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Question: House fans are worried about all these Huddy breakup rumors swirling around the show. Got any good news to cheer us up? —Erin
I’ve got potentially good news, which may or may not be related to Huddy: Wedding bells will ring at or near season’s end.  

Question: Something on NCIS, please! —Sara
Sasha Alexander’s dead agent is returning! Kind of, but not really! Allow me to explain: This season’s clip-heavy 14th episode revolves around the stressed-to-the-max team being forced into therapy. During their individual sessions, Gibbs & Co. flash back to some of their most emotionally taxing cases — Kate’s death obviously being at the top of the list.

Question: Is Callie’s pregnancy going to stick? I really don’t want to have to endure another Grey’s Anatomy miscarriage storyline. —Ana
It’s my understanding that this one will stick.

Question: Can you tell us anything about the Grey’s Anatomy musical episode? —Ana
I got my hands on a partial song list: Among the tracks being covered by the cast are The Fray’s “How to Save a Life” and Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars.” In related news, this episode will either be a show-stopping triumph or a spectacular failure. There can be no in between.

Exclusive: Look Who’s Returning to Grey’s Anatomy!

Question: It’s my birthday in a few weeks, and there would be no greater present then finding out that Will Arnett is replacing Steve Carell on The Office. Is there any chance of this happening? —Rose
Arnett would be perfect for the job, but I haven’t heard his name bandied about at all. Happy Birthday! Speaking of Dunder Mifflin’s succession plans, amid all the fan speculation about who’ll be taking the reins later this season (It’s a new character! It’s an old character! It’s a current character!), there’s one scenario that no one seems to be talking about. And they should be. Think, people, think!

Question: Please, do you have any Castle scoops? —Christi
In an upcoming episode, newbie couple Esposito and Lanie will go on a double date with Ryan and Jenny — and to say the fellas’ better halves do not hit it off is putting it mildly.

Question: Any new Castle scoop? —Daniel
SUPER-SIZED SCOOP: Piter Marek is joining the cast for a two-episode arc! [Crickets] OK, maybe that’s more of a medium-sized scoop. Anywhoo, the actor — best known as Willie’s Season 4 blackmailer on Ugly Betty — will appear in the upcoming two-parter starring Heroes‘ Adrian Pasdar. His character is described as a “resourceful entrepreneur who strives to look as American as possible.”

Question: Got anything on The Big C? Will the late, great Marlene be back next season — perhaps as a ghost? —Janet
TVLine’s Megan Masters recently put that question to exec producer Jenny Bicks, to which she responded emphatically, “Marlene’s not gone!” That noise you hear is Laura Linney’s Cathy dusting off her Ouija board.

Question: There seems to be some confusion about when the big “Booth/Brennan Elevator Episode” will air on Bones. Care to clear things up for us? —Nick
It’s No. 6.16, it’s scheduled to air March 3, and according to EP Stephen Nathan, “It’s going to be gooooood.” (Last time Nathan used that many O’s… um… has he ever used that many O’s? I don’t believe he has.)

Question: When will Hannah leave Bones? Please say soon. —Lexie
According to a little birdie whose name rhymes with Peevin Rathen, there will be a “very big” turning point for Booth and Hannah in the Feb. 10 episode; interpret that as you like. Coincidentally, that’s the same episode David Boreanaz delivers one of the best performances of his career, per that same little birdie.

Question: Any scoop about Hellcats? —Luca
They’re going to Nationals, baby! But there’s a catch. “We won’t see them competing this season,” reveals Aly Michalka (Marti). “We’ll pick up with [the competition] next season. It’s a really great way to open up our second season. It also leaves you on a massive cliffhanger.”

Question: After this week’s Reid-centric episode of Criminal Minds, I need some major scoop! Is Reid OK? Matthew Gray Gubler isn’t leaving, is he? —Brandi
I don’t think Gubler is going anywhere. There’s little to no discussion of Reid’s headaches in the next batch of episodes, and no news is good news, right? Meanwhile, I have a hunch Paget Brewster’s swan song will play out around Episode 17 or 18 when a dangerous criminal from Prentiss’ past breaks out of jail and goes hunting for her.

