The Closer's Main Men Sound Off On Spinoff

The Closer spinoff is happening, people, and you’re not the only ones excited about the prospect of a fresh start.

A few of the TNT hit’s main men chatted up TVLine at the SAG Awards, and graciously gushed about series creator James Duff’s new crime-fighting vision, the probability of joining (and naming!) the offshoot and what they want to see when The Closer closes shop.

“Who knows what will happen?” said Corey Reynolds (Gabriel) — with a revealing smirk — when asked if Closer fans would see him on the impending spinoff. “Right now, I’m just focused on making sure we bow out the way that we should.”

Exclusive: The Closer Will Live On Longer — and Get a Spinoff!

And thankfully, as TVLine speculated last week, the cast and crew have now been given the opportunity to do so with six additional episodes, bringing the final season order to 21.

“It’s going to be great,” Reynolds told us of the extra eps. “Hopefully it will give us the opportunity to bow out gracefully. There’s nothing worse than when you hear a show’s coming to an end before its time. But we get an opportunity, knowing [it’s ending] before we start the season, to actually do our fans justice and give them stories that wrap it up and make it feel complete.”

Tony Denison (Flynn) feels the same way. “The additional episodes are great because when they air them next year, what [they] will morph into is the interesting part.”

Referring, of course, to the spinoff to be launched by The Closer’s finale, Denison revealed that while he was saddened to learn the series would be ending (because he would have been “happy doing the show another five, six years, at least!”), Flynn might be sticking around.

“Maybe,” he laughed when asked if we’d see him on Major Crimes (the new series’ working title, per “All I know is that I’m allowed to say maybe.”

Now here’s where things get funny:  James Duff took a stab at shopping a full-on spinoff a few years ago, titled The Fixer. The series was to revolve around a high-powered Hollywood attorney and would have featured crossovers from MCD faves Provenza (G.W. Bailey) and Flynn, as they moonlight as private eyes. On Sunday night, Denison was still hoping that the new spinoff would be something along those lines.

“There’s been this joke going around with G.W. Bailey’s Provenza and my character Flynn,” teases Denison. “People [on set] said to him one day, ‘Are they ever going to put a show together and call it Provenza?’ So G.W. said, ‘Who knows, but if they did, it’s gotta be with Tony and — together.’ And they asked what would it be called then, and G.W. goes, ‘Provenza!'”

Is does have a nice ring to it, right? Maybe more so than Major Crimes? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. DotDotDot says:

    This is such a fantastic show, and it’s not only due to Kyra. She’s pretty awesome, but so is the rest of the cast, and I’m excited that at least some of them will be living on in my tv.

    • S. Joyce Jones says:

      I love this show! What’s all this talk about closing down The Closer? The only two weak lionks in the drama are “Daddy”–Brenda’s sarcastic father and Fritz’s silly sister.Brenda’s mother is adorable! Please leave the show intact. I want to see Lt. Sanchez and the young mother of the boy get together. I want to see Lt. Provenza (has he got a first name??)stumble upon a woman his own age who is really fascinating, beautiful and good for him. I want to see Flynn in a situation where he loses his jadedness and pessimism. I want to see David Gabriel in more “hands on” episodes. I really adore Pope, Commander Taylor and Jon Tenney. And I am crazy about Kyra Sedgwyck–although I wish she would take some classes and lose the southern accent in future episodes. She could lapse back into it at times–as Jews, Italians, African Americans and other nationalities do. That is always amusing. Kyra, please don’t quit! Please, please, please don’t quit!

      And I wish the producers or whoever would not monkey around with a good thing! This show is a winner! S. Joyce Jones

      • Kat says:

        I agree with you Joyce. Except Kyra wouldn’t have to take classes to lose the southern accent. I saw her on the view and she doesn’t have an accent.

      • Rebecca says:

        A true fan of the show would know that brenda has the accent cuz she is from Atlanta! That’s how they talk down there. She doesn’t really have that accent in real life. Go watch some movies she has been in.

      • Conniebelle says:

        PEOPLE!!! I dearly love Kyra Sedgwick, but she’s done what she came to TNT to do. Have you ALL forgotten Bernie Madoff? I wish the Bacons all the best. S. Joyce Jones, you’ve got some great ideas. I really do think that there’s a lot to do – I particularly like the idea of Lt. Sanchez getting together with….. TNT should hire YOU! The series can go on without Brenda & Fritz as regulars – yes, they’d better leave together!!!! They can do guest spots, I mean, she will get a promotion, right????

