Fringe Exclusive: Andre Royo Poised to Return!

Buckle up, Fringe fans: Olivia’s “over there” cabbie is getting back behind the wheel!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that The Wire‘s sensational Andre Royo will reprise his role as original-flavor Olivia’s alt-universe sidekick Henry Arliss Higgins for one episode later this season.

Henry was last seen in November when he helped Olivia return home.

In case you missed the other good Fringe news over the weekend, the show got off to a strong start in its new Friday timeslot. Not only did it win the night among adults 18-49, but it was up 12 percent from its last original Thursday airing.

Please join me in a chorus of, Phew!

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  1. irg19 says:

    Cool. I really liked him, was hoping he’d return.

  2. Angie says:

    OMG YAY!!!
    I love Andre on Fringe!! This is going to be exciting!!!

  3. Michael says:

    I like him, too. Except that I watched the entire series in the last two weeks so it doesn’t seem like he’s returning more than just being there again XD

    • lemondrop says:

      WOW THIS IS WEIRD. I watched the entire series in the last two weeks too!!

      Anyway yeah I totally love this character, so cool.

  4. madcap says:

    Phew X2

  5. Alice says:

    Yay! I was hoping he’d return. Actually, I was really afraid he’d end up dead during Olivia’s escape. So while I’m happy he’s back, I hope they let him live. People who help Olivia have a nasty habit of ending up dead. I wonder if his over-here version is a cabbie?

  6. Marvin says:

    I really liked Andre. Whenever he was on the scene you kind of root for me, because he’s this ordinary guy thrown in a extraordinary situation. Not only that, but he’s kind and dependable. In fact I’d like it if he was a regular on the show in any sort of way. It’ll be a nice touch the show needs.

  7. Lou says:

    Yay, he was such a great side character, I wonder if he will bump into alt!liv

  8. Sarah says:

    Yay! I loved him! Please don’t bring him back to kill him, though. That would make me sad. So it’s gonna be There!Henry, who we know…and not like. Olivia running into Here!Henry? I always kinda thought that’d be cool. But seeing him back would be awesome in any capacity!

  9. cody g says:


  10. Paige says:

    I am so glad that it won it’s time slot!! Let’s keep this show on the air!!

  11. John says:

    Can’t wait…what a great recurring side character! Wonder if we’re gonna see Alt Henry again or meet Here Henry. Also still curious if we’re ever gonna meet Here Lincoln.

  12. Deion says:

    Let’s get some permanent world-crossing going on. We’ll take Henry and Charlie.

    That alone will make me forget about this affront to Supernatural that this Friday move has committed.

  13. Sourabh says:

    I’m going to wait for the third week to phew.

  14. Jillybeans says:

    I don’t watch Fringe (i need to netflix it to get caught up), but every time I see this dude, I just smile and exclaim “It’s Bubs!”

  15. Tom says:

    Ratings for this week aren’t going to be good, the only reason they had a good Friday premiere is because Supernatural was a rerun. Don’t get me wrong, I love both shows, but it’s going to lose a good chunk of viewer, add the fact that it’s a lot easier to watch Fringe on Hulu than it is to watch Supernatural on the CW’s crappy website.

    • We get it. You like Supernatural. says:

      Give it a rest, for Pete’s (or should I say Peter’s) sake. Every time there is a smidgen of good news for beleaguered Fringe fans, you can bet your last jug of possibly-poisoned milk that a Supernatural fan is going to come along and tell you how your show doesn’t stand a chance in the face of running against Supernatural, you’re going to get cancelled, etc. It’s boring and kind of petty and mean. Take your negativity elsewhere, please. The rest of us would like to celebrate the return of an awesome character.

  16. XK says:

    Great! I really like his character, so I’m glad to see him return. Strange looking man, but really good actor.

  17. Sara says:

    I did like him, but when I saw the tweet I got so excited that it would be Lincoln Lee who was my favorite! I’m so disappointed it’s not :(

  18. Michael Sacal says:

    One correction to the article. The cabbie TRIED to help Olivia get home, but that attempt failed.

    It was Alternate Broyles that ultimately helped Olivia go back home.

    Just saying… :)

    • True says:

      Given what happened to alternate Broyles, maybe it’s just as well the cabbie didn’t succeed. How many men with happy families does the show plan to kill?

  19. Squee says:

    I’m so excited for the alt verse eps! I agree with the person who said we should steal Charlie, but we need Lincoln too. Dream team, dammit!

  20. Chris says:

    How is he going to come back to the show when his character only lives in the alternate universe?

    • john says:

      Seems like there’s an alternate person in the other universe for each person in our universe so maybe he is going to come back as the alternate to his character in the other universe?

    • Vanny says:

      How do you know he only lives in that universe? He is probably in this one too, just haven’t seen him yet..

  21. Amy says:

    AWESOME!!!!!! Both about Liv’s cabbie Henry AND Fringe gettin good ratings so far. Yay Fringe!!!!

  22. Addy says:

    This is great! I did like him on there.
    Though.. I do not like the new time slot. Now I have to wait to watch it the next day online. =(

  23. Alek says:

    Henry lives in both universes just like there are two Olivias, two Walter bishops, etc., Henry on this side might get involved, or maybe it will show how things are going on the other side with he other Olivia. Well I guess we’ll see.

