Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Kate Walsh Returns for March 31 Musical Episode!

In what can only be viewed as an ominous sign for that little bun in Callie’s oven, Private Practice heroine Kate Walsh is bringing her baby doc back to Grey’s Anatomy later this season, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Details are sketchy, but I’m told that Addison will be summoned to Seattle Grace in the March 31 musical-themed episode for the purpose of helping out with a medical crisis. You don’t need a PhD in Common Sense to figure out that the Code Red in question will likely involve Callie and Mark’s unborn tyke. And considering this is the much-talked-about musical episode, it’s also safe to assume that Callie’s calamity serves as the impetus for all the singing.

The good news? As I reported in Ask Ausiello, it’s my understanding that Callie will carry this baby to term. So consider your miscarriage fears all but squashed.

Thoughts? Looking forward to Addison’s reaction upon learning that her ex hooked up (and then some!) with a lesbian? Worried about what toll this fresh batch of drama will have on Calzona? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Abby says:


    • tt says:

      This should be interesting the season has been a blah so far.!

      • marie says:

        I 100% agree that this season has been very boring!

        • kaydub says:

          I also find this season to be boring….Maybe now that Christina is back to herself, it will start to improve.

          • Toni says:

            I have my DVR set to record only New episodes. Where are they? I saw when Christina came back to being a more comfortable her. But I havent been getting any other new episodes. I checked for tomorrow and it seems to be another 2010 episode.

          • nick says:

            Fingers crossed that things will improve with Cristina back now, couldn’t stand her not being a surgeon, though totally loved her come-back!

          • D Williams says:

            I completly agree, leave it to a fellow Canadian, Sandra O, to spark it up a bit!!
            Go Girl!

        • Catherine Metal says:

          I hate to agree:(

        • G-G says:

          I agree! This season has been boring so far! I too am glad that the real Christina is BACK! She always delivers. I have been disappointed with Avery’s character. I love Christina’s and Meredith’s friendship. Those two are lethal! I hope that being married won’t interfere with their antics.

      • Chan says:

        so true, this season….boring!

      • S says:

        i personally think that addison should help HER EX hubby and his post it note wife with the whole baby thing NOW THAT would make for interesting!

        • AK says:

          I like that idea! :)

        • glorianne Decker-Pollock says:

          What I can’t understand is Derek and Meridith saying they are husband and wife when they didn’t got to the justice of the peace. They only had a post-it ceremony w/o a marriage license signed. In my book they aren’t legally married

          • Emjen says:

            If the post it was notarized, most states consider it a binding, legal agreement. It’s a contract and both of them signed. It’s the same as a marriage license. :) She might have some trouble getting her name changed and stuff like that, but marriage isn’t a piece of paper anyway…

        • Barbara says:

          I’m with that one…………!

        • she08 says:

          i think because if they got married, they have to change the title into Shepherd’s Anatomy…? :)

        • cbennett says:

          Now THAT is what I think is going to happen. Addison will be called to Seattle to help McDreamy and Meridith conceive!

        • GS says:

          Naomi is the fertility specialist not Addison.

      • Joanie says:

        I’m disappointed in Grey’s Anotomy this season. I clear my schedule to watch and either it’s not on or it’s a rerun, except for just a few new ones. I expect a new show every week during the regular season.

        • Emma says:

          I actually found this to be the first season with mostly regular episodes. they cant have a new one each week theres only 24 episodes in a season

          • Syd Deane says:

            With the incredible amount of money they are paying these people they should have 32 new episodes a season! the new season started in Sept/Oct and we are already three reruns into 2011. Re=diculious!

          • Debbie Holland says:

            Season 6 had 24 episodes. This season has 22 episodes. And episode 19 will air april 28th. For may sweeps there will be 3 episodes one a week till may 19th. Then summer break till september.

