Smallville, Supernatural Returns Delayed a Week

The programming strategy is sound, but the timing of the decision… well, it could’ve been better. Regardless, The CW announced just this Thursday evening that Smallville and Supernatural will not resume their seasons this Friday, as planned, but a week later, on February 4.

In their place, The CW will repeat encore tonight’s shiny new episodes of The Vampire Diaries and Nikita.

The reason for the scheduling change is two-fold, says a network source. For starters, Vampire Diaries is being preempted tonight in both Chicago (for a mayoral debate) and Bal’more (in deference to basketball).

Additionally — and, one could reckon, more importantly — this Thursday marks the first time that a first-run Vampire Diaries episode will go head-to-head with Fox’s mighty American Idol.

So, rather than let viewership of TVD (and by association, its lead-out, Nikita) suffer that multiple-whammy, The CW hopes to get more sampling of the two new episodes by encoring them 24 hours later, for good measure.

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  1. Cafe_Rene says:

    And what about us Smallville fans (and Supernatural ones) who’ve been patiently waiting for the return of our shows since last December? This decision blows! Anyone know if it’ll air in Canada?

    • earthspirit38 says:

      THIS TOTALLY BLOWS!!! I want my Sam & Dean back NOW!

    • corvette says:

      So agreed! what about us Smallville and Supernatural Fans!!!! this isn’t fair, if the TVD and Nikita fans want to see their shows just go online…I just like many others have been waiting FOREVER for this return. CW just pissed off a lot of fans!!!! Thanks for thinking of all of us CW!!!!

    • Highly Disappointed says:

      Well this really is disappointing. I go away to a college where we don’t have tv. I made plans for my mother to drive almost three hours this afternoon to pick me up and bring me home, just so that i could watch my favorite show. I did not know that is wasn’t on until we turned on the tv. I am upset because I am only able to go home every three weeks. And now I have to wait three more weeks to come home. I only asked for this weekend because the show was on. So it would have been kind of the network to get out the information sooner. You really let me down.

      • Cy says:

        I’m sure they’ll have the new eps up for streaming online after they air. You must have internet access at a college, right?

  2. TERRY says:


    • Claire says:

      Dude. Chill… It’s not like they killed your first born.

      • JP says:

        No they didn’t kill our firstborn, but it IS incredibly unprofessional and disrespectful of the loyalty the fans have shown.

        • postsalot says:

          I’m with Claire on this, chill. There’s nothing disrespectful about tv shows being rescheduled. Let alone “incredibly” so.

          Yeah it’s a drag if you were looking forward to the new eppy but look at it this way – at least that’s one less week of reruns in the homestretch. And the holiday break has surely built up your rerun-tolerance muscle to the point where you can withstand this.

          And to JP, thanks for not spazzing on the all caps like Terry.

          • Liz says:

            That is exactly the point. It’s IS disrespectful to us the fans who have kept the show alive and in the media’s eye.

            It also shows the possibility of a VERY uncomfortable trend. So – they preempt Supernatural THIS week because of AI. SO what about next week? And the week after that? AI’s a monster and they’re just getting started. So what? Just move TVD and Nikita to Fridays to get then away from AI and then? Postpone SPN until AI’s over in May?

            They have a programming schedule – they need to stick to it. This was not a new change. It was all over the news that AI was switching nights. If the CW was worried about their little shows holding up against it then they should have done something about it SOONER!!!!!

          • sadtroll says:

            It is NOT disrespectful lIz but YOUR post is VERY uncomfortable to READ. Also YOU should know it wasn’t just to avoid american IDOL that they rescheduled VAMPIRE diaries and nikita but also because of some pre-emptions in Chicago and whatever. Also the VAMPIRE diaries and nikita DID air last night – they’re just RERUNNING them for their LOYAL fans.

          • Liz says:

            I’m very sorry that my post was not all hearts and flowers. I’m very sorry that this news annoys me. I’m sorry that expressing my opinion without excessive use of caps locks and NO personal attacks is deemed to be an uncomfortable read.

