Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Kate Walsh Returns for March 31 Musical Episode!

In what can only be viewed as an ominous sign for that little bun in Callie’s oven, Private Practice heroine Kate Walsh is bringing her baby doc back to Grey’s Anatomy later this season, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Details are sketchy, but I’m told that Addison will be summoned to Seattle Grace in the March 31 musical-themed episode for the purpose of helping out with a medical crisis. You don’t need a PhD in Common Sense to figure out that the Code Red in question will likely involve Callie and Mark’s unborn tyke. And considering this is the much-talked-about musical episode, it’s also safe to assume that Callie’s calamity serves as the impetus for all the singing.

The good news? As I reported in Ask Ausiello, it’s my understanding that Callie will carry this baby to term. So consider your miscarriage fears all but squashed.

Thoughts? Looking forward to Addison’s reaction upon learning that her ex hooked up (and then some!) with a lesbian? Worried about what toll this fresh batch of drama will have on Calzona? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jp says:

    Come on already. I think if it comes to a “musical” episode, I will officially stop watching GA. Mer and Derrick are so predictable it makes me want to scream! What happened to the old plots lines that had substance? I mean the bomb inside the patient got me watching, and now I am just losing interest fast. I thought the writers were finally going to spice it up again when they had the gunman come through, but all it did was take a couple of the characters and make them crazy, predictable and boring, while making others unrealistic. I know it is fake and a bunch of drama, but COME ON ALREADY! Put some real depth into the plotlines again!!!

    • Krisinta says:

      well i am glad the gun made mer lose the baby. granted she would be a good mom. but she is not even gotten an specialty yet- she just hangs on Der’s coat tails for cool surgeries. and if she does have a baby it will be like the last one on the show. couple drama episodes of the baby is hurt and then what? mom and dad hang at the bar happy to have a baby sitter for the evening?
      if they become parents they will either be inactive parents never home or someone will have to give up the career and disappear into the back ground. cant have drama and family here people!

  2. Brittney says:

    I agree it has been a blah and i’m tire of seeing reruns every Thursday. I hope this just don’t effect little Grey and Mr. McSteamy.

  3. sherri says:

    I personally hate this storyline Callie/Mark/Baby/Arizona/Lexie BS.
    I feel for only Arizona and Lexie and they should run far away from that co-dependent relationship

    I think anymore Shonda just dont give a crap about Grey’s and just pulls storylines from same old BS stories that infect ALL show that has Gay/Bi characters one goes back to sleep with a man and get knocked up been there done that storyline or the BS she has put Mer/Der thru first they dont have the REAL marriage now they can’t have a Biological kid and next I guess Mer will go all Alzheimer’s and it will be the Elise Grey story all over again
    Grey’s has turned into the rinse and repeat show

    Shonda has no time to create new storylines because she is to busy with her hands on to many other projects and the show that made her famous she just dont care about anymore and it shows with all the BS.

    Also I dont know ANY lesbian that would stay with Callie that is Bi/I scr3w whoever when I get upset or mad at my partner made a baby with my BFF/FB manho and if you love me you will stay. whatever Shonda

    • Krisinta says:

      you are right in so many ways. i think she has made to many shows. she needs to get focused! and the mixing charectors between shows it stupid. your either in or out- and when your out, why should be even try to keep up with your life between. like really- drama over lode!

  4. bobbi says:

    comment on Private Practice….just wonder if anyone watches it and wonders why awhile ago when Addison first kissed Naomi’s ex, they thought it was too much luck brother and sister, and now suddenly, they’re having this torrid affair…..whats up with that.??? don’t the writers remember what they wrote?

    • sherri says:

      I Know the writers/Shonda dont remember just like in the finale of Greys during the shooting lock down the writers had Callie ask Arizona when she was going to be a good enough LESBIAN for her …. Well when you stop scr3wing dudes/Mark the manho then you can say you will be good enough for Arizona till then…
      I notice now ALL Shonda can say or yell is Callie is BI well duh.. I knew that since she has only has had 2 girlfriends and goes back to Mark EVERYIME things dont go her way

  5. Krisinta says:

    I hope they don’t give her the baby! She does not deserve it! She is a horrible person who causes drama every were she goes! Derick was happen with maradeth-then she showed up.
    Marc was happy with everyone, then she showed up-got prego and aborted!
    She gets he own show and screws her bff’s ex husband. then gets mad when the dude wont rush to impregnate her!
    now she is showing back up in Grey’s just in time to ruin peoples lifes again! WTF!
    she is like the bitch they call in when people are to happy.

