House Cast In Limbo For Season 8, As Fox and Studio Try To Work New Deal

A behind-the-scenes budgetary battle has nearly the entire cast of Fox’s House awaiting word on their future with the hit medical drama.

Although series lead Hugh Laurie is officially on board for Season 8, “there are still some issues to be worked out” between Fox and NBC’s Universal Media Studios, which produces the series, when it comes to signing the rest of the ensemble, Lisa Edelstein told reporters during a Monday conference call.

“I believe NBC [Universal] wants Fox to take over the cost of production, and Fox doesn’t want to,” Edelstein explained. “Until that’s resolved, they can’t even begin to talk to any of us.”

The series regular cast for House’s current season includes Edelstein (as Cuddy), Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson), Omar Epps (Foreman), Jesse Spencer (Chase) and Peter Jacobson (Taub).

House Exclusive: Thirteen’s Fate Revealed!

Olivia Wilde is also a regular, though the in-demand actress’ film commitments have limited Thirteen’s presence this season. Beyond a “very cool” return engagement slated for the spring, series creator David Shore told TVLine he has every expectation that Wilde will return in the fall.

House Exclusive: Amber Tamblyn Checks Out

Amber Tamblyn, meanwhile, has been a recurring player this season, but will wrap up her run as med student Martha Masters in the spring.

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  1. Alice says:

    It’s not like they can have a season with Hugh Laurie only (I’d watch that, but still). If they don’t work out a deal, they should cancel the show, in my opinion.

    • Cheery says:

      Hugh’s been contracted for 8 seasons since the beginning, so an 8th season is going to happen. Whether or not it’ll be terrible depends on who they bring back. If they can’t have Wilson and Cuddy, then it’s going to be pretty awful. The three of them together are the show’s core.

      IMO 8 seasons is exactly where it needs to end. Nice round number, progress forward from the House/Cuddy union (however it ends) with strong cases. Get back to the philosophy, medicine and mystery from previous seasons. People complain about House/Cuddy together but that has nothing to do with the quality of medical cases.

      House really should try go out strong by coming full circle with it’s roots. Is House going to amputate his leg?

      • Kylie says:

        He is NOT contracted since the beggining. He made a deal for an 8th season when he renewed a couple of years ago. That does NOT guarantee an 8th season bc the contract is with NBC/FOX and not with the actual show.

      • deadcalm says:

        I don’t know if I’d call them the show’s core, but Wilson and Cuddy are their two by far most popular characters aside from House. And they bring things out of House that his team never has-his personal side. I personally enjoy them a great deal myself. So I hope they sign those two on at least for the new season.

        • Pat says:

          I agree that Wilson is the second most popular character but I know of as many people who wish Cuddy would be dropped or put on the back burner as want her around, especially after this season when the Huddy storyline has been such a drag on the show.

          In the early seasons Cameron and Chase brought out more of House’s personal side in episodes like Sports Medicine, Cursed and Informed Consent, than Cuddy ever did, back before Katie Jacobs decided to make it the House/Cuddy show.

          Personally, I thought Alone, with just House, Cuddy and Wilson, was the most boring episode of the show until it became about Huddy and Boreteen.

        • Elaine says:

          “I don’t know if I’d call them the show’s core, but Wilson and Cuddy are their two by far most popular characters aside from House.”

          How do you know that? “By far”? Really? I can understand House being the most important, and I’d definitely vote for Wilson, but how do you know the three of them are the most popular? I think this erroneous assumption that these three are on alone on a pedestal while the others can be added, dropped, or moved around is what has helped bring the show down. I know far more fans of Chase and Cameron than I do Cuddy fans, just as others know more Cuddy fans. There is no measure that I am aware of, only TPTB’s assumption that there is some kind of “Holy Trinity” as I have heard it called by Huddy fans. Do THEY have facts at their disposal, or are they just reading those Huddy tweets? I know a lot of people who would leave if Chase left. I know a lot of people who left with Cameron. That original team appeared to be very popular; is it any coincidence that ratings starting sliding when TPTB started monkeying around with the dynamics of the show.

          Just out of curiosity, I checked a popular forum, Television Without Pity, to look at the character threads. There are 23 pages of posts for Thirteen, 38 for Foreman, 5 for Taub, 97 for Cuddy, 157 for Cameron, (who hasn’t been there in a year), 184 for Wilson, 246 for House, and a whopping 407 for CHASE! Yes, Chase, the character who has been stuck with ludicrous storylines has the most popular thread, and Cuddy is far behind Cameron, House, Wilson, and Chase.

          Unless you have solid figures to back you up, I don’t think anyone can say who is the most popular. Personally, I think the only way to get out of this awful Huddy mess is to have Cuddy leave Princeton, and I used to like her character very much.

          • Jordan says:

            I agree with deadcalm. I can’t speak for them, but I know they are the most popular because I have watched polls taken over the years in this fandom on many different boards and sites asking for favorite characters (some that couldn’t be rigged just in case you claim they don’t count because everyone cheats) and they consistently come out on top. I know because I have counted fan sites dedicated to each character of House (some characters don’t even have sites dedicated to them and some are not active and haven’t been for years). I know because I participate and have participated and looked up numbers of fans who participate in these sites. I know because I am a big fan of the show and have looked up and read through any HOUSE site I could find and they are the ones most talked about, loved, hated and debated of all the others on all the sites even ones based on characters other than the three, surprisingly enough. I can only say that that is what I have observed online trying to be as objective as I can. I do not know what the people at home love. I only can measure what I see online. If I have upset you by not mentioning your favorite character or speaking up for them, who I’m willing to bet by your defensive response, you dislike or hate, I apologize that I made you feel that way. I would also state that Chase is probably the fourth most popular character on the show after those three and that Cameron, though she is no longer on the show, has a very small band of dogmatic followers who still hang around and are dedicated to her.

