Exclusive Video: Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski Teases a 'Whole New' Sarah

You’re in good company if your heart was a bit crushed by last week’s interrupted marriage proposal on NBC’s Chuck (airing Mondays at 8/7c). “It’s very sad, isn’t it, what happened,” says Yvonne Strahovski, sharing viewers’ pain.

“[Sarah] wanted it to happen, she wants the proposal,” the actress shares in an exclusive TVLine video Q&A, shown below. Alas, General Beckman’s plan to send Sarah undercover as a “treasonous” CIA agent, all in the name of rescuing Chuck’s mother (played by Linda Hamilton), swung into action before Chuck could even get to “Will you…?”

Also in this not-at-all-unattractive video: Yvonne shares her take on the leather-clad, brunette Sarah making her debut in this week’s episode (“It’s a whole new side of Sarah Walker we’re going to see!”), previews the return of very special (and very funny) guest star, and absolutely effuses about her favorite episode of the season.

Oh, right — Strahovski also weighs in on the matter of Sarah and Chuck ever getting that marriage proposal business taken care of properly.

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  1. Scott says:

    Thanks for the video, it’s always lovely to hear Yvonne’s real voice. It’s a pity she and Anna Torv (from Fringe) have to change their native Australian voices for their shows.

    Looking forward to the next episode of Chuck. Also if anyone out there in tvland wants to join the campaign to get Chuck a 5th season, please check out the wegiveachuck website for more information.

    • MarkW says:

      Thanks for the comments and answers from Yvonne. I’ve been to the wegiveachuck website and I think it’s funny. Thanks for mentioning it here Scott. Last week I discovered podcasts mentioning Chuckfest which sounded like a huge success and a whole lot of fun. I missed out but listening to the fans Chuckfest recap and podcast enthusiasm was mind-blowing.

    • Evelyn Downs says:

      I really want to see Chuck back for a 5th season. I plan to purchase all the DVD’s when they are released for purchase. I didn’t know about Chuck for the first two season and have love it ever since I started watching. No one really looks forward to Monday’s, well I do now. Always disappointed when the season is over then I am back to not liking Mondays.

      I can’t express how much I would love to see Chuck back for a 5th season. For right now, thank you so much for this series.


    • the girl says:

      I really would love seeing chuck to have a 5th season. i just can’t help myself watch it over and over again.,. i love story evolve not just on the missions but also on the sarah and chuck relationship. i even look forward for them to have kids while still doing spy stuffs. :)

  2. GimplyGump says:

    “What’d she say?”, pleads the deaf guy?

    • Kendra says:

      Yvonne: “I Feel like we’re moving quite fast now, Chuck and Sarah, with all this proposal stuff going on. But it’s very sad, isn’t it? What happened at the end of last episode. Now I have to go away and go undercover into the Volkoff industries.”
      Interviewer: “But I have to imagine that Sarah didn’t know that it was going to get interrupted at that point, no, because she was so gung ho about taking over the sub-mission”
      Yvonne: “Yes, she wanted it to happen, she wants the proposal, she has finally sort of been able to open up and say ‘I love you’ to Chuck and ‘I want to be with you’ and all that stuff so, um, I think it was a total shock to her.”
      Interviewer: “Sarah’s been a lot more active this season. That must just have you thrilled.”
      Yvonne: “I loved the Thailand episode. I just loved shooting it.I just got to do so many different things. It was, like, Sarah Walker on a whole other level and we raised the bar with the fight scenes. Even the lagoon stuff like swimming in the lagoon, I’ve never got to do any of that stuff. And the big payoff scene at the end when she finally finds Chuck, it was, um, it was really, really good.
      Interviewer: “Tell us about Chuck versus The Gobbler because you’re a brunette on that episode, right?”
      Yvonne: “So, I have this black wig and this, um, very fitted black, leathery cat suit with thigh-high black leather boots and, yeah, it’s a whole, new, different side of Sarah Walker that we’re gonna see. I loved being a brunette, I mean, I’m naturally blonde so I, I was only a brunette once, I think, when I was 16 I dyed my hair brown, um, I really like it. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair black (laughs) so this was a good opportunity to play with that.”
      Interviewer: “I understand in an upcoming episode we have John Larroquette back?”
      Yvonne: “Yes, we do”
      Interviewer: “What brings him back into that show?”
      Yvonne: “What brings him back? Another mission, of course. Uh, he’s so funny. John Larroquette is really, really hysterical. We actually, Can I say where we go?”
      Interviewer: “Morocco, right?”
      Yvonne: “We go to Morocco. Oh,you know everything. What we’re gonna see in the next coming episodes that are gonna air,um, is that focus of bringing Chuck’s mom back so Linda Hamilton is on the show. The relationship of Chuck and Sarah is also the focus so we’ll see what happens with the mabye/maybe not proposal”

