Bones Preview: Will Hannah Learning the Truth Set Booth and Brennan Free?

When last we tuned into Fox’s Bones – which now airs Thursdays at 9/8c, after Idol – Brennan, rattled by a case that hit too close to home, put all her cards on the table by asking Booth if it was too late for them to take a chance at romance.

But being the upstanding gent he is, Booth stood by his nascent relationship with newswoman Hannah.

“Of course Booth felt bad – he still thinks about [what almost was], and he has feelings for Brennan,” David Boreanaz tells TVLine, taking us inside his character’s head during that heart-wrenching scene. “But he was in a position where he had to draw a hard line and move on.”

But will Hannah (played by Katheryn Winnick) see things the same rational way when this week she gets wind of just how close the partners in crime-solving have grown over the years?

Bones Exclusive: Booth/Brennan Season-Ending Romance Subject of ‘Spirited Debate’

“She catches on that there have been feelings between Booth and Brennan – and that Brennan still has feelings currently,” Emily Deschanel tells us. “It creates a whole conflict between Brennan and Hannah. Or does it? It’s interesting, because [the two women] do like each other.”

Exclusive: Fox’s Bones Spinoff Lands Michael Clarke Duncan

Deschanel was mum when we asked for a status report on the duration of Hannah’s stay, but did promise “some changes in the dynamic” between the three parties. (A certain upcoming elevator incident would seem to hurry along such “changes.”)

Perhaps Boreanaz teases it best when he says, “At the end of this season, we’ll see some lines being crossed in the way of maybe bringing [Booth and Brennan] closer together or going back to how they started.”

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  1. skylark66 says:

    Hmm..as I remember it, when they first started, it was very hot and heavy. DB is such a tease and we love him(mostly) for that. I will take them moving closer together or hot and heavy any day of the week. Come on Hart, we paid our dues.

  2. francisca says:

    BACK YO WHERE THEY STARTED??? I really hope that Bones doesn’t get renewed, or else, we’ll have to watch the will-they-won’t-they situation. I just can’t do is anymore. Unless i see Booth and Brennan together this season, there’s no chance that i’ll watch another season of Bones. I this is saying much, because I LOVE BONES since it’s begining.

    • emy26 says:

      are you kidding? of course bones has got to be renewed for a seventh season, every true bones fan believes that, and you’ll see that b&b will finally get together! just stop saying that you don’t want it renewed that is just mean!!!

    • elisabeth says:

      The show has SO much more to offer than the Booth/Brennan relationship.. I mean, of course I cross my fingers and hope that they’ll get together soon just as much as the next person, but their romance dynamic isn’t what makes the show. I love their day to day interactions, the creativity of the cases, and the amazing support offered by the rest of the cast. The show will be fantastic whether or not they get together this season, and I’m hoping against hope for another season.

      • cheyenne says:

        i agree! i love everything about the show not just the booth and brennen relationship… think of how boring the show would be if booth and brennen do end up together lol then what? haha all the intensity of the “omg they gonna” or “omg there not gonna” will be gone, so they’ll just become a boring couple haha they should wait until the very last season to finally bring them together

      • Cass says:

        WELL SAID! I agree 100 percent.

      • Tara says:

        I totally agree with you Elisabeth. I cross my fingers and toes every week but I do also enjoy the tangents they get in to and the strong supporting cast stories too.

        I will keep watching until the end

      • Alf says:

        Guys, I don’t think the problem here is that they’re not getting together.
        The PROBLEM is that their relationship gets constantly dangled in our faces! Every other week they say the relationship is gonna change its dynamic, etc etc. If they just went and let them have a normal (flirty) working relationship without all that forced drama inbetween (pretty much like The X-Files did for almost 7 seasons) then it would be fine and nobody would be cursing at Hart Hanson so much.
        As things stand now, he has made the relationship the focal point (yes, the cases and the rest of the team are important too, but come on) and just keeps disappointing expectations in that regard.

      • Boopy says:

        I agree that the show is not just Bones and Booth i love Angela and her side kick and now that they are expecting a baby it makes it more about them. All the actors on this show are fantastic and i love to watch them with the dead bodies and trying to figure out who they are and why they were killed and who killed them it’s always interesting to see who what and where. I know that Bones and Booth well end up together some day , how do i know? I feel it in my BONES. LOL
        What do you think????????