        • Shar says:

          I watch both shows and think both lack a lot from previous seasons. I also wish we would have a complete season of new shows, not one new then two re-runs. It seems like everytime there is a little network competition, they put in a re-run instead of trusting the loyals viewers to watch.

        • dreamyfan11 says:

          I agree too many reruns

    • psycho nurse says:

      Great news! I love both shows, when they are not re-runs! Can we just have a regular season of new episodes and not a re-run every other week?!? Losing interest fast….are they just paid too much to hang in there long enough to string together a few new episodes in a row?

    • Suzzy says:

      Worst season ever…and what’s with all the re-runs, Mc Dreamy and Mer what happened to all the action. Bailey brings more to the show then anyone lately…boo hoo Shonda Rhimes

    • inga says:

      Hi, here in france we are 12 episodes into season 6, way behind you. keep watching!!

    • JULIE FANNIN says:


    • melodee says:

      hey i wanna see mcdreamy and merideth get pregnant…i don’t want calley back with poop i don’t remember her name the one that left her at airport..i want mcsteamy and lyndsy to stay together..baily is doing awsome with that guy..lets just make people a little happier this season…jeeze they went through enough last season…

  2. Luis M. says:

    I don’t really care what the reason is, but it’ll be awesome to see Addison back in Seattle Grace. Those episodes are always fun.

    • RP says:

      Couldn’t agree more! I’ve watched one Private Practice ever and it’s not my thing, but I still love Kate Walsh/Addison.

      • bobbi says:

        it has actually had some intense story lines….a few things i don’t care for , but pretty good most of the time.

      • Cheery says:

        I love Addison too, but don’t watch PP. If Ellen Pompeo does leave after the 8th season but Patrick Dempsey/Derek Shepherd remains, I wouldn’t be too upset if he and Addison made up and she came back to Grey’s. I know, blasphemy.

        • annette says:

          If Ellen leaves the show I will stop watching it. She is the shows name sake.

          • mandy says:

            so very true!
            Would not be the same and alot of people would definatly stop watching…catastrophy

          • Emjen says:

            There are actually two Greys on there now…don’t forget that…there has been talk about about Ellen leaving and Chyler being the “Grey” in Grey’s Anatomy.

      • Christy says:

        Sometimes you just catch a episode thats hard to jump into the middle of the season. maybe you should try again. I had a similar experience with Grey’s at first.

    • LRC says:

      I think it will be awesome to see Kate back on Greys – will add so much depth to the pregnancy storyline. I cannot wait to see all the interactions!!!

  3. Gem says:

    addison back again!!! how many times!! any ideas if there will be a MerDer connection if mer struggling to get preg?? and whats all this about mer going blind as said in tv guide?? any scoop? xx

  4. Maureen says:

    I wish Addison would return to Seattle Grace permanently! I enjoy Private Practice but miss Kate Walsh on Grey’s Anatomy.

    • Beck says:

      Yes I agree. I’m so tired of seeing someone as beautiful and talented as Addison go from relationship to relationship and never being happy. They need to move her back to Seattle and give her a happy life already! Lol.

    • Suz says:

      Kate Walsh is a fantastic actress but she’s stuck with some crap writing on PP.

      • Sky says:

        HA! So true.

        They got greedy and banked on Addison’s popularity… but a character can only do so much. If the writing is crappy, nothing’s gonna save the show.

        I was a longtime fan of Addison’s and Walsh’s until.. well.. the rest of PP happened. It’s gone downhill from there.

        At least in Grey’s she has more fun people to interact with :) I say bring her over to Seattle Grace and KEEP HER THERE.

  5. Am says:

    No. not looking forward to her being there. its the same drama every time. she is not needed at Grey’s. not needed at all.

    • emy26 says:

      i totally agree with you on this one!

    • Mary says:

      Agreed. Addison needs to stay away. Tired of her “drama.” The show is great enough without her.