This Just In: 90210 Cuts Two Series Regulars

Question: How are the producers of The Event handling the season finale, considering they probably won’t know about a second season when they shoot it? Will they be wrapping up the alien arc, or will it end on a cliffhanger? —Charlie
The final episode will “complete the story of the first season,” says exec producer Evan Katz, “while setting up a radically different condition in the world for the second season — in the hopes that there is one.”

Question: On a scale of 1 to 10 — 1 being extremely unsure and 10 being almost obnoxiously confident — how sure are you that Parenthood will be back for a third season? —Kellen
I’m at about an 8, aka cautiously very confident and optimistic. I hear new NBC prez Bob Greenblatt is a huge fan of the show and desperately wants it to succeed, which pretty much makes him my new best friend.

Question: If the answer to last week’s Smallville asterisk quiz is Martha Kent that’s l*me. We all know she’s returning. —Jesse
It is not, I repeat not, Martha Kent. I agree, that would’ve been la*e.

Question: Josh Schwartz keeps warning fans on Twitter not to miss the “last 10 minutes of next week’s Chuck” and I’m start to get worried. Please put my mind at ease. —Chris
Would it help if I had Schwartz offer up a one-word description of the episode’s much-buzzed-about final act? No? Too bad. I already asked him. And the word is… Goosebumps! Last one to post a theory in the comments section has to buy me a Snapple six-pack.

Question: More Ashley Fink on Glee, please! Any idea what her first big solo is? —Rose
A major clue can be found in the video player below!

Loading video...

Question: What’s coming up with Teddy on 90210? —J Spigner
Just a Feb. 21 field trip to a local gay bar with Dixon. And Liam. And Navid.

Question: Can you give me info on The Cape — preferably something juicy? —Hector
Things could get a bit circus freaky for Vince when Raia (played by Izabella Miko) grows ever curious about just what lies beneath his cape. “She has a very strong crush on Vince — and there are plans to have that crush tilt into obsession,” series creator Tom Wheeler told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich. “We have big plans for Raia.”

Question: Any Good Wife scoop? —Marissa
Kalinda isn’t the only female character hiding a deep, dark and potentially career-ending secret. Yeah, you heard me.

Question: Where on Earth did Kitty go on Brothers & Sisters? Is Calista thinking of leaving the show? —Gus
Flash back to Jan. 26, 2010: Then-Entertainment Weekly staffer Michael Ausiello reports that Calista Flockhart will work a reduced schedule during Season 5. Cut to one week ago: Gus submits a question to Ask Ausiello inquiring about Calista Flockhart’s temporary leave-of-absence. Cut to present day: Michael Ausiello throws up his hands and screams, “I give up.”

Question: I haven’t heard any scoop on Modern Family in the longest time! You’ve got to know something! —Junior
Lilly’s second birthday brings Shelley Long’s demarbled matriarch back to town. “I invite DeDe to come stay with us, and of course hilarity — and disaster — ensues,” Jesse Tyler Ferguson tells Mitovich. “She actually brings back with her Claire’s old boyfriend from high school (played by Matt Dillon)” — now DeDe’s boy toy! “She’s trying to turn a corner and remain a little more stable, but within the 22 minutes of our sitcom you will watch her crumble.”

Question: How about a Supernatural spoiler? —Kriya
The Grim Reaper will set his sights on two recurring characters in the not-too-distant future.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing!

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  1. David says:

    Maybe Michael moves to the other branch with Holly and runs both and we won’t see him again?

  2. Linda says:

    I would love to see Will Arnett replace Steve Carell! What a brilliant idea!!! :D

  3. Liz says:

    “House fans are worried about all these Huddy breakup rumors swirling around the show.”
    No HUDDY fangirls are Huddy fangirls, speak for yourself. HOUSE fans actually HOPE for a break-up. Huddy fangirls, speak for yourself and don’t pretend it’s the entire House fandom wanting this crap. Many (most, like it or not) don’t want to see this. Last thing we want to see is a Huddy marriage. YUCK. Did you even watch the show when it was still good?!

    • Hater_Heaven says:

      Get your p*nties out of twist it’s not them. Everyone knows they’re breaking up and when they do it will be for good. You can gloat and laugh at Huddies then. Maybe they’ll even kill Cuddy and break House’s heart. Then you can really rejoice. I know without a doubt you will.

      • F. says:

        You do know that’s not true, right? Don’t give the poor kid false hope.

