House Video: Hugh Laurie and Co. Deliver Urgent Message to Fans

House cleaned up at the People’s Choice Awards earlier this month, but you’d never know it since CBS gave short shrift to the drama series categories during the two-hour telecast. In an effort to right that wrong, Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edlestein and Robert Sean Leonard teamed up with exec producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs to tape a little message for fans. The hilarious clip — produced by House EP Greg Yaitanes — is after the jump.

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  1. Gary says:

    This is stupid. House is a joke now, this season is such a disappointment, I miss the old House, now its become Grey’s Anatomy soap opera show with Huddy and company. Please can the real House come back. This message means nothing to me, People’s Choice award is just a bunch of teenage dweebs.

    • Tania says:

      Said the BIGGEST DWEEB of them all. LOL

    • kylie says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly! The People’s Choice Award was a complete joke. House has become one of the worst shows ever.

      • sadtroll says:

        What do you mean “one of the worst shows ever”, it’s so obviously THE worst show of all time – and I’m including theatre, vaudeville and backyard productions in that category. I don’t know the difference between good attention and being a sadtroll.

    • icedmemories says:

      so why are you watching? It’s insane spend time to watch/comment something you don’t like.

      Are you insane?

      • sandra says:

        I’m complete agree with you!! Come on people!

        • cliff says:

          I’m complete agree with you???
          Are you a complete illiterate moron or are you from another country and have little or no grasp of the English language?
          As far as the show goes, House is as usual one of the best or “the” best show on prime time.

    • Lelinor says:

      Hahaha – I think the clip is hilarious. Thanks you so much to Hugh, Lisa, Robert, DS, KJ and Greg Yaitanes for putting this together. So so funny!! House is still my favourite show and if it wasn’t I would move on and not spend my time ruining it for other people. There are enough shows to watch out there!

    • Denise Piper says:

      You got your wish, the old House is back and more screwed then ever, we got the vicodin, we excessive drinking, and hookers!!! Happy now?

  2. janine says:

    ha ha that was really funny! House rocks, last weeks episode was great and they so deserve this award. For all the nay sayers out there, you’re entitled to your opinion but how many other 7th season shows still win awards or have such a loyal fan base?

  3. Jen says:

    I love them! Hugh Laurie cracks me up!!! I wish he won awards more often. He gives the best acceptance speeches!!! Love it!

  4. MIkaylah says:

    Very funny! The last House episode was great, especially all of the scenes between House and Cuddy’s mom. I love the part in the video where Lisa was questioning Hugh’s “integrity”. :P

  5. Kate says:

    I voted for you Robert!!

  6. SnazzyO says:

    That’s it, I’m on a campaign to get Robert an award.

    VERY FUNNY. Thanks for sharing!

  7. SR says:

    That was great!! Love them all, and this season is AMAZING! Anyone who says the show has changed–it has, but for the better. Huddy has been in the works since the beginning, it’s nice to see them flesh out the characters, otherwise it would have become boring! Congrats to Hugh, Lisa and everyone on House!!

  8. leigha says:

    Love the show, much deserved awards. <3 !
    Also i love how you can tell that RSL is about to say the F word at the end.

  9. Rock Golf says:

    Ken Levine cast Lisa Edelstein on her first regular TV role (Almost Perfect). Edelstein was originally hired for a small part because she “looked right”, but she was so good they moved her almost immediately to recurring status. Levine said this week that while she’s doing great work on House, she could knock’em dead in a comedy series.

    This is proof he’s right.

  10. Liev says:

    Not funny at all because they did not care about and the first place. Who forced them now?
    I almost felt proud that HLaurie was excused at least once of a banal red carpet event. And I think that any of them is their right to attend or not to a party on television. That, I could respect. But for me, here they are already falling into falsehood, seems a mockery to those who were offended by they absence at the awards. And therefore I find this video not only untimely… but meaningless.

  11. Liz says:

    That was hilarious!! Loved it! Those guys are great!

  12. sss says:

    Hugh is a real a “cake” that i wish to taste all night long!

  13. Sabrina says:

    Oh RSL is awesome.I want to jump in this video and hug him. I voted for you Boy!!!!

  14. Bruna says:

    This vid is awesome.
    It’s a very funny joke with House’s fans.

    Love this guys together (Lisa, Hugh and RSL)!

  15. Scott says:

    It was great to hear Hugh Laurie use his real British accent in this clip as it shows what a fantastic job he does every week on House.

    • kathy says:

      i just love hearing him talk. i think he’s so hot. been additicted to the show since the first time i watched it. i own season one through four n cant wait to get the’s one of the only three shows i watch

  16. Pamela says:

    I love Lisa so much. And i´m happy they included Robert in the thank you speech, he was hilarious!! The show rocks and has too many fans around the world. House is the best.

  17. mary says:

    Very funny!

    congrats to all of you! Yes I included Wilson in that one!

