Deadly Dilemma: Will Bones' Booth Be Able To Take Down the New Baddie?

[Warning: The following contains spoilers from this week’s episode of Bones.]

This Thursday night on Fox’s Bones, the Gravedigger met her maker – but by a means that dug up a grave figure from Booth’s own past.

After a bit of misdirection placing Temp’s pop (guest star Ryan O’Neal) on the suspect list, it was revealed that the triggerman on Heather Taffet’s takedown was Jacob Ripkin Broadsky, an elite sniper peer of Booth’s. The shooter’s mission was not so much to dispatch with the Digger but tap Seeley firmly on the shoulder and thus unsettle his world. Along the way –- but before the reveal -– we saw that Booth, from his days as a sniper, could identify with the gunman’s muddled morality.

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Bones star Emily Deschanel says the Broadsky storyline will “play a part through the remainder of the season,” and “brings up a lot of things for Booth.”

David Boreanaz himself sums up Broadsky (played by The Mummy‘s Arnold Vosloo) as “somebody Booth is proud of, somebody that he has respected and learned from in the past.”

“He knows he’s a good guy,” Boreanaz continues, “but he’s kind of gone the wrong way.”

Bones Video: Meet ‘Evil, Evil Booth’

Toward the end of the first episode, Booth had at least one opportunity to bring down Broadsky, but found himself unable to pull the trigger. And that, Boreanaz previews, will be a recurring dilemma as this intense storyline plays out.

“Booth is just looking to answer two questions: Why? And how could someone do this?” the actor explains. “Now, he might have to take him out -– with his own gun –- and that should be interesting to see.”

Bones Buzz: Will the Truth Set Booth and Brennan Free?

Bones fans: Exploding noggin aside, were you excited this week to see Booth take his first steps into this dark, dramatic and decidedly personal storyline?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Harry says:

    Bones has sucked this year, I’ve given up hope on this show. Nothing they’ve done this year has excited and this sounds BORING.

    • Lynn says:

      It was a good episode for Boreanaz fans.
      I don’t think Bones herself did anything but stand around her man (that’s really what this show has come to).
      Despite massive love from viewers who like seeing DB, the story itself was so-so. Lots of exposition, continuing the trend this season of murders that turn out to be not-murders or as tonight, murders not central to the plot.
      It’ll be curious to know what the average Joe viewer thought.

      • above average Lynn says:

        Average Joe viewer thought it was a good episode for Boreanaz fans. But that the show has really come to Bones not doing anything but stand around her man. And that the story was so-so with too much exposition. And that seems to be a trend this season.

      • JJ says:

        Yeah, I can hear the fangirls loving it and it really was better than the season’s usual. But it really was the Booth show and lots of setting up future arc. I did get distracted thinking about whether Boreanaz really is that vain or whether the studio executives did some research that said to play up Booth, or whether Emily Deschanel was having contract negotiation fights with the studio, whether Cam was getting fired, etc. So the episode was good, but it wasn’t “grab on, guys” level of good.

        • Buddy says:

          I think it was just a matter of a particular episode focusing on a certain character. Remember the one with the doctor that Bones identified with? That episode hardly featured Booth at all.

      • average Jane says:

        Not average Joe, but this average Jane thought Booth had too many scenes acting cool (like, David Caruso levels) and the Sweets story was more suited to college freshmen taking Pysch for the first time. If this were my first episode, I’d think Bones was the messenger between the lab and FBI, not a world renowned forensic anthropologist.
        That said, if the ratings go up and this is what the public wants, I guess the changes are inevitable.

        • FannyPack says:

          One of my coworkers brought up the David Caruso – David Boreanaz comparison too! LOL- I did think yesterday’s posturing was too much, and also laughed at how much that would rile up some DB fans. :)

          • Melissa says:

            Laugh all you guys want to… David’s directing and acting drew more viewers than Bones has had in YEARS.

            KUDOS David Boreanaz!!!!!!!

            Us DB fans are laughing at the handful of sour grapes haters out there.

            Bones was awesome…. as always.

            Season 6 is rockin’. Best Episode this season!!!!!

          • Yay says:

            In his defense, he’s improved a lot since Angel.

      • Annie says:

        I couldn’t agree more, especially with “I don’t think Bones herself did anything but stand around her man (that’s really what this show has come to).” I find it frustrating and disheartening that such a strong, beautiful, capable character as Temperance Brennan has been brought down to little more than a womanly cliche. Here is someone that was, in her own way, a free spirit and a free thinker, and now she’s becoming more and more “normal” and I don’t like it at all.

      • Linda says:

        Average joe viewer? And you’re….not?

        • Anna M says:

          No, she’s not. According to HH, the online fans who take time to discuss the shows on sites like this only reflect a tiny, obsessed part of viewership. It was their explanation for why Hannah was going to be a success and their answer to a host of other issues that fans have been talking about.

    • nz says:

      How can you say the episode sucked? Bones has come such a long way from the early years. The characters have developed more than on any other show this of this kind, and the story line is changing for Brennan as well. As funny as it was to hear her say ‘I dont know what that means’, thats just not where her character is anymore. There’s been a lot of growth and as such, there’s more emotion driving the characters.

      • Roger Tueting says:

        I agree but one of the problems of giving Seely a life after six years is that it seems to have made Brennan backslide into tight autistic ball. As characers, neither can be open without hurting Hannah and both are too ethical for that. But any self-awareness of hurt or disappointment by either character is completely lacking. Maybe that is being true to characters but it sure is annoying. I’m glad the writers have made Hannah confident without a hint of shrewishness. (Anything else would have been a complete cliche.) But part of me thinks Brennan’s friendship for Hannah is a little creepy because, how could she not feel jealous? She seems to be a voyeur, enjoying the romance secondhand because she refused to handle it herself.

      • Jenifer says:

        I completely agree, that scene with her and the conch shell, would never of happened in seasons one or two, she’s beginning to allow emotions and sentimental memories over logic, the whole scene with her dad and the conch shell really showed how far the character has come. I think that this was a great episode, and it was a great set up for future things to come.

        • i glad bones can loosen up enough to smile at the concept of the shell. it shows just how human she can be. i like the way she jokes. im looking forward to seeing more whimsy .she’s brilliant on the job, you cant fault that.kathy did a fine job in her books ,dont try to change her, she’s perfect as she is.

    • David says:

      I am looking forward to this season of bones to see if both and breanan finally get togther

      • Esther says:

        I am patiently waiting for season 6 of “Bones” to arrive in Spain via “Snail Mail” So I cannot comment.