        • Ohplse says:

          I know FOR A FACT it is true. When David Shore says in an interview that when, not if, he breaks them up it will be over something so bad that they will never get back together again, I trust him.

          So even in her worst case scenario which is them getting married it doesn’t matter. They WILL break up and they ARE doomed and they will NEVER get back together. David Shore is the boss. What he says goes. And he basically said already it was doomed. The end.

      • Rational says:

        Liz, if you behave sensibly about this you know it’s already over before it starts. You have nothing to fear. Did you not hear that interview with Shore saying it won’t last and House can never be happy? Have *you* not watched all of the previous seasons of [H]OUSE that gave us years’ worth of data on where this is all headed? Even if Shore hadn’t said what he said we know it would happen because look at all of the couples on this show. Not one has made it. Do you really, really think they of *all* the couples on this show would? Really? If any of them were going to make it it would’ve been Chameron and even they didn’t make it. Don’t worry it’ll be over before you know it.

    • Huddydeathknell says:

      Exactly. You anti-Huddies know the end is coming. So there’s nothing to worry about. I don’t get it.

  4. Liz says:

    “House fans are worried about all these Huddy breakup rumors swirling around the show.”
    No HUDDY fangirls are worried, not HOUSE fans. HOUSE fans actually HOPE for a break-up. Huddy fangirls, speak for yourself and don’t pretend it’s the entire House fandom wanting this crap. Many (most, like it or not) don’t want to see this. Last thing we want to see is a Huddy marriage. YUCK. Did you even watch the show when it was still good?!

    (Sorry for the double post, this Huddy crap annoys the hell out of me)

    • breathe in/breathe out says:

      your first post is so apoplectic it’s almost unintelligible liz. chillax. no matter what happens it won’t last.

    • Chicago says:

      If you actually paid attention to either the show itself or the many supporters of the House/Cuddy romance, you would know that most of us do not believe there will be a marriage for those two. Nor do we want one. This relationship is too complex, weird, unconventional and hot for a marriage to happen this soon. Ausiello and Shore are just pulling the legs of all you poor defenseless “Huddy” haters. So give the ugly anger a rest and enjoy wherever this wonderful journey takes us. ” House” is a great show and will continue to deliver the highest quality drama on TV.

      • janealle says:

        Funny,I noticed that only the huddy fans enjoying this season so far and believe house is the greatest show ever. i can`t blame them. You really get everything what was on your wishlist of what should happen in season7. This whole season is a fanfic written by a huddyfan.

        I think the Huddy hate would be lesser when the writers were able to write for all the supporting characters decent and interesting storylines. but they don`t. They`re only catering one fraction of the fandom. This is unfair.

        • Chicago says:

          The show is called “House.” Thus it is to be expected that all the significant story lines will involve the central character. I am glad that the focus is firmly on House and his emotional development. I have zero interest in wartching plots about any of the secondary characters. The fact that House is currently exploring a romance with Cuddy is just fine with me. If they break up, I will be OK with that too. The focus is on House and that is perfect!

          • katie says:

            The show Bones (also on Fox, fyi) isn’t JUST about Bones. It’s about her, Booth, Angela, Hodgins, ect. For crying out loud, you see the FULL progession of Angela and Hodgin’s relationship from the day he asks her out, to years later when she’s pregnant and they’re buying a house. And Zack was a freaking nut job.

            The whole “the show is called House” thing is a really crummy defense.

          • Chicago says:

            From season one, David Shore has stated repeatedly that his show is a character study of the central figure. This is not an ensemble show and was never intended to be one. Thank goodness, because with the incomparable Hugh Laurie in the central role and strong support from Lisa Edelstein and Robert Sean Leonard, the show’s quality and depth have remained unmatched on contemporary television. Comparing an ensemble show like “Bone” to “House” is absurd.

  5. trustno1 says:

    Love this show and Huddy, but I really doubt many Huddies are going to put much stock in it being Huddy. That last David Shore interview pretty much warned us not to for our own good.

  6. Michelle says:

    I wonder who on earth is STILL asking about Huddy: it’s such shameless exploitation of the show’s original dynamic and total distortion of the once fresh and intriguing characters, and has already proved to be causing the BIGGEST rating slide the show has ever seen, now you’re wishing they GET MARRIED?

    Geez looks like the Huddy people really do love the show huh.