          • Cate says:

            TPTB have a lot of info at thier disposal, much more than you or I. They see minute by minute data on viewership. They would know if viewers habitually changed the channel or fast forwarded when certain characters came on. They also have focus groups. We never see that data. If you read GYs twitter he says that most viewers don’t care about the stuff the online community obsesses over.

            Cameron generated a lot of traffic when it was leaked that she was leaving the show. Some fans got really upset, made threats, made anti-sematic comments, made up stories about LE and RSL. This caused other fans to respond in kind. That isn’t proof of the character being loved most by the viewers. Most people never post on fan sites they just watch what they like.

            I don’t think they base story lines on internet fan chatter. They would have written off 13 instead of Cameron if they did.

          • @Elaine says:

            If by you’re asking if I have absolute proof, like in mathematics obviously none of us have that. This isn’t that sort of proof. But your statement assumes we can’t know things by deductive reasoning. And we can. And so I say, if you think it more reasonable that say Taub has more fans than either H/W/C and they may just be an vast underground movement that spends no time talking of him, making art about him, making vids about him or fiction, voting for him in polls, creating and carefully maintaining sites about him even though the others do have all of this and more then we will have to part ways there. When humans really love or admire something they can’t help but spend time on it, sharing with others how great they think it is and fans do this by the means described above.

      • Shelly says:

        Personally, I’d LOVE to see them revamp the show with a new supporting cast. Lisa E is one of the worst actresses on tv. RSL wants to return to the New York stage and I think he should do so, given the crap material he’s been given to work with this season. Olivia Wilde is wooden, though she has more range than Lisa E (so do many pebbles). Peter Jacobson is wasted as Taub, and I’m tired of seeing the talented Omar Epps do nothing but scowl. Jesse Spencer might have potential but Chase’s character is only explored in fits and starts. The BIGGEST changes need to come in the writer’s room. Maybe then we could get female characters with consistent personalities instead of ones who morph into whatever is needed this week, a semi-realistic portrayal of Rachel (seriously – one week she eats coins and the next Cuddy’s trying to get her into an advanced pre-school and NEVER does she act like a child of her age should), and a better mix of mystery and personal plot-lines once more. This show needs a major shot in the arm – a cast shake-up might be just the ticket!

        • Post-Modern Prometheus says:

          The Hams posting on here(who will swear they aren’t Hams, of course) remind me of that old story of Solomon having to decide between the two mothers. A mother rolled over in her sleep one night and smothered her baby to death and so she switched babies with another woman. When they go before Solomon and both claim to be the mother he has to decide between them. So he has a soldier grab a sword and orders to have it split in two and one half given to each mother. The real mother begs Solomon to spare the baby and give it to the other woman. The mom who stole the child doesn’t care if it’s killed. Much like this scenario, the Hams have lost Cameron and now they don’t care if the show dies or if House goes off on his own and all the other characters are let go like their favorite one was.

          • Shelly says:

            For the record, I’m NOT a Ham. There’s not one single female character on the show worthy of Greg House in my opinion – never has been. They’d need a whole new, original, character to be worthy of him. The closest they came was Cate in “Frozen.”

          • Elaine says:

            Shelly, we can all deny being a “Ham” until we’re blue in the face, but the only thing those Huddies understand is this: If you don’t like “Huddy,” you must be a “Ham.” Yep, it’s that simple in their minds. You can talk about the quality of the show, the fudged timelines, list the glaring character inconsistencies, complain about the changing of the show’s canon, point out that reviewers and critics are also getting fed up with the show, but it doesn’t matter. All those Huddies want to believe is that Huddy is the best thing that ever happened to the show, and the fact that there are a lot of people who disagree (some of them with Nielsen boxes) doesn’t mean a thing to them.

          • givemeabreak says:

            Right, because the Hamerons never come on here and try to trash the show or Huddy. And they would never lie about this. We all know you guys do it. You can lie and try to sneak out by technicalities but you guys talk about doing it and what you have posted on your forums. Sometimes you post under the same names and admit to being Hamerons or Hilsons and then later deny it. I’ve seen that too. And we know you spam these sites to beat the same old dead horse you’ve been beating for years. So, stop trying to act self-righteous or like we’re just imagining things or that we think ‘all’ of you are Hams. You can tell a Hameron a Hilson and a Huddy by what they write most of the time. There are certain markers. Though sometimes they’ll try to be sneaky about it. I am sure there are a few people who genuinely have no ship and who dislike the show or Huddy, but we all know that the vast majority of you guys are Hamerons and Hilsons. And Hamerons are the worst of the lot. They deliberately come on every time and post these sorts of things. And I know Liz and Pat are Hamerons.

          • Cate says:

            Hams care if the show dies. They want it to die. They want everyone in the cast and crew to be unemployed.

            I do however think it’s possible to not like the show right now and not be a Ham.

          • @Elaine says:

            Don’t waste your time with huddies fangirls, in their little mind you have to be a shipper. Good thing all the important critics (and no, a fanfic writer obsessed with HL and huddy is not an important critic) gave up on the show, because people at Fox pay attention to them not to rabid huddies who keep spamming everywhere

          • WTH says:


        • ...pants on fire says:

          This made me LOL. The Hamerons ARE talking about this article on one of their hangouts and ARE posting here. The Hamerons can deny it all they want, but it’s the truth. I can copy and paste their discussion here as proof. I didn’t do it now because they have a right to discuss what they want on their own places and because if I were them, I’d be embarrassed about some of those comments being posted here. BUT coming on here, bashing and then when someone calls you out, lying, that makes me want to do it. If you keep denying it, I will do it.