    • Kim says:

      LOL who said Addie is going to have Callie’s baby. WTF??
      And Addie left Mark when he cheated on her when she was pregnant – Addie was on the show first. Get you facts straight MerDer lunatic.

    • Jamie says:

      LMAO you need to learn how to spell! It is sad you can’t even spell your own name “Krisinta” – WTF!

  6. Jean says:

    Send Adison right back where she came from – she is trouble. Don’t let her mess up lives at Grey ‘s, they do well enough without her. I dread to think of all the mess she will make of lives in a “short” visit, to have her stay would be like injecting poison in the show.
    Also, don’t let her be given the baby we’d never be rid of her then.

  7. Dan says:

    I always hope that one day Mark and Addison will get back together. They had sizzle and repartee that none of their other pairings can match. Maddison made one sexy couple.

  8. Me says:

    I feel bad for little Grey. Her & Mark were just getting back into it.

  9. laura says:

    Wow love it when they let Kate visit every now and then…brings sum excitement to the show….not that it needs help but its interesting…I love greys… it can never get boring for me!!

  10. Niic0le!! says:

    I love pp but what I love more than that is ADDISON IS BACKIN ACTION ON GREY’S!!!!!

  11. Rosanne says:

    i totally agree on this…want a lexi/marc baby.i went thru this lesbian thing w/ my old boyfriend & it was nauseauting!!!gee are the writers from cape cod???!!!

  12. Hemigirl says:

    So glad things look like they’re over for Torres and Arizona….That has almost made me quit watching. They need a special channel for that type of storyline!

    • sherri says:

      you need to wake up and realize this is 2011 not 1959 when blacks wasnt allowed anywhere or to marry whites either
      THERE ARE GAY PEOPLE and storylines for them EVERY WHERE SO GET USE TO IT YOU HOMOPHOBIC PRI*K.. I guess you didnt like TR Knight either
      I’m not gay myself but I believe EVERY human has equal rights

      • Mich says:

        agreed sherri! That was kinda inappropriate! I love Callie and Arizona! And I’m not gay either! Whatever Hemigirl! Theres no need to be a basher here. Its a freaking tv show. Dont you have anything better to occupy your mind with?
        AND TR Knight rocks too! Miss him on the show alot!

    • katie says:

      Seriously, posts like this make me sick.

  13. Ev says:

    This season is a bit slow starting but I love the show and hope that Callie has her baby, Mark can be somewhat of a dad,I don’t want Arizona in the picture, too irritating! Lexie went thru this b4 w/ Mark’s daughter, she can’t be thrilled with this now that they are back togeth. Like the new happy Bailey, the newbies have grown on me, Owen and Christina rock, Alex needs some serious love. Hope Thatcher croaks I’ve had enuff of him…lol

  14. Carrie says:

    Miscarriage fears? More like hopes and dreams you just quashed. I’m fine with Calzona having a baby, but having the baby of another doc on the show is absolutely ridiculous. Mark needs to not impregnate anyone else anymore, unless it’s Lexie since they actually love each other and he wants to marry her anyway.


  16. ina says:

    I think that neither Callie nor Mark would EVER give up their child they will raise it together they live accross from eachother. Lexi will be hurt but hopefully get over it and the baby will have one daddy and three mommies. Hopefully Addison just comes to help with the delivery of their baby or help meredith and derick get pregnant. But has anyone thought that maybe she is going there for medical treatment not ot give it.

  17. chillingurl says:

    im not worried about callie carrying this baby or arizona i want to see how little grey will react. her and mark finally get back together only to be possibly torn apart again!

  18. Stacy says:

    Greys has been a bit disappointing of late.. Im hoping the Callie story line will bring back some interest.. I however love PP I feel it far exceeds in the story lines over Greys anymore.. it touchs on real life issues like rape, drug abuse, child abuse, infertility in a way Greys hasnt.. love em both will be cool to see Kate rock the boat on Greys

  19. ace says:

    you know, maybe she’ll come to seattle grace to help meredith get pregnant

  20. Bee says:

    omg she returns for the musical episode? hooray updated headline! FREAKING YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! omg is kate gonna sing? ahhh that would be so amazing!

    i’m excited for the musical episode and you all should be too. you can save the hate and criticism for AFTER the episode. i mean, really. see first. and then be all “omg this and omg that.”

    also think we should put a brake on the callie baby nagging. it happened. and so many on the net have been predicting it for weeks. it’s time to get over it. the baby’s real. now it’s time to see how they handle it.