        Estoy esperando con infinita paciencia la llegada de la Temporada 6 a España. Pero parece que nos la van a entregar via el “correo más lento que una tortuga (no sé la palabra para “snail” y da igual porque no rima.

        Por todo lo arriba expresado; no puedo ni opinar, ni comentar, ni VER “BONES” y soy una forofa adicta! Paciencia y perserverancia… porque me niego a “download” versiones pirateadas; que las hay y sé acceder… porque “downloadear” es lo mismo que robar. Y no soy ladrona. Lástima de tiempo perdido. Me voy a poner con el punto de cruz y apagar la tele… hasta la vuelta!

        Una americana en Madrid..

      • judy rose says:

        me too. I am weary of waiting.If Hannah is going to be permanent they should bring sullie back and let Booth finally see its Bones he wants

    • missy says:

      I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as many others, but I do find the show absolutely fantastic, it makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it leaves me in awe at times… wondeful cast, amazing story lines :)

    • Stephen S. says:

      While I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s been sucking, I do agree that Bones hasn’t been that good this season but that said, last night’s episode was fantastic. In fact, it was actually the best episodes of Bones in a very long, long time! Probably the best episode since the show was at it’s creative peek during season 2. Looking forward to seeing this storyline play out as the season progresses.

      • Becca says:

        Totally agree, although I would have included season three as being great also. It seemed like Booth & Brennan were starting to get their mojo back. Here’s hoping they put to rest the unoriginal, shallow & often tawdry ideas that dominated much of the last two seasons and bring back the intelligent cases, witty repartee & sizzling dynamic that got me hooked in the first place.

        Don’t get me wrong – I’m with Bones all the way & the last few seasons have offered up some brilliant episodes reminiscent of the ‘glory days’. I just hope this last episode heralds the return of the dynamics that made us fall in love with this show in the first place.

        • Joyce says:

          How did I miss your post?! You have said everything I felt.

          What HH said about giving them a chance to kind have a re-start after all these years when the season 5 ended. I thought it’d be great to see what creative ways they can bring forth these characters… well, may be the “intention” was good, but what turned out is just the exact opposite – they did not deliver – it is not the storyline that’s the main problem, it is a storyline delivered rather shallow, no impact, dull, not only killed the B&B chemistry, also the whole team!

          So, yes I am hoping with you that this will lead back to intelligent, witty “glories day” as you put it. And we need to have Carolyn come in and shake them up and shake them back to their senses!!

          • Liza says:

            Agree with you guys here. I was never bothered by the storyline, not even the triangle, but the problem has been the shallow characterization and lack of wit.

            It’s especially frustrating when the writers either deny, deny, deny or say that the subtlety of Booth’s and Brennan’s responses are lost on viewers. Did you see yesterday’s episode with Taffet’s line to Sweets or Booth’s reading of the sweaty suspect? This show does not do subtlety.
            The lack of witty lines being explained as coming from BB tension? That’s either a lousy excuse or throwing out the baby with the bathwater situation.

          • EL says:

            When you need Cliff Notes as put out there in interviews by producers to explain what they meant to show during a season, you know the show is in trouble. A tight arc with an S/O for Booth to force Brennan to come to grips with her feelings might have worked if they’d kept it brief and intense and then ended it. But they fell so in love with their character/actress that they drove the show off a cliff. Here’s hoping they can put it back together but they’ve got to move B&B toward each other to do that. Six years of foreplay is enough already.

    • Denise says:

      I did NOT like the gore in last nite’s eppie. You guys don’t need to go there like that. It was disgusting. You don’t have to show that crap for the show to be good. I mean it’s always been a bit graphic but last night’s exploding head and tub scene were a bit much. If you continue on that path, I’ll have to reconsider the 3 shows I choose to watch each week. I’m sure I can’t be the only one that feels this way.

      • UTEXAS says:

        Actually, that’s why they have the disclaimer at the beginning. Yes, last night’s episode was a bit more bloody than usual, but there are still a lot of other shows that are worse. And actually, a lot of people aren’t bothered by it at all. For instance, me. I’m completely capable of realizing that it’s all fake, and the tub body actually looked pretty fake. The exploding head was a split second, and then it was just a headless body and a pool of blood, which I wouldn’t even consider that bad. I just think you’re being a little harsh over something that really isn’t a big deal. Go watch The Hills Have Eyes and you’ll understand. That movie is truly disgusting.

        • Ditto, UTEXAS,totally agree the episode was really great and the head shot took a lot of work,by all envolved,showing they R extremely talented people who work on the show,not to mention the warning,and it was a split second,bot I think it may have bothered sone few because of it’s realness & the split second let our mind do the rest…and yes it’s not real,it’s really actinr well !!Bravo ..loved the episode,love keeping up with the BONZE’S each week !!

      • Linda says:

        We are all Big Girls and Boys now..Most where big boy and big girl pants as well. Besides, there was a disclaimer..don’t watch it if it offends you. It’s as simple as that.

      • Fabi says:

        It was a little out there but what can you expect from a show called ‘Bones’and revolves around solving murders?? Like others have said, if it’s too much for you go ahead watch something else. You won’t be missed for sure.

    • Santiago says:

      Bones has gone decidedly downhill since they had the anti-climactic scene last season with Booth confronting Brennan about their feelings. This show is nothing without their interaction, and once they crossed that bridge with Booth finally giving in to how much he wanted Bones and working up to it all the Bones fans are feeling like “what the hell are we doing?” while they muddle about this season.

      I honestly loved watching Bones for four straight seasons, this year I don’t even bother to watch it when it airs and sometimes don’t even bother to Hulu or download it.

      See you in syndication, Bones.

      • lois says:

        they gotta find a way to have Hannah gracefully “exit left.” Then strengthen the main characters partnership again. Really, if Booth’s character’s intention is to be madly deeply with Hannah, that’s a reason for me not to watch. The chemistry is so missing between Booth and Hannah. Maybe it’s just me. I find them painful to watch. Here’s a shipper waiting for the original pairing to get back together, as more than partners. Does Hart think perhaps that it would be too difficult to write crime/drama/relationship? Sigh. I couldn’t watch the last few eps.

  2. Carolyn Johnson says:

    I thought it was a fantastic episode. I didn’t really see the point of the Sweets storyline but I thought Hodgins dilemna over being happy Taffet was dead was interesting.

    My favorite part of the episode was the look on Bones’ face as he watched Brennen with her Dad. I’m seriously hoping this is the season that brings them together.