          • Elaine says:

            All us non-shippers are asking you to do is simply accept that people exist who are upset with the direction of the show and it has nothing to do with a ship. We’ve very carefully explained our reasons over and over again. Calling us “Hams” and then calling us “liars” when we say otherwise is offensive and immature. You know nothing about me.
            It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out there are House/Cameron fans here, but not EVERYONE who hates this new version of House is a shipper.
            The lack of respect on this forum for the opinion of others is unbelievable – on BOTH sides.

        • Misty says:

          @ Cate-ITA. They hate the show and want it to end, have been keeping track of the numbers all season and rooting for it to be canceled because they can’t see how anyone can value it anymore since they don’t. I happen to still love the show and find it offensive that they do this. They flock to places like these when someone writes about the show for the sole purpose of bashing. And then they stereotype everyone who calls them Hamerons as Huddies while crying about the Huddies doing the same to them.

      • Athe says:

        Just because HL is signed, it does not mean that the show will be back. Read the article – Fox won’t pay for the show & NBC then needs to decide if its willing to pay for it itself & air it on NBC. All HL’s contract means is he can’t work for anyone else unless NBC releases him.

      • Sarah G. says:

        H/C/W if they’re back in season eight, I’ll be back. They are the the reason I watch.

      • dozy says:

        House, Cuddy & Wilson are their best characters. Poll after poll I’ve been on over the years with the show they always come out on top. They have the most fan groups and places (and fans) dedicated to them on the web that I’ve seen. Hope they can keep them.

        • Elaine says:

          As Huddy fans are keenly aware of, it is very easy to manipulate numbers in a poll. They don’t mean ANYTHING unless it’s done by some official organization that only allows one vote per viewer.

          • dozy says:

            “They don’t mean ANYTHING unless it’s done by some official organization that only allows one vote per viewer.”

            Those are the ones I’m talking about. ;)

        • WHT says:

          DOZY, JUST LET THEM KNOW, THERE IS NOTHING GREATER THAN HOUSE, CUDDY AND WILSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • R. Amalfi says:

      I hope they don’t cancel the show and I hope they keep LE and RSL on. I know David Shore is going to do what he feels he needs to with his show but I really hope he loves and still enjoys those characters as much as I do.

    • vanessa says:

      You can place all of the House cast into a bowl. mix them up. you the outcome continues to be geneous

  2. David says:

    So what are they going to do? Kill off the entire cast? Start fresh with House on the road? Hugh Laurie having one additional year doesn’t mean anything. They could still cancel/choose not to renew the show, which is what they SHOULD do, if they can’t work out a deal with the other main players, Lisa Edelstein and Robert Sean Leonard.

    • Tara says:

      If I were him I wouldn’t just cancel the show, you never know if it might work or not. But I wouldn’t continue watching the show if it were House on the road or House at another hospital. I also would quit watching if they got rid of RSL or LE. I know I’m just one person and that’s not a big deal depending on how many people love those characters or House at PPTH and would stay or leave whether they changed those two aspects of it. So I’m not going to say it’d kill the show like some people do when their favortie aspects are threatened. I can have no way of knowing. Maybe it would and maybe it wouldn’t.

    • Athe says:

      Its easy – have House walk out of PPTH & join another hospital. NBC gets rid of huge price tags & rebuild on its own network.

      • @Athe says:

        Whether or not it’s easy isn’t the issue. Unlike Tara, I don’t particularly care if House is at PPTH or not. I do agree, however, that I wouldn’t continue watching if Lisa Edelstein or Robert Sean Leonard weren’t with him. If they could do it and keep them on the show, I’d go with it.

  3. Mark says:

    Honestly? They should cancel the show. House is off drugs and in a relationship with Cuddy. It seems the end of the road. I personally would not want to see it back at the risk of them screwing it up. FOX ordered an additional episode this season, they should work around it as a series finale, in my opinion. I mean, they can’t wait for FOX and NBS forever. They’ve got to work around a schedule.

    • Mark says:

      Ugh, *NBC.

    • Sam says:

      They screwed up alreay with Huddy.

      • Mark says:

        That’s your opinion, which I don’t happen to share. Surprisingly, it’s the one thing keeping me from turning off. Well, that and Robert Sean Leonard. Love the guy.

        • Rachel says:

          I agree with Mark. Season after season of House dealing with addiction and pain could only go on so long. Though his pain issues and addictive behavior still need to be facets of the show, seeing House wrestle with health and love has taken the show in a new and refreshing direction. To end it now would only lead them to rush this new chapter and the writing will suffer.

          • Emgee says:

            I agree with Sam and Rachel. Huddy has been an amazing storyline thusfar. Watching House have to strike a balance between his obsessions and his nature to subvert Cuddy with his need to put effort into his personal relationship with her has truly given the character (and the show) a new depth. The episode that airs in two weeks looks like it could be a pivotal one.

          • Emgee says:

            Meant I agree with MARK and Rachel and disagree with Sam.

          • kims212 says:

            True. I agree with Mark, Rachel and Emgee. I think if Huddy separated in the end of this season it will just gone back to the previous situation and I think it would really disappointing lots of Huddy fans outside here that would like to see how the relationship would bring new change to both House and Cuddy AND the effect of their relationship to the hospital, the team, and everyone around them. How would both of them cope all the way through their relationship to make it work. It is really interesting to see 2 person with totally different personality gets along after all the struggle they have been through all the previous season. Both of them are made to be together.

