Exclusive CSI Video: Is Grissom Returning?!

Something tells me Sara/Grissom fans will not want to miss next week’s CSI.

The following promotional clip from the Feb. 3 episode — which finds Jorja Fox’s Sara working through some issues with her disapproving mother-in-law — strongly suggests that William Petersen’s MIA Grissom will figure into the family squabble.

But will William Petersen actually be making an appearance — as CSI Files is reporting? Or will Grissom remain an off screen presence? A CSI spokesperson declined to comment. My gut, however, advises you to tune in.

Watch the clip and you tell me: Do you think Grissom will turn up next week? Or am I reading too much into it?

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  1. Mikaylah says:

    Wasn’t there a blind item about a character coming back to a show and dying? Could this be it?

    • nook says:

      I don’t think so, I think it’s Prentiss in Criminal Minds.

      As for Grissom returning… it would be great. I really miss his character, a lot.

      • llzS says:

        what seriously? why do you think it’s Prentiss?

      • Mikaylah says:

        I really hope it isn’t Prentiss. I think they offered to keep her on the show, but after the whole fiasco with J.J’s character I guess I don’t blame her for feeling a little unappreciated.

      • Cheery says:

        Oh sh-t, really? I thought it was Katherine Heigl on Grey’s. Hence the “coming back” part, and Prentiss is still on CM. I’ll be so sad if the do kill Prentiss though. :(

        • Kris says:

          Kat Heigl left to be a mom, not cause she didn’t want to be on it anymore so I think she would want a window to come back. Shondra said something about toying with the idea of killing her off off-screen but felt it was too cruel and would never truly give Alex/Izzie fans closure so she didn’t go through with it.

      • diana says:

        We all know that Prentiss is going to die, or better yet, is going to be killed, murdered. But she is not coming back to the show. She never left Criminal Minds.

        • Mikos says:

          True dat. Plus she’s hardly a “name” actor. Blind items seem to induce random guesses from folks who haven’t read them. Now, William Peterson doesn’t fit perfectly either and more importantly – what a bummer that would be.

          Besides it looked like Catherine walking into the lab before it went boom. Doubt they’re killing her but it could get messy.

          • francisca says:

            This is Marg Helgeberger’s last season on CSI, it might be her blowing up. We never know what the producers are up to.

  2. Mike (Tazz602) says:

    I think it’s setting up a comeback – we may not see him next week but it would be a good way to set up his return and get people watching the following weeks during sweeps.

  3. Sam says:

    Yes, Mikaylah, there was a blind item about that and I was the only one (at the time I posted) that mentioned anything about Grissom. Now with this news…. I think I hit the nail on the head.

    • Mogie says:

      The blind item also said though that most people would care to see this person come back. I think every fan of CSI is WAITING ANXIOUSLY for Grissom to return.

      • DL says:

        The quote is: “Hint: I have a sneaking suspicion a good chunk of the audience will not be sad to see this person go. Actually, I’m sure of it.”

        So it means this can’t be Grissom, because people WOULD be sad to see him go. The blind item refers to a character that people dislike.

  4. Jeff in Texas says:

    If Grissom does come back, this is going to be one of the best kept secrets in all of TV. I am glad to see that they’re finally addressing the fact that Sara has been in Las Vegas for a long time with little, to no, references to Grissom or thier marriage.

  5. CSI Fan says:

    While I hope he does, if it the source is CSI Files i doubt it.

    From what I heard no one from the CSI shows will give them interviews anymore because of the obvious bias of the whole site against some of the characters/cast. No idea if it is true or not but if I was assoicated with any of the CSI shows and having read some of the stuff posted (even by the mods) I would go anyway near the place either – hell I would be tempted to sue them.

    • Tracy says:

      LOLOLOL Butthurt much because the website allows all opinions and not just glowing remarks and ass kissing?? You can’t sue someone for expressing an opinion, jackwagon.