        • linda st john says:

          Conniebell–Regarding your comment that she will get the promotion, I have an ending in mind for that. I think she will be offered the position but will announce at the induction ceremony that she has decided she would rather be a stay-at-home mom than chief of police. Of course, Fritz doesn’t know she’s expecting. But her doctor just informed her by phone minutes before.

    • Andi says:

      I am heartbroken. Without Brenda Leigh, there is no Major Crimes. Without the entire cast, Major Crimes will be a major disaster. That forgettable woman with the sleezy voice and demeanor will NEVER bring the spark that Kara brought to The Closer. Hide and watch.

  2. Juliab. says:

    I hope the characters of Flynn and Provenza are part of the spinoff. The episodes that focused on them and some of the crazt stuff they did were great.

    • M. K. Alexander says:

      I agree 100 percent. We watch the episodes over and over, but sometimes we skip the dark, painful ones such as the two-parter when Brenda lied to her parents about the kid brother’s being dead. Last night was the stewardess episode. That one and the corpse in the casket are among our favorites.

      • Susan N. says:

        I totally agree that the funny episodes are some of the best. After some of the darker episodes it’s nice to sit back and laugh. I have purchased several of my favorite episodes on my iTunes account and listen to them while I fall asleep at night. I have watched “The Big Picture” from Season 1 over 250 times! I have 15 episodes on my account and the two you mentioned are two of my favorites!. “Tapped Out”, the episode that the fake officer stole all the evidence from Pope, Provenza & Flynn is another classic comedic episode! They could do 2 spin-offs: one with Provenza & Flynn and one with the rest of the cast! I am hoping that we see Kyra pop in for a visit on the spin-off. If Jon Tenney is in the spin-off then it would seem we’d need to see his wife from time-to-time UNLESS…Brenda Leigh and Pope run off together after he is canned! At the end of “High Crimes” she told him she couldn’t do it without him when she was trying to get him to fight for his job. That would piss me off though because Fritz and Brenda are such a sweet couple and Will has broken her heart too many times! I’ll take Jon Tenney/Fritz! I like JK Simmons but in a one-to-one against the characters, Fritz is by far more loyal and trustworthy as a mate! Brenda, don’t leave Fritz!

  3. Juliab. says:

    I hope the characters of Flynn and Provenza are part of the spinoff. The episodes that focused on them and some of the crazy stuff they did were great.

  4. baj24 says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love “The Closer” and although I think they have a great cast, I’m not sure that any of the characters are strong enough to carry an entire show without Kyra. I especially wouldn’t enjoy a Flynn/Provenza spinoff. The few episodes they have done that have featured these two heavily have been some of my least favorite episodes of the series. I enjoy them in small doses.

  5. William Howell says:

    I don’t know if I’d watch. Brenda is the show. The supporting characters are great, but it just wouldn’t be the same for me.

  6. Ingmar says:

    I’ll watch the spin-off since Duff is an amazing writer. Ofcourse I am sad The Closer is ending but at least I know they can wrap it up on their own terms ; something not many shows can say. Love Kyra and the rest of the cast.

  7. Karen says:

    This show shouldn’t be ending at all. Sad to see Kyra Sedgwick is sick of it already. Nobody else is, not the viewers and evidently the other cast members aren’t either.

  8. Karen says:

    I’m sad to see the Closer coming to an end but I love the idea of creating a new show with the old crew. Sounds great to me.

  9. Slezak's Sister says:

    They should end The Closer with Brenda’s promotion and have the spin-off be Major Crimes. Then Kyra could do occasional guest appearances as Brenda and the continuity will be there. I love The Closer and have watched since the beginning – Brenda is the show, but I would be happy to continue watching Major Crimes.

    • Pistol says:

      Why should it be Brenda that gets promoted, why can’t it be her husband Fritz that gets promoted in the FBI?????

      • Britt Bryant says:

        Or maybe they BOTH get a promotion, but Fritz is offered one that he has always wanted and it is in Washington. Brenda has always put her job/cases before their discussons/personal life and now she must make a choice. Which or whose job is more important?

