TVLine Items: The Kennedys May Air After All, and Other TV News to Know

Just when we were about to throw in the towel on the doomed miniseries, The Kennedys has finally caught a lucky break!

The fairy godmother this time around is Tribune Broadcasting, which is currently in talks to pick up with eight-hour event, reports Deadline. Should the deal go through, The Kennedys, starring Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes, may finally make it to TV screens via syndication. But hey, it’s better than the alternative, right?

Here’s what else is happening in TV today:

Vampire Diaries’ not-long-for-this-world werewolf Taylor Kinney will appear on an April episode of CSI: NY, per TV Guide.

• The just-launched production company from Jonah Hill, JHF, has already scored a huge deal with Fox, which purchased a single-camera comedy pilot from funnyman.

Smallville is heading to Metropolis’ version of Las Vegas in the February 25 episode, says TV Guide Magazine. The occasion? A bachelor/bachelorette party, of course.

• OWN has announced the start dates for two new original series: Searching For…, the story of a real-life genealogist, debuts Monday, February 14; Breaking Down the Bars, which follows the reinvention of female prisoners, premieres Tuesday, February 15, followed by the premiere of Our America with Lisa Ling.

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  1. Michael Sacal says:

    While in Las Vegas, Clark must make sure not to take Lois to the same hotel or room where he lost his virginity to Alicia in season 4.

  2. Jen says:

    “Smallville is heading to Metropolis’ version of Las Vegas in the February 25 episode, says TV Guide Magazine. The occasion? A bachelor/bachelorette party, of course.”

    Oh, fun, fun, fun. A bachelor/bachelorette party for Clark and Lois in Las Vegas! How ORIGINAL!!! I can foresee all kinds of funny hijinks and jokes springing from this scenario. Clark eyeing some showgirls and Lois clunking him on the head, wincing when her hand meets solid marble, stomping off in a snit, and Clark following her, whining, ‘Lois! I was just looking!’ Lois being her stupid self, losing money on the roulette wheels, and begging Clark to use his powers to help her win it back. Clark whining, ‘But, Lois! I can’t use my powers for personal gain! It’s my DESTINY to be EARTH’S GREATEST HERO, not to win money in Las Vegas!’ Lois stomping off in a snit. Oh, such fun!!!! Smallville is such a great show, and so ORIGINAL! I’m so broken-hearted it’s been cancelled.


    • Sophoia says:

      Well, it’s crystal clear that you have never watched Smallville in your life, otherwise you would know that what you just wrote is completely wrong. And BTW, the show is not canceled it’s ending. So if you don’t have anything interesting to say, you can keep your sarcasm for yourself.

      • Jen says:

        Oh, it’s completely WRONG is it? And you think I’ve never watched Smallville in my life, do you? How interesting, and different! A Smallville fan who thinks they know it all and tells anyone who disagrees with them to shut up. Like, this never happened before. Wow!

        Listen, you. I have as much right to my opinion as you do. Amazing, isn’t it? How are you going to live with this revelation? Also, I have seen Smallville, and I know what the show is like, and guess what? I just read a more detailed episode spoiler, and it’s all about Clark getting drunk on specially drugged champagne, and not remembering what he did the night before, and everyone else acting really crazy and so on. So, even though I didn’t get the details exactly right, I was pretty close.

        Wow! How ORIGINAL. What FUN. Like, no show ever did anything so different and fun.

        The show is ending, which means it was cancelled. When TV shows come to an end, they’ve been cancelled, whether the cancellation is because of low ratings, or because the producers decided they wanted to move on to other crappy shows — like this time.

        And by the way, I’ll be as sarcastic as I want to about this crappy show. You mind your own business, and post your own opinions, and I’ll do the same.

        • Seth says:

          no, it’s about lois getting drunk on specially drugged champagne and not remembering anything. Calm down, the series is better than it has been in recent seasons, and seems o track to a very fitting ending

          • Jen says:

            Well, the spoiler that I read said it was Clark. Now you say it’s Lois. So what? What difference does it make? It’s still a tired old plot. Didn’t we just go through this a few months ago, when Lois went nuts and quit her job and all that? How many times in the past has Smallville had a story in which people got high on some drug made of Kryptonite and acted strangely? I’ve lost count.