      • Poppy says:

        Off Topic–Hey Tracey Would you say calling someone UGLY and making fun of them and saying the only show they should be cast in is The Elephant Woman, is an opinion? Because I don’t. Personally I think its disgusting–whether they got warned or not–that its been allowed to remain posted on that board. Do the mods/admins not have the power to delete stuff like that?

        Back on topic. Grissom was my favorite character, so I would love to see him return in any capacity.

        • Sam says:

          OT-Tracey and Deedee. I get Constructive Criticism and people not liking a character and I get them being able to express that opinion, but reading Poppy’s post about calling an actor “UGLY” or saying they should be cast in “The Elephant Woman”, I’m kind of left wondering how that could be classed as constructive criticism. And its certainly not an opinion that adds anything to a discussion. All I see are comments that are down right rude and nasty. Why would the mods/admins want anyone to read that kind of thing on their board? Yes the person may have been warned?, but why not delete it? Its that kind of post that sticks with people when they read over there– I can certainly see why they wouldn’t want to return.

          On Topic. Yay for a Grissom return, if only via video.

          • Janie says:

            If what has been posted here is representative what what has been posted at the site then I am glad that I do not go there. It does not sound like constructive criticism to me it sounds more like being nasty to certain members of the cast.

            If they do allow comments such as those mentioned then it would certainly make me think twice about giving an interview to site if they say things like like about a friend of someone I work with. It would also make me wonder what they would say about me if I suddenly became one of those they do not like.

            Like everyone seems to agree I have absolutely no problem with people stating their opinions, disagreeing with me and having a good old debate about it. But there is a difference between that and being just nasty and rude about people.

            I totally agree it is all about respect.
            what has been said

      • Hannah says:

        Tracy if your reply to CSI Fan is indicative of what happens to people when they disagree with an opinion over there, no wonder they don’t come back.

    • Deedee says:

      Regular news articles on CSI Files are not biased. Reviews on the site contain the opinions of the reviewer, but that’s the point of a review. If you disagree with the reviewer’s opinion, that’s perfectly fine, but it doesn’t make the site evil or biased. *shrug*

      If you’re referring to the TalkCSI message board (and I think you are, judging by your reference to mods), that’s a place for people to talk about the show, so of course people have preferences. That doesn’t make the news on CSI Files biased.

      I don’t know where you ‘heard’ this stuff, but I seriously doubt it’s true. Also, CSI Files clearly linked to the original source of the information about Grissom’s return, ShaneSSaunders.com, so CSI Files is not the ‘source’ of this news.

      • CSI says:

        I am all for sharing and giving different opinions as long as everyone respects everyone elses point of view.
        But there is a difference between that and the blatant bashing of certain people. I have not been there in a while but when i did look there it was very much say whatever the hell you like about some of the cast/characters but say exactly the same thing about other cast/characters then get warned – that is where i see the bias in that site. The moderation should be the same across the board.
        In all honesty I doubted the not giving interviews thing myself when i first heard it, but if you hear it for a lot of different people and sources who do not know each other it does make you wonder.

        • Deedee says:

          Unless the sources you heard it from are actually involved with the site, a rumor is a rumor. CSI Files and TalkCSI are no different now than they were back when the site posted interviews on a regular basis, so this all sounds like a lot of nonsense. *shrug*

          Not that it matters in this case, really. This particular bit of news was based largely on the fact that CTV aired a promo with clips of Grissom in it. The truth of the news has nothing to do with any perceived bias (or whether people have issues with the site). We’ll all know whether or not Grissom is in the episode next Thursday. :)

          • Janie says:

            So do they not post interviews regularly anymore then Deedee? Sorry, I do not know the site so I am just wondering.
            No idea about that CSI site but I do think that whatever the site the moderation should be the same across that site.
            Yes we will on Thursday, can not wait. I know he is not coming back but its not been quite the same since he left.

          • Deedee says:

            (I can’t seem to reply to Janie’s comment, so I’ll reply here.)