  10. kzolady says:

    I am really bummed about the ending of one of my favorite series. It is nice that they are going to extend the final season, and that there might be a spinoff.
    My concern is: if Brenda is going, can’t we keep Fritz. Can’t we keep him please. He is so cute and he’s house broken and everything. LOL Sorry I don’t mean to insult Fritz, but I really like the character. I know he is not considered a main character of the show, but he does add to it.

  11. mcb says:

    This is the best cast on television right now. This is one of a very rare breed, a show that could actually thrive after losing it’s main character.

  12. trish says:

    I would love to see a spinoff with Tony Denison. He’s an outstanding actor and could definitly carry the show.

  13. Mary Alexander says:

    I’m very sad that the series is ending. In terms of the cast, I have never seen an actor give a poor performance, not even the smallest bit part actor. I wish Kyra Sedgwick would be open about her decision to end the series. I don’t know what the cast without her might be like, but I would give such a series a fair trial. I like all of the men, but I love Fritzi, feeling the same way about him as i feel about Snoopy—I wish he were real.

  14. Lilly S says:

    Tony Denison and GWBailey are perfect together and a spinoff would be ideal. Right Judy?..Right Kathy?

  15. Margo says:

    It is sad that The Closer is ending but Major Crmes as the spinoff I feel will do real well. But if Flynn and Provenza are not on it they may as well put the show in the toilet. Looking back on all the episodes of The Closer. The ones with Flynn and Provenza were by far the best!!!!!!! What a team they make. Tony Denison is by far the best actor I know. What ever part they give him, he will be able to play. He is so versital and able to get into any character that is given to him. I can safely say alot of people agree with me. If Flynn and Provenza are not on the spinoff I for sure will not watch it!!!!!!!!! Good luck James to whatever happens. You are by far the best writer they could have!!!!!!!!!! Tony you’re the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Dan says:

    Whilst I do think it would be hilarious to have Provenza & Flinn heading up their own show, it couldn’t last long due Provenza’s age/the amount of times his retirement has come up.For me, I hope to see Mary McDonnell (Captain Sharon Raydor) & Paola Turbay (Det. Mikki Mendoza) be regulars. McDonell/Raydor is the perfect replacement for Sedgwick/Johnson, Mendoza & Sanchez kicking some butt on a regular basis sounds great to me. When are they looking to start it, mid season or the summer (2012)?

  17. eviltwit says:

    All I have to say is, “Yaaaaaay!” I’m totally looking forward to the spinoff. Nice to have some good news come after the end of Kyra on The Closer. The show wouldn’t have been what it was without the guys. So, this is great news.

  18. Wella says:

    The guys on The Closer are by far the best. Agreed Kyra Sedwick is good, but at this point, I think all the guys could carry a spinoff. And/or I think it could be great!

  19. PeaNuts says:

    I am so bummed about The Closer not continuing. Yes a spinoff is good, but Kyra Sedwick is my heroine because she is so down to earth and funny, without being a comic. I will miss her, but will continue to watch re-runs, yes I will also give any spin-off a fair chance, especially if Provenza, Flinn and Mendoza with Flinn in there somewhere. Ya, promote Kyra so she can do guest appearances, keep Fritz as liaison and you have the best of both worlds.

  20. Shirley Jones says:

    There should not be even a thought of a spin-off until people are tired of the original show- – -which we are not!! Keep everyone working in this show, PLEASE! I have never viewed an ensemble cast that I likeed more than the people on The Closer, -with two possible exceptions: Brenda’s father and Fritz’s sister.
    Shirley Jones

  21. Margo says:

    It can only be a winner with Adam and James writing the show. They are both brillant and fantastic writers!!!!!!! Of course I feel Flynn and Provenza should be on the spin-off. They work together so well. And I cannot wait to see what the writers have in store for them. But I hope to see Michael, Corey and Raymond too!!!!!!! They are a big big part of this show being a success!!!!! It just would not be right without these 5 main charecters!!!!!!!!!

    • Margo says:

      Also Phillip and Robert. What would the show be like without them. I just love Buzz’s part. And Robert (Lt. Taylor) really needs to get his own office. The whole team together minus Kyra would be a incredible show. I hope they all stay together. I am not sure how the writers would keep Jon Teney. But it would be great if he stayed too!!!! If anyone can put together another winning show it is James and Adam!!!!!!! I really hope the whole gang gives it a shot!!!

  22. brooke says:

    I am glad for the cast of the Closer that it will continue. Frankly
    I hope they do something to warm up Sharon Raydor role. At present she is not very likeable. She’s smarmy, and I can’t see her in a leadership role. If the writers continue to write her character as it is in the Closer, I doubt it could make it through one season.