        • Cassey says:

          Wow. Take a Xanax and chill. This is just a TV show…

          • Jen says:

            Yes, it is just a TV show. And this is a discussion forum about TV shows, where people post their opinions about TV shows. I posted my opinion about Smallville, which is just a TV show, and was told to shut up. Why did that person get all upset, when I only posted my opinion about a TV show?

        • isolde says:

          Actually, sometime a show ends because it’s time to end, not because it was cancelled. Lost is a good example. It’s rare, I realize, but it does happen that way from time to time. Just sayin.’

  3. Rolfe says:

    I loved Taylor Kinney on The Vampire Diaries. Wish they would have kept him around a bit longer. Glad to see that he is going to be on CSI: NY!

  4. Ryan says:

    Aaaaaaand the trolls are ALREADY out and about…

  5. Liz says:

    The Kennedys is currently being advertised on Australian TV to start airing in the next month or so (on ABC, kind of like the Australian eqiv of BBC)

  6. Jen says:

    Quote: “It’s our fun Hangover episode,” says executive producer Brian Peterson. “Clark won’t remember what happened the night before.” With Supes impervious to the effects of alcohol, it’s a spiked bottle of champagne sent by Zatanna that sparks the insanity. “You see the wild side of everybody,” adds exec producer Kelly Souders, who hints at a big OMG moment involving Tess and Dr. Emil.

    “We all wake up in different places in bizarre situations involving weird outfits and animals,” says Erica Durance (Lois). “I wake up out on the train tracks with Oliver and realize I can’t find my engagement ring.” End quote.

    There you have it. Straight from Brian Peterson. Clark gets drunk, as well as Lois and Oliver. It’s the Fun Hangover Episode. People act really wild, and Lois wears a costume. How astonishing!

    • Michael Sacal says:

      Don’t watch it, save yourself the hassle. Let everyone else who wants to watch it enjoy it.

      As for Clark being impervious to alcohol, the producers should check out Superman 3…. Superman is a MEAN drunk.

      • Jen says:

        And who is stopping anyone from watching it? Where in my comments did I attempt to order people not to watch it, and threaten to turn off their TVs with my universal remote control? Yeah, I’m secretly an evil Kryptonian, with spectacular powers over all of Earth’s communications systems. Beware! :-)))

        Even if I could stop people from watching it, I wouldn’t want to. I have no interest in censorship, only an interest in popular culture and I like analyzing it. Or do you mean that my critical remarks are ruining the pleasure of those who like the show? How can you think that? After all these years of repetitive story lines, dropped plots, horrible acting, and bad characterization, do you think that anything I say could turn the loyal fans away from this show?

        The show is about Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane. Clark/Superman has committed, over the course of this series, numerous unethical acts. But no! Clark/Superman can’t be unethical. He’s just young/confused/upset. He’s not really a terrorist when he burns down those buildings. If he’d been a ‘villain’, that would have been terrorism, but he’s Clark/Superman, so he’s just upset. Poor thing. When he mindwiped Chloe, that wasn’t anything unethical. If anyone else had done it, he or she would have been instantly labelled villain, but this was Clark/Superman, so he did it because he was upset. Poor baby, giving up his only friend and confidant to help her. He’s so noble and good.

        And Lois Lane. She’s not really stupid, she’s Lois Lane. All is forgiven, as soon as she and Clark get together. That was so romantic. Soft candle light, and plumped up cushions. Who cares what else Clark did that year. As soon as he lit candles and plumped up cushions he was the Most Romantic Character Ever. And Lois is special now. She holds the heart of Earth’s Greatest Hero, and she’s a great reporter, even though she’s done nothing to earn either honour.

        Now, this episode coming up only shows that Smallville can’t even do fun episodes properly. How many times have we see characters on SV drunk or drugged and acting weird? Only like every sixth episode since the show started.

        And no, this isn’t earth-shakingly important. I’m not comparing this show to the Apocalypse. I know the difference between TV and Real Life. But, as I said, I’m interested in popular culture, and I’m fascinated by how the numerous faults of this show are brushed off, all because of those names Clark, Superman and Lois Lane. It’s a form of propaganda. Flash the names, hint that the Cape will show up eventually, and you can get away with anything for an entire decade.

  7. topoopon says:

    “The Kennedys” premiering on TV GUIDE Channel… lol