, 2011 02:36 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • They cut it short when it was just getting good! Please bring it back there is not alot to watch and I enjoyed that one.

    Comment by Sean – March 22, 2011 06:08 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • The show was GREAT. I hope NBC reconsider their decision. It’s really stupid to start a show and stop it when it is most interesting. I’m very disappointed.

    Comment by DD – March 26, 2011 05:10 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I love the cape and I am upset that it was cancelled. I like the event to, it always has a cliff hanger at the end of almost every episode.

    Comment by DeW Jones – March 31, 2011 09:59 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Me and my husband loved this show and we were pretty upset to see it stop. We stopped watching it when it aired and rather started watching it on Primetime on Demand through Time Warner. We stopped watching it on Mondays because there are about 10 shows we want to see on Mondays and we needed to chose one. If it were on a better chosen day during the week it would have been fine, or Showtime, since this show was absolutely amazing.

    Comment by Jennifer – April 21, 2011 11:58 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • It was a great show to watch baked. It will be sorely missed by the wife an myself. Summer needs to get herself back on the Big Bang Theory.

    Comment by chongytom – May 24, 2011 01:55 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • The cape was a good show, just about to start in the UK but i caught it when i was in the US so will happilly sit down with my lad and watch again, lets hope syfy do pick it up.

    Comment by Muppet06 – July 10, 2011 04:17 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • My dad and i love the cape!!!!!. Please please put the cape back on.
    I even got all my friends to watch the cape and some of my teachers
    to watch.So there put it back on.NOW WERE ALL SAD!!!!!!

    Comment by dude_yo – July 12, 2011 01:01 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • It sucks that they’re cancelling it because this show is marvelous. I loved watching every episode of season one and would love to see more. My reason for wanting to see more is that; the show now is heading to a great scene as I watched the last episode of season 1 and if y’all take it out, then I rather prefer y’all never brought it up in the first place then.

    Comment by Ras – September 29, 2011 02:23 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I loved the show….watched it straight through on netflix in one day…bummer how it ends

    Comment by lia – October 11, 2011 10:08 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • You and me both. I actually enjoyed it.

      Comment by Nero – October 18, 2011 07:14 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I see I am a little late on commenting on this show since its already cancelled but I agree with everything said. My father, mother and I got into this show on netflix and I just finished the season and was hoping to catch the second season. To find out it was already cancelled. If I would have seen trails for it I would have watched it while it was running but didn’t know. this is something the government would do to people which is why I find it funny to see so many people NOT like the show. I would enjoy it if the show came back.

    Comment by carmen – October 18, 2011 08:16 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I think they should bring it back on a different time slot and announce when its going to start. Its a good family show mixed with stuff that could really happen with make believe. I enjoyed it and believe they should give it another chance. There’s no more shows like this any more there’s so many gossip girl, the event and other boring or useless shows that got a chance and so should this one. This is the reason there’s no more innocent children because there’s no more fun in anything. Everything has to be violent and hard core. Atleast give it a proper ending for those who were watching it

    Comment by Roger – October 18, 2011 08:37 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • NBC you suck bring cape back it is a good show and we want to season 2. what is wrong with you we enjoyed it

    Comment by tabykat and jonbart – October 19, 2011 10:12 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I really enjoyed the show. I love watching super hero movies and anything really comic hero related. I was sad to find out the show was cancelled…I just started watching it on netflix. All of the actors were great. I dont know what you guys were complaining about. I finished all 10 episodes in one day.

    Comment by evilsquid – October 23, 2011 09:48 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I really lived the show and the plot has been my favorite so far if CBS don’t give me a season 2 then make another net work will pick it up make remote views if showed more preview like and walking dead all time high people seem to be stick to this show it always leaves u in suspense.

    Comment by joshua – November 12, 2011 10:15 PM PDT  Reply To This Post

    Comment by tim – November 22, 2011 11:13 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • if this series is not set to return in full commission a full length finale and treat the ‘demographic’ with a bit more respect. there is despite some negative ‘tv exec-like’ comments here some mileage in this show. The major problem was not the concept but the quality of output. Too many ignorant people making big decisions in this industry so I doubt that they still read this thread or even understand despite it’s flaws it actually has momentum esp outside the states. This maybe asking too much mind you . Good luck and continue making big mistakes – stupid people make it easier for others to get ahead but it’s just bad luck if you work for them lol

    Comment by Shaper of Worlds – December 18, 2011 07:45 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • its pretty sad. TV is still using the ridiculously antiquated nielson ratings. The people who actually respond to their methods of acquiring study people wouldn’t know quality entertainment if it hit them in the face.

    Comment by joe – April 3, 2012 02:21 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • shame on NBC if it ends like this.
    it was a great show.

    Comment by sam – April 7, 2012 08:28 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • personally my girlfriend and i loved the show and are speachless as to why some jerk would cancel it. We hope to see a new episode soon and i think it should be on the greatest channel ever…… sci-fi or abc works too cause no one watches nbc lmao.

    Comment by Jack Finch – May 9, 2012 09:47 PM PDT  Reply To This Post

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