  24. fireoasis says:

    Uhm.. you know I had to look up this show “Supernatural” as I had never even heard of it. No way in heck is it gonna top Fringe.. ever.

  25. Cody English says:

    If he is that well liked they will bring him to ourside.

  26. vicky says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember Andre as the wierd alien that Will Smith chases in the opening scenes of Men In Black? I recognized him right away.

    • Rick says:

      That was not Andre Royo..It was Kirk Acevedo. But i would like to see both guys come to our side.

      • MatW says:

        No he’s not Acevedo neither, if we’re talking about the on thas running through the city ending up on top of a building and going splash to the ground?
        It was a white dude, i think the name was James Edward or something.

      • Huh? says:

        Nope,it was neither of them… not even close.

    • gerry smith says:

      No, I don’t believe he is the same. I do tend to remember a very young actor like him in the ill-fated Tour of Duty series. I think he is the same guy.

  27. KimO says:

    I loved him on The Wire, which I was also a rabid fan. I think the same as another post when I see Andre “It’s Bubs!” Keep Fringe going!

    • Ben Phelps says:

      I’ve been re-watching The Wire, and he’s so great as Bubbles. The cabbie character is what I envision Bubs became post-season 5 of The Wire — he plays him very similarly, but is clean and more together. Looking forward to seeing him again

  28. Terry H says:

    PHEW!!!! Should be interesting, as always!

  29. Eliza says:

    Phew, but let’s see the Henry living in this universe where more of us can have a chance at him.

  30. Jen says:

    This is such great news. I was hoping for his return, because he’s a terrific character. :-)))

  31. Mantid83 says:

    Awesome! Best show on TV!

  32. Michael yelverton says:

    Fringe Is a great show

  33. Jen says:

    Oh, and I forgot to say ‘PHEW!’, so… ‘Phew!’

  34. usiel says:

    what i was expecting to see is our olivia meet henry from our side … should be very interesting …

  35. Puk says:

    Look forward to it(new Fringe)coming to NZ…when it gets here that is! Living at the low end of the world has its draw backs.

  36. Kelly says:

    I didn’t really like Linc but I’m excited to see Henry back. Loved him. I just hope whichever Henry he is it’s him interacting with our Olivia.

  37. karyn says:

    Henry’s back! But which Henry? Will he even know who our ‘Liv is?

    And to you SUPERNATURAL fans, of which I am one… you DO realize that you are allowed to watch more than one great show per night, right??

    • raven says:

      That’s kind of hard to do when they are both on at the same time. I love Fringe, but I loved Supernatural first so it wins every time.

  38. Eve says:

    Phew!! I was totally scared about the change to Fridays!!

  39. Jamie says:

    I’m so happy that Fringe has, as of yet, done well with ratings. I love this show!

  40. Debsa says:

    Why are more “Wire” actors employed more.. it’s a shame…

  41. Equalizer says:

    Uhhhh, Hello?
    Far more important to than the cabbie’s return is the fact ‘Fringe’ did fairly strong in the ratings on Friday.

    Cause without Fringe… what’s a cabbie?

  42. kammshaft says:

    UM WAIT A MINUTE… what if alt olivia meets him, that could be bad. Henry’s too talkative and may not live?!?!?!

  43. AnchorBeach says:

    Love the show,love to episode to episode flipping between plots in each universe. I like to see where the observers are going to come up in the eventual resolution between the universes.
    Best sci-fi drama since X-files, hope they don’t get lost in their story line direction like Millenium did way back when.

    • Bartleby1945 says:

      You’re right—Millennium did lose its way, though I still watch that wonderful season 2 holiday episode every December. Nothing says Christmas like the Millennium Group and a street filled with fetches. Happy Holidays indeed!

  44. barbara redding says:

    why cant they keep a good -well acted show like fringe and get rid of the really dumb-dumb shows producers think we would watch anything there writers dont have to work so hard on shows with no story line please keep fringe cant wait for dvds

  45. frank scandale says:

    it just gets better. best show on tv.

  46. B9000 says:

    Good FRINGE news all around!
    Friday night TV has a long history of SCI-FI/horror genre as well as being a series graveyard, and I think it is great that Fox is trying to turn that history around accentuating the positive!!!

  47. rmcowan says:

    Well, of course it did better on Friday night than on Thursday night. Thursday nights were just to crowded with other good shows at the same time. Grey’s Anatomy, CSI. Something had to give, you can only DVR 1 or 2 shows. I think Friday night is the perfect night for it. Now as long as they don’t have any really long breaks like what’s happening to The Event, Walking Dead, etc. When that happens, it’s a real show killer.

  48. Breanna says:

    Phew! hahaha I am so glad it went great! That show is too good to cancel!

  49. Monie says:

    Very good news about Andre and Fringe’s ratings on Friday night. Love the chemistry between him and Olivia. Thankfully, the power of the people recording it on DVR’s is also taken into account!! I have always been a fan of Fringe since it began and hope that it will get renewed by Fox. It is a quality show and has finally hit its stride with great scripts.