NCIS Exclusive: Brothers & Sisters' Sarah Jane Morris to Play [Spoiler Alert]

Sound the alarm, someone may be trespassing on Tiva!

NCIS has tapped former Brothers & Sisters actress Sarah Jane Morris to join the cast for a major arc, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Jane will play Erica Jane “EJ”  Barrett, a new NCIS agent who shakes up the team dynamic. More specifically, look for sparks to fly between EJ and Michael Weatherly’s Tony.

Morris’ first episode is slated to air this spring.


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  1. EvvieJo says:

    No! I object to any obstacle for Tiva :(

    • Rayford H Cleveland says:

      Is the show going to drop one of the current cast because of this? and if so who will it be? I love the show and hope that all their jobs are secure. To drop anyone from the current cast I think will be a mistake.

      • PrincessH says:

        I don’t want anyone dropped either. And I’m actually not happy about this idea. I couldn’t care less about Tiva, no matter what way it goes I’m okay with it. I know, I’m an anomaly. I exist to be an anomaly! I DO like the idea of Tony having a love interest. I wish the team would have more outside romantic options. Unlike 90% of fans I LIKE Ziva’s new friend/love interest. I wish these articles didn’t focus on how stuff will affect Tiva.

    • Toni says:

      her name is ziva

    • Susan says:

      Why mess up a good thing? I say leave the show as is…

      • deanie says:


      • darlene says:

        I really dislike the 3 new cast members. EJ is a snotty little know it all and her entire goal seems to cause trouble. The show is just fine the way it is. Every time a show is going well they mess with it and then it just goes down the tubes.

        • JustGarden says:

          I agree with darlene, “I really dislike the 3 new cast members”. They don’t fit in. Been a fan since the beginning, but think this could end my viewing.

    • Lizzie says:

      NOOOO!! I don’t care about Tony&Ziva, they got their own little thing going on; that’s cool. But a new agent?! I am really not fond of this idea, I love the team exactly how it is. I hate when good shows make drastic changes. Watch, the show wont be nearly as good anymore.

    • upset fan says:

      This is a mistake. Of course they have to bring “the pretty one” on. I mean after all “the pretty one” is who always wins the guy. What a bunch of crap. I am a die hard NCIS but bring some OTHER girl to take over on TONY is CRAP! If that happens Im outta here along with several other die hard ziva/tony fans. I dont know if i can even watch it tonight. I thought finally Tony has grown up and realized when he saved Ziva how much he was in-love with her. ERRRRR.

      • Long term NCIS Fan says:

        I agree – a new love interest for Tony sucks. I wish he would just grow up and learn to keep his pants zipped. In fact I have just about had it with Tony and his childish behaviour. I know it is just a character, but he should realize after all this time that 1) he would not make himself qualified for any sort of leadership position and 2) Vance does not like him and will not promote him, in fact would probably get rid of him if he could. Could EJ be an entrapment ploy by Vance to get Tony on a sexual harassment charge.

  2. Dominique says:

    This news would maybe bother me if I could find the need to care, but I don’t. NCIS is dragging Tiva too long now, it’s not even an “Will they-won’t they” thing anymore, it’s just “Oh… we haven’t done anything for the Tiva fans in a while now. Maybe we should just throw them a bone, that way we’ve got it covered for the next two years.”

    • CC says:

      So true. It doesn’t feel authentic anymore, so I have no interest in seeing them together. I have a hard time picturing chemistry between these two, though, so I guess we’ll just see what happens.

      • Katie says:

        I agree, it’s been dragged out for too long. If Tony is now interested in someone else, there’s no reason for him ever to get together with Ziva.

    • sima says:

      Ha! I totally agree… it is getting old..

    • Kimberley Brady says:

      I could not agree more….I wish there was a romance to break up…but alas there is not…maybe Ziva and Ray should hook up and leave the young thing for aging Tony !!! eh ?

  3. Emily says:

    I hate her already, first for coming between Tiva, second for being (from what I’ve read) that typical good-looking but tomboyish character that actually turns out to be incredibly grating

  4. Ricia says:

    Come on, cut her some slack! Watch then decide.