  21. Tammy says:

    I love Greys the way it is, but if they bring Aadison’s character back I wish that the writers would give her a storyline where she joins a real relationship rather than going from man to man

  22. Mich says:

    Love Kate Walsh on Greys! Miss her goofy stunts (poison ivy, drunk at Joe’s bar) that she did on the show. Her charecter lost its humor when she went to Private Practice. She is almost a totally diff person on PP than she was on Greys.
    I agree this season has been a bit boring but I totally agree that now that Christina is back to normal, I will enjoy it much more. Missed her sarcasm alot!!! She is hilarious!
    The reason the show has become boring, in my opinion, is because it has lost it humor! Alex and Callie seem to be the only ones who can make me laugh anymore. But boring or not, I love this show and all the charecters and I look forward to it every week!
    Oh- and Callie and Mark’s relationship? Love it how close they are as friends!

  23. Tana says:

    I love the show and never miss an episode. However I do not like Addison! She’s a great dr but I just dont like her on greys I cant wait to see whats gonna happen with Callie, Arizona and Mark!

  24. mike89 says:

    Callie wanted a baby and was willing to give up her wants to be with arizona and then arizona just abandons her so hopefully this drama just ends them for good and I’m so happy that callie is getting what she wants

    • Joan says:

      um abandoned her Callie threw a fit and refused to be happy when the person she supposedly loves got something great. Callie is a spoiled little brat and Arizona deserves better.

      • katie says:

        Yes, in that episode Callie was pretty passive agressive, but for Arizona to tell her 30 seconds before they’re about to board the plane that she doesn’t want her there… That was pretty horrible too.

  25. Shelby D says:

    Used to be my all time favorite show but agree it has become very boring. Really liked the original cast — maybe bringing Addison back will spice things up a bit.

  26. Joan says:

    Poor Lexie always having to deal with Mark’s exs I mean seriously Lexie is the only woman who Mark has dated that has class. I hope she sticks around cause I love them together but Mark better start putting her first.

  27. njkjess says:

    So the storyline will be that something happens with Callie’s pregnancy and will need to be put under for some reason. While she’s out, she will have a drug dream that everyone is singing. Then Addison will save the day, Callie and baby will be fine and they’ll all live happily ever after with no further mention ever of this ridiculousness.

  28. Rachel CJ says:

    Can we please not have a musical episode?! Oy.

  29. MBesterman says:

    Great show – well written and well acted. Sorry to see any cast member leave now but like ER it would still be well worth watching. Interesting to see what will happen with the relationship between Callie and Arizona regarding this new baby. Sounds complicated and intriguing.

  30. Di says:

    I agree with everyone who is dissapointed in this whole baby storyline. Callie and Arizona should still be working on building up their respective careers and work on their relationship. I love seeing them together but whether or not they get back together should be based on their decisions/efforts not because Callie just happens ot get pregnant and it’s a test for Arizona. Also, they are just getting back together that should be the focus right now NOT fast forward to where they maybe should be 5-10 years from then by being mommies and having a family. I would have liked to see their relationship developa lot more first. And MerDer have earned some freakin happiness already, they are the ones who should be having the baby!Especially with Addison coming back for some baby emergency-it would have been a WAY better storyline if she had to deal with her ex husband having a baby with someone else when she wanted one so badly!

  31. m says:

    I think that Callie and Arizona should get back together, Mark and Lexi stay together and they can all raise the baby together. If Mark & Lexi dont work I still think that Lexi & Avery would make one HOT couple!

  32. Angel says:

    I love both Greys and PP. Greys is my fav……. I can’t see anything wrong with the shows crossing over, friendships don’t end because you leave the state…..chill out peeps and just enjoy the shows!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Vee says:

    Not that I’m hating on Ellen, it’s more fun to watch if Addison is in the show. I think it would make it interesting.

