Ratings: Bachelor Flies High, The Cape Hits Low

Two of TV’s most beloved bubble shows didn’t get much help this Monday night, as Chuck‘s midseason finale matched its series-low rating and Lie To Me lost some of the momentum it had going into its Season 3 finale.

Instead, the big winners for the night were ABC’s The Bachelor, which delivered a season-high 9.5 million total viewers/3.2 rating, and NBC’s Harry’s Law, which (albeit opposite repeats of Castle and Five-0) is holding steady at 10.9 million viewers.

(Can anyone explain to me why Bachelor Brad and whomever are dangling in the above picture in front of, like, a wall of long underwear?)

The Bachelor Recap: Ken Doll Goes to Vegas

Elsewhere on Monday:

* As mentioned, Chuck slipped about 10 percent in both total viewers (5.56 mil) and in the demo (down to a 1.8 rating). The news was better for a special airing of Human Target, which gave Fox’s action-drama its best numbers of the season, with 7.8 million viewers and a 2.2 rating.

Video: Zachary Levi Talks Chuck Wedding (and Sings Us A Little Somethin’)

* At 9 o’clock, a Two and a Half Men repeat was the night’s most watched program, with 11.2 million viewers. (And CBS breathes a sigh of relief….) Lie To Me dropped 8 percent of last week’s impressive audience ( to just over 7 mil), while NBC’s The Cape swooped down to an all-time low 1.5 rating. Gossip Girl was down both in total audience (to 1.5 mil) and in the demo.

Exclusive: Lie To Me Finale Will Leave Fans “Only More Hungry For a Season 4!”

What earned your TV-viewing dollar this Monday night?

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  1. Kevin says:

    OH NO! This is bad news for Chuck? Last night’s episode was fantastic! I sure hope the end is not near. . . .

  2. Sue says:

    Yes! Best numbers of the season for Human Target! Still crossing my fingers it is renewed and given a regular schedule next season!

  3. gordana says:

    I am praying that Lie to Me gets a fourth season. I think it is just hitting its stride, with a nice blend of the best elements of the previous seasons. Kelli Williams did an amazing job in the finale episode, and Tim Roth is just sheer pleasure to watch. This is a show Fox can be proud of and that can be a planet-wide hit, and I think it truly deserves to live another day.

  4. Katie says:

    I’m confused, do only Neilson viewers count or does everyone count? I’m watching Chuck live either way but it’d be nice to know if I’m at all influential to the ratings. Chuck was incredible last night so I’m expecting a spike for next week’s episode.

  5. Monique says:

    The pic from the Bachelor was during a rehearsal scene in Vegas at the Elvis Cirque du Soleil. I don’t recall the underwear scenery but they did do a scene on trapeze type wires where they flew across the stage.

  6. Tucker says:

    Excellent, Human Target! It was also its best episode of the season. (It’s been a woeful one.) Always thought it would’ve been the best move to give the show [i]24[/i]’s old slot on Mondays.

    I only hope Fox shows some charity (yeah, yeah, I know) and gives the show another shot for a third season. Get rid of showrunner Matt Miller and refocus the series to capture the fun of the first season and build on it.

  7. Justin Rivenburgh says:

    NBC has a solid performer in Chuck on Monday nights. The ratings need to be updated to include others. I love Chuck and really hope that it gets a 5th season!! If it doesn’t then I really hope that the show goes out with a bang and hopefully it will live a very long life in syndication. Come on NBC do the right thing and renew Chuck!! Drop shows like the C list stars on Celebrity Apprentice. Keep good tv with Chuck!!

  8. Kristin says:

    Watched Human Target; DVR’d Chuck. I hate it when networks schedule my faves opposite each other on an off-night so I have to choose.

  9. Elle says:

    How come GG has worse ratings and a higher budget than Life Unexpected yet its gonna be cancelled and GG will be renewed?

  10. Valerie says:

    We watched “Chuck” at 8 and watched “Human Target” at 9, which we had recorded.

    I’m sad for “Chuck.” I thought it was the best episode of the season. If the episode would have been 100% Jeffster-free, it would have been absolutely perfect!

