Law & Order Beauty Makes Move To Los Angeles Spin-off

Pack your sunblock, Connie Rubirosa, because you’re heading to Los Angeles.

Law & Order alumna Alana De La Garza has joined the cast of NBC’s Law & Order: LA, which is currently undergoing a revamp.

De La Garza will play her same L&O ADA, who in L.A. will work with Terrence Howard’s DDA Jonah Dekker.

“I hope fans of the ‘mothership’ will be happy to see the return of Alana’s character, Connie Rubirosa, one of the longest-running assistant prosecutors on Law & Order,” L&Overlord Dick Wolf says in a statement. “Alana has a huge following and it will be interesting to follow her character as she comes to terms with Los Angeles justice.”

De La Garza joined the L&O mothership at the start of Season 17, when Rubirosa succeeded the slain Alexandra Borgia, and she stayed with the show until its series finale last spring.

LOLA was pulled from the NBC sked several weeks after premiering to disappointing ratings and reviews. Skeet Ulrich was subsequently dropped as the lead on the series, opening the door for Alfred Molina’s DA character, Ricardo Morales, to return to his LAPD detective roots. He will be partnered with TJ Jaruszalski (Corey Stoll).

Original Law & Order: LA castmembers Regina Hall and Megan Boone also have left the spin-off.

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  1. Esaul says:

    Probably the smartest thing done since the mothership was canceled. I’m celebrating with her return and Zucker’s departure all in the same day. I’m a terrible terrible person.

  2. flutiefan says:

    i wish the original came back, but this helps ease the pain!

  3. Susan J says:

    Excellent news! Now if they can find a way to bring Linus Roache to the show, I will be such a happy camper.

    • Tania says:

      Then NBC shouldn’t have canceled the original, right? Here’s hoping that no one else from the original sells out to this spinoff.

  4. KevyB says:

    Yeah, I would’ve brought back Linus Roache and given Corey Stoll a female partner. But this works. It would’ve really worked if they brought back Jeremy Sisto and her, but we’ll take what we can get right now.

  5. Mena says:

    Great news! I’ve been hoping for a while that Alana De La Garza would come to Law & Order: Los Angeles. And I agree that it would be awesome if the show could also find a way to incorporate Linus Roache.

  6. DJ Rogue says:

    As poster Grumblethorp commented in the Deadline section – they should “just fire los angeles and bring back nyc”.

    And follow that up with hiring Waterston, Sisto, Anderson, Roache and S. Epatha. Voila! Better than this mess that’s trying to pass as Law & Order now…

  7. 3dhouseofmagic says:

    Lupo and Bernard had great chemistry in the final seasons of the original. I LOVE L&O but watching the LA version was so painfully awful I just passed on it. Anything else could be an improvement. Dumd Dumb move to end the original IMO.

  8. Jeff Swords says:

    Yep, this is freakin’ awesome! I really wish the original had stayed on. But I had high hopes that this spin-off would at least bring one of the NY cast members to LA. when that didn’t happen I was disappointed. Then the show was mediocre, with less than mediocre Skeet-Skeet. Now he’s gone and Rubirosa’s coming to LA all at once! YAY! I too wish Cutter and Lupo could’ve made the jump instead, but I’ll take what I can get! I do like Terrance Howard and Alfred Molina’s characters, but I really do think Molina will make an intriguing detective with Corey Stoll who is pretty good himself. I feel a whole lot better about LOLA now!!!

  9. Kathy Kitt says:

    I like her so will definitely start watching when her episodes start airing. Finally Law and Order producers and NBC make a good decision.

  10. Jamie says:


    “LOLA was pulled from the NBC sked several weeks after premiering to disappointing ratings and reviews.” – That is actually false information. You should watch how you bring your own views in. LOLA was pulled to make room for other NBC series’, not ratings and not entirely on the cast overhaul.

    Since LOLA was the highest rated (and still is) premiere of the fall season premieres (2010-2011). I see ratings to increase on LOLA.

    But yay for Connie! I disagree with bringing back “L&O”. Bring them to LA! (or at least we need some guest apperances or a crossover!)

  11. Alex says:

    Wow… I’m actually going to have to watch LOLA.

    Alana (and Connie) are fantastic and this really was a very smart move- after L&O fans like me found LOLA wholly unsatisfying a little taste of classic L&O is what its gonna taje to draw us back.

