Exclusive Video: Zachary Levi Talks Chuck Wedding (and Sings Us A Little Somethin')

Zachary Levi is singing a happy tune, and for good reason: For the first winter in a while, NBC’s Chuck (Mondays at 8/7c) isn’t in complete and total panic mode, relying on Subway-frequenting fans and benevolent network execs to keep Team Bartowski in the field a while longer.

“It feels good to make content that people are passionate about,” Levi told TVLine when we visited the action-dramedy’s set this month. “If that translates into numbers that are solid enough for…  NBC to know that 8 o’clock on Monday nights is taken care of, then rock-and-roll.”

Exclusive Video: Chuck‘s Yvonne Strahovski

When last we tuned into Chuck, our titular spy’s romance with Sarah was being put to the test as she dove undercover with Volkoff’s network for the purpose of freeing Mama B.

“This is something she wants to do for [Chuck] as much as for national security,” Levi says in the video Q&A posted below. “But he doesn’t want to lose her” — especially since it was an identically ambitious mission that robbed Chuck of his mom all those years ago.

Drumming up such drama is one of the reasons Chuck has so winningly turned its “Will They?/Won’t They?” couple into a very entertaining “Oh Yes, They Did!” duo. “It wasn’t just, ‘All right, that’s that and now we’re happy!'” Zach explains. “No, we’re now dealing with all the crap you deal with in a relationship.”

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on House, Chuck, 90210 and More!

Also in his sit-down with TVLine, Zach talks about Monday’s midseason finale and then — sometimes in song! — the assorted “things” on tap for the back half of this super-sized season.

Might said “things” include a wedding for Chuck and Sarah? Don’t miss Zach’s take on that hot topic at the 2:30 mark!

Watch the full video here, then tell us: Would you like to see a Chuck/Sarah wedding this season?

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  1. Jo says:

    “How do you be vague enough, Zach?”
    Adorable. I love Zachary Levi and I love Chuck. ^^ So glad to finally see it being safe. The massive twists with Casey and Sarah shows what I love about Chuck: It’s not afraid to take risks and make changes.

  2. awelle says:

    That was such a treat. You need to visit the Chuck set all the time. I already loved the Yvonne interview. I am so excited for that mid-season finale tomorrow and the rest of the season afterwards.

  3. Anne says:

    Nice interview Matt. I am glad to have you on this new site, seems great so far.

    And totally agree with Zach, would totally seem fitting for a wedding to end the season -whether a 5th season happens or not. I mean, after all, one of the most intriguing couples in the last 10 years on TV has been Friday Night Lights Coach & Tami Taylor. Marriage can make it more interesting, plus Chuck has enough built-in drama with the spy stuff.

    Also, I am pleased with your confidence on the show not really being a bubble show, but it for sure really seems like it is. Love the show though, and am rooting for it!

  4. Katie says:

    Great interview again, Matt! I’m glad you did two separate interviews with Zac and Yvonne since she’s usually less talkative than he is. I agree that the Chuck/Sarah wedding would be a nice way to end it. Considering they aren’t even technically engaged yet makes me think the writers won’t rush it anytime soon.

    The review scorecard currently has Chuck as “could go either way” but from the interview it sounds like you’re somewhat confident it’ll get another season. Is it like halfway between “could go either way” and “safe bet” or am I getting my hopes up?

  5. R says:

    Great interview! Love this show. Just finished a letter to NBC kindly asking them to continue airing this (and Community and Parenthood, my other slightly less-bubble-y faves). One more season and they’ll be at 100 episodes and into syndication territory–hooray! Thanks for all the lovely Chuck-related content recently, keep it coming!

  6. Nick says:

    Too soon for a wedding. Break them up and then wedding next, final, season!

    • Mikos says:

      Break them up? That’s what every other show would do. I say they get hitched at the end of the season, or the end of the second mini-season or whatever. Then next year they’re married spies and the show somehow makes that work too.

  7. Dee says:

    Thanks Matt for the interview with Zac! Oh goodness wouldn’t that be something if Chuck the little show that could is renewed for another season? Chuck has always lived on the bubble and this year is no different. If next season were to be it’s last, my hope would be that NBC straight up renews Chuck for a full 22 episodes to give the writing team license to map out a whole season. It would be epic to end the series on its 100th episode!