    • Marsha says:

      Loved that they ended the episode the good old fashioned way, with a Booth and Bones scene and not one word of Hannah. Also loved the look on Booth’s face as he watched Bones listening to the shell. Reminiscent of Bones from yesteryear.

      • cathy says:

        AMEN, to not hearing anything about Hannah. I would love to see a Booth/Brennen hook up.

      • Buddy says:

        Yes, I thought that, too. There’s been a melancholia around Booth this season that I bet lifts with the next few episodes. I think the show this year is different, but not in a bad way. Characters are evolving, can’t stay stuck in the same rut forever. It’s how they evolve that matters. The interaction between Booth and Bones this year has been perfect for the storyline.

      • binnie says:

        marsha, Oh yeah, I totally agree. I thought the episode was good.. it set the scene for the follow ups, showed a side to carolyn that we havent ever seen and, yes, the ending was indeed the old time Bones. I knew I’d missed that but didnt realize how much till last night.
        Am looking forward to the next episodes more than ever.

    • Judi Misere says:

      Carolyn, I think they are using Sweets’ emotional reaction as a foil to Hodgins. With Dr. Sweets he is expected as a psychologist and a FBI agent to be able to have professional distance from the horror of what he sees and be able to process it well. Yet he is shaken both by Taffit’s comments and her death right beside him. Hodgins, who usually reacts with passion and outrage finds himself overjoyed at murder. Both are bound to be effected by these shifts in reaction and it will be interesting to see how they overcome them. It adds dimention to their characters, which often come across somewhat flat, except in a handfull of episodes.

  3. Lynn says:

    How do you know it’s boring? Sounds boring? No actually it wasn’t. It was a very good episode. It’s alwaysgood to watch something before saying it’s boring

  4. Last night’s episode was, quite possibly, the best of the last two seasons. Between David Boreanaz’s directing and acting, John Francis Daley’s heartbreaking performance, and the mind-blowing Patricia Belcher, I can’t decide what I loved most about it. Just spectacular.

    • Brunette-31 says:

      I love this show and have been watching it since the beginning. All of the characters have grown and progressed throught the years and I think this will be the year that Bones finally starts to connect her left brain to her right. I will never be able to understand the trama of what Sweets went through watching someone’s demise in such a way and was a little disappointed in his overall portrayal of the depression and angst he went through sorting it out. It wasn’t quite believable I don’t think. The best part of the show was hearing Caroline saying ‘I messed myself’. I was laughing and crying at the same time.

      • brenda says:

        People usually forget how messy was Sweets’ childhood. He needed to deal with the fact he was very different of other children, when he was very young. And the way he acts in the show, since the beggining, shows how he needs of other character’s approval, probably a way of try to forget these issues. And even if he is a great professional, when it comes about himself, it’s very difficult to think in a clear way. It’s easier when he needs to think of the others people problems.
        I thought it was a great show, that brought a lot of interesting questions.

    • Boneza says:

      Yes, it wasn’t the best of all, but it was getting there! DB knows how to liven up a dying season… It reminds me of the good old days in season 1-3.

      And I’d like to point out, the whole show I was fangirling over Max, not Booth. Max is epic. :D So I feel justified in saying that DB’s directing and acting was awsome in this show.

  5. Inigo Montoya says:

    Dissenters will just have to accept that this is now the Booth show.

    • Melissa says:

      YES. THIS!!!!!!!

    • Buddy says:

      No, they just change the focus. Sometimes the show revolves around Bones, sometimes around Booth, and sometimes around both of them. Do anything different and we would get bored.

      • Catie says:

        Perhaps the fact that they are focusing more on one person at a time in the single episodes just shows us more how apart Booth and Bones have become. They don’t really go anywhere together anymore, and I think that it’s because they are trying to keep space between each other. Booth because of Hannah (boo) and Bones because she’s trying to move on.

  6. Susan says:

    This one absolutely was the best so far this season. Close to what drew me to “Bones” in the first place. It will be interesting to see where this goes. I don’t hate the Hannah character but I certainly didn’t miss her in the episode.

  7. EzzaH says:

    If Boreanaz wasn’t directing I don’t think this episode would have been as good – he doesn’t hold back on the action or emotion – eg. his biggest emotional performance was probably the 100th ep which he directed (although when he opened up to Bones about his sniper past in S1 and his performance in the car scene in “The Doctor in the Photo” are also up there), and he always seems to make the story that little bit more personal – eg. when Bones and Booth found the body in the bath tub and they both turned away and coughed/heaved… they never react like that! This episode was very suspenseful, it was almost back to the likes of S3 in tone/mood. The first episode of Bones I ever saw was Judas on a Pole and it got me hooked, similarly if someone saw this episode as their Bones introduction I suspect it would have the same effect.

  8. Amy says:

    I thought it was a great episode. Not best ever, but certainly the best in a long while. I loved that even though we knew the Gravedigger was about to get shot, it was still kind of shocking. I did not expect an exploding head! I like that the characters still struggled with their feelings towards the Gravedigger even after she was dead. It shows the impact she made on the show. Also, it was kind of weird that Max asked Brennan about her relationship with Booth. He never does that. It is like the writers are telling us that it is (FINALLY) almost time. At least Brennan had a normal human response by telling him she didn’t want to talk about it. Also, I loved the look on Booth’s face at the end of the episode watching Brennan. That’s the old Booth I miss.

    • Marsha says:

      Actually Max did mention in the past that Bones should try to have a relationship with Booth. It happened on two occasions, one where Booth first arrested Max and max mentioned that Booth wa s agood guy and Temperance should consider dating him and the second was the episode where Bones had Xmas with her dad in jail and Booth showed up outside with Parker and lit up a Xmas tree. Awesome, how I miss those days.

      • Boneza says:

        Also when he asked Booth if he slept with Bones, then if he was gay, then if she wasn’t pretty enough or something, to which Booth replied, “Bones is beautiful.” <– I'm not obessive, I just love that part. :D Max is awesome.

    • mawmawof12 says:

      I think your right on the mark, with your thoughts on the show, need I say more? Naw, I think not.

  9. Rusty says:

    I think it was one of the better episodes of the series.

    As for why Sweets was acting the way he did, I’ll just this, having been in a similar situation, although in combat, it was my first in my face violent death. An IED hitting the Hummer in front of me and having body parts blown into the cab of ours. It will shake you up. His turmoil about being glad she was dead and what she talked to him about and the fear factor, was right on. And contrary to what most of the armchair warriors out there think, you are scared poopless most of the time and that is what keeps you alive. Ok, enough preaching.

