Erica Durance Previews Smallville's Return and Her Own Kick-Ass Future

The CW’s Smallville resumes its 10th and final season in just over a week (on Friday, January 28), making that “unbelievable” Lois-and-Clark moment all the closer. And while Erica Durance is excited to see Clark (played by Tom Welling) reach his destiny, she admits that saying goodbye to the show she has called home for six-and-a-half years is “very bittersweet.”

TVLine welcomed the opportunity to sit with Erica and reflect on life as Lois, Clark’s upcoming journey, and her own plans for after Smallville.

TVLINE | Would you have thought a year ago that you’d now be playing the future Mrs. Clark Kent? Did you think things would progress at that pace?
No, I didn’t. Because it is the final year, they’re able to ramp everything up and play with those ideas. But I certainly didn’t see this coming, so I’m just flying by the seat of my pants! They’ve been doing a great job of keeping the integrity of [Clark and Lois] and still letting them have their moments. I mean of course, who wouldn’t be smitten? But you still have to fight a little.

TVLINE | Lois knows Clark’s secret, and now Clark knows that Lois knows. Has that been freeing as an actress? Do you almost feel like you’re playing a slightly different character?
It’s certainly a different level, that’s for sure. I liked that there were secrets, I enjoyed the secrets, so for me it was great to hide and have Lois tease Clark….

TVLINE | Like when she “dropped her pencil” so he could use his X-ray vision on a file cabinet. “I’m still looking for it….”
[Laughs ]It would be nice to have continued on having had the secret for a while, to showcase that she can be a supportive person. But she was looking for him to trust her, so when he finally does it’s quite amazing for her. Now she’s trying to figure out how she fits. “How do I fit into this Justice League? What can I add to this group of people?”

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TVLINE | The script for the proposal scene — how did the scene direction sum up Lois’ reaction? How does one describe what goes through her mind?
Wow, when I read the scene I got teary just thinking about it. He does this thing with [scattering] the blossoms, and it’s such a wonderful surprise. They gave us such a good portion of time to work on the scene, and it was a lot of fun to do. We laughed a lot – a lot more than sometimes our characters are ever allowed to!

TVLINE | That was actually my next question: Are you and Tom having more fun than ever?
We have always had a lot of fun working. I don’t want to speak out of turn for him, but there’s a way we both approach work and how we feel about it. There’s a witty rapport, and you’re lucky when you meet someone with a similar way of thinking. You always hope you’re contracted to work with somebody who’s safe, so that when you have to be open they work with you and not try to sabotage things. A lot of actors try to sabotage other actors and that’s sad, because then you’re never going to get that beautiful scene. Actors will in their mind want to “steal the scene,” and the problem is that means the scene didn’t work in the first place. But Tom and I have a similar perspective — and we have a lot of fun, a lot of laughs.

Scoop on Smallville‘s ‘Unbelievable’ Return and the Super Finale To Come

TVLINE | What is Lois’ arc for these next few months, as it relates to Clark and his destiny?
Now that she knows, and they’ve professed their love, and they’re engaged, it’s about, “How do I fit in a relationship with him? ” She still has her commitment issues and they’re huge. Usually the more terrified she is about someone, the more she tries to find some reason to say, “I’ll leave you first!” But her main focus is absolute and unadulterated support and belief in who he is and what he does, how very important it is, and how it’s so much greater than her. It’s about, “How can we support [Clark’s destiny]? How can we make him feel good about what he’s doing?” You’re going to see fun little snippets about how Lois helps hide his identity and work on a “new look.” It’s funny, because it’s just an overblown idea of what women do in marriages anyway. She thinks, “OK, if you’re going to do this, if you want to make this work, this is what we need to do….” But she still stops at nothing, goes off on her own, investigates things, and gets in trouble — as usual! It’s all good.

TVLINE | Will Clark and Lois have any standalone adventures à la “Harvest”?
I believe the script that just came out, with Booster Gold, has a bit of that going on. There’s great interplay between the two of us. [Smallville EP Kelly Souders confirms that “Booster” is “going to be a huge, fun episode, especially with Geoff Johns writing it.”]

TVLINE | What did it mean to you that the show, during its final season no less, made time to revisit Lois’ family, including her late mother (played by guest star Teri Hatcher)?
To take the time to see where did Lois come from, and for her to be able to resolve some of those issues, meant so much to me. We’re always so many more things than we appear, and there are always reasons tied to family. So that was amazing.

Smallville First Look: Chloe Returns To Oliver

TVLINE | What is Lois’ take on Chloe’s return? I understand that some characters are wary of her allegiances.
Lois is just happy she’s back. Chloe is like a sister to her, so she’s happy she’s there and she wants her to be safe. It’s unconditional love, like, “You don’t need to tell me everything you’re doing, but be careful.”

