Exclusive First Look: Brooke and Julian's One Tree Hill Wedding!

If you watched One Tree Hill this Tuesday night, you learned three things: 1) Brooke and Co. can throw a Hangover-esque bachelorette bash with the best of ’em. 2) Peyton and Lucas will most definitely be MIA from the nuptials. (Sigh.) And 3) Julian is the best fiancé ever — but you already knew that!

Now, TVLine is here with your exclusive first look photos of the happy couple tying the knot, in what’s bound to be Tree Hill’s most beautiful (and least life-threatening!) wedding yet.

Take a gander at the below photos from next Tuesday’s One Tree Hill wedding event, called “The Other Half of Me.” Kinda hard not to get all misty-eyed when you think about everything Brooke’s been through over the past eight seasons — not to mention the fact that Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols are real-life lovebirds. Makes it all the more adorable:

So what’s the verdict: Is she a gorgeous bride or what? And how sweet is it that little Jamie (Jackson Brundage) is Julian’s best man? And look at that baby belly on Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) — she’s about to pop! Is another Scott scout about to arrive? One can only hope.

Don’t miss this extra-special One Tree Hill event next Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. Yasin says:

    Mark and the crew screwed up by not having Peyton there. You can’t buy into the fact that Peyton wouldn’t be there for Brooke in her time of need.

    • Haydee says:

      It wasnt really their fault. I find it a bit selfish of Hilarie Burton to not come back at least for a freakin scene for Brooke’s wedding >.< If anyone in the world deserves it, Brooke does.

      • Mia says:

        EXACTLY-selfish. It’s not like they asked her to recur. She just needed to be present for ONE episode. It’s really sad.

        • Haley says:

          Um, she had a scheduling conflict since she’s doing White Collar AND she has a new baby. She would have come back if she could have. They should have found a date to compromise.

          Hell, I probably wouldn’t, this show is soooo bad without Lucas/Peyton. I haven’t watched more than a couple of scenes.

          Regardless, I do agree at the end of the day. Peyton is Brooke’s best friend in the world and they should have collectively found a way for her to be there.

      • Jennifer says:

        I thought Hilarie Burton said publicly that she WOULD come back if asked? I am really disappointed. I read the interview just now where she said she couldn’t fit it into her schedule. Maybe it’s b/c of her new baby but NC and NYC aren’t that far away. You guys are right- she couldn’t come for one day? Really disappointing :(

      • Jennifer says:

        Then again….we don’t really know what was asked of Hilarie. We only know that whatever they asked her to do wouldn’t fit into her schedule. So we don’t know for sure that Mark would have let her come back for just one day of shooting.

    • Emily says:

      Yes Peyton was always there for Brooke what with stabbing her in the back TWICE. I agree it would have been nice to have Peyton there for Brooke but at the same time what Brooke said at the end of tonight’s episode about the fact that Haley is the one who has really always been there for Brooke is true. From season 3 on, when they were roommates, Brooke and Haley have had a much closer bond than Brooke and Peyton. And if you look at the history of the show Brooke was right that she’s always been there for Peyton and Peyton has very rarely returned the favor.

      • ssss says:

        have you even watched oth since season 1 ? this show is just going downhill. anyways brooke and peyton have been friends since they were kids. and its not like brooke has never been a btch to peyton. it worked both ways. but regardless they became friends again..thats what made them so special. and besides haley and brooke? brooke and haley were never friends in the beginning its a surprise that they are suddenly the best of friends. lucas and haley were the best of friends and peyton and brooke were like the best of friends. that was how it worked and its sad that it doesnt show anymore

        • Emily says:

          As I said from season 3 on when Haley came back and she and Brooke were roommates it was Haley who was really there for Brooke. Which is why Haley asked Brooke to be her MOH when she and Nathan renewed their vows, AND why Brooke is Jamie’s godmother. I didn’t say that Peyton has never been there for Brooke, I was merely making the point that Brooke has been a much better friend to Peyton than Peyton ever was to her.
          Case 1: Yes, Peyton broke Brooke’s heart not once but twice. Best friends don’t do that.
          Case 2: Peyton was not there for Brooke when Brooke had to give back the baby she took in during season 5.
          Case 3: Peyton was never there for Brooke when she got attacked in her store and went through all of that.

          I’m not trying to bash Peyton. I like Peyton, but I think Brooke made some really good points last night about how it’s been Haley that has been there for her and not Peyton.

    • OTHfan says:

      Very disappointed! I thought (and had been looking forward to) that Peyton would come back for a short part in Brooke’s wedding. It does not seem right at all knowing that she is not going to be there. I am sure for anyone who has watched the show from the start finds this is a huge disappointment!

