Exclusive: Burn Notice Prequel Rounds Out Cast

Production on the Burn Notice prequel TV-movie is getting underway in Bogota, Colombia, and with that a bevy of faces have been added to the cast.

Directed by Burn Notice frontman Jeffrey Donovan and starring Bruce Campbell, the telepic is set in 2005, as a faction of Colombian rebels makes trouble for the locally stationed military platoon. When Lt. Cmdr. Sam Axe (Campbell) is deployed to check things out, he uncovers some dark secrets of the area and, in turn, learns hard lessons about deception and sacrifice.

Burn Notice Prequel Starring Bruce Campbell Is A Go; Jeffrey Donovan To Direct

As this backstory gets underway, TVLine has learned, Chandra West (The Gates, pictured above right) will play Donna, a sexy and fun woman Sam has recently started seeing.

Then, as the action moves to Colombia, RonReaco Lee (The Good Guys) turns up as Dr. Ben Delaney, a field medic who runs a non-profit clinic and now finds himself fending off terrorists. Similarly, Kiele Sanchez (Lost, above left) plays a humanitarian with a food relief effort who has a hard time trusting soldiers — Sam included.

Lastly, our Sam needs someone to report to during the ordeal. That responsibility falls to John Diehl (Stargate) as Rear Admiral Lawrence, a no-nonsense Naval Officer who will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of things.

The two-hour Burn Notice prequel movie is due to air on USA Network sometime this spring. Donovan is directing a script by series creator Matt Nix, and Nix, Donovan and Campbell are all serving as executive producers. Producer Aaron Ginsburg has been blogging stories, funny anecdotes and photos from the shoot to date.

Are you curious to see Sam’s backstory get fleshed out?

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  1. SayWhat? says:

    I’m confused … TVLINE.COM only debuted 01/05/2011, so how can there be a backdated article from November 2010 about the Burn Notice prequel being a go?

    • Mike says:

      from the parent site, deadline … i guess

    • Linda says:

      I think it is going to be great! Glad to hear Jeffrey Donovan is directing, i feel he will do a tremendous job! As for Bruce Campbell it is a time for your star to shine, you add so much to the show along with your other castmates! The show is a team effort without all the talent wouldn’t have been such a success.

      Linda S.

  2. Gina says:

    Is there a reason why the Burn Notice prequel doesn’t focus on the show’s main chcharacter? What is Donovan doing as a director? The real story should be about Michael’s beginnings as a spy, not Bruce Campbell playing GI Joe in the jungle pretending to be someone half his age.

    • Rich M says:

      I believe that Bruce Campbell has such a big fan base and those fans “demanded” a Sam back story movie. As a huge fan of Burn Notice I would love to see a prequel about Michael Weston. Maybe that will happen too.

      • Mark says:

        agreed, i have a sneaky suspicion that we may find out in this a small portion of what hasppened to michael Weston. Which may lead to another movie. I Hope.

        • TJ says:

          I’m betting on a cliffhanger at the end where Michael saves Sam’s life leading to another backstory movie. Lovin it.

        • Karen says:

          I agree too, I’d love to see all their backgrounds. These guys are great Michael, Fi and Sam Plez it dosen’t get better! I say let’s have MORE and MORE… I love this show!!!!!!!

      • Knobz2 says:

        um ya i don’t really care for a back story about Sam either, Unless they do a back story on Micheal when he was actually a spy and would love to see how he met up wit up Fiona and what she was up to wit a little back story on her as well…
        If they do 2 movies then i will b extremely happy about this movie as well…
        But I Can agree that having this TV-Movie is better than not having one at all & im sure i will enjoy it (Even if its not about the main character)!!!

        • K4 says:

          I wouldn’t like to see Fiona in a back story, well if she has that awful irish accent she tried to pull at the beginning of the show.

