Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Kate Walsh Returns for March 31 Musical Episode!

In what can only be viewed as an ominous sign for that little bun in Callie’s oven, Private Practice heroine Kate Walsh is bringing her baby doc back to Grey’s Anatomy later this season, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Details are sketchy, but I’m told that Addison will be summoned to Seattle Grace in the March 31 musical-themed episode for the purpose of helping out with a medical crisis. You don’t need a PhD in Common Sense to figure out that the Code Red in question will likely involve Callie and Mark’s unborn tyke. And considering this is the much-talked-about musical episode, it’s also safe to assume that Callie’s calamity serves as the impetus for all the singing.

The good news? As I reported in Ask Ausiello, it’s my understanding that Callie will carry this baby to term. So consider your miscarriage fears all but squashed.

Thoughts? Looking forward to Addison’s reaction upon learning that her ex hooked up (and then some!) with a lesbian? Worried about what toll this fresh batch of drama will have on Calzona? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ingrid says:

    All I’m saying is that if you all keep playing this rerun game, I will start to lose interest and stop watching altogether!!!!

  2. MK says:

    YES!!! Love Addison! And if there’s something wrong with Callies baby, it would be totally weird if there was no Addie. I mean she’s Callies friend and a genius babydoc! Plus I love her interaction with Callie and Bailey so that will be fun to see again!No fertility expert so can’t see how she’d help Mer/Der!

  3. Courtney says:

    I think Addie is returning to help Callie, but gets asked to help MerDer get pregnant. I agree with who ever said that MerDer deserve their happiness.

    BTW I’m a Grey’s anatomy whore

  4. Cindy says:

    I heard Addison is returning to Grays Anatomy with a baby of her own.Is this true? If it is true who is the father?

  5. Joan says:

    Mer and Der better get married before someone interupts that like that new intern and maybe Addison will be the new cheif of staff.Der
    can only get into trouble with the alzheimer’s study.What problem will that start?

  6. Renee says:

    Kate Walsh is an elitist Liberal! So I will boycott Gray’s Anatomy. Why is it here business what Brital Palin is doing or where she does it! Mind your business

  7. Lucy says:

    I’m tired of the reruns too…. We (used to anyway..) get so involved with the characters and wait so impatiently for the next week’s episode, our lives stopped for 60 minutes one time a week. But now with the 3 or 4 eps here and there with 2 or 3 weeks off then 1 new ep and then another round of reruns again? I remember the overall gist of the previous episode but I still forget some details in between that is kinda important to the show bc too many weeks lapse in between new eps. Does anyone know if Shonda reads these blogs? If so, Shonda I have never missed an ep of Grey’s, but you got to start beefing it up with more episodes to keep us hooked…. pretty easy to tell your ratings have dropped since the first few seasons. GA is your money-maker. If you’re in the biz to make $$, get to it and make more eps per season. That doesn’t mean all the characters have to put in more hours, but just add a little more here and there to the storylines with the other characters. Avery, April, and Teddy really haven’t done jack since the shooting. I’d rather you start the season in Nov and let it run straight thru til April if it means avoiding all these reruns. The reruns are a distraction to the current storyline and when distraction hits, people obviously lose interest – as seen in all the previous comments above. I don’t really care for your new doctors-in-the-jungle show. It’s boring… the time your wasting on it could be spent on GA. Everything is so scattered on Grey’s with the reruns so spotty in between… I can’t remember what the main problem is of why MerDer isn’t pregnant yet, other than her losing the baby with the shooting. Case in point. You could be beefing up Avery’s character. When you first brought him in he was top-notch, new to the hospital but we know he was a great surgeon. Now his character value has cheapened and it doesn’t look like it has much to do with at all PTSD from the shooting. I’m a nurse – I know what PTSD looks like. Fix your show before you lose all your fans. You have fans who have stuck it out and been loyal to you and your show. Take care of them first! Most all of us love it that MerDer are in a good place right now, but beef it up with the other characters. Bailey’s love life, how about the chief’s lovelife again. All that is going on with the chief is that he’s back in his chair now where he belongs (finally!) playing chief daddy and mending people. But you’re not doing anything else with him. You have so many options with these characters. April? Teddy? And then you throw a new intern/slut in there to sleep with Karev? Shonda, I think your show is losing heart that it once had. GA isn’t the water-cooler show anymore it once was. Just sad to see.

  8. Lily says:

    The best thing they could on PP is get Sam and Naomi back together.
    It is too obvious they love each other even after all they have been through.
    What a great story THAT would be!