  7. Vanny says:

    If Chuck is going to give Goosebumps, they had better not be killing off a character. I am really worried about Chuck lately, as it has been a bit boring, and Casey’s character seems to have little going on lately. You hardly see him, so he better not be killed off. and more Jeffster please…Less Morgan.

  8. SloanFan says:

    I’m still not convinced the baby will make it, but my dream is for this ridiculous mess to result in M/L, Calzona, and the total destruction of the nasty Mallie relationship.

  9. dee123 says:

    I have know idea who’s coming to town on Smallville, i hope it’s not Connor Kent. The funniest one that fits is “Gossip Girl”.

  10. gap says:

    I think Chuck shoots his mom to save Sarah and friends, but not neccesarily kills her. Although its a possibility she dies since she is an awfully inefficient agent or a truly rogue agent. +15 years undercoverw without any significant results? come on? That’s the silliest thing. I think writers are having trouble gluing together a good multiepisodes storyline for the show, unlike the brilliancy they show with their little comedy/heart moments.

  11. Mel says:

    Thankyou soooo much for the NCIS scoop! I’m very excited about this episode. I can’t wait to see this therapist peel back the team’s layers. Thanks!

  12. Kristen says:

    Thank you for posting scoop about shows other than Glee. I’d love to see some scoop on Being Human. It has been pretty good so far.

    • spikenalabama says:

      Agree with the comment about Glee. And re: Being Human, Love the British version. American version doesn’t compare.

  13. Kiko says:

    Thanks for the House scoop. I wouldn´t mind to see House marrying Cuddy but not yet. There is still a lot to tell. I think they will split up and maybe be back together in the series finale. But i don´t think they´ll get married this season.

  14. ana says:

    please do not with chemical huddy everything is forced,she does not know how to call attention increasingly has more exaggerated clothing has no appeal

  15. claudia says:

    It’s House and Cuddy wedding (unfortunately)

    no words, really no words.

    House md was a great show, now it’s just a worst soap-opera ever.

    David Shore lost all his credibility.

    • bella says:

      how do you know for sure it’s House and Cuddy?

      • deep throat says:

        She doesn’t know. The Hilsons were pming about a possible marriage between them and breakup a while back. That’s how the rumours started that they were doomed. Then of course, after watching the GiveMeMyRemote interview with David Shore we found out they really are doomed. They also talked about a death, which is how the death rumours started. DK how they knew, but they were pming the crap out to tons of people about it about two months ago.

        • bella says:

          a death? who? so the wedding spoiler is not true? or the Huddy wedding is not true?

          • deep throat says:

            I don’t actually know. I don’t trust rumours. I’ll wait and see what happens. But in their spoilers they had a wedding and a death and Huddy breaking up for good. But who knows how legit their source was? And they were fuzzy on details. They didn’t know who would die or even for sure that someone would die. They did believe that Huddy would break up for good. Just remember these are rumours not people from the show giving us spoilers so there’s no way to tell how reliable they are. There will be a marriage because the spoiler Ausiello gave made the wedding certain. The question is who will marry.

          • Housemarriage? says:

            I think it will be Wilson and Sam.

      • claudia says:

        House/Cuddy wedding rumors circulating for 6 o 7 mouths.

  16. L says:

    YES, bring Parenthood back for a 3rd season, that would be awesome…it’s an awesome show with a GREAT cast!! i totally enjoy watching it…and i want to continue watching it! ;-)

  17. Ed says:

    What if they simply recast Michael? Or another company takes over Dunder Mifflin thus the new scenario he’s talking about? I’m sticking with Recasting Michael

  18. Melinda says:

    Great scoopage this week! But alas, I find my thirst for True Blood scoop still remains. Anything you can do to help?

  19. Jademarisa says:

    Just one thing on Criminal Minds’ cast dismissals: Michael, you say you don’t “think” Matthew Gray Gubler is going anywhere. Well, did you or anybody think AJ Cook or Paget Brewster were going anywhere before last June? Moreover, the infamous Nina Tassler said recently that more cast changes had not been ruled out, when asked about Paget Brewster deal…Since I don’t trust CBS anymore when it comes to Criminal Minds issues, my bet is that unfortunately MGG has more than a chance to be the next cast member to be fired. Hope I’m wrong, but since Ed Bernero came up with the “secrets” themed season, the first thing coming to my mind was Reid being written out of the show. I’m completely done with Criminal Minds at the moment, and it was my favourite show! CBS has murdered it and keeps overkilling it. I don’t expect anything good from CBS or the current Criminal Minds responsible team now.

