Chris Medina: How Are You Grappling With Idol's Harrowing Audition?

If you watched last night’s episode of American Idol, chances are you’ve spent at least a little time today thinking about Milwaukee auditioner Chris Medina and the story of how his fiancee, Juliana Ramos, suffered a traumatic brain injury and was confined to a wheelchair just months before their wedding. Hearts melted and tear-ducts got activated as Chris shared with the Idol audience how he stuck by the side of his ailing love, becoming one of her two primary caregivers, along with Juliana’s mother. “What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most?” he asked.

And yet while it’s damn near impossible not to admire Chris’ commitment to Juliana, a number of readers and internet pundits have questioned the guy’s decision to bring his wheelchair-bound fiancee to his Idol audition, to be complicit in any way in the wave of sympathy-related votes that might be gained from sharing such a heartbreaking story with a national TV audience.

Personally, I think Chris’ story is difficult to digest at least in part because it represents the deepest, darkest anxieties that most of us tuck away in the backs of our brains and try not to acknowledge: Is there any point at which the people in my life would abandon me? What if something terrible happened that made me a potential burden to my loved ones? If some kind of accident took away some inherent physical or mental aspect of my persona, would I want my significant other to feel bound to me nonetheless?

Confronting these questions about the intersection of love and selflessness requires a level of unflinching intimacy most of us tend to avoid even with those closest to us. (Plus, as I mentioned in my Milwaukee audition recap last night, there’s the unanswered question of how aware Juliana is of her surroundings? Did she knowingly consent to the Idol cameras capturing her in this fragile state?) Indeed, it’s jarring and more than a little discomfiting to see these questions get posed in the reality TV arena, a place where even the most genuine emotions can get muddied by producer manipulation and our own deep storehouses of cynicism.

This might also explain why I’m having a hard time watching the YouTube clip of Medina singing “What Has Become of Me,” which he apparently recorded to mark the occasion of what was supposed to be his and Julia’s wedding day. (It’s embedded below.) Just tuning into the intro, I feel like a peeping tom sneaking glances into a hospital room or a therapist’s office. Was this really meant for my eyes? And even if it was, should it be? Note, I’m not even confronting the question of the artistic merits of the track, because when I start to go to that place, a voice in my head chides, “What are you? Some kind of monster?” Perhaps I am, but by virtue of auditioning for Idol, Chris himself has invited us to shine the most critical light on his voice, his body of musical work, and yes, even his personal life. Should he make it far into Idol‘s tenth season, he’ll need to brace himself for a scrutiny unlike any he’s experienced.

I’m curious how you’re feeling about Chris Medina’s audition almost a day after it aired. Did the initial airing make you cry? Do you have any negative feelings about it, and if so, who are they directed at: Idol‘s producers, the judges, or Chris himself? Do you think the guy is good enough to make the season 10 semifinals? And are you curious about the pre-Idol output of Chris’ band, The Able Body? Sound off below, and for all my Idol news and opinion, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

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  1. Erin says:

    I can see it’s both heartfelt and explotative…yes, I would’ve liked to know what the extent of his fiancee’s injuries were….I just thought I read there wouldn’t be as many “tearjerker” contestants this season…and Medina is an okay singer, not great….

    • the real wendy says:

      I think anyone who questions any of this is really questioning themselves. Maybe you wouldn’t have stuck by her?

      • real burger king says:

        I think anyone who questions anyone questioning any of this is really questioning themselves. Maybe you think you’d stick by her but if it actually happened to you, you’d bail like a judgy hypocrite.

  2. Shosh says:

    I had a major problem with it, most specifically with the judges asking him to bring her into the audition room, so they could all hug her for the cameras. It’s not clear to me at all that she was capable of giving consent for that, and I found it grossly manipulative and exploitive. Did I cry? Yes. Am I appalled at the exploitation? Absolutely. I place 99% of the blame with Idol producers, and 1% with him. I won’t hold it against him if he gets to the voting rounds… unless he continues to push the story. One “ghoulish widower” was enough.

  3. ErixN says:

    I began to tear up as I watched it. It was really hard to watch. I think my biggest fear is what will happen to Juliana if he should become famous. Now that he’s put this out there a lot of questions come to mind that I would rather not want to know or ask in fear that it will make this story even more tragic. I personally did not enjoy his audition. I thought his voice was okay, but like you said, “Does that make me a monster for focusing on that?” This is a singing competition after all though, so maybe not?