            The last interview was posted in November. There might be another interview in a week, or there may never be another one. I’m sure it depends on a number of factors. Assuming that it has anything to do with TPTB hating the site is silly. There are many possible reasons, but people can believe whatever they want. I don’t even know why the site’s “bias” was called into question here in the first place, or why these accusations exist toward a fan site at all.

            The board has active moderators that try to keep things running smoothly. If someone has an issue with the moderation on the board, they can take it up with the administrators to voice their complaints. It’s pointless to argue on a different site about their methods.

            I’m sure everybody will be buzzing until Thursday! Even if CBS hasn’t made any sort of official announcement or advertised this, the fans online are certainly talking about it. :)

          • John says:

            Off Topic – (I cant seem to reply to Deedee so I will reply here as well) I understand where you are coming from, if Michael had said the source was ShaneSSaunders.com and not CSI Files it probably would not have been brought up.
            The reason why I think it was brought up is a case of frustration. I used to go there and for my own private reasons stop going a couple of years ago. But I do know people that still go there and some of them have voiced their concerns/comments/compliants with the administrators/Moderators and they were not acknowledged so no idea if they did look issue or not. That’s going to get people annoyed and frustrated whether their issue is valid or not.

            BACK ON TOPIC – I am in the UK so will have to wait a bit longer to see this, but I can’t wait. I agree with Janie its not been the same he left. Will be interesting to see what happens to the show when Cath/Marg leaves. But then it may give the show the fresh air that CSI NY got when Sela joined the show.

          • gormo says:

            lol come on folks the reply level goes five deep, they have to cut it off somewhere :-)

          • Tracy says:

            The mods at TalkCSI do a great job. People are allowed to criticize characters and actors no matter who they are. The people who get into trouble are the people who troll the board and have no intention of contributing to discussion and instead derail threads with off topic comments about actors or characters. There’s a huge difference between criticizing a character/actor and being a troll. Unfortunately people who do the latter can’t seem to grasp the difference and cry foul when they get into trouble. Some people also can’t grasp the concept that if they post an opinion other posters have a right to disagree with them. Disagreeing with someone is not the same thing as not allowing someone to have an opinion.

          • Thom says:

            Tracey, I agree with you everyone has the right to voice their opinions & to disagree with the opinions of others on a site. Trolling is very distruptive & I dont think anyone wants that, so I do not think anyone would disgree with you.
            What I think CSI Fan and CSI are trying to say is that the same rules should appy across the whole forum. If it is okay to say something about 1 of the character/actor then it should be okay to say it about another. But, if it is not okay to say something about 1 of the character/actor then it should not be okay to say it about another.
            I have only been to that website a couple of times & I have seen more than 1 instance of what COULD be seen as (as CSI put it)”say whatever the hell you like about some of the cast/characters but say exactly the same thing about other cast/characters then get warned”. I think that is something that EVERY site needs to be careful/aware of.

        • donnie says:

          I have to agree. CSI Files is very much slanted toward certain characters, and fans of other characters, such as myself, often feel uncomfortable. Some of the mods are VERY biased towards their favorite. It would be better if the mods were more neutral, but on a fansite I guess that’s too much to expect.

          • Tracy says:

            Again, my experience in the forums I visit and post in has been that the mods are fair; but they are also human and therefore not perfect. They do much better than many other message boards I’ve visited that cover a variety of topics. In my experience the people who feel uncomfortable posting are the same people who can’t handle that others disagree with them and will debate with them.

          • Sid says:

            I can only speak about my experience but I agree with you donnie. I have not been there this season, strangely some of my favourite characters are the same as the Mods yet sometimes I was left uncomfortable by what has been said about some of other characters.
            I have also seen more than once something that could be considered as a bit slanderous or defamation about one of non-mod favourites and nothing was done and the posts remained. Yet when someone else said the same thing about another character that was dealt with.
            Like John I know some people that have mentioned something to the Mods or to Admin but nothing was heard back. For me, even if their concern is valid or not it should be looked into and a reply given.
            As Thom said I think that this issue is something that every site needs to be careful/aware of it as it has the potental to alienate a lot of members.