      • b says:

        Actually, Huddy has not been as bad as I had expected (after the first couple super-soapy episodes, ugh). I really liked this week’s episode, and it made me soften my stance of “Huddy can never work because House can never be a decent father figure for Rachel.” I still think the girl will need years of therapy with House as a stepdad, but eh, so to many people who don’t have House as a stepdad…

        • compulsions says:

          I’ve liked them this season and I totally didn’t think I would. But we already know they won’t work out so no use getting attached to them. What is the deal with this show and relationships, by the way? I can’t believe they killed off Taub and Rachel in last weeks episode! That was the longest lasting relationship on the series. It’s unrealistic that everyone’s relationship has to fail in the show. I understand the show is dark and David Shore has a dark view of the world, but isn’t he married? Does he not believe in love? Does he just like to build things up and break them down again? I’m trying to understand why David Shore has such an over-riding compulsion to destroy all the relationships on the show. Why does he do that? It’s interesting to me the psychology behind what he does with the relationships.

          • compulsions rerun says:

            I came back to correct a couple of things that bothered me in my statement. I don’t want anyone to think I’m attacking David Shore. I think he’s an intelligent man and love his creation enough to where I’m here talking about it and watch it faithfully every Monday. And I thought about it more and I know he has to believe in love because House is in love this season and many people have fallen in love in this show. I think it would’ve been more accurate to ask if he thinks that all love falls apart eventually. I bet he does. But the main thing was the way his mind works intrigues me and I’m just curious as to why he always does this to couples he gets together in his shows. What made him like this? I’d love to have an in-depth interview from him someday.

    • Pat says:

      Having House off drugs, totally OOC and in a relationship with Cuddy has already killed the show. Let it die a natural death now.

  4. Sam says:

    I honestly don’t think that House should be renewed for a season 8. It hurts seeing this once so amazing show decline like it did(I blame Huddy – hate it, sorry -, and way too much focus on Cuddy and way too little on Wilson). If it returns I hope it does without Lisa Edelstein/Cuddy. She has gotten so damn annoying. I liked her a lot in the first seasons but now… ugh… *insert big fat eye roll here*
    BTW I’ve heard rumors that Robert Sean Leonard refuses to sign a contract for a season 8. Do you guys know anything about it? I mean, seriously, House can’t survive without Wilson anyway.
    (PS: I know delusional Huddy fans will say I’m a bitter Hilson, Hameron or whatever else shipper – NO, I’m not. I don’t ship at all or if you don’t understand it otherwise, my ships are “House/Nobody”, “House/Cane”, “House/Vicodin” or “House/Medicine”)

    • F. says:

      That’s not true. (RE: RSL)

    • Mark says:

      Well, not sure I’d call you bitter, but your bias is definitely showing. Way too much focus on Cuddy and too little on Wilson? The reverse happened last season. And I’m not surprised you liked her in the first seasons. Huddy wasn’t nearly was front center as it has been since mid season 3. It’s all a matter of perspective. To each, their own.

      • Amarantha says:

        Mark, what you write just isn’t true. House’s ratings were in a slow decline before the poorly written sixth season, but they took a turn for the worse in the latter half of the season when the focus became House trying to win back an increasingly unlikeable Cuddy. Then there was a huge drop, about a third of the audience, with the season seven premiere which focused entirely on House and Cuddy. Although ratings are “holding steady” at that lower level for season seven, House has never regained its lost audience. In fact, House had to compensate the advertisers for House with comps because they were unable to deliver the expected ratings. Whether you like Huddy or not, the fact remains that the storyline hasn’t been a ratings grabber and that House no longer garners the critical respect that it used to.

        • Cate says:

          What is your source for House MD having to compensate advertisers? I’ve done google searches and searched the tvbythenumbers site and can’t find anything.

          • Amarantja says:

            Here is a link to an article about the likelihood of Fox having to comp advertising due to House’s 34 percent ratings drop – Naturally, this has not been confirmed or denied by Fox, because such matters are negotiated privately.

            Also, recently KJ was removed as show runner and DS was called back, possiby due to cost overruns and/or KJ’s inability to make up House’s lost viewers. House is in trouble; it is not delivering viewers in the numbers that it used to, and its costs have not been correspondingly reduced.

          • Cate says:

            Thanks for the reply. I knew about scraping of the expensive multi-episode on the road arch. Of course it’s posable the scraping of the arch wasn’t only budget related. It makes since that the head writer DS should be involved in rewriting an arch. KJ doesn’t usually do the writing.

            It doesn’t really sound to me like the show is in big trouble. The ratings haven’t dropped by that much from last spring ( I believe ad rates are based on the recently aired new episodes, not year old ones). House is doing better than most Fox shows. It’s still highly rated in the 18-34 demo and 18-49 demo. It sounds like they won’t be able to do expensive special episodes like Broken or Help Me. The cast won’t be able to demand big pay raises. They might not get as many high profile guest stars.

        • Amarantha says:

          Sorry, this post should have been addressed to Martha below, not Mark.

    • Marla says:

      Well actually last year was totally focused on Wilson and the ratings went from brilliant to mediocre at the end of the season. At least this year the show is holding steady after a disastrous season 6.

      • monica says:

        Actually, you are so wrong. Season six did not focus on Wilson, only one episode did, Wilson.

        The only other episodes after that in which he had more than three or four scenes were 11 and 15, both which were ridiculous farces, not classic House/Wilson episodes.