  4. George says:

    It’s hard for me to get a feeline ong way or another about this since I live in the west coast and there was a lot of internet buzz about this after it had aired back east, so I kind of knew what to expect before I actually saw it with my own eyes.

    I don’t have an issue with him bringing her to the audition, telling there story, or even brining her back to meet the judges. However, I don’t think it should have been televised.

    • Susan says:

      I agree with you. I don’t have an issue with Chris bringing her to meet the judges. He said she would be thrilled to meet them and I certinly trust his judgement. But I don’t think it should have been televised. That seemed exploitation to me.

  5. Karen says:

    Okay, so here’s the thing that bothered me. What if the guy had really sucked….we would have never heard about his fiance. Would that make his situation any less real, of course not. Would all the judges have been crowded around her wheelchair saying sweet things to her….. I doubt it.

    America loves a tragedy, I feel like his situation (albeit with his help) was for the benefit of tugging at our heartstrings, and nothing more.

    I think it is extremely distasteful to sink to this sort of low just to give us a sad story to latch on to, with the hope that we will continue to tune in to see how the guy is doing.

  6. Jeepster says:

    I think that she was aware of the audition and was there to support him, just like any other fiance would. It seemed like he was not there to use his story and was enthusiastic to share the moment with her. He sure is an admirable man and I am ok with rewarding good behavior…..and he sang well also….worthy of a ticket to Hollywood.

  7. molly says:

    I read a lot of stuff on the blog today and it does appear that she is aware enough to give consent to these kinds of things, and her mother was there as well so if she had a problem with it, it would not have taken place. It is concerning that he is so present in her life and is now going to be gone for awhile, but his voice was definitely good and so was his songwriting ability so people shouldn’t make such a big deal, Chris definitely doesn’t appear to be Gokey 2.0

    • Lindsey says:

      Thank you! I was so afraid I was the only one wishing this would not be a Gokey 2.0! My thoughts on this new audition are mixed but Gokey it is not.

      • cookie love says:

        Please. Danny has a great voice and many fans. And is doing very well in country music, thank you.

        • Nessa says:

          Gag me. Danny Gokey can do as well as he wants in Country Music as long as he’s not in my face, my ears, or on my television. Ugh I can’t believe they brought him back as MC for the Milwaukee auditions. Actually that’s not true. I CAN believe it, I just wish they hadn’t.

        • Vicki says:

          lol the only thing Gokey is doing well in is famewhoring and hanging out with D-listers and fellow homophobes like Candace Cameron.

          • @Vicki says:

            oh jeez, vicki, what a mature comment…NOT!!! you are such a loser that it makes me laugh. LOL

            get a life, idiot.

          • Vicki says:

            Truth hurts honey. Quit being a fan of talentless homophobes and maybe you won’t get so upset over comments like that.

    • BossGalaga says:

      So funny. I’m reading this and right now, Aerosmith’s “Dream On” just came on.


  8. Caiti says:

    I am not sure how they get these stories anyway. Do they ask EVERYBODY for their life story and pick out the ‘good’ ones? Regardless, this IS his life, and if it were me, I would want to share it, but I would also want to protect her. I think the Idol producers are pretty heartless as a rule, but it’s all in how Chris handles it. Like Shosh said, there’s a difference between saying ‘yeah I have a burden, but here is my voice.’ and being Danny Gokey.

    Side note being, I’m not sure I want him to win. If he won, he would be on the road all the time, and away from her, and I think that would kill them both. And no one wins.

    Also, props to Steven Tyler. I think that was 100% genuine.

    • Nessa says:

      Agree completely. I too felt that Tyler was being 100% real! I had no idea how likable that guy is!

    • joy says:

      Couldnt agree order to even get to this point of the already have to go through 4 or 5 audition rounds..only after that do they start asking about your life..Considering that this is a huge part of his life..American Idol would have to find out. It is his life and he did nothing wrong by having her in hollywood with him..Does the show exploit things? Sure..but that is part on American Idol and not the can tell who is there for the right reasons and who just wants to be another tatiana, or pants on the ground

  9. SDTim says:

    Well, he has talent, although his voice quality is not all that appealing to me. (Maybe it’s not a great quality recording? Perhaps in a real studio with great mics he’d record better, although I’m not wild about his vibrato) The song is touching because it’s a true story, but objectively (from the viewpoint of the “craft” of songwriting) it’s not the strongest. It sounds like he’s got really good instincts and ideas — I liked how the harmonies and other vocal would come in and out of the melody he was singing. He may make a great team with another songwriter. I wish him and Juliana the best, but I’m not thinking he’s going to be in the top 10.