TVLINE | Is Lionel Luthor’s “resurrection” a big story that Lois-the-reporter digs into?
I’m just starting to work on something that has to do with Lionel and uncovering what’s going on there. He has another arc going with some of the other characters, so I haven’t gotten to work with him specifically yet.

TVLINE | But I imagine his return has to make headlines.
It’s pretty huge, yeah. [Says Souders, “Lionel’s return definitely rattles the Daily Planet a bit that’s for sure. It’s a big headline in everybody‘s life.”]

TVLINE | If you could grab any keepsake from the set before the series wraps….
My Lois Lane nameplate!

TVLINE | I was thinking maybe one of Lois’ costumes — but they all burned in the apartment fire. So tragic.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about life after Smallville. At this month’s TCA press tour, you were a part of The CW’s “Kick-Ass Women” panel. Would you like to kick more ass, maybe as a member of the new Charlie’s Angels or as TV’s next Wonder Woman? Or do you see yourself joining a straight drama ensemble?
[Pauses to think] I would love to step out on my own, for sure. I just want to kick ass and take numbers! We’ll see if I get the chance.

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  1. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Love her!

  2. Jason says:

    Great interview with Erica, always enjoy what she has to say. Thanks for this Matt.

  3. Snap says:

    Fantastic interview, Matt, thank you! I love the questions you chose to ask. And I love the insights Erica gives into the working relationships on set, the characters and her own feelings towards the show. She is just lovely. I hope she kicks ass on my screen for many, many more years to come.

  4. Nat says:

    Thanks, Matt! I always love when you interview Erica! She is awesome.♥

  5. Woolanauu says:

    Great interview!
    Love ED forever !

  6. Ella says:

    Wonderful interview! Thank you, Matt.

  7. WendySue says:

    Loved the interview, Matt.. Just love that Durance woman.. Erica is such a fan girl, like the rest of us..

  8. Luke says:

    Great interview as usual, Matt! Hearing from the lovely Erica is always enjoyable and the next section of the final season of Smallville sounds fantastic!

  9. Dominique says:

    What a wonderful interview, thanks for this!
    She’s such a funny, classic, talented woman and I hope to see a LOT more of her after Smallville ends.

  10. Jesse says:

    Great interview!
    Thanks Matt

  11. Kenja says:

    She is amazing! looking forward to seeing more things with Erica! Wishing her luck and can’t wait for the final episodes of Smallville!!!

  12. dawn says:

    thanks for the news but i wish she had somes scenes with mr luther some of her first scenes on smallville was with him so i guess she don’t have no scenes with him in scion because after that he only has one eps left i just hope jg don’t have a bad rift with ed cause thay had some of the great scenes.

  13. mcvs2104 says:

    As always great & very insightful interview Matt.

    Thanks for getting Erica’s insight about past episodes as well as what’s to come in the future. She is such a pleasure to hear from.

  14. CandyMaize says:

    Great interview!

  15. 1eclecticviwer says:

    Wonderful interview with Erica Durance! Her awesome personality just jumps off the page and makes this fan gush at how lovely of a person she is. I can’t wait for Smallville to return – I’ve been anticipating the new episode since it went on hiatus. Thanks, Matt.

  16. Melissa says:

    Great article! I love Smallville, I am just starting season 7. Lois rocks!

  17. Stephanie says:

    Great interview Matt! I just love reading Erica’s interviews…she seems like such a pleasant, fun and light-hearted kind of a person. And very gracious. Thanks!

  18. Grace says:

    Wonderful interview and a delightful read. Thanks

  19. jess says:

    She’s awesome!! Awesome interview MATT!!!

  20. sunset says:

    Matt, thanks so much for this wonderful interview with the best Lois Lane, the awesome Erica Durance! Love the questions, specially asking about past and future episodes! And better questions produce really better answers, right? Super thank you for putting up a “new” picture of ED! Looking forward to reading more articles about Erica and Smallville!!

  21. celita says:

    Matt and Erica Durance in an interview is always made of win!

  22. Eric Wilson says:

    Fantastically awesomeness Erica Durance interview Matt, Erica will alway be my (our)favorite Lois Lane made of awesome and very special!

  23. dan says:

    thanks good interview but what i hav’t say is to you brian and kelly better know’n as TPTB erica durance seems like she wants a scene with john golver and i heard that you read what we say somtimes so make it happen or we the fans are going to start to think that john golver told you he would not come on the show enless he did not have scenes with ED and i just hope tom welling would not agree to that cause that would be very bad of him and for love of god stop makeing clark and lois kiss everyone on the show if you did not noitce they are enagged now make it stop please thanks.

