Glee Boss Ryan Murphy Blasts Kings Of Leon, Slash for Snubbing Show

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has two choice words for one of the bands that has kept their music off the Fox hit — and they aren’t “Forget You.”

“F— you, Kings of Leon,” Murphy says, recalling how the Grammy-winning rockers denied Glee‘s request to cover “Use Somebody.”

“They’re self-centered a–holes, and they missed the big picture,” Murphy continues, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter. “They missed that a 7-year-old kid can see someone close to their age singing a Kings of Leon song, which will maybe make them want to join a glee club or pick up a musical instrument…. You can make fun of Glee all you want, but at its heart, what we really do is turn kids on to music.”

Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill responded, “This was never meant as a slap in the face to Glee or to music education or to fans of the show…. We just said no to a license for a TV show, which we do a lot.”

Murphy also took Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash to task for comments he made in a recent interview. “Glee is worse than Grease and Grease is bad enough,” Slash told EW. “Actually, I look at Grease now and think: Between High School Musical and Glee, Grease was a brilliant work of art.”

Murphy’s take: “Usually I find that people who make those comments, their careers are over; they’re uneducated and quite stupid.”

Missing from this fray: Gorillaz, the “virtual band” that somewhat famously (foolishly?) turned down a Glee overture that never happened nor was to ever come.

Do you agree with what Murphy is saying, that some acts are expressing too much concern about “selling out” and not looking at the role they could play in the “bigger picture”?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sara says:

    Ryan Murphy needs to calm down. Just because someone tells him no doesn’t mean they hate music education or their careers are over. Same with people not liking Glee. It can be cheesy, I get what Slash is saying. Its not his taste. It doesn’t make him stupid or uneducated. For someone who preaches tolerance, he sure doesn’t respect other people’s opinions when they differ from his own.

    • CESAR says:

      I totally agree. If the guy from Glee has been accurately quoted, there’s a lot of hate in his words. If this whole show is about being “different”, well, pay some respect to the words of your own cast, I say

      • Leon says:

        I also agree that Ryan Murphy (if accurately quoted) seems to have turned into something of a diva, and find it ironic that as the show runner of “Glee” he’s coming accross as saying that the Kings of Leon are pariahs for not wanting to “hang with the popular, cool crowd” and then proceeds to lower himself in venting a hissy fit. Practice what you allegedly preach, Mr Murphy, and focus your energies into making a good show and not the “all over the board” ones you’ve given us this season….

      • Laura says:

        I would have agreed with you until I read what Ryan said about the seven year old. i think he’s right. Not in this situation per say but in general. And would it really be that hard to let some teens do a cover of your song? Really? Hipsters would just hate on it anyway.

    • amy says:

      I agree too. Since so many people are eager to be featured on “Glee,” why should Murphy care if one band doesn’t? His nastiness and pique suggest that he’s taking it way too personally — or maybe he’s letting his success to go his head, and he thinks he’s entitled to have absolutely everyone in showbiz begging for his attention. Aren’t stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney Spears enough for him? Nobody is obligated to be on “Glee.” He isn’t doing a charity telethon here; it’s a show, like any other. I happen to like “Glee”, but it’s hardly the end of the world if every single person on earth doesn’t agree.

    • Professor K says:

      There’s no question who the “a-hole” is here. If someone doesn’t like a TV show–or maybe TV altogether–this doesn’t make him or her “uneducated”. If anything, the opposite may be true.

      The Kings of Leon and Slash didn’t want to give their music up to a show that they may not care about, watch, or like (clearly the last is true for Slash). That’s their business.

      I’ve only seen a few minutes of Glee, but can say that it seems like any other kind of tripe that TV puts out these days. From the few people I know who watch it (or TV at all), it seems to be just fluff, a guilty pleasure they’re somewhat embarrassed to be into. And a few of these folks are musicians, singers, and even musical theater performers.