    • Vicky says:

      I totally agree. I like that they’re on two separate shows and all Addison does is bring extra unneeded drama to Grey’s. It’ll be cool or one episode but not permanently!!!

    • Vicky says:

      I totally agree. I like that they’re on two separate shows and all Addison does is bring extra unneeded drama to Grey’s. It’ll be cool for one episode but not permanently!!!

    • Barbara says:

      Ann I do so agree with you. I don’t need to see Addison anymore than I have to. Why must everything revolve around Addison?

      • Susan says:

        Definitely agree and am DEFINITELY NOT a Kate Walsh fan. She’s annoying and not very nice in person either.

        • Marie says:

          Kate’s a sweetheart in person. Makes me laugh that MerDer fans are still insecure about their couple even when Addison now has her own show ;)

          • Ana M. says:

            Um…what insecurity? So far, I’ve read people that want Addie and Derek back (which is beyond comical), not anything about M/D fans being insecure.

      • Nissa says:

        Oh, for Pete’s sake! Everything does NOT revolve around Addison…the real drama appears to be in this thread…

    • DSG says:

      I totally agree with you. I can’t stand her and I don’t think she helps Grey’s at all.

    • vicki says:

      I agree—we can do without Addison. Didn’t like her before she left Grey’s and won’t like her if she returns. Let her have her own private practice somewhere else and those who like her can watch her there.

    • Marlene says:

      I agree with you – enough already of bringing these people back.

    • Kim Poirier says:

      Wow there sure are a lot of nay sayers in this thread…its kind of sad really :( Well I love both shows, Addison (& Kate) and really enjoy all the cross over episodes. And I don’t know what all of you are talking about this season being boring…what’s supposed to happen? Were they supposed to get past the shooting over night…the Characters need time to heal and deal with their messed up lives. So glad Christina is back and would hate for Ellen to leave the show!

  6. Dfan says:

    Keep her at practice. no need for her on Grey’s again shes annoying as hell on Grey’s . better on PrP keep her there.

  7. Samy says:

    Like her on practice. no place for her on Grey’s anymore.
    its very fake and pushed down the fans throats each and every time.
    enough with Addison on Greys she moved on. let her be.

  8. Jamie says:

    I love Addie and Callie friendship. So I am stoked!

  9. PrP says:

    not again

    enough already

  10. Mira says:

    Um, they’ve gone to great lengths not to label Callie’s sexuality and describe her sexuality as fluid. Just sayin’.

    • Tiffany says:

      Umm, that’s not true. She refers to herself as a lesbian in the finale of season 6…

      • Kristina says:

        That is a common misconception.
        In the finale Callie says: “When are you going to forgive me for not being a good enough lesbian for you”.

        It wasn’t the most clearly written line but was meant was to say ‘when are you going to get over your insecurities that I’m NOT a lesbian but am in a lesbian relationship’- to paraphrase.

        Shonda has tweeted and the actors have stated that Callie’s sexuality is fluid or that she is bisexual, specifically stating that she’s not a lesbian.

  11. iGix says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I want Mark/Lexie’s baby not Callie/Mark’s. C’MON! but I like this news, Kate is awesome

  12. ella says:

    Great news! Poor Addie, it’s gonna be hard for her, she wants a baby but Sam doesn’t and now she has to help one of her closest friends having a baby with an ex-lover, that’s so cruel and mean. Thank God it’s not Derek and Meredith though, it would have been even harder for Addie.
    That said, when is someone from Grey’s going to private practice? They always do private practice/ Grey’s crossovers but never a Grey’s/ private practice one…

    • kriszine says:

      Its been a long time but Bailey went to Private Practice a couple seasons ago, and so did Mark.