  8. Mace Moneta says:

    The one thing that Chuck does better than any other show, is break the mold. I never know what is going to happen, and that keeps me entertained. It seems simple and obvious, but for some reason other shows prefer playing it safe. Maybe Chuck’s position on the bubble is actually its strength – nothing to lose.

  9. Stratt says:

    Love the show. I’m betting it will be renewed for 22 episodes. Doesn’t it take 100 episodes to be able to go into syndication? That’s where everyone involved will make back some cash.

  10. May says:

    Thanks for the interview Matt! Always a treat to see new Chuck interviews and such. Can’t wait for tomorrows mid-season finale, it looks like its going to be fantastic!

  11. Tim says:

    Proposal at the end of 13

    14-23 Wedding Plans

    24 Wedding.

    Season 5 can start with their honeymoon.

  12. Stacie says:

    Love this show. Of course it lost some of the tension when they put them together but at least they aren’t boring and they are so damn cute together. I feel like when The Office put Jim and Pam together it changed the show and not in a good way, Chuck and Sarah being together has only made the show stronger because it has the same kind of dynamic it did before and also has them together, which is what the fans have wanted for years.

  13. Becca says:

    I want this to be renewed so badly. I don’t know what I would do w/o Chuck to start my week off.

  14. mdz says:

    Zach is just charming..I really really hope they come back for season 5 cause I love this show…please let there be a next season!!

  15. Aiden says:

    Here’s to hoping for another Chuck season. They always deliver, but it’s still sad how every year it seems to be on the bubble. But, hey, the fans have massive power. I’m betting we can score another!
    Anyways, great interview of Zach Levi. As usual, the rest of Season 4 is shaping up to be incredibly exciting.

  16. Susie says:

    Here’s to Zachary Levi and CHUCK – what a great actor and a great show!

  17. Michelle says:

    Excellent interview, Matt! Zach is hilarious and charming as always. Please let Chuck get renewed one more time. I love it so much and this season has been great. Long live Chuck!

  18. Cherie says:

    Thanks for the great interview! I’d love to see a wedding at the end of the season. I think the writers have shown they can keep it interesting and dramatic (if not more so!) with Chuck and Sarah together. They have so many good, solid characters to work with that they create many more interesting story lines rather than to just rely on the tension between Chuck and Sarah.

  19. Charlsie says:

    Yes! There has to be a Chuck/Sarah wedding this season!

  20. Kenneth says:

    Hey Hey..
    greentings from Denmark.. CHUK you make 007JAMES BOND
    look like Boy Schouts..
    Casey.. You ROCK.. better than xXx

    Hav a nice DAY..

  21. Emily says:

    YES!!! Chuck and Sarah HAVE TO get married at the end of the season!!!! It’s what we’ve all been waiting for really. Chuck and Sarah are amazing together and they need to tie the knot in this season. :)

  22. gianluca says:

    it would be beautiful that in this season there is an intention of marriage, but when we are near to I exchange him/it the rings, someone of the volkoffs industries you shoot to chuck, and the marriage there will be in the fifth season after having stopped the association above the volkoffs…. you excuse for my English but I am Italian

  23. Allyson says:

    Thanks so much for the interview! Loved seeing it today before the mid-season finale tonight!! I think a wedding would be fitting and if they are confident that another season is coming their way, of course a disaster at said wedding would be a great (although fan-frustrating) cliffhanger. Although I’m also thinking a wedding of sorts between say Morgan and Alex could happen as well?!? If Zach was elluding to a wedding, that could be it! They never just come out and say what they are really doing. I’m also thinking the whole proposal thing will probably drag out a little longer. Love the show for its exciting cliffhangers nearly every week and great chemistry and writing for every aspect of the show! CHUCK SEASON 5!!!!

  24. Angie says:

    I am sooo hoping for a 5th season.

  25. Babs Brumfield says:

    I am so happy for the cast and crew of Chuck and I want a 5th season. This show has been my mainstay on Mondays for so long, that I am addicted so please continue……PLEASE!!

  26. Teri Bass says:

    I loved the Chuck show when it first came on. I knew it would be a hit. I can always pick the best shows of the season. I would like to see Chuck and Sara get married. Please keep Chuck innocent! Well, not so much, but stick to the original “theme” of the story. Don’t change Chuck too much.