        The real reason the show has fallen is because it decided to become a dumb sitcom instead of the serious, thoughtful drama that it used to be.

        That is the real problem, and yes, Huddy too.

        They really should just put the whole mess out of its misery.

        • Cate says:

          You could always stop watching, reading about or posting about House. when I stop enjoying a show I stop watching. I don’t begrudge other people the pleasure of a show just because I don’t enjoy it anymore.

          House was living with Wilson for all but one episode last season. You may not have liked the story lines, but there was a lot of House/Wilson.

          • monica says:

            Did you even read what I wrote?

            Go back and count the scenes. There was not all that much Wilson last season at all. Big deal, they were “living together”, we DID NOT see all that much of Wilson at all.

            You forgot, most of last season was about House all obsessed with and stupidly pining about Cuddy, not actually hanging out with Wilson.

            Oh that’s right, all you Huddies were too busy bitching and moaning and complaining about Lucas for the whole season all over the whole internet, especially to anyone connected with the show, you couldn’t possibly remember.

            Why don’t you just enjoy that you got what you wanted as stupid as it is, and let other people express their opinions in peace?

          • Cate says:

            Monica (I’m replying to my post because I can’t reply to yours)

            I did read what you wrote. I didn’t sit there with a stop watch counting the number of seconds RSL and HL were on together. I watched last season and saw a lot of House/Wilson story lines. There was, cooking class, Wilson talking to Amber and House thinking it’s a ghost, pretending to be gay while competing for a woman, Wilson paying people to spend time with House, Wilson’s porn past, House dealing with the Wilson’s ex Sam, House keeping Wilson from making a speech. I didn’t object, because I like Wilson and Cuddy
            Having three to four scenes with HL is a lot on this show. That’s about the same amount of scenes House and Cuddy get in most episodes. It’s a big cast with 3 story lines in most episodes, how many scenes to you expect a supporting cast member to get?
            All shippers and anti-shippers complain all over the internet. I’ve never tweeted anyone on the show.
            I have as much of a right to express my opinions as you do. You are wasting a lot of energy on fictional characters on a show you hate.

          • youbiasisshowing says:

            All of this is a bunch of speculation and people blaming whatever they happen to personally dislike for the ratings drop. The fact is, the ratings started dropping last season and no one knows particularly why. This season they’ve remained about average from last season. If you read sites like TV By the Numbers they’ve said over and over again in multiple ways that the show isn’t where it used to be but it is not in any trouble whatsoever, that it still makes FOX a lot of money, that if they want another season they can have one because they’re still doing that good. If you want to find out for yourself, go look it up. HOUSE also commands a lot of money for their ad space and still does quite well in the 18-49 demo, which are the things that matter most.

            It gets tiresome seeing people come here and talk about the numbers and ramble on about how the cause of it is obviously whatever they hate. The people who measure the numbers, the people in the business, everyone in the know says, you can’t know. So if you think any thinking person takes your allegations of House/Cuddy or House/Wilson making the ratings drop seriously, you should probably think again.

        • Kylie says:

          Ah, the bitterness…

    • amptone says:

      I find it so stupid when people have a favorite character and wish someone else’s favorite character gets killed off. It’s stupid and selfish. I happen to like Cuddy. I like Wilson too. I don’t want either of them killed off.

    • Emgee says:

      For House to regress back into Vicodin would be the misstep (Huddy was a major step forward). House has already decided that he doesn’t want Vicodin anymore (at least, he’d rather have the sanity that Vicodin wouldn’t let him have).

      • AbandonHopeAllWhoEnter... says:

        That depends on how Shore sees it. I believe House is going to end the series up alone, in a huge downward spiral and dead, possibly by committing suicide. The show is about destruction. Nothing good lasts. The point is your miserable and then you die and life is meaningless. That’s been reiterated in the show’s words, House’s words and in the show’s actions time after time. It’s easy to see where the end will lead. And that will not be anything good.

        • Emgee says:

          It’s also been said by House that “living in misery is marginally better than dying in it.” For House to commit suicide would make no sense for his character.

          • sKutner says:

            He was being sentimental because Kutner killed himself. Suicide is a logical end for his character. His life is miserable and he thinks everything is meaningless. When your life is nothing but one misery after another with brief interludes of happiness, but mostly misery and that’s all you can see looking into the future and you’ve hit a particularly bad patch yet again and you have nothing to lose but that misery by killing yourself, then why not? And if he was all alone too then no one would miss him. His only two friends are Wilson and Cuddy. But if he came close to relapsing when they moved on and all seemed lost before, magnify the pain and the despair looking into his past and forward to his future with just more of the same and what is there? Death is a relief.

    • Shelly says:

      I agree. House isn’t even recognizable these days. It’s all Huddy, all the time, and it sucks. Even if I didn’t despise Lisa E, I would hate that relationship. In the real world if you date your boss you both get FIRED. They stretched my willing disbelief too far with that one, never mind the fact that Cuddy isn’t smart enough to keep up with House and never has been.

    • Robin says:

      Totally agree, and agree with Shelly and Pat as well. House/Cuddy has taken the series in a direction I dislike intensely. I’ll still watch because I’ve been with this show from the first episode, I love the character of Greg House and admire and respect Hugh Laurie’s talent, but even given those two facts it’s gonna be tough. It kills me to say this, but I really hope we don’t get a season 8, especially if RSL is leaving. House without Wilson won’t be House. Their relationship is the linchpin of the series, something the writers seem to have forgotten.