    • alycia says:

      they did have one…when mark’s illegitimate pregnant daughter, sloan, came to greys, and she had to have a surgery cuz something was wrong with the baby. First Addison came to greys, then mark freaked out, and addison left. Then Mark realized he was wrong, and took Sloan to LA to get it fixed, and him and Lexi broke up, and then Mark hooked up with Addison, and Lexi hooked up with Alex. PHEW…so yea

      but they do need more of those

    • Grey's Fan says:

      Maybe Callie and Mark will decide to let Addison adopt the baby! They both want children, I know, but neither is really in a place in their respective relationships where have a baby makes sense right now. I don’t like Addison’s relationship with Sam anyway and I hate to see it get in the way of Addie’s dream of becoming a mother.

  13. julie says:

    Wow. Shocker. /sarcasm

    Unfortunately, everything is so predictable these days on Grey’s.

  14. Amber says:

    Seriously? Callie is bisexual, not a lesbian. I don’t care what kind of junk Shonda says about Callie being gay. She fell in love with George, then fell in love with Erica and Arizona. She still enjoys sex with men. That makes her bi. I expected better from you, Ausiello.

  15. atlashrugg says:

    Maybe she cannot save the baby. One can only hope.

  16. Chara says:

    Well, Grey’s has been so boring this season that the only one who can bring some spark in the show is Kate Walsh! It will be intresting cause it will have to do with Callie’s case, not just a patients… Callie, who was a friend with Addison haveing a baby with Mark (Addi’s ex love affair who’s baby she aborted once…). I hope this puts a final closure for “Maddison” in a sweet way :)

    • Amy says:

      I think Addison going back to Grey’s is awesome!! To all of you who say Grey’s has been boring well your not a true fan. I think it has been a great season and I hope it stays on the air a long time. I look forward to Thursday nights. As for Private Practice, it is a great show as well and Addison should stay on that one, but a few episodes of Grey’s with her in it is great.

  17. Mel says:

    It would be more interesting if it had to do with a MerDer pregnancy.

  18. Dee says:

    Yes Addison is back!

  19. Mary says:

    Hello people, it’s a crossover episode, it’s not for ever… Thank God, cause I like her in Private Practice way more than I did in Grey’s and Grey’s is way too overcrowded and boring this season.

  20. Kate says:

    I never thought I would say this but I’m over greys. This was dumb on shondras part because now Derek and Mer have to remain baby less even longer cause the show can’t maintain that many babies. She managed to simultaneously stagnate the main couple while decimating two more all while recycling a tired plot line.

    • Shannon says:

      I cannot agree more with you! I was so angry with grey’s when the episode revealed she is pregnant! They continue to bring these couple together and then tear them apart! We have come to love these two couples, just let them be together and show the fun and single lives through Karev and Avery!

  21. Deidre says:

    It’ll be an interesting dynamic considering that Callie & Addison are friends and Addison wants a baby so badly. AND, Addison aborted Mark’s baby back in the day so this might open up those old wounds. Looking forward to watching it unfold.

    • babygirl says:

      that is so true. I am personally not a Addison fan. As mentioned previously she is annoying. Therefore she needs to remain just a cross over character. I hate the relationship with Sam, she needs to get a man like the one at the hospital thats been going after he and stop sleeping around especially with men that are not available.

      I look forward to Thursdays since Grey’s season one and Private Practice season one. I have yet to miss an episode cause if I do I watch it on the net. I am estatic that Mark and Callie are expecting…I hate that they put Mark and Lexie back together cause I was really looking forward to them hooking up Lexie and Avery. If was so obvious that he was into her cause you see how heart broken he is about them. I hope after the baby news they break up and Avery gets to mend her heart. I truly believe they would be hot together another great love story line.

      And for heaven sakes stop with the miscarriages and people not being able to have babies after it is getting so old and tired. Let Meredith and Derrick experience a great love story we’ve been waiting for without issues. Give them back their love child and maybe just maybe a real wedding as well.

  22. dan says:

    here we go same thing over and over for Shonda
    its very predictable now no wonder people dont watch

    you moved her to her own show for a reason. she doesnt belong at Greys no one want sher there these days. people want more screen time and real stories for the cast you already have for Gods sake. what a way to make your show fail. good job Shonda.