    I do wish that the writers would have taken the time to do a little research about sniper kills. Anyone can Google the info. Bones makes the comment that Booth has the record kill of 1 Kilometer. 1 Kilo = 3280 feet. Back in 2002 the record was 7972 feet, most recently the new one is 8121 ft. Her statement should have been , his was one of the longest shots rather than the ‘the’ longest shot as a kilo kill is still very impressive.

    • madrean says:

      You googled…Really?! Did you google to see if Booth has ever had the record shot? If you had, you wouldn’t have found his name because…..Bones is FICTION (fake, not real, etc)!

      • Casey says:

        Read his comment again and I think you will see he’s quite aware that’s it’s fiction.

      • Rusty says:

        No dip****, You missed the point. 3280 ft is not that extreme of a shot. If the storyline is that Booth is the best there ever was, they should have checked and at least make it seem that his ‘record’ was just that a record and made more in line with what the real record is. Jeesh some people are really dense.

        • madrean says:

          Not dense nor a dip****…… and I didn’t miss the point. I just don’t understand looking up a record to see if a fictional character actually beat the real one. So sensitive!

    • nat says:

      Just to add (because I picked up on this point too): It was Brennan that said it was 1 Kilometer and then Booth responded that it was further than that (as if she was incorrect and underestimating him.) Also, I guess technically this record shot could have been made in 1995 for all we know. I don’t think it was meant to be a title he still held.

  10. darclyte says:

    Gravedigger had the best exploding head on a Fox tv show since Eric the Midget aka Eric the Actor on Fringe. Ack ack. Totally didn’t see that coming.

    I also liked the way Booth found the bullet hole and his reaction. Watch that scene again and it was interesting the way he reacted to the discovery and the way he spoke and moved. I also liked the reactions to finding the body in the tub. A heavy duty drain cleaner used to dissolve a body would have a smell like no other.

  11. Kay says:

    I think its long-overdo that we see something of Booth’s sniper past. Fact is, we haven’t really gotten all that much about Booth, not for his being a main character and not for the series being on 6 season. We got some of his brother, met his grandfather, but his past is fraught with trauma, and we haven’t seen too much of how this has affected him or if it has at all. So, good story! lol

    • J says:

      Agree with most of the above — this was one of the better episodes this season.

      BRING BACK BOOTH’S GRANDFATHER! He’ll knock some sense into “Shrimp,” get him to dump Hannah, and bring back the Booth we all know and love!

  12. caprica says:

    It was THE best episode of all season. And ONE of the best in the entire series alonside, lets say, Duchovny’s “Judas on a Pole”.
    With each ep Boreanaz has become a more and more capable director. Right now he’s a very good director with great instincts regarding the pace, the rhythm of a story, the cinematic visual approach, and the feel for his costars. He knows how to get the best performance out of each and every one.
    On message boards, forums, twitter etc, there is a CONSENSUS regarding the quality of last night’s episode. The only few ones still complaining are painfully obvious biased. They wrongly assume it should be Brennan/Emily’s show exclusively. IT’S NOT. It’s Brennan AND Booth’s story, as it was from the beginning. Only for those people, if there is ONE episode focusing on Booth, not Brennan, it automatically should be disqualified as “not so great” and “DB’s vanity”. (Using this askewed logic, “Doctor in the Photo” would be a vehicle for “Emily’s vanity” then? As in quid pro quo?)
    Well, suck it up folks! It REALLY was a RIVETING episode, well acted, well directed, well written. Yeah, it was Booth’s episode for once, skillfully directed by David Boreanaz, and it must hurt like hell ;) We understand…..

    • Rachel says:

      It’s comments like this that make HH and SN think DB fans and shippers are easy to please and locked down. They will continue to ignore continuity and dismiss criticisms as similarly excessive.

    • Suncatcher says:

      Sorry, last night was not the greatest and the DB directing was only OK.

      It’s not about Bones or Booth and who has the lead – it’s about getting back to basics before this show totally crashes and burns with STUPID WRITING.

      Bones fans are more sophisticated than these comments would have others believe. We’ve been served vanilla for the past year after enjoying a Bacchus Feast for several years – and we know it.

      The show knows it now. Why last night’s attempted changes were made.

    • Melissa says:

      I totally agree with every word you said… This ep was phenomenal.. Across the board amazing… everyone except the most die hard ED fans agree everywhere. David Boreanaz is an amazing director…

      The few haters left after last night are only hating cuz Booth has a GF.

      Suck it up peeps!!!

      Booth & Bones are Back Baby!!!

      and the Show is Called Bones because ITS THE name BOOTH gave her.

      Its always been about both. The Brennan only storyline has been OLD for awhile…. Theres a reason why ratings are up and that reason is BOOTH and David Boreanaz.

      and the rest of the cast… and HH and the crew.

      Not ED.

    • Jess says:

      Thank you! I am so annoyed with the all the comments about DB’s vanity. He didn’t write the episode. He merely brought the writer’s vision to life. It was their decision to focus on Booth in this episode. Just as it was their decision to put ED into EVERY scene in Doctor in the Photo. I’m sure DB would have preferred fewer scenes, to be honest. Directing and starring at the same time is draining for an actor. They have 0 downtime. They have to be at every shoot, every day for the two weeks they’re filming. Then they have to spend long hours in post production to polish everything. Not many could handle it as well as he seems to. In fact, HH and company have chosen to postpone ED’s directorial debut because they will have to lighten her presence so much throughout the episodes she directs.

      As for how “cool” he made himself look…all I can say is THANK GOD! Over the past few seasons they’ve made Booth look like a sad sack wimp on WAY too many occasions. He’s a former Army Ranger Sniper and an FBI agent for cripes sake. And I didn’t exactly think him tumbling down into the ravine and twisting his ankle on a rock made him look all that full of himself. I thought he did a great job of balancing the tough guy we should expect to see and taking some potshots at himself.

      Now on to my reaction to the episode itself. This was the first episode all season that ended and I could immediately claim I liked it. This felt like Bones of yesterday. The chemistry between each member of the cast sparkled like it hasn’t all season. Granted, some of the lackluster interaction has been an intentional presence due to the ramifications of the characters going their separate ways last spring. But I’ve been longing for the witty repartee, emotional tug on the heart strings, and til now absent tension between the leads. And I feel like we got all of that tonight.