      To be honest though, I’d like to see Mr. Laurie move on to other, better projects. I’ve got my DVDs of the early seasons of House, and that’s where the real Greg House will be, for me anyway.

  5. Elli says:

    I hope Jesse Spencer will return. He is the only one on House’s team I really like. If he isn’t on the show anymore I would not watch it anymore.

    • Chiana says:

      I’d be happy if Jesse, Robert, and Lisa were the only ones that returned with Hugh. That should save money and I’m sick of the remainder of the team. Although I’ll miss Amber – good actress & I like Martha’s character.

  6. karen says:

    I honestly think Huddy have made the show better ,at least this season.Patients are boring,so thank god we have Huddy to enjoy.
    The show would not be the same without Lisa and RSL ,I hope there is a Season 8

    • Cheery says:

      Agreed. I like House enough himself, but he needs Cuddy and Wilson to take the edge off, use as foils/a sounding board.

      If the show can’t kept the trifecta intact then the 8th season will be a wreck. Just one more season to wrap everything up shouldn’t be so difficult.

    • Jane2 says:

      Thirding this post! House/Cuddy are what’s keeping me watching this season and [H]ouse just wouldn’t be [H]ouse without Cuddy and Wilson.

      Keeping my fingers crossed for a Season 8 with the OT3.

      • M. Steiner says:

        Fourthing [is that even a word?] this post. House & Cuddy & Wilson, the Trinity, OT3, Hudson, whatever nickname you want to call them, they make this show for me. They are like Spock and Bones McCoy to Kirk. My fingers are crossed too for an eighth season with the 3.

      • Samara says:

        +5. love those three!

      • VentralStream says:

        I can’t speak for everyone else, but House, Wilson and Cuddy are my favorites too. I like how both Wilson and Cuddy have stuck with House so long. I like how they both stand up to him no matter what when they think he’s being a jerk or wrong. I like how they both love him, though he is apparently unloveable. Notice I said apparently. But Cuddy and Wilson help me to love House too. Not just respect his talent for diagnosing.

    • Laila says:

      Hugh, Lisa and Robert-love them. Did everyone here see that thank you video they did for winning all the PCAs this year? It was a riot and made me love them even more. My five favorite people on the show were there. David and Katie can’t act worth a dime, but they made me laugh anyway. I am glad to be a fan of a show that would take the time out of their busy filming schedule to film a thank you vid for us fans since we didn’t get one on the awards show. My point is (yes, I have one) I love those three actors and their characters and the show and hope to see both return to my screen next season.

    • S. Howes says:

      Ugh. Always with the fights on these articles. I hate contract negotiation time on my favorite TV programs because it’s always so nerve-wracking. I’d like to think that House, Cuddy and Wilson will return though.

      • Ellie says:

        Don’t worry, if they do have a season 8 I think it’s highly unlikely they’d return without Cuddy and Wilson. To those who are hoping otherwise, you have to remember that whilst the producers may read a few online boards, they don’t base their executive decisions off them. They’ll do what they think is best – but anyway, why are you so against House having friends? The team is a nice atmosphere, but Cuddy and Wilson are the two people he loves, as friends or more. I know House is perpetually misanthropic, but I’m sure ANYONE would want to be in love and have a caring best friend. We’re exploring different parts of House, which is healthy. He’s not a superhero, he’s a still just a human.

        • Jacqueline says:

          “Don’t worry, if they do have a season 8 I think it’s highly unlikely they’d return without Cuddy and Wilson.”

          I hope not! Those three are my favorite characters on the show. They never do a bad scene together and they never bore me. What more could I ask for?

  7. Vittoria says:

    I really love House (and Huddy!) but I agree that this season has to be the final one. The path is already laid out to be like this, House is drug-free in a seemingly healthy relationships, his character has come to full circle, I think it would be stupid to have an eighth season where he would jump off the wagon again and start acting like the old House in order to continue the show. The best thing to do is to write those finals episodes the best as they can and then wrap with a beautiful series finale, they owe it to House and they owe it to us.

  8. Sandy says:

    Stop blaming Huddy for this. This is House’s journey and I am glad he is trying his hand at a relationship. It is much better than watching a depressed man, week in and week out, popping pills, being rude and avoiding people. At least we get a glimpse at a different side of the coin and I think HL & LE have done a nice job with the relationship without over doing it. There are a lot of problems with the show but to lay the blame soley at the feet of Huddy is crap & unfair.

    • Chiana says:

      I like the fact that he’s in somewhat of a healthy relationship, and is still rude and sarcastic. He’s as normal as one can be with a bit of social awkwardness.

  9. Alicia says:

    I knew NBC would be a bitch eventually.

    • Marla says:

      I always thought they would claim House sooner or later. NBC shows are rubbish and the rating s****. Of course they want to steal House from FOX. At least they´ll have something decent to offer.

      • F. says:

        That’s not going to happen, though.

      • Mike says:

        The only good shows on NBC right now are the “Law & Order” shows (“SVU” and “Los Angeles”) and they really aren’t worth watching either (they have bad show runners, especially the Los Angeles version of “Law & Order”)

  10. Alicia says:

    Well, Greg Yaitanes seems confident they will renew the show, but then again, he’s an ass.

  11. Gil says:

    I love the show, but I can’t sit through this mindf*** and jerking around for another season. Besides, the writing has been all over the place. Season 6 was AWFUL and this season while an improvement, is still far from being amazing. I hope they cancel it by the end of this season.

  12. ACL says:

    House was really good, and it is OK now, but I’m going to be selfish here.