  23. CAfan says:

    Callie doesnt need addie. she will ruin it all for her.
    selfish addie will ruin it all. callie deserves better.

  24. xav says:

    Only redeeming part of this whole storyline.

  25. Ashley M. says:

    I love Addison! I am happy she is coming back! She will save the baby!

  26. Bee says:

    OMG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! how awesomely exciting

  27. amanda says:

    I’m so happy Addison will be back. I always love her visits. I hope there’s time for her to talk to Derek too while she’s there.

  28. Nora says:

    This was so predictable…

    I’m looking forward to some Callie/Addison interaction. It should also be interesting because Addison herself has once been pregnant with Mark’s child.
    I wonder if Meredith (and/or Derek) will approach her with their trouble having a baby.

    In any way this could be hurtful for Addie because she wants to have a baby on her own so bad.

    • Julia says:

      Call me completely crazy, but I think Addison will get back with Mark somehow, and they will go back to NY and raise the baby. That is my hope anyway. Make them both go away,

      • Nora says:

        Yeah, I hope that doesn’t happen. Don’t like them together. ;) And Callie deserves to have her baby!

        • KIM says:


          • katie says:

            Agreed. If this is what Callie and Mark want, than I say “good for them.” I’m a little surprised that everybody is freaking out about the baby storyline, actually (especially since fans are saying that they would rather the baby die than Callie carry it to term). This is a drama. If every couple was puppies and sunshine who would watch it? They had to come up with a way to slow the reunions of Calzona and . . . Mexi? Lark? Whatever. I say this is way better than one of them cheating or something.

  29. graeme says:

    Addison on Grey’s is always outstanding. Walsh gets juicy scenes to play in one episode of Grey’s than she does in an entire season of PP

  30. Froggy says:

    are we sure she isn’t being called in for MerDer? Maybe Mer turns up prego and needs Addy to help.

    • Neil says:

      Good Lord, I hope not. That would be beyond contrived and cringeworthy IMO. I don’t get the MerDer baby story anyway, I’d much rather see Meredith rock the hospital as doctor instead of turning into a mom any time soon. But if they HAVE to do it I really hope they won’t use Addison to create some drama. I’m so over Addison being used only as a plot-device for Shonda’s golden OTP.

      Looking forward to Callie and Addison and I hope we’ll get to see her with some of the other characters (outside of the L/M/C/A + baby story) as well. Too bad she can’t stay for a longer period of time. Seattle-Addison is always a joy to watch and PrP-Addison has lost lots of her original fire and grit this season.

      • EMILY says:

        It would have been better if they called in Namoi for a consult for MerDer!! Would have created more tension between the casts.

        • Kelly says:

          I was just thinking the same thing. Maybe not this season, but I think that maybe there will be a cross over with G.A. going to P.P. for MerDer to consult with Naomi or Addison. That would prove interesting.

      • Dawn says:

        And then George realizes,in the shower, it was all a dream!

  31. Tracy says:

    Its always fantastic to see Addie back on Grey’s. I’m so excited she’ll be back for an episode.

  32. Amber says:

    Uh, why is this someone else’s e-mail address? This has to be a site glitch.

  33. Freddie says:

    Miscarriage fears? Who’s got miscarriage fears?
    I want that fetus to die where it is and never see the light of day. Yea, they’ve already done two miscarriage storylines, but I don’t care. This baby storyline is gross and insulting on way too many levels. I want Callie to get her mojo back and this ain’t the way.
    I’d rather have Nora be right and have Addison come back to help Meredith and Derek conceive. That would be far more interesting to me.

    • xav says:

      Then she’d better bring Naomi along as naomi is the fertility expert. But I’m with you on hoping this baby doesn’t stick around long.