          • Sammy says:

            I also agree with you donnie. While some of my favs where the same as the mods I was left uncomfortable sometimes by what was posted. I have no problem or issue debating or disagreeing with someone, I do it a lot on other forums for other shows. As someone mentioned everyone is allow their opinions and to state thier opinions whether they agree or disagree. However, there is a line that should not be crossed and for me personally I saw it crossed at TalkCSI way to many times for my liking, thats why I stop going.
            It is not about sucking up to anyone it is about respect. Respect for the person you are debating with and/or for the character or actor you are talking about – whether you agree or disagree, like or hate them they are only human, as someone else quite rightly said the mods are only human as well. Humans are not perfect we all miss things sometimes particularly if we have been doing something for a long time because we humans become complacent over time.

          • Leigh-Anne says:

            I can only echo the comments made by quite a few people here. I too also used to go there but stopped some time ago because the obvious bais of the site, from what I read here it does not sound like much has changed since I left.
            If anyone did mention something in a post (such as they thought something was below the belt or a bit uncalled for) then they were shouted down and told off. I am not saying that everytime someone to issue with a post they were right, but I was amazed by what some people could say about some of the cast (plus executives and other forum members) yet if it was said by someone else about another cast or forum member then they were jumped all over.
            One think has always stayed in my mind is a post I saw there and it made me laugh, someone posted that they felt sorry for a certain group of people on the forum because they liked a certain character and that character was crap but some of them where quite nice part for that. Now while that is funny to some extent, it is also a bit insulting to that group of people, they have a right to like who they like without being ridculed or being the butt of jokes just as the person made those remarks has the same rights. As far as I am aware nothing was said to the person who posted that remark and I do not think it was ever removed either.
            I do not think that anyone has an issue people stating their opinions or debating with someone who has different opinions, I think just like Sammy, it is about respect and I did not see much respect for anyone who disagreed with the Mod/Admin opinion of who is good and who is bad, that was part of the reason why I and a lot of people that I knew from there no longer go.

  6. UKMargFan says:

    Question about the trailer – is that Cath getting blown up at the end?? :O Doesn’t look like anyone else! Looks like a great episode though…

    • Winnipeg says:

      I think it’s Sara. Just the way she was walking into the office and the type of jacket that she was wearing before is similar to the one that the bomb victim was wearing.

      • Bring on the stress says:

        Not unless Sara suddenly dyes her hair blond!!…….either it’s the stunt woman for Marg……and if it is they need to learn to walk like Marg!! or it’s another blonde character who has…well….seen the light LOL

  7. stokesgirl says:

    Petersen is in the next episode. I’ve seen the promo from CTV (Canada) who did have him in their promo.

    Petersen apparently did not want his appearance promoted so CTV screwed up and the promo video was yanked.

  8. AnnaSophia says:

    OMG. This looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anony says:

    I bet he appears via Skype.

  10. sarah says:

    i love brass! hahahahaha he’s hysterical
    and i can’t wait for some good sara sidle eye rolls!

  11. CSI says:

    Michael – ShaneSSaunders.com was actually the first to report this.

  12. jenna says:

    Wow! This looks awesome!! I’ve been missing some good Gil and Sara scoop. Finally, an episode to get excited about!!! I hope Mother Grissom comes around. lol

  13. brian says:

    William Petersen played a great character in the old CSI, his demise was very sadly noted in our household. I hope he returns to reprise his role… on an indefinite basis!

  14. GSR says:

    As great as this clip is it probably should be closed captioned or have subtitles. I am sure many Deaf people would really enjoying watching it and at this point it is NOT accessible to them.