      My only complaint was that this was our first Wendell episode since the season premier and I feel he was criminally under utilized. Thank goodness he’ll be back in next week’s episode.

      Great episode. Nice to see some old faces. And a faint glimmer of hope that HH and company will redeem my favorite show by season’s close.

  13. EL says:

    The mojo is back. Finally an interesting case with fully committed regulars. Hurrah for Caroline. Now if they can just jetison the blond and start Booth and Brennan once more moving toward each other, at a little bit brisker pace this time, I will be a very happy camper. Dreaming of the days of, ‘Hannah who?’

    • Laugh says:

      Let me be clear. I don’t like Hannah.

      But shouldn’t this episode have included her, or at least mentioned her? This was the one case where not having her didn’t make sense, whereas she seemed shoehorned in other episodes.

      • Jennifer says:

        They did mention Hannah, albeit briefly. When Brennan and her Dad were having lunch, she told him about Hannah.

        It’s probably good Hannah wasn’t there. I don’t think she’d appreciate the way Booth was looking at Bones at the end of the episode. lol

        Can’t wait for more new episodes – I’m totally hooked on this show!!

  14. Suncatcher says:

    I didn’t think last night was the best Bones show ever but it certainly was better than what they have been serving up the past year.

    The whole Sweets thing last night was just stupid. He’s a PhD, acting like a sniveling graduate with a BS. What was THAT?

    I think the writers finally caught on (duh) that they had reduced Brennan to mindless pablum and destroyed the chemistry with Booth that drew us to the show to begin with. They have a lot of damage to repair (ditch Hannah, and fast) – and they may not be able to. Too many disgusted fans!

    I will keep watching – and hoping for the best.

  15. Stephanie says:

    I thought it was a good episode, but not the best. I kind of identified more with Hodgins and didn’t really care who the killer was. The gravedigger dead was fine in my book. (But I also didn’t like how Taffet wasn’t in the first Gravedigger ep.)

    What she said to Sweets didn’t really bother me. It just seemed like empty words and there was no reason for Sweets to think he was the weakest link prior to her talk. However, I did like the Caroline bit.

    But I don’t think Jacob is a “bigger bad”. Yeah he killed the escort, so that is bad. But I also think watching Dexter has made me more okay with murders (which is probably bad…).

    • Laugh says:

      Hodgins is pretty consistently awesome, and I loved seeing a snippet of Angela-Hodgins as a married couple, still(or newly?) vying for dominance in that car scene.

  16. Kristin says:

    I thought last night’s episode was really well done. Those last couple minutes where Max and Caroline were leaving the diner, I was literally on the edge of my seat wondering if the Gravedigger was going to be the only victim that night. The focus on Caroline in the episode had me a little worried about her future to be honest! It felt like a tease, having these two characters come in together. They need more Caroline, that’s for sure.

    As for the criticisms of Sweets, I think because they don’t make obvious digs about his age any more, we forget that he is a little younger than the rest of the team and I always thought he looked up to them a little. And Booth and Brennan were very resistant to him at first. Just because he’s brilliant doesn’t mean he can’t be insecure. He might be an integral part of things now, but he used to be an annoyance they had to deal with.

    In short, more Caroline, more Max, more arcs like this instead of the insipid blonde who needs to go back where she came from.

    • Laugh says:

      Do you think they’ll kill Caroline after saying she’s the center in the season opener? I like her in small doses, but definitely always like her.

      My problem with the Sweets part was not that he’s still insecure. That seems like a consistent character trait. But he is supposed to be a top notch psychologist, so the Gravedigger’s digs should have been more sophisticated and incisive to effect Sweets. Or to convince us that Sweets would be so effected.

      • Anna M says:

        Right, but I don’t think the writers this season could write a sufficiently stringent insult. Sophisticated? Subtle? Not part of this season’s MO.
        Otherwise, I think John Francis Daly (spelling?) did a better job being shaken up here than last season when he was in that subway crash.

    • patricia says:

      I love the whole booth/ bones tension, but I also love the TEAM. All the interaction.

    • UTEXAS says:

      Totally agree. Also, as far as Sweets, I think people are forgetting he has a troubled childhood as well. And obviously had a falling out with his psych job over the season break since he was just out playing piano. I just feel like he’s got more issues that people know/remember, probably due to the fact that he’s not Booth or Bones, and also that his character would do his best to keep his issues to himself. I thought it was nice that they showed Sweets in a different light, so to speak.

  17. Esra says:

    İt was a Booth-centered episode,like Brennan’s “The doctor in the photo”.This is just an ep buddies don’t worry.David was amazing,Emily is not so active nowadays but it fits with her emotional breakdown.It will be over,just wait.

  18. Melissa says:

    I loved it… as always david Boreanaz did a superb job directing. Best episode of the season…. It blew The Doctor in the Photo oout of the water by far.

    Bring it season 6!!!! Most of us adored it and are still ecstatic with JOY.

    and HH if you ever read this stuff??? Trust me? Most of us LOVED it.

    DB def has a future ahead as a director if he ever gets tired of acting… Though I hope that never happens!!!!!

    This arc is stellar and the ratings NOT the few haters PROVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Laugh says:

    OK, HH has said many times that online fans are never, can never be “most of us.” If that was their stance on negative comments, it should stay that way.

    Also, please. I am highly doubtful that all these Boreanaz lovers could spot tv episode directors without prior PR and credit scenes. Fan squeeling just confirms the showrunners beliefs that shippers are overly emotional and easy to placate. It’s no wonder this show has such a notorious history with teasing.

  20. BonnieMac says:

    I have noticed that we are not seeing Parker very much – being a father was always so important to Booth’s identity. Did the child actor leave the show?

    • Lynn says:

      I don’t think it’s an actor availability thing.
      Of many unbelievable moments this season, the single most unbelievable one for me was that Booth would ask a woman to move in without introducing her to Parker. So it’s not surprising that he wasn’t present or mentioned in the episode. I do agree that we should see/hear about Parker more if we are to keep believing that fatherhood is important to Booth. Otherwise, it becomes a convenient virtue.

  21. TH says:

    This episode was great! It took an old storyline and brought it back to light, in the old way, but with a totally new twist. Everyone did an outstanding job on this episode. I recently praised TJ for his acting when he and Bones were buried alive by the Gravedigger. His reactions to what happened was very appropriate and I loved how Sweets reacted as well. He is a professional, but he is a human being and young. His acting in this episode was terrific. Yes, Mr. Boreanaz stood out in this particular episode, but that happens even in a team ensemble from time to time. We now get to see more of Booth’s past as a sniper and where his and how that has messed with his mind over the years. Something tells me that we will also see where Bones’ (almost always the objective professional) loyalties will be at in helping Booth through this storyline. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season to see how this storyline plays out. As usual, MY kudos to the entire cast and crew for another top notch show!!!!