    • Kathryn says:

      But Addie isn’t a Fertility Specialist, that’s Naomi’s area. Addie works with Pregnant Women/Women that Have just given birth/Babies

    • Sarah says:

      how in the world is her being pregnant “gross and insulting on way too many levels”?

    • Karen says:

      The only thing “gross and insulting on way too many levels” is your comment about wanting the baby to die. TV show or not, that’s a horrible thing to say.

      • KellyB says:

        I hear you there. That is just revolting to say at all. I know it’s just a TV show, but say it like that is just so wrong on so many levels.

      • Angelic says:

        I hate to it too, but I was really disappointed when they through in this story. I mean the signs were there ever since Callie and Mark slept together but it legit broke my heart. I was ready to toss my computer. I hope to god they do it right or a miscare is in order. Calizona needs to hap, and I know their MFEO but its kind of a damper on their relationship….considering Arizona isn’t ready and she’s made it clear that she isn’t.

  34. Alison says:

    Surprisingly, I’m liking that Addison will be involved in solving whatever medical crisis arises with Callie and the baby, but seriously, she’s moved to L.A. Let her stay there. Why do we have to have crossover eps every season? Can’t these people at SGH go to L.A. to see Addison for once?

    And I’m still not sure how this will affect Arizona who never wanted kids in the first place. But I’m really concerned for Lexie in all of this. She and Mark JUST got back together…sort of. How will she react when she finds out that not only did Mark sleep with Callie, BUT he got her pregnant AND Callie plans on raising the baby? I hope this turns out better for Mark and Lexie than it did last time one of Mark’s kids came into the picture.

    • c.jo. says:

      I agree!!!! I love Mark and Lexie together! And although I want Calli to have a baby like she so desperately wants, I want Lexie to be happy too. Ugh.

    • PGP says:

      I agree…I like the crossover episodes, but why can’t the GA cast come over to PP for a change. I know that they have. I would like to see them go to LA for something different.

  35. Ingmar says:

    Very happy for this news! I love Kate Walsh, both in PP and GA. So I am glad she returns once again! She and Callie always had eachother’s back, so it makes sense!

  36. I can’t stand this story line, I really was hoping she would loose the baby because I am not sure what can come out of this….

  37. Gigi says:

    give meredith alex merder more screen time and stories and enough with the old ex greys leave them where they belong.. outside greys.

  38. Kirsty says:

    Yay This is good news
    I keep forgetting to watch pp and she is just awesome so yay to bck on greys

    She does make trouble but i love the drama

  39. noud76 says:

    She’s catching up to Cher on comebacks… I like her so she is welcome in my book.

  40. Amy says:

    I love anything and everything about Greys :) lets pop this kid out and get one for derek and meredith!!!

  41. Susie says:

    Addison no longer fits in with Grey’s Anatomy and everytime she comes back it is BORING and PREDICTABLE! I like her character on Private Practice but when she goes on Grey’s Anatomy it feels forced and definitely not enjoyable to watch. I am more interested in how Mark and Callie will raise a child together and still maintain their relationships with their partners, which one will be the residential parent, and how it will effect Mark and Derek’s relationship because Derek is trying while Mark had an oops moment! :+)

  42. yearling says:

    Glad that there won’t be another miscarriage. Both main character pregnancy lines have ended that way. I’m ready for a Seattle Grace baby.

  43. Faye says:

    I have to admit that the whole Callie and Mark thing seems ridiculous and while I don’t lean in that direction, seems a insult to most gays. Either Callie is straight or Callie is gay or maybe she’s bi but I don’t think people just bounce back and forth. This part of the storyline just doesn’t seem real.

  44. DEB says:


  45. mtana says:

    Im pretty tired of her being on greys love her on P.P. but its just the same thing in a different way when she comes to greys. And I hope that callie and arizona get back together and lexi and mark stay together.. they are the best couple on the show and im tired of them breaking up and trying to stay apart. Very frusterating.