    (IMO, those two characters (Jeff and Lester) cheapen the show and really serve no purpose other than to raise the “ick” factor.)

  11. WIlliam says:

    I loved Chucked the first 3 seasons,but i don’t see how you can further milk out the Sarah-loves-Chuck-loves-Sarah plot. Let them marry at the end of the season and close the curtain. Create a spin off : “The Buy More chronicles” I would watch that comedy series and I love Jeffster :-)Anyway the best character in the series is Casey. Baldwin does a great job!!
    Human Target should get a decent chance on a night where it doesn’t get hammered by a big show on another network. Last night it owned the Monday Evening. Great Human Target and House on Mondays….Lets do it. Another option make the HT a summer series like Burn Notice and Leverage. But, who am I, just a poor viewer who still mourns for Journeyman and Firefly……

  12. WIlliam says:

    Ooh forgot… That executives who green-lighted “the Cape” should really be ashamed of themselves. They are so out of touch with the viewers taste. I love the super heroes stuff but this series should be placed on Saturday morning on K-TV. And I doubt if even the kids will like it…

  13. Breck says:

    Still don’t get why great shows like Fringe, Chuck, Lie to Me, Human Target, etc…are consistently on the bubble, while complete reality trash like American Idol, The Bachelor, Jersey Shore, any talent or dance show, pretty much any reality show continually gets viewers….I guess America doesn’t like to think and be intellectually challenged anymore….total shame…..If those shows get canceled, please let USA, FX, SyFy pick them up, they deserve better than those crappy networks

  14. Kaibosh says:

    Can’t say I’m too surprised about The Cape. It has truly been a major disappointment.

    I’m encouraged by Human Target’s results but I don’t expect it to be renewed. Everything about how Fox is moving it around the schedule suggests its being burned off and if their development pipeline shows any promise I doubt it will return. I hope I’m wrong.

    Chuck. I like Chuck; I really do but its numbers are dismal and really the only thing keeping it alive is the fact that NBC literally has nothing else in the pipeline to replace it and it doesn’t want to disturb the rest of its schedule. And the fact that The Cape is doing so badly that it literally makes Chuck look successful. I’m not optimistic that it will return next year. NBC needs a big shakeup and now that the Comcast deal is done I’m expecting a clean slate approach to Mondays.

  15. Jen L. says:

    I’m really liking Harry’s Law. Love the characters, the locale and the theme song on Hawaii 5-0, but plot lines are SOOOO contrived. Kathy Bates is great, and really like the courtroom scenes. If only it was filmed in Hawaii . . .

  16. Tania says:

    “Chuck” has always struggled in the ratings just like “Life” and yet, “Life” was the series that got canceled by NBC. Seriously?

  17. Jon says:

    Watched Chuck and DVR’d Human Target. Although it was one of the best Chuck episodes in a long time, I actually enjoyed Human Target more. Human Target is what Chuck was aiming to be, but then got sidetracked into the comedic aspect of a spy series. Get rid of Jeffster! Human Target has the right amount of humor without it overtaking the entire show.

  18. meliot says:

    The show runner on Human Target came from Chuck so no wonder we enjoy both shows. I think it stinks they both go head to head. We DVRd both as my hubby works late on Mondays, so we will be watching both tonight. Glad to hear they are both good epiosdes. Meanwhile, I watched The Batchelor. For me that show used to be fun, now it’s just sad and expoitative. Poor Emily got blindsided by a trip to the racetrack (her finace was a racecar owner who died in a small plane accident 5 years ago) and that joke Chris Harrison blogged how “beautiful” it was she was able to get past her fiance’s death and get into a race car on the track. Disgusting! I feel so dirty.

  19. C says:

    well, this is crap… Chuck deserves something out of this. it was the best episode is season by far. everything was thrown in there… but i understand other shows might be better than CHUCK! oh well, we can’t win them all… at least there’s hope with this. and baddd news for all of these “The Cape” fans, sorry but it really stinks on ice. Harry’s Law has a fresh twist on lawyer shows plus y’all can agree that we love Kathy Bates!