        • Dorice says:

          I agree, I love this show. All the characters are great. It’s just hard to like Hannah. I know she didn’t, but it feels like she stole Booth from Bones. No matter what happens I will keep watching, I hope it lasts for many many years. There is too much crap on tv, it’s nice to see something that catches your attention and keeps it.

          • Esther says:

            I agree. It’s time now for Brennan and Booth to committ to each other. They are trying to “juice” it for all it can be, and that is an insult to the loyal viewer. So get all of your “acts together;” bring Brennan and Booth together, which will let loose all kinds of “issues.” After this season, if that doesn’t happens; they’ve just been pulling our leg… and run out of ideas! So put your “squinting” caps on and make it happen. The time is NOW! Or forget it; I’m freakin’ throwing in the towel. Good Luck (from Spain)

        • Brenda Smith says:

          Angela and her “sidekick” ? Jack is wonderful and he is her husband, not her sidekick. Their romance has been almost as exciting as Bones and Booth’s!

    • David says:

      I’m already there – 6 seasons of tease is just too much. I know they want to avoid the Moonlighting effect (e.g. the ratings tanked after they got together), but if they do it right they can do a whole season on how the “romance” evolves between two so different characters.

  3. Mary says:

    Good I love Booth and Hannah. Glad she will still be part of the season.

    • sherimoonzombie says:

      Ugh, really? Can not ABIDE the Hannah character.

    • Amy says:

      Right there with you Mary :)

    • pat says:

      hannah and booth do not have the chemistry that he and brennen have

    • Joane says:

      I want to hate Hannah, because I really really want Booth and Brennan together. And yup, I’m getting mighty tired of this “will they won’t they” stuff. Come on, enough already. But I just can’t hate Hannah. She’s a good character and she’s good for Booth. Fact is, Brennen turned him down and he deserves to be happy too, and I like that Hannah *makes* him happy.

    • harolyn says:

      Then you are not a true fan. If you were, then what were you enjoying about it before this season,dummy?

      • Jessie says:

        Can I just say wth? There’s no definition for a “true fan”. That’s just plain crap because you don’t have the same opinion. There’s all kind of fans who watch the show for different reasons and like different characters. And you’re talking like there’s only the B&B romance to be liked in the whole series. I’d say that you are not a true fan because you fail to see the story lines, the dept of every other character, the hard work that is put in a lot of other things… But that’d go against what I said so I’ll just say this: wth.

    • Jeanne says:

      I could enjoy watching her as an individual character, but there’s a giant sign hanging above her head saying “I’M BOOTH’S GIRLFRIEND” and that part just bothers me… :)

    • Alisa says:

      No Hannah!!! I really hated her when she first appeared and then they made he nice and tried to make her likable. No I feel bad when I hate her, but I still hate her. Go Booth and Bones!

  4. Jordan VanOs says:

    I am completely down with will they won’t they tension. But the characters have put wayyy too much out on the table for the past two (two and a half counting booths coupled coma dream) seasons to just go back. That would be extremely contrived. I appreciate caution about changing the dynamic, but refusing character development is arguably more dangerous a risk.

  5. Lynn says:

    Bones was renewed for two years, I think it was last year.

    They’re not going to go back to the beginning, but I think they’ll have a fresher dynamic and perspective

    • Lambsilencer says:

      “Bones” was renewed for two seasons in 2009, which makes the current season the latter part of this two-year renewal. The show is not yet renewed for the next season, but things are looking good at the moment.

  6. Gilbert says:

    Once the feelings have been put out there, it’s not going to be easy to go right back to the beginning. Those feelings, with someone who you’ve had an on-going relationship with, aren’t going to simply disappear.

  7. Mikaylah says:

    I think at a point it becomes more dangerous to not have them get together, as stated above, because it stalls character development. How long will they do the back and forth before we, as an audience, decide we no longer care about what happens with the characters and therefor the show? I doubt any relationship that B&B have will be considered conventional, but I would appreciate them giving it a go.

    • Leslie says:

      I totally agree. This season has been rough for me compared to previous seasons as I feel that they haven’t been moving forward as characters. They took a huge step forward with them the previous season, got scared about putting them together, stalled while they tried to figure out what to do, and left it all muddy and confused for too long this season.