  46. galove says:

    Wahoo KW is back! I love Addie on Grey’s and the Addie/Callie friendship was my favorite!

  47. mtana says:

    it would be nice if she could help mer/der get pregnant its time for a mcbaby!

  48. Christine says:

    Anyone think maybe it could have something to do with Meredith and Derek? Okay maybe not but hopefully its not as predictable as everyone thinks and nothing goes wrong with Callie and Marks bundle of love child…Mark already had some crap to deal with when it came to his grand baby pretty soon this guy is going to think only bad thoughts when it comes to pregnancies :(

  49. Em says:

    I bet writers throw a curve ball and it has somthing to do with Meradeth. I mean come on she’s having difficulties getting pregnate and Derek might call on her for help…. She might end up treating Callie only because they want to keep her there cause when she’s there there is trouble, which means intrested viewers. Thats my Bet.

  50. Kelly C says:

    Excited about Addie’s return to GA! And I hope she has fling with Derek while she’s there. M/D need some drama. :P

    • Melanie says:

      OMG How can u say that? They have drama w/ the wanting to get preggers and it not happening, it would be shame for them to throw away this relationship now that they finally got them together and “married” and building a life. No drama needed there, they are the steady couple that everyone needs, lets have a touch of reality in this and allow one couple to be happy and healthy-ish at least! Besides, Addie has her hands full w/ the Sam and other issues back at PrP. Which speaking of, can we please settle her as well, after a certain age a woman jumping around screwing so many different men is more than a little pathetic and disgusting.

      • Betty says:

        I agree, Addie sleeps with everyone. I think she has slept with everyone on P.P. and maybe Greys too.I think its discusting.She’s making goo goo eyes with the new Doc, i hope that Naomi tells her off.Afer all she stole her Sam. I hope he goes back to her. That would be great. Whats wrong with Callie staying with Mark? I really think they are just sex friends( if there is such a thing) And really don’t know how that will work out.

        • Emjen says:

          Would love to see Callie stay with Mark…for good…the Mark/Lexie thing is gross (I liked her chemistry with Alex better) and while I like Arizona as a character, I like Mark and Callie as a couple.

    • Ilaria_M says:

      me too!!!

    • Phyllis says:

      How much more drama do you think they need?? They have only broken up 1,000’s of x’s, both have almost died (him shot, and Mer drowned AND almost blown up by a bomb) they have lost a baby….dealt with her mothers illness, and dysfunctional drunk father…found out she had sisters….lost George…let an ungrateful bratty ass IZZY have thier wedding…and had Der more less call her a whore when he was the married one…I mean COME ON!! Enough is enough…MERDER have earned some happiness…and I love them together….and I will also HATE IT if Lexie and Mark can’t make it this time…they we’re made for each other…so let them have each other!! Anyone else…go for it, they haven’t had the drama MERDER has….so put it on someone else for awhile!! As for Callie…I used to like her…but her back n forth love life is really getting on my nerves!! Pick a team already…and stick with it!!!

      • babygirl says:

        i agree about merder, but totally disagree with lexie mark. that has to end. i used to like it but i think lexy would be hot with avery. they are both young and gorgeous. she is as quirky as her sister and he is the young hot version of derick. i want to see sparks fly there and i think it was until they decided to put mark and lexie back together. i think the lesbian thing is getting tired. i miss mark and callie love scenes and they should keep those two together. they both wanted to be parents so bad they almost adopted his grandchild. they both have it together now..just let them have it and enjoy it and be the next strong couple in the show. so i like the story line at this point but they need to give merder a baby and some serious happiness and stop killing the babies. bring the scary nazi back too.

      • Andrea says:

        I agree. Let MerDer be happy. I’d like to see them finally get that dream home built that Derek has been talking about forever. That would be great.

      • Emjen says:

        Yep…MerDer drama is old news…quite frankly, the “having trouble getting pregnant” thing is tired…