    When does she debut? I’m going to miss her relationship with Cutter… he basically admitted he was in love with her! Any chance he’ll drop by?

  12. KB says:

    Hands down the best ADA on the original L&O. Can’t wait to see her in L&O: LA.

  13. Linderella49 says:

    This is absolutely phenomenal news…class act!

  14. David says:

    I agree this is great news and hopefully this will improve the show. It had to be one of the biggest disappointments of the fall season and can only get better. I think one of the biggest issues was the fact that so many of the cast didn’t have good chemistry together and that’s probably a problem that was caused by the show getting greenlit without a pilot. I miss the original Law and Order and it’s still disappointing that it got cancelled. While Terrence Howard is a great actor, he’s been disappointing in this show – almost like he tries too hard.

  15. Tania says:

    A cheap tactic by Dick Wolf to garner better ratings for this spinoff. As much as I liked the Rubirosa character, this move will not sway me to watch LOLA. I’m now convinced that Mr. Wolf didn’t fight hard enough for the original. Yes, I am bitter. So, here’s hoping that no other original cast member relocates. I am not rooting for its success at all.

  16. Rick says:

    Well I hope it all works out for LOLA myself. It’s the only good NEW NBC show of 2010-11! I hope Alana has fun in Los Angeles and on LOLA!

    I heard that Matt Nix might join the “Law & Order” team and Vincent D’Onofrio might be executive producer or producer of Dick Wolf’s next project – “Law & Order: Miami” for USA Network supposedly >> that’d be tight!

  17. Helen Von Patterson Patton says:

    So do we really refer to women as “beauties,” as in your headline? Is this 1962?

  18. alan says:

    great move….i mean great move considering they already cancelled the original. lola in original form was horrible.

    this is the best move they have made. ulrich was more watchable of the 2 cops, so getting rid of him was stupid. Molina stinks on this, so him being in every episode is stupid, but Blanchard was terrific, so him being in every episode is great, and now to have a link back to the original is a great move.. There is hope.

  19. Babette24 says:

    I’m not buying into this cheap stunt. L&O (the real one) should never have been canceled! I love all the comments about which L&O characters should be moved to LOLA – Why not just get rid of LOLA and bring back the Original. I loved Connie’s character, but no way will I support LOLA.

  20. gary r says:

    While I have missed one of my favoriye shows of all time. I am happpy that the alana de la garza is coming to the new show. I refused to watch LOLA. I have seen this show since its beginning. with chris noth ,jill hennessey and the others. I enjoy the show but they pissed me off when they canceled it. Sam Waterson is one of the best actors in his role as DA Jack McCoy, I well be watchng the new version just because the sexy Alan is now on it and that is the only reason

  21. lovelawandorder says:

    I was watching the original law and order since i was in the womb!
    It def did not get the proper send off it so rightfully deserved and Im pretty dissapointed with this new stuff they are trying to replace it with. LOLA has to earn a spot in my heart to replace what I had for the original L&O! The chemistry between all the characters is hard to beat! I hope the revamping of LOLA will be worth watching or sadly I will have to cut it from my tv viewing all together and stick with SVU and their never ending train of new DA’s. Which now seems to be the new coveted guest spot on that show.

  22. TonyH says:

    There are some existing storylines to bring more of the original L&O characters to L&O LA that would really make me happy.
    First, Anthony Anderson’s character Detective Bernard is from Los Angeles. Just have him join LAPD as a beat cop for part of a season, then send him to the detective squad.
    Second, Jeremy Sisto’s character, Detective Lupo, has been in law school since he joined the original franchise. Have him graduate and become and ADA. Bring in Linus Roche (Cutter) as supervising ADA, and have him hire Lupo.
    I like the remaining cast memebers of L&O LA, and the Los Angeles / LAPD backdrop for the stories should work well. Storylines on SouthLAnd are grittier and more interesting at this time, but Mr. Wolf’s steller work will make L&O LA a hit. I have seen just about every episode of every L&O show since the first premire over 20 years ago, and have enjoyed just about every minute of it.

  23. Drug Hunter says:

    Terrific news….now I can give my DVR some rest and stop watching so many old episides!

  24. Pandaranol says:

    Alana ‘s so beautiful