      It’s at the point where they need to get together in some capacity and give things a go. It will add a lot more to the show as watching an atypical couple work through typical problems will add much needed character growth and story momentum.

  8. Myra says:

    The Hannah character never worked for me. They had to make her totally perfect in an attempt to make people buy her but that never works. And the…now you’re my new best friend (Brennan)…isn’t believable either. They have to get rid of her and go back to B&B & the rest of the team. Just stick to the lively banter, the give & take and camaraderie with which is so great with all of them & write good mysteries for them all to solve. A little more Hodgens & Angela would be nice occasionally too.

    If they don’t get B&B together then they should not introduce any more girlfriends/boyfriends at all. Boyfriends/girlfriends are just superfluous fluff to the good mystery solving stories and the fun they all have doing it. There are plenty of shows where you never know much about the life of the main characters “outside the office”. There’s no good reason for B&B not to get together. Once it happens it doesn’t have to be a big part of the story line every week, it could just be a matter of fact part of the show. Just put an end to the torment, one way or the other.

  9. Myra says:

    oops, S/B “which is so great with all of them ” not “with which”!

  10. Bethany says:

    How they started? Depends on your version of “started”–started as in their FIRST case (in which all the shippers squeal with excitement) or started as in the first episode (in which we all heave sighs)?

    I’m not impatient. I trust the writers, I trust Hanson & co. I think it should be soon, yes, but I’ll survive. Because you know… it’s only TV.

  11. Michelle says:


  12. edna says:

    God, all of us shippers went through this for years with the X Files. I miss the subtext of flirtation that B&B had in the first couple of years. It seems for the last couple of seasons, they’ve become way to PC. Let them have some fun and relax.

    • Amber says:

      It’s not “all of us”. Be careful who you generalize. I’m a HUGE fan of The X-Files, but I wasn’t hard up on getting Mulder/Scully together like the current crazy, hardcore B/B shippers. On The X-Files, they didn’t shove Mulder/Scully down our throats. There were more important matters on the show, as well. With Bones, I’m NOT a B/B shipper. Never was and never will be. So, I could care less if they ever get together. If it does happen, they should wait until the end.

      • Amber says:

        It’s another Amber. Which I always find entertaining for some reason. However, I may be a hardcore BB shipper but most definitely not crazy (okay well, I might be slightly crazy :P ). Oh right the article, I am riding this roller coaster ride until the show ends people.

      • Alf says:

        I actually ship B&B, but I totally agree on the “shoving it down our throats” part. I think this is why a lot of things on Bones have felt so awfully contrived lately.

  13. Missy says:

    i cant wait to see what they do with the show i love it even though bren and booth have not gotten together though one day i hope they will because i want to see how the shown would go on from there

  14. amanda says:

    In the books they already have a bit of an on again off again relationship.

    • Bailee says:

      What is the name of the books?

      • Jessica says:

        Amanda is referring to the Temperance Brennan novels by Kathy Reichs, which the show is based off of. However, you should realize that the Temperance Brennan of the books is not the Temperance Brennan of the show, and the love interest, as Amber pointed out, is not based on Booth. In the books, she goes by “Tempe” not “Bones”, she’s divorced, she has a daughter who is out of college, and she has a history of alcoholism. The only similarities are that they’re forensic anthropologists and, of course, the shared name.

        Don’t take that to mean that the books aren’t worth checking out – I’ve read all of them, and they’re thoroughly enjoyable! :)

    • Amber says:

      Nope. Booth was a made up character for the show. Andrew Ryan DOES NOT equal Seeley Booth. Sorry, had to clarify that for you. The books do not equal the show.

  15. Briana says:

    Omg this is killing me!! I’m gonna be one depressed girl if this show ever ends!

  16. Nancy says:

    Hannah is just the latest relationship that Booth has had over the course of the show. I think it is time for Bones to get her own hot man to give Booth something to worry about for a change.

  17. nina says:

    I hope Hannah leaves!! Booth and Brennan belong together!