      Just because Murphy has a hit on his hands, doesn’t make what he’s doing significant. If one thing had anything to do with the other, McDonald’s would serve the best food on the planet. Glee ain’t The Wonder Years.

      I think the statement(s) of Murphy only continue to prove the kind of egotistic, narcissistic, and reality-challenged lunatics the people who run Hollywood and the television industry have to be in order to succeed.

      But, then again, he got us reading about and talking about his show–I didn’t even realize it was still on–so good for him. More money in the bank for Ryan Murphy.

    • Elizabeth says:

      You know, Murphy doesn’t give a hoot that some of us in the Midwest don’t appreciate how uneducated and close-minded he’s making us all seem – why should these bands bow down to him? You’ve got a TV show full of karaoke – doesn’t mean you own all of music, dude.

    • Michael Morrison says:

      That guy is a douche and Kings of Leon are amazing artists… Just because they didn’t want you to remake a great song and remix it for some show you go psycho on them because they have that choice.. I have never watched this lame show but certainly don’t wanna ever say good things about this jackass!!

    • tps says:

      yeah, no kidding. That’s because he’s a liberal. Totally tolerant people as long as you agree with them.

  2. xav says:

    Ugh. I wouldn’t want my music autotuned to hell and back to sound like every other song either.

  3. RyanT says:

    Ryan Murphy is getting a bit of an ego trip here. I mean there’s one thing to speak out against Slash who actually dissed the show, but to call the Kings of Leon assholes for just saying no? Murphy is the one missing the big picture.

  4. Josh says:

    I think I’m missing something. kids who watch the show and are turned on to music, but in doing so says ‘F’ You to them and calls them a–holes? I certainly hope any kids who watch the show have more maturity than that.

  5. thor51 says:

    Wow! Really? Ryan Murphy really needs to untangle his panties. Because someone says no to you, it just means that, “No.” I congratulate him for catching lightning in a bottle. But be nice, because it will not last. Television watchers are fickle.

  6. TV Gord says:

    Earth to Murph. Some people think your show is garbage. I hate how you take music from my generation (even songs that weren’t my favorites originally) and turn them into homogenized Muzak or overwrought vocal calisthenics. You may think I’m uneducated or just stupid, too, but I think I have good taste. Potayto, potahto.

  7. brandon says:

    The world doesn’t revolve around Glee. For a show that people liked due to it’s underdog mentality, Ryan Murphy is proving to be a Summer’s eve and a phallis all wrapped in one…The show reeks of the OC. The novelity will wear off and we’ll realize that the kids have to graduate and “PROOF’ no more show. If i was Ryan Murphy, i would focus on how to keep the show fresh and new and not pick fights. Rise above the haters vs looking petty and weak.

  8. Sunny says:


    This week, Glee is about musical education. Next week it’ll be about bullying (though only as it applies to one character). The week after that Glee will be about how the arts are under-funded. And then it’ll be about whichever celebrity wants to do a guess spot on the show.

    So, speaking as someone who hasn’t missed a single episode of Glee yet, F- you, Ryan Murphy.

  9. hhh says:

    ryan murphy needs to relax. its not like caleb dissed their show. he just chose not to allow it being used. so what? it is his right not to allow it. why is he so offended? as for slash well i cant imagine rock stars watching glee. im not surprised he dissed it. but who cares what he thinks ryan murphy needs to ignore these people.

  10. Dominique says:

    Whoah, Ryan needs to calm down. Glee may be a hit and everything, but that doens’t mean that every single artist is eager to lend out their songs. World does not revolve around you and your show Mr Murphy. perhaps you should spend a little more time on character/couple development, and less time cursing out artists who don’t do what you want them to do.

  11. Guy says:

    I love Glee but Ryan Murphy needs to take a chill pill. I say f you Ryan! Seriously if they say no then that’s their choice. It doesn’t mean they are dead in the industry. Far out Ryan!