            Were the shows only preempted in Chicago? Because the same has happened with Supernatural and Smallville, and yet they were played as usual. And your emphasis that my show PREMIER is being replaced by RERUNS is really unkind. And LOYAL fans would have either watched the premiers last night or recorded them during Idol. That’s what I would have done, had I the choice- wouldn’t you? I wouldn’t pin my hopes on the CW just randomly bumping other shows for a rerun in case I missed it.

          • sadder troll says:

            I don’t think you’re sorry at all.

      • corvette says:

        You know what dude, you need to back off. We are loyal fans…what are you?! Its the fact of the matter, bumping new episode of long running, majorly popular shows for newer less popular shows?! It is Ridiculous and I agree with Terry!

        • Myra says:

          I dont think that person is even a fan of Supernatural and we damn sure dont want it postponed until May. Majority does rule and yall are right

        • Myra says:

          Oh yes and BTW What do we call a show that has already aired and coming back on again…Lets see I think thats a rerun

    • t.t says:

      think about it this way smallville and supernatural fans you’ll get to have an extra week come finale time

  3. William Howell says:

    That sucks for the fans of Smallville who have been waiting so long for it to return

    • corvette says:

      agreed, will they just keep rescheduling when ever they have a whim to do so? Yes we waited for premiers for both TVD and Smallville and Supernatural, so why does TVD get a rerun? Rerun it next week before the new episodes, on their own night. you know CW(WB) has don this a lot with Smallville and Supernatural in the past: switching night repeatedly, changing times, yet these are 2 of the longest running most popular shows in this genre…WTF?

  4. Rolfe says:

    Sounds like a good idea to me. I wish they did the same with Veronica Mars when it used to be preempted.

    • Jenny says:

      Amen. I think it’s a good idea, even though I don’t watch TVD or Nikita. And while I watch Smallville and Supernatural, it’s generally via DVR, and rarely on the same Friday night it airs. I was already probably going to wait a few days, what’s a few more if it means saving other geeky fandom shows?

    • liliaeth says:

      No this was a terrible horribly bad idea.

      Because they’ve now pissed off a lot of people who in protest will never watch Nikita, like say me. There is no possibility whatsoever that they’ll ever get me to give either Nikinta or Vampire Diaries even a hint of a chance after this. Those shows are dead as far as I’m concerned.

      They’ve pretty much ruined the buzz that SPN had going, after the TV guide cover that the fans managed to win them, after all the positive reviews for the premiere, aver all the publicity giving us the date of the 28th and all that flushed away like garbage because CW has no respect for fans of either Supernatural or Smallville.

      And this for the sake of two shows that suck to begin with.

  5. Mikaylah says:

    So sad I don’t get any Supernatural or Smallville. :(

  6. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    All CW has done is ruined their Friday numbers for this week an alienated every SV and SPN fan.

    Nikkita and VD will do fine against AI, sure there are preemptions but EVERY show has preemptions and they are noted in the ratings. Nikkita and VD have loyal fanbases who more likely than not would have tuned in to watch Idol or no Idol.

    What WILL happen is Friday will do POORLY because there is NO time to promote Nikkita and VD for Friday, so that fanbase isn’t going to watch and of course the SV and SPN fanbase isn’t going to watch.

    So all CW has done is ruined Friday night for them while flipping the bird to SV and SPN fans.

    CW sucks!

    • Courtnay says:

      I fully admit to turning the TV off when I saw last night’s TVD start when Smallville should have been. Already watched TVD, 24 hours ago, why do I need to do it again so quickly? So I’m with you on the CW Friday doing poorly theory. What was wrong with rerunning them in an otherwise empty Wednesday that’s just sitting there doing encores right now anyway? Can someone explain THAT to me? The only problem I can see there is a fear of Idol… and if that’s the case the CW needs to suck it up and get over it because they can’t boot shows off the schedule for that all season… and pre-emptions happen in major markets for local events and sports ALL THE TIME. Veronica Mars never got an encore the next day when it didn’t air for Baseball in Seattle to the best of my remembrance. Unimpressed with the way things played out this week doesn’t begin to cover it. Way to waste all that time and money promoting things, CW.