  24. dan says:

    sorry but need to rant a little bit more i here that al septien the writter and director of a eps callied scion that will be john golvers 3 eps he will be in and al septien tweets some and i don’t have tweeter so i would like to here what he has to say about why ED don’t have no scenes with john golver since he his written that eps i just wish someone would ask him but you would probley get the run a round or ask him doies john golver have a beef with ED because she sounds like a pretty down to earth girl al if you have the guts and read some of this stuff we the fans write then just get on your tweeter an say somthing about this and have some class about it and same to brian and kelly like it matters if they don’t put a scene with john golver and ed with this interview and ed saying not yet to a scene with john golver and with the yet part in her interview means it his not her that do’s not want it to happen but either john golver or the TPTB so someone will come out of this looking bad but not ED not with this interview she sounds like she want’s the scene.

  25. eliza says:

    Thanks for for the great interview Matt. I just love Erica Durance. She sounds like a terrific person. This fan hopes to see her a lot in the future. She deserves a successful and long career.

  26. Fates3 says:

    Thanks for the wonderful interview, Matt, and for the excellent questions! Always nice to get an interviewer who doesn’t ask inane questions *thumbs up* And so loving Erica Durance! What a classy, classy lady, and I’m so proud to have her as my generation’s Lois Lane! Love her and love her Lois so very much! Gonna miss her when Smallville’s gone, but I will follow Erica’s career wherever it takes her next!

    Thanks again!

  27. Jen says:

    Oh, God! Clark and his damned Destiny. And Clark is so much greater and more important than Lois, and she’s just so happy to devote her life to that, because that’s what women do — realize that Their Man is more important than they are. What century are we in again?

    I thought Superman devoted his life to other people and kept his Destiny out of it. I don’t remember him insisting that other people devote their lives to him, or made other people suffer to protect him the way this crappy version from Smallville does. This show makes me sick.

    • postsalot says:

      This show makes you sick? Don’t be ridiculous. And get over yourself.

      • Jen says:

        You get over yourself. I’ll make any comment I want to about this ridiculous, horrible show. Mind your own business. I didn’t tell you how to comment. If you like the show, that’s fine with me. But I have as much right to my opinion as you have to yours. Just exactly who do you think you are?

      • Jen says:

        Oh, and by the way, with a name like ‘postsalot’, I’d be more careful about telling other people what to post. It just looks hypocritical, you know? :-)))

      • robert says:

        I agree with this person Jen. . . Your stupiditty is showing here,. Smallville is the best, its the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be. sorry Jenn. . . But smallville/Superman rocks, allways will!!!

        • Jen says:

          My stupidity? Really. Because I don’t like a TV show, I’m stupid? Do you like every TV show that’s out there? How about Fringe? Do you like Fringe? I do. So, by your own reasoning, if you don’t like Fringe, you are stupid.

          By the description of this bulletin board, we’re supposed to be ‘talking smart about TV’. That means giving our own opinions and saying why we feel that way, not calling other people ‘stupid’, simply because they have a different opinion.

          “Smallville is the best, its the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be.”

          Well, if that’s your opinion, fine, but I don’t get the logic here. Merely stating that something ‘is the best’ does not prove that. How is Smallville ‘the best’? Does it have the best acting? The best scripts? Not in my opinion. Tom Welling, for example, can’t act his way out of a paper bag. The scripts are horrible, most of the time. The camera work is okay, passable. I loathe the ethics of the show, the ridiculous portrayal of good and evil. Clark Kent is defined as good, and so anything he does is forgiven. He lies and steals and suffers no consequences. He burns down buildings and suffers no consequences. He betrays his friends and mindwipes them, and suffers no consequences. And yet he thinks he can set himself up as a ‘hero’, and judge other people?

          So, I would rate this show 1/10, for the camera work.

          Now, if you want to think the show is ‘the best’, that is entirely your right, but if you are going to go through life calling people stupid because they don’t share your opinions, you may find yourself with few friends.

    • dh says:

      then don’t watch it and don’t comment on it!!!!

      • Jen says:

        I will watch or not watch any show I please. Also I will comment or not comment on any show I please. Mind your own business. If you like this crap, that’s fine with me. I don’t remember telling you not to comment. Go right ahead. Just grant me the same courtesy, if you know the meaning of the word.

  28. K.G. says:

    Erica Durance seems down to Earth. Great interview! I hope ‘Smallville’ continues in some form. A feature film would be great. I’ll even take an animated movie!

  29. Michelle says:

    Thanks, Matt, for this interview with the always lovely Erica Durance. I will truly miss her as Lois when Smallville ends.