          • Rob says:

            Her American accent isn’t real. I liked Fiona’s Irish one. Either way she is my fave and I would like to see her in a prequel with michael

      • Chuck Finley says:

        Chuck Finley strongly agrees

      • Randall says:

        I also agree! After this production there should be back story on Michael, and in it as well the beginning of their relationship between Fiona and Michael back in Ireland too. Can hardly wait for this. As I and thousands of others agree BURN NOTICE is the best thing going these days on USA network or any other network for that matter.

    • john says:

      Well then it would be a 2 hour episode with his voice over.

    • Chell says:

      We get the basic backstory on Michael in the series but we only hear that Sam is a friend who used to inform on Michael to the FBI. I think it’s great that they are giving us some background info on Sam. I’m excited to see it.

      • sashay says:

        That’s what I thought. We get Michael’s backstory in little bits and pieces but I’m really looking forward to this prequel. We get so little Sam, and I want more Bruce Campbell!

        • Dave says:

          You don’t just hear that Sam was a friend who used to inform on Michael to the FBI, you see it. That actually took place on the show and we saw it. The backstory is his time in the Military.

    • Sarah says:

      I thought it should be about Michael too, at first, but the San story does sound good. Plus, Michael’s previous work was so undercover… I would like to see the story, but the ambiguity of it -since it’s all supposed to be really hush-hush anyway- is also ok with me… I think…

    • Andrew says:

      Perhaps there will be a prequel movie for all the characters. Think of this as a test run for Michael’s story. You know remove the bugs from the prototype

    • Charles Berlanga says:


    • NW IN THE NW says:

      I agree, and what about my 2nd favorite character – Miami? Why venture to Columbia?

    • Diana says:

      I agree. The entire series has left the specifics of Michael’s past a mystery, including how he and Fiona met. It’s so ambiguous! I would love to see how Michael, Fiona, and Sam all knew each other before Miami. That would be an interesting story!

  3. TEABE says:

    Actually, if you read past the story you see this:

    This story originally appeared on Deadline.com.

  4. Luminosity says:

    I LOVE that they are exploring Sam’s back story. Sam is such a great, colorful character that it should be a fun movie. I can’t wait!

  5. Andrea says:

    Sam’s backstory could be interesting, but not as interesting as it could be if Fi is included. The script will lack something if she’s not part of the story.

  6. Dianna says:

    Keile Sanchez also costars in the The Glades (A&E) with the delicious Matt Passmore.

    • John says:

      I was about to say that, accept the delicious Matt Passmore part! Kiele is beyond hot… not a great actress, but I overlook that little flaw ;-)

      This actually shows you the laziness of the person who wrote the article. She was in probably a total of 15 scenes during a half season of Lost… but that’s what the writer focused on??

  7. Marty Dressler says:

    Love Keile Sanchez in The Glades. She seems so comfortable in her role that you don’t even think she’s acting.

  8. Allen says:

    I would think that if this is successful, more “prequels” (i.e. Fi’s past as well as Michael’s past) can be explored. I would be interested in the pasts of some of the villians. Perhaps Carla or Victor.

  9. LaSal says:

    Anything is better if Jesse isn’t in it. Sam’s background could be interesting if played right, but considering how watered down the show has become, making Fi ‘confused’ because Jesse kissed her for example, makes me a little concerned that the movie will be as weak as the show is becoming.

    • davidrainwater says:

      I like that they changed the storyline a little the whole help ppl till some guy who want Michael to do something then it goes wrong thing wasgetting old.

  10. Jennifer Stockert says:

    I am absolutely thrilled that Jeffrey Donovan and the Burn Notice writers recognize that Sam is a fantastic character and deserves a starring feature!
    Keep in mind, it’s not just that Sam is a great character, but it’s also the fact that Bruce Campbell is THE MAN.
    Thank you, everyone involved, for recognizing that.

  11. ray scroggins says:

    i love the show been watchn since it startd i just want to know when it will b back on

  12. Bill says:

    Seeing how Fi and Michael met could be fascinating – their chemistry is wonderful, and what we’ve heard of their tangled history has been fascinating. I’m very glad the writing is showing the various relationships evolve: Jesse’s introduction was extremely effective.