    • Kelli says:

      Not that I really “hate” Hannah- BUT- I don’t really like her either. Especially her and Booth together- there is no Ummphh to their relationship. Bones and Booth BELONG together and it is obvious to everyone. How has Hannah not seen this yet? I know love is blind- but- come on!! Hannah needs to leave and let what was meant to be- happen already. They are inlove with each other-stop playing games and – DO IT already!

  18. Helen edge says:

    Omg the suspence is killing me can’t wait to watch the show xxx

  19. Esperanza says:

    i think it would be great to see B&B together. i dont think it would make the show boring, i think it would be quite interesting seeing bones handle a serious relationship, and watch her deal with love she never thought was real!

  20. val says:

    Sorrry hannah, ur nice & all, but who r u to get in the way of true love?

  21. Carly says:

    Booth go with Brennan not Hannah she sucks!!!!!!

  22. missy says:

    I’m torn. I do, and I don’t want a romance to happen.
    Years ago, the show “Moonlighting” use to be the one show that my husband and I would plan to watch together. We loved it. If you’ve ever seen the show, you could compare it in some ways to “Bones”.
    Then the writers had the two main characters finally get together, and the show went dowwwwwwn hill after that.
    So I’m not sure what I want to see happen.

  23. Jeff says:

    It’s now or never. This whole idea of the “two people who are perfect for each other, but just CAN’T get together” is the most over-done plot in TV. What ever happened to people being mature? This is getting to be a plot written by a junior high school girl. If it goes on much longer, I’m done.

  24. marie says:

    I’m a BB hardcore fan. but damn I’m tried of all the would they or wont they. now we see it in every show. come on try to be original or to stop doing that for longer than it should be. i only hope that hannah will be gone, that BB will get togheter. i dont ask for that much. and by the way i also hate and think it not believable the friendship between brennan and hannah… just saying

  25. Terri says:

    When does the season start ???

  26. EllaJo says:

    Brennan has *had* serious relationships for Booth to worry over. Remember Sully? Her professor? Jared? I think it’s nice to see Booth in a good relationship. I like the real growth we’re seeing in Brennan emotionally. She’s been kind of stunted (imo) for a while. It’d be nice to see them together, but I want a clean resolution to the Booth/Hannah relationship. I actually like her.

  27. Tyler says:

    Took long enough! Ever since there meeting with Dr.Sweets and Booth admitting he has feelings for Bones I knew she deep down felt the same way. But she realized it to late when Booth became invoved with Hannah it really hurt her.

  28. Sarah says:

    I love the show, love the characters and how they interact with each other as well as work cases. I don’t see Hannah as a permanent character, but I don’t know that Booth and Brennan will hook up any time soon either. It would be cool, but historically, every show that has a relationship between two main characters ends the series when the two finally come together. Thus, if this show follows suit, Booth and Brennan cannot come together until the series ends. That is unless the writers decide to break the mold and take the show in a new direction that so many others have avoided.

  29. Dennis says:

    If the “do it” it will ruin it! Many shows have “jumped the shark” when the romantic tension goes away.

  30. Michaela says:

    My mum and I have waited for so long for Booth and Brennan to become a couple. I think they should go for it, they are meant for each other.

  31. A says:

    I want Zacharoni Back!

  32. Emma says:

    Moonlighting went so wrong in so many ways and never lasted as long as Bones but there are definitely some plot similarities. What makes Booth so ‘Boothy’ is that he’s always been a dog with the ladies but aspires to more with Bones. He’s just rebounding all over the place with Hannah. Not many TV shows make me cry but the episode where Bones realizes its too late tore my heart out and kudos to ED for a great performance.

  33. Michael says:

    Bring back Zach!!! At least as a consultant type. Like Hannibal Lecter.
    I think Hannah is awesome. She’s a risk taker and I think that will be her “out”. If she gets written off, I figure she’ll get herself killed while covering some high risk story. Then B&B will have to solve the case….

  34. harolyn says:

    Just put the show back on track by getting rid of the third wheel and let them grow closer kinda like the Hart to Hart show. They are both strong characters that would die for one another and wow, wouldn’t it be great to see Hannah turn out to be some kind of serial something and Bones take her down!!!