  23. kitneill says:

    I’m sure TNT understands the value of Flynn and Provenza in a spin-off and both actors seem comfortable about staying so I think it will happen. I think they all should stay, intact, it’s hard to choose. Tao and Sanchez are a good team, opposites yet devoted, and Pope adds a great deal as a somewhat insecure boss with humor -I love his wordless expressions – along with great police skills and navigating the politics. I’m not a huge fan of Raydor but that could be because she’s a catalyst to Brenda, adding some needed friction to replace the early years when the squad held her at arm’s length but later embraced her skill. Gabriel is the most idealistic, and potential breakout star, bit of a hot head, lots of avenues to explore there. Buzz fussing over his equipment including his car – I’m a Prius owner and totally identify.

    The best thing about the spin-off is they can keep the squad intact for the familiarity and continue to expand each character. I’m looking forward to it – what James Duff does better than anyone is to mix comedy and drama brilliantly. The lighter episodes are hilarious, the darker ones intense and thought provoking.

  24. Mary says:

    I am THRILLED to hear there’s going to be a Closer spin-off. Of course it has to include Provenza and Flynn. You can always count on them for comic relief! I’ve been a fan of Tony Denison’s since Crime Story and I think he’s AMAZING. His character is totally believable and Provenza’s dry sense of humor and timing are unmatched. Can’t wait to see what happens with this…

  25. Sheila says:

    I am also thrilled to hear there’s going to be a spin-off of “The Closer”. I have watched the show since the beginning and was saddened to hear that Kyra Sedwick had decided to leave the show. I have followed her career through the years, and thought this show was perfect for her, but I totally think the guys can pull off a spin off. I hope they keep the humor and drama a part of the new show.

  26. Linda says:

    My guess—Taylor is the leak. He just cannot keep a secret and he like to plant those tidbits of information here and there that he believes will ultimately create an opening for him to move up. If it is a result of someone else getting in trouble, then so be it, because he has one goal in mind–promoting himself. I think Gabriel may have confided in Taylor about the comments in the car, because he probably felt guilty. Taylor saw it as an opportunity to get Brenda in trouble. Ultimately, there will be a shake up in the division–maybe Pope will be fired, and maybe even Brenda, Gabriel and Sanchez will be fired. Brenda will find herself pregnant and Fritzie will be promoted to the FBI field office in Atlanta and they will move back to the South so she can raise their child in a safer place! Maybe Fritz will make appearances on Major Crimes when he has to fly in on business. Yeah!

  27. Patti says:

    Major Crimes will never work. Mary McDonnell doesn’t have what Kyra has to fit in and work well with the cast. I don’t think that the guys… who are great mind you…. can hold her up. She doesn’t have what ever it is they Kyra has that makes Kyra such a great actress. She can do anything and pull it off. Also, the ensamble was so great, that Kyra can’t be replaced, even in another series. I never really liked Mary’s character on “The Closer”, so I know she won’t be any different in the new series…..she’s playing the same personality character which will never replace Kyra. Sorry Mary!!! It’s like Kutcher trying to replace Charlie on “Two and a Half Men” Charlie and Alan complemented each other, Kutcher can’t pull it off no matter how hard he tries!!

  28. This and Resolli and Isles are my favorite programs. I love all the characters in the closer. I will miss Brenda and I truly hope it is her wish to expand her career as big as it is already.
    I hope that all the other characters stay on for the continuation of the program be it a different name or not. I really think it will be just as entertaining. Toward the end the Captain and Brenda are friends. So the ending of Brenda’s character makes it easier knowing the show will virtually continue. Good Luck in any endevor you chose Kyra. True prayers for the new show. This is different than just cutting the program. Ithink it will be interesting as long as the talented crew stay on as well as their new boss. If so it will still remain one of two of my favorite shows. I think this carryon is Brilliant. Obviously for once the producers seem to understand once you fall for a show and the characters they are like family so they are doing something different by the continuation. Bye Kyra and Best wishes for any endevor you go for. Go Girl and thanks to the producers and TNT for trying this new way of keeping so many peoples favorite show. However saddened we are to lose Brenda I think it just may work. The captain is a gutsy gal. Lets give her a chance. Saddened but looking forward to see the continuation. Bev