  12. rabid goon says:

    As a musician, I wouldn’t allow that trash show to butcher my music. Ryan Murphy sure seems to think highly of himself. If he’s so great why doesn’t he start writing original music for the show rather than stealing it from wherever he can?

    • gigi says:

      Ah, so you’re a musician? And, you wouldn’t like the chance to see your flash-in-the-pan talents exposed to millions of I-tune buying peeps? Hmmm

      • Quadra says:

        “Flash In The Pan” ??? How DARE you slag this musician for his statement of integrity… You’ve never heard his music, you know
        only what you’ve been SPOON-FED from a juvenile TV show.

    • Barney says:

      Out of interest, this comment suggests you have made music…

      Any links available? I like finding fellow musicians on the internet, they always seem to have at least one good piece / song.

  13. Julie says:

    Ryan Murphy is ruining a great show. He needs to get over himself. This happened 6 months ago, and while I thought Kings of Leon were a bit harsh back then, Murphy is escalting this and being rude for no reason.

    This is Ryan Murphy saying pay attention to me and my show where I allow celeberities to write their own part so I don’t have to work! Um, that is only if it the role applies to my star Chris Colfer, no one else matters.

  14. Ana says:

    Ryan needs to cool off. Not everyone likes Glee and thinks he’s the greatest man to walk Earth. They don’t want to give their music, leave them alone. Everyone has a right to an opinion.

    I agree with rabid goon, if he’s so awesome…how come they don’t make his own music?

  15. Jen says:

    All Ryan Murphy is doing by responding like this is convincing people to not watch his show.

    Find some class, Mr. Murphy. Your show isn’t the end of the world. You can accomplish your goal (if your goal actually is to promote education and love of arts and music) without insults, demands, and arrogance.

  16. Bender says:

    Not everyone has to like Glee, and to be honest Im glad KOL and Gorillaz turned the show down, but jesus calm down dude!

  17. Juke Early says:

    Mr. Murphy: Though many songs can sound great when turned vanilla, I think the songwriter(s) has the copyright AND the right to not have it done. Why not get some unknown & no doubt starving songwriters to do high quality Glee originals. I know that would create some real “glee” for those writers.

  18. Ray says:

    Ok, so Kings of Leon and Slash’s careers are all washed up and they are all quite stupid? Then why did you want to feature their music on your little show?

  19. Jennifer says:

    One more reason to hate Glee (like I needed another one). Damn, that’s some arrogance on Mr. Murphy’s part. Get over yourself.

  20. Laura says:

    Man, Ryan Murphy bugs me. The people and bands have the right to not want their music on Glee. He should really focus on writing his show well. I’ve watched every episode of Glee, but the writing is getting tiring; I’m starting to only watch for the songs.

  21. Ryan says:

    Ryan Murphy… Calm down. I love Glee and wish you could do Use Somebody, but man, forget you! You can’t bully people who say no to you, it’s their right as musicians to decide where they use their music.

  22. Stavros says:

    Maybe Slash’s career is over, but at least he created something of value while his lasted. Go write another after school special dressed up with song and dance, Murphy.

  23. stephen says:

    When Mr. Murphy turns over all his earnings to the advancement of musical education in America, then perhaps we can take him seriously. It’s a TELEVISION SHOW designed to MAKE MONEY – which it seems to be doing rather successfully. Anything that Mr. Murphy reaps personally above and beyond its financial success is a pleasant after-affect, and I highly doubt that it was the main focus of his project.

    • Jennifer says:

      Great point! Would like to see how much of the vast profit that show is making goes to Music Education. This show is about making money, plain and simple. Don’t act like you are a charity for god’s sake.

  24. Kristyn says:

    I just want to say a huge F-you to Ryan Murphy for ruining music with the crap he does on Glee. The show is a joke, the “music” is a joke, and the acting is terrible. The people who buy the Glee songs instead of the original are idiots.