  34. =] says:

    Why are some of you guys so negative? Some of y’all are still going to watch it regardless, if you’re a fan of the show.. Its not forever its just one episode..relax. Its all for our entertainment..if you don’t like it than don’t watch it.

  35. Celia says:

    I totally agree with you.

    And why is there so much break in d episodes?

  36. Trew says:

    Hate this Mallie baby story line, but will be glad to see Addie guest on Grey’s. I’m still leery of the musical though.

  37. jkhpu says:

    Does not safe sex exist on television. Do writers forget about HIV?

  38. Lily says:

    I love both shows, just tired of not being able to see new ones. It is frustrating enough that I am planning other things to do, and therefore can easily lose interest.
    I am also tired of EVERY show on TV now having to have some sort of gay thing!
    I agree with Phyllis!
    I’m not being prejudice, but don’t like having it forced on me either.
    I’ve turned to reading and it is SOOOO not my character!
    But, I choose it now because I’m tired of waiting to see something good on TV.
    Maybe it’s time to switch networks…I don’t know…

  39. Megan says:


  40. Ana M. says:

    I love Addie but this baby story is probably the worst idea from GA since Gizzie. It’s ridiculous and soapy.

  41. Brittany says:

    I LOVE Addison. Come back to Grey’s permanently please? I wish we could ship Mark, Owen, Teddy, Jackson, and April to Off the Map and get back Addie, Izzie, and Burke:)

  42. meglee says:

    what the heck? Is ellen pompeo really leaving? That would b stupid… It’s GREYS anatomy… No point. She needs to get preggers… That’ll be a little excitment thrown into all the blah this season.. And I love addisons character. And the callie getting preggo thing is a little odd.. Just sayin. Althoughh it makes for an interesting story line :)

  43. Pia says:

    omg it’s so sad people are still riled up about this series, always expecting, hoping, holding on.. after several looong, lazy, musical-chairs-coupling seasons of both Greys and Private Practice, Shonda still manages to keep fans wrapped around her little finger with no actual delivery of character growth or happiness.
    when the day comes that people get tired of shonda rhimes’ shows.. that will be a sign of progress for this race.

  44. lila says:

    Let her stay on her own show. I despise Addison, sorry.
    That’s why I don’t watch Private Practice, now I will have to miss this episode of Grey’s because of her. Kate Walsh can’t act. She relies on designer clothes, shoes and face paint to shine.

    • Mike says:

      Jealous much lol. Kate doesn’t chose how Addison appears, the wardrobe/writers do. Kate Walsh is one of the most beautiful women on primetime tv.

  45. Alte Hexe says:

    Whats wrong with this season of Grey’s? And this new tangle is definitely going to add some spice into the show.

  46. Melissa says:

    OMG! Great news! I love Addison :) I love Kate !!!

  47. Jessica says:

    Did Shonda really think about the fans she would piss off here.

    First the Callie/AZ fans. As one I hate this storyline. The writers seem to love the “threesome” of C/AZ/Mark. I don’t. I would like to see Callie and AZ have a real, adult conversation about their relationship without Mark showing up. And where does this leave Arizona? She agreed to have children with Callie, but not Mark’s kid. When C/AZ get back togehter (and they will), I hope Callie includes AZ in raising this baby.

    Then there ae the Mark/Lexie fans. Lexie is not ready to deal with a child, which was already revealed the last time they broke up. I can’t see how they solve this problem.

    Last, but not least are the Mer/Der fans. They have to be hating this because they have been wanting them to have a kid for a while now.

    So basically in one fell swoop, Grey’s is pissing off 3 different fan bases with this storyline.

  48. Cory says:

    Addison only seems to be Addison when she returns to Grey’s… on Privet Practice, she just isn’t Addison so I’m excited about this. However, I’m not so sure about this whole “Musical” thing. I mean I love musicals and I tend to love it when a beloved T.V. show has an episode or two with one… Xena, Buffy, Glee,… but I’m just not sure about Grey’s… however, i will watch and most likely love it…

  49. Lou Lou says:

    Let’s just get it going!

  50. Liz says:

    I for one am super excited that Addison will be returning to her old stomping ground for a visit, she always adds a lil something special to the show when she’s around. I especially hope that it has to with Callie/Mark baby storyline and not anything else (NO MerDer baby drama PLEASE!) . I always enjoyed Addie/Callie/Bailey dynamic so that will be fun. I also hope Sam comes with her.