  22. connie says:

    I love this show. I can’t say that I’m not a little frustrated that Bones and Booth have not gotten together yet. But I don’t want to miss out if and when they do. I like the cast and look forward to watching every week. And I still watch the reruns too. There are certain faces that make it all worth the while.

  23. sara says:

    i cant wait until booth and bones get together. i think that bones father asking about it and the way he is looking her agian. i also loved how they gave the gravedigger what she deserved. sweets i think did a great job on his acting when she got shot.

  24. Lynn says:

    I don’t think it’s an actor availability thing.
    Of many unbelievable moments this season, the single most unbelievable one for me was that Booth would ask a woman to move in without introducing her to Parker. So it’s not surprising that he wasn’t present or mentioned in the episode. I do agree that we should see/hear about Parker more if we are to keep believing that fatherhood is important to Booth. Otherwise, it becomes a convenient virtue.

  25. Duckman says:

    Last night’s episode was interesting. It started something more serious than many of the recent story lines. A recent episode focused on Bones and this one focused on Booth. So?

    The Hannah character may not be popular but I see why she was inserted into the mix. I think I see where this is going and, if I’m correct, Hannah was a necessary evil. That is, evil to we viewers, rather than inherently evil. She’s a good gal and friend to Bones. I believe Hannah is the catalyst that will finally draw Booth and Brennan together.

    The only real complaint I have about the evolution of the show is Brennan has become a cliché of the “absent-minded professor who is so smart she’s dumb.” It’s way over the top.

  26. Charlie Grauman says:

    Last night’s show rocked. Well written, acted, directed for whole cast. This episode gives David an emmy worthy performance, as “Doctor in the Photo” did for Emily. I’m amazed this show manages to stay fresh after six seasons.

  27. alana says:

    I can’t honestly say I loved the ep, but I didn’t hate it either. I would like to see more Hodgins and Angela though. John Francis Daley’s performance was amazing. He’s always been vulnerable and secretly dependant on what the others thought of him, but that just made me feel like I wanted to protect him. On the subject of B&B getting together: I don’t understand why the writers are afraid to take that leap! Dragging it out just has everyone threatening to stop watching. There would still be plenty of plot twists along the way. And if they would either go one way or another about the “Will they or Won’t they” the writers could focus more on the murder cases, something I truely enjoyed and miss. Forgive me, I know this is old news, but it seems like everything has fallen apart at the Jeffersonian since Zack blew himself up.

    • Lynn says:

      Agree about the romance taking over the show. I liked it best when the BB flirting was just a way to wind down after the case.

      I brought up the average Joe reaction earlier, and my fellow viewer’s first comment was, “why did he have to kill the stripper?” (Arr on the lack of distinction between escort and stripper…) I explained that this new killer just doesn’t have compunctions about killing, but the bf was also right in that the murder wasn’t necessary. I think it is a sign of a weak case.

  28. Shugal says:

    I thought the episode was good. The acting of Caroline & Sweets was amazing..they had me crying right along with them. I did enjoy Booth in this episode and Max, I always love it when ALL of the characters are in an episode. I have to say it was great fun watching the gravedigger get taken out…I agree this episode was ‘reminiscent’ of the first few seasons..and that was nice to see. As was the ED “photo” ep.

    That being said, I am still not happy with HH yanking my chain for 5 yrs and now 6! I gave up watching the show on a regular basis, I dvr it and watch it if I get around to it. I don’t care if it goes off the air..I feel like HH has “used” his fans and toyed with them and yanked our chains for 5 yrs and he’s doing it this fan left the stadium.

    I am willing to admit though, when I see a good episode, this episode was good. Make no mistake though..I could care less if I watched it or not. I have been a fan of DB since “married with children” followed him all this time…doesn’t mean I am going to watch a show that he’s in if I don’t like the show.

    I find it amazing that the ratings went up? Yet Bones didn’t even come close in the People’s choice OR the Globes…Isn’t that telling you something HH? Not that he ever listens…I think he’s been in America for too long…He’s LOST his Canadian self..and we are not so sure we want him back the way he is now.

  29. Kate says:

    My husband and I are both big “Bones” fans. We have noticed that this season the story lines have focused a lot more on the inter relations of the cast members. We have enjoyed getting this closer look at the cast we have grown to love watching in action. We do not think it is boring so much as more insightful vs more action.

    Each of the two previous running themes have proven highly insightful to one of the characters in the cast (gormegon – Zack; Gravedigger – Bones) so we welcome further insight into Booth.

  30. alana says:

    I do kinda like when they have a serial killer on the show. Epps, Gormogon, Gravedigger… it’s a great and easy way to clean up the cast without long drawn out goodbyes and half an episode of explaining where they’re going. It’s just BAM… you’re dead.. thanks for being on the show. LoL. I’m terribly afraid the Sniper is gonna get Max (Bones’ Dad) though. I thought his performance last night was a little more than a temporary goodbye to Brennan. Still kinda keeping my fingers crossed that Hannah gets it next though.. haha… kidding

    • UTEXAS says:

      I kind of doubt it’s Max. I mean, the fact that Max murdered people, yes that applies. But in a way, the sniper is just like him. He killed someone who he judged to deserve it. Also, this killer is messing with Booth, apparently. So I’d think he’d target someone closer to Booth than Brennan’s dad. But who knows. I’m also a little skeptical that anyone dies since Hart Hanson, in the clip on, says “victim of a serial killer… that sounds like death though.” I know he’s teasing, but it seems like he’s saying no one actually said there’s a death. Eh, who knows.

  31. Andi says:

    This episode was good for a few reasons. 1) It’s opening up a part of the story about one of the main characters that has never been breached before. We know Booth was a sniper, but that’s all. We know that Booth is a more emotional character than his outside persona shows most of the time, so it will be nice to see where some of his philosophies come from and possibly some demons that he’s been hiding. 2) Showing Hodgin’s, Sweets’ and the Director’s reactions to Taffett’s death shows us that this horrific character affected everyone on various levels. The Director’s statement that “we’re all just people” was a resoundingly true statement…no matter what your level or job title, things can still effect us. 3) As the ending showed us, we are about to see Booth/Brennan come to a head about their feelings. The fact that she finally openly admitted her feelings showed Booth that there is a possibility for them. As he’s watching her enjoy the conch sell her father gave her…you can see that now he’s torn. He truly cares for Hannah..which is a very likeable character…but has a deeper love for Brennan that goes back years and doesn’t want to hurt anyone and honestly is struggling with whom he loves more….and more importantly, what is the “right” thing to do?