    It could also be fun to dive far into the character’s future – possible future. Imagine a moment where Michael is telling a bed-time story to his young daughter, like Antonio Banderas at the end of Zorro, and Fi comes in, a la Catherine Zeta-Jones ….

  13. Chuck Stevens says:

    If you want to a Pre-Quel of Sam just watch “Army of Darkness” (1 & 2). Big BN fan but I would love to see a ‘simultaneous’ Pre-Quel of all 3 characters and how then Michael ended up with Fi and Sam informing to the Feds…

    • Everett says:

      Sam was informing on Micheal to the feds in season 1, not before.

    • Drew says:

      This is the second post that has mentioned ‘Army of Darkness’ in the plural sense. Ccary posted ‘I loved Bruce Campbell in the Army of Darkness movies.’ Both posts make no sense. There is no Army of Darkness 2. And at Ccary, don’t you mean the Evil Dead movies, of which Army of Darkness was the third installment and, for now (but hopefully not forever) the final.

  14. Breanna says:

    I wanna know why Fi wasn’t mentioned!! Without Fi and Michael, I’m out.

  15. Kristie says:

    I can’t wait and would absolutely LOVE to see a prequel to Michael’s story also!

  16. kitai says:

    What is Burn Notice with out Fiona?!?! I’d love to see the Sam story line but Chandra West cannot act!

  17. scuba says:

    There are rumors sam was going to be written off the show and jesse was just a replacementi personally like jesse a bit better than sam but i would miss his silly antics alot

  18. toworreed2sleep says:

    I think its great that they are doing a backstory. I’ll bet that if people are receptive to this one, the other characters’ backstories could follow. I see 3 (or 4) single character movies, and then one where we see how they each met.

    It’s a a USA movie, and if you notice, Campbell is one of the executive producers.. haha of COURSE its going to be about Sam Ax!

  19. Doug says:

    Maybe its just me but I have this sneaking suspicion that they aren’t doing a movie on Michael because…hmm…maybe they’d like to use the show for that?

    I could be wrong though I’m sure…

  20. mbcoe says:

    For those wanting Fiona’s backstory: If they did too much on her, it could end the series, as I suspect she is the key to the whole plot…

  21. steve says:


    • Andrew says:

      Did you even read the artical? It’s not a Hollywood movie, it’s a tie in movie prequel that will air on TV USA Network. It’s not exactly a Burn Notice movie it’s a Sam Ax movie.

    • Scott says:

      Steve, I know it may be hard to belive, but this will not be a “straight to video” movie. If you bothered to read the article it stated “The two-hour Burn Notice prequel movie is due to air on USA Network sometime this spring”.

      Also the cap locks button is the one just below the tab button.

      This is just a teaser, we do not know if it will have the other characters in it, or the full story. It should be interesting in any case.

  22. just a uk fan says:

    i believe us fans in the uk are missing out! i have seen 3 series.. is there more i have missed.. this movie on Sams past culd be great he is a great character! just be sure we can se it sometime soon!

  23. tom says:

    Somehow I got the impression that the 2001 season had already started a month or so ago. I could swear I saw a season opener. Now I read that the new season will open in Spring 2011. Has there any new show yet this year? Can’t figure how I went so wrong…

    • tom says:

      talking about the 2011 season….

      • Sharon says:

        Burn Notice is a “half-season” show. It generally runs a handful of episodes in the early fall, and then comes back with another “season” between the spring and summer TV seasons. In a way, it’s better like that – no other major network shows to compete for the best time slots.

  24. m says:

    I agree with a lot of you on here about them not doing a prequel on Michael because they probably want to use that for the show.. however another reason may be that spies are supposed to have “secret lives”… we aren’t supposed to know anything about when he was a spy or how he came to be a spy, for that matter. It would give too much away. As far as a prequel as to how the trio met….I totally agree…That would make a GREAT prequel. Especially since we already know how they came to “work” together. As far as a couple ppl asking when will the show be back on..I keep an eye on the USA website for as much information as much information as I can get.