  3. Aiden says:

    Thanks for the Q&A video! My Chuck fix for the day is now fulfilled. I love that the show never fails to surprise and entertain despite being on air for 4 years and being consistently in danger of cancellation at that. I always find myself looking forward to seeing the progression of the story in Chuck more than any other shows, knowing I could always count on it.

  4. Joycee says:

    Thanks for the interview Matt! Looking forward to the new episode tomorrow and how the rest of the season unfolds. Chuck ftw!

  5. Katie says:

    Love her! It’s nice to hear her take on Phase Three. I think it was obvious she loved shooting that by how much she threw herself into those scenes. She looks gorgeous as always. Which episode are they shooting now?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      They were shooting Episode 16, “Chuck vs the Masquerade,” when I visited Yvonne, Zach, Josh, Adam and “others” on location last week.

      • Aiden says:

        They’re already prepared for Episode 16? Wow, that gets me so psyched. I’m sure all fans are still over the moon about the extra 13-episode order.

        We’re still currently having heart palpitations from the rollercoaster ride that is the first 11 episodes of Chuck. Knowing there’s a ton more to come in addition to this proposal arc is so thrilling. Thanks for the updates, TVline!

  6. Trish says:

    Yvonne is smokin’ hot with the black wig.

    Yay for Q&A video! More, please :)

  7. Onno says:

    Thnx Matt for the interview great one and my weekly sarah/yvonne fix has now doubled I do agree with Scott to bad we don’t hear that aussie accent anyweek It would make the show the most awesome ever even more awesome as it is already. Can’t wait for the new ep and see how this story unfolds. Let’s hope for some extra years Chuck or at least hope my favourite actors and actresses stay on my screen.

  8. awelle says:

    Thanks for that interview. It´s always nice to hear the actor´s take on what´s coming on the show. I am pretty excited for the next episodes. :)

  9. Evan Meadow says:

    Having just finally watched the episode I think Sarah as she was walking away should have said to Chuck something along the lines “That question you have? You’ll like my answer.” or something like that.

    I don’t think Chuck in any way needs any more insecurities about the proposal while he supports Sarah on this mission to save his mom. He should have enough relief that the answer will be what he wants. But obviously wait till they’re both back and around for him to actually ask the question.

  10. Agnès says:


  11. Marianne says:

    I love Yvonne’s portrayal of Sarah, so any time we get to hear her insight into her character or past episodes are great. Thanks for the interview Matt! Can’t wait for tonights episode!

  12. I really love sarah walker and chuck. They’re both look good together. I hope chuck will air for the longest time. Best wishes.

  13. puplemon says:

    i love Sarah and chuck thing.
    I wish i could get ur number i have something important to ask u sarah.pls pls
    Can’t wait to see tonight video

  14. H. Mann says:

    If her cover name isn’t Miranda Lawson, I’ll be very disappointed.

  15. Marvin says:

    Am I only one that thinks this show has run it’s coarse? Sure they’re trying to shake things up with what’s going on now, but I feel like after all has been said and done, they’re going to go back to old formula of some random terrorist group and having the geeky bumbling nerd take care of it with his usual team. The comedy is tiresome and the side characters doesn’t help at all, one of which is Morgan. Please get rid of him!

    • Tim says:

      I didn’t know this show was so rough (coarse). I think you mean course. And no it hasn’t. I suggest if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. I happen to enjoy Chuck and hope it gets at least 1 more year.