    Fringe had hit its creative stride and deserves at least another season. House retiring would give more breathing room on the FOX schedule.

  13. Anne says:

    I think the writing has been exceptional this season and is definately showing some interesting character and story developments. They still wave a way of creating surprise, angst, excitement, shock and anticipation. After all this time, the following is still very strong and it is a credit to them. Hope they work through the details.

  14. Sharona says:

    Normally I’d be bummed about the possibility of not seeing Jesse Spencer on my TV every week. After last night I hope he can find a better job where he’s not stuck doing sitcom storyline retreads.

    • Chiana says:

      Hey, we did get to see half naked shots of him. Not quite the personality development I was expecting, but some Jesse is better than none.

  15. JoeJoe says:

    Riddle me this, my dynamic dunces. Comcast just finalized its purchase of NBC. They would like to have House on NBC. Therefore, they have NBC productions ask for way to much money from FOX. Fox cancels then NBC TV comes in saves the day renews House. Instant show, instant audience, and instant high ratings for the 8, 9, and 10 the seasons. Sounds like the plan I would put into effect if I were Comcast.

    • Chiana says:

      R u Jack Donaghey??

    • Chiana says:

      U r evil, Jack Donaghy!!

    • Pat says:

      It would be a mistake for NBC to count on House for more than at most one more season. The show has been slowly dying since season 4.

      • Athe says:

        So they get a new showrunner. It worked for NCIS which now is pulling record ratings. Shore’s contract with NBC is over at the end of this season – he’s in the same limbo waiting on NBC to decide what it wants to do next. Given the crappy rating for how much this show costs ($5 mill an episode, seriously) I think he’s toast.

        • SammiMD says:

          Not so fast there, Athe. I happen to like Shore. He’s the mind behind the show and he’s done well by it for my tastes. I’m scared about what he’s going to do with it next and with H/C/W, but I wouldn’t want him to leave. Even if he got rid of C/W and I stopped watching, I’d want him to continue and be successful. He deserves it after all he’s given me with this show and those three.

    • Robin says:

      Bleh. I hate to say it but I think you’re right, JJ. Sounds like the kind of stunt Comcast and NBC would pull. If so, PLEASE let House end this season. PLEASE. :P

  16. LA says:

    This show should end. It’s been pulseless for at least three seasons now.

  17. Carol says:

    After the disaster of season six, “House” is definitely back on track this season with medical cases that are intriguing, writing that is crisp and strong, and the superb acting of the incomparable Hugh Laurie and his two crucial supporting players, Lisa Edelstein and Robert Sean Leonard.

    The ratings tumbled in season six largely due to its lackluster combination of the dull Lucas affair and the dim-witted excesses of the Wilson follies. We saw Wilson decorating his loft (snooze), pretending to be gay (whuh?), arranging for speed-dating outings (unh?), buying the support of the team to take House on excursions (ugh!), hooking up with his sad-sack ex Sam (just no), berating House at every turn, doubting his efforts at rehabilitation, and undermining his confidence. The season was Wilson heavy and the ratings suffered as a result.

    I am delighted that balance has been restored to this fine show in season seven. The House/Cuddy romance plays in the background of the episodes as it should do. Watching House negotiate unexplored emotional territory is satisfying and engaging. The clinic scenes and the tough medical cases are back. The humor has been sharpened and the witty dialogue restored. House has his mojo back and it is great to see it again.

    I want no more of that drear and dull wallowing in misery and despair that was the dark hallmark of earlier seasons. We need now to see what House does with the important new emotional tools he has aquired at great expense through the harrowing experiences of insanity, incarceration, and therapy. Thanks to Hugh Laurie, House’s journey is a fascinating one and I am glad to be allowed along for the ride.

    • Chiana says:

      And I really like the interactions with Rachel. He said what I was thinking, that she is as dumb as paste. Interesting that he was so impressed by her casual lying…although I figured that was a typical stage of child development. So far I’m really enjoying this season. Amber and Jesse are delightful highlights of the team for me – although I also crack up seeing those Taub posters!

    • Amarantha says:

      The facts do not back up your contention that too much Wilson is the cause of House’s critical and ratings decline. The big drop (34%) in ratings was not in season six but in season seven, in which the big focus continues to be Cuddy, Cuddy’s mom, getting Cuddy’s daughter into preschool and (we’re promised) Cuddy’s sister. So far, these lost viewers have not been lured back by the continuing promise of less Wilson and more Cuddy.

      Being in a relationship is not “uncharted” territory for House. He was in a relationship with Stacy for five years, which was explored in season two.

      As for humour, I think that slapstick has replaced wit, and miss the balance of earlier season, where medical drama never took the back seat to poopy diapers and tripwires, but tastes differ.

      • Carol says:

        The big drop in ratings occurred during the second half of season six. The ratings for season seven are at the same level as the season six finale. We were told about House’s reaction to his infarction and the loss of his relationship with Stacy, but those crucial events took place before the premiere of the series. In season two we saw the dying embers of House’s relationship with Stacy as he worked through his conflicted feelings about her role in the mangling of his leg and overriding of his medical orders. This was indeed an important stop on House’s journey, as it allowed us to see that he was capable of sustaining a romantic relationship. However, the exploration this season of the romance with Cuddy is entirely new ground for a number of reasons: 1) House has been drawn to Cuddy intermittantly and with increasing ardor for the past 20 years; 2) she is his boss and the critical component of his professional life; 3) Cuddy is herself a person of limited social/romantic skills; 4)House has learned through his hallucination and stay at Mayfield that he truly wants love in his life. Now in season seven we are watching to see if he is able to sustain a complicated relationship that tests him at every turn. Can a man who believes himself unworthy of love accept it from the desired one? Can a man who was emotionally and physically abused as a child develop a nurturing parental relationship of his own? These are issues I want to see examined in full and I am delighted that David Shore and Co. are having a serious go at it.