    If you enjoy character development this is a great show…the murders and scientific aspects are all just the small subplots to aid in the development of these people and to entertain us as we watch them grow.

  32. Susan says:

    I was just glad to see the Gravedigger gone. I think there were enough loose ends at the close of the show this week that will make it interesting. Max just seemed like he was up to something.

  33. Lore says:

    Este programa es uno de mis favoritos se me hace muy interesante para conocer o darnos una idea de como trabajan en inbestigaciones sobre homicidios, suicidios, crimenes en gral. Etc. No dejen de ponerlos al aire! Gracias!

  34. Mabbie says:

    Seems to me (don’t hate at me please!) that the B&B “thing” is headed toward the “We are platonic lovers – our love for each other is that of shared souls, not shared bodies” – what a friend of mine calls “the work spouse” rather than the real spouse.

    Hannah is Booth’s physical/romantic lover; Bones is his (and he her) soulmate on a *non-romantic* plane. I think that is what the two of them are going to discover. (See, for example, the detective partnerships on Blue Bloods, L&O Special Victims, CSI and CSI NY and the old L&O that got shunted to a cable-only channel and then eventually cancelled.)

    Now this is not what I *want* to see… like most of us Bones fans, my emotional side wants to believe Bones/Booth should live happily ever after in a cozy cottage by the Bay… but I think it’s unrealistic on so many levels. And to be honest, I think their intellects (NOT their intelligence!) are far too different to allow them a lifetime romantic merging. They’d make each other totally nuts in 6 months.

    • Anna M says:

      I wish. I like the Ying/Yang, Rational/Heart balance. With romance coming to the forefront, it’s all been about Brennan’s transformation into someone who’s going to fulfill Booth’s idea of Love.

    • UTEXAS says:

      I don’t think it’ll be platonic. They have too many scenes of physical/romantic implications for that to really work out. Yeah, one was all a dream, and yes one she turned him down. But the 100th episode really showed that they’ve always been attracted to each other in a strong physical way. I just feel like it’d be especially difficult for the writers to turn it into the “work wife/husband” platonic thing. I think Booth is kidding himself right now, and is just now coming to terms with it. But that’s just my opinion. And of course, I hope they don’t ditch the idea of Bones and Booth together. They’re actually a lot alike, but complement each other in all their differences. If the show ends with them not together, it just won’t make sense.

    • shugal says:

      I totally agree with you! I think they will Never put them together ever.

      • Liza says:

        No, the writers have stated that BB is the ultimate endgame. That’s why it’s frustrating the fans so much. It isn’t like 30 Rock that outright mocks the shippiness or L&O SVU where shippers are going against canon in their shippiness. From the beginning, the show has presented BB as the One True Love couple.

        I can accept the logic that they’ll do what they want till ratings hold. But I also have zero sympathy for critical and fan backlash. They’ve been pretty petty & testy with fans, but they earned that karma. And every time HH talks about Emily Deschanel being overlooked for an award, I think about the critics losing respect for the show itself. Their show, still a success, but don’t complain about backlash you invited.

  35. Mirenda says:

    I have been a huge Bones fan since the pilot. Over the years, I have gotten so many people to watch the show who otherwise wouldn’t have. The problem? Bones is losing me. About the only thing going on that is even remotely interesting is the rotating interns and that is on the last leg of “interesting”.
    The Hannah line doesn’t make ANY sense to me. Booth isn’t the type of guy who’s going to fall out and then into love with someone in a year. Nope, not him at all!
    I was hoping that Parker would play a bigger role in the show by now.
    Cam has no story line.
    Hodges and Angela are BORING!
    Sweeds is starting to get a little (teeny bit) interesting!
    I’m just so bored with the show it’s frustrating. Do something or I’m tuning out!

  36. Brittanyb says:

    Yes you can say that David had to many scene but I didnt hear anyone complaining when Brennan was in every scene in The Doctor in the Photo. You have to remember that this sniper story line is all about shaking Booth up and making him remember what is important in life. The fact that he identifies with the killer is going to shake him to the core and strip him of all of his defenses.

    I absolutely loved this episode I thought David did a fantastic job directing and his acting was really good too. This episode reminded me of the reasons I started watching Bones in the first place.I am looking forward to the next couple of episode.

  37. Derek64 says:

    This whole arc is going to be amazing, and last night’s ep sure rocked! I’m so glad that Booth is starting to become his old self again, the last few episodes were just awful in that regard.

  38. UTEXAS says:

    Y’all need to relax a little and recognize all the subtle nuances that are in this show. For instance, Bones directed said to Booth, “You should have waited for me.” Yes, she was talking about going after Jake, but you know there’s a double meaning there. We all know Booth should have waited for her, at least in the fictional world where they exist. Also, this episode was the first step in the right direction, in my opinion. Booth hadn’t been himself all season, which is evident in his lack of flashy ties and even the cocky belt buckle! I’ve watched since day one and this season was really getting to me. It’s been hard to watch him acting so out of character. But it appears he’s been in a sort of denial, trying to convince himself he isn’t in love with Bones. Obviously, the last scene brought him back to himself and back to his true feelings, which it appears he acknowledges next week in the whole “you love a lot of people in your life but there’s always one you love most” speech. I thought it was the best episode of the season, the rest being pretty boring, awkward, and extremely frustrating. I’m actually excited for the rest of the season now.
    (I also enjoyed the references to Texas. But maybe that’s just me.)

    • Joyce says:

      Very good point on what Bones said! Double meaning … totally! subtle but quite smartly placed. The new Jack guy said something about he’s known Booth a long time and he knows that Booth can not pull the trigger and go for the kill when he has doubts – This is not just about being a sniper, it is telling him that he can’t really go for Hanna when he has doubts, i.e. as much as he denies and tries to move on – the truth is he knew deep down Bones is the one, always has been!