  5. Becca says:

    I’m actually kind of glad about this news, because of Ziva’s elusive boyfriend. Tony needs some love too, and maybe it will get Ziva jealous. As long as I get some more Tiva.

  6. igottomany says:


  7. Vollisar says:

    She’s going to work with the team? What about Rule 12?

  8. Andrea says:

    She can be there but sparks between her and Tony? Hell no!! Tiva all the way!!

  9. Myrlyn says:

    I’m glad someone is coming aboard for Tony. I’m one of the few and proud anti-Tiva fans and I hope that we get to see Ziva’s new beau as well!

    • RDW says:

      As long as she’s A.Not another Kate ,or B. Replacing any of the current cast. Not a Tiva fan! Work place romances are often problematic (not to mention against policy).

  10. Jen says:

    I’m holding my mouth open, waiting on another Tiva bone.

  11. maydnz says:

    ewwww! didn’t like her in brothers and sisters and can’t stand the idea of her with tony.

  12. Agnès says:

    More seriously, maybe it will just bring Tony and Ziva closer together by shaking things up. And that’s what we want ;-)!

  13. nas says:

    Same thing over and over again. If Tony gets to flirt and be happy on screen while Ziva has everything off screen all year but angst on screen at the end, I’ll be disappointed. It’s sexist. She never gets to be happy with someone on the show and you just know Tony will get to at least have some happy flirty moments with this girl.

    • postsalot says:

      Oh lord, Ziva has an off-screen thing and Tony is *about to* have some flirting maybe and it’s sexist. What are you fourteen? And last I checked Tony’s series action has consisted of an undercover fake romance with la Grenouille’s daughter.

      At least Ziva had Michael…you know, before Tony shot him.

      • scfan says:

        How about this: Jeann returns and it turns out she was also working undercover for [agency acronym of your choice] and Tony has to rethink that entire situation. “EJ”- being of the reddish tressed – may have her eyes more on Jethro, and vice versa. I just think there is unfinished business with Jeann and Tony. And I loved that actress. Those episodes seriously broke my heart.

      • nas says:

        Way older than 14. What I mean is sexist is that whenever Ziva sleeps with anyone it’s full of angst and drama. We’ve never seen her happy with anyone. The Rivkin thing was a crock, and I’m one who doesn’t think Ray is a love interest either. So to me it’s kinda sexist that the male can be seen having flings and the girl character can’t.

  14. Mikos says:

    Tiva is a very subtle, playful little ship. It’s actually impossible to see it directly, you have to catch it out of the corner of your eye.

    And they’ll always have Paris.

  15. heather says:

    i’ve always despised Tony, and i firmly believe Ziva can do WAY better. heck, dying alone would be better. so this bimbo can have Tony for her arc, and if she takes him with her when she leaves, why, BONUS!

    and now the vitriol can begin…..

  16. sadtroll says:

    If you check, you’ll see the “vitriol” began in your post. You “despise” Tony and think Ziva should die rather than hook up with him.

    Here’s the negative attention you wanted – bad troll!

    • carly says:

      maybe just be an old maid? tony sux rocks, and not hooking up with anybody would be an improvement over lowering her standards to be with that twit. dunno what everybody sees in dinozzo anyway, the peter pan complex got old in about season 4.

  17. Ali says:

    Excellent stuff, with any luck she can be a long term replacement for Ziva. There’s not been any chemistry at all between Tony & Ziva for ages. Bout time the show had a decent female character other than Abby

  18. GIL says:

    Hate her already….just get Tiva together for once and let us enjoy the show!!!!

  19. Mikaylah says:

    Dislike. Looks like I might be skipping some episodes…

  20. Lynn says:

    How can one come between “Tiva” when there is no Tiva to come between? LOL

    I say bring it on. I want Tony free from the albatross known as Ziva, I hope this kills the friendship too :D

    Well said Ali!

  21. Mcat says:

    Looking forward to this, but I do hope that it is an adult relationship and not Tony acting childish and shallow with her. I used to be a hardcore Tiva shipper, but my love for that “relationship” dissolved in the second half of season six. Can’t stand the thought of them together anymore. Tony deserves someone who won’t point a loaded gun at his chest or wish him dead.