  25. Slappy san says:

    That dude needs to get over himself. Not everyone wants to be associated with show.

    So “F— you, Ryan Murphy,”. You’re all class.

  26. TigerNightmare says:

    As someone who has watched and probably will continue to watch every episode of Glee, I gotta say shut the hell up, Murphy. The show has two strengths, musical performances and its cast. These are more or less enough to carry the show and they do have a genuinely earned emotional moment every few episodes, but the plotting, pacing and dramatic elements of the show are more often than not terribly weak. If I was a musician not desperate for the money, I’d say no to the show as well. Of course, they’d never pick obscure indie band songs to cover, they have to pander with shoehorning hit songs whether they fit the story or not.

  27. John D says:

    What a self-absorbed pr*ck. I’m sorry, but not every musician out there is climbing over themselves to have their music on Glee. If Kings of Leon doesn’t want to allow their songs to be on Glee, then so be it. Murphy should respect their wishes instead of saying FU to them. His ego is way out of control.

  28. Jennifer says:

    Are you freaking kidding me??? Ryan Murphy needs to get over himself. The whole world does NOT revolve around GLEE!! Not all musicians fantasize about being a part of your show. Like Caleb Followill said, this is a personal choice as to what licenses they will grant for their own intellectual property.
    Ugh RM is going to make me hate a show I really like a lot.

  29. Sakara says:

    bahahahahahahaha not a single person is on Ryan Murphy’s side. There is hope for humanity.

  30. Megan says:

    All the people who are a part of that overrated show are so arrogant.

    • gigi says:

      Wow, You are awfully judgmental. But, hey, these blogs are anonymous so what the heck. Me, I think anyone who uses the word “all’ is an ignorant fool. How can you know the intentions of “all” of the people involved? Look inside, grasshopper. It is not for you to judge.

  31. Onnoo says:

    What a Sad little person is he bit of a ego trip i think he’s the ahole himself.

  32. Brian Dunkleman's Shrink says:

    Classic PR. Glee’s returning from hiatus in two weeks and needs to remind us of its existence. And this little outburst? Glee gets headlined in the news, questioned on the blogs, defended by the fantards and eulogized by the haters. In any case, Slash is still an icon, Kings of Leon is still an untouchable brand, Ryan Murphy is still a douche — but everyone’s talking about Glee.

  33. Keith D says:

    I have three words for Ryan Murphy: Get over yourself!

  34. Alex says:

    Honestly, Glee really isn’t that great of a show. The cast is INCREDIBLY talented, and the people who do the arrangements and choreography should also be praised, they’re doing a great job. But the writing on that show is horrible. HORRIBLE. I think some of the writers have good intentions, but despite themselves they’ve managed to make the characters into stereotypes and parodies, and stuck them into some of the shallowest stories I’ve seen on TV in years.

    Chris Colfer’s golden Globe win was inspiring, and I’m glad to see him getting recognized and rewarded for his performance. However, anyone who praises that show for its writing is off their rocker. They managed to hold it together for the first half of season one, but everything after that has just fallen apart. I think if they focused on story and then made the music fit they’d be a little better off, but it’s clear that they write to their gimmick, compromising their characters and the story to fit in all the music they want, instead of the other way around.

  35. Roger says:

    What bothers me about Ryan Murphy’s comments is that this show has focused on bullying but now he’s bullying those who don’t want their music featured on his show. It’s not the end of the world! Besides, some Glee versions of songs aren’t that great either.

    Also, can we first focus on the main characters and forget about all of those guest appearances? You really don’t know who the characters are because someone is always taking over the entire show in a guest spot.

  36. othankevan says:


    I guess I’m the only person here that agrees with Ryan Murphy and I don’t even like Glee!