  7. Jesse says:


    Major slap in the face to both fan-bases.
    When Smallville and Supernatural were both on Thursday nights, they competed with American Idol and did fine.


    I’M SO MAD!

    • Ash says:

      Exactly. It’s not like oh maybe Idol won’t happen this year. I mean come on it’s been on for 10 years. This really sucks so bad. I was so ampd to come home and watch it tonight. Ruined my whole day. Thanks CW bring our WB back.

    • Kristen Winchester says:

      Not only did SPN go against AI, but we also went head to head with the giant CSI, and Fringe, which has now been moved to our time slot as well. The biggest issue, at least for me, is that they waited until the day before the new episodes that we have all looked forward to for so long. And it comes right on the heels of the FOX Exec’s uncalled for, below the belt shots about our show. So, to feel that the CW doesn’t show any more respect for us then they’re showing, is simply adding insult to injury. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating to the point that some are, I’ll just wait another week and see it. However, enough respect for the fandom to give us a little advance warning would have been much appreciated. But, all the hate doesn’t help anything, so I will simply patiently bide my time and watch SPN re-runs until next week when we finally get to see the dragon. :)

  8. Potch says:

    Wow people. Get over yourselves. It’s a week. And it’s a TELEVISION SHOW. I love my shows as much as the next person, but don’t you think you’re all overreacting just a smidge? It’s actually BETTER for your shows this way. Since the shows are being preempted in several cities because of lame-o sports, the ratings would be lower for the shows if they ran them tomorrow. This way, there is a MUCH better chance of them having better ratings. So calm down and use some logic. My goodness, you would think your lives revolve around television.

    • Gary says:

      This makes no sense. You must of missed what exactly happened here. How the hell is it better for Smallville and Supernatural being pushed to air next week when its been promoted to be aired tomorrow?? They made this decision A DAY BEFORE to have TVD and Nikita have reruns during Smallville/SPN’s timeslot. All the fans who tune in for SV and SPN will tune in tomorrow thinking their shows back and instead find TVD and Nikita reairing. Maybe you need to use some logic.

    • Leslie says:

      It’s because it was at the last minute. They should have realized this was going to be an issue last week or sooner. I wouldn’t have cared at all if this had been decided other than 24 hours before the fact. I have a couple of friends coming over and watching it was part of our plans. We’ll find something else to do, but it’s just annoying.

    • Chris says:

      First of all, it’s not just any episode that was preempted. It’s the first show back after a 7-week hiatus, with the biggest cliff-hanger of the season. It may very well be the best episode of Supernatural we’ll see this season.

      Second, Supernatural wasn’t preempted by an outside event the CW had no control over. It was replaced by a RERUN. That’s just an insult. They could have rerun the other shows at any other time slot.

      The people at Supernatural were busy promoting this episode all week with interviews and letting reviewers have sneak peaks. Now all of that promotion is wasted because the people who work on the show weren’t given any more notice than we fans were.

  9. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Just to let it sink in

    CW aired repeats of VD and Nikkita last night

    Are airing new episodes of VD and Nikkita tonight

    And will air repeats of VD and Nikkita tomorrow night.


    • Courtnay says:

      Huh. I’d forgotten that I’d glanced at TVD and Nikita reruns on the guide Wednesday night.

      Well now… we A) know who the proverbial teachers pets are this year, and B) know exactly where they could have ran TVD and Nikita without premempting Smallville and SPN if they weren’t so needlessly afraid of Idol taking out two of their four highest rated shows that they preempted the other two.

  10. Liza180 says:

    Boo!!! I have been looking forward to SPN for a long time. Well I guess it just means less repeats in April.

  11. Allir says:

    So lame. I mean, I agree, had they planned this, and been professional about it, looked at other tv shows schedules and thought ahead, I wouldn’t be so angry. But as it stands, they canceled it ONE NIGHT before the touted returns of fan favorite shows. That in my book is entirely unprofessional, irresponsible, and upsetting.