  22. Becky says:

    After Paris, I thought there would be no more obstacles to Tiva. This is definitely NOT what I wanted to hear!

  23. Chey says:

    I’m not a huge Tiva person. I’m one of the ones who like their banter, but couldn’t think of them as a couple. However, I usually hate the females they cast on this show for re-occuring stories… Like M. Allison Hart :P But, I guess I will give her a chance.. Just as long as she doesn’t become permanent, try to kill any of the team members in the finale, or get on my nerves!

  24. Melody says:

    Since Ziva has a guy, I don’t mind that Tony will be finding some romance in his future, but I don’t like them adding the person as a part of the team.

  25. Ella says:

    Mixed feelings here. I support Tiva but at this point I want Tony to act his age, so to speak (a happy medium between ultra serious Tony we saw a few eps back and the goofball). Maybe this will be the push Ziva needs to do something because I feel in the end if there’s a relationship it’ll have to come from her

    • Cary says:

      That’s exactly why I was thinking. But I’m glad this chicks only temporary, Tiva doesn’t need obstacles; and maybe Ziva will be jealous. ( ;

  26. Kiki says:

    I really really like Tiva and would love to see them together, but I hardly have hopes that it’ll ever happen. The way they’ve been playing Ziva this season makes me feel like they are trying to let go of the character gently, by bits. So when she’s finally gone, we won’t miss her that much, or get too shocked by it. Which is sad, considering the way they built her story with the team. It does feel like this girl might be a replacement for Ziva. Anyway, like the hopeless fan I am, I’ll keep waiting on that bone, like someone else said.
    Ausiello, do you have any word about this girl becoming a major character in the future?

  27. myrnama says:

    Who the h**l is Tiva??

  28. Derek64 says:

    They should have a double date with Ziva and her guy. Shenanigans ensue!

  29. MKS says:

    Who the h*** is Tiva?

  30. Tiva4Evah says:

    It would be good to shake up that relationship b/w Tony & Ziva. They’re still playing that game of will they or won’t they. I do love how Tony gets jealous of all of the Ziva’s relationships.

  31. Charrob58 says:

    Good! Tony needs somebody. He’s never gotten over Jeanne. I’ve never thought Tony and Ziva would make a good romantic couple, but they are a great team for NCIS.

  32. Becky says:


  33. Eileen says:

    Please do not get rid of anyone. All are great in there own fields. The show is at its best right now.

  34. Sammi says:

    Luvv it!!!! NCis best show I have ever seen!!!!

  35. Znachki says:

    I don’t ship and never cared about the whole situation one way or another. As far as I’m concerned it’s the show’s PTBs’ decision to make. However, I’ve reached the point where I REALLY don’t care.

    Why? Because the PTB use the “relationship” solely to get this kind of reaction from fans (and ratings), and not for any real benefit to the story or the characters. Of course they’ve never been able to make up their minds about the characters generally – so why should this be any different?

  36. KeithG says:

    I always liked that there is that level of sexual tension between Tony & Ziva but I never thought she’d really go for him. I would think that he’s too “American” for her tastes, yet it seems he has always intrigued her to some degree. The newcomer could add an interesting twist to their “relationship” as it were.

  37. Carrie says:

    So the finale will be Tony centric? Yay!
    I don’t hate her already, I have a feeling I will, but only if she turns out to be as annoying as Jeanne!
    Honestly, I want to Tiva to happen as much as the other fans, but Ziva has Ray and maybe Tony just realizes that she has moved on from whatever it was there was/wasn’t between them.
    But SHane Brennan said that Ray would be in D.C in the end of the season, and that he would tick off Tony. Maybe they’ll build something on the Tony centric episode, and play with Tiva having other people in their love lives.

    • Kiki says:

      “But SHane Brennan said that Ray would be in D.C in the end of the season, and that he would tick off Tony.”


      • Sasha says:

        Yup I read it somewhere from an interview he did. It was around the beginning of season 8, but I seriously hope they won’t put Ray and Ziva against Tony and EJ and make it some sort of soap opera!

  38. don meadows says:

    Better be careful with the dynamics of the characters. You don’t want to mess that up and in particular Ziva. All work perfectly together now.