  10. Vicki says:

    Exploitation plain and simple. At this point the judges will not be able to judge him objectively, they’ll always be thinking of her struggle.

    And it’s not even like he was an amazing singer! There’s no doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t have gone to Hollywood (or even been featured on air) had he not had a sob story. He’s the new Danny Gokey, mediocre to the bone but bound to get pity votes.

  11. CAM says:

    If you want to learn more about Juliana and her struggle, check out Facebook – Her mother keeps a page called For Juliana and you can easily find it and learn more about how she has doing.

  12. Jon says:

    The judges were mugging for the camera. They were speaking to her in a very condescending manner. Turned me off completely (the judges, not Medina). Although I question his judgement in bringing her to the audition in the first place, I don’t fault him for it.

    • Chris Young says:

      My only problem with the entire scene was the condescending way that the judges talk down to the girl. I’ve not read any blogs or other information about their situation but they treated her like a little kid rather than an adult. Even if her injury left her with the mental capacity of a child (which it may not have she maybe fully cognitive inside that body) she and other disabled people who are noncommunicative deserve to be treated like adults regardless of their mental capacity. As someone who has been in a wheelchair my entire life (I’m 55) people can call me crippled, handicapped, and gimp or whatever kind of politically incorrect term they want as long as they treat me like an adult. The only thing that has ever offended me as a handicapped person is when people talk down to me or treat me like a kid. People even talk baby talk to you sometimes. Although my form of muscular dystrophy leaves me articulate and able to quickly demonstrate my mental capacity, I have friends with severe cerebral palsy who cannot communicate easily and who are victims of this condescending kind of behavior on a regular basis.

      If I had a girlfriend who was auditioning for American Idol I would’ve been happy to be invited into me the judges so I don’t think there was anything wrong with that. I’ll take either from JaLo any day and if I was a girl I wouldn’t mind one from Steven Tyler. So I had no problem with that. Also playing the emotional background story is a staple of reality competition shows so I wasn’t at all offended by that. We had the same thing this week with a brain cancer cousin. We get it all the time with single parents like Crystal Bowersox. Crystal made it to the end of her talent, not because she was a single mom with a bad case of diabetes.

      This guy’s fate will be the same. If he can sing he’ll make it.

  13. Jules says:

    I am a cynical person which is one of the reasons I’ve often struggled with how overly manipulative Idol can be. However, I felt that this story was less exploitative than some sob stories of the past (notably, Gokey). The fact that her entire family was there and that Chris even stated that he wanted to give her something to be happy about made the audition feel more about her than him (in a good way). I also think Idol is very aware of Internet backlash and want to guard against anything coming out after they appear on TV. If TMZ dug this up, he would have become the monster who left his fiancé at home to go to Hollywood. But, I also thought the same as Slezak, this story more than any other forces us to confront a situation that many of us could never imagine. It touched me in a way that Idol never had before because it felt less easily digestible and more real. Yes, the producers wanted to use the story (keeping it for the very end just heightens it even more), but they dwelled on it less than in seasons before- I mean, how long did Gokey sob to the camera about his wife? Or how long did they spend on Andrew Garcia’s gang family? I have always thought that Steven Tyler is a poor man’s Mick Jagger, but his response to her was genuine and beautiful and somehow did not feel condescending. And it was his words that really shook me. A mixed bag, but all in all, as a cynical viewer it actually didn’t feel as manipulative as it could have.

    • Liz says:

      I think that of the whole thing, the most honest part of it was with Steven Tyler. It felt very sweet and not forced in any way.

  14. CarolL says:

    It would be so much easier to be objective about these “backstories” if we got them after we have had the opportunity to form an opinion of the contestant’s talent on its own. Now Medina will have both supporters and haters based on his life and few will even bother to evaluate his performances. I predict he will be in the season 10 top 5 whether he merits it or not. If he actually had the talent to make it there on his own he loses in the long run because now he will always be defined by his sob story.