  2. christina says:

    omg look how adorably preggo Haley/Bethany is!

  3. Brock says:

    Depends where in the world Peyton and Lucas are right now.

    They might be overseas with Karen a.t.m and there is always Skype to well-wish.

    You can’t blame the creators if the actors refuse a return. They might have wanted either both or neither, and can you really see Chad (Sophia’s ex-husband) returning so he’s there for her TV wedding with her real-life bf?

  4. Tasha says:

    Looks beautiful! As a devoted OTH fan for all 8 seasons I am really looking forward to this wedding. If this is the last season I only hope it gets the send off it deserves!

  5. J says:

    I am so over this show. Brooke and Julian are one of the most boring couples OTH has ever had. I so totally miss the show when it was good: Lucas/Brooke/Peyton triangle, conflicted Nathan, even the Dan daddy issues. Now it’s just a snoozefest and I don’t even care that one of my favorite characters is getting married. So sad!

    • V says:

      I feel the same way. I still like seasons 1-4 but thats about it. After that it gets boring fast!

      • cheche says:

        mine is the oppossite, my most favorite is season 3. then i stopped watching in season 4. then i watched again in season 5 up to this 8th season. i hate the brooke/lucas/peyton love triangle, coz in real life i cant do that to my bestfriend. just glad that brooke is finally happy – even without peyton.

  6. Ingmar says:

    Glad Brooke finally gets her happy marriage with Julian. And I am pleased they made Haley maid of honor since she has always been there for Brooke. If Peyton would still be here, it would be her ofcourse, but somehow this feels right and kinda explains why Peyton isn’t there. Shame Hilarie couldn’t find 1 free day to film a few scenes.

  7. Bárbara says:

    it’s not “the other half of met”, it doesn’t make sense. the name of the ep is “the other half of me”.

  8. Christy says:

    Still mad about Peyton, but whatever. Could we finally find out where they are…PLEASE!!
    Jamie as Julian’s best man is amazing. So cute!!!

  9. deedeedragons says:

    “Sophia & Austin are real-life lovebirds” LOL, are people out that stupid?

  10. Summer Bay says:

    “Sophia & Austin are real-life lovebirds” LOL, are people out that stupid???

  11. Dianna says:

    Sophia said on her twitter that they asked Hilarie & Chad to come back, but they couldn’t make it fit with their schedule…who knows…I wish they would have come back, but it’s just a show…I do however think Brooke & Julian are such a sweet couple, and in tv world, they deserve a happy ending! LOVED last night’s episode!

  12. J says:

    the question is which co star HASN’T Sophia dated? The list would be shorter. Julian and Brooke’s marriage will last as long as Austin and Sophia are together in RL. As soon as they break up Brooke and Julian will. Let’s just hope it’s after the show ends, which hopefully is real soon. A show that I used to love so much, and Brooke was always my favorite character was ruined by a really long run, and far fetched writing.

    Anyway, I really love the dress.

    • Emily says:

      I don’t think Sophia would let her and Austin’s relationship effect the show. I mean she showed more class and dignity than I can even imagine during season 3. She had to go to work every single day and kiss Chad and have these romantic scenes with him after what he did. I can’t imagine that was easy for her, seeing as even though she was getting a divorce because of what he did, she couldn’t just turn off her feelings for him.

  13. Jade and Megan says:

    WE have watched all 8 seasons religiously and to not have peyton show up and be at the wedding is just awful of and shows that lucas and peyton never truly cared about the show or fans!

    • samantha says:

      That’s just what I said about how Chad and Hilary just don’t care about the show or the fans which is horrible! After everything the fans did for them and stuck by them they could of given us back something small and have come back for just one ep! Mainly Brooke wedding!! And Mia should of been with the girls last night!!

  14. samantha says:

    A Brooke and Julian wedding is one ep I have been waiting for since I fall in love with them! <3 I have always been a Brooke fan and to finally see her wedding I am so happy!! It will be weird not having Peyton but screw Peyton Brooke deserve better and Haley has always been there! I love their friendship!! To see how far they have gone from season 1 is amazing!! I can't wait to see Brooke Davis become Brooke Davis Baker :) its going to be wonderful

  15. nat says:

    i expected a better dress from a fashion designer…

  16. ssss says:

    i find that it does not make sense that peyton is not present at brooke’s wedding. Does anyone remember how close they were? they were like sisters and then peyton’s not there for brooke at the most important day of her life? it does not make sense at all. seems like we will never see the appearance of lucas and peyton ever again

  17. Stefanie says:

    It’s not always the actors choices if they can come back or not. Depending on what they are doing and which network/show they are with also has a say in it.