  20. janealle says:

    First i agree with Liz:
    “House fans are worried about all these Huddy breakup rumors swirling around the show.”
    No HUDDY fangirls are worried, not HOUSE fans. HOUSE fans actually HOPE for a break-up. Huddy fangirls, speak for yourself and don’t pretend it’s the entire House fandom wanting this crap.” That`s the bitter truth. I hope GY and Co will realize this too soon.

    I’m hoping with all I have that it’s not House and Cuddy. Because that would really be the nail in the coffin for the show. Whipped House is bad enough, but this would be the proverbial straw. However a recent soundbite that Hugh gave during an interview mentioned that House is considering adopting Rachel, which he wouldn’t do unless he was going to marry Cuddy. Egad!

    Please Mike, please give us a Wilson or Chase spoiler? Then we have something to look forward to, too

    • Janine says:

      HL never said that. Nice try though

      • janealle says:

        I thought to remember reading this The Closer-magazine HL interview where he said House wants to become a father to Cuddys daughter.
        Hm..yeah whatever.Interpret it like you want to, i do.

    • shotahunter says:

      Amen to that! The other 85% of the fandom is worried that they WONT break up, its just disgusting to see such a fantastic character as house, who was so different from any man on TV, who never cared for anything and was so brilliant and unique that everyone cared for him no matter what, turned into a pussywhipped sentimental fool who now can’t even solve an interesting case without some girlfriend drama.

      Wilsooooon ♥♥♥ We need more Wilson! And shirtless!Chase :)

      • eric says:

        yes! give us more house who cares about noone but himself. you know the one with psychopathic tendencies. that’s great drama! shotahunter, i’m wondering if you’re just not clever enough to grasp nuances and have no common sense or if you’re being willfully blind? because your description of House this season is a load of crap.

        • erin bowers says:

          What about Andie in “Autopsy”,He didn’t care her huh
          What about the patient in “Control” did care about her either
          What about the Foreman in “Euphoria” Why would he do the Open Brain Biopsy
          What about Wilson in “Wilson” Why did he stay with Wilson during the Surgery
          What about the patient with Wilson’s Disease in “The Socratic Method”
          What about the Chase in “The Mistake” Why did he protect Chase?
          What about Cameron in Season One Why did he hire her back after he fired her. He didn’t care about her either.

          HOUSE CARES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          “House, MD” since the show is first and foremost about House, This is his story. His life,his friends and his job,his ups and his downs his relationships. His success and his failures. It has from the beginning been House’s Soap Opera>!!

          I find it interesting to watch him experiment with really rejoining the human race, being involved with someone and trying to maintain his balance of caring and deflecting.

          The facts are that they (writers/producers)are and have always attempted to explore Greg House and the world around him and how he interacts with it( I could pull up many a quote from TPTB on this if you require). So, if this is not why you watch/ed the show I can see why you no long like it but please do not tell me that the show is any less, because it no longer fits with your vision. I’m in it for the creator’s vision and that hasn’t ended.

          I don’t know if House has 1 more year or 5 more years left. I’m enjoying the ride. for me, it’s never been about the medical stories. It’s always been about joining House on his complex journey and I have loved every minute of it.

          • tara says:

            House never fired Cameron. She allways resigned on her own. Get it!

            Yeah Erin everybody knows that you are a hardcore Huddy that`s why you all are on a win-postion with your arguments. Of course you like it what is happening now because Huddy happened. but the problem is House doesn`t care for anyone else anymore than cuddy and himself. This is sad b/c other fans liked: how he is interactig with patient or how a case moves him or his dynamic with his team or the Wilson friendship. All these things doesn`t exist anymore. That is a reason why others are pissed off.

            When you are honest too yourself you would know that you`d react in the same way when your favourite character is not relevant in Houses life anymore.

            I`m unhappy with the show right now b/c House isn`t House anymore. He`s the House Cuddy wants him to be, no more, no less

  21. zaza says:

    I’m happy to have all the scoop about upcoming episodes of my favorite shows, but I wish I didn’t have to wait to see them. What’s with showing one episode and then making us wait for two or three weeks for the next one? I get running re-runs through the holidays, but the holidays are long over. I want new episodes every week!