  15. Alex says:

    Honestly, I barely remembered what his voice sounded like before I watched that clip. If he didn’t have such a truly heartbreaking back story, I think he still would have gotten to Hollywood. He was definitely good enough for the first round! But Chris himself is so unremarkable and forgettable, that I don’t think he’d make it farther than Hollywood week. With his back story, I don’t know how far he’ll go. I think they’ve handled it well so far, but like many have said above me, it’s all going to depend on how Julianna’s story is treated from now on. If the producer’s move on, I think it’ll be ok. However if it’s focused on, ala the ghoulish widower, I will be very upset.

  16. deneen says:

    words cannot describe how uncomfortable & offended I was at that. if it were genuine, they could have brought the woman into the room to meet the judges, etc, without showing the video footage. did that very nice man deserve, based on singing ability, to go thru to Hollywood? not in my opinion, but I wasn’t there, and I certainly wouldn’t begrudge them sending him anyway just to be nice. sure–why not? but airing the footage of that was exploitive, and I will not watch any longer.

    • Liz says:

      I agree that he should not have been sent to Hollywood. His voice was decent, and if he actually sang with some emotion he would have been good. I didn’t feel any emotion from him, which is probably what offended me the most. He comes on with this sob story and how much he loves his fiancee, but when it came time to sing, there was nothing there. Does this mean i’m going to stop watching Idol? No. Will I be voting for Chris if he ends up in the top 12? Unless his voice and emotionality improves, probably not.

  17. DP says:

    I think he is an outstanding person. It would have been the easy thing to walk away. Many husbands would have walked. He had not even married her yet but decided to devote himself to her care. He didn’t have to. He didn’t plot out using AI at that point. He is just a selfless, caring individual who chose to do the right thing. Not the easy thing but the right thing. I applaud him! Shame on you for thinking anything negative about him. His fiancée seemed aware enough to raise the golden ticket in the air and I think she did seem to be aware even though her body did not cooperate. I wish them both the best!

    • Vicki says:

      Yeah, that’s great and all but this is American Idol, a singing competition. Not American Husband, the search for the most selfless man.

      • postsalot says:

        Hey now, let the voters decide what it’s about! I personally always vote based on who has the freakiest hair. Kelly beating Justin really hurt.

  18. Vivere says:

    Did Idol use it for their own purposes ? Of course ,but that’s what tv shows do. As for Chris, all I saw was one proud man with his beloved woman by his side sharing his glory. He never once jumped and screamed to startle her. He never once took his eyes away from her. He’s a protective, loving, beautiful man and the world needs more of those on our TV screen for all of us to learn from. Does her condition and wheelchair really scare us so badly that we think its a sin she was seen on tv ? Come on now . . .She’s a human being and no different than all the other mothers, sisters, babies, best friends, daddies, etc. that were dragged into the room to share the experience. She seemed vocal and alert and I’m sure she can get her point across should she not want to be there. Her guy just got sent to Hollywood and on his way to success and fame. Of course she wanted to be there.

    I usually agree with you Slezak, but not this time. You’re the one who saw her different. She was just one more proud family member. And I have to say Steven Tyler truly touched me with how genuine he was with her. What a beautiful thing he whispered in her here. ‘ He sings so good cause he’s singing to you ‘

    And damn he sings good ! Hype or no hype, I could listen to him all day.


    • Lourdes says:

      Totally agree with your post. The main thing I paid attention to was how Chris Medina was conducting himself in all of this, and he appeared to be a genuine guy trying to stay upbeat during a very difficult situation. He didn’t seem “desperate” to make it to Hollywood… so I have less worry that there were ulterior motives in having his girlfriend there. Sometimes, we as viewers get so cynical, we second-guess whether somebody can really be that nice (whether it be Chris or Steven Tyler when talking to the girlfriend).
      I have no reason to think he’s a jerk, so I’ll take him at face value. Not to mention, in my opinion he has a great voice with a decent amount of vocal control, so no doubt in my mind he would have made it to Hollywood no matter what.

  19. Rita says:

    While what Medina seems to be doing for his fiancée is admirable, the whole manipulation and exploitation of her and her injury by both idol’s producers and Medina himself (yeah, he is being complicit, and even overtly gratuitous with the songs he sings)is smarmy and disgusting, and even if he was the best singer so far (which he is not), it makes my skin crawl. Danny Gokey 2.0anyone?