    Musicians(the good ones, anyway) should value the fact that their music is loved and appreciated and recognize that they would be nowhere if they didn’t have their fans. It’s extremely annoying to me when I hear that bands don’t want their music “butchered” or changed in anyway. EVERY person in pretty much any band out there right now has been influenced by another band or musician, and to deny other people that chance is just stupid and selfish. I play music and I love music, and though I am not a fan of Glee, I can at least appreciate the fact that the producers, actors and preformers on that love music. I’m not saying that they aren’t in it for the cash, who the hell knows? But these pretentious idiots need to get check their crap and realize that without people covering songs and learning classics, music wouldn’t even exist as it does today.

    • Stavros says:

      Yeah! Bunch of assholes not wanting a group of talentless hacks to get rich off of somebody else’s work! How dare they?

    • Jeff says:

      I’m pretty sure the former guitarist for one of the biggest bands of all time is aware of his fans and where he’d be without them. Ryan Murphy needs to concentrate on writing quality episodes and figuring out an end game for the program (graduation is coming quickly).

    • snakeface says:

      The people who are going to be inspired or influenced by any music are probably going to get more meaning out of what the original artist had in mind, rather than what a bunch of rather mediocre actors(but decent singers) use the song as a rather clichéd and predictable after school special message.

    • DarkEmy says:

      I’m sorry, but you’re the one who needs a reality check. Even though you SAY you play music, you’ve apparently never written a song by yourself before. Rock songs as opposed to nowadays pop still have a lot of meaning, and every song is important to the author, especially if he writes about the way he himself feels and sees the world around him. He is the only one who knows what the song is actually about, and I’m quite sure I wouldn’t want a bunch of people I don’t even know singing MY song that means so much to me. Especially if they would present it in a way that completely misses the song’s point.
      Plus, people are of course still allowed to cover their songs for their own pleasure. People STILL get inspired by KoL songs, and cover them (I sure as hell do). So KoL are not denying people to be inspired by them, they’re just denying people who have been inspired by their songs (Ryan Murphy) to use their songs to make money. And I say, go KoL and Slash!

      Oh, and, Ryan Murphy is a real jerk. I’ve watched every episode of Glee so far and now I know why the writing is so bad this season. Because someone has got a hell of an attitude… SO STOP BEING COCKY AND WORRY MORE ABOUT THE PLOT, YOU DUMBASS WHOSE NAME IS RYAN MURPHY -.-

  37. Jen R says:

    So for Kings of Leon, it’s fine to have their songs on Guitar Hero but not on TV shows? Seems like a double standard to me.

    • RyanT says:

      How so? They prefer video games to TV shows. That’s NOT a double standard. It’s just their preference. A double standard would be if they let a similar TV show to Glee use their music.

    • Stavros says:

      On Guitar Hero, their songs are sold directly to customers and played as is. On an ordinary TV show, they could be used in situations which the band doesn’t think are appropriate. On Glee, they would be covered in a completely different style which the band may not like. It’s hardly the same thing.

    • Ang says:

      Um… In one of the first seasons of Gossip Girl, they used TONS of Kings music. (that was how I first heard about them)

      • Ann says:

        When their music is used on a show like GG, it is used the way they made. Glee reproduces the song and often ends up “mashing” songs together. I think they’ve allowed their music to be used in situations where it will be used the way they created it, while choosing not to allow Ryan Murphy to turn it into something unrecognizable.

    • Ryan Murphy is a hypocrite says:

      Just because they let one show use the songs as the recorded it doesn’t mean they then have to let every show use it. Especially when, for all they know, it could be mashed up with Miley Cyrus. It is their original work, they maintain control, and it doesn’t make them rude or anti-music education to opt out of having their music on Glee.

  38. JJ says:

    Just wanted to say I agree with 99% of the comments. Not everyone has to like that show, and for Murphy to blast a band just for saying “no” is ridiculous. When performers can’t get song clearance on, say, “American Idol,” you never hear them blasting the songwriters and taking digs in the name of music education, and I’d argue that “Idol” is way more encouraging than “Glee” is in turning people on to music.