  12. Leslie says:

    I could have dealt with the delay if it weren’t completely last minute. I have been looking forward to seeing Chloe’s return all week, so now I’m truly annoyed about it.

    The VD fans are not the type to be home on a Friday. The ones who missed the episode would re-watch it online on the CW website over the weekend, probably Saturday afternoon or sometime Sunday. Pre-empting the mid-season premieres of two shows to re-run VD and Nikita is a waste.

  13. Kate says:

    *crosses fingers* Here’s hoping that Space channel didn’t get the message. Maybe Canadian TV will actually work in my favour for once…

  14. TEW says:

    I guess that could be taken as a positive for Fringe fans. One more week to kick butt in the ratings.

  15. Casey says:

    The picture on the article of Jared and Justin isn’t just a picture of them. It’s a picture of what everyone’s faces look like right now in response to the last minute schedule change, haha. OUTRAGE! XD It IS annoying though. We’ve been looking forward to this since mid December. And they could at least take it off the guides on our TVs.

    • Kimmy says:

      ^ DITTO. Exactly my thoughts when I heard the news, seconded when I saw how appropriately they chose pictures of our heroes to accompany the article.

      *shakes head* Not the first time they’ve bumped Smallville, but definitely the most shocking, a day before!

  16. Alex says:

    I completely agree that the timing was horrible. If they’d announced this sooner, I would’ve been a little bit upset but I would’ve gotten over it. However, they decide to pull something like this just the day before Smallville and Supernatural return? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been looking forward to these shows returning for weeks now.

  17. V says:

    I live in Kansas and the ALWAYS preempted them when the Jawhawks would play. They were on Thursdays and The CW NEVER replayed them the next day (they were up against AI then too)! This is BS! I’ve given up on The CW and Dawn O.

  18. Gina says:

    It’s bad enough that the network doesn’t realize that a 2 month hiatus gives viewers a lot of time to find other interesting viewing, never to return, but then they change the schedule at the last minute in order to give two other shows a better chance for ratings.

    Guess it shows that the CW is pretty much done with Smallville and Supernatural, and hope that they can trick up some viewers for the lousy ones they have left.

  19. jess says:

    waiting for the last minute, completely disregarding two fandoms, such a horrible move

  20. Bouroux says:

    this is a slap in the face. Vampire Diaries and Nikita have THEIR OWN day on Thursday. Smallville’s never been moved or replayed to avoid preempts or competing network programs.

  21. arb says:

    Um, guys? Its a week. And a tv show. Get over it.

    Besides, Fringe is going to win the timeslot anyway…

    • Sam says:

      Fringe is on an hour earlier than Smallville! You could watch both if you wanted to. And yes it may be a TV show but it was way unprofessional of Dawn Ostroff. She really needs to realize that there are things you can’t and should not do.

  22. damian says:

    For fans of both shows who feel screwed, the best revenge move is to watch FRINGE tomorrow instead. I, for one, would have done it but I’m not a US citizen so I’ll let you take care of this.

    • DT says:

      With due respect, that’s horrible advice! I know that it’s now too late because Fringe has already aired and the fast national ratings have been released but the way to express your displeasure at one teenny, tiny network (The CW) is not to givea much bigger network (Fox) your tv business by default.

      Supernatural fans already know that Fringe will likely win the timeslot by a large margin – the question how large a margin. A lot of SPN fans want an S7 – and renewal was looking very favorable – until The CW pulled this stunt. You’re not in the US – but that’s how shows are renewed in the US -there’s other factors of course, but total viewers and performing well in key demos is a critical factor in renewal decisions.