  22. Chicago says:

    I love the House/Cuddy relationship and fervently hope it will flourish forever, but I don’t think they will marry. That is just too out of character. I can foresee Shore and Co continuing to mess with the minds of fans with these hints of doom. I am happy to go along with any storyline as long as it keeps Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein burning up my tv screen. Which reminds me to ask Ausiello, when will you deliver a joint interview with those two?

    • Terra_A says:

      Hugh and Lisa do such cute and funny interviews together. So many of us would kill for a joint interview but I think most of us have given up by now. Oh well, at least we have the season five interviews. I don’t think Shore was messing with our minds about Huddy being doomed though. He doesn’t do that sort of thing. I mean he’ll screw with our heads on the show but not in interviews.

      • Jane2 says:

        I don’t think Shore is messing with us either :-| . I wish he was. For me House/Cuddy is the throughline that I’ve followed since the pilot. I wasn’t surprised to hear about a breakup I always thought they’d be deeply dysfunctional and messed up. However, to be told that once it’s done it’s done…………well it’s demotivating to say the least.

        • NoiretBlanc says:

          This is the one time I wish he was. Shore is the god of the [H]ouse world and I was happy when he gave us Huddy, but I always had a bad feeling they wouldn’t make it. The Shore giveth; the Shore taketh away. I’m trying to make lemonade out of lemons and be glad that at least he was nice enough to give Huddy to us in the first place.

        • Gracie says:

          David Shore has never lied to us before that I can ever recall. He’s said he can’t say if he doesn’t want to give something away. He’s teased, but he’s never lied or deliberately misled us. So I believe him too. *sigh* I’m going to miss them when it’s over.

  23. ann says:

    Thank you for the double scoop of Castle. Please keep them coming. :)

  24. OMG says:

    I miss 13! When is she coming back to House????

  25. Cass says:

    “…a little birdie whose name rhymes with Peevin Rathen…” You crack me up! Thanks for the scoop! All I’ve got to say is that I don’t mind goosebumps, but CASEY HAD BETTER LIVE on CHUCK!!! Adam Baldwin is not replaceable. *noncommittal grunt*

  26. veras says:

    on bones hope the little birdie knows what she talking about when it comes to hannah/hope better then last week show.

  27. rush says:

    ARE THEY GONNA KILL HER OFF???? I really dont like the new girl on the show :(

  28. Lisa P says:

    That little birdie? Whose name rhymes with Peevin Rathen? Seems to be wrong a lot. You might want to put a little salt on his tail, and perhaps administer a few grains to yourself while you’re at it. I’ve never seen a group of writers and producers so misread their audience, or so misrepresent (intentionally? Or is it just incompetence?) scenes they already have in the can. Which is where Bones has been headed for a while now. It’s just Fart Panson and Peevin Rathen’s good fortune that the American Idol audience doesn’t know or care if scripted drama is good or not.

  29. David says:

    I Love house and Glee just wish they put some more new show’s on. Think it great that both shows has come so far know it time to add to the show step it up in glee you have us on our toes to see whats happening then ??????
    House man That a great show but need some thing new in the tiwist of thing something off the wall for chase, bring his interself out. He a good guy and hot doctor but need to add to him in a way to shock us all.

  30. jason says:

    If Reid or Morgan left Criminal Minds, no one would watch it.

    I miss JJ, much more than I’ll miss Prentiss.

    Honestly, the show isn’t the same without Gideon.

  31. ErixN says:

    Disappointed in the song choice in Glee… I am guessing the actress does not have a voice if she’s going to sing that song.

  32. Monika says:

    Hi, I am from Czech republic, I know it’s silly, but your show influenced me and I chose medicine….My question is: how this influenced your ( and other main actors’!) life. :) Thanks for answer:)

  33. Maria says:

    I’m a Huddy fan, and the possibility of their wedding gets me excited. But I hope they won’t marry until the series finale, any other way would be the death of the show and maybe of Huddy.

  34. tvmama says:

    re: Bones – My guess is the sniper is going to kill Hannah

  35. jordan says:

    thanks for the house spoiler, I don’t understand why people are so unhappy with house and cuddy together or the chance that they will get married, stuff like that is taking the show forward doing new things it seems like you guys just wanna watch the same thing over and over again for a show to stay fresh you have to take the characters in new directions.