  16. Chance says:

    Has Chuck has run it’s course? Disagree. Has Chuck jumped the shark? YES! In fact — I would argue that Chuck jumps the shark almost every week, and somehow comes back around to the things that we, the fans, love the most, which is the fantastic interactions among the cast (who are all stellar, BTW. Especially Morgan).

    Chuck isn’t about gritty realism. It’s about pure fun, suspense, character interaction, and romance. It is the Magnum PI / A-TEAM or Charlie’s Angels of it’s generation, and I mean that in the best possible way.

    I love this show. My wife loves this show. Our kids (13 and 9) love the show, and it is the only show we look forward to consistently every week, and miss when it isn’t on.

    I hope it runs several more years, and I hope to see more Casey. more Jeff and Lester and more General Beckman (she is fantastic!).

    • MarkW says:

      Wow, great comment. :)

    • Laura says:

      You summed up my feelings perfectly. This is the best TV show out there and the only way I get through my week. I addicted my whole family to the show too- My mom and dad and both of my sisters. Now after each episode on Monday we call and discuss immediately afterwards. We all adore the show. It has such amazing writing and fantastic actors. NBC would be a fool to even think about dropping such a well loved, awesome show. Definately a 5th season and beyond. Sarah and Chuck and all of their friends haven’t finished running their course- they still have many great stories to tell!

  17. Robert says:

    Wow…. Yvonne is blessed with incredible acting talent and beauty. Love this show and grateful to NBC for continuing to give it a home. Looking forward to more laughs, thrills and heart warming moments as Chuck draws closer to the PROPOSAL.

  18. MB says:

    She had me at catsuit

  19. tinkerterp says:

    HECK NO! Chuck has NOT run its COURSE :) Like many other fans have stated… it’s the only thing I look forward to on tv. I’ve gotten all of my friends -and even my parents- completely dedicated to this show too. It’s FUN. And for those of us who enjoy fun, lovable TV — BRING IT ON!!

  20. Rod says:

    Chuck has run its course …. you have got to be kidding. There is still tons of stuff that can be done and talked about. This is one of the few shows on TV that is fresh every week.


  21. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for posting this exclusive interview!!! Thanks for being a Chuck supporter too!!

  22. wasab says:

    wooo…i like….

  23. DanielF23 says:

    I want to marry her.

  24. Sarah says:

    I really dug this, but it took ages to load and did not buffer very well. I know this is the fault of my third world country for not having enough bandwidth, but please put up a youtube link as well? It loads faster. On another note, really looking forward to season 4 (it’s not showing here yet – ) it looks sooo awesome!

  25. Sam says:

    It seems to be that Yvonne Strahovski is being set up to be a movie star. If you think about all the things she is doing playing the “super spy” and “girlfriend” and all the acting types she is getting to do – doesn’t it seem her next logical step would be the movies?

    She reminds me of A. Jolee with all the action and love scenes she is doing. A younger version of her. I will be suprised if we don’t see her on the big screen in a couple of years.

    Chuck has a decent chance for renewal again right now because as NBC keeps trying to get higher rated shows on Monday nights, so far it has been unable to do so as it keeps cancleing the other shows on Monday. Chuck is not showing particularly strong numbers – far from it. However, the consistant ratings, the big sponsors (IKEA last episode, SUBWAY before that), and the relatively low cost for an action show (almost all stunts are done by Strahovski with her real black belt certification and Zack Levy to keep the costs WAY down), the show has a decent chance for year 5. No guarantees, and the ratings have to continue to hold but so far this year, so good.

  26. Swede says:

    Here in Sweden we love Chuck and of course we love Yvonne. We are hoping for many seasons with Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Morgan, Ellie, Captain Awesome, Jeffster and the rest of the gang!

  27. michelle says:

    If you want a 5th season of Chuck (I really do) PLEASE visit and support Scott, the first person to commented already mentioned the campaign but we urge you to please check it out. Send letters out and check out the great site that was put together to help make sure Chuck comes back. They have been doing great so far this season but it never hurts to give it some extra help!!!