    It would be great if you could make it accessible by either

    a. Close Captioning it

    b. Posting a script with time markers

    It just seems odd that a clip that involvs Deaf people isn’t even accessible to them.

  15. tammy says:

    Can’t wait to see this! I came back to CSI when Sara returned, but I’ve still been missin’ Grissom. I doubt he’s back for good, but a guest appearance now and then (with his wife!) would be greatly appreciated.

  16. Stevie says:

    I think the blind item is Peter cambor’s character on ncis la. He’s coming back next week and will play a part I the rest of the season.

  17. Graciela says:

    William Petersen is featured in the next episode talking to Sara via Skipe scene from what looks a tent. The promo aired on CTV and withdrawal because William Petersen apparently did not want his appearance was promoted.

  18. I saw a preview somewhere showing Grissom on a video chat with Sara and now it is disappeared… but I an’t wait for this episode!

  19. Paco says:

    What about Ryan O Neal on “Bones”? He would fit the profile as well.

  20. Kathy19 says:

    I think this has been the best season of CSI in a long time. Love that my favorites are finally getting more screen time (Greg and Nick). It would be nice to see Grissom again, but I think the show has finally recovered from his leaving. I also like the dynamic of Sara back in the mix occasionally. I won’t miss Catherine too much if/when she leaves.

  21. Sandra says:

    **First of all, I hope my bad English won’t be a problem to understand my point**
    He IS in the next episode, that’s for sure. If you watch this promo thoroughly, you’ll can see him ( 1:15, between the scenes: 1st, Grissom is beside Nick when he’s removing his glasses; 2nd, the same minute, another scene, a man kisses a woman… I don’t think they look like Cath and Vartann, so they must be the ex-lover and a younger Grissom)
    What do you think?

    • Robin says:

      Sorry, but that’s Nick and Ray at 1:15, and the 2 people kissing are the Marlee Matlin character and some other man. And I think it’s the Marlee Matlin character getting blown up at the end, too.

  22. DenverDean says:

    Wow. Great promo! Amazing secret — back in November they swore no Billy P. Me thinks that this is an amazing stunt to create buzz. (There are no “accidents”. I mean why would they create a clip with him in it, if it wasn’t meant to be used to PROMOTE the epi PRIOR to airing.) If it was truly meant to be secret, no clip! Looking forward to Thursday.

  23. jan says:

    I’m so excited for this episode!
    Love Sara Sidle, Brass is hilarious, and Grissom would be the icing on the cake!
    Can’t wait for Thursday!

  24. July says:

    I love Grissom&Sara, best couple ever!

  25. Elaine says:

    I love Grissom and Sara and oddly, I almost love them more now that Grisaom’s left. Sara’s my favorite character, but her coming back has given her a new maturity and refreshing positive outlook.

    I think what draws me to this pairing is the weirdly innocent maturity it has.

    I can’t wait for this episode. This preview is awesome. CBS does a great job with this stuff.

    • amanda says:

      I like that description: a weirdly innocent maturity. :)
      Grissom and Sara are the only fictional couple I really care about; and I’ve always wondered why. They’re just so unique.
      The promo looks great! And, once again I am excited about CSI.

  26. Ben Phelps says:

    I haven’t been watching CSI consistently anymore, but I’d definitely watch this one if Grissom does come back

  27. Brian says:

    In case anyone wants to see the CTV Promo, it’s here:

    So yeah, he’ll be on the episode on Thursday. I wish it were to be involved with the investigation and not just on a computer screen for what will probably amount to 5 minutes worth of screen time or less. But I guess take what you can get…

  28. Anne134 says:

    I wonder why CBS hides his come back. I don´t get it… O_o

  29. Lynn says:

    Grissom will not be back, this clip is to help boost ratings, they really should stop playing with people’s emotions.

  30. scarlett says:

    If Grissom return will be great…I miss him!!!

  31. Dame Makedonski says:

    Grissom character became a trademark for CSI. Producers tried to replace him with other characters – but I think it was not so successful attempt.