    • AudenFan says:

      Most of the people commenting here who are unhappy about it hate Huddy because they wanted him with someone else.

      • claudia says:

        You wrong, we want old House md quality back.

        • everybody_lies says:

          Of course you do. Thank heavens we have you brilliant TV critics with scintillating minds and pure motives here to tell us what great TV is.

          • claudia says:

            Bad soap-opera is bad soap-opera.
            no question.

          • everybody_lies says:

            mmkay. Thanks for that trenchant criticism. Proved my point.

          • claudia says:

            Eh?? Come on, I can write a romance about House lost quality but unfortunately I’m in inferority language because I don’t speak English.
            All major criticts in the world says House md drop his credibility, quality and fascination.
            So you don’t prove nothing.

  36. Hazel says:

    I hope the wedding isn’t Wilson but Foreteen and then 13 dies and we get to see how brilliant an actor Omar Epps really is!!!!

    • H.B. says:

      Read Greg Y.’s tweets. Someone asked him about him dating Cuddy’s sister or something and he said that and maybe more. I think her sister is married so I don’t think it’s her. I do see Sam coming back and them marrying just when everyone thought they were split for good.

    • Mya says:

      I think it’s Wilson too. Not sure with whom.

    • shotahunter says:

      Youre so right about that! Omar Epps is brilliant, very handsome and he deserves a lot more drama than he gets! I actually liked the Foreteen, we got to see sexy!Foreman xD

      And I think Wilson should be suffering a lot more! And House should be with him a lot more too, they’re friends and they barely spend time together anymore.

      • Todd says:

        I love Omar. But if you actually liked Foreteen that makes one. They were the most hated pair on the show that I’ve ever seen.

        • claudia says:

          It’s a SHOCKER wedding! (says Ausiello)
          Wilson/Sam is shocker? No
          Foreman/13 is shocker? No
          So, it’s House/Cuddy wedding for sure!

          • perspective says:

            Wilson and Sam getting married *is* a shocker to *me.* YMMV. But I’ll say this, House and Cuddy fans have been intrigued by these ‘possibilities’ of House and Cuddy getting married since the beginning of the season. They’ve puzzled and tried to piece together evidence that it was H/C and it never ended up being them. And the only couple together on the show right now is H/C. So it makes your mind go to them automatically. Take that into account and Greg Y’s tweets and I think it’s Wilson and Sam.

          • y.g.m. says:

            actually ausiello doesn’t say anything about the wedding being shocking. he just says someone is marrying and then says it may or may not be huddy. which is basically just saying someone is getting married. could be someone unsurprising or boring. that means everyone is in the ring as a possibilty. i think it’s wilson and sam b/c of what g.y. said on his twitter. if it’s not them i think it’s chase.

          • claudia says:

            y.g.m Ausiello say shocker ending (wedding) in the old bullettin board.

            sorry my english.

  37. Cheryl says:

    Do you have anything on weeds????

  38. readinrobin says:

    Matt Dillon?! On Modern Family??!! Can’t wait for that!

  39. Vinnie says:

    It’s so obvious, it Ricky Gervais’s character from UK Office

  40. Nikki says:

    For the house spoiler it has to be thirteen who is getting married. We were informed that there would be two breakups and Wilson/Sam was one of them and Taub/Rachel was probably the second. I doubt Huddy is the couple getting married but also doubt they are breaking up this season.

  41. Joshua Stevens says:

    I think sarah shoots chuck next episode

  42. Chloe says:

    How many times have Huddies been riled up from these places about a potential marriage this season? And how many times has it come to fruition? Right. It’s not them. If someone’s getting married on the show, I’m betting Chase and the new girl he met, possibly Thirteen or as has been pointed out repeatedly, Wilson is a good candidate.

  43. Kari says:

    You know what I’d really like with House and Cuddy this season? It’s pretty simple. A nice, long kiss like they did on “Castle” Monday. I’m not crazy enough to think they’re getting married. But I’d love that. I think we got all of our Huddiness stuff like that at the beginning of the season though. I see only drama and pain next if I’m being realistic.