      Now, I will have to say this, I have been very disappointed at the season (has been down hill for a while in season 5, but really down hill this season). This ep starts to have the feel of those great qualities and rhythm of the earlier seasons, I get to see Caroline, Sweets, Jack and Angelia, even Max! I have missed them much. It is not just the B&B, but the whole group of people making it something really special to watch. I like the development of feeling/emotion side of Brenna, but I really don’t think someone will lose centrally who they are – and that is the most endearing and interesting part of Brenna – one main reason why I kept watching. I hope they (writers/producers) will do justice to her character – not making her to be so common, but making her a bit more rounded WITH HER OWN true character.

      • UTEXAS says:

        OMG. I totally noticed the can’t pull the trigger line too. I didn’t say anything because I thought people would just say I’m crazy. So glad you agree.

  39. Stephanie says:

    I thought it was an awesome episode. I haven’t been as excited about Bones as much this season since Hannah was introduced but really loved this ep.

  40. Linda says:

    Finally an episode that I could get caught up in again. Speaking of the characters and not actors, Sweets reaction to GD’s death was real. He had just been sitting with her while she messed with his mind, then her head gets blown off and he’s covered in her blood. Nice piece of directing that I think. It seems natural that he would have a reaction of self doubt and having Carolyn being the one to help him come to terms with his feelings was another nice bit of writing. The return of Max was really welcome and brings such a nice emotional response from Tempe. His concern for her and whether she has connected with Booth also added a welcome human touch to the characters. Booth’s reaction at knowing the sniper will be interesting to see how it plays. Since the sniper is to be a recurring role. The whole episode had a different feel to it, so whether it was the directing or the writing or a combination of both, it was welcome from my point of view. It completely got me caught up in the storyline and it wasn’t until it was over that I thought wow, so nice not to have Hannnah show up.

    • Gail says:

      Sweets did a great job demonstrating a “civilains” reaction to a head being blown off a person and standing just a few feet away…he didn’t know how to feel. He is a professional, a shrink but always a human being. He doubts himself and an evil woman was trying to get to him…he reacted to the trama…he doubted himself…I have to be a professional…what if what the Gravedigger said was true…It was a great display of conflict. I agree the person who noted Bones had her own episode and this was Booth’s. He too has to face his demons, He is a guy who does not face his feelings yet is sensitive and has a sense of right and wrong and often as black and white as Bones. We are seeing Bones’ growth but she will take step back to her old self…Booth has been her mentor and he is not as available…and others are living their lives in a slightly different way…changes and growth…Linda has a good take on this

    • shugal says:

      Yup, I agree…I love when all the characters are in the was so good to see Caroline & Max and the way Caroline helped Sweets..awww…have to agree it was a good ep.

  41. Linda says:

    I was a fine show and the show will be going off in different directions. Even though Seely and Brennen still have feelings for each other and Seely will realize he is fooling his self and living and living a lie..Brennen should confront the new girlfriend..and not to be freinds either.

  42. Dingo lover says:

    I thought it was a good episode and I am wondering if any of you commenting on the episode being boring, look at it as the first chapter of a book. I think if you look at it a few times you will see some content clues that are leading into future episodes. ex: when the snipper said to Booth that Booth could never shoot someone unless he(Booth) was 100% sure that the person he was shooting was the guilty person… Booth was unable to shoot… He is not convinced this guy was the assasin. Look deeper. Analyze what the characters are saying and what they are not. I think it is going to be a GREAT season and I am looking forward to it.

  43. Pam says:

    I love Bones,but I have been a little bored and confused lately. I know its hard to hook them up because that’s usually the end of them but something needs to happen and no matter what Hannah needs to go. I would like to see more of Ryan and Angelas dad

  44. King Of The Lab says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of Bones since the beginning, and I admit, I really haven’t liked any of season 6 eps other than “The Doctor in the Photo”. But “Bullet in the Brain” really blew me away. I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode. I had read spoilers saying Taffet was going to get shot, but I was not expecting her head to blow up! I thought all the actors were amazing…Caroline and Sweets, especially. It was nice to see their vulnerable sides, and I was actually close to tears. I could go on and on…but bottom line, I LOVED this episode and the entire cast really brought their “A game” to the table. Oh and… “THIS LAND BELONGS TO SEELEY BOOTH”…best line ever!

  45. Midori says:

    This was the best episode of Bones in several years… and felt nothing like Bones, it was more like L&O or even The Profiler.

  46. francisca says:

    I LOVE BONES, but I have to admit that a LOVE more Kathy Reich’s books.

  47. Mike says:

    I thought it was a pretty good episode and people have to realize that this is only the first episode. Sure it was a lot of info but unlike a lot of the other episodes this one will be directly continued with other episodes featuring this new bad guy, and that is where it is gonna get really interesting. So for the first episode in this story arch I think it was a great episode because it explained a lot and really set up the future episodes to come, and know we’re are gonna have a lot more intense episodes coming.

  48. julianne says:

    I really loved this episode. Kudos to David for his directing and acting talents. Now that Booth realizes this is personal between the sniper and himself, perhaps he’ll focus on bringing his game up to a more even playing field. This not only brings more light on his backstory it also creates areas of conflict between himself and Hannah because she hopefully will realize that only Brennan truly understands this facet of Booth’s character. I have a feeling that her journalistic instincts will not be able to resist digging into Booth’s past to try and gain insights into the psyche of a sniper. Booth will resent her attitude as she uses him rather than supports his efforts, and will close down his walls against her even more.

  49. Alice says:

    I, like most, loved this episode. Bones is really about two characters who share core values of truth and justic but have totally opposite and seperate perspectives on how to define those ideals. Over the course of the show we have seen both of the characters grow to respect the others point of view. This is one of the main reasons I was so excited by this episode, up to this point the growth has mainly been Brennan’s struggle with seeing value in things that can’t be quantified and now it seems as though we get to see Booth struggle with the discovery that faith can be misplaced. The strength of the show lies in the fact that through their relationship with each other Booth and Bones become better more balanced people. You can see in the way they interact that they respect and care for each other enough to make the best of any situation that means they can continue to be a central part of each others lives. Honestly, if they had been brought together before I don’t think it would have the meaning that it has now. Bring on the rest of the season.

  50. Kim says:

    I think this episode ranks in the top 5 in my book. It had the perfect mix of action/emotion. DB does seem to bring out the best in the characters—like a good book. Character development is what draws us in and keeps us invested in the story. I love the double meaning incorporated into the lines—-you should have waited for me…. I appreciated the growth of the characters and how they struggle to find that balance. The stolen glances from Booth were reminiscent of the glory days of Bones. I’m excited to see where the writers will take the relationship—hopefully to a good place! :-)