  25. Shoshanah says:

    Much as I love Sam Axe, I want a prequel movie showing how Michael and Fiona met up!!

  26. tracyrenae says:

    I was really excited until i saw that the movie is focussing only on Sam…although I love Sam’s character…I would love to see a backstory on Michael and Fi as well…maybe someday ;)

  27. smeg head says:

    Interesting: I think a dark movie of weston in Ireland would have made a harder story. Let’s see. hope there are some serioisly good writers on this and not candy floss, satisfy the cheap demographic. If funny get Simon pegg to write.

  28. chris says:

    I would love to work on developing Sam Axe’s backside. tee hee. Although it looks pretty fine to me now.

    seriously love the character and can’t wait for the movie.

  29. Ray says:

    Will there a prequel on how Michael and Fiona hooked up in Ireland?

  30. Lisa says:

    Why are these so-called blonds necessary?

  31. Maggie says:

    I LOVE this idea! I started watching Burn Notice because Bruce Campbell was in it. I think they will do a tie in with Michael and leave room for another background movie.

  32. matt says:

    cant wait to see the movie just hate its gonna take till summer till the show comes back on which sucks i hate waiting

  33. mark says:

    Sam’s good but he’s no Chuck Finley!

  34. Jason says:

    where is fionas story? I love me some fiona

  35. friend says:

    i watch burn notice coz michael, sam n fi made a good team n the way thy wrk, man its damn itrsting n hats off. if any1 of thm will b missing thn it will only make the taste less spicy.

  36. Rose says:

    In the words of Fiona, “can’t wait”. A Michael/Fiona story should be next. Michael was able to tell Samantha, goodbye but could never say it to Fiona. He just left without a word. Even if they never make a movie, have a flashback to let the fans know how strong “no fun” Michael realized he was in love but whatever you do, DO GET TOO MUSHY! There’s enough soft porn on tv. What I love about Michael and Fiona is they are in love, not lust. Can’t wait. Come on Summer!

  37. Michael R. says:

    A prequel without Michael is not a prequel. Michael is the reason we watch the show. Michael is the main character, Sam is an added attraction so doing a prequel on him is not doing the show any favors, unless Michael and Fiona are brought in will just be another show without merit.

  38. Melody says:

    Totally excited!! I love Sam and I’d love to see some of his history.

  39. Maya says:

    Love the idea of a Sam movie but agree that Michael should appear somewhere. I would love more a Michael movie. Also since Sam, Fi and Michael have all met previously to the series (see fi’s reaction in episode 1 to Sam) there is room for a back story with all. Would particularly love a pre-series Michael story either with FI, Sam, before military or in the 15 years that he was in covert ops.

    Dont know where they can really go now with the story, apparently the next 2 seasons will have alot of pre-series stuff in it though which should be interesting. A bit curious as to how they will un-age the actors in a way that will not look fake.

  40. Bob says:

    Ummm, if this takes place in 2005, how does anyone figure Campbell is playing a character half his age and that First would be a little girl? Just saying.

  41. Bob says:

    Ummm, if this takes place in 2005, how does anyone figure Campbell is playing a character half his age and that Fi would be a little girl? Just saying.

  42. Tammy says:

    Can’t wait! Love anything Burn Notice! Love all the main characters so happy to see anything extra. Love to see more prequels!

  43. Suncatcher says:


  44. Jettboy says:

    Wait, I thought Sam was a former FBI? What is he doing as a military operative? This storyline doesn’t make sense.

  45. Randall says:

    Hey Jettboy, your wrong about Sam’s past. He was not former FBI he was a former Team 2 Navy Seal.

  46. Imani natse faithful says:

    Wow,hope the back story could be out-is it?

  47. Joseph Banegas says:

    what’s the story with the Blondes? I know, men go GAGA over Blondes, but Brunettes are REAL and smarter! specially in Colombia, the blondes are Spaniards descendants, and you will never see them mingle with the ‘common people’ usually involved with ‘terrorists’, ‘cartel’, or other dubious groups…