  44. Madison says:

    If they did actually get House & Cuddy married, and that’s a huge frakkin’ if, I just hope they keep the proposal and everything unconvential but still cool. That’s House different but cool. The few times he’s actually been romantic with Cuddy like getting her medschool desk or going through all the work to get that book back that her grandfather wrote and saving it for a special occasion, those things were so unique and unforgettable. I’d hope they’d do the same thing with this. I hate that I even let my mind go over this because I know this is another boy who cried wolf things.

  45. HAPPY says:

    I hope HOUSE doesn’t get married, let just be in a relationship, I don’t think he’s ready for the commitment of being a family man yet, he has to still get use to being around Rachel. and leaving Wilson alone. let me on the show I’ll date Wilson.

  46. mooshki says:

    “David Boreanaz delivers one of the best performances of his career…”

    I really admire him for working on improving his acting ability. So many actors just coast once they become famous. He and George Clooney are tops on my list of people who started out awful and just keep getting better.

    I’m not going to enjoy this ep, though, because I’m the one person on earth who likes Booth better with Hannah than with Bones.

  47. shotahunter says:

    “House fans are worried about all these Huddy breakup rumors”

    Yeah, rumors that they WONT break up! Gods, please end this nonsense, they cant stand each other! and is keeping the other 3/4 of the fandom away…

  48. Bill says:

    Why does everyone keep calling “Cuddy” Huddy?, Is this an inside joke or something????

  49. Saulo says:

    I’m now 100% sure Jenna Fisher’s Pam will replace Steve Carrell in The Office! Thanks for the confirmation, Ausiello!

    It makes sense, guys! She was promoted to sales and then to office’s administrator! Lieberstein said that Darryl, Dwight and Andy are up for the job, but they are very obvious choices! The new boss must be one of the most important characters of the show. and they are: Michael, Jim, Dwight and Pam.

    Mistery Solved. Next…

  50. Ben says:

    It is really sad that the once great medical show House has now become The Huddy Show with occasional comic relief in the form of supposed drama, by boring and minor background characters. The Doc used to be so great and interesting and the actor is still just as good but this Huddy nonsense has turned the character into a *snore*.

    • Chicago says:

      Try writing again once you’ve actually watched the show. What has been so rewarding about the way the House/Cuddy relationship has been explored this season is the fact that all the emphasis has been on it’s impact on House himself. For example, when Cuddy’s mom visited, every scene was with House and Arlene. There were no scenes of Cuddy alone with her mother. This same was true for this week’s episode with baby Rachel: no scenes between daughter and mother, the emphasis remained squarely on House and his evolving emotions. In other words, the show is maintaining it’s tight focus on House’ s journey. Nothing else is given priority. Contrat this with the misbegotten story lines of last season, in which we had many scenes of Wilson and Sam or Wilson furniture shopping or doing something else that did not directly involve House. This is the reason the ratings took a hit last season: without the focus on House, the show suffers. I’m so glad that the proper balance and focus has been restored this season. I can’t wait to see what comes next, even if it means a break up for House and Cuddy. I’m confident the writers will pull it off with intelligence and high quality.

      • katie says:

        You’re going to rag on that other poster for not knowing House as “well” as you, and then you’re going to say something like Wilson furniture shopping didn’t directly effect House? You do remember House asking Wilson to find something that would Say Something about him as a person, and then come home to see that his BFF had used the oppertunity to buy something for him. Not the best example.

        And as for the “rewarding” experience of seeing how this relationship effects House, it’s made him BORING. The only thing he even talks about anymore is Cuddy – how to get her to sleep with him after he’s pissed her off, how he’s going to lie to her as his boss, how he’s worried that they don’t have anything in common. This relationship has turned him into a simpering weakling, and if the Huddy relationship could end, maybe he could get his balls back.

        • Chicago says:

          Wilson’s redecorating storyline had great potential– if it had been largely played off screen. Instead we had two long scenes of Wilson alone in the furniture stores, trying out sofas, crawling under tables, and chatting with unhelpful salesladies. The storyline was dull and played for trite comedy. We could at least have gotten some reference to Wilson’s difficulties in moving on beyond his dead love, Amber. Instead we had pointless meanderings which did not include House. Contrast this with the skillful use of the Cuddy’s mother story this season, in which the focus is kept tightly and exclusively on House and his interactions with her. The show is back on track this season after the unfortunate Odd Couple vaudeville of last season. Now we are watching House as he learns that he is capable of giving and receiving love. House has his medical mojo and his balls back at last.