    • aphrodite says:

      >>”When performers can’t get song clearance on, say, “American Idol,” you never hear them blasting the songwriters and taking digs in the name of music education, and I’d argue that “Idol” is way more encouraging than “Glee” is in turning people on to music.”

      I absolutely agree. Murphy is such a diva, and it doesn’t look good on him. He’s already plagued us with that vapid pseudo-spiritual tripe called “Eat Pray Love” (No commas, they’re not chic) and now he’s trying to tell us that this sex-driven show full of unlikably written characters (only saved by their actors) is all for the 7 year olds?

      What BS. I have a seven-year-old brother, and I would NEVER let him watch Glee. There’s something called innocence that, I think, is highly underrated these days.

  39. David F. says:

    Ryan Murphy is acting so mature and professional. Quite befitting of a Hollywood bigshot.


  40. JenH says:

    Not “supporting” the show doesn’t mean that you couldn’t care less about the arts. Ryan Murphy has overblown the situation.

    Also, Murphy needs to get a hold of himself. Just because half of Hollywood wants to be on his show or hand over their catalogs doesn’t mean that he’s entitled and that everyone wishes to do so.

    He needs to focus on the plot and storytelling rather than what famous artist can he butcher next. He’s in a great position that we as the audience and the media have given him. He’s been lucky that so many people enjoy the show and even those that don’t still help promote it. It’s a show that gets talked about. But the show has over-saturated the media based on what song or artist or bigwig actor will be featured. Murphy, sit your arse down and work on writing a decent script. The fact that your writers can only write Kurt well at this time is a travesty. Lock down the tone, a plot, everything that makes a great story and worry about songs last. It seems like he’s more focused on collecting every song and artist so he can taut that he got Madonna or Lady Gaga or Michael Jackson rather than focus on writing the story and allowing the songs to fit in. He finds songs that he wants and then forces a weak or non-existent plot around that.

    And quit it with the mash-ups! I am not excited that they mashed up Thriller. Leave songs alone! Take that into consideration, Murphy, that people don’t want their music to be used any way you see fit.

  41. Bardo says:

    The image of Slash in the Guitar hero commercial is all I can think if when it comes to the idea of selling out…. Hypocrisy abounds in this little situation.

    • Beck says:

      It’s not selling out if he allowed his music to be used directly by the fans who love his music. Glee takes songs, butchers them and then uses them in the most ridiculous situations. (think Rachel and her mom singing Poker Face). Selling out is letting a popular show destroy the music you created for some extra cash.

    • snakeface says:

      Slash insulted the show because it’s contrary to his taste. He never mentioned “selling out”, and apparently you didn’t read the article because it never stated anywhere that Slash was asked for any musical licencing rights.

  42. Christina G says:

    “They missed that a 7-year-old kid can see someone close to their age singing a Kings of Leon song, which will maybe make them want to join a glee club or pick up a musical instrument…”

    I seriously hope no 7 year olds are watching Glee. They’re more likely to pick up makeout tips than an instrument. This is not exactly a kid friendly show. Seriously Ryan Murphy, try creating characters that are more than paper thin, or writing a plot that doesn’t feel completely contrived. Ryan Murphy thinks he’s changing the world. I wonder when he wrote Nip/Tuck if he was encouraging 7 years olds to become doctors.

  43. Kevin H. says:

    Hopefully these comments will begin the downfall of The Autotune Extravaganza. Seriously, this show needs to be dismantled. Thinking back on it, Colfer didn’t deserve the GG for his shallow portrayal. What really irks me is because of the bullying storyline, Colfer might end up getting an Emmy (completely undeserved, IMO). How about awarding actors who play a WELL WRITTEN gay character–Keir Gilchrists’ Marshall on United States of Tara; Mark Indelicatos’ Justin on Ugly Betty; JTF or Eric Stonstreet for Mitch and Cam on Modern Family. I was appalled that The Autotune Extravaganza swept Modern Family–what bull!