  30. Jen says:

    In answer to some of the other people commenting on this board: As long as I’m not swearing, or going off topic, or selling leather goods, I have as much right to comment here as anyone else.

    I think Lois on Smallville is the worst version ever, and she matches Clark in that. They have no chemistry whatsoever. The concept of ‘romance’ as depicted on the show is stereotypical and childish and that disgusts me. I’m sick to death of the theme of Clark needing to be shown that his entire future life is going to be wonderful because he’s so great and perfect and so is Lois and their ‘love’ is so pure. I’m glad the show will be over in a few months. It was on about 9 years too long, in my opinion. I for one, will never watch any show Tom Welling or Erica Durance are ever on in the future. Neither of them can act their way out of a paper bag.

  31. Sylvia says:

    Great interview. Erica Durance is amazing :D

  32. robert says:

    I love Smallville and Clark “Tom Welling” and Loisd “Erica Durance”
    I really hope the show never goes out and I hope to god that they both are cast in the new Superman Reboot, there perfect.

    • Jen says:

      Since it appears that you commented on one of my comments, I’m returning the favour. Though, as you may notice, I’m doing it more politely, by asking you a question, instead of calling you names.

      Why do you think Erica Durance and Tom Welling are ‘perfect’ as Clark and Lois? Is it because you think they’re good actors? If you like their acting, then I suppose they’d seem the right actors for the job. That doesn’t mean everyone else has to agree with you, or else they’re ‘stupid’, however.

      Or, is it because they’re attractive to you? Often very attractive people are judged as perfect on the inside as well. They’re forgiven their faults, where less attractive people would be blamed.

      But, in the end, being heroes doesn’t come down to surface stuff like physical attractiveness. Just going by Smallville Clark’s and Lois’s track record in life, I’m saying that it scares me that such stupid and uneducated and self-centred and self-righteous people have so much power. Neither Clark nor Lois really earned their jobs as journalists. Neither of them have much education at all, and yet they’re going to be important in the future Justice League, dispensing justice far and wide. What do either of them know about justice, other than their expressed opinion that anyone who is against Clark and his fellow vigilantes must be evil? Lois recently labelled anyone in favour of registration of vigilantes as ‘just hero haters’. She thinks it’s great that untrained and completely unmonitored people should be running around in masks dealing out justice. I find that scarier than criminals running around free, because at least criminals are recognized as being dangerous.

      So, if you can explain to me how it is you see Smallville Clark and Lois as ‘perfect’, I’d appreciate it.

  33. Jen says:

    Here’s another little tip for people posting on this board. If you say you love the show, that’s fine. If someone else says they don’t like the show, and gives reasons, and all you do in response is tell them they are stupid, that only makes you look stupid. Telling someone they are stupid is not an argument.

    I have reasons for not liking Smallville, and I have stated most of them.

    Here’s another reason: On Smallville, anyone who disagrees with Clark and the Kent Cabal is called evil, gets beaten up, or killed by Oliver Queen — or a combination of all three. Otherwise, these opponents change their minds and begin to worship Clark and pet his ego like everyone else does. This, IMO, teaches the viewers to treat people who disagree with them the same way. Also, it teaches them that Might is Right. Clark, who is immature and spoiled rotten and thinks that his beliefs are the only correct ones, is held up as Awesome and Wonderful and so on, by the characters on the show, and by his fans. Other than Clark’s physical powers, which he did not earn but only got because he came from another planet — and has been living on Earth illegally all his life, by the way — he has nothing whatsoever to recommend him as a hero.

  34. eviltwit says:



    I’m really loving this season of Smallville. It was such a treat to see Michael Shanks as Hawkman – several times! And, I really love Lois and Clark together. I think Erica is doing a smashing job. I also love Ollie and Chloe together, and I’m glad she’s coming back.

  35. chuck mclellan says:

    did anybody else think that she looks just sarah palin

  36. richard oyeleke says:

    I love u.U are a great wonan.i love d way u speak,the words u speak,the abuses u give 2 clark…well done

  37. siti rahimah says:

    movie is movie and not reality.when an actor or actress can impress others and make the movie look reality,no matter how ridiculous it is….it mean successful.for this ‘smallville movie’ i solute for erica and tom.WELL DONE U BOTH!

  38. Mary jane says:

    Thankz 4 d interview.i love erica durance and tom welling.i wish they are together because they look cute and fabulous together.

  39. Mary jane says:

    I love tom welling,allison mack nd erica durance bt i hate kristen kreuk because she is nt cool.i also love justin hartley.i think tom welling should start dating erica durance and justin hartley should start dating allison mack because these set of people are so hot 2 be with each other while kristen kreuk cn go marry micheal rosanbaum for all i care.