  35. Cheryl says:

    I would like to see Bones and Brennan get together. I don’t think they could ever become the atypical boring couple! Bones isn’t going to overnight get over all her issues just because she finally admitted she had feelings for Booth. With creative writing, their new founded relationship as a couple be quite interesting too! I know the fear is that once they would get together the show would get boring..but with Bones…really? Now if the writers keep them in character…they can get together and it will still be quite topsy turvy at times I’d say!

    • Jenn says:

      I agree with Cheryl, even by getting them together things they will never have that “typical relationship.” Brennan has a hard time with the abstract and things that can’t be scientifically proved. It would be fun to watch Booth help Brennan work through all those feelings that she doesn’t know how to explain. That’s what will make their relationship different from the previous shows that had similar story lines. A relationship between Booth and Brennan will be anything but boring. I look forward to the time when it happens.

  36. Karen says:

    I’m just happy that the show is still on!!

  37. LaLinda says:

    This is driving me CRAZY!! Bones is my all time favorite show and these two should be together. I was NOT happy when Booth came home with a girlfriend. Come on people your killing me here. LOL

  38. Tori says:

    I want Bones and Booth to finally be together. Bones finally knows that she is in love. That has never happened before. I don’t think it would be the same if they go backwards. I, of course, want the show to be continued either way, but they are meant to be together. Everyone knows that they are in love with each other. The only thing holding them back was Bones not realizing she is in love. Now, that isn’t holding her back anymore.

  39. Alf says:

    “…or going back to where they started”?
    One hint: Never, EVER mention the possiblity of an emotional reset.
    Reason: Sh*tstorm.

  40. Anna says:

    Get rid of her!!!!! Booth and bones are petfecto fir each other

  41. irene childs says:

    come on people, i really like bones, but it’s only a show. B*B getting together is ok but i like the current relationship they have now!

  42. Danna says:

    Once Booth & Brennan the show will have “Jumped the Shark”.

  43. Danna says:

    Oops, forgot to finish the comment.\:

    Once Booth & Brennan get together the show will have “Jumped the Shark”.

  44. christa says:

    Hannah is a fine character but you can tell she’s just his replacement for Brennan. She will be leaving at some point. There’s no use hating these characters, that’s all they are. I can’t wait for B+B to get together, it’s inevitable. I also don’t think it’ll ruin the show. Brennan’s never had a committed relationship and they could do a lot with that! They have dragged it out too far though, but I’ll never threaten to not watch the show! I can’t wait to see what happens. I’m excited for Angela and Hodgins baby too!

  45. NCISBonesfan says:

    They’ll get together but I reckon it’ll happen in the final ever episosdes – something will threaten to tear them apart in the penultimate episode – bigger than we have seen previously, and then in the last one, they’ll actually get together – just like they did on JAG for Harm and Mac – 9 years of back and forth, hiding, banter, all that stuff.

    But I don’t watch just for Bones and Booth. There is much more to the show – the other characters, the crimes, the storylines, who they are – the growth of the characters over the past 6 years is also important. I’ll keep watching – the writers and prodcuers always have their stock of ideas of how things will happen.

  46. William says:

    This has been a boring season for me. The fun between the characters has been lost. So much is being made about Booth and Hannah, but nobody wants them together, seriously! This show is not just about Bones and Booth, but their relationship with the rest of the “family” at the lab as well. So please, just get back to the good times when watching “Bones” was just like hanging out with good friends that you really love to be with!

  47. LoverofBones says:

    Enough already! Bones & Booth together would be fabulous. It’s time Bones became more “human”. It would “flesh out” the Bones character (terrible pun, I know) and I think there’s plently of wiggle room to include some relationship stuff while still giving the fans a great mystery every week.

  48. gloria says:

    This is like the xfiles we won’t see good stuff till the end!

  49. Esta says:

    I love this show and all the characters. Miss Zach. Love the new baby storyline. Wish there were more love interests for the other characters as well as Booth and Bones. Sorry Hannah, you just need to find a new love interest and leave Booth heartbroken so Bones can help him men.

  50. Melinda says:

    Alright that’s it David, Hart it’s high time someone turned you both over their knee. Stop teasing us already, toss Hannah down an elevator shaft or hey let her interview the grave digger and get killed, and for the love of everything bring Brennan and Booth together.

    I also agree bring back Zach and Gordon at least a few times a season although more often the better.