  18. elena says:

    Robert, why so adorable? <3

  19. louise says:

    so ***** i hope season 7 is the end of this … end of huddy and all .the storyline are so ugly .give back the best series or close that…

  20. Elaine says:

    “Anyone who says the show has changed–it has, but for the better.”

    Well, the only people who think it is “better than ever” would be Huddy fans, otherwise the critics would be raving, the majority of fans would be raving, the ratings would be climbing, the show would have been renewed weeks ago, the legitimate awards would be piling up, and they wouldn’t need to use Mr. Ausiello to pimp the Huddy storyline at every opportunity, to the detriment of EVERY OTHER CHARACTER in the show.

    I think the lack of attendance reflects the fact that the actors are smart enough to know that the voting for this award is a joke. All it takes is a few obsessed fans and an ability to work the system. The only thing more ridiculous than the voting itself is those fans who DEMANDED that the cast thank them. The sense of entitlement of a few obsessed Huddy fans knows no bounds. If others don’t like Huddy, then obviously there is something wrong with THOSE people! If others don’t think the show and LE are the favored choices by viewers these days – no problem! They’ll make SURE they have the right number of votes to win! If TPTB, HL, and LE don’t publicly acknowledge all that their fans went through (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) to get them all those votes, they’ll DEMAND that they do so immediately OR ELSE!

    This fandom makes me cringe.

    • Katie says:

      Exactly what you said.

      Robert Sean Leonard spoke the truth. The show won the PCA awards, at a time when it’s ratings and audience are the lowest EVER, because of a bunch of rabid internet fans not because it’s any good. Notice that it never gets nominated for the peer awards like the Emmy or SAG any more.

      I can’t stand listening to Shore, Jacobs or Edelstein any more. Unless they realize what they’ve done to the show, it’s never going to get fixed.

      • Volta says:

        This video was hilarious! Good fun.

        Please, the show is no where near its all time low in ratings. Season one still holds the show’s all time low, and didn’t pick up until mid-way through the season. It was uncertain if the show was even going to make it the full season.

        The show is under contract negotiations, which is why it hasn’t been renewed. Everyone’s contract is up this year with the exception of Laurie’s which ends next season. Last year they waited until the last minute to announce renewal too.

        Not terribly worried about it possibly being canceled (see It’s still one of Fox’s top shows, still averages a mid to high 3 in the key demo 9 (that’s nothing to sneeze at) and Fox has nothing to replace it with. Season 8, however, may be the last, and it may all hinge on Laurie.

        Anyhow I’m not a ‘shipper’ or a ‘Huddy’, but I’ve enjoyed season 7, more than most of season 6, actually. Still a wonderful show! Last ep was hilarious…


    • kathy says:

      its the people that count.we’re the ones watching.for the people who don’t like the show obviously they don’t need your votes

  21. Jola says:


  22. Jane2 says:

    LMAO! Well played, very well played lol.

    More than ever this makes me long for KJ’s never to be seen House, Cuddy, Wilson spinoff!

  23. Paula says:

    LOVED IT!. And I think they deserve it more than any show out there. This season is AMAZING!. I couldn’t be more satisfied about this show and the entire cast. Huddy ROCKS!!!.

    Robert Sean Leonard is an amazing actor, he deserves an award too!!

    Keep going like this House people, and you are going to make television history.


  24. kevin says:

    Where are Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer and Peter J.?
    ”everyone is here” says Lisa E.
    Sure Lisa, only you and your big ego.

    • sarah says:

      Lol…so true. LE is really in the center of this clip and dominates everyone. An outsider could think she is the big star of the show. *majorDivaAlert The truth is, i watch for House and couldn`t care less about Cuddy. LE becomes more and more unsympathic. She is not funny!!!

      I missed the other Cast-members,too. They are an important part of the show too,right??.

      • Cate says:

        You know that was scripted right? LE was acting, all of them were. She was acting more like Cuddy than herself. LE didn’t write it. They put LE at the center because it was a small portion of her fans who were upset that the others “weren’t there to support her”. This video was both mocking them and acknowledging them.

  25. Connor says:

    Even if the show itself isn’t nominated Hugh Laurie continues to get nominations from SAG, Golden Globes and the Emmys. Broken was nominated for writing awards.

    • Elaine says:

      I think Hugh Laurie is a fantastic actor too, but I have to ask you a question, Connor. Have there been any episodes this season where he has had a chance to shine and showcase his talent? He would have to have several outstanding episodes written for him in order to rise about the other actors, such as Jon Hamm, who has a number of amazing episodes that he can submit for an Emmy. I have no doubt that Hugh Laurie is up to the challenge, but the writers…? Not from the uneven crap I’ve seen over the past two years. You can’t win an award from writing that feels like it was poached from some teen’s “Huddy” fanfic. When was the last time the poor guy WON an award?

  26. Connor says:

    Well, if Hugh Laurie had only 13 episodes, like Jon Hamm, then some of them SHOULD be very good. There have only been nine episodes of House shown so far by comparison. Regardless of the writers, Hugh Laurie is such a fantastic actor, like you have said,he transcends the material. I think he really shined this season in A Pox on Our House and Unwritten. It has been too long since he won and I don’t mean PCA’s.