    • Bee says:

      I’m not sure I agree that the songs he sings (do you mean in his audition? Or the stuff on youtube?) is exploitative. He’s drawing on something painful that happened to him. It didn’t seem to me like he was being all, “Look at my tragically injured fiancée! LOOK HOW SAD IT MAKES ME!” (That WOULD have been smarmy and disgusting.) It’s just… this is part of his life now. Wouldn’t it also feel disingenuous if it didn’t inform his art (for lack of a better word) and his performances? The producers certainly belabored the point; I don’t really think *he* did.

  20. Eolra says:

    The story made me sad, a little weepy, and made me want to hold my loved ones just a little closer because, as mentioned in the article,it is difficult to think of something like this happening to us or our loved ones. That’s about as warm as my cold, cold heart of stone got though. I couldn’t care less if this dude makes it onto the show or not, and his story certainly wouldn’t make me vote for him one way or another. Meh. Maybe I’m just not invested enough in the show or something.

  21. Tamara says:

    I went on Facebook to the “For Juliana” group after I watched last night’s episode. I also had mixed feelings about the episode. Of course it feels exploitative – it seems that way every season to a degree when they tell these stories. Even though I love hearing the background of contestants and feeling a connection, it seems unfair to those who don’t get the same opportunity for the audience to get to know them early in the process.

    That being said, after visiting the group, I think I started to understand a little more why he might have decided to make his story so public. It sounds as though they are pursuing ambitious treatment options for Juliana and that the costs of her medical care is extremely high. From what I read, it’s not an exaggeration that Chris has been there for her since the accident. I’m guessing that he really wants to provide for her and do everything he can to provide the best treatment. By putting her story out there, it’s struck a chord and even if he doesn’t win, it may provide opportunities the family wouldn’t have had otherwise. Maybe I’m being naive. I just figure that if he were the type to worry about his own interests first, he probably wouldn’t have stuck around and supported his fiancee as long as he has. I want to believe he’s a good guy who is doing this for the right reasons.

    • Nina says:

      yeah, i am a really skeptical person as well but i would recommend everyone here to read juliana’s mothers blog on the for juliana facebook. it seemed that the AI episode made juliana very happy and having something positive to look forward to helps recovery immensely.

      there’s also juliana’s recovery fund for treatments not covered by insurance. maybe this is a calculated strategy to raise money for the fund, but i can’t blame him for that. yes its annoying from a fair race point of view to have sob stories, but if the producers are going to insist on having them anyway, may as well leverage it.

  22. Bee says:

    I am very much of two minds about it. Was it manipulative? Oh, definitely, but I put that on the producers’ heads and not on Chris Medina’s. That’s just how they roll on the American Idol Tragic Backstory Hour. But was it exploitative? I think the relevant question to ask there is whether she was aware enough to consent to everything that happened – like you did, Michael – and personally, I got the impression that she *was* – so I have no problem with her being a part of his audition. She had her fiancé and her mother there, we’ve seen that she’s able to communicate verbally, and I have to believe that both of them love her and know her well enough that they would have taken her out of the situation if it had made her uncomfortable.

    Obviously we don’t *know* – I mean, sure, he could be an ***hole who just brought her along to get sympathy votes, but the whole thing didn’t strike me that way at all. Presumably she *wanted* to be there to support Chris, so what was he supposed to do? Leave her at home? I frankly would have found that more offensive than him bringing her along. And this wasn’t, “I can’t sing, but look, PERSONAL TRAGEDY! Please send me to Hollywood!” I don’t know that Chris is finale material, but I certainly thought he was good enough to *deserve* that golden ticket, so… yeah. Long, rambling story short: I was fine with it.

  23. Aiden says:

    Chris’ “Breakeven” audition stuck with me, not just because of his heartbreaking story, but also because of the originality and emotion he brought to the song.

    No, I have no negative feelings about it towards him because it felt genuine. No one who’ll exploit an injured and recovering fiancée would stick by her for months that way. Also, I believe anyone who’s got their life consumed by such a challenge like that cannot exclude it from the things they do.

    If he’s the good guy that he seems (and I believe he is), his reasons and inspirations to go through idol is real and it is just realistically uncomfortable to witness it. Regardless of whether he advances far in the competition or not, I think it’s great enough that he’s brought attention and possibly hope in his fiancée’s condition through Idol. I hear they’re getting much support from the people who’ve seen Chris’ segment.