        I find this romance with Cuddy entirely different from the brief revisiting of the Stacy relationship whose purpose was to allow House to put behind him the bitterness and anger that had infused him since the infarction.

      • Cate says:

        I assume you arriving at the 34% drop by comparing the beginning of season six with the beginning of season seven. The ratings were much lower at the end of season six. If you compare the second episode of season six with the last one it dropped by 25% total viewers and 26%. If you compare the last episode with Broken they dropped by 37% and 39%. There was a big drop in ratings during season six. I don’t blame it on any one thing but you can’t deny there was a big drop during that period.

        The current ratings are about the same level as the end of last season in terms of total viewers around 10 million. they are down about 10% in the 18 to 49 demo.

    • April says:

      The ratings started going down in season 4 when the new team was decided on and many of the audience never came back after the writers strike. Since then, the show has lost half it’s audience and ratings have gone from being in the 7 range to 3.6 now. House used to be water cooler talk; now no one I know watches it any more.

      No wonder neither NBC nor Fox wants to pay $5 million an episode for these ratings.

      • Cate says:

        There aren’t any scripted shows getting 7s in the 18-49 demo this year. It’s not the shiny new show getting lots of buzz anymore, but people are still watching. You yourself are going to the trouble of posting about it.

  18. annie says:

    I don’t care what they do. If it’s renewed, I’ll watch and if not, so what?
    The show is still intelligent and funny.

  19. Midori says:

    Wouldn’t it be fun if it was canceled… more room for Fringe.

  20. SPJava says:

    This sounds similar to the trouble over at Mad Men. AMC and Lion’s Gate are in dispute over the show and how to divide costs and profits. It so bad that it could mean the next season of Mad Men won’t air until 2012!

    As for the future of House this clash is a more troubling issue for FOX; they haven’t had much luck with launching any drama series over the last two seasons. Even a fading House is better than nothing and it would seem they were counting on at least one more season based on HL’s contract and the general disarray of this season’s stories. FOX probably should be the one to pay for this last season as it’s more immediately important to them and they will benefit the most in the short term.

    For NBC they’re having another in a long line of difficult seasons with their own prime time schedule. It’s understandable they want to reign in their costs wherever possible. NBC also has new owners in Comcast to answer to now. NBC Universal has already reaped all it’s going to from House based on the sale of syndication distribution and DVD sales. One more season, especially of a show whose ratings continue to dwindle and that is critically considered to have gone completely off the railss, is not going to make that much of a positive difference to their profits anymore. So why pay for 22 more episodes when it does little to nothing for them? It’s an expenditure with no upside.

    If FOX takes it over completely (more likely they find a way to share the costs and profits with NBC Uni) and they are looking to cut costs may I suggest that they jettison the entire cast save HL and Robert Sean Leonard. The rest are boring and/or dead weight that has dragged down the quality and the number of viewers for more than two seasons.

    House and Wilson can leave PPTH and go off to another hospital or a university or a private practice and start anew. They could even head to another country. How about off to England on a sabbatical, settle in London and follow in the footsteps of their alter egos Holmes and Watson.

  21. Sophie says:

    In my opinion, the best characters are Wilson, Thirteen and Chase (and House, of course)
    Nobody cares about my opinion, but I want to post it anyway :D

  22. Amy says:

    I really want this to be the last season. Or the writers to really step back and make this a medical show again instead of a Soap. I liked the medical cases and those should come primary to the romantic drama. When I don’t care about the POTW, I don’t care what happens to them. Not once have I cared in the last two seasons.

    I remember dreading House/Cameron, but in light of the Huddy, I would kill to get Cameron back.

  23. Cleide says:

    KJ with his “creative decisions” was responsible for the downfall of this show.
    She is reportedly a fangirl huddy and that’s a shame for a show.
    All characters (including House) was sacrificed to serve a small (and noisy with plenty of free time on the internet) plot of fans encouraged by producers (GY/KJ) that do not seem interested in the success of the show …
    The older fans of the show already knew that this formula would not work, that huddy would ruin the show.
    I feel for HL, RSL and JMO, who were the main actors of the show and had no doubt the best and most well-written characters in the time that the show was great.
    Go to hell huddy md fans, including KJ and GY.

    —>Excuse my English, but not by my opinion.

  24. Cate says:

    Producers aren’t fangirls. Fans consume entertainment while producers create it. This show only exists because of DS, KJ and Paul Attanasio. Even if you don’t like the direction the show has gone, you should be grateful to them for providing you the earlier seasons you did like. As the show creators they have the right to do with it as they please. You could always try to create your own show then you can be in control.

    • cleide says:

      I should be grateful?
      The producers are what should be grateful to the fans, especially to older fans of the show(when this show was NOTHING).
      The producers are now having to answer they wanted…huddy does not work, all the old fans already knew that.
      It need not be very smart to realize that since they changed the old team and focusing on everything huddy, the show began to crumble.
      Not to mention the sheer lack of respect they had with caracter Cameron/JMO(which helped A LOT the growth of the show).
      They too transformed the great character of Wilson…now Wilson is just a cheerleader huddy, with stories pathetic, wasting all interactions Wilson/House.
      Now, if you’re content with this “draft” of sloppy house md/gregory house, I can only regret.

      —>Excuse my English, but not by my opinion.