      This decision by The CW is much more than just replacing the premieres of SV/SPN with encores of TVD/Nikita. Do you realize how hard SPN (and SV) fans have had to struggle to get any promotion from the CW since both shows originated on the WB? It’s been an uphill battle all the way and much of SPN promotion has been done by the fans and less by the network. Supernatural is finally getting the critical attention it has earned, and the return on Jan 28 was promoted, TV critics and renowned Supernatural bloggers received pre-screening copies of the winter premier – and now all that publicity has gone down the drain and the enthusism will be very hard to recapture. And that’s not even getting into the issue that any new viewers who had not “heard” of the change in schedule and who expected to see SV and/or SPN saw reruns of TVD and Nikita instead and those new or casual viewers may never come back.

      So the last thing Supernatural Fans want to be told is “to protest the CW’s decision, watch Fringe instead … that’ll teach the CW.” Many Suernatural fans already watch Fringe anyway (watching either show live and recording the other). It’s the fans that were “on the fence” on the watch live/record issue that I’m concerned about and this manoever by The CW may have just pushed these on the fence fans into watching Fringe live and recording SPN to watch whenever.

      For fans who care about SPN more, I’m sorry but that’s not good advise (unless you DVR SPN and make sure to watch it before 3 am so it counts in the Live + Same Day ratings).

  23. Dee says:

    Screw Vampire Diaries! Smallville has been on for 10 years now how about showing the show and its loyal fans who have been watching for years some respect?! The CW sucks! I hate you! As immature as that sounds I and I’m sure many, many fans rearranged my day so I could watch the show. And the thing that pisses me off the most is we got ONE day notice! AGGGHHH! I’m done with this network when SV is over! I know its just a show but still the cw has never given Smallville enough credit they always like to screw with the fans and hardly ever promote it. They just suck!

  24. Mandy says:

    I live in the Chicago viewing area. The TVD episode is being aired after the local news. I have every intention of watching it then as I’m sure every other fan does. There is no excuse for pre-empting Smallville and Supernatural and there is definitely no excuse for doing it the day before. It’s a slap in the face to fans and it makes the network look like they’re cowering in fear of Americal Idol. I’m so angry I could scream.

  25. Brady says:

    Honestly… I wanted to see how messed up Sam is for near two months now. I really am not fond of vampires either. but Maggie Q is pretty hot. still won’t watch though

  26. Teresa says:

    This is beyond ridiculous. And the excuses i’m hearing is that the CW favors TVD and Nikita over Smallville and Supernatural. Why do TVD and Nikita fans get to their new episodes twice; but Smallville and Supernatural fans have to wait another week? And you don’t advertise for a return date for MONTHS and then turn around and say its delayed only 24 hours before.

  27. Bill says:

    Load. Of. Crap. Obviously, the CW doesn’t give a damn about SV & SPN. But then, they don’t have to worry about SV after this year, who knows about SPN, and let’s face it, VD has been one of their ratings leaders for some time. Yeah it sucks, and they should NOT have done it at the last minute, but when have they ever cared about their veiwers?

  28. Silvia says:

    To make a change to their scheduling so last minute like this for the reason they have given, just seems incredibly unfair to the fans of Supernatural and Smallville who have been waiting since December 10th for a new episode. Had they announced this earlier on in the week, it would have been way more professional and shown much more class. CW just can’t seem to get it right.

  29. adi says:

    Smallville and supernatural are my series
    favorite this show that not
    We import them into the CW

  30. Heathet says:

    I flew all the way to CANADA to watch this episode with friends.And 24 hours before SPN is suppose to air?!?!This is RIDICULOUS!

  31. Ginger says:

    CW seriously sucks. I am VD fan and missed half the episode tonight, but there is no in hades that I will even turn to the CW tomorrow. I have been waiting patiently more so than some other rabid fans of SPN..but this is freaking ridiculous and very disrespectful…guess what I’ll be watching tomo CW fringe so suck it.

  32. Charlotte says:

    Really CW? Really!? You have got to be kiding me, this is the most rediculous thing I’ve seen in a long time. First take away LUX and then push back my two favorite shows I’ve been waiting for for way too long. So over your stupid network, when Smallville wraps up I’m done with you. You pissed off the wrong fanbase, this show of poor judgement will come to bite you in the behind just watch.