  24. John May says:

    Despite his back story being reminiscent of Gokey’s I look at Chris’ situation and I just think, if he’s trying to exploit the situation, more power to him. His singing was decent, but, more importantly, he came across as a decent person in the midsts of a really bad situation. There are plenty of people out there with stories like his, but he saw his shot and he took it. You can’t really blame him for that. If (or when) the inevitable internet backlash strikes Chris will have improved his chances of helping his family, his fiancee and himself to a greater degree than if he had never auditioned. This may be a cynical post, but life is hard. Get over your UNCOFORTABLENESS. Such a feeling is a billion times less worse that what this guy is going through.

  25. Victoria says:

    Call me heartless, but I do not watch the show to see all the “boo hoo” stories…when did this become a “my life sucks more than yours” competition. I watch to have a few laughs and hear some fresh talent not listen to these people ramble on about their hard lot in life. Just sing!!!!!

  26. Liz says:

    I agree with you. I posted my feelings about his audition on my facebook page, and was lambasted by my friends for being cold and heartless. I think that many of them and the rest of the country didn’t pay much attention to the audition after they heard about the girl’s accident and prognosis. Just looking at her, i doubt that she will ever get better, which is extremely sad, especially since she has been exploited for her fiancee’s 15 minutes of fame. There was no way that she consented–either Chris or her mother have Power of Attorney, so one of them consented on her behalf. I think that is completely despicable, and I place a majority of the blame on Chris and her mother. They knew what Idol is like and they knew that if they showed this poor girl on television, he would become America’s Sweetheart because he stood by her. I’m sorry, but that is what you do if you love someone; you are there “for better or for worse” even if you haven’t taken that vow yet. My parents were married for almost 12 years when my mom was hospitalized. My dad was with her every day of the 4 months she was in the hospital. My grandmother was at my grandfather’s bedside each time he had cancer. Does this make them heroes? No. It makes them human beings. It is a sad state when staying with a loved one in need is not the norm.

    • John May says:

      Place the blame on them all you want, but remember that since appearing on the show their facebook page has received more attention and more donations from people who would have never heard of her plight otherwise. That may be despicable to you; to Chris and his wife and family it’s real life. I hope he goes far.

  27. Cusi says:

    I don’t really know how I feel about this whole thing. Part of me is concerned for Juliana and her ability to give consent for this exposure, but the rest of me really can’t even imagine how I would feel or what I would do if I were going through what Chris and Julianna are going through. I just feel I can’t judge because I am fortunate enough to not be in those shoes. I wish them both all the best. As far as the singing, Chris was OK…I don’t know if he has what it takes to get very far and I do hope he won’t be another Goki- time will tell…

  28. MzCuda says:

    I’m on the fence about the appropriateness of this in the reality show, but I can’t imagine someone who really cares for her (including her mother) would allow this if she wasn’t cognizant of her surroundings.

    I have to believe that she is aware and enjoyed her participation in the process. Maybe she is even encouraging him to do so.

    Point is, we won’t know unless she (or someone speaking for her) communicates this later in the series.

  29. GeeMa says:

    I may sound cruel and heartless, but I could care less about any of the sad back stories of the contestants. This is a singing contest (not a sad story contest) and I would rather hear the contestants singing and not relating their lives. I know that for some of them, life has dealt hard times, but again, this is a singing competition.
    If they make it to the top ten, then put the stories in, but, PLEASE, leave them out of the auditions. Then, we could hear more of the auditions, especially the singers that make Hollywood and we just get to see in a flashback picture.

  30. Alex says:

    To quote a user from VTFW:

    “Is it a touching story? Yes. Is he a good man to stay by her? Maybe. Much of his commentary seemed to suggest he did it out of obligation, social standing, and guilt. “What kind of man would I be if I left” as opposed to “I stay with her because I love her” or better yet, not saying a word as part of this competition to prove his talent stands on its own (or doesn’t).”

    We’ve had “Deadwife” Danny Gokey. We’ve had 10 seasons of Idol. We can see right through this, and it’s gonna backfire in your face, Medina.

  31. Nycki says:

    We were not there when the judges met julianna people. We don’t know what the heck they had in mind. Yes the judges are also human ok they have feelings. I’m pretty sure julianna knew what was going on and Chris is a good guy so he wouldn’t have allowed that unless julianna wanted to

    Don’t jump to conclusions!