    • Remi says:

      13 episodes but ‘each one’ of them is amazing! The same can’t be said for House, it used to be good but now…
      And to be honest I find the whole ‘only 13 episodes’ thing pretty childish: come on, it’s not like House has just one writer!

      • connor says:

        It’s not so childish when it is very rare to see a show not from cable nominated for best drama series or best actor. Hugh Laurie was the only one nominated from a major network for the Golden Globes or the Screen Actors Guild coming up.

  27. Liev says:

    I agreed with you. How tiresome it is to deal with so many excuses as the “this show is going well for already have 7 seasons”.
    And also pretty childish the “LE just doing what they ordered her to do” that his fans always use to excuse her attitudes increasingly unbearable. I still do not understand what the heck is she doing there in the middle as the centerpiece of the message, when she did go to the awards.

  28. shirrill says:

    LE is a genius in her own right. Combine her talent w/ RSL and HL and see the Gold. Yes, the show has changed this season, just a bit more than previously. It needed to. What a refreshing change. Very uplifting!

  29. Delia says:


  30. icedmemories says:

    I loved the video!!!!

    Huddy is the only reason I’m still watching! Keep it going! :)

  31. carrie k says:

    WHAT AN AMAZING VIDEO AND CAST! season 7 is one of the best by far, house and cuddy are amazing together and the dynamics on the show are immense. love house!!

  32. karen says:

    Great video.Best cast and so happy Hugh and Lisa both won.Huddy is the reason I watch .Best season so far

  33. Margotine says:

    I love this video. They are so funny;
    This show was the best, is the best, will be the best on TV ( with Fringe ). I love all the actors, the crew is fantastic. Part of the fandom is just creepy with stupid ships wars but thankfully not all the fandom…

  34. Amazed says:

    House continues to be smart and entertaining. The show is not responsible for the people who are stuck in Season 1-3 and can’t move on. The show just gets better and better and enjoys a fair amount of attention for it’s 7th season. No matter. Everyone doesn’t have to like it. I don’t care for Mad Men either but I would never make comments on articles written about that show or the actors. I simply don’t care. I’m continually amazed at the people who take their time to comment about a show they don’t like. I’m not sure what it says about them but I’m sure it says absolutely nothing about the show.

    • Volta says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • Mike says:

      If you don’t like Mad Men and don’t watch it, chances are that you were never a regular, hardcore fan of the show. That’s not what we are talking about here. We are talking about viewers who were regular hardcore fans of House who are disillusioned and upset with the direction the show has taken over the last few years. If they’ve never been a fan or watched House on a regular basis, I can understand why you would be “amazed” that they would take the time to comment. I’d be amazed, too, and I wouldn’t pay any attention to them. However, many of the negative comments have merit because they WERE made by formerly rabid viewers like myself who watched and recorded every episode, bought all the DVDs and read every article about the show. We happily invested several years in this show, and now we think it has changed – and not for the better. And when ratings are down and positive critical reviewers are few and far between, we ARE saying something about the show.

  35. Dom says:

    seriously, you haven’t seen bad shows in your life, so stop complaining.. house is a really good show, there is a good acting, plot is also fantastic. you don’t have to like it, just stop saying it’s bad.

  36. Orlando says:

    So good! This thank you speech cracks me up. Hugh looks so shy, Robert playing a loser and Lisa the HBIC. Terrific XD.

  37. Sammi says:

    I love your show its the best show ever….. I watch it all the time with my mom well,guess I better go bye

  38. Courtney says:

    RSL is my favorite person. Ever.

  39. Donna says:

    The best thing about that video was hearing Hugh Laurie using his real accent ! Sigh… I’ll admit I miss Cameron yearning for House,
    but Huddy is a small part of the show. It’s nice to see HL and LE finally have some humanity about them. I have been hooked on this show since the beginning. I love the medical mysteries and what the group goes through to solve them. Also, it is nice to see a little personal info about the characters; it makes them more real. It’s all about the interaction between the cast and how someone’s words or deeds affect the rest of them. Watching this show is like getting a private lesson on human character and it’s flaws. I feel like the actors are very dedicated to their characters. I have learned quite a bit from watching this show. The relationship between House and Wilson is so interwoven and complicated, each episode reveals a little bit more about them. I love watching this unfold. And I’m happy to see Amber Tamblyn join the cast; however, I do have to ask, what are her dressers thinking ? Couldn’t they give her some decent clothing ???

  40. JJ says:

    haha, aren’t you adorable? kkkkk
    I love them : )

  41. Bah, your site makes my firefox crash all the time

  42. thegame says:

    House Rules! Sure the old episodes were the best but it’s still awesome.

  43. thegame says:

    Except for the smallpox episode. I found it kind of weird that House didn’t figure out that it was a pocks disease that was exactly like small pocks except treatable, and carried by rats, considering the storyline where a girl finds a bottle on an old ship wreck that was probably infested by rats….. yeah.