  27. domingos says:

    oi meu nome e domingos mora no brasil gostaria muito deles se casando nesta temporada sou muito fan deles e da serie um abraço thau!!!!!!!! me add no msn ou no fecebook domingos otavio da silva

  28. Melinda says:

    OK, is it sad that I was just as happy to hear Matt’s voice in the interview as I was to hear what Zac said? (Oh, don’t answer that. LOL) Glad to have you and Ausiello together again, Matt, so I can cut down the number of “must visit” websites in a day. Chuck is one of my favorite shows, although I admit some of the Volkoff stuff is ridiculous and I’m ready for them to move on.

  29. EllenElyse says:

    OMG! Yes. Adorable. Zac couldn’t be more adorable if he tried. :D I absolutely want to see a wedding. Yvonne is adorable too. Really everyone on the show is adorable, you just want to hug them all. :D That’s why we love our Team Bartowski. :D <3

  30. SaMM says:

    I just want to see this show continue, year after year. Other people have said the same thing I was going to say about the writing; that it’s fresh and the twists are never expected. I like that they allow Chuck and Sarah to continue as a couple. The comedy is great, too. Tall, blonde she-male? Loved it!

  31. SaMM says:

    The link to the Yvonne Strahovski interview goes to a “page not found”

  32. Chris says:

    The build up for this proposal is enourmous. I just hope it’s gonna be everything those two characters deserve.
    I hope this show never ends. It is without a doubt, the best TV production of all time.

  33. Capri says:

    I don’t get the idea of a mid-season finale? All I want is chuck every Monday night at 8 a.m. I was so irritated when our local station put on sports last week!

  34. karolyne llewellyn says:

    they need a wedding this season

  35. Tacoma Leroy says:

    A wedding??? YES, but how do they top the musical sequence from Elly & Awesome’s wedding???? The Jeffster performance stands as one of the greatest scenes ever on TV. The perfect usage of Mr. Roboto and how the lyrics of the song so perfectly match the show’s themes and situations was amazing. I mean how can you not love a wedding wrecked by an “indian and lesbian Sam Kinneson”, and how could that ever be topped??? If you, for whatever reason, do not remember that scene, then by all means pull out your DVD’s, or check it out on You-Tube. It is still a laugh riot. LONG LIVE CHUCK!!!!

  36. CynthiaS says:

    Really nice interview. I have mixed feelings about WHEN a wedding should be because I can never get enough of this show and I would like them to give Sarah and Chuck a chance to spend more time together first but…. a wedding really is what we all want at some point! :) So happy for everyone involved – all aspects of Chuck are just fantastic.

  37. Hugh says:

    Yes….a wedding for chuck and sarah this season, what a great idea for the finale and the beginning of season 5! NBC, alot of fans love this show, consider that, those people, the fans. Not a nielsen ratings printout!!!!!

  38. zane says:

    I think they should do the wedding in season 5

  39. JamesBCool says:

    This is a great interview with Zachary. In moments he showed the subtle sense of humor that he gives his character. Zachary always cracks me up.

    I watched Chuck last night and thought that it was one of the best episodes. I don’t mind if they draw out the engagement a little longer than the end of season 4. It took a while for Chuck and Sarah to get to this point (the engagement plan) and their characters are often forced to be apart and do things which would put strain on a trusting relationship.

    I thought the final arrest of Alexi Volkoff was a great scene. Volkoff said that it would take an Army to subdue the men he had outside Orion’s cabin and then there was a knock on the door. It was General Beckman and she had an entire platoon of Delta Operators with mine resistant armored trucks. That showed true respect for Momma B’s mission to dismantle Volkoff Industries and take down the secret connections of Alexi’s Hydra network.

  40. ebba says:

    Mabye in season 5. But the need a wedding in this season.Or something that makes the end of the season 4 more exciting.

  41. virginia shifflett says:

    i love this show i started by way white collar bought chuck1 went back for 2&3 nbc got me for monday nights because of chuck keep him on

  42. chuckfans says:

    I love CHUCK.. If I can do something to make the rating up coz I live outside US :(
    Please give more CHUCK season.. The story & the cast are so great, especially Zach & Yvonne have so much chemistry between them. I never get so excited to watch tv show like CHUCK in my life. I have all CHUCK DVD collection to rewatch again and again..