  39. Carrie says:

    And if they write Ziva/Cote off the show and replaces her with THAT woman, I’ll quit the show.
    They could kill Kate because it had only been 2 years. They seriously can’t kill one of the most loved character’s who’s been on the show for 6 years. I know most people say that replacing Gibbs would be the finale bullet for the show, but they can’t replace anyone on the team.
    If you must kill someone, kill Vance!

  40. Caitlin says:

    Tiva fan or not, I do NOT want another character on this show. It’s just like with that horrible Allison person. The show has it’s team; keep it that way.

  41. Hope says:

    Almost as fail as Ziva’s unseen boyfriend. Not just fail for Tiva, but for the show’s dynamic that has already proven to be fine the way it is.

  42. Megan says:

    Holy love interests batman! This is getting a little ridiculous. I understand their need to keep the angst between tiva going for as long as possible before they put them together, but can we come up with some new ways please. This third party bit is getting a little old. The characters have outgrown this relationship barrier. If they want to continue to believably keep them apart they’re going to have to be a little more creative ways than this.

  43. Samantha says:

    Adding in these new love interests never works. Just as multiple people have already said, the show’s dynamic is good as it is now. Bets on if she’ll get killed off at the end of her arc?

  44. jason says:

    I take it CBS doesn’t read this or their own forums, because if they did they’d know 95% hate this idea.

    I still think Ziva’s miami man is worse and that’s saying something.

    Stop ****ing stalling.

  45. Tessa says:

    NOOOOO Tiva!!!!!!

  46. steve says:

    Yeeeesssss!!! as i dont want ziva/tony together putting 2 main characters together ruins a show as it just becomes about them 2 look at house this season has been all about house/cuddy which imho has ruined the show.

    Putting tony/ziva together will just be like that so no ty.

  47. Matt says:

    What kind of sparks? My guess is romantic sparks, but it does not have to be. I am still hoping for Jean Benoit’s return.

  48. Bellswebster says:

    I think a lot of you need to grow up. What an actress does in a role in another show has nothing to do with the next role they play. I feel a lot of you sound jealous of her and she hasn’t even filmed her part yet. She is in the episode that Michael Weatherly directs. Give her a chance. From what I have read she and Tony don’t even appear to get on. Tiva will never be, if at all, until the finality of NCIS. This keeps it from turning NCIS into a soap opera. Once you put these two together, you can’t turn have to go on and on with developing their relationship. I want NCIS to stay as a crime procedule show, not some love-in. I don’t know how many episodes this actress is going to be in, but I say lets see what happens.

  49. Katie says:

    Bad move.
    Shane Brennan should either do Tiva or stop teasing it.

    While I’d prefer Tiva to happen, I’ll still watching NCIS if it doesn’t. What is going to make me stop watching is teasing it endlessly with nothing ever happening.

  50. Matt says:

    There are many possibilities for electing to have a new agent join the team. Here are some possibilities though some of them unlikely.

    1. Tony hasn’t had much flirtation with women the past couple of seasons, that has been really noticeable as of late. In Season 7’s episode “Obsession” he has a one night stand with so called Brenda Bittner, and mentions her check into a hospital in Season 8’s episode “False Witness.” From that, Tony has been quite quit with his personal life with women.
    2. Remember Cote de Pablo is on her final year of her contract, and maybe the possibility of her not re signing (which seems very unlikely) might scare the writers so they need someone to have in mind so if Cote does leave, then they have someone to fill her spot on the team.
    3. Simply to give the “Tiva” fans what they want/don’t want… competition. Having EJ Barnett could provide jealousy or nothing at all from Ziva. It is still yet discovered who Ziva’s friend “Ray” is and if/how he will come into play later on.
    4. Tim McGee hasn’t had many encounters with female agents. Maybe it’s his turn to have a unique relationship.(Though most likely it’ll stir things with Tony).But then again Abby Scuito might kill McGee.
    5. Having Sarah Jane Morris joining, might have been planned for a while, and maybe it’s just a recurring part of someone Like Agent Paula Cassidy, Agent Michelle Lee, or Ducky’s Assistant Jimmy Palmer. – But it sounds more permanent that.