    • blech says:

      It swept because the Hollywood Foreign Press is Glee-struck. The Emmy’s went Modern Family last year, and they will again this year.

    • LM says:

      Colfer won for his own abilities, if anything he made some of that horrible writing tolerable. Same with Jane Lynch. A bad actor can ruin any well written script, no reason to piss on some talented people just because the sh!t writing.

  44. Kim says:

    What about artistic integrity? Or should artists just do whatever others want all the time? This Glee guy should relax? Kings of Leon are a great band and have the right to maintain control of their music. And what about the Glee cast? It wasn’t really responsible for them to pose in a nearly pornagraphic GQ spread. What affect do you think that had on younk kids, Mr. Murphy?

  45. melissa says:

    My issue is the hypocrisy of Kings of Leon to make a big stink over Glee but allowed THE SING OFF, a cheesy reality show, the rights to “Use Somebody”. What’s that about?

    • blech says:

      They didn’t make a big stink about Glee. They said no. It’s their right. They get to decide. And people have different likes and it doesn’t make them anti-music education or self centered bastards. It makes them different- which was something that Glee used to celebrate, until the thing that made you different was you didn’t want to be on Glee.

  46. Irritated At Ryan Murphy says:

    Um, actually no, Mr. Murphy. YOU can FVCK YOURSELF. Better yet, rather than insulting people who have no interest in associating with your ridiculously overrated schlockfest, you should be trying to write BETTER screenplays than your recent EAT, PREY, LOVE. (Don’t get me started on the mess that was RUNNING WITH SCISSORS). When I’m sitting in a movie theatre thinking about household chores I have to do, that means your work is becoming increasingly boring and predictable.

    And, judging by the already-overplayed sonic atrocities that you’ve used in your “work”, I can safely say you have the worst taste in music, dude.

    I don’t know Kings of Leon’s music, and frankly I don’t care how good it is or isn’t. But what bothers me is that you feel entitled to use it because your television show is apparently some big deal. And, honestly, good for you.

    However, you’re not entitled. You’re not that talented, and neither you, your writing, your directing, nor your show are anything special.

    Go back to West Hollywood and shut up.

  47. John says:

    KOL rocks. Murphy s.ucks

  48. Mike says:

    The writing crew needs to write around the music not write for it.

    The artist has the right to say no. I’m sure Ryan would be upset if Doritos and Pepsi wanted to use some of the Sue Sylvester quotes in their commercial.

  49. guy1 says:

    ryan murphy is a self rightgeous prick. He talks of glee as if it was some sort of a miracle he created. News for you murphy: you are not the mesiah murphy, the only good think about glee is that jane lynch`s talent is finally being acknowledged even if it is in a crappy show. All your charaters are stereotypes and caricatures of the people they are supposedly portraying. your show is full of walking clichés. Who is he to decide that a band should give him the rights to their songs if they dont want to:Its their songs murphy, not yours

    • Jay says:

      I could not agree with you more! you stated my thoughts on this almost perfect!
      i personally LOVE the concept of glee! but i could care less about the charactors thier self absorbed not only bad sterotypes but WRONG sterotypes! i know things with todays youths have changed dramatically sinse i was in high school wayyyy back in the mid 90s but as some one who was in the theater and speech and drama and where friends with bank geeks ect know we where nerds! happy jolly bracy awkward ecentric srtrange nerds! and we where damb proud of it!! and if some one like the cheerleader or the jock took part in our nerddome we embraced them with open arms!
      The songs that got sung when i was in school could range from its not easy being green to achy breaky heart to material girl to the humpty dance back to music from Oliver now thats entertainment!!
      in short! yeah dave grohl

  50. ksr says:

    GEE< Ryan Murphy sounds like a MUUUCH better person than Kings of Leon or Slash…..yikes. The show, shockingly, is not a hit with everyone, and not everyone needs Glee to get their music listened to.