  33. me says:

    No new episodes of SV and SPN, then no CW. I will be watching the Cartoon Network and Fringe.

  34. Ruth says:

    this is very unprofessional on the part of the CW and very disrespectful to an amazing show like Supernatural. I feel Supernatural deserves more respect than what they’re getting because it one heck of an amazing show and its ratings help this network. Im a huge fan as you can see and it’s hard for me to be calm right now. Im very upset and angry from the networks actions and i hope they don’t do it again

  35. Lynn says:

    Who’s in charge at the CW? Whomever they are they need fired. This is pure stupidity. So what if TVD and Nikita get good ratings tonight? That means SV and SPN fans got screwed for nothing.

    CW you are epic fail and I hope both bomb on Friday night

  36. Lynn says:

    Oh and AI is on every week, is this going to be a regular thing? Here’s an idea: move TVD and Nikita to earlier in the week, really CW it’s not rocket science, then again for you all it probably is given how incompetent the people who run this “network” are. You all make NBC look good in comparison

  37. Sam says:

    So unprofessional! We go out and pay to watch the programing on this network and they just treat it as a joke. Thanks CW thanks…

    • Courtnay says:

      Amen! I love being treated like I don’t matter when I go out of my way to get their network up in Canada. Last year the local cable company stopped carrying even the Seattle CW in their regular package… thankfully my landlords already had digital cable so all I have to do is pay for another receiver, but still, it’s something I wouldn’t otherwise be doing because I really don’t watch the other channels that my base receiver gets… my landlords have an HD one and have time shifting of all the US networks… but we’re talking 3 dollars or 20 and I’m on a tight budget, so even the 3 is money that could be spent elsewhere.

  38. Maura says:

    How stupid are these people from the CW?! I mean who’s running things if they let the fans know one day in advance?! I would have peaced out a loooong time ago from this network if it weren’t for my love of Smallville and more importantly Allison Mack! I’ve been looking forward to Chloe’s return since episode 2 of this last season! Since she left! If she wasn’t coming back at all I would be done with this moronic network. Thanks a lot CW. You suck.

  39. Ruby says:

    So we SPN fans vote the show on to the COVER OF TV GUIDE and get national recognition for a show that The CW refuses to promote, and they give us this slap in the face? I’ll be watching Fringe tomorrow. Go to hell, CW.

  40. I want Smallville! says:

    Seriously CW, do you not know anything about your viewers? I don’t watch SPN, but I recently became (painfully) aware of the general caliber of character of it’s viewers over the past few weeks- when they started commenting on all the Fringe threads that dared provide any positive news about it’s prospects for renewal now that it’s on Fridays, outraged that a DIFFERENT network scheduled a show at the same time as SPN. They said it was disrespectful, a slap in the face, couldn’t wait to see Fringe fail etc. What did you think they were going to do when THEIR OWN network scheduled a show at the same time as SPN? Who is running that station anyway?

  41. Enough says:

    So because their precious little VD can’t hang with the big boys they screw over SV nad SPN.. Yup Way to go CW, you just pissed off two entire fanbases, and your affiliates.

  42. Amanda says:

    i can not believe this crap.really?? i dont know about you guys but smallville is like my weekly crack dose. having to wait from early december to late january is long enough and now i have to wait till february?!? yea its only a week but still! the cw is cowering in the shadow of one stupid singing show.heres my advice. GROW A PAIR…you could have made this decsion and long time ago and saved yourselves a lot of guilt.. thanks for shafting the SV and SPN fans

  43. dock says:

    you know i was mad as hell but after reading a interview with brain peterson the ep of smallville and lois lane my fav on the show and i think he his going to sideline her for the fricken luthors in the last eps of smallville because all he is woried about is the frist season i hope the show gets taking of by the cw servs brain and kelly right after killing a 70 year old comic book f u brain and kelly i hope you get what you deserve.what happen to looking in the past and you belive tess luthor is more known in the comic then lois lane witch comes 2 clark not lex or his mother or his farther but lois you dumbies.