  18. Dominique says:

    Aahhw so happy Brooke’s finally getting amrried! I’ve never been a Brulian fan, but if she’s happy, then fine.

    I’m glad Peyton’s not coming back. I’m sorry, but Brooke said it so perfect in the latest epi; She’s always been there for Peyton, but HALEY has always been there for Brooke.
    The Breyton friendship was horrible, Peyton stabbed Brooke in the back so many times.

    • Haley says:

      In my opinion, this was incredibly disrespectful to Brooke and Peyton’s friendship. I don’t even watch OTH anymore but one of the (very, very few) things I liked was that friendship so if what you’re saying is true and Brooke actually said that she was there for Peyton but Haley was always there for her, that’s a real slap in the face. A bit like when Lucas called Peyton “pretty girl” for Brucas fans.

      Brooke and Peyton have been best friends for years and years so “always” applies to them far more than Haley. This show has a habit of making Haley seem like this perfect, angelic, can-do-no-wrong character when in reality, she’s a self-righteous biatch at times. Brooke and Peyton, characters that have actually shown flaws and had moments of disgrace have come back from it with their friendship stronger than ever.

      I don’t blame Hilarie at all for not returning – she has a child and a new show and let’s not forget the way she exited this show – but she did say she would if she could and Mark should have found a way, maybe shifted the date or something. Peyton should have been at Brooke’s wedding, standing by her side. NOT Haley.

  19. JenH says:

    Hilarie has been working on White Collar and CMM is pretending to have a life and a career somewhere. While NYC and NC may be an easy flight for some, if you have already committed to a schedule somewhere else, it’s not easy to fit in a week worth of work somewhere else. I think it’s funny how everyone is saying how easy it would have been for her to come down, shoot a scene and leave. Making an episode is not that easy. Mark Schwann wouldn’t have had Hilarie appear on screen just for the heck of it. She would have had major scenes with dialogue. There is rehearsal and blocking for camera shots. Can anyone really leave their current job for a week to work at their old job for sentimental reasons? It’s not that easy. It takes a lot of scheduling. Especially with Hilarie being a parent.

    I like to blame Leyton’s non-return on CMM. Hilarie has been adamant that she would love to return, heck, she wanted to return after Leyton was married. It was CMM wanting to find success elsewhere that made her wish not come true. Schwann didn’t want to have Peyton on the show without Lucas. Maybe this also happened now with this particular episode. Plus, I just like to blame CMM for everything.

    I love the relationship between Haley and Brooke. Brooke accepted Haley back into the mix of things a lot sooner than Peyton. They lived together. Brooke was Haley’s MOH and is Jamie’s Godmother. Brooke & Peyton may have been best friends but there was constant wreckage between the pair. And the smoke always died out and things progressed but then something would happen and the cycle would repeat. I guess because I knew Peyton wasn’t returning awhile ago, I just already assumed that Haley was the MOH. Look what Haley did in the latest episode. She’s committed herself so much to being there for Brooke. Their friendship never had the ups and downs like many of the other friendships on this show has had. They fought about Haley’s wedding dress design, that’s about it.

    As for last night’s episode, I was curious as to what sort of bachelor party Julian could have when Jamie is his best man, Chuck E Cheese? And knowing that Nathan was studying made me think that he really didn’t have a bachelor party to attend. Poor guy. He really needs to bond better with the other guys. It’s sad, really.

    • KP says:

      Exactly! This is why I don’t understand people bashing Hilarie. She said she wanted to do it, but couldn’t. Scheduling conflicts happen all the time. It’s selfish of the fans to expect her to leave her current show and baby for a significant period of time (she said “White Collar” films in a more convenient place for her new life). With rehearsals, shooting, re-shoots, etc. there’s no way she’d only be there for one day.

  20. curly q says:

    what a crock that Hilary Burton and Chad Michael Murray did not come back! F_ you both! their loyalty to the show that is both of their only successful highlight in their “careers” is pathetic. OTH deserved better!

  21. mimi says:

    brooke looks stunning! what a beautiful bride!
    shame peyton and lucas wont be in the episode though.

  22. Kristen says:

    Bummed that Hilarie couldn’t make it work, but Brooke/Sophia looks amazing! I haven’t watched OTH since Lucas and Peyton left, but I may have to watch this one. I do love Brooke and Julian.

  23. kristine says:

    I’ve held out for two seasons for hilarie and chad to come back all parties involved should have found a way to make it to where the wedding fell on a day that everyone could show up…I’m done with the show payton an lucas is what got me hooked so another yr without them is pointless…the rest of the cast is awesome love the original members but the writting isn’t the same…guess its time to watch re-runs =)

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