  44. ger says:

    Everyone is a spoiled 12 year old, apparently.

  45. Brock says:

    I am disappointed, but i won’t carry on like some others above.

    The core problem is US network programming. Airing 22 eps over 9 months (Sept-May)….

    It’s way better to air Jan-May a la 24, Lost, HBO/Showtime than these endless “encore” weeks and screen 13 ep runs in Sep-Dec. Or wedge potential 13 ep seasons in January before resuming the regular shows in early April. Who wants to watch an ep a few weeks after it just aired? No thanks!

  46. C says:

    wow guys, seriously?? give me a break… it’s only a week. i like Smallville too so waiting one more week won’t hurt you. you gotta deal with it. and besides, VD has a BIG fanbase including me, a re-run gives an opportunity for the people who missed it tonight. GROW UP!!!!

    • Kay says:

      So, if Vampire Diaries had been pulled to accommodate Supernatural, I assume you’d be just fine with that, elated even. Get real. You’d be furious. People don’t have to be fanatics to be angry when a favorite show they’ve followed for 5 seasons gets the boot the day before it returns from a 7 week hiatus. Most people aren’t dissing VD; they’re angry at the disrespect The CW has shown the devoted fans of Smallville and Supernatural who have waited every bit as long as fans of Vampire Diaries for the hiatus to be over. Then to have the Winter premier pulled the day before it airs, well, it shows an appalling lack of consideration for the fans who voted Supernatural for a PCA last year, for its first-ever cover of TV Guide this past November, and who have single-handedly made Supernatural a media sensation. The CW certainly had no hand in making Supernatural a success. They’re more interested in promoting Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and 90210. So while I don’t begrudge Diaries its fanbase or success, I am insulted and angry that The CW has so little regard for the fans of Smsllville and Supernatural.

    • Sarah says:

      The one week break isn’t what everyone is mad about. It’s because the CW changed Smallville and Supernatural’s mid-season premieres ONE DAY before they were scheduled to return. if we would have known about this 2 weeks ago there would have been no problem.

  47. sarah says:

    A freind asked what the big deal is it’s only a show , I asked if would she tell a football fan it’s only football when a big game is cancelled after they have taken the day of work ect, people’s free time can be limited. I rarely get time by myself and following smallville and coming here to chat about chloe’s return ect was going to be my little luxery. I won’t be able to do that next week so gutted.

  48. Patrick says:

    Guys, chill… Use some perspective… This isn’t the end of the world. So we have to wait another week for new episodes? Is this going to cause the end of civilisation? Doubtful. Could you maybe direct your anger at this to another cause, say… I dunno, gun control after what happened Senator Gifford? Or teen suicide rates due to bullying and homophobia?

    There’s plenty of reasons to get up on your soapbox in this world. Waiting another week for new SPN/ Smallville is not one of them.

  49. The Die Hard says:

    Kids, deal with it. Yeah, it blows that we only got a last-minute notice, but it’s not like we’re going to MISS anything. They weren’t CANCELLED. Gives us time to go read the Television Without Pity reviews and remember what in the world was going on anyway, because let’s face it, not a lot of people were fascinated with the reruns this past year.

    I would even have liked to have seen the Chicago mayor debate. Bet it involved many bleeps and probably some fists. (I spent a year in Chicago during the Blagojavich debacle. And we though Florida politicians were embarrassing!)

    I actually sincerely doubt this will help TVD or Nikita, neither of which have attracted much of an enthusiastic following. But hey, when you’re up against humanoids who actually watch American Idol, what are you gonna do?

  50. Tasha says:

    As annoying as this is at least it wasn’t pulled a few hours before it was supposed to air like Private Practice last week. In the big picture scheme of things pushing Smallville and Supernatural back a week is no big deal… I usually set my DVR and go out and watch them the next day anyway.
    I actually appreciate the CW encoring Vampire Diaries and Nikita, I really enjoy both shows and would hate to see them cancelled over low ratings being up against American Idol and sporting events.